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Warhammer 40,000 Army Lists / Faith & Furious - 2000pt Word Bearers force
« Last post by Cammerz on November 29, 2019, 03:51:20 pm »
Picked up Faith & Fury at my local GW this morning and it has a few additional fun tricks to add to my Word Bearers force. I haven't bought the whole lot yet but I thought I'd share my deeply heretical thoughts. The army centres around one nasty deathstar unit.

I have a Battalion detachment and a Vanguard detachment.

Edit: And now I have a copy of Chapter Approved 2019 which made a lot of units cheaper.

 - Sorcerer (Force Stave)
 - Exalted Champion (Bolt Pistol, the Murder Sword [Relic])

 - 10x Chaos Space Marines (Bolters, Icon of Vengeance, 2x Heavy Bolters, Aspiring Champion w. Bolter and Power Sword)
 - 10x Chaos Space Marines (Bolters, Icon of Vengeance, 2x Lascannons, Aspiring Champion w. Bolter and Chainsword)
 - 10x Chaos Space Marines (Bolters, Icon of Vengeance, 2x Lascannons, Aspiring Champion w. Bolter and Chainsword)

 - Havocs (4x Autocannons, Aspiring Champion w. Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)
 - Defiler (Reaper Autocannon, Defiler Scourge)

(Specialist Detachment - Daemonkin Ritualists)
 - Dark Apostle (Accursed Crozius, 2x Dark Disciples, Apostle of the Dark Council) [Warlord] - Master of the Union
 - Master of Possession (Force Stave) [Field Commander] - Shepherd of the True Faith

 - 5x Chosen (4x Chainswords, 4x Plasma Guns, Aspiring Champion w. Combi-Plasma and Chainsword)
 - Greater Possessed (Mark of Khorne)
 - 14x Possessed (Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath)

 - Hellforged Kharybdis Assault Claw [Forge World]

 - 2x Obliterators

The Kharybdis is a nasty piece of work which can also transport 20 models around the board, in this instance: the Dark Apostle, 2x Dark Disciples, Master of Possession, Exalted Champion, Greater Possessed and 14x Possessed.

The new Apostle of the Dark Council stratagem lets my Warlord know an extra prayer and chant two per turn, Dark Zealotry to re-roll hit rolls in the Fight Phase and Soultearer Portent so melee weapons get +1 to wound. His warlord trait, Master of the Union, grants +1 attacks to nearby Word Bearers Daemon units.

The Master of Possession will have Mutated Invigoration (re-roll the D3 attacks the Possessed get) and Cursed Earth (+1 to Word Bearers Daemons' invulnerable saves. Shepherd of the True Faith (gained by spending a command point on Field Commander) means that any unmodified wound rolls of 6 for attacks made by neardy Daemonkin Ritualists cause a mortal wound in addition.

The Exalted Champion grants re-roll Wounds in melee.

The Greater Possessed of course grants +1 strength to nearby Daemon units.

For 1CP I can give my Possessed +1 strength and +1 attack (Vessels of the Neverborn - Daemonkin Ritualists stratagem), for 1CP I can give them +1 damage to their melee attacks (Revered Hosts - Faith & Fury) and for 1CP i can give them Veterans of the Long War (we all know this one).

They also have Hateful Assault which means that, if everything goes well, my 14 man Possessed squad each have D3+3 attacks in the first round of combat (re-rollable) are hitting on 3s (re-rolling), strength 7 (with +2 to wound and re-rolling, 6s deal Mortal Wounds in addition), AP-2, D2 and they have a 4+ invulnerable save. These guys could pretty easily bring down a Knight in the turn they charge. Oh, and for all of the rest of my CP I could make them fight again because they're Khornate.

