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Title: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Ravager Zero on October 13, 2011, 02:47:03 am

The town of Perro's Folly is small, little more than a few houses, a ranch, a tavern, and a blacksmith. An empty building bears a sign hanging by a thread that states 'jeweller'. It is obvious that the town has seen better days. The buildings are mostly wood, with their lower walls made of stone or brick. The townsfolk look at you strangely as you pass by
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Post by: Narric on October 13, 2011, 11:30:32 am
"What say you, gentlemen?" Zothern started, breaking the silence. He takes a drink, having a cursory glance at each of his compatriots. He mentally noted his first impressions of the men around him.

As the first man speaks, he draws out his dagger and examines its sharpness.
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Post by: Mabbz on October 13, 2011, 12:27:25 pm
After a long pause, Galithir spoke.

"Well, since the rest of you don't seem willing to share your thoughts, I shall reccommend that we travel to the south-east. The mountains could provide a good vantage point, and perhaps we shall be able to see some indication of how far south the daemons have got. Also, our young geomancer should have more to work with there in the event of trouble. Naturally, we should ask around town for any clues first, but if we find nothing conclusive, I vote for the Crumbling Rocks." He glanced around and caught sight of the maid. She kept glancing over.

"I guess Oan will get to question that barmaid" he sighed.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 13, 2011, 04:42:49 pm
Ja'nus sat quietly, considering his options.

"Those mountains are trecherous, I can almost feel it from here, the ground speaks to me."

He paused and took a long draught from his tankard of ale.

"They are a risky proposition, but one that just may pay off. On the other hand, the odds of encountering any real civilisation there is slim, provisions will be scarce."

"I say we spread out around town, gather informationas well as any potential supplies we may have need of, then make a more fully informed choice."

He turns to the dark Mage.

"Galithir, you of us all have the most skill with words, and Landlords are often privvy to much gossip, might I suggest you try tour luck with the proprietor of this establishment?"
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Post by: Narric on October 13, 2011, 05:09:21 pm
Zothern chose to cut in.
"I believe the mountains are a bad idea to start from." He resheathed his blade. "As you said, chances of meeting civilisation will be slim, and food will be scarce. It also means that if we encountered odds that far outway us, we will have no chance to survive." He takes a moment to think.

"I say we head to Darrow. I have connections there, and being a larger city it will have a greater abundance of information then rocks and sand could reveal." He drinks, and leans over the map. "Should we encounter trouble in Forlorn Words, we would also have us a chance to cut our teeth, and figure out how best to act as a group in a fight"
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 13, 2011, 05:17:43 pm
"Your points are valid friend"

Taps the Forlorn Woods with a finger.

"These forests could provide us with food and possibly a good source of clean water, maybe even medicinal herbs. Building up a small supply of meats and medicine would be benficial to us all."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 13, 2011, 05:28:17 pm
Oan sat and drank his pint thoughtfully, listening to the suggestions of the party and considering each one. The larger town was a sensible suggestion, it was likely they'd find more information there. The mountains didn't really appeal, the vantage point argument was negated by them being further south and the mountains were a treacherous place with rumours of strange, terrible beasts.

"Personally I'd quite like to go to the woods just north of here. I'll explain why shortly. In the meantime I'll see what the barmaid knows about the local area and recent activity. I need another drink anyway."
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Post by: El ShasOcho on October 13, 2011, 07:05:11 pm
As Oan headed back to the bar to flirt with the maid, Marcus stroked his chin on thought. "The forlorn forest sounds like a good choice to me, and on to Darrow seems like a good extension of that plan. I say we head to the forest first after gathering a little knowledge about it from the locals. I feel we should play it by ear, and be ready to change the plan. We don't know exactly what lies in the forest."
Marcus takes a long swig from his tankard, and sweeps the room with his eyes. He spots an older man, perhaps mid 50s, with a greying beard and a thick dark staff, made of wood uncommon to the nearby trees. Perhaps this man has knowledge of the forest?
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 13, 2011, 07:43:58 pm
"This one is mine, I sense strong Magicks about him."

Ja'nus walks over the older man and sits opposite him, his staff resting against his shoulder.

"Venerable mage, we seek knowledge of the Forlorn Woods, could you tell us anything of them? Is there food? Water? Do people live there with whom we might trade on our journeys?"

(Do I provide his side of the story or will the GM have to do that so we get the right information?)
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Post by: Narric on October 13, 2011, 08:06:31 pm
Zothern looked to the Runesmith, who hadn't spoken a word yet.
"And what does our Runesmith say on this subject?" he questioned. "You've yet to enlighten us with you point of view" he drinks down half of what was left in his tankard.
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Post by: InsaneTD on October 13, 2011, 10:47:48 pm
Tyblat takes a sip of his wine, wondering when you actually started drinking the stuff. Then deciding it must be the fault of the Nobles he spent time with.

After a moment to contemplate the question he replies, 'Having spent most of my time in large cities since I was young, I'll defer to knowledge of our more worldly friends. I will say that the points put towards travelling to Darrow through the forest seem sound and I would support this action.'
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Post by: Mabbz on October 13, 2011, 11:25:13 pm
Not thinking much of the people in that tavern, Galithir strolled back out into the sun. As he wandered around looking for anyone likely to have more knowledge on the subject, he went over the debate in his mind. There was something odd.

"Those mountains are trecherous, I can almost feel it from here, the ground speaks to me" Ja'nus had said. The ground spoke to him. Perhaps I'm looking into this too much, Galithir mused. After all, the man was a geomancer. Perhaps the ground really did speak to him.

And yet, as he entered a nearby inn and struck up a conversation with the innkeeper, He couldn't help but worry. Because the real reason he had suggested the Crumbling Rocks was not for the view. In fact it was little more than a hunch.

It was just that the very earth itself seemed to call him there.

[spoiler=Out of character]With regard to the info we collect, perhaps the GM should PM us with whatever intel we discover. Then we can all discuss it back in the tavern later.[/spoiler]
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Post by: Ravager Zero on October 13, 2011, 11:36:42 pm
Info Gathering for Ja'nus (

The old man turns to Ja'nus upon hearing the question, and thoughtfully rubs his chin, recalling everything he knows of the woods.

"Hmm, yes, the Forlorn Woods," he intones quietly. "Not a place many like to go these days. Unfortunate that. A very peaceful place
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 14, 2011, 12:08:14 am
Ja'nus returned to the table, seeing Oan chatting to the barmaid, and could faintly hear Galithir and the Innkeeper getting quite animated. He wondered whether he should intervene before it got out of hand an caused too much trouble for them.

He pondered the elder mages warning, "The forest dislikes fire. Be careful, my friend.". He had complete control over his Pyro abilities and could control any flame or heat source with great precision if he had to. Could the forest somehow sense his kinship with the flame? Did it think of him as a threat to itself?

He quickly dismissed those thoughts. The forest could think? Preposterous. . .

He heard the innkeeper voice raised to his fellow mage. He stood,hefted his staff and walked over, thoughts of the sunny ruins pushed aside for the time being. . .

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Post by: Mabbz on October 14, 2011, 07:15:28 am
Galithir left the inn angrily. It was always like this when people found out he was a necromancer. Instant distrust. Ah well, at least he had a way around it...

Ja'nus caught up with him as he reached the edge of town. While they wandered out to a nearby bit of woodland Ja'nus relayed what he had found out.

"Sounds like you've had some luck, at least. It seems the people of this town don't like necromancers. Well, fortunately I don't have to put up with it" said Galithir as they reached a concealed bit of woodland.

The air seemed to shimmer around him. His robe lost the embroidery, became much more worn and changed to a lighter grey. His staff was blurred for a moment and when it came back into focus it was a shorter, battered oak stave. Galithir reached up and lowered his hood revealing the head of an old man.

"Let see if they can tell" said the old man, in a gravelly voice completely unlike Galithir's measured tones. "You go back into town. I'll circle around so they don't think I'm with you. If anyone asks, I've gone fishing."

With that he hobbled off, leaning heavily on his walking stick.
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Post by: Narric on October 14, 2011, 11:28:15 am
[after Ja'nus left]
"I think i'll try and find either a local guard, or one of the towns Militia-men." He stands up, leaving his half-tankard. "Any of them may have some personal experience from last year that may come in use. I'll return here if I get any information"

Zothern walks out of the tavern, and begins searching for Guards and/or Militia-men.
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Post by: Ravager Zero on October 14, 2011, 12:36:03 pm
Info Gathering for Zothern (

"You want t'know about them daemons, do ye, laddie?" the guard asked, a trace of derision in his voice. "Jus' like all them other folks think they can save the world. got as much chance as the rest of them, I guess."

The guard paused a moment, scanning the road and noticing an old man with a magestaff walking towards them. The man's outline seemed to blur ever so slightly at the edges, and his clothes seemed almost unaffected by the winds.

"Laddie, that guy look right t' you?"

"What guy?" Zothern asked, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

"That gu
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Post by: Narric on October 14, 2011, 12:43:46 pm
*Thank you, friend, I hope you duties here remain as they are" He finds a small empty coin purse and puts the gold inside. He then puts the purse into his right pauldron from the top, a small flump marking it landing in something soft. "Gordon Fletcher? I'll make sure to find time to find him and courier his prize." Zothern made sure he had all the information cataloged in his mind, and decided to find at least one other person for some, more information before returning to the Tavern.
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Post by: InsaneTD on October 14, 2011, 01:00:40 pm
Tybalt sits quietly for a moment after his last compion leaves for the time being. He then drains his glass and decides that while he's not hobnobing with nobles of his home that he'll drink only ale or sprits. He then reaches in to one of his pouchs and pulls out his only Sunstone. 'I guess I better charge you before we leave. Might have to recharge my sword in a hurry.' *Might be worth getting a second one actually. Probably won't find one in town but I'll keep my eye open anyway.*

Tybalt then leaves the tavern, looking for a quiet spot to charge his Sunstone and see if he can gather any info aswell.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 14, 2011, 01:05:50 pm
As the barmaid walks off to serve the other patrons Oan stood for a moment, thinking about what she had said. Then he drained his tankard and went to find either Janus or Tybalt. Talking to the barmaid had made him curious, and slightly suspicious, even though everyone he'd seen seemed perfectly harmless.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 14, 2011, 01:39:32 pm
Ja'nus ambled slowly around the town, taking the place in. He wondered what had affected the town so badly that it was now but a shadow of its former self. Admittedly, it had never been very grand to begin with by the looks of it, but even so.

He decided to head back to the tavern and see how the others had fared in there gathering of information. As he walked towards the door he saw Tybalt leave the building holding something that to his eyes glowed with an aura of essence. A Sunstone. He hadn't seen one before, he had seen no other Magestones that the one in his Staff.

He walked after him and quickly caught up.

"You posses a Magestone Tybalt? A Sunstone if I am not mistaken? How did you come by such an artifact?"
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Post by: Mabbz on October 14, 2011, 04:23:51 pm
Galithir's questioning hadn't gone well. It seemed like every one of his companions had managed to find someone useful. Everyone Galithir spoke to was either strangely unfriendly - despite his new look - or ridiculously ignorant. Eventually, he decided to try something risky, and headed for the town hall.

The guards watched him suspiciously as he walked over to the mayor's secretary. The man didn't even look up.

"No visitors" he mumbled.

"I have an appointment" replied Galithir curtly. "Check your diary. My name is Luther Dorn."

With an irritable sigh the secretary opened a small book. And there, on todays page, was the name "Mr L. Dorn". Bewildered, the man allowed Galithir in to the Mayor's office.

As Galithir entered, he prayed the secretary wouldn't double check that diary. The name was gone by now.
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Post by: El ShasOcho on October 14, 2011, 06:48:30 pm
Marcus catches Oan out of the corner of his eye, sitting at the bar with a troubled look on his face. As Oan stood up to leave, Marcus finished his tankard with a swig and stood up, following him out the door. The tavern's usefulness was exhausted, and Marcus was eager to get on the road quickly.
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Post by: Ravager Zero on October 14, 2011, 11:19:32 pm
Info Gathering for Galithir (

As soon as Galithir entered the mayor's office, the dog sitting by his side bounded over, sniffing at Galithir's legs and feet.

"Jack, sit," bid the mayor. "Sorry sir, he's a little excitable these days. Not enough exercise you see. It's a problem, trying to rebuild this town. Not your problem though. I can see by the look of you that you're one of those questing types
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 15, 2011, 12:01:58 am
Oan wandered around the small town for a short while, collecting his thoughts and wondering if he was simply reading into things too much. People had been telling him for as long as he could remember that he wasn't trusting enough and that he thought too much. It seemed he was doing it again, but what could he do? Old habits die hard.

Eventually he saw Janus and Tybalt in the distance. Tybalt appeared to be showing Janus something. Oan wandered over. "Not interrupting am I guys? I need a small favour if you could." Oan drew a representation of the rune he had seen in the dirt of the path. "What is that rune?"
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Post by: InsaneTD on October 15, 2011, 12:20:09 am
Tyblat quickly turns around in suprise at Janus' question. 'Oh, yes it is. A sunstone. Magestones aren't only used for spell casting you know. This one happens to be for charging the Rune on my sword.'

Tybalt then turned to Oan as he walked up and spoke the them and quickly draw an image in the earth. Once Oan was done, Tybalt inspected the image, his mind wondering back to his apprenticeship...

OOP:I'm assuming Rav will make a roll and tell me if I know it.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 15, 2011, 01:49:31 am
Ja'nus looked down at the rune in the dirt, he felt that it should be familiar to him. Runes may not have been his area of expertise, but he new a fair share of them by sight, even if he could not use most of them himself, and after an "Incident" as a young boy involving a bad dream and his mothers granite Ehvaz rune, he subconciously avoided being around them, just in case.

His interest was piqued however as the rune on the floor flicked a memory up from the depths of his mind. . .
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Post by: InsaneTD on October 15, 2011, 07:33:52 am
'I can't be a hundred percent sure, given the roughness of you're depiction, but it looks to me like a simple Anterus Rune, meant to bind the anaema of an item to a particular person. Normally it serves as part of a matched pair that will allow a person to sense when the other is nearby, or if they are in imminent danger. It is one of the simplest runes of binding, and as such, is harmless.'
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 15, 2011, 11:40:36 am
"I see. In that case, no worries" Oan replied. "Come on, I think we've had long enough to gather all the information we can. Time to regroup and share it I think."
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Post by: InsaneTD on October 15, 2011, 02:07:59 pm
'Oh. Ah. I guess so...' Tybalt gives the Sunstone one last look then puts it way, heading for the Tavern.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 15, 2011, 02:21:31 pm
"We can stay outside if you still need to charge your sunstone Tybalt, it's  nice day after all" Oan pointed outas he found a piece of string from his pocket and donned the talisman as a necklace.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 15, 2011, 02:43:16 pm
"We have a good deal of travelling left to us, you could charge your Sunstone on the move? We all have stories to share and choices to make."

He began to walk towards the tavern, then looked back.

"Plus im thirsty, my round?"
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Post by: Mabbz on October 15, 2011, 06:06:26 pm
When Ja'nus, Oan and Tybalt entered the tavern they immediately spotted Galithir at the bar. Some drunk was insulting him loudly, while Galithir ignored him.

"Damn wizards, with their magick" said the man loudly. "I'd lake to see a ponce like you take someone out in a fistfight"

"What did you call me?" asked Gailithir icily

"I said" the man growled threateningly "that you were a damn ponce. What're you gonna do about it?"

"Nothing. I just said that so that I could get behind you"

The man turned around, confused as Galithir faded away. He was immediately floored by a single punch. Galithir picked up his drink and wandered over to his companions.

"I'm not certain we're welcome here anymore" he smiled humourlessly as he swept past them through the door and headed to another tavern. The other exchanged looks and followed him.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 15, 2011, 06:14:04 pm
"Was that entirely needed Galithir?" asked Ja'nus wearily.

"I get it, dark mage, necromancer, image to uphold and all that, but couldnt you just have confused him into walking away? Now we are gonna have to try a lot harder to get anything out this place."

"Nice punch though."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 15, 2011, 06:16:15 pm
"I think I could get back into the tavern if we feel the need." Oan said with a sly grin on his face as he spotted the barmaid again. "I'll catch you guys up, I'm just going to smooth this over, make sure we don't need to sleep with one eye open" With that Oan walked over to the man Galithir had punched and helped him up off the floor, buying him a drink and trying to calm the man down.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 15, 2011, 06:31:22 pm
Ja'nus follows Oan back into the bar and spies out the old mage again. He walks over and sat opposite him.

"Greetings again Sir. Our journy through the forest draws closer and I was hoping that you may have some items that may be able to benefit us? I dont have much to trade myself, but i would be happy to offer what i have. One might even hope that you might allow us a few things out of the goodness of your heart, or a desire not to see us slughtered hopelessly."
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Post by: Mabbz on October 15, 2011, 06:54:19 pm
"'Dark mage'" said Galithir exasperatedly. "Even Jan'us doesn't understand. What is it that makes necromancy so damned evil? One day, it'd be nice to meet someone that doesn't automatically assume I'm a dark mage. I use magic. It's a tool. Still," Gailthir sighed turning to Tybalt, "this isn't the time to talk about such things. I'm going to see if I can buy a decent knife. Tell the others I'll meet them back here in half an hour. It's time we decided our plans"
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 15, 2011, 07:41:30 pm
"As you can see, not all mages stick to the stereotypes friend. My companions and I have no desire for trouble here, we're simply looking for information before continuing our journey. We'll offer assistance to the town as well if we can, fight to defend it as long as we're here, and when it comes down to it I can guarantee those "poncy" mages will be worth their weight in gold. Now, I trust there'll be no further violence?" Oan asked. Checking that the talisman he'd been given was still around his neck Oan wandered over and told the barmaid that he'd probably be back later on. Leaving her to serve her patrons with a wink he went to the inn to meet up with the others so that they could share their intelligence and make a decision.
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Post by: InsaneTD on October 15, 2011, 10:10:17 pm
Tybalt grabs Galithir's arm as he goes to leave, 'I try to judge people be there intentions, not there actions. And I can see a god intention behind that little fight. I don't believe Necromancy isn't inherently evil, but most of the people who have skill in it are corrupt and evil. And you certainly keep the appearance of a dark mage.'

Tybalt then lets Galithir go and heads towards the bar to get a real drink.
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Post by: Ravager Zero on October 15, 2011, 11:09:54 pm
"Greetings again Sir. Our journy through the forest draws closer and I was hoping that you may have some items that may be able to benefit us? I dont have much to trade myself, but i would be happy to offer what i have. One might even hope that you might allow us a few things out of the goodness of your heart, or a desire not to see us slughtered hopelessly."

The old mage listened thoughtfully to Ja'nus request, before slowly spreading his hands on the table.

"I'm sorry, young mage, but my days of adventuring are long done. My worldly possessions now are little more than a magestone, and an amulet made for me by my granddaughter. I've chosen to live a simple life here
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Post by: El ShasOcho on October 16, 2011, 12:49:49 am
Marcus sits to the side and waits for the ruckus Galithir created to calm down a bit, then follows Oan back to the inn. He quickens his pace slightly to catch up with him as they step through the inn door. "Well you certainly have a way with words my friend, got that barmaid and Galithir's buddy eating out of your hand" Marcus said with a chuckle. "I feel like this place has just about exhausted its usefulness, and I would like to get on the road soon. What say you?".
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 16, 2011, 02:54:43 am
"Then I fair thee well venerable mage. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your future endeavors, and should I return, my assisstance is your for the asking."

Ja'nus headed over to Oan and Marcus.

"my friends, i feel it is time we share our collected knowledge and prepare to depart. I have learned of a "Sunny Temple" In the Forlorn Woods. This may be to our benefit and a safe place to make camp."
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Post by: Mabbz on October 16, 2011, 08:48:44 am
Just then Galithir entered. He had lowered his hood again, this time uncovering the head of a man in his mid twenties with short brown hair. He sat down with the others.

