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LoTR and other GW Games / Re: Necromunda Returns!
« on: August 13, 2017, 10:56:12 AM »
Huh. I thought I heard someone say Shadow War: Armageddon was basically their Necromunda reboot. I might pick this up when it comes out, but I never played the original Necromunda so I don't really know whether it's worth getting in to.

LoTR and other GW Games / Re: Wrath & Glory - New 40k RPG
« on: August 13, 2017, 10:53:40 AM »
Looks like it could be fun, but there's not really enough information yet to say for sure. Still, who's up for a forum RP when they release it?

General 40k and Expansions / Fall of Konor - Who's in?
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:47:30 PM »
If you don't know what I'm on about, see here

As the title, mostly. Are any of you taking part in the Fall of Konor global campaign? Who are you fighting for?

My Tau have mostly been fighting for the Imperium so far. I threw together my list on a whim, based around the fastest units I had available at the time, but severely lacking in firepower. Surprisingly they've done fairly well so far, with three wins to one loss (plus a win in a big 8v8 battle).

My list (35 power level):
Shas'O Monat - Commander in Coldstar armour, with Shield Generator and Advanced Targeting System
Shas'Nel Elan - Cadre Fireblade
5 Pathfinders
Devilfish, with Seeker Missiles
4 Pirhanas, with Seekers Missiles. Two with Fusion Blasters

I've also written a short narrative piece based on my first battle, which my Game Workshop posted on facebook. See it here (drop a like) or read it below:

"Did you see that, Nel'Elan? Watch those Eldar scatter!"

"You realise, of course, that I cannot see the enemy yet Shas'O Monat," Shas'nel Elan replied patiently. "Your Coldstar's speed far outstrips that of my Devilfish. It might be best to wait for the rest of our forces to arrive to support you."

"Nonsense, Elan! Why, if all the enemy are as cowardly as that lot, they might all flee before you get here." O'Monat paused. "Hey! Some of these rogues are wearing clown costumes! There's no chance of them surviving some point blank pulse fire. I'll just drop in behind them."

"No Commander! Stay-" Elan was cut off as the Shas'O moved out of communication range. Groaning, he began broadcasting to the rest of the cadre. "The commander's attempting a Mont'ka maneuver. All forces advance and provide covering fire."

"Hopefully before he gets surrounded." Elan muttered. "Again"

At the risk of sounding needy, will this be updated soon? I'm looking forward to reading the report.

Real life kicked 'Toof hard in the shins.


But, now I'm back!

Thread updating soon...

I've got the next few games ready too (Dark Eldar!) so that should hopefully shorten the delay.

Thanks for the patience!

Sorry for pestering you. I hope whatevers going on in real life is all sorted now, or gets sorted soon.

Now, on to the report!

Did you reference wonder woman using O'Keefe?  :D

Great batrep as usual. Those ogryn really looked dangerous. What did their save get to in the end?

Glad to see rough riders aren't useless any more. I spent way too much money converting Scout bikers for mine.

On an unrelated topic, my GW is running a campaign for the Fate of Konor thing. As part of it they asked us to send them some fluff about our characters on facebook. I may have based my Tau Coldstar Commander and fireblade on Maximus and Sigmund.

At the risk of sounding needy, will this be updated soon? I'm looking forward to reading the report.

I don't have the rules for knights in front of me, but at a guess they'll have some ludicrously high toughness, a 2+ save, and possibly some kind of feel no pain equivalent. Since everything can wound now (even S3 against T15) it'd be hitting on 5s (for conscripts), wounding on 6s, with all the saves. Assuming 5+ FNP, that's a 0.006 chance per shot. 75 conscripts with two shots each (orders) works out at... just under one wound per turn.

Yeah, better hope the big guns do well.

So you have a hundred and fourteen models, and your opponent has... three.

Huh. Should be interesting.

I haven't seen the new missions yet, so I have to ask, how many are there, and how many are kill points? 'Cause if this is kill points, then you need to annihilate to win, since no way are they going to kill less than three units.

Also, not a fan of Ron/Hermione or their name choices? At least Rose and Hugo are better names than Albus Severus.

You mentionned that your Battlewagon was able to attack in close combat, is that strictly a result of the deffrolla or can all vehicles do this? I was also wondering, given vehicles have statlines now do they have leadership values? Can a fear-causing unit scare a Land Raider off the table or do they have Fearless?
All vehicles can attack now, as it's meant to represent ramming and tank shocking. Also, while vehicles do have leadership values and morale, morale test only happen when a unit loses model, not wounds. So single model units are basically fearless.

Sorry for my lack of reply, in my case I have a bad habit of reading posts on my phone then forgetting to reply because I prefer posting from my laptop. So I wouldn't worry about a lack of responses, people probably have similar boring reasons. And I can assure you, your writing is as good as ever, although I would never turn down a report with Lady Jenna  ;). Also, I heard that Guard were a real powerhouse this edition, and I'm curious if thats true.

So anyways, the battle. I am immensely glad that my Tau haven't been on the receiving end of any powers like Da Jump, because even with Tau supporting fire, that kind of charge sounds horrible. I've said it previously elsewhere, but this edition really looks like it'll be the edition of hordes and support characters. I look forward to reading your reports and seeing what you make of it.

