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Author Topic: Army Rankings based on Tournament Results  (Read 1819 times)

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Army Rankings based on Tournament Results
« on: November 03, 2013, 09:40:50 pm »
Now, i know some people dont like these things for whatever reason and I dont want this to be about that. So its just for people that like stats and things like this  :P. This is based on a worldwide ranking system and it takes each armies best 30 tournament scores [these are the UK ranks]. How do you find your local area matches up to these rankings? do you have one of the lower ranked armies dominating your local meta with an interesting list?

1. Necrons
2. Eldar
3. Daemons
4. Tau
5. Tyranids
6. Chaos Space Marines
7. Grey Knights
8. Space Marines
9. Imperial Guard
10. Space Wolves
11. Dark Eldar
12. Blood Angels
13. Orks
14. Dark Angels

Im actually pretty shocked Necrons are at the top although when I think about it they have been finishing well at the tournaments Ive been going to [not placing in the top 3 but a fair few top 10's]. I think what we will see is Necrons drop off more in the next 2 months because after 12 months a score becomes invalid, Necrons were still pretty dominant about a year ago so a lot of their best results could be from then.

Just for a comparison, here is the table from about 10 months ago;

1. GK
2. Necrons
3. SW
4. Guard
5. BA
6. Orks
7. DE
8. Nids
9. SM
10. Eldar
11. DA
12. Daemons
13. Tau
14. CSM

Which shows a pretty massive turnaround, only really Necrons have retained a similar position.
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Re: Army Rankings based on Tournament Results
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2013, 10:41:46 pm »
Necrons are still up there? Wow, I beat them everytime, even wraith wing.