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Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Re: New Tau Codex
« on: Yesterday at 09:04:32 PM »
I have the Codex as well, and I'm going to play Eldar for a bit longer until the first FAQ drops.

I'm not sure if the Sa'cea trait works first turn and well...  I'm not sure what's really stellar yet.

Nothing really seems that survivable and in the current meta of lots of 1 wound models, all of the multi-wound guns that the Tau have seem a bit overpriced.

Then again, the temptation to take Bor'kan with the potential for a 21" triple tapping Fire Warriors is tempting...


Don't worry BT we're all still here. I know how it feels when you don't see replies on your battle reports.

I've found that if I read your battle reports on the bus going to work then I forget to reply to them when I get home.

I still haven't ventured into 8th edition but I'm getting closer so I now understand a few of the rules you mention (like these various stratagems). I'm glad that when I do start I shouldn't be dealing with Eldar for a while, that looked utterly brutal. Note-to-self: Hit the infantry horde first.

Lorilune has long been my favourite of your characters so it's always nice to see her, particularly seeing her play off the ineptitude of Wingnut and co.

Looking forward to seeing your next report,

Job's a good un!

Thanks for the reply Cammerz!
I know it's silly, but I didn't see any replies from you for a while, so I had this worry that maybe:

A) You didn't like them, but didn't want to tell me.


B) Something had happened and you weren't around anymore...

But, I'm glad that you do like the reps and I hope to see you in the future!


Finally got the time to sit down and read the last couple of batreps that I missed from you: amazing fluff. Sadly I've finally realized: in 20 years of playing, I've never actually cared about the game of 40k, only the fluff and the models, so I haven't really had anything to contribute here on the site (especially since I'm more of an AoS player than anything) but as long as you keep writing battle reports, I'll keep coming back to the site to read them. Your fluff is that amazingly entertaining.

Thank you very much for the kind words!

I was wondering if was shouting into the void for a while, but I'm glad you like the fluff!  I will keep the reps up definitely!

That was brutal, yet amusing! It's a shame the battle was so one-sided, but sometimes that's just the way it turns out.

Great bat-rep, I look forward to the next one. :)

Thanks for the comment!

I often wonder if I should put up the one-sided reps, but I'm glad it didn't hurt the enjoyment of the rep!


As it seems that the consensus is that it doesn't matter what I write, I will try to get in another Eldar batrep as I might not have a Tau one ready for some time.

Thank you all for the kind words as comments, any comments be they early or late, really help reinforce my love of doing batreps.  It's one thing to be writing for yourself, but to hear others getting enjoyment, education or just having a blast that you made is just the most cathartic thing I can think of.

So again, thank you all.  Please let me know what you like, don't like and all.  The mere presence of someone out there is the greatest gift a writer can have.


You are a cruel, cruel person.

Partly how brutally you destroyed that chaos player, but mostly for leaving me with several questions in the fluff that may not get resolved for some time if your switching to Tau soon. In no particular order:

What will happen to Lorilune and her parents now?

How did she get away from the Orks? And what was their reaction to finding her missing?

How did Duumrider and Mal get out of an eternity of Nurgle worship?

Hi Mabbz!
Thanks for the reply.  It seems you may be my sole audience for these reps :)

In any case, answers will be forthcoming, but I can't guarantee the Eldar getting another game out before the Tau codex...

Unless you'd rather have me shelve the Tau for a week or so?


Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Most Underrated Units
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:08:30 AM »
Hi All,
Just wanted to start a thread for something that I noticed in the Eldar book.

Now everyone and their cousin has heard about how OP Dark Reapers are.

And I'm not saying that they're not.  But they do have fierce competition in one unit:  the Guardian.

Now on paper and on fluff, it's no comparison:

The Guardian is the "Underwater Basketweaver" of the Craftworld, easily the cheapest unit with a gun that is... lacking to say the least.  S4, 12" no AP, 1 Damage... at least it rends?

In the past, the Guardian was much maligned and kind of ignored.

But in 8th... times have changed.

The introduction of the Webway Portal stratagem is one  of those things.

It puts them into Deep Strike that you can drop at the end of any of your movement turns.  And, unlike in previous editions, you don't have to drop them in a circular pattern or roll for deviation.  They're just there.

So in a block of 20... that's 40 S4 shots with rending.  Kind of scary when they appear from nowhere.

And in an edition where infantry is so much more important, I've found that they're just good to get to a troublesome unit and EVAPORATE IT.

For, if boosted with Doom and Guide, they can take out darn near anything.  ANYTHING.

In my last game, they took out a unit of 16 Berzerkers that were out of position.  Then a big unit of Poxwalkers just for kicks.

And if you can give them Quickness to let them reposition themselves then you can charge with them.

Yes, you heard me right.  CHARGE.

Because they do fine versus most screening units that are made to just get in the way, and the Guardians thankfully can get so stuck in, they can "capture" an enemy model and prevent the screen from falling back.  That locks up the advance of the units behind it and threatens board control.  Which is half the battle for the Eldar.

Because, let's face it, on paper the Eldar are kind of meh.  Middling strength of shots, middling rate of fire.  Nothing really great... except for the movement phase.

There, the Eldar dominate by being able to move twice with a psychic power, charge after advancing with the proper Stratagem, deep strike and do all kinds of things to really punish your opponent.

You just need to have board control to keep them from doing the same to you.

And that's where Guardians come in.  Plus, they're troops so if you ignore them, they can take an objective away from another unit.

Oh and I forgot one last thing:  The Celestial Shield.  4++ for a CP is so worth it.

Try them out, I think you'll like them.


What other gems have you all found?

Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Re: New Tau Codex
« on: March 11, 2018, 09:18:03 PM »
BTW rumours are saying that the Fourth Sphere expansion was swallowed up by the Warp when someone had the idea to set off a bunch of anti-gravity bombs as an attempt to make FTL travel...

They disappeared... and then decades later came back... changed.

