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House Rules / Re: Silent claws fandex ideas
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:18:33 PM »
Just a heads up I've moved to dakka dakka just to let you know

House Rules / Re: Silent claws fandex ideas
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:01:32 AM »
One complication i discovered is the fact it may not be possible to turn abhumans into space marine unless their biology can adapt to and survive the transformation of an astartes
I've started making lore about narsi and with the recent progression of the 40k storyline aka the gathering storm
I was thinking the chapter has allied itself with the eldar
also the chapter is trying to make a new empire believing the imperium of man will fall eventually

House Rules / Re: Silent claws fandex ideas
« on: March 21, 2017, 02:13:45 AM »
You're correct
I am referring to the special ammo Sternguard veterans are issued
what should the points cost be for naoki?
the reasoning for the naoki file is i'm putting all of the special wargear on that file and future characters

House Rules / Silent claws fandex ideas
« on: March 18, 2017, 03:00:43 AM »
I've updated the Silent daggers into the Silent claws!
If any of you are willing feel free to make suggestions for the fandex.
Feel free to criticize.
Note that ideas suggested for the Silent daggers will still be used
Here's my work so far fluff and crunch wise files are bellow
NOTE some of the fluff and crunch were  ideas given to by Narric and Mabbz thanks to them

House Rules / Re: Narrics' Fandex Ideas & Entries Thread
« on: March 13, 2017, 06:15:38 AM »
How fascinating there

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 11, 2017, 04:35:24 PM »
could you make any suggestions on what the trials should be?
 also is there a way i can improve the mask of silence?
additionally aqualyans have slits for pupils instead of the average human ones similar to a cats eyes

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 08, 2017, 01:30:42 AM »
i agree with you on the weapons rules it is rather OP
even with the gets hot rule
i was thinking it could have a jamming rule
i fear Naoki could be considered a mary sue
narsi is the godess of night and water
she is worshiped by aqualyans to return the favor of their survival by her adaptation blessed onto them
she taught them the ways of stealth and secrecy
also the chapter is very skilled in fighting on death worlds
aqualyans are very agile and flexible moving in very unpredictable ways
here's some of the profiles in mind
Profile                      WS   BS   S      T     W      I      A     Ld       Sv
Blade chieftain          7      6     4       3     4       7     5      10        3+
Blade lord                 6      5     4       3     3       6     4      10        3+
Loyal chieftain           6      5     4       3     3       5     4      10        3+
Loyal blade                5      4     4       3     2       5     3      10        3+
Wise chieftain            6      5     4       3     3       5     4      10        3+
Wise one                   5      4     4       3      2       5     3      10        3+
Forge chieftain           5      6     4       3     3       5     4      10        2+
Blade forge                4      5     4       3      2      5      3      10        2+ 
Bone chieftain            5      5     4       3     2        5      3      10        3+
Bone mender             4      4    4       3      1        5      2       9         3+
Chief guard alpha       4      4     4       3      1       5     3       9         3+
Chief guard                 4     4     4       3      1      5     2         9          3+
Sky blade alpha           4     4     4       3      1      5     2       9         3+
Sky blade                     4     4     4       3      1      5     1       8         3+
Far blade alpha             4     4     4       3      1       5     2       9           3+
Far blade                       4     4     4       3      1       5     1       8           3+
Blade watch alpha         4     4     4       3      1       5     2       9           4+
Blade watch                   4      4     4      3     1       5     2       9           4+
Blade guide alpha           4      4     4      3     1       5      2       9           4+
Blade guide                     4      4     4      3     1       5      1       8           4+
Outcast                           5      5     4      3      2      6      2       9           4+

