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General 40k and Expansions / Fall of Konor - Who's in?
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:47:30 PM »
If you don't know what I'm on about, see here

As the title, mostly. Are any of you taking part in the Fall of Konor global campaign? Who are you fighting for?

My Tau have mostly been fighting for the Imperium so far. I threw together my list on a whim, based around the fastest units I had available at the time, but severely lacking in firepower. Surprisingly they've done fairly well so far, with three wins to one loss (plus a win in a big 8v8 battle).

My list (35 power level):
Shas'O Monat - Commander in Coldstar armour, with Shield Generator and Advanced Targeting System
Shas'Nel Elan - Cadre Fireblade
5 Pathfinders
Devilfish, with Seeker Missiles
4 Pirhanas, with Seekers Missiles. Two with Fusion Blasters

I've also written a short narrative piece based on my first battle, which my Game Workshop posted on facebook. See it here (drop a like) or read it below:

"Did you see that, Nel'Elan? Watch those Eldar scatter!"

"You realise, of course, that I cannot see the enemy yet Shas'O Monat," Shas'nel Elan replied patiently. "Your Coldstar's speed far outstrips that of my Devilfish. It might be best to wait for the rest of our forces to arrive to support you."

"Nonsense, Elan! Why, if all the enemy are as cowardly as that lot, they might all flee before you get here." O'Monat paused. "Hey! Some of these rogues are wearing clown costumes! There's no chance of them surviving some point blank pulse fire. I'll just drop in behind them."

"No Commander! Stay-" Elan was cut off as the Shas'O moved out of communication range. Groaning, he began broadcasting to the rest of the cadre. "The commander's attempting a Mont'ka maneuver. All forces advance and provide covering fire."

"Hopefully before he gets surrounded." Elan muttered. "Again"

So I went to my friendly neighbourhood Games Workshop (or Warhammer Nottingham, as they've renamed themselves) for the usual Thursday gaming night, expecting to play a few games with my Tau. Instead, I found myself signed up for a campaign of the latest GW release, Shadow War: Armageddon. Or as some call it, the rebooted Necromunda. I'll stick with SW.

So, first impressions. I made a kill team of Tau Pathfinders, because Tau was all I had with me at the time and pathfinders are the only choice Tau get in SW. Ok, as the campaign goes on you can recruit specialists like Stealthsuits, Fireblades and an Ethereal (why he's in a kill team, I do not know), but they only last one game then you're back to pathfinders and drones.

My first thought was "Wow, it's like Kill Team with less customisability!" Seriously, it's a small scale skirmish game of up to 10 models and my force is literally called a Pathfinder Kill Team. Didn't they just release a Kill Team supplement a year ago? At this stage I was having trouble seeing why I would want to play SW instead of that.

Anyway, the game. The first reason to choose SW is that it's not 40k. It shares some similarities (like most of the stats) but otherwise it's a completely different game. There's save and Bs modifiers, movement values, short and long ranges for guns, ammo problems and a lot more. I've only had one and a half games, so I don't know the rules off by heart (give it another couple of games, less if I can find a pirate copy of the rules), but the core mechanics seem solid. Shooting armies seem to have an advantage in knocking enemies down, but if you want to keep them down permanently it's a lot quicker and in some ways safer to do so in melee.

There's a lot more to do stealth-wise, as there are rules for hiding that let you stay hidden without being completely obscured to True Line of Sight. As a Tau player, I haven't really tried using this to sneak into melee, but I suspect it'd be hard to run a pure melee force without relying heavily on cover. I might look into a non-Tau team to try see how effective a pure melee or hybrid team is. So far, I'm thinking that mostly shooting with a few quick melee specialists to finish off downed foes might be best.

The final thing I can talk about is campaign rules. The biggest reason to use play SW instead of KT is that SW seems to have been designed from the outset to be played as a campaign. There's rules for lasting injuries and gaining skills. Also, after each game you earn "Promethium Caches" (1 for losing/drawing, d3 for winning). These Caches can be traded in for either 100pts of new recruits, 100pts of new wargear (no, you can't mix and match, so if your basic new recruit cost 60pts then that sucks for you), or hiring a specialist for your next game.