So... Chaos-Tau anyone?


The rep is done!

Hope you all enjoy!

Comments are greatly appreciated!


Well, this could get ugly.
In terms of overall board, we have a pretty symmetric setup with a large ruin that we agree is impassible in the center.  Craters to the side and trees in the corners with a central hill on either side.

I roll to start dropping in units first, and we end up with a pretty central setup on both sides. I do the usual setup with Wave Serpents (with Spiritseer and Farseer) in the center with Warlock and Autarch between them.  Webway portal holds the Spears and the Hawks.  Chaos makes a HUGE castle in the center with the Tanks in the middle with Nurgle Prince and Sorcerer next to them.  Poxwalkers surround them and the huge masses of Cultists around that.  Nurglings deploy now (hmmm...) getting close to the right flank.

I put down a unit of Rangers to the left, my opponent drops the Berzerkers to my left as close as possible.  I put the Rangers to the far left and right flank in cover and the Slaaneshi Prince goes behind the Nurglings.

We roll to see who goes first, and thankfully the Eldar win the roll.  The roll to seize fails and the game begins!


Turn 1: Eldar
"Well, that's just tacky."

Farseer Dunkas sighed and suppressed an eyeroll within his Grav-tank.  The forces of the Warp had been more numerous than he had thought.  A mammoth Daemon squatted on top of a hill with a horde of Mon-Keigh in various states of abomination rolled around it.  Surely even Lennara could realize the gravity of the situation.  Then, a tremor split the physical plane and two glowing portals opened, one disgorging a swath of gurgling, swearing Mon-Keigh wielding axes and the other producing a flame-headed Daemon, who bore the markings of She-Who-Thirsts.

Gasps of recognition ran through the Eldar around him, and Dunkas considered a tactical withdrawl, when a haughty laugh broke through the din.

"Good, good," said Lady Lennara, twirling her hair to one side, "And here I thought this was going to be boring.  Dunkas, it's time to take things seriously.  Let's show them how the Aeldari really fight."


Well, my opponent laid it all out on the table with Berzerkers and Slaaneshi Prince within potential charging range.  He was (I think) banking on seizing, but failed.

So... it was time to get to work.  I pull both Psykers out of their tanks, which then move to the left.  The Warlock moves just within 18" of the Slaanesh Prince.  I then drop in the Hawks to the far left flank and the Guardian blob appears just left of the Berzerkers.

I hit the Berzerkers with everything and the kitchen sink in the psychic phase, dropping Doom and Jinx on them and Guide on the Guardians.  Restrain goes off on the Prince, so even with Warptime, he should have some issues.

Shooting then goes off, and I'm hella shocked when the Guardians drop the Berzerkers with a surprising amount of wounds (2 dozen+ with almost a dozen Rends?  yes, please!).  Wow, when people say that Guardians with psychic support are nasty, they aren't kidding.  The Hawks and Rangers massively pare down the Cultists on the left flank and the rest end up running.  I then get the first big surprise as my opponent pulls out a Strategem that makes all killed models (friendly AND enemy) act as extra Poxwalkers!  So...  in the end I made more zombies.  That's... not so great.  Shots also fall on the Sorcerer, who takes a mortal wound, flubs a few saves and ends up a hairsbreath from going down.

Oh and I shoot down ALMOST all of the Nurglings too (That's for messing up my screen!).

Picture Caption: Wow Guardians, just... wow.

Turn 1: Chaos

Malefans could only sigh when he saw the Berzerkers go down.  Again.  Khorne clearly favored blood and skulls, but it would be nice if he worked on discriminating exactly whose skulls would be adorning his throne.  The Aeldari were getting close and their firepower was surprising.  Still, as long as the Death Guard held up their end then things would be...


Malefans glanced down the field to see the flaming-skull laden Duumrider moving slowly, foul Xenos magic warping his wings.

"CAN'T GO... FASTER...  NEED... RED... BULL..."

The Sorcerer sighed in return.  Things were going to be complicated.


The Slaaneshi Prince hobbles forward a bit as the Nurglings seek cover.  The Cultists expand their screen a bit.  The Sorcerer takes cover between the tanks.
Oblits come down from... wherever and drop within 12" of the Serpent on my right flank.

Shooting starts with the Nurgle tank firing on my right Serpent, but I use Lightning Reflexes and with a -2 to hit, nothing happens.  The Oblits try their luck and even with the Slaaneshi strategem of firing TWICE, they only get one shot through.  Shooting is kind of bland otherwise with a few Hawks falling, but not much else.
The Prince tries to assault (it's a long run), and fails.

Picture Caption: Yeah, Eldar are pretty sturdy as long as you don't hit them.

Turn 2: Eldar

Time to clean up.  I drop out the Reapers and move the Serpents further left.
The Guardians move up to threaten the back objective.

I hit the Slaaneshi Prince with Doom and Jinx and the Guardians get Guide and Quicken to move into the face of the Poxwalkers.

Lennara and the Reapers mow apart the Slaaneshi Prince in a hail of shots and the rest of the shooting from the Guardians and the Tempest Launchers of the Reapers tear apart the Poxwalkers.  The Hawks add some damage to the front-most Cultists.

I then assault into the Cultists with the Guardians, who take a bit of damage from Overwatch, but thanks to their hatred/fear of all things Slaanesh, tear down basically all of the Cultists with only a few wounds in return.

Picture Caption: Wow, Guardians, that's still brutal.

Turn 2: Chaos

Chaos has decided that my Guardian blob must die, and move up the Big Cheese Nurgle Prince with the tanks moving around to get into flaming position.

Shooting tears apart most of the Guardians and the Prince assaults in, doing a ton of damage, and then my Guardians try to hit back, but it turns out that successful saves on their attacks can do mortal wounds back (!).  So... I end up losing almost all of the squad, who then dissipate with the morale check.

Picture Caption:  Ouch, that was rough.  You did good though, Basket Weavers.  You did good.