"I bumped into the other two, and I've let them know to come here once they have finished what they were doing. And I may as well tell you that I have nothing to back up my earlier suggestion that we go to the mountains, so you may as well ignore it."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 16, 2011, 03:22:47 pm
"I'll wait to share my info until last. As I said before, I have a reason for wanting to visit the woods, but it's quite a long-winded explanation so I'll wait until everyone else has had their say and we all have a full tankard." Oan said.

He looked over at Marcus "Just because I'm used to the solitude of the wilderness doesn't mean I fall apart around other people my friend. It may be wise to move on, however given the hour the rest of the day may be best spent resting, planning a route if we can find a map, and ensuring our supplies are in order before getting an early start in the morning. No sense running when you can walk, that's how you miss things."

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Post by: El ShasOcho on October 16, 2011, 03:51:17 pm
"Fair enough. I tire of waiting, but leaving tomorrow early sounds good to me. If thats the case I'll head off and see if I can scrounge together some supplies, I dislike sitting around for too long."
Marcus leaves his sword, shield, and bow in the room and leaves the inn, and heads downs the alley next to the inn, looking for a market or someone to buy food from. "Well 'ello there sonny. Wouldn' suppose you got sum gold in ya pockets now would ya?".
Marcus turned to see a gang of 4 men in their 30s, brandishing a variety of clubs and dull knives. They looked very mangy, and hungry. "If I was you, I would turn around and leave the young traveler alone."
"Ahh, but I ain' you, now am I sonny?" the lead man said, a wicked glint in his eye. He took a step towards Marcus, brandishing a thick oak club.
Marcus turned away from the man, nonchalantly drawing the dagger from its holster on his leg. The grungy man raised his club and charged towards Marcus, aiming for his skull. In a flash, marcus turned, and a dagger hilt seemed to grow out of his chest. He fell instantly. "Any others?" Marcus said to the rest of the gang, Warhammer drawn.
The rest of the men turned and ran, leaving their leader behind. Marcus strode forward and pulled the dagger from the man's chest, positioned far enough outside to maim, but not kill. The stunning venom would wear off in a few minutes, so Marcus quickly cleaned the dagger with the man's filthy shirt, and continued on his way down the alley.
(@ Rav: Hope this was ok, thought I might need to roll for physical but figured it was a pretty easy fight.)
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on October 16, 2011, 05:16:00 pm
Ja'nus sat paitiently, savoring a suprisingly good ale that he hadn't expected in a town lke this. It seemed everytime the decision was made to finally sit a talk, someone felt the need to wander off again. He noticed it getting dark and reached out to the small collection of candles in the middle of the table then passed his hand over them, lighting them together. The Soulstone flared dimly in his staff and this tiny use of Essence.

"I grow weary of waiting for everyone to be ready. I have learned that there are many things in the Forlorn Forests, animals, beasts and rumours of monsters, although this has never been confirmed. There are also many temples and ruins, some safe, others not. There are dark forces in some that will drain the essence fom us, others that are simply structurally unsound."

He took a long drink from his tankard and smacked his lips appreciativly.

"There is one Temple of note however. It is said to be bathed in sunlight no matter the weather, and a safe haven for travellers who can find it. Where it is I have little clue, but I feel that our Hunter here may be able to put his talents to use. It strikes me that if this is a safe place, animals would head to it regularly. My skills in tracking creatures are non existant, so I defer to you, Oan, if you feel you are up to that task?"
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Post by: El ShasOcho on October 16, 2011, 05:30:32 pm
Marcus wanders back into the inn, a sack over his shoulder. "Sorry I'm late, got a little sidetracked. I've got canteens, so dried fruit, and a fishing rod with bait. Figure it's easier to gather food on the road, I have my bow as well so food shouldn't be an issue. What did I miss?"
Ja'nus fills him in briefly, and Marcus nods in understanding. "well, I think when we get on the road tomorrow finding that ruin should be a priority. We can ask around on our way to the woods."
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"This all sounds fine to me" said Galithir. "I wish my day had been as productive as yours. Ja'nus. All I found out is that the daemons haven't come this far south yet. Oh, and I found out that the town is in such a sorry state because of collateral damage caused by a pyromancer trying to stop a rogue necromancer, but that doesn't seem overly important to our quest."

"Incidentally, I'm a fairly good cook. My wife was a chef. I can't really hunt, but at least I can contribute to the group at mealtimes."
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"Necromancer vs Pyromancer eh?. Lets hope we can avoid that then, this place cant take another hit" said Ja'nus jovially.

"Let's hope that the rest of our party arrives soon, we need a good night sleep before we begin our journey proper."
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"Where are Tybalt and Zothern?" Oan demanded. "I hope they don't take this long when it comes to setting out in the morning, otherwise we'll never manage to keep to any kind of schedule we plan."
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"If we have to, we can leave without them, they are both able to catch us up if they hurry. We do not have time for such delays."
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"Well, lets at least get some sleep. We can fill them in on the road tomorrow morning. Not our fault if they're a little sleepy tomorrow".
[spoiler]@Rav: Think we can just move this along a bit, maybe have you like say night came, and then in the morning we leave?[/spoiler]
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"In that case I may as well tell you why I want to go to the forest before we crash for the night." Oan replied.

"There is a legend I was told a long time ago. My mentor, a good man by the name of Mick Venner, told me it as a child and it always fascinated me. As I grew older I dismissed it as nonsense, an old wives tale told to entertain and nothing more, but if what the old man says about the ruins is true then there might be something to it.

Legend has it that aeons ago, as the old gods still walked the earth amongst men; Kiron, god of Chaos grew jealous of Sheiya
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"An interesting tale Oan. Combined with my own information it would seem that this temple is a very real place indeed. Who knows what we might find there?"

He emptied his tankard in one swift gulp.

"Let us retire gents, and set upon our way at first light."
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"Well that is an interesting one. That temple should be our first focus on our journey, as its powers may be quite helpful. Well, I'm with Ja'nus, I have an interesting day, and sleep is the best healer. Let us leave at first light, and Zothern will have to catch up in the morning, assuming he doesn't arrive shortly."
Marcus drained the last drops from his tankard, and climbed the stair to his room. Removing his cloak, he laid his warhammer on his nightstand, his dagger under his pillow, and extinguished his candle.
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Zothern plodded up the stairs, tired from speaking to so many of the locals, yet hearing nothing further useful then the Guard he spoke to. He heard a great deal of talking within the room the Inn keeper had told him his comrades were situated. He gave a brisk knock on the Door, and let himself in.
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"You guys go ahead. I'll stay up a little while longer and plan our route now that we're decided. I'll make sure I try to plan rest stops that are sensible for all of us. And who knows, I might get lucky with that barmaid while the rest of you are turning in so early." Oan said with a chuckle before turning back to the map to plan.
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Chapter 1
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"If any of you are good at crowd control, please raise your hand before I start lopping off their limbs" Zothern smirked, eyeing the closest group of daemons. He scowls at the closest, testing to see if fear can be found in the monsters.

(PM sent earlier, but forgot to say :shifty:)
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Ja'nus stepped forward, summoning essence and preparing to bathe these deamons in an inferno of magical fire. . .

(PM of actions sent to Rav)
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Rousing from his sleep swiftly Oan grabbed his bow and planted his sword in the ground in front of him.

(Pm sent to Rav.)
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Marcus swiftly raises his bow, fitting a poisoned tipped arrow, and aims into the crowd of beasts.
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Galithir draws back his staff as if preparing for a strike, the crystal at the top seeming to leave a trail of shadows in it's wake. His left hand swiftly draw the hunting knife he had bought in town.

(PM sent)
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As the first daemons bound past the perimeter, one of the shadows lunges straight for Ja'nus, jaws snapping around his arms. Less than a second later Tybalt aims and fires his rifle over the campfire, steel ball smashing the skull of the daemon, turning it into little curls of blackened Essence. Concentration interrupted, Ja'nus first spell, a wall of fire, is less than spectacular, doing little more than creating a little breathing room in front of him.

Even with the help of the Leritas rune, Oan's first shot goes wide, somehow passing between more than half a dozen daemons before embedding itself in the earth. Unperturbed he nocks another arrow, draws, and fires again. This time the arrow catches a shadow mid-lunge, sending it crashing to earth.

Zothern charges past Marcus as he nocks and fires a volley of poisoned arrows. The first arrow strikes to the left of Zothern, sticking out of a Daemon's eye, but still the beast keeps coming. A swift backhand from Zothern puts it down permanently. The second poisoned arrows slices into the flank of another shadow, with seemingly no effect. Enraged, the wolf-like daemon leaps at Zothern only to meet with hard-edged steel at the last moment, disappearing in a curl of black smoke.

The dark swarm descends upon the party, only to be driven back as Ja'nus casts another spell, a blinding flash of golden flame tearing a burning swath through a trice of daemons. The light is enough to force the swarm back, and the burning earth now serves as a torch, keeping the swarm at bay.

On the far side of the campsite Tybalt continues to fire his clockwork rifle, the mechanism clicking as each round is loaded and fired, followed by a deafening report of exploding gunpowder. One, two, three shots strike true, killing and maiming daemons trying to flank the party. The last shot just barely misses, smashing into the forepaw of a charging daemon.

Galithir launches a barrage of black darts, shadowy Essence coalescing into bone-white shards, ripping and tearing at everything it passes. In the bone-spears' wake lie a quinn of dead or dying daemons, curls of thick, black smoke. Wrapping himself in a cloak of shadows Galithir wades into the thick of combat
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Zothern's mind and body were wracked with pain. He could barely focus on where he was, nor why he was in so much pain. He could hear a great deal of shouting around him, but couldn't quite focus on it.
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Ja'nus stepped towards the deamons prowling nearby. He was incensed, filled with a hatred for the Shadowmage that he couldn't fully explain. His Soulstone flared with power, and he moved to protect his wounded friends, and bring the Shadowmage to his knees. . .
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'Well this isn't working.' Tybalt looks around, "Can someone cover me a minute?" Tybalt then closes his eyes and starts to concentrate as he draws Essence to himself.
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Ja'nus concentrated hard on channeling the diminishing Essence around himself, pushing forwards with both arms, palms outwards, sparks trailing from his fingertips. A massive wall of flame raced outwards, scorching the earth and igniting anything it touched, including a pair of unfortunate shadows about to pounce upon the group.

Oan whirled, nocking and firing an arrow with lightning speed. The flights ignited as the arrow passed over Ja'nus' wall of flame, tracing the arc of the arrow until it suddenly stopped in a place darker than the rest of the night. Incensed by the audacity of this mortal, the shadowmage drew more of the corrupted Essence to itself, lifting its taloned hands to the sky before swinging down with both arms, wrists crossing over.

The shadows around Oan seemed to lift themselves from the earth, coalescing into black spears ten feet in the air, before lancing down and pinning him in place, leaving a ragged gash down one cheek and ragged lacerations down his calves. Shaken by this assault, Oan's next arrow sailed well wide of the mark.

On the far side of the camp Galithir raised his fist towards one of the daemons circling him, flicking his fingers out explosively. Shards of bone pelted the shadow, giving him breathing room to cast something more powerful. Arms weaving the Essence through the air, Galithir draws on his own reserves to bolster the strength of the magick. Throwing his arms wide open, Galithir summons a massive blast of shadowy force, ripping open the uppermost layer of soil and tossing the daemons aside like some child's playthings.

Protecting the mages, Marcus patiently awaited his moment, swinging his massive warhammer to intercept a charging shadow, stoving in its skull with a single strike, smiling as it turned to oily black smoke before the corpse hit the ground. His second strike was enough to hurt another of the lupine shadows
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Marcus, sensing that the foes had been dispatched, looked over to Oan, who was hunched over Jan'us's limp body. "Can you heal him? Does anyone here know the art of healing magical wounds? I have some skills, but not in the magical realm, I cannot cure damage done by magick."
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Ja'nus lay deathly still. He couldnt move or speak, he could only feel the essence of his Soulstone. He turned his mind to it, used it as an anchor to keep himself here. He couldn't risk losing his soul to the winds of essence, he had too much to do.

He had little idea how the rest of the party had fared, or even what had happened to him, he only remembered darkness and an intense flash of searing white hot pain as his fireball went nowhere, he must have failed his friends, maybe they are all dead, and it was his fault. He had to survive, to make it right.

A small knot of essence nearby caught his attention. . .Galithir. . .he recognised his staffs signature, it must be him, he was alive, and that ment the others may be alive too!

Ja'nus' mind tried to reach out and feel this knot, to show Galithir that he wasn't dead, but the exertion proved to much, and his mind shut down, fading to the darkness of deep deep sleep.
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'I know Kaduse, it's a fairly minor spell that will hopefully cleanse the wounds and stabilise him.'

Putting words to action Tybalt starts trying to using Kaduse to heal Ja'nus.

OOP: Can you roll it Rav?
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Healing Ja'nus (

Tybalt slowly traces a rune onto Ja'nus chest with the blood pooling beneath him, concentrating on correctly forming the runeword for maximum effect. What little Essence remains is slowly drawn towards the downed disciple of Rai-Tane, the blood beneath him seeming to shimmer and flow inwards, cuts and scratches healing in seconds, the puckered flesh of his burns slowly smoothing over.

It is not a powerful rune, but invoked with great skill it is enough to restore Ja'nus to something resembling fighting form. Coughing harshly, he sits, taking stock of the situation, before making a very bad joke.

HP restored (
Ja'nus: 6/14 HP

The rest of the group looks around, securing the campsite. The danger has passed for now, and it is time to rest. In the morning your journey will continue.
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'If you guys don't mind, I'd like the charge my Sunstone when the Sun has risen. I will delay us a little but I'd like it charged if I need the essence.'
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Ja'nus coughs and splutters as he wakes with a start.

"Tybalt. . .I am in your debt, what ever you need of me, ask, and it shall be done if it is within my power. I can only hope to save your life as you have mine"

Using his staff for leverage Ja'nus climbs to his feet unsteadily.

"I need water, summoning a fire creature leaves me thirsty. A Djinn and Tonic as it were." He said dryly.

"If we are safe I would retire to recuperate, and I would advise you all to do the same. Of course. . .if we are not safe, I will stand, or rather sit watch, untill morning."
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Galithir wandered over "You lot get some rest, especially you Ja'nus. That was one hell of a fireball you summoned. I'll keep watch, I doubt I'll be able to sleep after that. Besides, I need to repair these robes, one of the lupines tore it."
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'Before I rest for the night does anyone else need some healing?'
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Tybalt's Hunting (
Galithir's Hunting (

As Tybalt moves away from the campsite, the first thing he notices is the tracks of a small animal, possibly a rabbit or a thumper. Either one would make a good stew. However, as he tries to approach the animal at the end of the tracks, a bunch of twigs crack underfoot, sending the beast hopping away into the distance. Firing at it would have just been wasting ammunition. While the thumper would have been a nice little addition to the party's rations, something else is just visible through the distant undergrowth.

It looks like an antler, and from his days hunting with the nobles, Tybalt knew that the beast connected to those antlers was probably large, and very tasty. As well as being incredibly flighty around humans. There was only time for a single shot, hastily lined up, as the deer pricked his head up and began to trot to a newer food source. The shot went slightly wide, which combined with the stag's movement meant the round struck it in the rump rather than the heart. The deer let out a startled bleat and sped away from the area, quickly falling from sight. Tybalt cursed, so close.

Putting his disappointment aside, Tybalt started tracking smaller prey once more, hoping to at least catch something. Following the tracks of another thumper only left him confused, almost walking in circles as the creature had retreated to its burrow upon hearing his approach. It wasn't worth reaching in to try and find the beast either, as thumper burrows were deep, and tended to spread out into several chambers, much like a rabbit warren. Thumpers also liked biting anything trespassing in the burrow.

Sighing heavily, Tybalt turned back towards camp, somewhat deflated. He was meant to be hunting, and all he had managed was to injure a massive stag deer. Some hunter he was. The nobles, with their hounds and horses, he hadn't realised how much easier those animals made the sport of hunting. Well, he was a little wiser now, and the lessons Oan had promised would likely prove invaluable.

Meanwhile, ranging out from the far side of the camp, tracking roughly south east, Galithir was having a little more luck. Mostly because he was now invisible to the nearby wildlife. Problem was, that wildlife only included a handful of insects, and two songbirds in the trees just above him. None of which made for very good food. There were, however, bird scratchings in the ground. He couldn't be sure what they were, but something told Galithir it was probably a pheasant or a partridge.

It took nearly fifteen minutes to follow the bird's tracks silently, but Galithir's patience was duly rewarded as he saw a rather plump looking male pheasant putting on a mating dance for a nearby female. Essence trailing from his fingertips, Galithir wove the strands together, knitting a spear of bone for each bird. He would only get one chance, just when the male finished his little dance. His timing was impeccable, but so was the female pheasant's, jumping a little to show her appreciation of the male's dance.

She landed on the bone spear, seeming to look straight at Galithir, as if to ask a question, before hopping down and sprinting off into the undergrowth. The male pheasant was well and truly skewered, blood pooling on the leaf litter beneath him and matting his feathers. The spear of bone faded into nothingness, and Galithir smiled wryly. A hole, almost two inches across, punctured the pheasant from one side to the other. Perhaps next time he would try and conjure a slightly smaller spear. Lifting the bird by its feet, Galithir turned and started walking back to camp.
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Galithir arrived back at the camp about two minutes after Tybalt and, after offering his commiserations about Tybalt's bad luck at hunting, he began preparing the groups meal. He smiled sadly to himself as the pheasant cooked over Ja'nus' fire, remembering when his wife had taught him these culinary skills. After a moment, Galithir snapped out of his reverie and turned to Oan.

"I still feel bad about the ritual, and I was hoping to make it up to you. I have examined the magestone I got and I discussed the possibility of using it to enchant an object with Tybalt. I wanted to offer you the stone, if you desire. The stone seems to have the power to knock an object slightly out alignment with the material realm, making a weapon that can pass straight through armour or enchanting some clothing to give you that same ability, so that weapons would to an extent pass through you, not to mention possibly giving you the ability to phasewalk through things."

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Overhearing this talk, Ja'nus approached Galithir and Oan.

"Phaseshifting? Most impressive. I have not yet had the chance to examine own stone. Its alignment is not with my own, but, it may still prove worthwhile. On the chance that it does not benefit me however, I would offer it to you Galithir should you find it suits your abilites. No point wasting a perfectly good magestone after all."
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"My friend there is no need to apologise, it was my decision to go through with it. That being said, I'm not one to decline an offer such as that. Out of interest, would this work for the ammunition of a bow, or does it work solely on the weapon itself?"
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"Hmm... I'm no runesmith, but I doubt it. I think the stone would have to be mounted, intact, on the arrow. I doubt it would fly well and you'd onlyget one enchanted arrow out of it. Perhaps if you mounted the stone on your bow it could enchant as you fire... Tybalt, you're the runesmith, is any of this possible?"
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Ja'nus went and sat, focussing on his Magestone, trying to meditate on it.

As he examined the magestone in his hands, something felt a little wrong about the substance. At first it looked like amber, but now it seemed to flow like molten glass, but away from the ground. Soon the stone seemed to have melted in his hands, resembling a liquid flame, pulsing like a heartbeat. An instant later he realised it is an actual heartbeat, one that the school of Rai-Tane taught him to recognise instantly. It came from the heart of the world.

There is a flash of light, and suddenly he could see the inside of a great cave, lava flowing beneath him, massive pillars of rock seeming to hold the roof of the cave aloft. The earth down shifts restlessly, and the heat of the molten rock keeps a fire lit atop a throne of bronze. He got the distinct feeling that this place is buried deep underground.