Is it putting all of my eggs in one basket? Yes
Am I going to lose all of my friends? Possibly
Have I made Possessed really good? I believe I have
How many CP do I have left after spending so many pre-game? 6

This is very much a fun list, not intended for competitive play, but I reckon it could do quite well. Thoughts?
Introduce Yourself / Re: erm...hello
« Last post by ULQ on November 20, 2019, 07:36:11 pm »
thanks for the welcomes all :D
Introduce Yourself / Re: erm...hello
« Last post by Restayvien on November 20, 2019, 05:16:16 pm »
I'm even later! Welcome to the forum. :)
Warhammer 40k / Re: Index: Inquisition
« Last post by Cammerz on November 15, 2019, 06:57:14 pm »
Great review/overview of the update that the Inquisition have received, and well done for doing so without explicitly using statlines and other details that are not allowed to be shared.

Are they able to be taken as a independent force? Vaguely remember them only being playable ad a secondary detachment to a larger/main force.

Have you had much chance playing with the new rules to get s feel of the mechanical updates?
Any subtle lore changes?

You can go independent, but not at high points values. Technically the 'rule of three' is optional but I gather all tournaments use it so you're limited in how many units you can take. My plan is a 500pt list but I don't think I could add much more.

There are a number of rules which work for allied units with the Imperium keyword, a couple of psychic powers and a stratagem. You're either expected to run a small detachment in a larger Imperium force or just a lone Inquisitor with another army.

I haven't had a chance to play yet, my personal force is still under construction, the plan being to bring it to my annual Warhammer World visit.

I haven't noticed anything unusual in the fluff with the exception of listing it Greyfax as Ordo Xenos (I'm pretty sure that's just a mistake that the proofreaders didn't catch, she's still got the Hereticus keyword and warlord trait).
Warhammer 40k / Re: Index: Inquisition
« Last post by Narric on November 15, 2019, 05:52:58 pm »
Great review/overview of the update that the Inquisition have received, and well done for doing so without explicitly using statlines and other details that are not allowed to be shared.

Are they able to be taken as a independent force? Vaguely remember them only being playable ad a secondary detachment to a larger/main force.

Have you had much chance playing with the new rules to get s feel of the mechanical updates?
Any subtle lore changes?
Warhammer 40k / Index: Inquisition
« Last post by Cammerz on November 15, 2019, 01:13:59 pm »
For those who don't currently subscribe to White Dwarf, the November issue which dropped through my door the other day features the updated rules for the Inquisition in 8th edition 40k. As the last of the factions still solely supported by Index: Imperium 2, it's about time.

And now for a run-down of the changes:
(Note to mods: I'm making sure to stay vague, I'm not posting up full rules so people still need to buy the magazine)

- Quarry, the ability which lets Inquisitors from each faction fight the things they're meant to be good at fighting better than other people. Ordos Malleus and Hereticus are unchanged, Xenos and Ordo Minoris have improved to match the other two. A good change in my view.

- Battleforged rules for Inquisitors, you can now only have one Inquisitor per detachment (no more ][ Supreme Commands) however you can put a single Inquisitor in any Imperium army without getting rid of the army-specific rules such as Chapter Tactics or Combat Doctrines. This only works if you only have one Inquisitor, no other Inquisition units, only models with the Imperium (or Unaligned) keyword in your army, and even then you can't have Fallen.
 I'm happy with this one, I can bring a lone Inquisitor to my Space Marine army without losing out on all my favourite rules.

- Stratagems:
 1) Cyclonic Torpedo - Exterminatus, like an orbital bombardment but bigger.
 2) Seize for Interrogation - kill an enemy character, gain command points and lower the leadership of the enemy army for the rest of the battle, situational but if you find yourself in that situation then it's a great buy.
 3) Inquisitorial Mandate - an Inquisitor gets a free warlord trait and relic, the relic must be different from any others but the warlord trait doesn't have to be. I'll be using this one for my Inquisitor so I can keep a Space Marine warlord and relics.
 4) Requisition - Pick a friendly Imperium Infantry or Biker unit within range, they get re-roll 1s to hit against the target of your Quarry. The only ][ stratagem which isn't one-use only. there's quite a lot of re-roll 1s around so it might not see as much use, but it's there for if your captain gets killed.