There are various mission that I haven't tried out yet, and the standard campaign works on the basis of first to 15 Caches wins, leaving you to decide between spending your caches to become more powerful, or saving them to reach the goal. I won my first campaign game, but annoyingly I only got 1 Cache for it (damn d3s...)

I may see about writing up some reports for the campaign at some point. In the meantime, I think the rulebooks are sold out but individual army rules are available for free on GWs website.

Any of you tried it out? Anyone have any questions?

Hobby / Army Showcase: Tau Hunter Cadre
« on: April 14, 2017, 01:18:11 PM »
As promised in my army list thread, I'm posting up a bunch of pictures of my Tau. Unfortunately, I took all the photos yesterday before going to Games Workshop only to find that they're running a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign for the next six weeks, so this army probably wont get any battle any time soon. That said, I may wind up posting some reports for my Pathfinder Kill Team that I'm using for said campaign.

Anyways, here are the pictures! I've put in spoiler tags in the hope that one day they will be fixed.

[spoiler=Whole Army]






[spoiler=Strike Team][/spoiler]

For many years now, my Imperial Guardsmen have been my regular army. Outside of unusual games like Kill Team, my Tau have sat gathering dust.

But no longer. After realising that all the regulars at my local GW are using Armies of the Imperium (we had a 3 vs 3 game, and everyone brought some form of Imperium), I have decided that it's time to return to my blue-skinned roots. Of course, the last time I played Tau, Riptides didn't exist, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I suppose it helps that my perpetual poverty means I wont be buying new units very often.

Still, enough rambling. I'm going to take some photos at some point and put them up in the hobby board, but for now here's my 750pts list (that's the standard at my GW lately), comments and criticism appreciated.

My Tau are organised using the Hunter Cadre formation (and by extension, the Hunter Contingent detachment) described in the normal Tau Codex (no expansions here). For those who are unaware, this gives me a couple of restrictions on my units, but also a few special rules:

- Re-rollable Warlord Trait
- The ability to combine multiple units firepower into one super unit. Effectively this lets me use Markerlights more easily, plus giving me a bonus to my Bs if three or more units fire at one target.
- The ability to run then shoot, provided I stay close to my HQ choices.
- Longer range on the Supporting Fire rule

Shas'O: Iridium Battlesuit, 2 Plasma Rifles, Target Lock, Drone Controller, 2 Marker Drones, Onager Gauntlet - 158pts

Strike Team (10) - 90pts
Strike Team (10) - 90pts
Kroot Carnivores (10): Sniper Rounds - 70pts

Crisis Battlesuit: 2 Flamers - 32pts

Fast Attack:
Pathfinder Team (5) - 55pts
Pirhana: Fusion Blaster - 50pts
Pirhana: Fusion Blaster - 50pts

Heavy Support:
Broadside Battlesuit: TL Heavy Rail Rifle, TL Smart Missile System - 65pts
Broadside Battlesuit: TL Heavy Rail Rifle, TL Smart Missile System - 65pts

Total: 749pts

The Strike teams, Pathfinders and Broadsides provide a gunline, often combining fire to share markerlight tokens and gun down enemy infantry. The Kroot infiltrate into a decent firing position, and either annoy people with their sniper rounds or lure the enemy into attacking them (keeping my gunline safe for another couple of turns.

The pirhanas are my primary anti-tank, as well as being fast enough to outflank my enemy and hopefully confuse them on which way to send their forces. The flamer Crisis suit is similar, deep striking close behind an enemy squad and roasting a few models, forcing them to either waste time dealing with a 32 point model or ignore him and let him make double or triple his points back.

Finally, my Shas'O bounces around the edges, further luring my enemies away from anything valuable and providing markerlight support, either being ignored and denying my opponent a point for slay the warlord, or being chased and using his maneuverability to avoid combat for as long as possible while the rest of my army whittles them down. He's also backup anti-tank with his donkey punch.