As everything snaps back to normal he realised that what he was holding is not amber. It never was. It was simply a frozen ember from the First Fire, the fire that breathed softly into the cold heart of the world and brought it to life. And that is why it is filled with red Essence
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Ja'nus Casting (

As Ja'nus focused on the logs in front of him, nothing seemed to happen. It seemed as if the Essence swirling around him was simply gone. He heard a sharp crack, as if someone nearby had stepped on some twigs. Turning swiftly he saw no-one. The logs seemed to have aged, becoming dry and cracked. Heat blazed through the clearing, the logs now catching fire in an instant. The ground beneath them seemed to blacken in a spreading circle, although no fire could be seen above it. Smoke wafted lazily into the treetops as Ja'nus started to hear loud groans, and the deep rumble of shifting earth.

At the very edge of the clearing was a familiar looking tree, all gnarled branches and dead leaves. He could have sworn the tree was not there when he had first arrived in the clearing. All of a sudden the fire blew out, and clearing was plunged into the darkness of the evening once more. Ja'nus hurried back to camp, the creaks, groans and rumbling noises taking on an altogether more sinister tone in the wan twilight. The forest did not like fire. Magic fire. Next time, he was sure, it would do more than just creak and groan and rumble at them.
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Ja'nus arrived back at the camp, somewhat confused. What had just happened? Sure the logs had caught fire, eventually, but then. . .what? It was as though there had been a fire,and it spread. He had never seen anything like it before.

Truth be told, he knew little of the First Fire, so learning to use this new stone would take time.

He sat under a tree, and worked the Soulstone out of his staff, putting it in his pouch, then he placed the Rai-Tane stone in its place. It occourd to him that it shouldn't have been possible, and the new stone was larger than the shard of Soulstone. Yet it had worked, the staff simply held it, like it had been shaped perfectly for it. Ja'nus sighed to himself. After the events of the last week, this didnt even rank in the top 5 weird things to happen.

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As he sat eating his portion of the game bird Galithir had caught Oan considered how he was going to teach people to hunt, and who. His training had taken years, he wasn't likely to have anything like that long. Admittedly he didn't need to train the others to his standards, but it was a pride thing. He wanted to make sure the lessons he was taught continued and, where possible, were built on, that was why he'd spent so long training Hlaine in his militia days.

Tybalt seemed eager, and Zothern seemed capable he decided. He'd see what he could do with those two. Galithir's magical concealment should be enough of a benefit for now and 3 was too many to train at once.
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Ja'nus wandered about the camp, enjoying a bit of bird that had be nicely cooked. He passed his compliments to Galithir and pondered his stone further. He hoped to find something better to practice on soon.
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The fire was nearly dead, a few cinders drifting up towards the night sky. Lying on his bedroll, looking through a gap in the canopy Tybalt could see the silvery moon Chronos high in the sky. Through another gap he could make out the greenish sickle of the waning moon Aberros. In front of the darkened side of that moon was a golden speck, the tiny moon-star known as Lune. It was not any notable configuration of moons, but still Tybalt could feel the Essence shift and flow more freely than usual.

Marcus tapped him on the shoulder, and he nodded, collecting his sword and rifle. So far they had only spent a single night in the forest. Things were still shadowed and unfamiliar, people starting when they heard a loud crack or strange noise. There was something unsettling about the trees themselves now. They were twisted, gnarled, and not in the way they should be. Towards the north-eastern edge of the clearing was a cluster of trees, leafless, with branches outstretched like the ribs of some great beast, or perhaps hands reaching out to snare a passing traveler.

It was strange, Tybalt reflected, that while Oan had said the temple they were searching for was dedicated to the sun, the party seemed safest at night here in the forest. Almost two full nights now, and nothing had happened to compare with the nightmare of that first night on the road. But as they traveled deeper into the forest, everyones sense of foreboding had increased, as if some great disaster were about to fall upon them at the slightest misstep. No one could quite say why they felt that way, save that they were sure it was the doing of the forest.

As the moons crept across the sky, Tybalt soon found it was time to awaken Ja'nus, to serve the final watch for the night. It was only after the third shake that the mage awakened, looking vaguely distressed, before everything snapped into place and he took up his staff, heading for the edge of the camp. An hour, perhaps two, later, found Ja'nus starting a cooking fire with the embers of the previous night's blaze.

The sun was too low to see yet, but the sky itself was lightening, clear enough to see by to prepare the morning meal, and light enough that waking the others would not draw out too many grumbles or curses. Ja'nus looked towards the north-east, through an odd gap between the tree trunks. Oak and birch on each side, but the soil looked as if it had been freshly turned
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'What on earth happened over there? Did you hear or see anything Ja'nus?'
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on November 22, 2011, 04:22:10 pm
"Nothing that could have done that. . .but. . . "

Ja'nus thought back to his experiment with the Rai-Tane Stone, when he thought that the trees had shifted afterwards . . .

"I have a suspiscion, but I pray that im wrong. If im not, i may not be able to travel with you much longer. . .The trees here do not like my presence and this new Magestone is not helping matters. . ."

He took a breath, remember the dream from last night. . .the throne. . .the chamber of lava. . .the devestation. . .

"Tybalt, wake the others and if Oan is well enough, can you ask him to attend upon me when he is able. If anyone can recognise these marks its him. If he can't. . .then my fears may be realised and I may have to travel alone until we leave the forest.
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While waiting for the others, Tybalt checks his gear over.
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Oan wandered over to Tybalt as he checked his gear. "Do me a favour Tybalt, scout the road ahead, about half a mile should do it. Show me what you can do." I'll keep an eye on you and make notes.

"Zothern" Oan called. "You're after Tybalt. I want to know what you're capable of."
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Ja'nus decided to rest for a while, and sat down while waiting for the others. The Scout Training looked like it could be a source of some amusment, and who knows, he might even pick up a few bits and peices himself.
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"Don't worry Oan, I have some experience in scouting. Had to patrol my village borders every week back home". Marcus stroked the handle of his warhammer, remembering those cold mornings in the woods. "I need to hunt something, preferably with a pretty thick coat. I need some front protection after that fireball blew out my chest armor"
[spoiler]Rav roll for success on this?[/spoiler]
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"What did you have in mind Marcus? I'm sure we can find something in these woods. I'll take a look for tracks as we proceed."
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"For now, preferably some think fur. Leather would work better, but I don't think we are going to find a tanner around here. Unless one of our magic friends has some ability to magically help out with this?"
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"Zothern" Oan called. "You're after Tybalt. I want to know what you're capable of."

This final calling of his name shook Zothern from his reverie. He felt dazed, and a bit out of place, like he hadn't been with his companions for a while. He pushed the feeling to the back of his mind, and after letting Tybalt scout forward first, he set off himself, keeping an eye open for anything.

Though he felt he hadn't been completely with the group, he felt he had understood all that had happened around him, he felt the unease of the group, and decided to not add to it by chirping in his own thoughts.
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Tybalt's Scouting (
Marcus' Tracking & Hunting (
Zothern's Scouting (

Tybalt set off through the dense undergrowth, quickly losing sight of the group as he followed the river road deeper into the forest. Alert to every noise, he jumped slightly when a twig cracked softly in the distance. Whirling around, he saw a fox on the far side of the river, slinking slowly away. Moving further down the path, Tybalt began to feel the skeins of Essence shifting violently, being drawn towards some great conflict in the distance. While he could not see nor hear the battle, he could almost feel the violence as the Essence was sapped from the air around him.

Marcus, meanwhile, had been tracking his quarry for nearly half an hour, well separated from the group. It was a deer, possibly only a fawn. Even without being tanned, the hide would at least provide some protection. And if he really needed it, he could trade the rest of the hide for some real leather when they reached Darrow. The deer was slowing, the poison from his arrows doing its work. A few minutes more. With a soft crash, the deer stumbled over a log and fell down, unmoving. The rest would be easy.

Zothern set off slowly, moving through the woods rather than next to the river as Tybalt had. He would secure the right flank of the group, make sure it was safe for them all to pass. While he could not sense Essence, Zothern could hear the sounds of distant battle, the crackling of fire, the clash of blades, and something that sounded like a creaky old door being opened far too fast. Creeping slowly closer to the sounds, he was able to catch the occasional glimpse of the combatants. A group of dryads, fighting branch to blade against a pyromancer and a chaosigan, the latter wielding a conjured blade of some kind.

Behind them lay the ruins of a massive stone structure, perhaps a chapel or storehouse, or even a college of some arcane subject. Turning slowly, and leaving the area as quietly as possible, Zothern cut back towards the river, meeting with Tybalt as they traveled back towards the group. In the distance, the pair of erstwhile scouts could see Marcus, running down some animal he planned to use to fix his damaged armour.
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As the deer collapsed to the ground, Marcus drew his warhammer and swiftly crushed its skull. Pulling out his dagger, he swiftly skinned the deer with expert precision, repeating a process he had done hundreds of times back home. The simple hide would have to do for now. He folded up the skin and put it in his pack to be washed and fitted later.
Standing up, he heard the sounds of battle he hadn't noticed while pursuing and skinning his prey. Turning, he saw Zothern and Tybalt, and quickly headed over to them. "What do you reckon is going on over there?".
After being filled in, Marcus thought for a moment. "What do you lads reckon we ought to do about this?"
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"I think we should tell the group then go in and help the Dryads. That might get our young Pyromancer some good will with them. Maybe even get us some help in the future. We need to be quick though."
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Zothern thought on the subject. From his point of view, he felt they should stop the conflict, to resolve the issue without fighting. simply seeing a battle doews not mean you always know which side is good.

"I say we try and stop the conflict, before choosing sides." Zothern sternly spoke. "A Pyromancer and a Chaosigan, fighting Dryads in a forest that is legend to hate fire, would imply that they mages are at fault, but what if they're considered guilty by profession, similar to our Pyromancer friend."
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"A Chaosigan is an evil being. We task is to track the movement of Daemons and other Evil beings. I also doubt that there will be any chance of stopping this fight. We should get back to the others first. The three of use aren't likely to survive if we try to intervene."
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Just then, Galithir and the others arrived.

"I was trying to sense if magick was being used back at camp when I noticed a large amount of power being drawn over here" Galithir said quietly. "Since you'd gone this way I figured you might be in trouble." Tybalt and Marcus proceeded to fill in the others.

"Well, I agree with the idea of killing the mages. Attacking the dryads could bring the wrath of the whole forest down on us. But before we go rushing in, I suggest we try a more subtle approach. I may be able to sneak up behind them and knock them unconcious without any of us being harmed. And if I fail then you lot can come rescue me. Sound good?"
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Ja'nus appeared next to Galithir, having followed behind suprisingly sneakily.

"I'll cover you Galithir, but bear in mind that the mages will be able to detect your use of esscence if you try to conceal yourself too much."
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"Dont worry, I've done this sort of thing before. It should work, especially since they are more focused on the dryads. And anyway, with you lot backing me up I doubt I'll come to any serious harm if things go wrong." Galithir suddenly seemed to realise what he'd just said, and started chuckling softly. "Something's bound to go wrong now that I've said that, isn't it..."

Galithir's form began to shimmer as he began casting the spells, making sure that he didn't drain too much ambient essence.
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Tybalt makes sure his Rifle is loaded and the clockwork mechanism is clear. He then checks his Sword and the scabard are easy to access. "Well I'm ready when everone else is."
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Ja'nus began to move to a more advantageous position, wondering where Oan was hiding. He knew he would be nearby somewhere.

The moment Galithir was spotted, if he was, he would boil the blood in the mages veins. He knew that the pyromancer could defend against his fire magick, although he hoped that the Rai-Tane stone would give him and edge. If he did defend against it he would open a hole in the earth below the Mages and trap them there.
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Oan hurried into position, he didn't have long before Galithir began his work and Oan needed to be as far away as possible when he took his shot to increase the confusion.

Pausing for a moment to catch his breath he took aim at the Chaosigan.
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If only my mentor saw me now, Zothern thought to himself. He readied his sword, and crept forward to be part of the "Backup." He kept his breathing quiet, and his senses alert. He decided that the Pryomancer would be an easier target for him, noticing Oan already taking aim at the Chaosigan. He'd like to remain alive in this encounter.
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"I'll take the first shots. My poisoned arrows will quickly weaken them, making the fight a lot easier when things go south".
Marcus moved into a better shooting position so as to have a clear shot at the mages, not wanting to accidentally hit the dryads. He drew his bow, pulled his poison pouch out of his shirt, and dipped three arrows in the dark purple paste. Sticking the other two in the ground, he loaded the third and readied to fire.
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Tybalt's Searching (

Letting the runic story rest in the back of his mind, Tybalt began to search the chamber, looking for anything that might become important later. There didn't seem to be much, but the page he had found from the journal implied the team had searched this location before. There had been no mention of traps, or pressure plates, or anything untoward in the tunnel leading to the chamber. Which meant that some time after the expedition had either left, or died, someone else had come through this place and decided that it was not meant for the eyes of others.

After another few minutes of searching Tybalt found what might have been a page from the journal. Nothing could be read from it, however, due to the fact it had been burned through in several places, and it also seemed to have been quickly doused with something else, causing the ink to run into puddles rather than words. It was a frustrating find. The only barely legible phrase on the paper was a date: 17th Fireti
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'What do you guys makeof this? I'm pretty sure it's a journal page from the last group we know was in these ruins.'
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"It certainly seems to match up with the others, but I dont think I can pull the same trick as last time, it's too badly damamged. I can't reverse the burning as far as i know, and I don't have to skills to magickally read what was here, if such skills even exist."

He studied the date on the scorched parchment.

"It seems to be the latest of the once we have collected. Shall I keep then in my pouch? Nothing can damage them further in there so they will be perfectly safe."
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'Probably a good idea. What does everyone else think?'
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"As good a plan as any" Oan declared, standing in the way of the pressure plate ready to disable it when nobody was looking.

"Any idea how much more we can get from this?" he asked. Thinking back to all his lessons with his mentor he knew there was precious little he could do to help here. He knew a few of the old runes, but nothing like enough to provide an effective translation. He was racking his brains for anything that might help and scanning the room for anything that might trigger a memory that could be useful.
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"I was wondering about the idea of recharging that moonlight rune there. I wonder if I could just channel essence directly into it?"
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Tybalt shakes his head. 'We don't have the required materials or level of skill needed. We can come back again later.'

Glancing around, Tybalt the says, 'I think we have found everything there is to find here. How about we explore the area Zothern and I found?'
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"Sounds like a plan to me. This place look sturdy enough to camp in aswell if needs be. Same plan as before? Single file with scouts on point?"
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'Sounds good. It should be fairly safe. Unless there is something in here. What does everyone else think?'
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"I'm good to go. I don't see anything in else in here worth examining and I'm sure the others have had a decent look around by now." Oan replied with a shrug. "Tybalt, you've done well, I have a better idea what you're capable of now. If you've no objections I'd like to give Marcus or Zothern a turn up front, see what they can do"
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"Certainly. I can't go hogging all you chances." Tybalt says with a smile. "Zothern knows the way and what the Runes I left look like." Tybalt then draws the Rune in the air so everyone can see it.
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"Alright, Zothern, as with Tybalt before" Oan called "5 paces behind me if you please. Anything you can remember about potentially dangerous terrain ahead would be useful too."
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Zothern took point and kept his eyes open for any traps that He and Tybalt had may have missed. He found the marker runes easily and followed them down to the Forge.
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Jan'us followed the group, keeping a cautious eye on the way they had come. His staff glowed softly with magical light casting soft shadows on the walls around them.
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Ja'nus' Magickal Detection (
Zothern's Scouting (
Oan's Scouting (
Runic Comprehension (
Marcus' Searching (

Oan stepped out into the northern tunnel cautiously, dropping into a crouch and creeping forwards. Keeping a studious five paces behind
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"Well this is a nice find eh?" Marcus said. Marcus grabbed one of the sheets of leather and held it up in front of him, looking it over. He had never made armor from scratch, but did have a fair amount of experience repairing his own armor. Drawing his knife, he scratched first a rough outline in the leather, then checked it on his body, for correctness, made a few changes and began to cut.
[spoiler]Rav you want to roll/determine my success for this?[/spoiler]
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Marcus' Crafting Armour (Design) (
Marcus' Crafting Armour (Construction) (
Marcus' Crafting Armour (Flair) (

After making the first few cuts, Marcus realised realised he had a small correction to make. If this was to be be proper studded leather, he would have to mark out the rows before assembling the armour, not after, and it would be best to mark them out before doing any more cutting. The time spent now would be well saved later. After finishing the marking, Marcus set to cutting the leather once more, using the shears from the rack on the wall, slightly rusty, but with blades still dangerously sharp.

While he worked, Marcus bid the others help him, and prepare a second sheet of leather. His new armour would be layered in the fashion of old Darrowan quilt. The second sheet only needed to be cut roughly to shape, he could trim it down to size later. It would also provide material for greaves and vambraces, reinforced not with studs, but small lines of plated iron, or possibly steel.

Working slowly but surely Marcus began to assemble the separate pieces of his new hauberk. Front and back, upper torso, shoulder guards, and backing sheets for each. Studs of bronze were worked into the armour at every inch, keeping the sheets held fast together. Additional studs and stitching held the separate pieces together at the seams. Around the outside edge of each piece ran a tight line of studs, placed to ensure that despite any damage it might take, the armour would stay together.

The vambraces were made next, Ja'nus lighting the furnace as Marcus worked the bellows, heating iron to red heat. Tybalt helped to draw out the molten metal, Marcus moving from the bellows to the anvil. A great warrior he was, capable and resourceful, but Marcus was no blacksmith. So, he stepped back and gestured for Tybalt to help. Quickly pouring out a small amount of molten iron, Tybalt showed Marcus how to use a proper sand mould, using tongs to quench the scale in a bucket of heated oil. Then a terrible ringing filled the chamber as Tybalt hammered the scale to shape around the tail of the largest anvil.

Observing everything carefully, Marcus poured the molten iron into the mould, placing the crucible back over the furnace as Zothern took his turn working the bellows. The molten metal flowed over the mould, spilling outwards before Marcus could quench the piece. The iron scale hardened in the hot oil, and Tybalt moved over once more, showing the massive warrior how to break chips off the scale using a strong blow at the very edge of the anvil.

Soon they had enough scales to place three rows on each gauntlet and greave, and it was at this point that Tybalt placed the metal scales back in the fire, prompting a series of protests from Marcus.

"Just wait," the runesmith reassured him. "This will make the metal stronger. It will take time to cool, though."

As time passed, Tybalt hummed an ancient runesmith's song, the pacing of the runewords matching the flickering of the flames. As he recited the last verse he turned to Marcus.

"Now, let's get them out of that fire, and quickly."

With tongs in hand, all the party began moving the scales from the fire and placing them on a nearby bench. Before they cooled Marcus took one scale and began impressing it in lines down the length of his new vambraces and greaves. This process would let him find the small holes in each end of the scales with which to attach them to the armour. While the scales cooled the massive warrior took one of the sharpest Rikashi daggers and began gently inscribing the crest of the Flynn family upon the front of his studded leather hauberk.It was a simple crest, a pair of crossed swords upon a blank field, and beneath them Marcus inscribed his family motto. It was a small thing, but it bound the armour to him, and somehow made it more complete.

As afternoon wore into evening the iron scales had cooled enough that Marcus could handle them. As he stitched the scales down the vambraces in three overlapping he whistled quietly to himself, losing track of time as he worked. The torches of the others blazed with light, and the forge's furnace burned down to embers as he stitched the last few plates on his greaves.