Turn 3: Eldar

It's time to kill the Prince.
I move the Reapers into position and Lennara to finish off the Oblits threatening my objective.  I pop the Spears out of the Webway to go hunt some tanks.  The Hawks come down from orbit near the right flank.
Lennara shoots the Nurglings out of existence over her shoulder and then tears apart one of the Oblits with more shooting.  Having hit the Nurgle Prince with the usual Doom and Jinx and a mighty hail of Reaper shots and Shuriken Cannon fire take him apart.  The Spears had moved up thanks to Quicken and assault one of the tanks, losing one of their number to the flamers (ouch those things hurt), but take it down after hitting it with Lance fire before charging in to finish the job.  They consolidate into the Sorcerer (and the objective) and also into the last tank!

Picture Caption: Wow, I mean... this is what people mean by getting "Eldar-ed."

Turn 3: Chaos

The tank pulls out of combat with the Spears, and the Sorcerer kills one Spear with Smite and Force Sword hits.  The Spears can't quite finish the job, leaving the Sorc on a single wound.

And with that, the Chaos player tips his king.

Picture Caption: Man, he stayed til the end though, good on your little Sorcerer, good on you.

Result: Eldar Victory

Post-Game Thoughts: OOF, this one was fast.  I didn't realize how brutal things were until models just started getting pulled off the table.  The Guardians were the stars of the early show, just wiping off the Berzerkers and then hosing down the Poxwalkers and their weight in Cultists.

Lennara, Dunkas and the Psykers did their usual amazing job, and I have to say that the combo of Doom and Jinx is just brutal.  With rending being a thing, the Eldar just have so many scary tools at their disposal.  The Reapers were also really instrumental at killing Princes, but even if they do get nerfed, I think I can find something to replace them as the Eldar just have so much flexibility and the ability to melt and penetrate screens at whim.  Even with having accidentally made more zombies, it didn't seem to matter!

So... after this massacre, I might put the Eldar up for a bit to let things cool down as although they are fun to play, I think the Eldar aren't that fun to play AGAINST.  Especially as if you start rolling hot (or you know, above average with tactical play), you can leave your opponent in the dust as they just can't catch you.

Hope you all enjoyed the rep!


Farseer Dunkas surveyed yet again another battlefield.  His warriors were collecting the Spirit Stones of the fallen, and seeing to the purification of the fallen Chaos monstrosities.  Such a senseless waste of resources.

"So, Dunkas, was that a fun time or what?"

Dunkas wheeled on his heel to throw a glare at Autarch Lennara, who was still astride her Skyrunner, sweat dripping off her brow.

"I was a bit worried when those things dropped out of the Warp to our flank, but it was a good thing that I happened to seize the moment," continued the Lady haughtily, "Can't say that I do feel a twinge of pity for the poor Mon-Keigh, but that's what happens when you face your betters."

Growling, Dunkas replied, "I am so glad that you take pride in the loss of so many Eldar.  We are a dying race, Lennara.  I hope you have not forgotten that.  We should not be taking pride, nor joy in our task."

Rolling her eyes, Lennara responded, "Oh come now, Dunkas, stop being a stick-in-the-mud.  We've done a commendable job against a foul enemy of the Craftworlds.  Surely we deserve some..."

"Khaine's blood, you haven't changed, have you?"

The interuppting voice silenced the conversation between the two Craftworlders and both turned to see a lone, bedraggled figure emerging from the forest.  Clad in tatters, the once-Farseer Lorilune emerged with an attempt at pageantry.

Gasping, Lennara leapt off her Skyrunner and ran over to her daughter, shaking her with motherly concern.

"Oh, Lori, Lori, thank the Fates you're alright.  You are alright, aren't you?  Those Mon-Keigh didn't... No matter, we can fix that."

Lorilune sighed, "No, mother, the Imperials would rather cut their genitals off than stick them in me.  I'm fine."

Clicking her tongue, Lennara cut off her daughter, "You don't look fine.  You look like...  a Drukahri or something.  Let's get you cleaned up and you can tell us all about it."

Failing not to fall into a centuries-old rut, Lorilune felt herself retreading old roads long left and thankfully forgotten, "Us, Mother?  Who is 'us?'  Another of your suitors?  A blink-and-he's-gone boytoy?  Tell me, what kind of..."

An interrupting voice came between the two: "Lorilune."

The soft voice hit Lorilune like a thunderbolt.  A memory came unbidden, long forgotten deep in the depths of her most ancient of thoughts.  "F... Father?"

The Farseer nodded in recognition.  "Greetings young one.  It has been some time.  Now...  We have much to discuss."

Yay Duumrider! Haven't heard from him for a while. Given my usual assumption that you'll win, I'm curious how Mal will handle being sworn to nurgle. I'm guessing some kind of loophole.

On the Eldar side of things, if this is the last Eldar rep before the Tau return, does that mean Lorilune will return at the end of this battle?

Thanks for the reply Mabbz!

That's a great suggestion and... it may happen at the end of the rep :)

I have to say that the rep is coming along pretty quick now that I have everyone's voices (no, not that kind, the literary version) in my head straight, so I hope you all will like it!


Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Re: New Tau Codex
« on: March 11, 2018, 05:52:12 PM »
Agreed so much with all of this.

I'm looking forward to running Farsight and some kind of long-range support.

People are saying that Battlesuits are dead, but Coldstar and Riptides look brutal.

Gun drones seem much more pricey now compared to the humble Fire Warrior, so are we talking Fire Warrior screens now, especially as we need to take a second HQ that is not a Commander?

I've been underwhelmed with Ethereals since forever, but Fireblades just seem kind of... meh.

I don't know, any thoughts?


Forces and Allies of the Imperium / New Tau Codex
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:23:57 PM »
Hi All,
Just FYI for those who don't know it, the New Tau Codex is coming out in about a week (pre-orders up today), and from the leaks and Warhammer Community page, I'm liking the updates!