Essentially, the army is supposed to dance around trying to get my opponent to chase everything and catch nothing. It's proven fairly effective in the few games I've had so far, although my anti-tank has been doing poorly (why do so many of my opponents take land raiders at 750pts?). I've been considering swapping the Broadsides for a Hammerhead with Railgun and submunitions, but I'm not sure how well it'd work.


News, Rumours and Trading / Upcoming changes to 40k core rules
« on: March 23, 2017, 08:30:36 PM »
My local GW recently shared this on their facebook page. While the video in the article is clearly parody, some digging indicates that the rest of the article is genuine.

Possible changes mentioned:

- Something called "command points", which will provide an incentive to play fluffy lists.
- Move values to make a comeback
- Armour Save modifiers to return
- Charging having an effect on who strikes first
- Simplified morale (no more falling back, it's more like daemonic instability for everyone)

Hobby / Happy Birthday, from the Imperium of Man
« on: October 13, 2016, 10:36:11 PM »
It was my birthday on Monday, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of one of my presents, which will hopefully make you all a bit jealous  ;)

Comments, Suggestions and Troubleshooting / Spoiler tags are broken
« on: October 04, 2016, 01:20:26 AM »

As the title says really. I assume it was as a result of the recent forum update. Is there any chance of getting them back? I've always found them useful.


Battle Reports / Raikan 43rd vs Word Bearers (1000) in "Soulless"
« on: September 29, 2016, 11:13:45 PM »
Guard and an Assassin vs Word Bearers (1500)

I figured I play on a regular basis, so I should write up a report for once. That was a month ago, and I'm finally getting around to it. Naturally I'm going to steal Big Toof's usual format of report, as it works too well and I lack creativity :P

My Imperial Guard force is pretty much the same one I've been using for years with only minor alterations. The newest thing is the Assassin; I recently came across it in my collection and wanted to try it out, removing some other stuff to take it. Up to now it's just died pointlessly every game, but maybe today will be better?

Let me know what you think, and see if you can guess the outcome.


The Lists

Raikan 43rd (1000pts): 37 Infantry, 3 Vehicles
Imperial Guard
- Commander Vaurien Bowken: Company Command Squad, w/Lascannon, Master of Ordnance, Camo Gear, Power Axe
- Brother Marcus: Ministorum Priest
- Brother Severus Ministorum Priest
- Sergeant Note: Veteransx10 w/Camo Gear, Lascannon, Plasma gunsx2, Power Sword
- Sergeant Chase: Veteransx10 w/Carapace Armour, Meltagun, Flamersx2, Power Axe, in a Chimera
- Sergeant Garius: Veteransx10 w/Carapace Armour, Meltagunsx2, Heavy Flamer, Power Axe, in a Chimera
- Manticore
Officio Assassinorum
- Culexus Assassin

Word Bearers (1000pts): 26 Infantry, 2 Vehicles
- Sorceror w/Artificer Armour, Mastery Level 3, Spell Familiar
- Terminator Squad w/Power Axes, Power Fists, Storm Bolters
- Cultistsx10 w/Heavy Stubber
- Chaos Space Marinesx10 w/Autocannon
- Land Raider
- Hellblade


"Jacor II is in anarchy." Commander Vaurien Bowken told his senior staff. "Chaos cults have sprung up and are rioting. We've been sent to find the leader's and put them down, then assist the PDF in getting the populace back under control."

"Why can't they deal with it themselves?" Brother Marcus grumbled flatly. "Surely a few riots wouldn't get the attention of the Munitorum?"

"They haven't." The voice came from the viewscreen, but the picture didn't reveal the speaker. Instead, the icon of the Inquisition appeared, causing several people to sit up straighter in alarm. "I have intelligence revealing that the forces of the Traitor Legions are behind this uprising. The PDF cannot contain the riots and seek out the enemy, so I have requisitioned you. Is that a problem, Brother Marcus?"

The priest glanced around the room uncomfortably. "No..."

"Capital. I am certain that you will complete this assignment. I would be displeased to hear otherwise. Incidentally, you should know that I have sent some further assistance for this task." The doors opened, and a strange figure entered. Try as he might, Vaurien couldn't quite seem to focus on it.