Shedding his now useless leather armour, Marcus donned his new gear. It was heavier, obviously, but the weight felt right, resting squarely on his shoulders. The vambraces laced together under each wrist, scales along the outside of each arm, useful for parrying or deflecting enemy blows. The greaves slipped on easily, lacing up over the top of each boot, and extending to just below his knees. The scales made it look as if a snake or dragon had been flattened against each shin. Marcus smiled. This was his armour. He hadn't known it before, but in the process of making the armour, he had created something more.
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"Most impressive Marcus, very impressive indeed. A job well done I fancy, let us hope that you dont have to test it too soon though eh?"Jan'us said with a grin and a slap on the shoulder of the warrior.

Shaking the feeling back into his hand he leaned against the wall and took a strip of salted beef from the greasepaper wrap in his pouch. Chewing on it thoughtfully he wandered back outside the forge the way they had come. He looked into the gloom to see if anything could be seen. He could see little in the dimly illuminated area however. What with the essence sapping runes there wasnt as much ambiant magick as he would have liked, so creating fireballs directly was out of the question. Fortunatly, he didnt need too. 

Moving back into the forge he extracted 3 blazing orbs of fire from the furnace and guided them out the door. Following them out he sent them up and out slowly, they sputtered as they moved away from his influence and knowing they could fail at any moment, he fed what little essence he could into them to make them bigger and brighter.

Now he would get a good look at what was really out here. . .
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Ja'nus Searching ( 5/8

As Ja'nus wandered down the length of the corridor, the only thing on his mind was how little ambient Essence there was to draw on in this corridor, and why it should be that way when they were well past the rune Tybalt had identified earlier. He knew of certain kinds of magick that might channel Essence away, but there was something else nagging at the back of his mind. There were creatures
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'The armour is well made for someone who isn't an armour. I think you could fool a couple of them with it' Tybalt says with a wry smile. 'When we get to the next town I'll see about putting the same magic defense Rune as is on mine. If you wish. Of we could discuss other runes that may be of use.'
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"A defensive rune sounds good to me, perhaps one for magical protection, seeing as my old armor was destroyed by a combination of dark energy and a fireball. Any special runes for that tybalt?"
Marcus drew his broad sword and took a few practice swings and cuts. The armor was heavier, but it didn't slow down his sword movement much. He also felt stronger, more powerful for some reason.
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'Indeed, the Rune of Shielding, it's what I was suggesting.' Tybalt says with a laugh. 'It's what protected me from most of the mage fire in our last fight' Tybalt looks pained for a moment as he thinks about the lose of Galither.

'Now where has that Pyromancer got to?'
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Jan'us began walking back to the Forge once more, enveloped in the darkness. He was worried. Something that could drain essence was a big problem, and if it was a construct that thrived on it, then for all his power he was essentially useless. If they encountered it he would either need some real fire to manipulate, or he would have to bring the walls down on it, which was not an idea that he welcomed. Would he even have enough essence available to allow gravity to do its job?

His skills with the staff as a melee weapon were poor, he had never needed to use it as such. The Rikashi sword on his belt was light and ungodly sharp, but his odds of success were still abysmally low.

He reentered the Forge itself wth a grim look. "We may have a problem."
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Barricades once again blocked the path behind them, they slowly trudged east towards the source of the essence. It felt to Jan'us that they had been walking along this same corridor for days.
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Oan's Scouting (14/12)
Tybalt's Scouting (12/3)
Ja'nus Magick Detection (18/19)

The party set off down the hall from the forge, heading south, Oan in the lead, Tybalt shadowing him once more. Marcus stood ready in the middle of the group, with Zothern behind him, serving as rearguard while Ja'nus walked beside them. After fifty yards of travel, the group turned left, heading into the eastern corridor. After ten yards the corridor opened into a larger chamber, looking like some kind of storeroom. Stacked against each wall were broken crates and urns, their contents long since turned to dust. A small rockfall in one corner caught Oan's eye, a slight fluttering as they passed. Reaching down, he extricated the item, very carefully dusting it off and waving Tybalt forward so they could read it.

24th Firetide, 856CY

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A golem? Ja'nus had never faced one of these before. They were made of stone, lived on essence, that was all he really knew. If there was no essence, how could he fight this if it came to it? If he had full use of his geomancy he could certainly have a good go. Of course a Golem was probably better and holding its own form and countering it. So pyromancy then, intense pyromancy. Sacrificial magick. Not a thought that pleased him. But what else could he do? Swords and axes wouldnt do much, Tybalts rifle? Maybe. Oans bow? Probably not.

Of course they might be able to talk to it, find out what it purpose was, it might work unless it was under orders to kill on sight.

He pondered the Rai-Tane stone mounted in his staff. It was red, it would want blood if there was no essence for him to draw on. Would he give it to keep his friends alive? Absolutly. The stone was more than just a stone though, it had sent him visions, did it have a spirit? He wondered. . . reaching down to the rikashi sword he cut his finger, wincing at the pain, and drew his finger across the magestone then tried to focus on whatever had sent him the visions. Would it work? He hoped so. Would there be a penalty if it did? He didn't doubt it for a second.
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Oan looked around the temple, amazed at what he saw. Even with his mentor's teachings about the old gods and their ways he could scarcely believe that he was actually here. He attempted to read some of the inscriptions on the walls but they seemed beyond him, he had never learned much of the old language and cursed himself for not trying to learn more of it.

As he looked around he became aware that group seemed different. Closer somehow, even Ja'nus who hadn't been blessed. Finding this place had filled them with a new sense of mutual achievement and Oan felt a great pang of regret that Galithir was not there to share this moment with them.

Content that there was nothing more he could do he walked back to the entrance in case of enemies. He doubted they would be attacked in the temple itself, but walking into a trap right outside was something he wanted to avoid if he could.
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Zothern had watched as his companions all recieved their blessings. He realised now that declining a god wasn't a smart thing to do.

"So what say you all now?" Zothern asked the group "We could return to the surface, and continue to Darrow, or shall we search these Catacombs further?"
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Oan's Scouting (

Dropping in to a low crouch, Oan crept through the arch that led into the temple, searching carefully for any daemonsign. There was nothing nearby, not even scratched or damaged stone. The golem had apparently been able to completely block access to this section of the catacombs for as long as it had been Quickened. Stealing quietly down the tunnel, Oan looked through the smaller arches that led north and south. Both appeared to be small store rooms, filled with empty barrels and broken crates. Some might even have held food once, but it had long since perished.

Motioning for the rest of the party to follow him, Oan moved forwards into the chamber where they had destroyed the golem. Evidence of their struggle was writ large upon the walls and floor, stones missing from the ceiling as well. There was even a narrow line of glassy rock where Ja'nus lance of fire had melted the stone. Looking up, Oan traced the flight of his second arrow. Sure enough, it was still embedded in the ceiling, the point wedged between two stones. Carefully removing most of his kit, Oan scaled one of the support pillars. Leaning backwards, he managed to knock the shaft with his right hand, dislodging the arrow.

Slinging his equipment about him, Oan started to ask which way the group thought they should travel. The tunnel to the north was currently blocked by Ja'nus geomancy, but that could be easily fixed. To the south, consulting the map, he could see that they would pass several large chambers
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Moving up behind Oan, Ja'nus peered over his shoulder at the map.

"Where do you think we should go? We could pass through those large rooms to the south? Never know what we might find in there? How much of a hurry are we in?"

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"I feel we should get to Darrow as quickly as we can. A day or two ofrest would do us all good, a good ale and a soft bed would do us no great harm either." He said with a broad grin.

"After Darrow, we shall see where to road takes us. I myself should like to head east, to find the chamber in my visions. My god has summoned me, I cannot decline. I understand if no one else wished to make this pilgrimage with me however."

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"Onward to Darrow sounds like a good plan to me," Marcus said as he stroked his chin. "as for your journey, I would be glad to continue on with you. Wherever help is needed I will go."
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"I'd like to explore more, it looks like some of these rooms could be interesting. I'm not sure how much of this ruin is under the protection of the sun goddess though, so looting may be unwise, especially as she's just blessed us all" Oan said thoughtfully. "There seems to be a dark temple mentioned on here, so it's probable that this place was constructed to honour all the gods, or at least several of them. Your call guys, I don't mind. Either way I'll lead you true."
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Oan's Scouting (
Tybalt's Scouting (

Advancing slowly down the southern corridor, the group soon came to the second largest room in the catacombs. There were two large archways set in the stone, perhaps ten feet wide, and with nearly fifty yards between them. Both led into the massive room, firelight from the party's torches barely illuminating the walls of the chamber. The southwest corner appeared to have collapsed entirely, a massive pile of earth and stone having cascaded from the ceiling sometime in the past. Spreading out, the party began to search the chamber.

At the southern end of the chamber, Oan found two massive thrones, each carved from a single piece of dark coloured rock, possibly slate or basalt. The throne to his right was slightly smaller, and was also missing a fair amount of its backrest. Chips of stone had also been dug out from the arms, and the seat appeared to be covered in a tattered old cloth. The throne to his left was far more interesting. The backrest was crenellated, and rose well above any normal height, spreading out wide. The back was engraved
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"Ah, fresh air again" Said Ja'nus, inhaling deeply. Stone may have been his thing, but you could give him a wide open plain or a forest or anywhere above ground anyday.

"Let us make all due haste to Darrow then, and the first round is on me."
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'It's nice to be back outside again. I'll gladly take you up on that offer Ja'nus.' Tybalt said with a laugh. 'Then I'l buy the second.'
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"Eurgh" Zothern groaned as he exited the Catacombs. "I never did like the smell of stale air." He looked around, checking the position of the sun. He strode forward at a slightly faster pace then the others.

"I'll scout further forward, to find a place to camp for the night, unless we have a different plan"
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As soon as he was above ground Oan stopped for a few moments. He noted the sun's position in order to establish a heading and took some time to adjust to cacophony of noise that was the birdsong filling the forest. He was no good as a scout if he couldn't determine foes sneaking up on them simply because he'd spent a bit of time underground and wasn't used to background noise.

Hearing Zothern's offer to scout ahead he pointed the warrior in the direction they wanted to travel and told him to wait for a couple of minutes before setting off. He then headed off in a different direction with the intention of monitoring the warrior as he progressed and, potentially, testing his awareness.

OOC: I take it those weapons/suits of armour were too rust-damaged to be worth anything even as historical artifacts? :P
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Tybalt went to unsling his rifle and paused, he'd just had his sword blessed by a god. He should really get some practice against someone actually trying to kill him. He could always finish a fight with Runes if he felt out he was getting his ass kicked. He checked he could easily draw his sword and then asked, 'marching order?'

[spoiler=OOC]Going to use my sword for a while. It's yet to be used in anger.[/spoiler]
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"Well our scouts are off. . .scouting. . .I dont think we are going to run into any major threats. Stay watchful of course, but lets just go easy."

Ja'nus saw a small pebble at the side of the pathway, no bigger than a dice. Summoning it to him he hovered it above his hand. Then passed it to the other hand and back. The rock floated between his hands as he walked. He couldnt get it up to enough speed, and maintain enough control to keep it stable to be used ans a weapon, but he would learn gradually. Dropping the rock he carried on walking, contemplating what he might find in Darrow.
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Oan's Scouting (
Zothern's Scouting (

Oan set off silently into the undergrowth, heading due north along an old animal trail. He was paralleling Zothern in order to judge the big warrior's effectiveness as a scout. So far, he was not impressed. While he might have seemed quiet for a warrior, Oan could hear his armour creaking slightly every so often, and the soft click of Zothern's scabbards striking each other, or the warrior's armour. Every few minutes came a soft crack, and a muttered curse. The warrior's size and weight was working against him right now.

Considering how easily Tybalt had picked up the art, Oan wondered why it should be so difficult for Zothern. So far, all he could say for the big warrior was that he was a competent, if loud, scout. Tybalt, on the other hand, seemed to show true promise. He was quiet, he listened, and wearing only a breastplate meant his kit made little noise
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Ja'nus walked along idly, not distracted, simply zoned out. He was thinking about Darrow. He knew they had a school of magic, what is was like he didnt know. And he had Galithirs staff to deliver, that would be his priority after the School.
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Marcus tried to keep his eyes peeled and his mind focused, but he kept thinking of Darrow. He had never been to a city before, his own village was only a collection of small homes and a single store. He felt excited to see everything the city had to offer, but was also worried. The last time he had been around other people, he had been jumped. He protected himself easily enough, but it was still a startling occurrence. Perhaps he should stick with his friends this time.
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After accompanying Zothern back to the group Oan headed off once more, this time in search of game, leaving the warrior to lead the party to the clearing they had found and to set up camp. This far from the river hunting would be slightly more difficult, but the forest still teemed with life so there shouldn't be any major difficulties for him.

As he hunted he contemplated what awaited in Darrow. His father had a few acquaintences there that he may be able to gather information/odd jobs from, and he definitely wanted time to examine a few maps of the local, and wider area. He knew little of what lay East or North of here, having rarely travelled here in his adult life. He would have to find some way of taking notes and ensuring that they were protected, at least from rain damage. Dismissing the thoughts for now he turned bak to his hunting.
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Tybalt Invoking Birkal (
Daemonic Presence ( 11/15

As the party traveled, the Celan plains seemed to extend as far as the eye could see in all directions. The few trees on the savannah had since given way to small bushes and patches of scrubland. It seemed strange that as they grew closer to the river Celis, the vegetation actually got smaller. Even so, it was still at least twenty leagues from the river itself, quite possibly more. The trees nearby were probably fed from fast flowing underground aquifers, or a distant tributary of the river.

Continuing to press north east, all five adventurers finally came to a road. An old, rough road, paved with little more than heavy sand a few pieces of gravel. It remained an unmistakeable sign of civilization, and pointed straight towards their destination. That was one advantage of the Celan plains being so flat
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Marcus watched and listened from a slight distance, cleaning his warhammer. The girl did seem like she wasn't telling the whole story, but she seemed like a good hearted girl, and trustworthy. Running his thumb over the side of the hammer, he closed his eyes and said a silent prayer to his patron sun goddess, seeking guidance on this issue. He then opened his eyes, and walked towards the rest of the party.
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Chapter 3
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As the party ate Oan wrote 2 lists, 1 was of nobles he knew in the city who they could approach for lodgings in exchange for some kind of labour, the other was significantly shorter and simply said "On - General rune of protection, rune to aid concealment (if possible)". He passed the second list around so that each party member could add their own requests then gave the list to Tybalt. "How long to do all that do you reckon? So we have a rough idea how long we're here for."

Hiram Dryzic being out of town was a slight blow, the eccentric nobleman had been one of his first choices. Still, if push came to shove they could always seek audience with whomever he had left in charge of his estate while he was away and hope they knew enough of Dryzic's friends and associates to believe Oan's claim, or at least find them lodgings at reduced cost until Dryzic himself could verify it. Dryzic did own a couple of inns and lodging houses in the city after all, then again, what noble didn't in Darrow?
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Ja'nus added the rune Dukator to the list and spoke to Tybalt.

"Without wishing to sound rude to the rest of the the group, I would ask you complete the rune on my staff first. I think it is the only rune you are making that will require practice to adapt to? Additionally I am now taking Miss Rose to the Collegiate with me."

A small afterthought struck him.

"I also need new robes. . ."
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Marcus added his request to the rune list, one that would produce bright light. He then ordered a steak and a tankard of ale, his stomach grumbling in anticipation. "Oan, I reckon I'll go with you to talk to some nobles. I might see if I can find some mercenary work amongst your friends. Tybalt, you reckon my armor needs any repairs?" Marcus stood up and looked at his armor, as he hadn't really had time or had thought to examine it.
[spoiler=OOC @ Rav]I am unsure on the amount of damage done and the difficulty of the repair, I will leave that up to you.[/spoiler]
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"I shall be spending the day talking to the local Militia and Guards. They're likely to have heard something." Zothern said. "but in the meantime I shall be following Ja'nus and Rose to the Acedemia District. I'd like to see their library section on Exotic weapons" Zothern tapped the hilt of his Rakishi blade. He took a mouthful of the mutton he had ordered, relishing the taste compared to rations and salted boar.

"After I have done that, I shall be looking into one of the local range shops. I've always been partial to a Crossbow. Some new or better armour may also serve me well in future." He thought for a few minutes. "I believe I have an acedemy friend, who was stationed here." After saying what he needed to say, he continued to eat his meal.
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Tybalt Laugh, 'I'm a Runesmith not a seamstress my friend, but if you find some suitible clothes and of decent quality, I could inscribe them to help protect you in future. Seeing as how you seem to draw the ire of almost every mage we have met in battle, I think the same runes I have on my armour would be best for that.'

Turning to Marcus Tybalt said, 'While in town, I'll be happy to clean, polish and repair any equipment and weapons. I'll do that when I inscribe the Rune you wanted on your armour.'
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Ja'nus laughed aswell.

"I plan to purchase some robes at the Collegiate. If they do not already have any runic protection I will seek your services again. With any luck however, the Collegiate will have something suited to my needs already on hand."
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"Thanks Tybalt, but I think my armor is in decent enough shape, I should be able to clean it up myself."
Marcus went over a mental checklist in his head. He needed to replenish his poison stock, and his arrow quiver, as both were running a bit low. He then remembered his new bow, and made a mental note to visit an archery range to get the feel for the new one. Other than that, he pretty much had what he needed. He cut another large piece from his steak and brought it to his mouth, washing it down with the cold ale. "Oan, I am ready when you are".
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"Ok Marcus, let's go." Turning to the rest of the party Oan said "Meet us by the Collegiate in 3 hours. Marcus and I will visit a few of my connections to see about odd jobs and lodgings, after that there's a matter I wish to attend to outside the city, I should be back before long though, a day or two at most. Marcus, you may accompany me on this errand if you wish. Zothern, if you are not too busy I would like you to keep an eye on Miss Rose and keep her out of trouble, even in the Collegiate if you can. I don't know their rules for permitting non-mages."
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"I'll take that errand with you Oan. Should be an interesting time."
Finishing his ale, Marcus stood up and pushed in his chair, preparing to walk out the door with Oan.
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Oan's Negotiation (Dryzic's Estate) (
Oan's Negotiation (Skoli's Estate) (
Talking with Guards (

It was mid-afternoon as Marcus and Oan left the tavern, walking west up gildal lane, towards the bazaar, and into the noble's quarter. Oan knew from previous visits that during the city's founding, it had been an actual quarter of the land. As the city had grown, it had fast outpaced the growth of the noble's area, despite their wealth and many mansions. The name had stuck though.

There were a few new mansions, but most Oan recognised form his last visit to the city. Dryzic's mansion was easy to see, being the dark wood building to the north of monument square. He kept meaning to ask Dryzic about the monument itself, but never seemed to find the time. The man was simply far too busy, or doing something else rather more interesting. Even out of town, Oan hoped his influence would still be enough to get them cheap lodgings nearby. They could even cut across the fields to the Collegiate, ignoring the roads altogether.

"Master Fencer!" one of Dryzic's retainers shouted over the iron barred gates. "Master Fencer, over here."

Seems as if he still likes me, Oan thought, walking to the gate. "What is it, master
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It had been a while since Tybalt had enjoyed a fine ale, but he was enjoying the one with his meal. 'I suppose it's about time for me to visit the Guild Halls.' Tybalt though for a minute, 'We haven't set where we'll be meeting tonight. Well, I'd suggest here at dinner time? Gives us all a chance to organise what we'll be doing for the next few days. I'll keep an eye out for the others and let them know.'
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Ja'nus enjoyed his meal and washed it down with a fine ale. He spoke to Zothern.

"I have business at the Collegiate, and I do not know there policy on non Mages. I had intended to wait untill Tybalt had completed my staff before going there, but, my clothing situation demands attention."

He dug into his pouch and retrieved his Soulstone and handed both it and his own staff to Tybalt.

"I would be most appreciative if you could bring this to the Collegiate once you have completed it, or if you could send someone to retrieve me so I could collect it from you."