Yay! You're back!

NEW Orks (1500): 80 Infantry, 3 Vehicles; 7 CPs (Battalion and Spearhead)
Ex-Farseer Lorilune (Weirdboy)
Axl Da Goff Rokka (Weirdboy)
Tankbustasx5 w/Rokkits, Boss Nob, Bomb Squig
Boyzx28 w/Sluggas, Choppas, Boss Nob
Boyzx28 w/Sluggas, Choppas, Boss Nob
Battlewagon w/Deffrolla
Big Mek Wingnut on Warbike w/KFF
Battlewagon w/Deffrolla
Gorkanaut BigToof (Deffstorm mega-shoota, 2 Rokkits, 2 Twin Big shootas, Skorcha)

NEW Ultramarines (1500): 27 Infantry, 4 Vehicles; 6 CPs
Captain on Bike w/Thunder Hammer
Librarian on Bike, Force Sword
Tactical Marinesx5 w/Gravgun in Razorback w/TLC
Tactical Marinesx5 w/Gravgun in Razorback w/TLC
Tactical Marinesx5 w/Gravgun in Razorback w/TLC
Bikersx5 w/Gravgunsx2
Centurionsx3 w/Gravcannons, Hurricaine Bolters
Devestatorsx5 w/MLx4

That looks... decidedly mismatched. Maybe I'm wrong (I haven't really seen the new Ork or Space Marine rules) but are you sure that's actually equal points? The Marines look significantly outnumbered and outgunned, kinda like my first game of 8th, where I didn't realise I had to pay for basic equipment but my oppponent did. Or perhaps you've missed something off the SM list, it does say 4 vehicles when I only count 3.

Not that it matters much, I'd be rooting for an Ork win even if you had half the forces.

So I just had my first proper look at the new rules, and played a 750 point game with my Tau vs mechanicus. In the interest of getting the game started, I just took my old 750pts list and worked out how much it was now, and worked it out (very, very wrongly) as 743pts. Initially I thought the Index was ok-ish in terms of writing, a bit cramped and it was weird that the points were in a different place than each armies actual rules, but ok.

After the game, I found I had misunderstood one aspect of the points system; specifically, the pts/model listed doesn't even include their base wargear unless stated otherwise (i.e. just special characters and drones for the tau). So my two standard broadsides (Heavy Rail Rifle and 2x SMS) that I thought I paid 80pts each for, should have been more like 183pts/model. Why basic wargear isn't included in the price, I do not know. Suffice it to say, I won the game since my army was about twice the points of my opponent's.

The hugely expensive broadsides seemed weird to me, but I figured, well, maybe everything is more expensive this edition. And for the most part that does look true (also, broadsides did get a buff to survivability, with an extra wound and toughness). Then I noticed the Gun Drones.

Drones cost 64pts for a maxed out squad. Unlike most models, that basic cost includes their weapons: two pulse carbines. Since all models can fire all their weapons this edition, and twin linking is gone, that means that 64pts squad puts out 32 pulse rounds at 18". Now bear in mind that in addition to normal drone teams, I can take them on every character, vehicle and a lot of other units. Sure they're inaccurate, but we have drone controllers, markerlights and commander abilities for that. They're short ranged, but they're pretty fast and RAW means they can benefit from a pathfinder team's pulse accelerator drone. They're moderately tough in large numbers, they can act as shields for characters within 6" (who can't even be targeted unless they're nearest).

Part of me is thrilled; I've always wanted to do a drone army (I'll have to update my old Commander Dronestorm house rules to 8th). But I feel this shows the biggest shift in the meta with 8th edition. I expect hordes to be king.

On the core gameplay front, I didn't have any real problems with it. I'm still not sure I like the removal of the initiative system for combat (despite playing as Tau), but it isn't terrible. I would have preferred to keep initiative combat, and change the +1A for charging to +1I or something.

Shooting seems pretty solid, although I strongly recommend taking invulnerable saves now. Vehicle explosions cause mortal wounds, which was a bit unpleasant and killed my commander. My Broadsides did barely anything with their Heavy Rail Rifles thanks to their average Bs and some bad rolling on my part, which I felt emphasized my point about hordes; big, powerful guns can be effective, but can also be unreliable, especially where Invulnerable save are involved.

Movement seems fine, although I couldn't find rules for moving through terrain.

I quite like the new Morale system. It's simple, effective, and gives an advantage to single model units that I feel would otherwise not be as competitive in 8th.

News, Rumours and Trading / Re: 8th Edition Announced: It's FREE??
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:45:58 PM »
I watched their Q&A today, and am now... Less optimistic.
Armor value is gone.
Templates are gone.
Lasguns can now hurt Land Raiders.
Formations are gone, though more complicated/specific detachments are now available.
Allies are now heavily discouraged, at least based off of what they're saying.
They're actually going with 'Whoever charges first, hits first'.