A shout of pain jerked his attention away from their guest. Sebastian, the company's Psyker, was on the floor, clutching his head and gasping painfully. Before Vaurien could do anything, the stranger quickly backed outside. Once he was gone, Sebastian's breathing started to calm down.

"What was that?" Vaurien demanded.

"I apologise, Commander," the inquisitor replied. "I had thought your Psyker would have been strong enough to resist his presence. Evidently his will is not as strong as I had thought. You should be wary, lest he succumb to the enemy's taint." The screen went blank before Vaurien could respond.

"Take Sebastian to the medbay," he instructed two of his veterans. "Bloody inquisitors... Well, we have our orders. Let's move out."


Mission: Kill Points
Worlard Traits:
Company Commander: Stealth (ruins) and Move Through Cover (ruins) for everyone!
Sorceror: Night fighting first turn, Night Vision for everyone. So a weaker version of mine, essentially...
Sorceror: Iron Arm, Smite, Haemmorage, Endurance

General 40k and Expansions / Outflanking restrictions
« on: March 03, 2016, 10:33:26 PM »
I had a game today, and a rules debate came up. Well, I say debate; he had an opinion which he expressed loudly (along with claiming, he had been to tournaments with this ruling), and I couldn't be bothered to press the issue. Still, I'm pretty sure he's wrong and I wanted to get your opinions on it.

The question is, when you outflank, can you come in from any point of the side table edge, or just the part that is in your deployment zone? I say whole edge, he said deployment zone. His argument appeared to be based on the idea that the reserves rules specify that models must move on from the players table edge, in their deployment zone, and that the outflank rules don't contradict that ruling.

I personally can't see anything about deployment zones in the reserves rules; as far as I can see they only say say you have to come in from your table edge. Anyone here have any idea where he might be getting this idea from?

Online Roleplaying / Behind Enemy Lines (RP thread)
« on: February 23, 2016, 02:35:44 PM »
On Ferin II, a war rages. This isn't especially surprising; war is everywhere in this galaxy, so why should some out of the way planet on the Eastern Fringe be any different? This particular war was started because the planets Governor, Garius Merryn, developed a fondness for Tau service drones, force field technology and females (although to date no Tau female has returned this affection. Mostly they just find it weird). This pretty much worked out well for everyone, as Ferin grew wealthy and prosperous, and their improved technology meant that the Imperium was actually receiving more supplies than expected from the planet's farms and mines.

Unfortunately for everyone (except possibly the water caste diplomat that Garius had been pursuing), the Imperium is full of paranoid individuals, one of whom worked for the Adeptus Ministratum. He couldn't leave well enough alone, did some snooping and the next thing anyone knew 18 years had past and the Tau and Imperial Guard were wrecking the infrastructure of Ferin II in their pointless struggle for supremacy.

An atmospheric transport was zipping through the skies. It was carrying troops and supplies for the war effort, but due to the destination being on the ever-shifting front line, it was currently in enemy territory. Corporal Maria Note knew this, because her sergeant was taking great pleasure in trying to reassure her as she sat in the mess hall, presumably in his latest attempt to woo her.

"So you see," he boomed cheerfully, "you really don't need to be concerned about the Tau."

"I'm not," Maria muttered, ignored.

"I mean, yes, they could know we're here, but what could they do about it? We have a fighter escort, and point defence systems and everything. And anyway, they couldn't possibly scramble their interceptors in time to get us, we'll only be behind their lines for a short while. So don't worry! Everything is perfectly safe, and absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong!"

Maria froze for a moment at these words, then leapt out of her seat and sprinted for a nearby supply cupboard. Just as she reached it, the aircraft was rocked by a massive exsplosion that caused a table to slam into the sergeant. She heard more explosions, the lights went out, she braced herself against the walls of the enclosed space and then lost track of everything as the next few minutes were a confusing mix of tumbling, loud noises and swear words.

