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Author Topic: Faith & Furious - 2000pt Word Bearers force  (Read 2447 times)

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Faith & Furious - 2000pt Word Bearers force
« on: November 29, 2019, 03:51:20 pm »
Picked up Faith & Fury at my local GW this morning and it has a few additional fun tricks to add to my Word Bearers force. I haven't bought the whole lot yet but I thought I'd share my deeply heretical thoughts. The army centres around one nasty deathstar unit.

I have a Battalion detachment and a Vanguard detachment.

Edit: And now I have a copy of Chapter Approved 2019 which made a lot of units cheaper.

 - Sorcerer (Force Stave)
 - Exalted Champion (Bolt Pistol, the Murder Sword [Relic])

 - 10x Chaos Space Marines (Bolters, Icon of Vengeance, 2x Heavy Bolters, Aspiring Champion w. Bolter and Power Sword)
 - 10x Chaos Space Marines (Bolters, Icon of Vengeance, 2x Lascannons, Aspiring Champion w. Bolter and Chainsword)
 - 10x Chaos Space Marines (Bolters, Icon of Vengeance, 2x Lascannons, Aspiring Champion w. Bolter and Chainsword)

 - Havocs (4x Autocannons, Aspiring Champion w. Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)
 - Defiler (Reaper Autocannon, Defiler Scourge)

(Specialist Detachment - Daemonkin Ritualists)
 - Dark Apostle (Accursed Crozius, 2x Dark Disciples, Apostle of the Dark Council) [Warlord] - Master of the Union
 - Master of Possession (Force Stave) [Field Commander] - Shepherd of the True Faith

 - 5x Chosen (4x Chainswords, 4x Plasma Guns, Aspiring Champion w. Combi-Plasma and Chainsword)
 - Greater Possessed (Mark of Khorne)
 - 14x Possessed (Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath)

 - Hellforged Kharybdis Assault Claw [Forge World]

 - 2x Obliterators

The Kharybdis is a nasty piece of work which can also transport 20 models around the board, in this instance: the Dark Apostle, 2x Dark Disciples, Master of Possession, Exalted Champion, Greater Possessed and 14x Possessed.

The new Apostle of the Dark Council stratagem lets my Warlord know an extra prayer and chant two per turn, Dark Zealotry to re-roll hit rolls in the Fight Phase and Soultearer Portent so melee weapons get +1 to wound. His warlord trait, Master of the Union, grants +1 attacks to nearby Word Bearers Daemon units.

The Master of Possession will have Mutated Invigoration (re-roll the D3 attacks the Possessed get) and Cursed Earth (+1 to Word Bearers Daemons' invulnerable saves. Shepherd of the True Faith (gained by spending a command point on Field Commander) means that any unmodified wound rolls of 6 for attacks made by neardy Daemonkin Ritualists cause a mortal wound in addition.

The Exalted Champion grants re-roll Wounds in melee.

The Greater Possessed of course grants +1 strength to nearby Daemon units.

For 1CP I can give my Possessed +1 strength and +1 attack (Vessels of the Neverborn - Daemonkin Ritualists stratagem), for 1CP I can give them +1 damage to their melee attacks (Revered Hosts - Faith & Fury) and for 1CP i can give them Veterans of the Long War (we all know this one).

They also have Hateful Assault which means that, if everything goes well, my 14 man Possessed squad each have D3+3 attacks in the first round of combat (re-rollable) are hitting on 3s (re-rolling), strength 7 (with +2 to wound and re-rolling, 6s deal Mortal Wounds in addition), AP-2, D2 and they have a 4+ invulnerable save. These guys could pretty easily bring down a Knight in the turn they charge. Oh, and for all of the rest of my CP I could make them fight again because they're Khornate.

Is it putting all of my eggs in one basket? Yes
Am I going to lose all of my friends? Possibly
Have I made Possessed really good? I believe I have
How many CP do I have left after spending so many pre-game? 6

This is very much a fun list, not intended for competitive play, but I reckon it could do quite well. Thoughts?
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