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[1] Battle Anecdotes

[2] NEW Orks vs NEW Ultramarines (1500pts): WELCOME TO 8TH!

[3] Cometh the Red Angel

[4] Genestealers/IG vs. White Scars/Knight (1500) in "The Massacre of Ariana Ridge"

[5] Genestealers/IG vs TauDarZilla (1500, 10/23) in "The Baron Returns!"

[6] Dark Eldar vs Space Marines Kill Team in "A New Beginning"

[7] Raikan 43rd vs Word Bearers (1000) in "Soulless"

[8] 6th Edition Tau vs Chaos (2000pts, 13/01) - Saving Aun'Vre'Ukos

[9] Harlequins and Farsight Enclaves vs White Scars in "Mont'ka for the Holidays"


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