Eventually it stopped, and Maria gingerly explored her surroundings. The door was now above her, but after some shoving she managed to force it open. Clambering out she found herself in what was left of the mess hall. Bad news, most of it was on fire and littered with debris. Good news, there was a hole at the far side through which she could see daylight, and her sergeant was being cremated, which would save her a job. The cupboard was contained her entire squads kit, including her medi-pack and lasgun, so she grabbed the excess ammo and carefully picked her way outside.

After spending months saying I'm going to do this, I am finally going to make good on my promises. Now, who's up for some 40k RP shenanigans?

The premise
As I don't currently have a job, I have the free time to run a campaign. However, since I am actively searching and could get a job at any time, I want to keep this short and simple. Besides, I don't think there has ever been an RP on this forum that reached a satisfactory conclusion, and I want to be the exception. So I'm not gonna write some intricately woven plot that'll take months to get anywhere.

On the planet Ferin II, a war is raging between the Imperial Guard and the Tau Empire. The planetary governor, Garius Merryn had been involved with illicit trade with the Tau, the Imperium found out and the governor ceded the planet to the Tau in exchange for their protection and a position of authority under his new alien rulers. The Guard were dispatched to retake the world, and now the war is more or less hanging in the balance.

You are a soldier of the Imperium, your transport was shot down and crashed far behind enemy lines, with few survivors. Now you have to survive, make it back to your lines and cause as much havoc as possible on the way.

The rules - Character creation
We will be using standard 40k rules, with the Covert Operations expansion I wrote (forum thread here, full document is on deviantart here). Your character can be any non-vehicle model chosen from the Codex: Astra Militarum, but don't worry if you don't have the codex; just give me an idea of the character you want and I'll help you to choose your model and equipment.

There will be a 50 point limit for each character, and entries close when we have at least 200 points worth of characters. Please note that you can start with a weapon not normally available to your model, as long as you clear it with me first.

Rules don't fit your character? Don't worry, just pick a model with rules that fit and do it as a counts-as (so if you want a sneaky stealthy sort, you could use the ratling rules without actually being a ratling).

For convenience, here are pages 12 and 14 of the Covert Operations Rulebook:

[spoiler=Page 12]Most games of Covert Operations have two players; the Kill Team player and the Defender. There are different rules for each, but they both have some things in common.

Minor and Major rules
There are three types of rules for making a Kill Team or a defending force: unbreakable, minor and major. Unbreakable rules must be followed, as they make up the core rules of Kill Team.

Minor rules can (and indeed, should) be ignored if the player wishes, but there are consequences for doing so. They exist merely to provide a little more realism to both sides, as some things are unlikely to be seen in stealth missions. For example, Psykers are incredibly valuable individuals and are unlikely to be sent on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines.

Major rules exist to provide extra balance to the game. They can only be ignored if both players agree in advance, as ignoring them could lead to overly powerful situations. As an example, giving an eviscerator to an imperial guard storm trooper, while unlikely, could have an interesting and believable explanation and in any case would not be especially overpowered (as long as he paid the points for it). Giving him a vortex grenade on the other hand would be a horrible abuse of the rules and should never happen.

Points costs of individual models
If you are playing as the Kill Team, you are allowed to ignore minimum unit sizes. Some units do not give the points of individual models though, so what do you do then?

In many cases, it is possible to work out approximately what the points cost of a model will be. For example, if a 10 man unit of identical models costs 70 points, then a single model from that squad will probably cost 7 points. Upgrades for individual models are taken into account after this, so if you wanted to buy a gun with a cost of 5 points per model, the model would cost 12 points.

If the unit is made up of different models, things get a bit more complicated. As there are so many awkward units like this, we will just look at the most common: characters.

Let’s say that 10 man squad mentioned above included a sergeant as standard. The sergeant’s improved stat line would increase his points so let’s take 1 point off of each of the other models and add it to him. This gives a cost of 6 points for each regular model, and 16 points for the sergeant. This looks fair.