Oh, and the rules aren't going to be free, or even any cheaper to get universal access. Unit rules will be split into a number of books (for 'Space Marines,' 'Imperium', 'Xenos', and 'Chaos', or so it sounds,) at a 'lower pricepoint' than codices, but if you want detachment rules or other special options you need to buy that army's codex as well.

Angry reacts only.

So... I was cautiously optimistic. Most of the changes I knew about I had mixed feelings on (Bs and Save modifiers, Move values, etc.). Then you posted that and I'm getting more concerned.

I don't mind so much that Armour values are gone (provided they make it suitably difficult to hurt vehicles) since I've always thought there was a lot overlap between Walkers and MCs. But if Lasguns can hurt Land Raiders, then thing are horribly wrong.

Templates disappearing could be okay depending how they do it (if it's anything like Shadow War Armaggedon then it's more along the lines of removing scatter dice).

Discouraging allies is probably a good thing.

And then there's the scrapping of Initiative based combat... Why? How is that ever going to be a good idea? Giving chargers a bonus to initiative could work, but claiming that Fire warriors charging Harlequins would somehow be faster is just plain stupid.

As for the rules not being free, meh. I already buy new codices for my armies, as long as they don't get more expensive, I won't care much.

Hobby / Re: Army Showcase: Tau Hunter Cadre
« on: April 17, 2017, 02:41:02 PM »
Thank you kindly. It's a very simple scheme, but as a fairly bad painter that appeals to me. I'm generally more into the gaming and modelling sides of the hobby, really (hence the sniper fire warriors and unusually armed Shas'O)

Incidentally, the main thing missing from this photo is my Pathfinders. That's because I've been proxying them recently due to a lack of models, but last week I bought a new box for a Shadow War campaign. I'm thinking of modelling them specifically for that (so lots of sneaky poses), and writing up a few battle reports.

So I went to my friendly neighbourhood Games Workshop (or Warhammer Nottingham, as they've renamed themselves) for the usual Thursday gaming night, expecting to play a few games with my Tau. Instead, I found myself signed up for a campaign of the latest GW release, Shadow War: Armageddon. Or as some call it, the rebooted Necromunda. I'll stick with SW.

So, first impressions. I made a kill team of Tau Pathfinders, because Tau was all I had with me at the time and pathfinders are the only choice Tau get in SW. Ok, as the campaign goes on you can recruit specialists like Stealthsuits, Fireblades and an Ethereal (why he's in a kill team, I do not know), but they only last one game then you're back to pathfinders and drones.

My first thought was "Wow, it's like Kill Team with less customisability!" Seriously, it's a small scale skirmish game of up to 10 models and my force is literally called a Pathfinder Kill Team. Didn't they just release a Kill Team supplement a year ago? At this stage I was having trouble seeing why I would want to play SW instead of that.

Anyway, the game. The first reason to choose SW is that it's not 40k. It shares some similarities (like most of the stats) but otherwise it's a completely different game. There's save and Bs modifiers, movement values, short and long ranges for guns, ammo problems and a lot more. I've only had one and a half games, so I don't know the rules off by heart (give it another couple of games, less if I can find a pirate copy of the rules), but the core mechanics seem solid. Shooting armies seem to have an advantage in knocking enemies down, but if you want to keep them down permanently it's a lot quicker and in some ways safer to do so in melee.

There's a lot more to do stealth-wise, as there are rules for hiding that let you stay hidden without being completely obscured to True Line of Sight. As a Tau player, I haven't really tried using this to sneak into melee, but I suspect it'd be hard to run a pure melee force without relying heavily on cover. I might look into a non-Tau team to try see how effective a pure melee or hybrid team is. So far, I'm thinking that mostly shooting with a few quick melee specialists to finish off downed foes might be best.

The final thing I can talk about is campaign rules. The biggest reason to use play SW instead of KT is that SW seems to have been designed from the outset to be played as a campaign. There's rules for lasting injuries and gaining skills. Also, after each game you earn "Promethium Caches" (1 for losing/drawing, d3 for winning). These Caches can be traded in for either 100pts of new recruits, 100pts of new wargear (no, you can't mix and match, so if your basic new recruit cost 60pts then that sucks for you), or hiring a specialist for your next game.

There are various mission that I haven't tried out yet, and the standard campaign works on the basis of first to 15 Caches wins, leaving you to decide between spending your caches to become more powerful, or saving them to reach the goal. I won my first campaign game, but annoyingly I only got 1 Cache for it (damn d3s...)

I may see about writing up some reports for the campaign at some point. In the meantime, I think the rulebooks are sold out but individual army rules are available for free on GWs website.

Any of you tried it out? Anyone have any questions?

Hobby / Army Showcase: Tau Hunter Cadre
« on: April 14, 2017, 01:18:11 PM »
As promised in my army list thread, I'm posting up a bunch of pictures of my Tau. Unfortunately, I took all the photos yesterday before going to Games Workshop only to find that they're running a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign for the next six weeks, so this army probably wont get any battle any time soon. That said, I may wind up posting some reports for my Pathfinder Kill Team that I'm using for said campaign.

Anyways, here are the pictures! I've put in spoiler tags in the hope that one day they will be fixed.

[spoiler=Whole Army]






[spoiler=Strike Team][/spoiler]

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