Things I'm looking forward to:

Sept-linked special abilities: A bit of flavour for each akin to Eldar or Space Marine Chapters.

Price breaks on almost everything!  Riptides and Hammerheads took big price dips and almost everything is cheaper (save you know... gun drones and few others...)

Coldstar with FOUR guns.  Yes, that's right FOUR guns.  Able to move 40" and still shoot.

Riptide with 18 (!) shots of Heavy Burst Cannon.

Strategems.  Finally.

Overall, I feel like it's a good middle-of-the-road Codex.  Nothing too appalling or auto-takes, which is a GOOD thing.  I hope that post FAQ some of the more egregious units out there are brought to line and maybe Tau can shine again?


Battle Reports / Craftworld Eldar vs Chaos in "Foul Friendship" (3/18)
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:11:56 PM »
Craftworld Eldar vs Chaos in "Foul Friendship"

Hi All,
I decided to get in one more Eldar rep before the mighty onslaught of Tau hits us all.
In this one, I've got a decent match with my Chaos opponent returning.
But this time, he's clearly done some work with his list and besides the normal trickery of the Alpha Legion, he's brought Nurgle!
This was a tough, but fun fight.
Hope you all enjoy the rep!


P.S.  Hope you all enjoy the fluff!


The Lists

Eldar Craftworlds (1500): 62 Infantry, 2 Vehicle; 7 CPs
Alatoic Craftworlds Battalion
-Farseer (Doom, Guide)
-Spiritseer (Protect/Jinx)
-Dark Reapersx4 w/Exarch w/Tempest Launcher
-Dark Reapersx4 w/Exarch w/Tempest Launcher
-Wave Serpent w/Shuriken Cannon, Twin-SCannon
-Wave Serpent w/Shuriken Cannon, Twin-SCannon
Saim-Hann Outriders
-Autarch Skyrunner w/Laser Lance, Reaper Launcher, Banshee Mask, Shimmerplume
-Warlock Skyrunner w/Singing Spear (Quicken/Restrain)
-Shining Spearsx6 w/Exarch w/Star Lance
-Swooping Hawksx5 w/Exarch w/Hawk's Talon
-Swooping Hawksx5 w/Exarch w/Hawk's Talon

Mixed Chaos 1500: 73 Infantry, 2 MCs, 2 Vehicles; 6 CPs
Alpha Legion Battalion
-Daemon Prince w/Wings, Malefic talons, MofSlaanesh (Warptime)
-Sorcerer w/Force Sword (Death Hex, Warptime)
-Berzerkersx16 w/Chainswords and Chainaxes, Champion w/Claw
-Cultistsx12 w/ Autoguns, Mark of Slaanesh
-Cultistsx12 w/ Autoguns, Mark of Slaanesh
-Cultistsx12 w/ Autoguns, Mark of Slaanesh
-Obliteratorsx3 w/Mark of Slaanesh
Death Guard Patrol
-Daemon Prince w/Talons, MoNurgle, Wings, Supperating Plate, Miasma
-Plagueburst Crawler
-Plagueburst Crawler


Autarch: Mark of the Incomparable Hunter (can target Characters)
Nurgle Prince: Rotten Constitution (Reduce damage by 1)

Mission: Secure and Control (Single Objective each)
Setup: Dawn of War


Chapter 2: A Foul Fellowship

The Warp is an eerie dimension, thought made flesh and stone with the rampant tendency to throw things like time and space around like lost pennies in a washer.  Still, being thrown together with a less-than-able comrade can make the entire experience feel much like a prison.  Or so it seemed to the smaller of the Chaos-blessed duo who stood in the courtyard of a purple-pink palace that eerily floated through the void.  Things had been quiet until a screeching voice boomed through the air.


Sorcerer Malfans looked up at the enormous Daemon Prince next to him and said in a sarcastic tone, "Of course not, Duumrider, I enjoy being shamed in the eyes of our Dark Prince and then losing almost all of our force."


Malefens paused in mid-stride.  Ideas were dangerous things when it came to Duumrider.

"What... kind of idea?"


"If you are speaking of the Obliterator cult, we have a few that..."


Malefans paused.  That did not sound like Slaanesh-type units.

"What... do you..."

And then the smell hit him.

An odor with palpable stench crept through the air enough to make the Sorcerer gag.  The architecture around them started to curl as a green-coloured portal opened and disgorged a massive Winged form.  It was vaguely man-shaped with a distended abdomen leaking with fluids and bile and a mis-shapen head that rolled about under an ill-fitting and pitted helmet.

Malefans gagged.  A minion of Nurgle?  Here?  He was about to give orders to Duumrider, then saw the pyre-faced Daemon stride towards the newcomer hands raised.  The Slaaneshi Prince slapped the Nurgle-worshipper on the back in a gesture of friendship and Malefans suppressed a grimace as a chunk of rotten flesh rolled off and onto the once-pristine tile.


The Sorcerer thought for a moment.
"Are you suggesting that we ally ourselves with... Nurgle?"


Malefans was about to reply when the Nurgle Prince held out a stained piece of paper.  Trying not to touch it too much, the Sorcerer gasped when he saw it.  It was... a contract.  A signed contract.  The fool had doomed them both.

"Do you have... any idea as to what you have agreed to?"


"And the consequences of failure?  It says that if our mission is not successful, we are bound to the service of the Great Lord of Decay."


Malefans sighed, "At least... you've given it some thought.  I will inform the minions.  I suppose we have an alliance then, Bulbous Gangrenosum."

The Nurgle-thing made a happy gurgling sound and a few greenish bubbles exuded out of the helmet.


Before Malefans could respond, the two Princes turned towards each other and did a complex set of hand gestures that ended in a double fanny-bump and the Nurgle Prince departed through the still open portal.  At least the smell had the courtesy to leave with him.

Malefans hoped beyond hope that for once, a battle would go the way it was supposed to...