With that Ja'nus rose and addressed Zothern and Emily. "Miss Rose, Zothern, if you are ready to depart we will head to the Collegiate."
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Zothern, Ja'nus and Emily met at the door to the tavern, and set off west along Gildal lane to the high road. Passing the artisan's bazaar, the trio turned right into Craftsman's path. The buildings lining the street began to change. Instead of squat, solid buildings, there were many smaller establishments. Stone was still the most common material, but a few buildings boasted wooden fa
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Tybalt watched Ja'nus, Zothern and Emily leave as he finished his meal. He sat quietly for a while as he savioured his ale. Eventually he got up and paid for the meals then headed for the Guildhalls. It was time to start his plans for his time in Darrow.
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As soon as he heard Eric say Emily was a Mage, he instantly felt better. He KNEW he had felt something about her. A seer though, The school of Kyron. She was technically a Chaosigan. He knew better than to assume that ment she was bad though. Galithir had been a "dark" mage and a great man. His fathers younger brother on the other hand. . .he was unsure.

He turned to Eric.

"My apologies for my appearence Sir, we were attacked in the plains about a days travel from here and I was struck with Balefire, then there was a. . .possession. . .issue."

He was reluctant to go into too much detail about what he had experienced, he was unsure how other mages might react to knowing he had been possessed by Rai-Tane. Or that he carried the Eye of the god of fire and stone in his staff.

He gratefully donned the robes over his bedsheet to prevent any itching, the rough material feeling wrong when he thought about the robes he had owned before. Still, anything was better than just a bed sheet, and he could get better ones inside or maybe in town.

"May we enter Eric? We seek information of the deamons from the north."
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Craftsmanship (Magestaff) (
Rune Forging (Dukator) (
Craftsmanship (Marcus' Armour) (
Craftsmanship (Oan's Amour) (
Rune Forging (Cheniya, Marcus) (
Rune Forging (Cheniya, Oan) (

When Tybalt entered the smith's guild, he knew he was going to have his work cut out for him. Half a dozen runes, on as many pieces of kit. To do some of them correctly would take hours, but he wasn't about to skimp on quality when his companions life could quite literally depend on his work. First, he would work on Ja'nus magestaff, forging the rune Dukator. It would be the easiest, seeing as how he had all the necessary materials on hand.

Walking to the back of runesmith's guildhall, Tybalt set Ja'nus magestaff upon a workbench, placed the mage's soulstone nearby, and went in search of tools. They weren't hard to find, everything hung on the walls, or stored in draws labeled not with words, but with the rune the tools related to. It was, Tybalt reflected, a much more elegant solution than in his own workshop. Then again, he was near as made no difference to being a master runesmith, while this hall was probably frequented by novice and apprentice smiths. It made sense that they might not know what went with what.

Taking a small chisel and a mallet, Tybalt set about chipping the shape of the rune Dukator into the body of Ja'nus magestaff. The metal seemed to resist damage, and it was only after Tyablt had extracted Rai-Tane's eye that he could actually carve the shape into it. The shape of the rune turned out to be shallow, and rather rough, a far cry from what he wanted. With a wry half-smile, Tybalt found a heavier chisel, and got to work cleaning and deepening the cuts. All around him, several apprentice smiths were also working, taking note of his technique, and trying to copy his actions. After all, they had to learn proper blacksmithing techniques before they could be trusted to forge runes as well.

Tybalt lifted Ja'nus soulstone into a crucible, and then invoked the rune Cendius around it. Blue-white flame rippled and glowed in the crucible, slowly turning purple at the base. With a bright puff of purplish smoke, the soulstone turned to a thick, viscous, liquid. Tybalt lifted the crucible with a pair of tongs, and carefully
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"Master Simms, I seek as much knowledge of the deamons as I can get. Myself and a party of friends are heading north to seek them out and do what we can to stop them. We have lost a dear friend already, a Necromancer by the name of Galithir. Anything you know that can help us would be useful. If you need time to look anything up I can return later. I have to collect my staff from our Runesmith and return here anyway."
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Tybalt double checked all the equipment he'd worked on. Makeing sure it was all intact. He quickly informed the clerk he was done for the day and would be coming back tomorrow, that there would be a workspace availble for him. He then made his way to the tavern.
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Looking around the docks Oan could see how easy it was for Skoli to be losing materials. The docks were a bustling place and keeping an eye on anything, never mind everything, was a difficult task. Asking around, posing as a buyer, he found where Skoli's supplies were offloaded from the boats and stored. There were a couple of guards nearby, probably hired by Skoli himself. Oan made a point of not being seen by them as he looked around the area, searching for a suitably hidden place to observe from when he got back from his trip to the "caravan ruins" that Miss Rose had spoken of.

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Tybalt walked into The Beefsmith and placed his weapons and the others gear in the racks. Then looked around, it seemed he was the first there. He went to the bar and ordered a Ale before quickly find a table for all of them and sat down to wait.
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Ja'nus stepped out of the carriage passing the silver to the driver. He walked in to the Beefsmith and located Tybalt after putting Galithirs staff in the rack next to his own. He orderd an Ale for himself and two steak dinners for himself and Tybalt as a thanks for the work done on his staff.

Sitting down across from the runesmith he was eager to find out how the process had gone.
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Ja'nus considered the idea of runic protection. The Amulet certainly seemed like the best choice. Clothes could be changed and the protection lost.

"The Amulet, I feel, would be the more practical solution Tybalt. Also, before I forget. . ."

He reached into his pouch and retreive the two Star Rubies, discreetly passing them to Tybalt.

"We have these for sale. Im sure there is somewhere in the Smithy area that may pay handsomely for these and we can distribute the payment amongst ourselves. We also have the Sunstone from the Golem if we wish to sell it. Or any of these could be used for crafting if you prefer."

He considered for a moment.

"The Sunstone may be better sold at the Collegiate however as they will have a more immediate use for it."
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'Eximus. It will require some rare supplies. They should have them at the Guild Hall but I might have to search some of the other traders in the city. If you don't mind, I'll leave it until I've finished everyone elses.'

Tybalt took the rubies and put them in his pouch. 'I'll take them to the jewelers in the guild halls. It would be best if you came along and picked the amulet. You would have a better idea of what would suit you. Shouldn't take long to pick one.'

Tybalt turned back to Zothern, 'Would you mind accompanying me to the hall tomorrow? I'd feel more comfortable while I carry this gear if you were with me.' While he didn't expect to be robbed, it never hurt to be prepared.
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"As you wish. I can go from there to the Collegiate with my staff to train, and to get more information, and Miss Rose."
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'I'd also forgotten about the sunstone, wasn't it damaged in the fight? If so I can use it to inscribe Runes of accuracy on peoples ranged weapons. Any left over can be sold to the jeweler also.'
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'I should only need escort to the Halls for now, you're company would be appreicated. As to supplies, I'll see if they have all I need at the Halls first before looking elsewhere. Your share from the sale of the loot should cover the costs of the supplies and leave you with change.'
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Requesting a small detour from the cart driver Oan paid a quick visit to the Collegiate where he had a hurried conversation with the guard, explaining his request for a mage to accompany himself, Marcus and a handful of guards from the city to check for the ruined caravan. The conversation was brief, Oan didn't want to keep the trader waiting and have to pay him even more, but he felt confident that his message would get through and with any luck a mage would join them at dawn. Content that he had done all he could he bade the trader to continue to the Beefsmith.

Dismounting from the cart with Marcus, Oan enter the Beefsmith and, after a quick search, located the rest of the party. Joining them and placing his order with a passing waitress Oan informed the rest of the party of Skoli's offer of lodgings, explaining that food may not be provided, but it was free accommodation if nothing else which allowed them a little more to spend on weapons and armour as well as ammunition and other supplies.

Noting the absence of Emily, Oan also informed them of his plan to check for the ruins of the caravan and the task Skoli had set them. "Zothern," he asked "I believe you'll be around the docks tomorrow looking for purchases? If I explain to you where Skoli's goods are kept could you keep an eye on them until I return? We should be back by nightfall with any luck. Also, if it's ok with everyone else I'd like to spend at least 2 or 3 more days here when I get back so that I can study the terrain between here and our next destination, wherever that may be."
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Zothern listened to Oan's resquest.
"I will do so. If we're to stay a few days more, then my tasks can be posponed. I still have a package to deliver, and I believe I have a old friend among the local Guards."
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"A few days here can do us good. Restocking and getting to know the place and the locals. I would like the time to fully explore the Collegiate anyway. Im sure it has much to teach me past information of Deamons."
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'I'm happy to spend some time here. It will give me a chance to stock up and do some shopping myself. I expect you and Marcus saw your armour as you entered? Everything went as planed and it should work perfectly. If either of you have anything else you want inscribed I'll take it with me tomorrow.'
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"My thanks Tybalt. I'll make sure I take it with me tomorrow, just in case." Finishing his meal Oan stood. "I'm going to see if I can't find out a bit more from Skoli, something seems amiss in Darrow itself, one of my father's acquaintances seems to be behaving rather strangely, even for him. Marcus knows where we're staying, but I shouldn't be too long."

With that Oan collected his weapons and armour by the door and made for Skoli's manor, where he proceeded to the tradesman's entrance and announced himself.
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Tybalt followed Oan to the Rack and retrived both Oan's and Marcus' armour, giving Oan his before returning to the table with Marcus' and handing it to him.
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Ja'nus finished his meal and downed the rest of his ale.

"I have need to travel to the docks. I shall return later." Tybalt, could you hand me my staff?

They walked over to the rack and Tybalt hnaded Ja'nus his staff. "My thanks" said Ja'nus with a smile. With that he stepped out into the street and headed towards the dock. He hoped that he wouldn't run into any trouble on the way. He just wanted to find the girl and then get back.
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Marcus thanked Tybalt, and took back his armor. He took a bite out of his roast chicken and took a long sip from his ale. "I reckon tomorrow morning we will have a better idea on what exactly went down. Hopefully there won't be anything left to fight, as I am not exactly fully rested. Tybalt, you might want to heal Jan'us up, my guess is he's still much weaker than he's letting on".
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Carrying Galithir's staff on his back, Ja'nus made his way towards the docks. Upon arrival he immediately began questioning people about the woman but his early investigations were in vain, as most of the workers seemed to go to healers associated with the collegiate, like the Loenthaal Eric had mentioned. On a hunch, Ja'nus entered the nearest pub to talk to the barman; maybe some of the less respectable members of the community needed the attention of less well known healers sometimes. Wasting no time, he asked if the man knew of any healers matching the woman's description.

"I might know her" replied the barman cagily, "but what d'you want with her. You could get one the the mages at the college to help you."

"I have a delivery to make. A friend sent me to give her this staff."

The barkeep thought for a moment before responding. "The woman's name is Kahlan. She travels around the bars every evening for work. There's usually some drunk that starts a fight, and paying her to fix 'em up is better than risking the guards attention. Most of the people she heals prefer discretion." The barman looked at him hard for a few seconds before continuing. "A lot of people owe her their lives. She may just do it for the money, but most everyone respects her. If you make trouble for her, you'll make a lot of enemies in Darrow. Assuming she doesn't kill you first."

"I mean her no harm, I'm merely carrying out my friends last wishes" said Ja'nus, although he was starting to feel a little apprehensive. "Do you know where I can find her?"

"No, but I imagine you'll run into her soon enough if you stay near the docks. I'd advise advise staying in the pubs. Not here though, we don't have much trouble."

Ja'nus thanked the man and decided to head out to look for her at another pub. The streets were still fairly crowded, so he made his way slowly through the streets, keeping an eye out for Kahlan. After just a few minutes he heard the sound of breaking glass from a nearby street, followed by angry yells. Figuring they might need the help of a healer he rushed towards the source of the commotion, only to find that it was a simple accident and no one was hurt. Turning away, a hooded figure caught Ja'nus' eye. After staring for a moment he caught a glimpse of a woman with red hair, but unfortunately she noticed him. Before he could react, she turned and sprinted towards a nearby alley, the sudden motion causing her hood to slip. Ja'nus recognized her instantly from the vision Galithir had given him and quickly started after her.
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Looking down a dark alley at night was never a good idea, as Ja'nus was about to find out the hard way. Especially seeing as how he had just been chasing someone. As soon as he got to the alley, he couldn't help but notice how very dark it was, and how narrow. The girl
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'Who'd like another drink?' Tybalt then waved a Barmaid over an ordered another round of Ale for those still at the tavern.
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Ja'nus made his was back to the Beefsmith, more than a little angry at the girls actions, but at the same time feeling for her loss.

He turned to face her. He spoke softly and kindly, "Look miss, I am sorry for your loss, truly. Galithir was a good man, and we all feel his loss deeply. He helped keep us alive many times. You do have my sympathy."

Darwing himself up, and his voice edged with steel he then said "It is only because of this that I am willing to forgive your actions back their. Attempt such a thing again with myself OR my companions and I shall personally see to it that you regret such an action intensely."

His voice was backed by a degree of anger and as he spoke the dagger she held began to heat up, getting hotter and hotter in her hand. She yelped and dropped the sharp blade on the stones. Ja'nus lent down and retrieved the blade, it sizzled gently as he passed it back to her.

"I trust we will have no more unplesantness young miss?" He said with a smile. "Please, walk with me. I will get you a drink when we get to the tavern and you can tell us all exactly who you are."

He set off again to the Beefsmith.
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The pair walked in silence for a few more seconds, while Kahlan reconsidered her opinion of this man. She knew she had been perhaps a little too harsh with him in the alley, but then she dealt with criminals on a regular basis and knew from experience that to hesitate could have been the death of her if he had been hostile.

"Sir, I apologise for my behaviour, but when I see a mage that is clearly still recovering from a vicious fight staring at me whilst carrying my father's staff, to be polite could easily result in my death. If you were indeed a friend of my father then I will be more than willing to help you in any way I can in this quest." Her voice hardened. "But if I learn that you are lying to me, then you will not have the chance to regret it. I am a healer. I know the location of every major artery in your body and I am quite capable of severing them with surgical precision."

Kahlan smiled sweetly. "I think we understand each other, so perhaps we should stop threatening each other until we've heard each other's stories? Where are we headed anyway?"
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"I accept your apology miss. I am Ja'nus Faeyon, white mage of the school of Rai-Tane. We are heading to The Beefsmith where, assuming it is not too late, my companions are still enjoying a late night beverage. Non of us have anything to hide from you, and we expect the same in return. There is no need for any of us to lie at all. Once we arrive, you will be fully filled in on how your father met his end. Know that he did so bravely, and he did not go easily or willingly."
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"I have seen my father fight Master Faeyon. I would have expected no less. You may call me Kahlan. My surname can wait, since I doubt my father told you it." They entered the Beefsmith and headed over to a table where the others waited for them.
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Ja'nus and Kahlan placed their weapons in the rack, and he orderd a drink for the two of them and then guided her over the the table where most of the party remained.

"Gentlemen, allow me to introduce our new. . .associate, for the time being. This is Kahlan. Galithirs daughter."

He guestured for her to sit down while he stood.

"Now miss, I believe you have some questions?"
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Marcus turned as he heard the door open, and spotted Jan'us walking in with someone else, a shorter, hooded figure. As the figure lowered its hood, Marcus was stunned to see a beautiful young woman, with long red hair and a rough air about her. He immediately felt an attraction, but felt that perhaps he should wait to make any move. He waited for the pair to make their way to the table, and tried to fake disinterest as they sat down.
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"I believe courtesy dictates that my first question has to be 'aren't you going to introduce your friends to me?' Or should perhaps I should ask them myself?" She glanced around at the others, her gaze lingering on Marcus for a moment.

Once they had all been introduced she spoke once again, carefully controlling her voice. "As Ja'nus said, my name is Kahlan. Galithir was my father. I'm afraid circumstances prevented Ja'nus from giving me an explanation, so tell me. How did he die?"
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Ja'nus felt as a fellow mage that he should explain.

"We were in the Forlorn Woods. We came across a fight between some dryads and a pair of mages, a Pyromancer and a Chaosigan. We engaged the mages and Galithir delt greivous wounds to the Chaosigan. As his last act he drew up the last of his power from the blood around him and dark energy engulfed your father. There was nothing left of him but his staff."

He bowed his head for a moment as he rememberd that fateful moment.
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Marcus felt a stinging sadness as he remembered Galithir. "He was a dear friend, and a very brave man. He saved our lives on more than one occasion, and I will always remember him dearly." Seeing this girl, only just younger than him, lose her father made Marcus think of his own Father, back in his village, looking after his younger sisters and mother. He hoped that he was safe, and that he hadn't gone on one too many patrols. A small tear came to his eye, and he ducked his head down.
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'We didn't know him as long as you did, he was a great man and a good friend. He was trying to to take the Choasigan down quickly. The Choasigan was more powerful then we though.'
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Kahlan smiled sadly at all the tributes. "I may have known him longer than you, but even I didn't know him very well. Since my mother died he gave his entire life over to hunting daemons. I rarely saw him more than twice a year, and I don't remember ever seeing his real face. But he was a good man when I did see him, and I thank you for your kind words." There was a short pause as they all remembered Galithir.

"Now then, I knew my father well enough to know that he would have wanted you to succeed in this quest, and that he would have tried to stop me from getting involved. For those reasons, I would like to offer my services to you in this. A healer is always a useful person to have around, and I know how to handle myself in a fight as well" she said, shooting a quick grin at Ja'nus.
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Marcus felt his spirits lift instantly. Having Kahlan would make life much easier for everyone, and a lot more enjoyable he guessed. She intrigued him, likely because she was so unlike any of the girls from his village, who were simple an complacent. She was strong and independent, something that Marcus found quite interesting.
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'You are certainly welcome. I've been healing us with my runes but they aren't as powerful as what you can do. If you have anything you would like inscribed I'd be willing to do it.'
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"Well lady and gentlemen. It would be advisable that we settle down for the night as soon as we can. We all have things to do tomorrow and I personally do not want to risk demolishing a portion of the Collegiate because I was tired. We will need Oan to guide us to our dwellings though."
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'Oan said that Marcus knows where we are staying.'
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Ja'nus looked across at Marcus who was discreetly trying to check out Kahlans backside.

"I don't think his mind is fully on the task." He said to Tybalt with a grin.

"Nevertheless. . ."

He banged the table top with his palm.

"Marcus!" The warrior snapped out of his reverie and looked a Ja'nus.

"You know the way to our overnight stop? If so then we should finish up here and move on."
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She was quite attractive Marcus thought, as he tried to get a better angle of her. "Marcus!" he jumped as jan'us slammed the table. "oh, erm, yes, I can lead us back. Suppose we should make our way over there now." Rubbing his eyes, Marcus tried to regain his focus, which was a lot easier said than done.
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Healing Amounts (

Walking along the High road, Oan was glad that the nobles insisted on keeping their manors well lit even into the night. It not only kept the undesirables at bay, but also made it much easier to navigate. Still, Oan found himself cursing the city's planners. Eight miles away from the river, and twelve along it, and they couldn't make a single road straight. It was frustrating, but at least Skoli's estate was easy to find.

The tradesman's entrance Oan knew about from earlier visits. Unlike most manors, this one led straight to Skoli's study. It was an arrangement that suited the noble perfectly, as he often had reason to show off his latest plans or blueprints to an interested party that might not be grand enough to be received with full pomp and ceremony. Looking around the room, it was clear that Skoli had retired for the night, a slight hint of tobacco in the air, and a single gas lamp burning at its lowest flame. He could always Skoli in the morning, see if the man knew anything about Dryzic's odd behaviour of late.

