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Author Topic: Khornate Chaos Marines for sale  (Read 1904 times)

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Khornate Chaos Marines for sale
« on: June 22, 2013, 04:15:41 pm »
Please note that the nutter with two chainswords is actually a part of this Khorne Bezerker squad/sale in another thread- my mistake!

Assembled, none are painted. Sergeant seems to have lost his head since I last checked, if I find it I'll include it. The guy at the back is just laying down because he fell off the base.
£15 INC SHIPPING (within UK - may have to pass on some cost for shipping outside UK)

Warriors of Note

Grail the Unrepentant
Once living in the service of the Emperor as a Confessor, Grail spent decades listening to the sins and crimes of humanity. Growing ever more sickened and disillusioned his interrogation methods became more and more severe, and his selection of those who were to confess less and less discriminatory. Eventually he came to consider all guilty, and the line between the pious and the heretical blurred into obscurity. Upon his realization that all humanity was fallen beyond redemption and he could not possibly hear the confessions of all, he set about finding ways to industrialize the process. Eventually he came to the attention of the local Imperial Governor and sought the greatest power of death he could in order to survive...Khorne.
After biding his time in an underground Khornate cult he actively sought possession and eventually found a warp daemon of little repute but much malice that was willing to lend him it's power...
Grail fled to avoid discovery and found the Brotherhood of Ja'Khul, who's vision of humanity's destruction aligned with his own.

Scabloth, The Bleeder
Scabloth was once a member of the World Eater's leigon named Yrulst in the times after the Horus Heresy, known for his strong constitution and dedication to the task of collecting skulls for the skull throne. Upon a daemon world in the Eye of Terror he was captured by a host of Nurgle warp creatures and left stranded upon a daemon world of puss-filled spines to die for his allegiance to the wrong power. He grappled with the endless seas of sickly barbs, hacking at the ground in rage, releasing the noxious pressures and vile swarms within. Little did he know that the world was a construction of Nurgle designed to contain the spirit of a Khornate daemon lord - awoken by Yrulst's bellows and savagery, he burst forth from the diseased husk and carried Yrulst back to the blood-realm. For a thousand days the will of Khorne clashed with the decay of Nurgle until eventually Nurgle conceeded defeat and left Yrulst's body.
Though alive and re-inducted into Khorne's leigons, Yrulst still bleeds from every orifice and puss oozes from cracks in his skin. He is now known as Scabloth, and fights for Khorne in the knowledge that obliteration or assention to Daemonhood are the only ways he can escape Nurgle's torment.

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