"You realize this changes nothing between us."

Farseer Dunkas sipped his morning tea looking sternly across the table at the crimson-haired Autarch, Lady Lennara.  Lennara smiled at her once-husband, both of them in morning-robes.

Lennara smiled and replied, "You didn't seem to think so much last night, Dunkas.  I think you almost dehydrated both of us."

The Farseer curled a lip, "Don't be disgusting, Lennara.  Your drink clouded my mind and inhibitions.  It was folly to indulge and I beg Isha's forgiveness for my moral lassitude."

"I wouldn't call anything lax, Dunkas.  Just... out of practice."

Blushing, the Farseer changed the topic, "In any case, back to the topic at hand.  My Rangers have found rumours that your daughter..."

"Our daughter," corrected Lennara.

Dunkas paused and continued through partially-gritted teeth, "... Our... daughter... has been seen near a Mon-Keigh outpost.  A small force, nothing that we couldn't handle..."

Sighing at the dramatic pause, Lennara replied, "I'm sensing a 'but' to appear unbidden..."

The Farseer nodded and continued, "But, there is a complication.  The Forces of Chaos have intervened.  Worshippers of the Pestulent One and She Who Thirsts act together and they have driven off the Mon-Keigh.  We must secure this base if we are to conduct a search safely."

Lennara's lips curled in a familiar smirk, "Good, then we shall do so."

Dunkas frowned, gripping his mug tighter.
"Need I remind you the danger of falling into the gaze of She Who Thirsts?  It puts the souls of our charges in grave peril."

The Autarch nodded, "Indeed, Dunkas.  That is why we will not lose.  Now, let me begin preparing for battle... Unless you wish a second round of our own?"

Snorting, the Farseer stood up, hiding a flush on his face.  Lennara was brazen, but right.  Battle was coming, and much was at stake.  He only hoped that would not regret this perilous gamble.


To Be Continued!

Thanks for the reply Mabbz!

I'm a bit surprised that there isn't a bit more activity on this rep, but I guess Eldar vs Guard isn't to everyone's tastes...

I've got another Eldar rep going, so I'll put the front piece up for it soon!


Hi Mabbz,
Thanks for the reply.  No worries about sounding impatient, I'd actually thought that the rep wasn't really garnering much interest as Eldar are seen as kind of OP again...

Sorry, work sort of caught me upside the head for the past few weeks, but I think this weekend should be lightening up.
So in short:  It'll be out in a few days!  :)

I've had a fair few battles against eldar lately, and though powerful, I wouldn't call them OP yet. I've had fun using my Tau against them and eve had a few wins. Although these are all small points games, so maybe I'm just not seeing some of the more powerful stuff.

That said, I'm mostly here for the fluff, which was entertaining as ever. Whether Lennara and Dunkas will ever match the popularity of some of your more well known characters remains to be seen, but I enjoyed them a lot. Especially given how a lot of your games seem to pit Eldar against each other, so seeing them getting along is nice.

Hi Mabbz!
Thanks for the kind reply.  I'm glad that you liked the rep and if you like Lennara and Dunkas I totally will keep writing them.
The Tau book IS coming out though, so Bang and company MAY be coming back, but I'll see if I can get another game in with the Eldar for some variety (unless IG is a better interlude before the Greater Good?).


Turn 2: Imperial Guard

Private Sanders licked his lips from high atop his Sentinel.  Things were getting messy now.  The Xenos had come for a fight and things were blowing up on all sides.  Not the bloody noses and easy victory that had all assumed, but a good fight was a good fight none-the-less.  Then, he saw opportunity come his way.

The Xenos general, a woman of all things, glided in front of him, killing nearly all of the Stormtroopers with ease.  Sanders almost felt bad for the kill-stealing Silver-spooners, but now it was his time to strike.  Taking down the leader of a whole pack of Eldar would earn him bragging rights and maybe a promotion or two.

Howling, he charged forwards, spewing out flame from his Heavy Flamer and flailing wildly with his Sentinel's feet.  He hit something hard and then paused, trying to hear the Xenos' death wails.  Instead, he heard something else odd: Laughter.

Lady Lennara rose out of the smoke and ash, throwing aside the Sentinel with a casual gesture of her Lance and swung out at the cockpit, making the machine dance back lest it be cut in twain.

Sanders licked his lips again and began trying to circle the damnable alien, who was wearing some kind of glowing cape that made his eyes water.  He could swear... no, thing was mocking him, gesturing for him to come get some.

Well, get some he would...


Straken decides that he needs to basically, yes, do everything himself again.
He orders Move, Move, Move on the last Infantry squad, who moves into the ruin with the relic.  The Sentinel moves up to challenge Lennara.

Straken tries to move up towards the Hawks, but he's a bit out of range.

Shooting has the Sentinel try to hurt the Autarch, but fails.  The really damaged Lemun Russ fails to hit anything.  The Primaris fails to get his power off.

Assault has the Sentinel try to hurt Lennara, but no damage is really done either way.  The Spears, Hawks, and the IG they're fighting trade blows, but they're still stuck in.

Picture Caption: Man, things are getting ugly!

Turn 3: Eldar

The Autarch moves back and the Eldar move a bit towards the remains of the IG.
Shooting has the Sentinel go down and a big chunk of the last IG squad goes down thanks to the combo of Doom and Jinx again even with the IG Take Cover strategem.
The Lemun Russ also falls.  The Hawks and Rangers take out the Primaris.

Assault has not much being done again.

Turn 3: IG

Straken moves to the back and gives off orders, trying to take out the last of the Hawks.  The very few remaining Guard finally do a number on the Hawks and whittle them down severely.  The remaining Hawks flee.

Turn 4: Eldar
The Wave Serpents that I have been sneaking up the backfield take their opportunity and dive into the fight, shooting down the last of the Infantry in the back and then lock up the Manticores.

I shoot at Straken with basically my entire army and even with the IG Take Cover Strategem, the Iron Hand finally falls.