If you’re not still sure what the points cost should be, choose the most expensive option. That way your opponent can’t complain, and the difference will probably only be a few points either way.
[spoiler=Page 14]Unbreakable rules of Kill Team:
•   200 points
•   No three or more wound models.
•   No more than 10 models.
•   No vehicles or artillery.
•   You may take models from different units (although this means breaking a minor rule), and you can ignore minimum unit sizes.
Minor rules: each player receives an extra narrative point for every two rules broken by their opponent. It is possible to break rules more than once.
•   No more than one model may have a weapon that fires three shots or more, or is a template weapon, or that is strength 8 or higher.
•   All models must be taken from the same unit entry.
•   No psychic powers.
•   No allies.
•   No bikes or jetbikes.

Major rules: each major rule broken has the same effect as breaking two minor rules. These rules may only be broken with your opponent’s permission.
•   No more than 1 two wound models.
•   No more than two models with psychic powers.
•   No more than three bikes or jetbikes.
•   No more than three models may have a weapon that fires three shots or more, or that is strength 8 or higher.
•   Models may only have equipment normally available to them.
•   At least half your models must be individually equipped.

Kill team models all gain the Independent Character special rule if they don’t already have it.

The Rules - Playing the Campaign
As mentioned above, we will be using standard 40k rules, along with the Covert Operations expansion for any battles or anything else that requires dice rolling. I do intend to include moments where you can do some proper RPing (like sneaking into a human town under Tau control, maybe you could rally the citizens and organise a resistance?), so this won't be 100% combat. Between battles, generally speaking I'll give you some idea of place you can go and things you can do and you can work it out from there. You wont get a map until you find one though; you have no idea where you landed, and will have to find that out for yourself.

So yeah, that's the basics. Any questions? Anyone interested?


Hertius Von Drakoon (Narric)                                                  50 Points
3 narrative points
    WS BS   S    T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv 

  • Power Armour
  • Laspistol
  • Power Axe
  • Servo-Arm
  • Frag & Krak Grenades
  • Digital Weapons
Special Rules:
  • Awaken the Machine
  • Blessing of the Omnissiah

Sergeant Frank "Mad Bastard" McTavish (Wargamer)          42 Points
2 narrative points
    WS BS   S    T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv 
Stormtrooper Sgt

  • Mars Pattern Carapace Armour
  • Mars Pattern Hellpistol
  • Mars Pattern Hellgun (mag fed)
  • Power Sword
  • Frag & Krak Grenades
  • Melta Bombs
Special Rules:
  • Move Through Cover
  • Deep Strike

Sergeant Adam Wexler: (Jayne)                                            50 Points
3 narrative points

    WS BS   S    T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv 

  • Flak Armour
  • Close Combat Weapon
  • Heavy Bolter
  • Frag & Krak Grenades
Special Rules:
  • Relentless

Vyper's Bullgryn:                                                                     45 Points
3 narrative points

    WS BS   S    T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv 

  • Carapace Armour
  • Grenadier Gauntlet
  • Slabshield
  • Frag Grenades
Special Rules:
  • Hammer of Wrath
  • Stubborn
  • Very Bulky

Corporal Maria Note                                                                24 Points
2 narrative points
    WS BS   S    T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv 

  • Carapace Armour
  • Camo Cloak
  • Medi-Pack
  • Lasgun
  • Frag Grenades

Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Adeptus Mechanicus first impressions
« on: September 17, 2015, 10:16:25 PM »
I got a job a few months ago, which mean that I finally have spending money. Combine that with the recent release of two Adeptus Mechanicus Codexi, an army that I've been theming my guard around for ages (because if star trek taught me anything, its that engineers are the most important people to have in the military) and I had no choice. I had to buy them. Of course, I'm not that wealthy, so I've only bought Cult Mechanicus for now. I may buy the other soon, or I may trade my current one for it. Time will tell.

So, firstly, fluff. I wouldn't say it adds much that wasn't already known, but it does expand on it quite nicely. One thing I did like is that the Mechanicus seem to actually be doing some fairly proactive things (compared to the rest of the Imperium). For starters, the priesthood of Agripinaa - which supplies Cadia, amongst other places - has actually been sending raiding parties into the Eye of Terror itself to hunt down the Dark Mechanicum. There's also mention of various experiments such as the reality cage, "cagefields of pure law and reason that magnify the material dimension's inherent resistance to the energies of the warp". It's supposed to be the first step to building a Reality Bomb capable of sealing the Eye of Terror for good.