- Warlord Traits:
 1) Radical, (Eisenhorn gets this one), a free re-roll every battle round for use by this Inquisitor
 2) Puritan, +1 to your Invulnerable save (all Inquisitors except Eisenhorn have a refractor field or similar)
 3) Formidable Resolve (Karamazov gets this), +1 Ld and the Ld bubble is increased by 6". Fun fact, this puts Karamazov on Ld 11 with a 12" bubble.
 4) No Escape, (Ordo Hereticus Only, Greyfax gets this one), 6" Heroic Intervention and a 50/50 chance to stop units falling back from combat.
 5) Esoteric Lore, (Ordo Xenos Only), Command Point farming.
 6) Psychic Mastery, (Ordo Malleus Only, Coteaz gets this), know an extra power, cast an extra power and deny an extra power. This lets Coteaz cast three per turn.

- Telethesia Discipline - now up to six standard spells plus one for each Major Ordo.
 1) Terrify - Ld debuff and stops overwatch
 2) Psychic Fortitude - Friendly Imperium unit auto-passes morale
 3) Dominate - Beat an enemy non-vehicle model's Ld to make it immediately shoot one of its own weapons (Dominate a character and overcharge plasma against something that's hard to hit for best results)
 4) Mental Interrogation - Target a character, temporary debuff with a chance to gain a CP
 5) Psychic Pursuit - Select an enemy character and a friendly <Ordo> unit, everyone's a sniper. (Best used with the Inquisition Land Raider Prometheus)
 6) Castigation - Like Smite, less reliable but doesn't need to target the nearest unit
 7) Ascertainment (Ordo Hereticus) - Target an enemy unit, -1 attack with a chance of -1 to hit
 8) Psychic Veil (Ordo Xenos) - Friendly Ordo Xenos units within range can only be targeted if they're the closest unit (again, great with the Prometheus, my guess is that they forgot about that tank when they wrote this)
 9) Power Through Knowledge (Ordo Malleus) - A friendly Imperium Infantry or Biker unit gets a 5+ invulnerable save.

- Relics
 1) Blade of the Ordo - like a power sword but with higher Str and Damage (especially against Quarried targets)
 2) Digital Weapons - an extra attack that can cause a mortal wound
 3) Blackshroud - -1 to wound
 4) Ignis Judicium (Ordo Hereticus Only) - Inferno Pistol which is better against a Quarry
 5) Bio-Corrosive Poisons (Ordo Xenos Only) - Works like other really good poisons, Dark Eldar eat your heart out
 6) Tainted Blade (Ordo Malleus Only) - Yep, that's a daemon weapon, someone call the... oh wait.

Going through to the units themselves, most don't seem to have changed much. Daemonhosts are Characters now which makes them better, the same goes for Acolytes but only when they're in a unit of 1.
Wargear options appear to be the same (so no power armour for your Inquisitors or carapace for your acolytes) but the costs have fallen to match everybody else.

The only thing I'm querying is whether Eisenhorn still needs to pay reinforcement points for the daemonhost Cherubael. When the model first came out it stated it explicitly but I can't find the same statement anywhere in this index.

Overall I'm happy with this index, I wasn't expecting a major revamp with a load of new units. We've got updated points which is actually what I wanted the most, the improvements to the Quarry rules are great and I'm liking the stratagems, warlord traits, psychic powers and relics.

I've already got plans for a 500pt Ordo Hereticus warband featuring the old Gideon Lorr model (so no psychic powers for him, that's heresy). I'll give him the Puritan trait because that suits him pretty well, then the Digital Weapons because they fit with the model.