Turn 4: IG
With only Manticores left that are locked up perpetually forever, my opponent concedes.


Result: Eldar Victory!

Post-Game Notes: Well, that was pretty brutal.  It looked much more straightforward than it felt, as the Eldar felt very fragile once you came to blows with them, but really hard to hurt at range and so very mobile with their AMAZING firepower.
So... let's do this proper.

Autarch Lennara: A+
Really, she held the game together and took the center pretty much by herself.  The combo of Reaper Launcher, able to target Characters Warlord trait and enough Weaponry to give a Lemun Russ pause makes her so very deadly on a mobile platform that basically never misses.  The Saim-Hann trait makes her fire with no penalties and I can be extra cheeky and have her assault after an advance if I want to.

Farseer: A
Not as in-you-face stellar, but wow is Doom amazing.  Done well, you never really expose yourself and the Eldar army with it's powerful but not really high rate of fire loves this power.  Just great support all-around.

Warlock/Spiritseer: A-
Very good and provided much needed abilities.
Quickness basically is god-like for it's ability to let you reposition basically whenever and wherever you want and get assaults and penetrate screens like nobody's business.  Oh, and Jinx is quite good and making even really defended enemies fall down.  It's just that their low wounds makes them feel dangerous for perils, so I was lucky that I didn't need to spend a boatload of CPs to make sure their powers went off.

Rangers: B
Not amazing, but they provided much needed drop defense and added shots to take down damaged enemies.  My opponent basically never shot at them as they were -2 to hit almost all the time and didn't threaten anything at the moment.

Guardians: A
Yeah, these guys are gold.  Being able to drop in a big blob and then move them forward to mess up screens and hold a pivitol point is really what the Eldar need.
They don't hurt anything REALLY bad in assault, but they are hard to hurt with Guardian Shield and just need a massive amount of removal, thus holding up the advance of your opponent.  And in an army that really can't take too many shots to the face and keep ticking, the Eldar need that advantage to keep flying around and doing damage.

Wave Serpents: A
My... goodness.  Wave Serpent shield knocks down damage by 1 and are -1 to hit with more than a dozen wounds?  Yeah, I'd say they're pretty good.  Mobile bunkers that hit with a bit of a punch and aren't overly priced for what they do.  Really great overall.

Dark Reapers: A+
Ok, yes.  Reapers do what they do best: Kill things.  Big things with the Launchers and small things with the Tempest Launchers.  Bolstered with Doom and Jinx, they just erase units or cripple them, which is just what the Eldar need.  Perhaps a bit OP, but man are they powerful.

Shining Spears: B+
Not the most killy, but they can take out a tank and are just sturdy enough to stay stuck in and can go to those hard to reach places and keep the hurt on.  My opponent couldn't believe how fast they were and the Saim-Hann trait basically lets them charge anything they please.

Swooping Hawks: B
Not bad, but they do whittle down their points in Guardsmen easily and can be annoying in assault.  I liked them, but they were good speedbumps for their points and were great for finding those moments to hit a weak flank.  If my opponent had say... medium or heavy infantry, I think it would have been much worse for me.



Farseer Dunkas sighed, watching the last of the Mon-Keigh fade out of view.  The Webway Portal had been secured and all of the survivors and the injured were safely stowed away.  Now it was time to have it out.

Wheeling around on a heel, the Altioic leader marched forwards, tracking the familiar laughter that was filling the air.  There, nestled with her other crimson-clad fellows was Lady Lennara, clad in sweat and sharing libations that were clearly unnecessary.

The Autarch looked up with grin.

"Dunkas.  I see you found me.  How did you like our first victory?"

"Victory?" spat out the Farseer, "You call that a victory?  I call it a needless waste of life.  Aeldari life lost for what?  A mere distraction?  The Imperium will take the planet back in a matter of hours.  We gained nothing here."

With a sigh, Lady Lennara rose to her feet.  "Dunkas, Dunkas, Dunkas.  You haven't changed.  Don't you realize that we did more than just exterminate some Mon-Keigh?  We showed them the might of our people.  I...  We proved the honour and pride of the Craftworlds were more than just stories told to scared children.  Look at your people, Dunkas.  Can't you see that they loved it just as much as I did?  As much as... you did?"

The Farseer was about to respond when he heard something.  Something odd, yet vaguely familiar.  From all around him, the Craftworlders were singing.  The old songs.  Songs of victory.  Songs of... hope.  Perhaps there was truth to Lennara's words.  Some truth at least.

"Come on, Dunkas," said Lennara, looking up at him with a smile, "Have a drink with us.  I've brought the good stuff."

Something about the whole situation pulled at Dunkas.  He shouldn't do it.  He should be the puritanical symbol of his Craftworld.  He should... have been a better husband.  A better father...  Perhaps it was not too late.

With a gesture, the Farseer removed his helm, and let his raven hair fall around his shoulders.  Lennara clapped with girlish glee and handed him a cup.  Dunkas took a sip and was genuinely surprised when Lennara took the opportunity to tilt his head towards hers and the two looked into each other's eyes.

It was hard to say from those watching who kissed the other first, but all who stood near knew one thing: This would be the beginning of something amazing.


Rep is here!!!

Apologies for the wait.   The Fluff got a little... carried away.

Please let me know what you think!




Setup is rather quick for the Eldar side, as I put the Farseer and one unit of Reapers in one Serpent and the Spiritseer and other unit of Reapers in the other.  Autarch and Warlock go between them.  Hawks in reserve, and for the low-ish cost of 3 CPs, Spears and Guardians go in Webway reserve.

My opponent puts the Manticores in the back of his zone in a ruin with Harker in front of them.  The Lemun Russ goes in front of them behind a bit of cover (not enough for the Russ, but for the Infantry around it) with the Astropath to the right, and Straken, the Priest and the Primaris to the left.  FIFTY Guardsmen go in front of them, hugging the line with three Sentinels in front of them eye-balling the ruin.  The Sentinels scout in, getting ready to take the Relic.
All of the Stormtroopers go in reserve.

