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Author Topic: Fall of Konor - Who's in?  (Read 6093 times)

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Fall of Konor - Who's in?
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:47:30 pm »
If you don't know what I'm on about, see here

As the title, mostly. Are any of you taking part in the Fall of Konor global campaign? Who are you fighting for?

My Tau have mostly been fighting for the Imperium so far. I threw together my list on a whim, based around the fastest units I had available at the time, but severely lacking in firepower. Surprisingly they've done fairly well so far, with three wins to one loss (plus a win in a big 8v8 battle).

My list (35 power level):
Shas'O Monat - Commander in Coldstar armour, with Shield Generator and Advanced Targeting System
Shas'Nel Elan - Cadre Fireblade
5 Pathfinders
Devilfish, with Seeker Missiles
4 Pirhanas, with Seekers Missiles. Two with Fusion Blasters

I've also written a short narrative piece based on my first battle, which my Game Workshop posted on facebook. See it here (drop a like) or read it below:

"Did you see that, Nel'Elan? Watch those Eldar scatter!"

"You realise, of course, that I cannot see the enemy yet Shas'O Monat," Shas'nel Elan replied patiently. "Your Coldstar's speed far outstrips that of my Devilfish. It might be best to wait for the rest of our forces to arrive to support you."

"Nonsense, Elan! Why, if all the enemy are as cowardly as that lot, they might all flee before you get here." O'Monat paused. "Hey! Some of these rogues are wearing clown costumes! There's no chance of them surviving some point blank pulse fire. I'll just drop in behind them."

"No Commander! Stay-" Elan was cut off as the Shas'O moved out of communication range. Groaning, he began broadcasting to the rest of the cadre. "The commander's attempting a Mont'ka maneuver. All forces advance and provide covering fire."

"Hopefully before he gets surrounded." Elan muttered. "Again"

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Re: Fall of Konor - Who's in?
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2017, 11:46:39 am »
Ugh...  I would totally have been a part of Konor, if I hadn't strained my right calf muscles just under a fortnight ago.  I'm off work as a result and just can't justify going out for fun whilst I'm supposed to be resting my leg.

Not sure who I'd have thrown my lot in with.  I've got a bunch of Chaos Daemons glued up (from late 4th/early 5th edition) but I've played one 8th edition game with them and it's quite different from how they used to play.  I also think that I ought to buy some more models for that army (4th/5th Edition Daemons were pretty much forced to be multi-God, and worked much better as MSU, as that's how the old Codex was structured, but with the bonuses given for larger units of basic Daemons I think I need more models to bulk those units up) which will take time and money.

I've been throwing around a few 50 Power Level/1000 point army lists to help me get interested in getting my other stuff up to date and I do have half a mind to get my Black Legion Chaos Space Marines done.  Or my Deathwatch.  Maybe my Raven Guard.  Or my Arbites.  Perhaps my...
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Re: Fall of Konor - Who's in?
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2017, 07:41:57 pm »
My LGS is playing through. I won a victory for the Imperials last Tuesday, and next week I'm playing a massive 3,000 point game next week to finish off the last of the stragglers trying to stay they executions on Konor.

Playing mostly Marines/Sisters, since I want the Imperials to win. I'm fine with Grimdark, but I don't want the setting to be too excessively bleak - Since GW would have to pull some kind of writing asspull in order to explain why the entire universe doesn't just fall apart if the Imperium loses, and that'd annoy me to no end.
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