He was just getting ready for bed
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Eating swiftly Oan collected everything he might need for the trip. He wore his newly inscribed armour with his bow slung over his back and his sword at his side. Once Skoli had dismissed his students Oan addressed him "Skoli, my friend, are you busy this evening at all? There are matters I would like to discuss. I do not know if they are important but what I have learned so far is...troubling I must admit. If you are free simply name the time and place and I shall endeavour to meet you there"
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Feeling much more refreshed after a wonderful nights sleep and a good breakfast, Ja'nus spoke to Kahlan about her father. He told her of how he had battle valiantly many times to protect them all. He told her the tale of the Revenants, and how Galithir had defied them to save Oans life, and taken control of the revenants for him self. It had been an astonishing display of power and skill. A far different kind of power to what he himself could summon and channel. He told Kahlan that is she ever had any questions about her father, he would tell her what he knew.

With that he stood and bid the rest of them a safe day, and set off to the Collegiate to find Emily and to practice controlling this new rune.
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As Ja'nus turned to leave Oan caught his arm. "Don't tell Emily where I've gone. She might not ask, but if she does just tell her I'm abroad in the city looking for information or something. I don't want her thinking we don't trust her, just in case she is telling the truth."
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"Just so I get my thought sin the right line for today. I'm Escorting Tybalt to his Guild Hall, then making ym way to the Docks to keep an eye on Master Skoli's goods, until Oan returns and attempts to end Skoli's loses due to Pirates. Is that right?"
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"No problem, I hadn't planned on it anyway." he replied with a grin.

He was resisting the urge to use his staff already. He felt like a child with a new toy. He decided that he would go to the training ground first, Emily would either find him there or he would go looking for her when we was done.
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'I do believe that's what we agreed to last night. If you wish you don't have to escort me. I'm just worried about pickpockets while I'm carrying these Star Rubies.'
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"Well if you don't constantly point out you have Star Rubbies in you pocket, why would they want to pick them?" Zothern replied with a smirk. An Idea struck him. "I do however have compartments in my shoulder guards which make excellent hiding places. I haven't had anything nicked from me since I started using them."
Zothern unstrapped his right shoulder guard, which held the money package he needed to deliver whilst in Darrow, when he had time.
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'Certainly safer then my pack.' Tybalt got the Rubies out his pack and handed them to Zothern.

[spoiler=OOC]I'm assuming I've grabbed what I'm working on today off the people that own them. [/spoiler]
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Zothern took the Rubies and place them within the puch inside his shoulder guard. He tried to re-attach the guard, but was jabbed by a point of a ruby. He jostled the puch about slightly and fully affixed the shoulder guard.
"No one would suspect a Town Guard to have rubies in his shoulders." He chuckled.
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'I might have to see if I can install something like that in my armour.' Tybalt looked around, 'Ja'nus has left already hasn't he? Oh well, I'll just have to pick an amulet for him.'
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Kahlan jogged over as Tybalt and Zothern set off. Once she had caught up with them she asked if she could join them for the day. "I heard you saying that you were doing a little side job, catching some thieves at the docks? I have nothing else to do, and I've gotten to know the docks and the people there quite well. I may be of some use."
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Zothern thought for a second.
"I guess it can't hurt. I can watch the goods whilst you make enqueries. Then once Oan returns you can tell him anything you discover. I think you should be descreet though. We don't want to thieves to catch wind of us too soon, or they'll scatter before we can catch them"
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Skoli looked at Oan for a moment, toast paused halfway to his mouth.

"Take it you're busy for the morning then?"

"We've discovered something that bears investigation, and we'd like to see to it sooner rather than later."

"Past sundown then," Skoli replied, punching Oan in the arm before walking to the door. "Now I hafta make sure these students don't break anythin'. Again."

Oan made his way to the guard tower from the previous afternoon, Marcus at his side. As good as their word
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Ja'nus trekked across the town, running into little trouble on the way, it may be that the people of Darrow had learned to give mages a wide berth, just incase. Arriving at the smaller entrance of the Collegiate he stepped in and made his was to the courtyard where he had seen the other mages training yesterday. Could he just join in, or did he need to speak to someone? He began to look around for some kind of official or Senior Mage who might be keeping an eye on proceedings. He spotted the healers who were on hand incase something went very wrong, but couldn't see any members of the Collegiate Senior Staff.

He cautiously headed down to the courtyard, hoping he wasn't about to break any rules. . .or students.
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Riding back to the city, Marcus felt shaken to the core. Seeing that poor soul, and those who had been senselessly slaughtered, was a brutal sight for the young warrior, who valued innocent life above all. He needed to get his mind off of it somehow, as the image of the raised man when he was told he was dead kept haunting him.
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'Zothern, Kahlan, we should get going. I want to get that amulet for Ja'nus and complete as many Runes as I can today.'
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Ja'nus Practicing 1 (
Ja'nus Practicing 2 (
Ja'nus Practicing 3 (
Ja'nus Practicing 4 (

Ja'nus didn't look for Emily at first, he wanted to try channeling Essence through his runic magestaff for the first time. The testing grounds out the back of the Collegiate were full of activity even at this early hour, with master healers walking around the grounds and tending to any injuries, their white robes and red banding a welcome presence. What Ja'nus couldn't tell was how the Collegiate's grounds had so much Essence swirling around them.

The first time he drew the skeins together to light a simple fire nothing happened. As he looked around, he saw lesser mages honing their meager skills closer to the buildings of the Copllegiate, while those more powerful ranged further and further afield, until the most destructive magicks were cast only in the wilds outside the city. Moving a little closer to the buildings, Ja'nus tried again.

This time a small fire flickered in the air ahead of him, slowly turning from red to orange as he wove more skeins through it. Feeding it yet more power, he watched as it flashed blue, then disappeared. One of the apprentices walked over and told him how the testing grounds worked. Laced underneath them were shards of soulstones, with higher and higher concentrations towards the Celan plains. The further from the buildings you were, the more Essence you could draw on. Use too much Essence in one place, and your magick fell apart. Use too little and it wouldn't be drawn from the stones.

Moving further from the buildings of the Collegiate, Ja'nus began slowly moving his body through the stances required to perform proper geomancy, creating several different structures. Spikes, walls, windows, even large chunks of stone. It was easier than he was used to, but it didn't seem to be by much. It might have been the rune was not as good as Tybalt had said, but he didn't doubt his friend's prowess. It might also have been that Ja'nus was not yet attuned to the changes in his magestaff. Or, it might have been the unique way the Collegiate generated Essence for its testing grounds.

Moving as far into the plains as he thought safe, Ja'nus held one hand out in front of him, palm up, and concentrated on the heat of the day. Slowly an orb of fire grew in front of him, little whorls of flame erupting from it every so often. Holding the heat tight in one place, Ja'nus wove more skeins around it, binding it tight, compressing it. The air around the orb screamed in protest, the flames changing from bright orange to an almost blinding yellow-white.

Ja'nus then thrust forward with the head of his staff, sending the magick screaming into the distance. A lance of yellow-white fire rippled from the orb, slashing across the plains until it struck an invisible wall, splashing away in all directions, its force abated. Beneath the lance, the earth had fused to stone, and the few tufts of grass were simply gone. Several students had scattered as they felt the heat of the attack's passage. They were looking at Ja'nus now, admonishing him.

For now, he was done. He had a feel for his improved magestaff, and with a little more focus, he used his geomancy to set the rough glazed stone back to dirt and soil, the way it had been. He did wonder about the wall that had stopped his attack, but he figured out easily enough that it was a safety measure to stop wild or out of control magicks from damaging the city or plains outside the Collegiate's grounds.

His practice done for now, he set off into the Collegiate's halls. He had to find Emily, see how she was doing. He also had to get back to Simms, who had promised to look to the north during the night and discover more about incursions up there. Humming quietly to himself, Ja'nus walked slowly through the Collegiate Arcananum, just taking in the sights. It had been a long time since he had witnessed such understated grandeur.

Simms was easy enough to find, his bespectacled face still buried in a mountain of books and parchment. After exchanging hellos, he got to work showing the mage where exactly the daemons had been in the north.

"See, right here, city of Hygar," Simms pointed just north of the Blackfang range. "Had the most incursions during the Great Fall last year. But here, in Yrso's Folly, nary a sighting until the Quickening. And Linkstadt, nothing at all. No daemons, just a few wildling creatures that weren't dismissed. Can't talk much about the Blackfangs, only pass through is the Great Gap, and there were maybe half a dozen incursions there, all defeated handily. There's a reason king Cyven has such a strong garrison in the north.

"There's more though, to the east, through Astar's Torment, city of Sueni had maybe three minor incursions. Something about the lands there make it hard for daemons to hold their form. The Rikashi have never been strong on magecraft
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Ja'nus stood outside her door, he was a little dumb struck by her reaction, but he realised that if they did indeed carry on with their quest, there was a strong possability that they might run into Emilys sister and be forced to kill her.

Kocking on the door he spoke softly. "Miss Rose, please understand that we as a group need to know exactly who we travel with, trust is a big issue, and your apperance was a little too well timed to be by chance. We had to know that you were who you said you were. I don't know what they found out there, although from the sound of it it was pretty, but if it varifies your story it can only be a good thing."

He paused to think.

"As for travelling north. . .we have no choice. People need saving, they need to be free from these deamons, they have the right to be free, and my friends and I will do everything in our power to see that happen. I do not know exactly what you are worried about, but I can hazard a few guesses, but what must happen must happen. Nothing is set in stone, and you can trust me on that one. . .We are going to be in Darrow for a few more days, we are lodging at Master Skolis place. You can find us there if you choose."

She would need time.

With that he set off to see if he could find some better robes than these. He was no apprentice afterall.
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Tybalt decided to go to Beefsmith again. The meals were good, the Ale better and there was a chance his friends would go there for lunch aswell. He hoped that if Ja'nus would, he wanted to discuss the options with him before deciding on the amulet.

After lunch he'd go back and set in action what was chosen, check the price of Eximus and then go shopping for himself. He wanted a pouch like Ja'nus' for himself. Maybe just a small one he could put in his own pouch, he only wanted to carry the Materials to help him cast Istseyla. Then he'd get rations and other consumables for the next leg of thier journey.
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Returning to the city of Darrow in good time Oan and Marcus thanked the guards and the necromancer for their assistance, Oan sparing each of them a few silver in gratitude. Necromancers did not readily perform their work at the request of others, and for simple men like guards it was not an easy thing to observe.

Making haste for the temple of Shaya they prayed forgiveness for what they had done. Standing, Oan bade Marcus find the rest of the party and inform them of what he had learned. Then he set off for the Collegiate to take to Emily before his meeting with Skoli. He wasn't sure, but he thought he'd detected a slight pull from the amulet a short time ago.

Arriving at the Collegiate he asked where Emily was staying, informing the guard that he needed to speak with her privately.
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Unsure of where people would be, Marcus thought his best bet would be to check the beefsmith, as it had become an impromptu meeting place. Arriving at the door and placing his weapons in the rack, he spotted Tybalt sitting eating lunch, and headed over to him. Ordering an ale, he caught up Tybalt on what had happened on the plains earlier that day.
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Ja'nus wandered the halls a little aimlessly, not very sure where to go, everyone he saw seemed to be busy with something and he was loathe to interrupt them. Surely the Collegiate made its own robes? He remembered what Eric had said about this one, it was an Apprentice robe. Would he have to tested to see what he was allowed to wear?
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"Well, the only thing left I might want to inscribe with a rune would be my bow. The only issue is I am unsure if I like this bow yet. I think I might take a trip to a fletcher, see if I can find one that I like the feel for. I assume they would have a range for me to try my new one as well as any possible purchases." with that, Marcus finished his ale and headed to the bar. "excuse me bartender, would you happen to know where the closest fletcher would be?"
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Info Gathering for Zothern (
Kahlan's Investigation (
Marcus' Bow Practice 1 (War Bow) (
Marcus' Bow Practice 2 (War Bow) (
Marcus' Bow Practice 3 (Short Bow) (
Marcus' Bow Practice 4 (Short Bow) (
Marcus' Bow Practice 5 (Short Bow) (

After seeing Tybalt safely to the jewellers, Zothern had headed for the docks. There was something he needed to take care of first, and he figured Kahlan would be able to handle things in his absence, given her greater knowledge of the city. He needed to find Gideon Markham, and tell him something about winning a bet. The man was a guard, so the best place to ask would be the barracks, in this case, fort Darrow.

It was mid-morning by the time Zothern arrived at the castle, walking in the eastern door along with a variety of other people, citizens and travellers alike. There was a guard standing next to a ledger that everyone appeared to sign, so Zothern waited in line to approach him.

"Sir, I'm looking Gideon Markham, I have a package for him."

"You and everyone else. Leave your offering in the alcove there," the guard replied, pointing across the hall.

Zothern looked where the guard was pointing. Sure enough, there was a casket placed upon a stone plinth. The man inside wore full plate, a sword held in both hands, point towards his feet. He wore no helmet, so Zothern could easily see his wispy grey hair. Around the casket were hung many wreaths, and on the floor in front of it were hundreds of votive candles, bundles of spices and incense, and more than a few coins. Zothern looked down at the ledger. He really should have paid more attention the first time. It was no ledger, but a book of condolences.

"When?" he asked the guard.

"Three days ago. In his sleep. City guard won't be the same without ol' Markham to guide us true."

"I'm sure you'll do the right thing," Zothern replied, walking towards the alcove. He wasn't aware how corrupt the nobles and lords of Darrow had become. Markham had kept them in check, kept them honest. The folk liked him, the nobles didn't, but he was untouchable, a veteran of the Celan Cleansing. So they just waited for time to take its course.

Walking over to the casket, Zothern carefully navigated his way through the votive candles. Reaching out, he gently placed a single gold coin over each of Markham's eyes, uttering the words of Shaya's mercy, and Morrde's benediction. Then he lifted the coins, took the third from the pouch at his waist, and scattered them among the little votive candles. He thought back to what the guard in Perro's Folly had told him. Even if it Markham had won the wager, it seemed as if fate had had the last laugh this time, leaving him unable to claim his riches, small though they were.

After paying his respects, Zothern found another guard within the castle, and started to inquire about recent daemonic incursions. It seemed that Darrow had been attacked at least twice, on a large scale, during the early weeks of the Quickening just passed. As the guard related this story to him, Zothern asked about the kinds of daemons they had fought. It seemed as though they had fought only bestial daemons, nothing human-like, and no shadowmages to speak of. That struck Zothern as odd
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Ja'nus Demonstration (

Wandering the halls of the Collegiate, Ja'nus soon ran across the Raimenters, makers of all the Collegiate's robes. As soon as he walked through the door, the woman behind the counter began taking out a measure and gathering the cloth she was working on.

"School?" she asked, completely businesslike.

"Rai-Tane," Ja'nus reply was equally brief.


"High?" Ja'nus had to hazard a guess, he wasn't sure what system the Collegiate used.

"Funny," the raimenter replied in a voice that said exactly the opposite. "Russet chart, over there."

Ja'nus looked at the chart. There was a list of exercises, several of which he hadn't performed since first learning geomancy or pyromancy. Next to each set was a named level of proficiency. He read to the bottom of the chart, and couldn't find any exercise he was incapable of.

"Master skill," he told the woman.

"Proof?" she asked.

Carefully weaving skeins of Essence together, Ja'nus created a ball of rock from nothingness. The woman didn't seem too impressed. Until the ball shrunk to half its initial size, and glowed a dull orange, dripping molten rock on the floor. Carefully untangling the skeins used for the demonstration of his power, Ja'nus undid the magick.

"I meant a certificate of mastery from one of the teachers," the raimenter said huffily, after a long pause. "But you wouldn't know that, would you, because you didn't study here."

"Just passing through," Ja'nus replied.

"Robe's not free then."

"I have money, it'll be enough."

"You'll want a working robe then, not something for the courts. The Turn is coming, I'll make you something warm."

The woman started muttering to herself as she walked through the racks of material in the back of the room, selecting a heavy woolen blend, and then a fine cotton for the liner. The wool was a dark, deep orange, like rust or Turned leaves, while the cotton was black. For the hem and the cuffs, the raimenter also drew some silver ribbon from inside a draw at the counter.

With nothing else to do in the afternoon, Ja'nus watched her work, cutting out the shape of the robe, occasionally walking over to measure him, then walking back and pinning the fabric in place. The woman was a fast worker, with very fine skill, her stitching remarkably tight and strong. With the liner in place she bid Ja'nus to try on the robe. It hung a little low, dragging along the floor, and the shoulders were too wide and not shaped quite well enough.

Taking the robe back, the raimenter spent several minutes making each alteration, taking up the hem, gathering the shoulders in a single pleat, and stitching on the hood. The silver banding was next. Lastly she stitched several buttons to the inside of one flap of the robe, making a hole for each in the other flap, then binding the edge of each hole with the tightest stitching Ja'nus had ever seen on a garment.

Trying the robe on once more, Ja'nus found it fit near perfect, and while the buttons were a little complicated to do up, once done up they would not come undone save with the most excessive of force. Throwing the hood over his bald head, Ja'nus smiled. It was a fine robe, for a fine mage.

"I'm glad you like it. Fourteen silvers for the piece."

Counting out one gold piece and two silvers, Ja'nus paid the woman, then left the Collegiate the way he had come. It was early afternoon, and he was at a loose end. He pondered what to do next, sitting on a bench in the grotto at the Collegiate's entrance.
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Ja'nus spent some time admireing the robes, they were truly beautiful. He decided to go into the towns market area and see if he could find a cheap jerkin and some light trousers or something similar to wear under it. He would also need a new bedsheet. but that would be easy enough.

Heading into town he wondered if he should stop off at the beefsmith to see who was there, and maybe see if Tybalt had finished the amulet he was making for him. Once he had done that though he would be a bit of a loose end. Maybe he would find Marcus. He and the warrior didn't spend much time together in conversation, but Ja'nus he developed a great respect for the basic honesty of the man. And his skills up close were second to none. Also, he might know where he could sell is Rikashi sword. As beautiful as it was, it still felt alien to him. Next time they did some training he would ask Tybalt to form him a staff out of the magical wood.
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"Zothern, the kids that are nicking Skoli's stuff don't see anything especially wrong with what they're doing. If you want them to stop, just tell their dad about it. Maybe Skoli could talk to him, he might be willing to buy some of the enmeshed steel from him. He'd certainly either return the materials they'd stolen or pay for them. I don't see any reason to stay here anymore, we should go talk to Skoli now."
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Arriving at the Beefsmith Ja'nus looked about for any of the party that may have been there, and spotted Tybalt at a table. He racked his staff and made his way through the furniture and the customers and sat down next to the runesmith, adjusting his new robes as he did so.

"My staff performed admirably once I got used to it, my thanks again. Did you get a chance to make the amulet?"
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Upon hearing that Emily wasn't taking visitors he asked the doorman to deliver a note to her. He wrote: Emily, I realise by now you know we went to check on the caravan and that you're angry as a result. We need to talk. I can explain why we did it, and I feel we can still help each other. I am staying with a noble called Skoli if you wish to find me, or any of my friends you can either find us or find out where we've gone from there.

Folding the note and handing it to the doorman Oan turned and headed to the Beefsmith, he hadn't eaten since breakfast and it seemed to be the default meeting place of the party. It was as good a place as any to start.
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Marcus made his way back to the beefsmith, hoping to meet up with a few of his party members there. Racking his weapons, he spotted Tybalt and Jan'us at a table, and headed over. "How is everyone doing? I was thinking about looking for a place to sell the Rikashi weapons. I have no use for carrying around half a dozen daggers, and if you guys want to unload yours I can take care of that for you."
Turning directly to Tybalt, he said "I might like to have a rune inscribed on my new bow, although I am unsure what at the moment. Any thoughts?"
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"I'll take you up on that Marcus, I have more need for the gold than I do for the blade."

He looked over and saw that his sword was still in the rune rack from the first time they had entered The Beefsmith.