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 07, 2017, 12:47:16 PM »
plus i made a character
Naoki                  Points 90
Naoki is a loner stalking battlefields across the galaxy hunting down which ever foes are wanted dead by the chapter be they corrupt politicians, bloodthirsty daemons, cruel xenos and crazed chaos worshipers, all will be found and killed. He is a true outcast now one of Narsi’s otherworldly servants after his death in the battle of Hypeirus now back from the grave and spared from the fate of his tribe he now seeks nothing more than bring death to both Narsi’s and the Emperor’s foes.
Naoki            WS BS S T W I A Sv Ld              Unit type:            unit composition:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -                       4   7    4 4  2 6 2 4+ 8         infantry (character)       1 (unique)
bolt pistol
blind grenades
close combat weapon
ghost camouflage
stalker armour
Special rules:
And they shall know no fear
Aqualyan mutations
Born of night   
Dead eye: A unit with this rule has the precision shots rule and on rolls of 6 the shot has the instant death rule
Independent character
Move through cover
Narsi’s servant
Chapter relic:
Narsi’s gift: This modified aqualyan boltgun utilises xeno technology and is made out of the same materials as the rest of the chapter’s gear, it has been designed for an aqualyan to wield. It is capable of using a variety of rounds in Naoki’s hands, warlords, traitors, xenos, sorcerers and daemonic abominations will meet their end.   
 Range    Strength       AP          Type
    35”          -         4   Rapid fire Sniper Rending, Shred, Gets hot!

•   Options: this unit can take the following:
-Special Issue Ammunition--------------20pts
                  -Hunting rounds----------------------------35pts

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 07, 2017, 12:10:49 PM »
i was actually going to say they have night vision but miss said  it
also good ideas but this chapter actually doesn't have any thing like tactical marines preferring to keep either out of sight or highly mobile
could you give me advice on making new characters?

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 07, 2017, 11:36:22 AM »
i have came up with mutations that the aqualyans have develloped such as
powerful senses of sight and smell
able to survive in hot or cold temperatures of water
they can breath both air and water
there is more water in an aqualyan than a human
their entire skeleton is made out of cartilage 
their teeth are made for a mostly carnivorous diet
their hair is naturally blond and their eyes are blue
they are ambush hunters preferring to stalk their prey

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 03, 2017, 10:15:40 AM »
I'm sorry that i made those mistakes
but i thank you for allowing to see my errors
that is why i wanted to have others assist me
i thank you for your support
so far i've made that the aualyans have several mutations

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 03, 2017, 05:15:02 AM »
very well then feel free to take your time
the outcasts are unique as they are basically aqualyans reborn as her form of demons after being killed in combat  here's some of their rules think of them sort of like the legion of the dammed
Narsi’s servant: A unit with this rule gains the daemon and shrouded special rules
Born of night: If a unit with this rule has the Infiltrate special rule and if the nightfighting rule is in play the unit with this rule can infiltrate anywhere on the board as long as the unit is out of sight and is 12” away from an enemy model.
Outcast: This unit cannot join or be joined by any other unit.
and heres a rule for the silent daggers themselves (note outcasts have these rules as well)
Aqualyan mutations: A unit with this rule gains the following rules Acute senses, Amphibious and Night vision.
here's some of their wargear:
Ghost camouflage: Built from xeno’s technology the Ghost camouflage module is a piece of equipment only the silent daggers wield allowing their troops to blend into their surroundings but, there is several flaws it only requires the black carapace to operate meaning the recruit must survive having the organ implanted along with the rest of the organs required to become a silent dagger. Another flaw is it works less effectively with power armour but the stalker armour works well with it due to a lower amount of armour plating is used for it meaning less armour to shroud from sight allowing cameoline to deal with the non-armoured areas. A unit in stalker armour equipped with ghost camouflage gains the stealth rule a model in power armour or artificer armour only gain a +1 to cover if out in the open they gain a 6+ cover save.
Stalker armour: Built out of materials from Auqali and modified cameoline this armour aids the chapters blade guides and blade watch to do their tasks out of enemy sight. The armour unlike carapace armour uses the black carapace thus making it different to traditional scout armour. Stalker armour gives the wearer a 4+ amour save and +1 cover save  out in open terrain them a 6+ cover save.

also the aqualyans are feral abhumans
Hunting rounds: These rounds are used by the silent daggers to deal with or track major threats. They are issued only to the blade watch and the outcasts. There are three types of rounds only one of each type of round is given to them as they take time to replace and they are ordered to use them sparingly. Each aqualyan boltgun-armed or sniper rifle armed model in a blade watch, chief guard or an outcast unit automatically comes with several special ammunition types.  Each time one of the three units fires, the controlling player can choose which type of ammunition is being used.  Each special ammunition type replaces the aqualyan boltgun or sniper rifle profile with the one shown here. All models in the squad must use the same ammunition type during that shooting phase.
Name          Range  Strength  AP    Type
Traitors bane    45”        -          2   Heavy 1, Gets Hot! Fleshbane, One use only
Night’s wraith     40”       8        2    Heavy 1, Gets Hot! Armourbane, One use only
Prey’s scent   50”        -          1    Heavy 1, Tracked*, One use only
*A weapon with this rule always wounds or glances on a 4+ if the target is wounded or penetrated instead of losing a wound or hull point it gains the Tracked* rule.
*A unit with the tracked rule if fired by a unit with the Aqualyan mutations special rule they reroll failed to hit rolls of 1.
also i need help making characters for the chapter i've made one who i am named after i've made a back story and profile for him but, i fear he could be considered a Mary sue