I then spread out the Rangers to give me a drop zone to the right and prevent the troopers from coming in a nasty way.  One group of Rangers to the left.

And we roll to see who goes first... and the +1 ensures that the Eldar win the roll!

I of course take the right to go first, and the IG fail the roll to seize.

Picture Caption: That's... a lot of Mon-Keigh.


"Tarnation, Harker!" bellowed Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken, pulling a pair of warn Magna-Goggles from his eyes.  "How did those Xenos get a glowing bone-door out here without anyone seeing anything?!  Are our scouts blind?!"

Sergeant Harker scratched his head with the edge of his Catachan knife, "Dunno, Colonel.  Looks like Xeno-tricks to me."

Straken growled, "Tricks.  Eldar tricks.  Well, let's see them out-trick a Storm-Eagle Rocket."

The Colonel gestured and the ground shuddered as three enormous rocket-laden tanks rolled into position.  Manticores.  One of the most deadly weapons ever devised by the Imperium, armed with specialized Rockets that (especially in the hands of the Catachan), could tear an entire fortress asunder.

Hoots and hollers broke out amongst the mass-swarm of burly-armed men around the officers.  A great mob of Catachan warriors were ready for a fight, betting on how many pointy-ears they would be able to string up on the barrack's wall.

Straken nodded.  The Eldar had to come to them.  They were good at running away.  Now that they had real men to fight, the spindly-armed freaks would fold faster than a Cadian on hot chili night.  All they had to do was wait...


"By Khaine's blood, Lady Lennara, that's... a lot of Mon-Keigh."

Warlock Belgen held the holo of the horde of Imperial Guard nearly surrounding the Webway Portal.  Although they were racing at top speed towards their objective, it was clear that the Imperials had made it there first.

"Belgen, you worry too much," chuckled Lady Lennara, her crimson hair fluttering in the breeze.  "The Mon-Keigh may outnumber us, but we will win the day, even if some of us may not live to see the end."

"A pity, that," came to the minds of both Saim-Hann Eldar.

Lennara frowned, for it was the familiar, but grating tone of Farseer Dunkas.

"Indeed a pity that more of the dying race must be sacrificed due to the poor planning of Saim-Hann," continued the Farseer.  "Perhaps it is a sign that we should turn back from this foolish endeavor..."

"Dying?  Yes, Dunkas," growled Lennara, "But not yet dead.  And let us not compare our numbers to the vermin of the Mon-Keigh.  Do you know that that in a mere hundreth of our gestation time, they can ferment out a half-dozen of their ilk?  How could we possibly keep up with that?"

The Farseer intoned, "One would think that if more of our kind knew it best when to procreate then..."

"Oh, yes, yes, let us speak of that," interrupted the Autarch, "Because truly the enormity of gestation and the responsibility of the next generation should fall on the shoulders of a single parent, let alone the mind-bending trauma of the birthing time itself.  Can you even conceive of such torment?  Such..."

"Pardon me," whispered Belgen, "But... We've arrived."

Lennara twisted her head to the side and Belgen released a breath he didn't realize that he had been holding.  Perhaps it was true: The greatest threat to the Aeldari were themselves.  Belgen was just hoping he wouldn't be there when things fell out.


Turn 1: Eldar

There was a flicker of light in the dawning sun as the brightly coloured Jetbike duo raced into view, lead within a hand's breath by two equally fast Wave Serpents.  By human standards, such a feat would have brought out gasps of surprise for such a feat of skill, but by Eldar standards it was a sub-par effort driven on by a sense of desparation.

"Autarch," gasped Warlock Belgen, "The Mon-Keigh have infiltrated the ruin.  They are within striking range of the Webway Portal!"

Lady Lennara nodded, "Good, then we have them right where we want them.  Dunkas, do you still run with that pack of Guardians you bring around everywhere?"

There was a pause before the reply came back telepathically.

"Yes," said Farseer Dunkas, "The Guardians are there as my rear-guard, carefully secreted away in the Webway.  Why do you..."

"Excellent," interjected the Autarch, "Tell your basket-weavers to get their shuriken throwers ready.  They're going to have a new set of orders..."


Thankfully, I have first turn, so I might as well make the most of it.
I move the Wave Serpents up the right flank keeping the Jetbikes between them.
I open up the Webway and take out the big pack of Guardians, who look menacingly at the center.  One Swooping Hawk unit comes down, dropping grenades on the far right flank of Guardsmen.

Psychic phase has Quicken go off on the Guardians, who go pretty much all up the center, getting nicely within range of threatining the entire center.

Shooting has Lennara "threading the needle" and dropping a Reaper Cannot shot between the eyes of Harker in the backfield (that Eldar Warlord trait is great), dropping the big man and gaining me First Blood.
The Wave Serpents open up and take down one Sentinel and the Hawks chip away the right flank as the Rangers do some wounds, most importantly nearly killing the Astropath who is right next to the Lemun Russ.
The Guardians fire on the center-most Infantry squad just behind the screen they are facing, felling it with more than 2 dozen wounds (!).

Then to assaults:  The Guardians declare a charge on the Astropath and the Infantry squads in front of them.  My opponent declares Grenadiers strategem, but I declare back Celestial Shields.  So its mass frag grenades vs 4++ shield, which in the end means I take hardly any damage going in.  I chew apart the last of the right-most Infantry squad, down the Astropath and surround the Infantry squad that is knocked down to about half.  The beleaguered Guardsmen hit back, but I've got a big squad left that most importantly consolidates into the Lemun Russ and both Sentinels, basically stalling the entire forward advance.

Picture Caption: Release the GUARDIANS!  . .. ... Wait, what?

Turn 1: Imperial Guard

"What... the?" sputtered Straken, his cigar flying from between his lips in surprise.  "The damnable Eldar are assaulting?  Inconceivable!"