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Arriving at the Beefsmith Oan located the party and took a seat.

"Well, for some reason Emily's not talking to us. I'm guessing her being a seer and my little trip has something to do with it but I don't know for sure yet. I left a note asking her to speak with me though. Has there been any word from Kahlan and Zothern?"
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"Kids? More complicated than I'd like. People you can hit with a sharp pointy stick are generally so much easier to deal with" Oan replied with a wry grin. "Ok, we'll see how Skoli wants to play this and go from there. As for Emily, I appreciate the offer, but I'm hoping that my note will be enough. I'll take you up on it though if it's not though."

With that Oan finished his meal and left to speak to Skoli. He needed to see how his friend wanted to proceed and he had other matters to discuss as well. Dryzic's behaviour still troubled him, as did the news that Darrow had been attacked twice and a couple of other things.
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Oan's Insight (

Zothern found Skoli working with the students from the university in the grounds of his estate. The barge looked much the same as the first time he had seen it. He really had no idea how to improve it
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As Tybalt arrived back at The Beefsmith, Ja'nus was already waiting. "We should speak to the Guild Master about the price of the amulet. Perhaps there is a small service that I might perform in order to get him to reduce the price. I am no expert in such matters but 10 gold does seem high. Still, if it comes to it, I will pay, I would be foolish to risk my life for want of a few gold coins."

If you are ready we can go now?
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'Certainly. Let's go.'
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Ja'nus collected his staff and the two of them headed out to the Smithy Tybalt had been using. Chatting a little about Runelore on the way, the whole concept seemed completly at odds to what Ja'nus knew about magick. He knew how to shape and manipulate and focus essence, that was his stock in trade, but what Tybalt was describing seemed to him to be complety different while still very similer.

Arriving at the Smithy the pair first went and Checked the Amulet was still there, which it unsuprisingly was. Then they went and found the man at the desk to speak to him about anyway that they might be able to lower the price.
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Zothern made his way back to the docks. Searching around, he thought he'd found the vessel that was had been made from Skoli's materials. "Impressive." He muttered to himself, and began searching for the Dock-worker Father.
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Once she had finished her meal, Kahlan headed over to Skoli's manor to find Zothern. Upon arrival she discovered that he had aldready left for the docks, so she quickly set out after him. It didn't take long to find him, she simply went straight for the boathouse and waited until he showed up.

"So what did Skoli want to do about it?" she asked as she hurried over.

"He wants us to find the father. Skoli's hoping he can help work this out."

"Well, I know where he'll be. Like I said, I've had dealings with him" she said, a little confused as to why Zothern hadn't come to find her, considering she could have led him straight to the boat.
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Confused by the butler's willingness to follow Dryzic's strange request and not investigate, as well as the timing, Oan wandered the city for a while, collecting and examining his thoughts. Things didn't add up, and he didn't like that. Dryzic was supposed to return in a few days, he may have answers then, if the party were still in Darrow. Still, that was a long wait for a caravan which may not come. He had a better idea. He made his way to the barracks and requested to meet with the man in charge. If the summoner had truly left Darrow at midnight he would have been seen by the guards, and midnight travellers are not exactly common when daemon attacks are on the rise, someone would remember it. If it happened.
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Arriving at The Beefsmith, Ja'nus tried to stumble over to the table without racking his staff. Tybalt caught him by the arm and swung his round like a capstan untill he was moving in the right direction again. Slumping into the wall next to the rack, it took Ja'nus 4 attempts to get the lightweight stave into the thing.

Pushing away from the wall he landed quite heavily on Tybalts shoulder and the pair began to move unsteadily toward the nearest table.

"I thin' i need a water. . ." He slurred. He felt almost intoxicated, he needed to try and wake up. He crossed his arms on the table in front of him, resting his forehead on them and promptly fell asleep.
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Thanking the guard for his time Oan made his way back to Dryzic's place where he asked Master Rojziak to send a message to Skoli's place for him should he hear anything of his master's plan to return to the city, then he returned to Skoli's manor and began looking over maps showing the terrain between Darrow and Cyven. He knew some of the terrain, but it wasn't a region he frequented so his knowledge was a little rusty.
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After they took their leave from Barcic, Kahlan left Zothern to head for the room she had been renting while she had been in Darrow. She had been invited to stay at Skoli's manor the previous day and had decided to take them up on the offer, since she didn't really want to have to walk home that evening and the room she was renting was terrible. She quickly told her landlord that she was leaving, who insisted on keeping all of this months rent - she had payed in advance - despite the fact she was leaving a week early. After packing everything important or valuable, she headed out to find the other.

Figuring it was the most likely place to find the others, Kahlan headed for the Beefsmith. She immediately spotted Tybalt, who was trying to revive an unconscious Ja'nus.

"What happened to him?" she asked Tybalt, quickly checking for injuries. Tybalt explained what Ja'nus had done. "Right. You get him some water, I'll see if I can help" she said, trying to ignore the stares of the other patrons. As Tybalt headed for the bar, Kahlan placed her hands on Ja'nus' head and began channelling Essence.
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Zothern chose to make his way to the Beefsmith. He decided to try for a scenic route around the City, taking as much of the surrounding city-life as he could. He had trained to guard these sort of people, these sort of settlements. If only he wasn't so unstable when his Mercenary Grandfather was mentioned. An offhand slur, and he had lost his chance to graduate.

Taking himself away from such thoughts, He realized his medical pack was probably low on supplies, and even though Kahlan was a White Mage of Healing, it wouldn't hurt having some physical medicals aides for their journey. He searched for a Medical supply store.
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I believe Rav's backup data goes here. :)
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Dragging this back to the top as well. Just in case.
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Chapter 5
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Tybalt awoke just before the rising of the sun. He'd found himself doing that ever since the Temple of the Sun Goddess. He looked around and nodded to Zothern and Xan. He quickly got up and packed his gear before having breakfast, toasted bread, cheese and some salted meat.
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Ja'nus woke slowly. Feeling like he had slept for a month, and he shook the sleep from his head. There had been visions in his head. Light and dark, some great battle but nothing clear or in focus, more of feelings that images. It had ended with a sudden sense of loss. He cast it aside for now. Rai-Tanes visions were usually more clear and direct. The image of Nemesis fitted across his mind like a shadow and he wondered when they would run into it and it's minions again. He remembered the book in the Collegiate in Darrow and knew there were several Deamon Princes to face.

Packing away his bedroll he took a few strips of meat from his pouch and heated them up him a small fire he conjoured over his open palm. The magickal fire did make the meat taste a little different, but as he has had so much of it over the years he was very used to it. While eating he spotted Emily looking a little. . not so much shaken as uneasy and walked over to her. He tore off a peice of the hot meat and offered it to her.

"Are you ok Miss Rose? You seem a little rattled. Did you sleep well?"

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Rehd jolted awake, like a man who dreamed he was falling. His eyes flicked open for an instant before closing once more, and he let his body and mind reallign themselves. His eyes opened once more, slowly this time, and he rose from his bedroll with the usual air of self-control he exuded. He was not fond of sleeping; there was far too much blood and pain in his past for the night to offer him respite. Tonight he'd dreamed of drowning, of being dragged along under water after being crippled by arcane fire. It was not a pleasant memory.
He had a little rabbit meat left in his pack, and some stale bread to go with it. An unappetising meal, perhaps, but he had long since ruined his sense of taste; his excessive use of Red Magic had burned away his senses to the point where all he could taste was blood and life essence. Dead meat was bland and flat, and plant matter was even worse. Only by gorging himself on the life of others could he remember how to savour food and drink and the pleasures of the flesh.

He made a point of eating his breakfast away from the others; watching a man eat raw meat often gave the wrong idea, but when the man had a face like his... right now, he did not need to give these people another reason not to trust him.
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Kahlan woke up slowly, taking her time in getting out of her bedroll since there didn't seem to be any immediate danger. As she lay there, she reflected on the conversation she'd had with Marcus the previous night. It had been good to learn more about her father, someone she had spent a good few years of her life trying to connect with, even if she had given up her search for information 4 years ago. Despite this, she found that she had actually been more interested in what Marcus had said about himself. She mentally shook herself; this was hardly a good time to start anything more than a friendship. Despite this, Kahlan couldn't help but think that if they both survived this quest she might enjoy spending a bit more time with him.

Casting the thoughts aside, Kahlan got up and packed her bedroll away, before having some breakfast.
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Marcus rose, giving a quick yawn, and began gathering his supplies. He looked across the camp to see Kahlan doing the same. The watch the night before was interesting. Marcus rarely talked about his upbringing with others, but he felt comfortable around Kahlan. It was interesting how different the two of them were, Marcus a rural warrior with a strict code of honor, Kahlan an urban healer who wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty. And yet... There might me something.
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Oan rose from his sleep quickly and reached for his dagger, settling in a low crouch. As he looked out of his tent he saw Jan'us walking over to Emily and talking to her. She looked uneasy, but unharmed. He relaxed and began to prepare his gear. Once he had packed and was ready for departure Oan consulted the atlas Jan'us had given him, searching for landmarks or potential rest spots as well as establishing which way they needed to go before getting something to eat. As he sat and ate his breakfast Oan wondered if Emily was ok. the amulet seemed to be triggered more frequently now, though whether that was simply due to proximity he didn't know. He decided he'd find time to talk to her alone at some point, for now though, they had a lot of ground to cover.
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Looking around, Kahlan made sure everyone was up and had had there breakfast. "Right then, let's get moving, shall we? Or is there anything we still need to do?"
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"I could use a hot bath," Rehd said idly, having finished his meal and hidden his face behind his scarf once more. "Alas, the establishment seems poorly equipped. I am ready to march when you are."
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Having eaten his fill Oan checked his equipment over once more and made ready to depart. "This way then when you're ready"
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Tybalt looked up at Oan's voice. 'I believe you said you'd teach me how to scout and navigate somemore today.' He said as he stood up, grabbing his pack and slinging his rifle.
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"That I did." Oan replied "Here's the first part of today's route. You head out now, we'll head out in a couple of minutes. Let's see how well you can conceal yourself. then I'll give you some tips ready for the afternoon's journey."
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Tybalt's Scouting (
Tybalt's Stealth (

The group were packed and ready, and Tybalt followed Oan's instructions, heading forwards quickly, keeping the group just in sight. It wasn't hard, considering the size of the group, but as the sun rose Tybalt ranged further ahead, taking a route roughly parallel to the one Oan had drawn for him on a scrap of parchment. He knew Oan was testing him, so he he did his very best to take in every detail of the land as he passed by. A gnarled tree here, a distinctive rock there, the burble of a fast moving creek in the distance. Even the animals, a lone sabretusk, a trio of hippos, a pack of youngling river wolves, possibly the same ones from the day before.

Walking at the head of the group, Oan gestured for Zothern to take point for a while. Slowing slightly, the ranger fell in step next to Emily, placing a hand on her shoulder and making her jump. She relaxed when she was it was him.

"You looked like you'd seen a ghost this morning," Oan said softly, making sure the others weren't able to hear them. "Is everything okay?"

"I'm fine," Emily lied. Her voice suddenly softened. "I'm fine, really
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Tybalt sat down with the others and carefully loaded some shot into his rifle, he briefly wondered if it would be possible to wrap the powder in wax paper for each shot. It'd mean he could leave his rifle loaded when it was raining and still use it. He decided to ask the Gunsmith that made his rifle when he made it back to Cyven.

He got up and moved over to talk to Xan and Kahlan about healing and the human body. Chatting with them the entire meal break, he wasn't surprised that Marcus was sitting and chatting with them as well.
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Ja'nus walked by himself, off to one side of the group. He was deep in thought about many things, the feeling he had had last night, everything that had happened to him so far. He had so much to learn still, he had thought there was little left for him to learn, and then the whole world had opened up before him, things he had never dreamed of doing. He hardly knew where to start trying to comprehend the abilities he could master.

Firey wings, living stone, liquid rocks that flow like fire. So much to understand and he didn't even even know how to begin to learn them. He would meditate on the Eye later and see what it told him. He would master the secrets of the First Fire eventually.

Looking around he realized he had fallen behind. He picked up his pace and caught up with the group. He had some concerns about Emily though, she was worried. She needed to be watch over. He knew Oan would watch her until his dying breath, but Ja'nus knew personal feelings could be a hazard. He would keep an eye on the both of them from a distance.
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Rehd moved quietly at the back of the group, constantly looking over his shoulder. He was scouting for danger, both with his eyes and with his mind. Inside his robe, his hand caressed the sacrificial blade, drawing a few droplets of blood from his thumb. It had been a while since he'd plunged that blade into a man's heart; he was hoping to change that.

The thought made him sneer, and he shook it away to return to focusing on the task at hand; searching for threats. That was the problem with Red Magic; it consumed you, in every sense.

Like Ja'nus, Rehd had not failed to notice Oan's protective side. He knew from experience that when people were close to one another, one or both parties could be manipulated. That troubled him.
He brought himself up to Ja'nus, making sure to do so in a way that would not be perceived as 'sneaking up'. "I have a question, if you'll indulge me; a hypothetical."
He nodded toward Emily. "Just how much should we, as a collective, be willing to sacrifice for her safety? Is her life worth one of ours? All of ours? Or would it be better to abandon her for the sake of the rest?"
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Ja'nus considered the point. He had died several times to save the group as a whole. He believed that any of the group would do the same if the situation called for it. Would they just abandon one of the others though?

"Everyone here, myself included, is expendable in the long run, however none of us would willingly, or happily, sacrifice any other. Not even you, assassin. Should the Ranger and Miss Rose end up in a situation where they need defending, you can be sure we will, until it becomes too dangerous to do so, and then we will ALL leave. Together. Does that answer your question?"
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Post by: Wargamer on May 27, 2012, 04:40:48 pm
"I believe it does," Rehd replied. "Though I dislike how... supportive Oan seems of that woman. I've known many men who have died because they were too busy thinking with their hearts to use their head. You'd be surprised how stupid men get when they learn you have their true love held prisoner, even ones who should know better."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on May 27, 2012, 05:37:52 pm
"They are linked, bound by some kind of destiny.  If the time comes, steps will be taken to protect them both. It is a weakness, and it will be handled, but he is no fool, I do not believe he will jeopardise the mission for everyone else."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 11, 2012, 01:03:06 pm
Rolls for Oan's overhearing (

Oan cocked his head as heard Emily's name mentioned. It seemed the assassin was concerned, which was unusual behaviour all things considered. Then again, normality wasn't exactly common these days. Oan decided he'd pay it no mind for now, Jan'us seemed to have eased Rehd's concerns and there was no evidence that they knew he'd overheard. No sense making a fuss out of nothing.

Besides, he had to be supportive of Emily, he knew they'd need her before the end, and she seemed more likely to trust him than the others, for now at least.
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Post by: Ravager Zero on June 16, 2012, 03:57:06 am
It seemed as if the afternoon had dragged on for an eternity, the terrain around the party barely changing as they traveled. The river Celis off to the west, the hard packed earth of the caravan trail beneath their feet. The east was a series of low, rolling hills, none more than fifty feet in height. The afternoon had been quiet, perhaps suspiciously so, not even the odd call of nearby wildlife to break the peace. Slowly it began to dawn on them that they had not seen another living soul on this path for two full days. They all suspected some kind of foul play, but it seemed to come from too great a distance to readily identify.

Uneasily the group began searching for a campsite, somewhere safe to spend the night. Even if nothing happened this night, the extra rest would allow them travel further on the morrow. The site they chose was a good distance from the road, nestled between a series of hills that offered good lookouts, with low valleys that would let them escape unseen if need be. There were no woods nearby, only a handful of shrubs and some hard scrub land bushes. They would do for kindling, but something else would have to be used to fuel the fire over the night.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 16, 2012, 07:29:27 am
Ja'nus collected the kindling and heaped it into a small pile. He considered the options availiable. By his estimate, the kindling wouldnt burn for more than 15 minutes before dying out completly. He could produce mage lights, they would burn for several hours, and if they kept a mage on each watch there would always be light. This had the added bonus that they could be quickly extinguished should the need arise.

On the other hand he could superheat one of the rocks nearby this wouldnt give as much light, but it would allow them to heat up their meats for dinner and it would burn until very nearly morning.

He presented the two options to the party and awaited a decision.
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 16, 2012, 08:03:02 am
"Birkal Wood should burn for a while. I don't know how well or how long for."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 18, 2012, 02:52:10 pm
"Birkal wood is better used for sparring my friend." Oan replied "Speaking of which, who's up for some low light practice?"
Title: Re: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 18, 2012, 03:16:05 pm
"I'll take you up on that." Replied Ja'nus.

He stepped forward and moved into a slight variation of the standard stance, designed to allow greater freedom of movement with a staff.
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Post by: Mabbz on June 18, 2012, 03:35:27 pm
"I'm always up for sparring. I need a rematch" Kahlan said, grinning at Oan.
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 18, 2012, 10:25:51 pm
Tybalt shrugged before making weapons for everyone. "Oan, I suggest you take some time to pratice with your actual sword, the added wieght and the change of balance may throw you off in combat otherwise."
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Post by: Wargamer on June 19, 2012, 09:10:07 am
Rehd used the downtime to find a quiet spot out of the way and dance, of all things.

It was a curious routine; flowing and organic, with sudden shifts of pace and changes of direction. Though it may have looked harmless or even comical, a keen mind would be able to spot greater purpose in this seemingly erratic behaviour. There were little clues, such as the way he returned to a rest position that allowed easy access to his knife. Once you found a tell, it became easier to spot the others: sweeping hand gestures became strikes to the windpipe; strutting forward movements became a tripping action; a low thrust became a knife to the gut. It was a training regimen designed to be performed in plain sight, with the onlooker oblivious to what he was truly watching.

At the climax of the performance, Rehd drew his blade and brought it across is palm in a swift motion. He pulled away his face scarf long enough to lap up the blood from the wound. His mind was in a focused state, and he used a little of his own blood to further push his consciousness outward, trying to see into the near future for anything amiss.
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Post by: Narric on June 19, 2012, 01:47:11 pm
A short man plodded down the road. loud grumblings could be heard from him a good 100yards away. He moaned about whatever he could to pass the time: The boring walk and its near endlessness, the lack of traveling companions, the appalling stat of this generations heroes, that he had heard whilst still in the mountains. His Runic axes swayed and bumped at his sides, and his Pistol clattered, the chainmail covering his upper body sounded like a purseful of coin at a distance.

He slowed his pace, as sounds of life began to filter into his ears. It was quiet at first, then he began to pick up converesation, and for a moment he thought he saw movement a short distance from where the noise of chatter was coming from.

He approached slowly, readying his Axe of Force in his right hand, parting foliage with his right. He deliberately tried to make his approach noticable, so as not to unintentionally startle the travelers. When the first turned in his direction, he gruffly spoke up:

"Greetins travelers." his gruff and deep voice boomed. "Fine evening the Gods have given us." Without trying to seem confrontational, he made sure they saw the axe he was carrying at ready.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 19, 2012, 03:12:16 pm
"Tybalt, I had planned to use a birkal version of my blade seeing as there's no way of guaranteeing my blade wouldn't do damage and I'd rather not harm anyone" Oan replied with a small smile.

He turned at the sound of footsteps, grabbed his bow and made his way round to the flank. As the newcomer announced himself to the party Oan stepped from the shadows, bow drawn "Fine evening indeed, but these are dangerous times to be travelling in such a small party stranger."
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Post by: Narric on June 19, 2012, 03:30:58 pm
"Aye, it may be, if I was some incompetent trader, who forgot his pay-money for the guards." Atlas examined the Ranger before him, and then past to the group "Which I can safely say you lot ain't" Atlas hefted his axe off his shoulder, and re-holstered it.