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 02, 2017, 08:26:57 AM »
Excellent ideas
also they have a religion believing in the goddess of night Narsi who is the one responsible for their mutations as she saved the humans stranded on the death world that is Aquali by doing this
but i agree with your points on the lore would you be willing to aid me in fixing these?
and the xeno tech they use is stolen from the tau
I thank you for your criticism

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: February 01, 2017, 04:30:40 PM »
Strong points there, plus excellent ideas!
Could you give me more ideas please?
Plus i'll explain which units represent what units in codex astartes
Blade chieftain=1st company captain
Loyal chieftain =Head Reclusiarch
Wise chieftain=Chief Librarian
Forge chieftain=Master of forge
Bone chieftain=Chief Apothicary
Chief guard=honour guard/veterans
Blade lord, =captain
loyal blade=chaplain
wise one=librarian
blade forge=techmarine
bone mender=apothecary
far blades=devastator marine
sky blades=assault marine   
blade watch=veteran scouts
blade guide=scouts
outcast=similar to the lone wolves                                                                                                                                                                   

House Rules / Re: Silent dagger chapter codex
« on: January 30, 2017, 07:07:38 AM »
ok here's what i've done so far: Codex:  Adeptus Astartes : Silent daggers
The Silent daggers are a Raven guard successor chapter with ties to the former ties to the inquisition.  Founded in the 4th founding to serve the imperium of man however they were declared renegade after they disobeyed the text that is the Codex Astartes.  Their home world is the feral death world of Aquali inhabited by abhumans considered, pure enough to be used as neophytes for the chapter but, due to this heritage they are shunned by many of the imperium’s forces. These abhumans are known as aqualyans however due to their adaptive biology combined with the space marine enhancements, they are the perfect survivors capable of surviving in the most lethal worlds. Their gene seed is flawed with a malfunctioning ossmudula which while it makes the auqalyan strong as your average space marine they do not grow as large as said space marine instead they grow to the height of an eldar, other than this they do not suffer any other flaws. They fight in the same way as their primogenitors the silent daggers striking from the shroud of darkness with bolter and dagger. Now in the 41st millennium the silent daggers are fighting the foe that is chaos.
CHAPTER ORGANIZATION: Chapter command council: the chapter command council is comprised all of the clan chieftains and the head members of wise clan, mender clan, loyalty clan and forge clan who work together to lead the chapter in its many wars and conflicts
clans: there are six clans in the chapter:                                                                                                 
1st clan:  This clan is comprised of 1 blade chieftain, 1 loyal chieftain 1 wise chieftain, 1 forge chieftain, 1 bone chieftain and 15 squads of chief guard.                                                                                         2nd clan: This clan is comprised of 1 blade lord, 1 loyal blade, 1 wise one, 1 blade forge, 1 bone mender and 15 squads of sky blades.                                                                                                                         3rd clan: This clan is comprised of 1 blade lord, 1 loyal blade, 1 wise one, 1 blade forge, 1 bone mender and 15 squads of far blades.                                                                                                                            4th clan: This clan is comprised of 1 blade lord,1 loyal blade,1 wise one,1 blade forge,1 bone mender and 15+ blade watch.                                                                                                                                                          5th clan: This clan is comprised of 1 blade lord,1 loyal blade, 1 wise one,1 blade forge,1 bone mender and 15+ blade guide                                                                                                                                     Dreadnoughts: there are currently 2 dreadnoughts in service, which will not be replaced.                                                                   Outcasts: there are currently 7+ outcasts in service                                                                                       Armoury: there are currently 6+rhinos, 6+razorbacks, 7+whirlwinds, 9+land speeders, 25+ Valkyries and 60+ servitors                                                                                                                                                                                    Fleet: there are currently ?+ battle barges,?+ strike cruisers,?+hunter class destroyer squadrons, ?+gladius class frigate squadrons, ?+nova class frigate squadrons ?+ thunderhawks
