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Author Topic: Wolfpack of the Wolf Wolf (1850 Space Wolf Deathstar)  (Read 3453 times)

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Wolfpack of the Wolf Wolf (1850 Space Wolf Deathstar)
« on: June 04, 2015, 03:08:49 am »
This isn't exactly a tournament-killer list, but I think it's a fun deathstar variant for fans of hand-to-hand combat, and with a little tactical play it has a lot of potential against most lists.

(For the ease of the reader, since I take a little advantage of using multiple detachments, units from the main detachment  (Champions of Fenris) are labeled as 'A' units, main Space Wolf allies are 'B', Space Marines are 'C', and the fortification is 'D'.)

(A) Wolf Lord (105) - 226
    Runic Armor (20), Thunderwolf (50), Krakenbone Sword (35), 2x Wolves (16)

(A) Rune Priest (60) - 130
    ML2 (25), Runic Armor (25), Bike (20)

(A) Iron Priest (55) - 165
    Thunderwolf (50), 4x Cyberwolf (60)

(A) Wolf Scouts (70) - 85
    5x Camo Cloaks (10), 5x Sniper Rifles (5)

(A) Thunderwolf Cavalry (6x 40) - 420
    2x Thunder Hammers (60), 5x Storm Shields (75), 2x Power Maul (30), Power Lance (15)

(B) Rune Priest (60) - 205
    ML2 (25), Armor of Russ (35), Bike (20), Black Death (25), Wulfen Stone (40)

(B) Grey Hunters (70) - 108
    2x Additional Grey Hunters (28) 7x Close Combat Weapons (14)

(B) Lone Wolf (20) - 91
    Terminator Armor (30), Thunder Hammer (25), Storm Shield (Free)

(C) Chapter Master (130) - 275
    Artificer Armor (20), Bike (20), Shield Eternal (50), Burning Blade (55)

(C) Tactical Marines (70)

Aegis Defense Line (50) - 85
    Icarus Lascannon (35)

Obviously there are two main weaknesses here: Flyers can't really be dealt with en masse, though just one shouldn't be too much of an issue. Similarly, multi-level fortifications will be a big issue. Depending on your local meta, though, this might not be an issue. (If your LGS uses walls and hills and area terrain more, you'll be fine.)

The other obvious issues aren't as crippling, though: While your objective holding power is limited, if your opponent diverts firepower to kill your little troops squads, they aren't shooting at your deathstar, and since everyone holds objectives nowadays, your ultrafast units should be able to claim things last turn.

So is using this list as obvious as it seems? Not really, I don't think. The trick to this deathstar is that it really is the sum of its parts. With a whopping 5 out of 11 models being ICs, two of which are toting extra bodies along, you've got a massive ability to break up into smaller, but still heavily deadly, units. This gives a huge amount of versatility and options for dealing with targets: Three sources of S10 AP2, two sources of high-strength AP2 at initiative, Two sources of S7 concussive AP4 rending, Force weapons at AP3 and 4, and some other miscellaneous attacks. This is all boosted by Furious Charge. Similarly you've got a huge defensive wheelhouse: A bunch of 2+ armor for AP3 or worse, a bunch of 3+ invulns for AP2, and a bunch of Fenrisian wolves for Destroyer and S10 attacks. (And since there are 6 characters, 5 of which are Independent, 'Look Out, Sir!' Should let you divert wounds as needed without a problem.

The Rune Priests will want to roll for buffs, with Biomancy and Sanctic Daemonology probably being your best best. (4+ FNP and Eternal Warrior is amazing on 2W T5 models, and a +1 to invulns is amazing on 3++ models, not to mention Sanctic also gives access to Hammerhand, which is also pretty great,) but the Tempestas discipline to get a sweet Shrouded buff is pretty good too. Oh, and you can't go wrong with Divination.

Due to the extreme speed and durability of this unit, (ESPECIALLY if you get Endurance,) you're probably going to hit the enemy at near full strength, at which point you can dissolve into a half dozen mini attacks (all of which are quite powerful in their own right), or stick strong as a single, nearly-unbeatable corps of men. Tanks will be ripped to shred by Thunder Hammers and high-strength Rending attacks, hordes of any size will be buried under weight of attacks, (on the charge this unit gets something like 80 attacks, 3/4ths of which will hit on 3s and wound on 2s. The remainder is from the Fenrisian and Cyberwolves.)

The big things you have to worry about are counter-assaults from tarpits and specialists. A large portion of your strength comes from hitting like a freight train, taking advantage of speed and Furious Charge, and the ability to split up and deal with weaker targets. If you don't have all the nearby useful forces tied up, though, you're extremely vulnerable to counter assaults and tarpits while split up. Just play smart and move carefully and it'll mitigate this heavily.
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