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Author Topic: Choosing Magic Lores before the Game but Knowing Who's Your Opponent: Tailoring?  (Read 5455 times)

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As the title says, I don't think there's a concrete rule saying that you need to choose a Lore before knowing your opponent or can't change Lores in-between games for different opponents. So what say you, 2S?

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Well assuming you have a set take on all comers list the lore should be written down on the list so you wont be able to change it. Thats how its meant to work. Obviously without a written list its open to abuse but the intent is for you to have a set lore.
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I agree with Veq.

However, you could write down which Lores are available to the Wizard/Psyker, and make sure your opponent knows which lore you're going to use against them. This would obviously be easier if you have the related Power cards of the lore available to you.

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Tournaments require you to know your lore before you show up, it's in the mini rule book that you should have your lore picked before you get to the table.  If not, then shame on you and head back (I believe is along the lines of what it says).

There are numerous creatures that can choose a lore from across the 8 lores of magic and there are characters that can be Loremasters said lores, or even uber mages that get to know 1 from each lore... but he's rarely used in tournaments if he's even allowed.

I am always curious to know that my opponent has chosen before we play, to change it for each opponent is hardcore tailoring indeed.  You playing against lots of low I guys?  Shadow is for you.  Playing against WoC?  Well, looks like I'll take lore of Metal.

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Yep, I consider it tailoring. One player at my store is notorious for this; If I say I'm gonna play my all-mounted Brets, lo and behold it's Lore of Metal; Ogres, Shadow; Skaven, it's Fire (around three are guilty of it, but this guy's does it every damn time, and not just to me). I always write on my list what Lore I'm bringing along. Magic shouldn't be about exploiting weaknesses in the other guys army book, but about either shoring up your own, or enhancing it's strengths, but that's my opinion of it.

Isn't there a sidebox in the rulebook pretty much stating you need to pick before you show up?
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I'm normally all for sportsmanship, but on this one I disagree. I don't do it because... well, I play ogres with a slaughtermaster and a firebelly or helves with lore of shadows, but I see absolutely no problem with it. If someone did it against me I wouldn't be bothered by it. Magic to me is already random enough, I don't see why it shouldn't be able to be used tactically.