AQUALI: Aquali is a horrific place to live to the point that the population of the planet had to evolve into abhumans just to survive in this environment. The planet is composed of mostly water with several small islands with frequently join together only to break apart months later if not years. The waters of this planet change temperature during each season from boiling hot to frosting cold. The predators are more than eager to feast on the populace, even the creatures the feral aqualyans must hunt to survive can slay any man even a non-armoured adeptus astartes would barely be able to slay such a beast. There are numerous tribes and clans of said aqualyans who must kill one another just to survive, few of the even grow to the age of 20 let alone 30+. the children and infants rarely survive to their teen years let alone adulthood. Some clans and tribes are slain to merely one man these men or women are forced to survive on their own often choosing to die fighting but some manage to barely live the rest of their lives in solitude until their inevitable deaths. These horrific conditions often turning these men and women into true survivors, worthy of serving the imperium of man. In the depths of these oceans are many valuable minerals which have been used by the Silent daggers to build much of their gear. The people of this world are silent hunters using the art of stealth to survive and adapt to their environment, while eager for the kill, they still understand that patience is critical in this art.
The Dagger: The Dagger is the fortress monastery of the silent dagger which is hidden in the depths of Aquali’s oceans. The fortress is heavily fortified and shrouded in void shields, being specifically designed to keep anyone from the vicious predators lurking in the depths of these waters. Originally on the former home world of the chapter, Secretus. the chapter designed the fortress monastery to be easy to relocate in case of emergencies which eventually, that emergency did come at the hands of a imperial strike force of adeptus astartes led by the Inquisition .   
Defence platforms: Hidden around the oceans of Aquali and its orbit are numerous defence platforms designed to defend the planet from any form of threat. The amount of defence platforms is unknown.
Mining facilities: Scattered around aquali’s depths are 5 mining facilities are mining facilities where aqualyans are tasked with mining in these waters. This work is horrifically dangerous casualties are very high but despite these dangers the workers accept this anyway.
Neighbouring planets: there are two neighbouring planets with Aquali in the Aria subsector who have sworn to serve the chapter after they were saved from a chaos raid by the renegade chapter.
Scorn: Scorn is a hive world where the 79thScorned bloods Storm Trooper Company and the True blood imperial knight house which both share the Aria subsector with the silent daggers. The world is where the chapter gets its navigators and astropaths as the planetary governor is in their debt The world is a hive world with a rather severe crime as well as poverty, but they work with the Silent daggers after the imperium abandoned them to the chaos raid while the Silent daggers saved them from this attack.
Ilosis: Ilosis is a small forge world which supplies the silent daggers along with othe the forge world builds weaponry and armour out of the unique materials from Aquali for the chapter. They have crafted new weapons and gear as they have used stolen or given xenos tech such as the chameleon module which allows their armor to shroud them from sight working similar to cameoline.
 Recruitment trials: The trials to become a blade guide of the chapter are brutal to the extreme, there are 5 stages the hunt, the catch, the vision and the change.
The hunt: The first trial is the hunt where the aspirants are ordered to hunt down and bring the head of the deadliest land predator on the world that is Aquali the infamous beast that is the Claweye these abominations are the size of the genestealer patriarch with claws that are covered in a horrifyingly powerful acid allowing to melt through armour of a land raider, they are intelligent and have 5 eyes that see in thermal allowing them to track the warm blood of its prey. It’s has two weakness it can be poisoned by the only land creature that it cannot devour let alone kill the poisoned blooded serpent as its name implies its blood is filled with a poison the poison is highly toxic and can bring a space marine to his knees. The Claweye’s other weaknesses is fire. Only one which is skilled in stealth and cunning could bring such a beast down.