Also, some magi have found ways into the webway, and are trying to find the black library. They haven't found it yet, but remember that bit in the most recent main rulebooks about the failings in the Golden Throne that are beyond the Mechanicum's abilities to repair? Well, as part of a possible solution they led another force into the webway. And "in the grave-cold oubliettes beneath Commorragh, a dark bargain is struck".

As far as unit fluff goes, there's nothing too special. Just some eco-friendly priests who hate wasting energy to the point that they literally drain the bioelectricity out of the unworthy, and their rivals who use electricity for everything, including shooting lightning from their hands. Oh, and giant robots, controlled by computer chips that have to be manually replaced whenever the priests want them to do something different.

Also, their a forge world called Metalica. I don't know if that was already a thing, but I thought I should mention it.

Games Workshop made me pay £20 for this book, and you know what it gave me? Six new units. That's it. And two of them are similar types of sevitor, while another two are those electropriests I mentioned above. So effectively, four new units. How GW thought people wouldn't complain about having to buy two books instead of one, I will never know. Although, I'm probably going to buy the other one eventually anyway, so I guess they just knew that idiots like me would buy them anyway.

But enough complaints. Here's the rundown:

Tech-Priest Dominus
not much to say about him really. He can repair vehicles on a 2+, or he can heal one wound for models in the same codex (including himself) on a 2+. He has a few different weapon choices, but none are particularly special. He's not bad in melee or shooting, but he's nothing to write home about either. He can, however, be hilariouly durable. He has a 2+ armour save and feel no pain as standard, and with various bits of wargear, he can have It Will Not Die (so he can potentially regen 2 wounds per turn), a 2+ invulnerable save when he goes to ground, and the warlord table can give him eternal warrior or let him re-roll those FNP saves.

Honestly though, I'm not that impressed. If it weren't for a few of the formations (see later) and the fact he is needed to make a battleforged detachment, I wouldn't bother with him at all.

Kataphron Breachers
Heavy servitors on tracks, the models look great (I bought this codex over the skitarii one for that reason alone). They have either an arc rifle (heavy 2 haywire guns with a 36" range? So much for tanks) or a torsion cannon (1 shot, but hits hard and does d3 wounds for each unsaved wound, so good for hunting MCs). They're also very durable, with two wounds and the same save and more toughness than a marine, and they effectively have relentless.

Despite the firepower, these are technically the melee variants, and they get a choice of CC weapons. They're not very good though; lack of attacks, AP and Ws mean that you're better off shooting. The toughness could make it work, but they're very expensive though, a single unit of three costs more points than a basic guard platoon of 25 men.

Kataphron Destroyers
The shooty variant. They have a worse armour save, and are 5pt/model more expensive, but you know what they give? A heavy 2 plasma cannon, as standard. Bear in mind these are troops choices, so I could take 25 in a 1500pts battleforged list. That's 50 plasma cannon shots per turn. Or you can trade them for free for heavy grav cannons, which are like normal grav cannons, but longer ranged and salvo 4/6. Plus you get a secondary weapon that's either a Phosphor blaster (a heavy bolter with less shots and the ability to reduce cover saves), or a flamer that always hits three times in overwatch. Possibly a little unbalanced.

Fulgurite Electro-priests
These are meant to be melee units, who's electroleech staffs can cause instant death on a six to wound. They aren't terrible, and they're fairly cheap (at least compared to the servitors), but they aren't the most durable either; T3, FNP and a 5+ invulnerable save, which goes to 3+ if they wipe out an enemy in close combat. I'm mostly just worried that they'll never get there. I'd say that the instant death attacks make them good for ambushing MCs or lone characters, but the torsion cannons do that better. Still, they're a cool concept.

Corpuscarii Electro-priests
The Fulgurite's Sith counterparts, theses guys are ok against hordes as their lightning weapons can gain two extra attacks if they roll a 6 to hit (melee or ranged). Unforunately, they're also quite fragile, short-ranged, and don't hit very hard. So, they're cool, but not very useful (I think the plasma cannons have anti-horde covered).