I have a couple of Inquisitors planned out already, one for a small 500pt pure Ordo Hereticus list with the old Gideon Lorr model (so no psychic powers for him, because that's heresy). I'm giving him the Puritan trait and the digital weapons because they suit the model best. I'm also looking to put a lone Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor in with my Primaris Alpha Legion (nothing to see here), the plan being to put her in a Damocles Command Rhino with the Formidable Resolve trait so I'm
Introduce Yourself / Re: erm...hello
« Last post by Irisado on November 11, 2019, 11:20:32 pm »
I'm rather late, but welcome aboard nevertheless :).  I hope that you are enjoying being part of this community.
Battle Reports / Re: Battle Anecdotes
« Last post by Cammerz on November 09, 2019, 01:25:26 am »
Myself and three friends had our first try at a Carnage game this evening, 1000pts each, all vs all, one central objective. The rules exactly as found in the back of the core rulebook.

I was using my Primaris Alpha Legion, entirely infantry with: a Phobos Chapter Master, Primaris Lieutenant, 10 intercessors with Bolt Rifles, 2x 5 Intercessors with Stalkers, a 4-man squad of Bolt Inceptors, a Suppressor squad, a Hellblaster squad and a Bolt Sniper Eliminator squad.

The Death Guard player had a Lord of Contagion, a Malignant Plaguecaster, a Bell Man, 8 Plague Marines (I know), 2x 10 Poxwalkers, a Bloat Drone and 2 of those mortar tanks.

The Adepta Sororitas had 2x Flame Immolators, each containing a Canoness and a squad of melta Dominions, a squad of Heavy Bolter Retributors, 2 squads of Seraphim, an Exorcist and your friendly neighbourhood Eversor assassin.

The Orks had a Boss, a Warphead, 2x 10 boyz, 10x grots with a runtherd, 10x nobz with various melee weapons, a painboy, an empty trukk, 3x bikes, 5x stormboyz and a Deff Dread.

I ended up going last in turn 1 and took the objective with my Inceptors, turn 2 I moved my 10-man Intercessor squad up to join them, supported by the two characters. I ended up controlling the objective for three turns in a row and we called the game there as nobody else could win without tabling the other three.

At the end of turn three, I had 11 models left: my inceptors, 1x squad of stalker intercessors and my two characters. The orks had three stormboyz who were in combat with the Exorcist. Besides that the Sisters also had one Immolator and a Canoness who was in combat with the Bell Guy. Besides the bell Guy the Death Guard also had the Axeman and the two Plagueburst Crawlers who had done very little for most of the game, spending every round trying to damage my big Intercessor squad.

Turn 1 took us over two hours.

Unless I'm very much mistaken, there are no rules in Carnage to say that you can't deploy within 9" of your opponents, it only says in your table quarter and more than 9" from the centre. We decided to rule out the possibility of starting in close combat.

Overall conclusions, in future we'll definitely try to start earlier, and they got the name right.
Online Roleplaying / Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
« Last post by ULQ on November 04, 2019, 09:41:18 am »
Raven follows Nyx into the inn, looks around, looks back at the group.
"ill be over there" he said pointing to the darkest corner he could see in the inn, as he sits down he tries to blend into the shadows as best as he can being a recognizing being to this plane.

[stealth roll]
 (+3) = 9

Online Roleplaying / Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
« Last post by Cammerz on November 04, 2019, 09:25:53 am »
"Well the best place to ask would probably be in here", Nyx gestured to the inn they were next to, "It'd also let us know whether the beer is having trouble getting this far, just in case it's an issue with the road and not the brewery. Also it's getting late and I'd like a hot bath and a hot meal now I can afford both".

With that, Nyx led the way inside and began arranging room for the lot of them, a hot meal, a drawn bath and a third of a pint of beer (the best way to establish whether there's a shortage is to try and buy something, and the landlord would be more likely to answer her questions after she'd handed over some gold).

[Persuasion roll to get information]
(+2) = 20
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