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Author Topic: Reviving an old project - need WFB clarifications and suggestions  (Read 4491 times)

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After far, far too long I've decided to resume and finish my "Kyyreni" WFB project. However, I haven't played a lot of 8th and it's hard to do so now my gaming group's dissolved, so I've forgotten a fair few things about Fantasy! :P

Let's begin there then. Can someone (or several someones) refresh my memory on the following:

  • Terrain. What terrain, if any, impacts movement in 8th?
  • Fear and Terror - can units still break if they fail Fear and/or Terror tests?
  • Combat resolution. I believe if you outnumber your opponent you are effectively Stubborn. Is this correct?
  • Combat resolution #2. Do Ranks still work like they did in 6th / 7th edition?
  • Combat resolution #3. Do banners and musicians work like they did in 6th / 7th edition?
  • Spears. Do they specify how many ranks you fight in, or do they just say "fight in one extra rank" or words to that effect?

Okay, that should be all the rule clarifications I need... for now. :P

Next, I'd like to ask some advice from my Warhammer players out there on new equipment and special rules. Before I do that, I'd like to clarify some elements of the army lists because it may be useful:

These lists are not intended to be used against conventional WFB armies. They are closed-circuit, for use against each other; I'm just using the Warhammer rules. There is no magic of any kind (including magic items), nor are there any stupid Super-Monsters that are shoehorned into every army book these days. It's just blocks of infantry and cavalry killing each other without fear of having fireballs or triple-headed Frost Dragons crashing down on top of them.

So, rules / concepts I am after:

  • Rules for a Phalanx formation (like the classical Greek style of fighting).
  • Rules for a Shieldwall formation.
  • Suggestions for how to handle mercenary units.
  • Ideas for how to represent Marines (ie: troops that fight from ships) and distinguish them from regular troops.
  • Ideas for how to handle Dragoons (ie: troops that ride to battle on horses but dismount to fight).

I'll post up as much as I can about the setting as and when I write it. If this gives people ideas for units, faction special rules, etc. then I welcome them all! :D
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Re: Reviving an old project - need WFB clarifications and suggestions
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2013, 07:35:22 pm »
Terrain doesnt slow you down anywhere near as much as it did, it now mostly can just cause damage if your marching or charging through it. A lot of terrain is 'mysterious' though with various different effects.

Failing Fear just makes you poor WS against the target unit, failing Terror can cause you to run though.

You are Stubborn if you have more ranks than the enemy unit. So you can outnumber them and still not be Stubborn because you have opted to go in a wider formation to get more attacks.

Ranks are essentially the same, +1 bonus for up to 3 ranks after the first.

Banners and Musicians are still pretty much the same, Banners arent worth as much when you capture them now though.

Spears fight in an extra rank, so 3 ranks [including the first] get to fight. If you go 10 wide [as going this wide allows you to attack with an extra rank] 4 ranks would fight. As everybody fights in two ranks now. Every attack from a rank that isnt the front though is a supporting attack so they can only make one attack each.
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Re: Reviving an old project - need WFB clarifications and suggestions
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 10:45:14 pm »
I'm not overly familiar with fantasy rules but I thought of a few suggestions for your concepts. Not sure how practical they are in game terms though.
Phalanx formation: Models utilising a Phalanx formation gain the benefits of a Horde formation when using ranks of 5+ models instead of 10+, but only when they are also Steadfast.
Shieldwall formation: Sheildwall Formation is activated or deactivated in the owning player's movement phase. The unit cannot march or charge, but adds +1 to their armour save against shooting attacks (in addition to any other modifiers) and counts as defending an objective (this is still a thing right?) if charged.
Mercenaries: Probably best to treat them like Dogs of War in 6th edition armybooks - can be selected as a rare (or maybe special) choice. Maybe have some as core choices, but in order to take a mercenary unit you need at least one "native" unit from that same category?
Dragoons & Marines: No idea here I'm afraid.