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Author Topic: NuBoltguns: Move over, Flamers, there's a new player in town  (Read 3697 times)

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A couple things.
Firstly, Storm Bolters are now far, far better at short-range. Combi-Bolters are better at long range and short. Twin-linked Boltguns are better at all ranges as well.
Secondly, you can now fire ALL of your weapons in the shooting phase, regardless of how many shots you have - No Pistol/Regular Gun combos, but if you have multiple regular guns, all is fair game.
Thirdly, Flamers now cost more for most armies, and have an average number of hits on par with before, but a far greater reliance on luck, and have a much lower cap on hits. (With good positioning taken into account, you're dropping from 6+ hits reliably to 3.5 unreliably.) Also they don't ignore cover anymore.

So, basically, Boltguns are now the best weapon, point-for-point, that most imperials have for killing Infantry en-masse.
Basic Tactical Marines and such are about the same, but things like Sisters of Battle squads, (Who are already 3ppm cheaper,) can now get a whopping 16 Bolter shots for only 57 points, by spamming out Storm Bolters. A Command Squa- Sorry, that is a squad of Company Veterans on bikes can also take Storm Bolters, getting 8 shots each for only 38ppm. That's 40 shots for only 190 points, which is equivalent to what you'd get from 260 points of new marines.
(By the way: Regular Space Marine Bikers are only 5ppm cheaper than Company Veteran bikers, but lose out on access to this cheese since they only get Bolt Pistols, not Boltguns. I do not expect to see regular SM bikers very often.)
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Re: NuBoltguns: Move over, Flamers, there's a new player in town
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2017, 06:22:49 pm »
They are pretty good, but they do suffer with the AP 0... then again ALL basic infantry weapons suffer with AP 0.  The thing that I wish that GW would have done was do some real play testing.  The variable number of shots might give some surprises in the game, it most of the time fails to be anything but disappointing.

As you said, Waaagh, storm bolters are better.  This is because you have a guaranteed number of shots.   Flamers MIGHT get 6 shots, but are just as likely as getting ONE shot.  Storm Bolters also have a better range to get those guaranteed 4 shots than the flamer.  That makes the flamer so overpriced it's not even funny.  I mean for the cost of one flamer, I can have 4 storm bolters and still have a point left over (going by match points and not power points)
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