The catch: This is the second trial where the aspirants must catch one of the many aquatic prey animals of the planets oceans, the aqualyan shrimp which lives in the waters of the feared, sea of despair this is the breeding grounds of the auqalyan bezerker shark, creatures so bloodthirsty and mad this creature is that it will lash out on those of their own blood. The aspirants are ordered to catch the shrimp from these waters all of the aspirants must dive in or be thrown in by the astartes watching them. The aspirants must then evade the bloodthirsty predators while searching for their prey most of the aspirants are torn to shreds by the frenzied predators if the aspirant survives the trial he is taken out of the water by the astartes watching and prepared for the next trial.
The vision: This trial is where the wise ones of the chapter use their abilities to test the aspirant’s loyalty and mental fortitude the wise ones all show a vision where it tests their loyalty to those they aspire to join. They proceed to show all the things they can do with the power an astartes can wield if the aspirant even dares to desire that they can use that power for personal gain they die a swift and agonising death as their minds burn from psychic fire unleashed by the enraged wise ones. They test the strength of their will and determination along with their bravery if they are found lacking they die swiftly from their minds bursting. If an aspirant is deemed worthy, they are taken to the next trial.
The change: The change is the final trial which is where the aspirant begins their transformation into a silent dagger the organs are implanted to the aspirants almost like other chapters but unlike other chapters the black carapace is given to them along with one unique implant, The mask of silence.
The mask of silence: this is the final implant that makes a silent dagger different from the other chapters. The chapter implant the mask of silence to every recruit, this implant replaces the bottom jaw and vocal cords with this fulfils several roles such as being an emergency kill switch to prevent the enemies of the chapter from getting valuable intel, a gasmask for environments without oxygen or filled with gasses that the multi lung cannot inhale safely, allowing the warrior to silence themselves to remain undetected. There are flaws with this implant such as having to have the food they eat made into a liquid to feed on, when the kill switch is triggered the warrior dies an agonising death and Most recruits die from this implant those few who survive have now become silent daggers. As a result of all these trials recruitment for the silent daggers is slower than even the raven guard but this makes certain the those who survive are truly skilled survivors.
Battle for the Aria subsector: The Aria subsector for four millennia had stood under the protection of both the 79th Scorned bloods storm trooper company and True blood knight house but, one century before the cursed founding, two warbands who of which made an alliance and they chose the Aria subsector for their sacrifice to their wretched foul gods. These two warbands were the Blades of despair and the Sons of horror. The two warbands knew that they were too far out to be saved by imperial reinforcements and that there were few if any defenders. Both warbands outnumbered the both the Scorned bloods company and True bloods knight house.  After five years of planning they attacked assaulting the planet in a swift attempt to take over the planet. The Blades of despair used psychological warfare picking the defenders off one by one bringing despair to the storm troopers while the blood thirsty Sons of horror targeted the True bloods assaulting them viscously with Heldrakes striking from the skies while Defilers moved in for the kill. Meanwhile in orbit the traitors’ ships bombarded the hive cities but, suddenly several ships arrived. These ships had done a warp jump in an attempt to escape from the Inquisition, the now renegade Silent daggers had entered the system on the traitors’ flank. Upon seeing the traitors attacking the hive world the silent dagger proceeded to attack the traitors sending terminators aboard the flagship of the warband that was the Sons of horror via teleportation. They then sent drop pods down to the planet while the vengeful remains of the chapter fleet moved in for the kill deciding if they must die then they would die fighting. As the pods, which contain survivors of the assault on their former home world fell to ground upon the heretics, the Scorned and True bloods who survived look upon the pod raining down with renewed hope, the traitors on the other hand instead of cowering in fear they looked at the with an eager lust to kill knowing they would be make great sacrifices and rushed to where the pods landed only to find nothing there little did the traitors know they being watched. The Silent daggers proceeded to fight the traitors from the shadows working with the remains of the True bloods knight house and the Scorned bloods storm trooper company to exterminate every traitor from the planets soil while the alliance of three groups purged the traitors from the ground the chapter fleet continued their battle in the planets orbit. In a desperate attempt to stop the silent daggers terminators from attacking their flag ship the Blades of despair opened fire with everything they had at Sons of horror flagship destroying the ship and killing everyone on the ship Silent dagger or Son of horror all were killed. This resulted in the Silent daggers losing the last remains of the chapter’s terminator armour. The Blades of despair fled leaving their ground forces to die as the alliance of the Silent daggers, True bloods and Scorned bloods mopped up what was left of the traitors. At the end of the battle the planetary governor approached the chapter council thanking them for their help asking if there was any way he could pay their debt to them, after two hours of speaking to one another the council, governor, and the leaders of the Scorned bloods and True bloods came to an agreement, this sector was now the home of the Silent daggers and was no longer part of the imperium which did nothing to help them.

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