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Title: Orks vs Tau Tidbits
Post by: BigToof on December 23, 2018, 04:21:54 pm
Hi All,
Wasn't sure how to write this, but I've had now three games vs Tau, all of which have been... less than optimal for a write-up.

The first two were pre-CA 2018 in which well, I employed the Loota-star.

The Loota star is a big ball of Mobbed Up Lootas that use MORE DAKKA and Showin' Off to shoot twice and have exploding 5's and 6's.  My opponent and I were surprised when I rinsed a Riptide even though it had drone support.

Thinking that it was a one-off, we played again, and sure enough, the Lootas took apart another Riptide.

My last game was the new Fortnite style mission in which there's a 18" scoring zone that becomes smaller each turn.
It was post-CA so he had more units (Drones) and again, the Lootas just tore the Riptides apart and then the Boyz did their work pretty solidly.

So why no write-ups?

My opponent tapped out turn 2/3 on all of the games.
Can't do much when it's that one-sided.  We're looking into maybe getting some more varied terrain and trying anonther mission, but I'm a bit concerned that the Ork shooty list is a bit too rough at this point, especially for a take-all comers style of Tau list that my opponent seems to like sporting.

So... that's what's been going on.  When the battle kind of evens itself out more, I'll do a write-up, but I may switch armies if the greenskins are too dominant?  Unless you all don't mind the short and brutal kind of gameplay..

Title: Re: Orks vs Tau Tidbits
Post by: Restayvien on January 25, 2019, 11:32:42 am
I think short and brutal could make for a good read if there was an engaging narrative accompanying it, but otherwise wouldn't make for great 'dry' battle reports.
Title: Re: Orks vs Tau Tidbits
Post by: Cammerz on January 25, 2019, 12:11:03 pm
If the issue is your mobbed-up Lootas then maybe it's time to swap them out for something else? I remember waaaay back when you were dominating with Da Big Five (biker nobz for those who don't remember all the way back then) and people stopped wanting to play against them so you dropped them for a less overwhelming list.

Let's see how you do with no lootas? Maybe a melee ork army as opposed to your shooty one?