Heavy Support:
Kastelan Robot Maniple
Monstrous creatures and their handlers. You can get 2-6 MCs in each squad of these, which is possibly the biggest point sink I've ever seen outside of super-heavies. They come with power fists and a torrent flamer as standard, any of which can be replaced by heavy phosphor blaster (MEQ killing heavy bolters that reduce cover saves). Also, as long as their Cybernetica Datasmiths are alive, they can choose one of three protocols (FNP, double attacks but no shooting,  or double shots but no moving). If they die, the robots are stuck in whatever they last used.

I can see them being a good way to deal with deathstars, as well as being fire magnets, but they're not as tough as you think, and their cost is probably too high to be worth it.

This is what they put in instead of more unique units. Honestly, I would have preferred a fast attack choice, but whatever.

Cohort Cybernetica
Combine a Dominus with two Robot squads, and you get to switch between protocols more efficiently and also a split-fire rule equivalent. I suppose if you love your robots you might as well do this, but it is very expensive.

Elimination Maniple
Combine 2-3 Destroyer squads with 1-2 Robot squads, and your destroyers get Ignores Cover and a bonus to their Bs if the robots scored some unsaved wounds with Phosphor weapons. Ignores Cover plasma cannons are alway a good thing, so why not?

Numinous Conclave
Combine 2-3 Fulgurites with 2-3 Corpuscarii (did I mention this codex has a modified FOC, with 4 elite slots but only two Heavy support and 1 HQ?), and you get an extra shot with the Corpuscarii and re-rolls to wound with the Fulgurites if the Corpuscarii shot the enemy first. Makes them a bit more wothwhile, but do you really want to have to take two squads of each? Think of the servitors you could buy!

Holy Requisitioner
Combine a Dominus with 2-3 Breacher squads and you get the deep strike rule, with no scatter if you land near an objective marker, and they always arrive at the same time. Also the Breachers get Counter-Attack and Zealot if they're near an objective, and since you'd be taking a HQ and two troops anyway, why not?

Canticles of the Omnissiah:
These are six army-wide special rules, that you can choose at the start of each of your turns. They can only be used once each (unless you have a battleforged list in which case one can be used twice) and they provide benefits like stealth, +1 strength and such. Also, the power of the effect is based on the number of units from this codex you have on the battlefield. With the Shroudpsalm canticle for example , 1-3 units gives stealth, 4-7 units gives shrouded, and 8+ gives both. Useful, but not usually game-changing.

The models are pretty, I'm desperately in love with the sevitors, and I haven't found any particularly stupid fluff. But I really wish there had been more variety, or that they had simply merged it with the Skitarii. I don't think I'll make a full army of them, but they will make fun allies for my Guard. All in all, not brilliant, but pretty good.


General 40k and Expansions / Local Gaming Clubs
« on: July 04, 2015, 08:28:07 PM »
I recently acquired that most elusive of all things: a decent job. Armed with a bus pass and a disposable income, I really want to get back to playing 40k regularly again. Unfortunately it turns out that my local GW recently decided that you have to book tables before playing, and as I have no 40k playing friends in the area, I cannot therefore play at GW any more (special events notwithstanding, but they're all Fantasy at the moment).

With that in mind, I have this question for you all. Do any of you live in Nottingham and still play? Or do you know of any gaming clubs where I could get pick up games of 40k within the Nottingham area? Googling has proven them to be scarce, and I'm not keen on the idea of going to Warhammer World because it's at least an hour away on the bus and I've heard is more for friends to play together rather than strangers just looking for a quick battle.

News, Rumours and Trading / Battlefleet Gothic Video game announced
« on: January 18, 2015, 09:57:17 AM »

Not much to go on yet, except that it's an RTS where you can play as the Imperium, Chaos, Eldar or Orks. Apparantly you'll be able to customize every ship in your fleet. The Imperial ships look pretty good, although they don't exactly look as big as they should be.

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