"Harker!" continued the Colonel.  "Harker!"

When no response came, Straken threw a glance back at the window his Sergeant was standing behind to see a massive chasm still sparking with Xenos energy.

"Damnation!" growled the Colonel, "Do I have to do everything myself?  Catachans!  Ready your Fangs!  Let's show those Xenos how to do this right!"


Bellowing about how he has to do everything himself, Straken moves the rest of Infantry squads up with himself and the Priest.
The Stormtroopers deep strike in, but are out of 12" due to the Guardians and Rangers from my Serpents.

Psychic phase has a +1 save go on the Lemun Russ, who, with the Sentinels, fall back out of combat.

Sadly, the surrounded Infantry squad keeps the Guardians locked in combat, but that doesn't deter Straken, who orders Fix Bayonets, so the Guardsmen get a bonus fight phase (!), this time with Priest and Straken support.  They do some damage, but not enough to really put a big dent in the Guardians.

Shooting has the Stormtroopers fire at the nearest Wave Serpent, but as they're not within 12", even with orders their damage is rather limited.  The Manticores then open up, but I bring out Lightning Reflexes (a great 2 CP strategem) that gives the already -1 to hit Serpents a bonus to -2...  Needless to say, the Manticores are forced to switch targets with one basically wasting it's payload.  The other two fire on the second Serpent, but thanks to the Wave Serpent shield, the tank takes only minor damage.  Some shooting is thrown the Hawk's way, but they get by fairly ok as most of the Mortars moved up with their squads.

Everything is looking pretty rosy for the Eldar... until the Assault phase.
Basically all of the Infantry (including Straken) pile in on the Guardians and wipe them out pretty much to a space elf.  I decide not to pay for the morale check and off they go...

Turn 2: Eldar

Warlock Belgen cried out in alarm as he swung his Jetbike to a stop.  The Guardian assault had seemed reckless to begin with, but now the Mon-Keigh had fallen upon them and the Craftworlders had fallen apart like a shattered Soul Stone.

Clearly, they were in dire straits.  Belgen thought for a moment about retreating, then heard a haughtly laugh.

He twisted in his saddle to see Lady Lennara readying her Laser Lance, a smile across her lips.

"Dunkas!" laughed the Autarch, "Get out here with your skull-faced handmaidens.  They took the bait!  Soften things up so I can get stuck in!"

Belgen saw the Wave Serpents ramps swing open and Farseer Dunkas tramped down with a mixture of irritation and defiance.

"Very well Lennara," intoned the Farseer, "But know that I do this for the good of all Aeldari, not just for your personal glory-seeking."

The Farseer gestured and mystic runes floated in the air.  Belgen gasped as he saw one of the most complicated Rune-weavings he had ever seen.  He had read about it, but to see such work done in an almost casual way was almost unbelievable.  But, Belgen knew what it was: DOOM.

The Mon-Keigh tank barely knew what hit it as fusillades of Dark Reaper fire tore it nearly asunder, once powerful armor folding like so much paper.

Dunkas nodded to himself, self-satisfied, then growled as he heard a familiar, but still-annoying polite cough.

He turned his head to see Lady Lennara waiting with mock patience, twirling her Lance in the air.

"It's not polite to make a Lady wait, Dunkas.  Surely you aren't having... performance issues?"

In response, the Farseer traced a violent rain of runes that culminated in an explosion of lighting that tore into the Mon-Keigh nestled in the ruins, tearing them off their feet.

"Thank you," bowed Lennara mockingly, before charging into the fray.

Dunkas was about to respond, then watched in surprise as Lennara pitched her craft forward, letting momentum carry herself over the crowd of armored Mon-Keigh.  Before landing, she let go a fusillade of nearly impossible shots, each hitting their target and felling each Imperial as easily as waving a hand.  In the same motion, she landed and skewered a quartet of the black-clad Mon-Keigh in a single run of her lance, knocking them prone and leaving only a single survivor.

The Mon-Keigh stumbled to his feet, trying to train his Laspistol on the blur of motion and death before him.  It swung at the Autarch, who batted the blow away as if admonishing a child.  There was another blur and the Lance was at the throat of the Stormtrooper, who winced, waiting for the killing blow... that didn't come.

"Mon-Keigh, I give you your life, for you are the lone survivor who will tell all that this day was won by the mighty Autarch, Lady Lennara.  Now remember that name well, for this day will be burned into your mind for the rest of your short life..."


As my opponent is still stuck in the center away from the Relic and out in the open, it's time to press the advantage!

I unload both Serpents and then swing the hover tanks further to the right.  The Hawks move up.  Lennara moves up to the Relic and the Warlock moves to the right with the tanks.
I bring the other Hawks in on the left flank and the Spears on the right from the Webway.

Quickness goes out on the Spears, who get a bonus move with advance and dive in behind the Manticores.  Jinx and Doom hit the Lemun Russ.  A casual smite also hits some of the Stormtroopers, whittling down some of the closest squad.

Shooting is pretty brutal, with the Dark Reapers earning their fill, nearly destroying the Russ and taking out an Infantry squad with their Tempest Launchers.  More shooting from the Serpents piles in on the Sentinels destoying one.  The Rangers put the Priest down.  The Hawks pummel more infantry squads, leaving just one left at full strength!  The Spears heavily damage one of the Manicores.  Lennara shoots down the Tempestus Prime and takes apart the remainder of the heavily damaged Tempestus Command Squad.

In assault, the Autarch hits the last Stormtrooper squad, killing 4 and the last legs it (pretty wisely so).  The Hawks tie up the Infantry squad in the back pushing them back against the Manticores.  And the Spears (thanks to the Saim-Hann Strategem) hit the damaged Manticore, killing it and then consolidating into the tanks next to them.

Picture Caption: Wow Eldar.  Just wow.  Lennara just wiped out basically all of the Stormtroopers by herself??

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