"I be Atlas Cobalt, best damn Ranger in the mountains to the west. You can put that branch down now, no beasties be prowling nearby, and if I have missed any, you can be sure I'll hack them down before they can even snarl" Atlas Sat down, but not as part of the group. He hadn't been invited, and knew his travelers etiqutte quite well enough. He reached into his satchel and pulled out an exotic pipe, lighting it for a smoke. "So what brings you lot this far north? OR am I guessing right that daemon incursions are as foul here as they were in the mountains?"
Title: Re: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 19, 2012, 03:43:40 pm
"This "branch"ll put an arrow through your skull before you can blink lest you remember you manners boy. I know there's no beasts, but I don't know you, so I'll stay on my guard if it's all the same. We're not that far north either, we're barely north of Darrow. What brings you so far from your home? You'll find no refuge from the Daemons here."
Title: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Narric on June 19, 2012, 04:01:16 pm
Atlas grunted. Did this man seriously just call him "boy?" He found the idea luaghable, but the reminder of manners made him keep his tongue.

"Fair enough" Atlas gruffly spoke. "I've already declared my name, but my reasons for being this far East of home, you want to know? I am a wandering Warrior, and have done so for a long time. I was infact returning home, after a long trip to the south-east. I heard the stories of Daemons in the many Taverns and Pubs, and saw a job that needed to be taken care of. For other reasons, I also heard of great tressures, some of which are rumoured lost relics of my home land." Atlas took another puff from his pipe. He pulled out a rough map of the region, and after a few calculations relized he was indeed further south then he had thought.

"I do not wish you, or your companions, harm, and you have my word on that, depending on how much that is worth to you." He took another puff from his pipe. "I seem to be traveling the same way as you are, also. Be that coincidence, or the favour of the Gods to me or you. With all this said, do you still see me as the threat you first thought?"
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 19, 2012, 04:14:02 pm
"From your approach, and the fact that you weren't behind us all day, I wouldn't have missed even someone of your height tailing us, you seem to have been heading West, we're heading East, to Cyven. You want to join us, you're going to have to convince the rest of the party. Some you'll find easier than others, depending on just how far you'll go to earn their trust. I warn you now though, you'll not earn my trust in a night, probably not even before we reach Cyven." Oan pointed out with a grin as he thought of the midget trying to earn favour with Rehd.
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Post by: Narric on June 19, 2012, 04:24:17 pm
"Unless I'm fate to die soon, I have all the time in the world to earn trust." Atlas started to absentmindely blow smoke rings towards the sky. "To Cyven? Sounds like a good plan. West was really just me following ma feet. I have had no plan up until meeting you and your company. I can't say why you wouldn't have spotted me trailing you. To be honest I didn't know if anyone was in front of me, or who."

Atlas packed away his pipe and map.

"If you have anything further to ask me, ask away" Atlas said, but wished the young man would let him rest.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 19, 2012, 04:35:50 pm
Ja'nus appeard next to Oan as he was talking to the newcomer.

"A dwarf eh? Not seen one of your kind for many many years. Beligerant as they come but their word is their bond. Or at least that was true with the last one that strolled through my villiage. A damn fine smith though. We can trust him if he says we can. If it turns out he's lying we can dispatch him easily enough."

Ja'nus walked back to where he had been standing.

"Now Master Ranger, I believe we were about to spar?"
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Post by: El ShasOcho on June 19, 2012, 04:54:39 pm
Marcus strode over to the new party member. "Welcome friend, I am Marcus. I have a good feeling about you, you seem honest and honorable, 2 of the most important qualities a man of any race can have. I think we shall get along fine."
Title: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Narric on June 19, 2012, 05:16:13 pm
Atlas nodded thanks to the man who spoke to the Ranger. He then greeted the Fighter.

"Honesty and honour are usually lost to the young warriors of this time. I'm happy to travel with one who carries these traits also."
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Post by: Wargamer on June 19, 2012, 05:27:37 pm
Rehd was snapped out of his trance at the sound of an argument in camp. He strolled back into the torchlight to find a hillariously short man - about the size of a six year old girl - stood arguing with Oan. "Is this fate, or chance? I can never decide..."
He wandered over, catching some of the back and forth. He smiled to himself behind his face scarf and joined the fray.
"Oan, be nice to the child." The assassin looked Atlas down and further down. "I know your face from somewhere... do you have a bounty on your head, perchance? I could use the coin... and the meal."
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"If their be a bounty on my head, then that be news to me." Atlas grunted at, what looked like an assassin. "I don't think I've seen many assassins choose to party themselves with non-assassins."
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Post by: Railgun Convention on June 19, 2012, 06:40:39 pm
Xan's pistol disappeared as silently as it had appeared; the newcomer seemed to be friendly. He sat back down and resumed crooning over Jim, the rare and surprisingly cheery alterego of his plant. Jim had just caught an unsuspecting mosquito and was (for a plant) feeling rather pleased with himself.
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Post by: Wargamer on June 19, 2012, 07:39:50 pm
Rehd shrugged. "I have my reasons for being here. It is your motives that give me cause for concern; it is odd that you just happen upon us here..."
Title: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Narric on June 19, 2012, 07:59:21 pm
"As ah said to yah companion, it be ah mere coincidence. Knowledge ah yah professions, and seeing yah equipment, be the only thing that would tell me anything about yah. I have little current need, or want, t' harm any ah yah."

Atlas cleared himself a small patch of ground to unroll his bedroll.

"Have yah never 'eard of strangers with similar goals, that met unintention'ly? I remember ah group from about a'hundred and fifty years ago that met under such conditions. They learned tah trust eachother and defeated a terrible foe. If yah young adventurers can learn from the past ah others, this quest yah have embarked on shall become most fruitful. Ah remember when they logged in mah Home Halls. Serving as a Forge Masters apprentice, ah saw t' their weapon and armour personally. Mah payment was this near limitless bag ah tobaco."
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Post by: Wargamer on June 19, 2012, 08:06:11 pm
"I remember once having an adventure with a group of like-minded individuals," Rehd said absently. "It turned out we weren't like-minded at all once we got into the vault and they wanted to stab me in the back. Thankfully, I was able to burst their organs with my mind and they all died in unimaginable agony."
He fixed his eyes on the dwarf and added coldly. "I wonder if there's a moral to that story."
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Post by: Narric on June 19, 2012, 08:09:21 pm
"Mah personal take is t' always have ah hand on your daggers hilt, when dealing with more then one theif ah assassin." Atlas regarded the assassin calmly. "Ah'm sure had either ah us intended the other harm, one ah us would be bathing in our own blood."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 19, 2012, 08:27:15 pm
"It's funny you should say that Rehd, isn't that how we met you not so long ago?" Said Ja'nus with a chuckle. "Just wandered out of the wilderness, and as I recall, you told us people wanted us dead, only you were not inclined to kill us yet. So here we are today. Now leave the longbeard to his pipeweed and find someone to spar with."
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Kahlan had stayed silent up till now, since the usual barrage of threats and taunts had been dished out by the others (mostly Rehd). She couldn't help but notice that people kept on running into them, seemingly by coincidence. At this rate, they would have a whole army by the time they reached the source of these daemons.

Slipping quietly off to the edge of the camp, she pulled out her throwing knives, scratched a rough circle in a nearby tree, and began practising her aim.
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Post by: Wargamer on June 19, 2012, 10:15:18 pm
The assassin shot a sidelong glance to Ja'nus. "Ah, but I know my own motives; it is the motives of others I cannot know for certain. The nature of our arrival may have some similarities, but that does not mean our reasons do."

He found a quiet spot on the edge of the firelight, just close enough to feel the warmth whilst far enough away to be distinctly apart from the others. There he began collecting stones and lining them up on the ground. He then took his knife in hand and waved his left hand over each stone in turn, summoning the Chaosian arts to try and Unmake the stones.
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 19, 2012, 10:37:28 pm
Tybalt watched as the others talked to the new comer before repling to Oan, "I didn't mean to spar with your new blade. We may have three healers but it's best not to need them. I merely meant spending sometime by yourself practicing various moves and stances."

He then stepped forward to introduce himself to the new comer, "I am Tybalt Defet, Master Runesmith, Crackshot and Banisher of Nemisis, at your service. Did I hear right that you are Blacksmith?"
Title: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Narric on June 20, 2012, 07:50:48 am
"Aye, ah be practised as a smith. Ah have a couple decades under mah belt now. Though ah will be honest and say mah skills aren't ah much use in the wilderness. Ah was never shown the best way to forge without, well, a forge." Atlas chuckled to himself. "Now, yah say yah be a Runesmith? Then lets see if yah learn'ed enough to recognise some Dwarven Runes."

Atlas took out an Axe. Its handle was standard and modest, and marks near the blade suggested it wasn't the original handle. The Blade itself look like a maze of meshwork. Serpents and Dragons swirling and wrapping around eachother. The cutting edge of the blade reflected the light of the fire, with a slightly out of normal glow. He offered the Axe to the Runesmith to examine.

"That axe has severed the bodies ah untold monsters. Gifted t' mah sixth Ancestor for his epic fight against a foul tempered Mountain Trino, who terrorized our farmlands."
Title: Re: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: InsaneTD on June 20, 2012, 10:03:57 am

Tybalt carefully took the axe and inspected it, was certainly a beautiful, hand crafted axe. He looked the axe over, noting the Rune Inscribed on it before channeling some essence through the Rune. "It seems to be the Rune of Sharpness. I seem to have forgetton the Runic name or the Dwarven name either. I must say it is a beautiful Axe. I made one for a friend of mine a couple years ago. I also inscribed a Rune on it for him".

Tybalt handed it back to Atlas. "Would you care to spar with me?" Tybalt invoked the Rune of Birkal to make an almost perfect copy of Atlas' axe while he talked and offered it to the Dwarf. "We prefer to use wooden training replicas of our weapons so Kahlan, Xan or myself don't have to heal anyone."
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Post by: Narric on June 20, 2012, 02:24:10 pm
Atlas accepted the summoned axe. He grumbled to himself about the how fake the axe felt.

"Lets see how close tuh the real thing yah've summoned here, Runesmith." Atlas gave a small show with the axe. It was more for him to examine the balance of the replica. This young Runesmith showed exceptional promiss. "seems lighter then ah'd have expected, but ah very close match."
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 20, 2012, 10:56:29 pm
Tybalt smiled as he picked up his own replica. "Well it is wood after all, no matter what I do it will still be lighter then the real thing."
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Post by: Wargamer on June 20, 2012, 10:58:49 pm
"I advise against playing with wooden swords," Rehd said without looking up from his Chaosian ritual. "Men who learn not to fear being hit by swords tend to get complacent. As you pointed out, we have many healers..."
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 21, 2012, 12:43:41 am
"True, but people who rely on healers too much get used to it and will take hits they should avoid. Anyway, getting hit with a wooden weapon still hurts and can be just as deadly as a steel weapon."
Title: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Ravager Zero on June 21, 2012, 06:11:01 am
Tybalt squared off against Atlas some distance from the campfire. The abrasive dwarf held Tybalt's facsimile of his axe, while Tybalt held a copy of his own sword, both created using Birkal. While Rehd might have been right about getting complacent, Tybalt decided that it was better to practice with these lighter weapons so they could learn to avoid getting hit in the first place. Evasion was always better than taking a strike
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 21, 2012, 07:41:29 am
"Jan'us, you better put that fire out and summon some mage lights. We don't want this stuff to catch fire." Tybalt said as he walked over to where Oan was with the travel almanac, "And what does that have to say about this?"
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Post by: Narric on June 21, 2012, 07:56:47 am
Atlas rested the Birkal Axe in his belt. He wasn't sure how long it would last, but he'd rather not waste it. "Yah never know when ah fake can be as good as the real thing" he thought to himself. He trudged to the others, his deliberate and short steps meaning he wouldn't slip on the old.

"What ah damn waste o' fine oil." Atlas grumbled aloud. "Is this really how oil is extracted by yah kind?" Atlas continued to grumble to himself about the wastefulness of what he was seeing.
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 21, 2012, 08:09:13 am
"I doubt that. Normally it's pumped to the surface and stored until it can be transported or pumped to the nearest city through pipes. In this case Cyven. There could be all leak in some pipes if we are close to them."
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Post by: Mabbz on June 21, 2012, 08:46:15 am
Kahlan heard the others mention oil and, after collecting her daggers, summoned a mage light and wandered over. Ja'nus was putting out the fire and there wasn't much else to do, so she decided it was time to introduce herself to the dwarf.

"Greetings. Sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier, but you seemed busy exchanging threats and insults with the others. My name is Kahlan. I'm a healer, along with Xan."
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Post by: Narric on June 21, 2012, 08:54:41 am
Atlas looked over the healer woman.

"Bah, if those were threats, ah've had ah thousand curses put upon me." Atlas gruffly spoke. "Ahs your are uh healer, please take this as a complememt. May Nata watch over and lend yah and yah friend strength. Ah've yet to meet any ah healer who Nata has not smiled upon."

Atlas returned to his patched of ground, making sure to clean off any oil from his belongings. He sat on a rock, and took out his pipe to begin smoking again.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 21, 2012, 09:53:50 am
Ja'nus quickly extinguished the fire with a guesture and summoned half a dozen magelights, making sure they stayed high off the ground for safety.

"If we can, and we have something suitable to contain it, we should collect some of this oil. It might come in handy at some point."
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Post by: Wargamer on June 22, 2012, 08:54:47 pm
After a moment's thought, and with some hint of reluctence, Rehd removed his cloak and handed it over. "The outer skin is treated leather - you could make a waterskin out of it if you can use stitches or magic to do the job. Do try not to damage the fur liner though; I'd appreciate having that back."
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Post by: Railgun Convention on June 22, 2012, 11:12:14 pm
"Oil? So that's what they were building..." Xan had wandered over and was being careful not to get too close to the oil. "Oh, yeah. They were building some pumping stations a few weeks back. The fact that there's oil everywhere has me worried that there's been a leak, and a big one...

"Or maybe these areas are so oil-rich, it's literally seeping out of the ground. Though from what little I know that seems unlikely."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 22, 2012, 11:32:11 pm
Ja'nus took Rehds offering and examined it. Then he handed it back.

"Most generous friend, but this is to precious to potentially ruin and I do not wish to be indebted to you for it." he said with a small smile.

He placed his palm on the ground and raised it, pulling a chunk of rocky earth out beneath it. Very delicatly he began to shape and mold the rock into a stone phial with a stopper. Applying heat where needed he eventually had a servicable if somewhat crude container. Working quickly he fasioned two more and filled them all from the flowing oil, fusing the stoppers into the body of the phials so that they could not accidentially come open. They now had about a pint of the oil in total.

"A much preffered option to ruining your clothing don't you think Master Assassin?"
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 28, 2012, 12:20:53 pm
Tybalt replied to Xan, "It's not unheard of but it is very rare and we would of noticed it when we begun setting camp. I'd say it's a leak. I wonder what effect it will have on the plants around here. From my understanding, it'd not very good for the area." He looked thoughtful for a moment, "Jan'us, would you be able to make the oil sink into the ground? Or at least stop it spreading further for now?"
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 28, 2012, 03:57:59 pm
"I could, but if its coming out of the ground its under pressure and if I cap it off it may just come out somewhere else under greater pressure. It burns. I could burn it off. Create a rock pipe so it burns away from the ground, it would stay alight until it runs out or the pressure drops low enough to stop it flowing up this far. Your call really."
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Post by: Narric on June 28, 2012, 05:36:00 pm
Atlas grunted. "Wasteful options, all ah them."he took a puff from his pipe. "If yah 'ad some skill, couldn't yah just find uh cavern underground, and direct the oil there via cracks in the ground. Expanding the cavern downward may also be uh good idea. But who um I to make suggestions, ah've only just got here."

Atlas watched the others. He had witness a fw oil leaks in the mines of the halls. From his experience, there was always an empty cavern somewhere underground.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 28, 2012, 05:46:53 pm
"We could. If we had days worth of rations to spend looking for said cavern, and the tools for the job. Which we don't" replied Oan "Best course of action is to leave it, press on and tell someone in Cyven. If we burn it or make the leak worse they'll only charge us for it, you know what merchants are like as well as I do."
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Post by: Wargamer on June 28, 2012, 06:04:59 pm
Idly turning the blade back and forth in his hand, Rehd listened to the others talk. "Forgive me, master Dwarf, but it is my understanding that oil is found deep below ground and under pressure, no doubt caused by having a lot of heavy rock on top of it. I have heard stories of eruptions of oil, and I for one would prefer not to test the validity of those stories. Take it from someone who has experience; being covered in something flammable and set alight is the second-worst thing that could ever happen in your short life."
Title: Re: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 28, 2012, 06:11:42 pm
"Not to mention that much geomancy makes me extremly grouchy. We have about a pint of this oil for future use, if anyone thinks we need anymore speak up now."
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Post by: Ravager Zero on June 30, 2012, 05:38:57 am
Oan's Spotting (
Atlas's Spotting (
Ja'nus' Sensing (

With the discussion about the oil continuing, the party decided it would be best to find another campsite for the night. The sun had set, and the moons were already shining down on the plains. Despite the heat of the day, there was a definite chill in the night air. As they moved northwards, Oan thought he could see something flickering in the distance, like a torch reflecting from rippling waters. Except that on these plains, there was no water, barring the river Celis to the west.

"Atlas, how well can you dwarfs see in the dark?"

"Laddie, if the world weren't round, I coulda seen clear through to th' Blackfang range."

"Then tell me, master Cobalt, what do you see ahead of us?"

"I can see steel
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 30, 2012, 07:33:06 am
Shivering even in his thick robes Ja'nus pulled together what skeins he could and created a collection of small fireballs around the groups, several sputtered and went out, the essense simply vanishing where it was weakest.

"Stay close together, if we spread out too much we may freeze to death."

He walked over to Emiliy's prone form and placed a hand on her forehead. She was as cold as granite in winter. The mage drew all the fireballs together into one large blaze and beckoned the group round.

"One of you help her, I need to concentrate on keeping this heat going. I dont see much in the way of kindling around here." He looked over at Atlas. "This Steel and Stone you can see, is it a structure? Does it seem safe?"
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Post by: InsaneTD on June 30, 2012, 08:30:37 am
"It's probably a pumping station. The pipes probably ruptured from being frozen and the pump is still running, causing this slick. If we head there, I'd like to try and shutdown the pump. Stop this stuff being wasted and protect the wildlife around here."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 30, 2012, 10:08:31 am
"I'll get Emily." Oan said, forcing himself to stop shivering long enough to pick her up. "Let's go." he added, heading for the structure as fast as he could. He knew that at this temperature the frost would cause his sword to stick in its scabbard, he intended to get somewhere slightly warmer and then keep it drawn.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 30, 2012, 11:36:03 am
"Consider that if the source of the freezing is coming from in there, it's only going to get colder as we go in."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on June 30, 2012, 11:39:17 am
"Do you have a better idea?" Oan asked Jan'us. "I don't see any other shelter around, and we can't risk fire here with so much oil."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 30, 2012, 11:50:21 am
"Fire can be controlled, kept off the ground. Or at least away from the oil. Anyone who is less affected by this cold could go and check the station out and report back. Emily certainly cant go any closer with risking long term hypothermia. Rehd seems to be coping, and Atlas is considerably more sturdy than the rest of us."
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Tybalt drew his sword and held his hand close to blade. "Well it doesn't seem to be effecting me and my sword is giving off some heat from the Rune on it. And if it's Magickal then my armour should help protect me."
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"Ok, light a fire, keep the others warm." Oan replied, struggling to draw his sword. "Alright, Atlas, Marcus, Tybalt, you're with me. Zothern and Rehd, you're with Jan'us, guard the others."
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Xan had his pistol out, and was trying to sense where exactly such a severe disturbance was coming from. A brief burst of logic suggested to him that an oil leak and an apparently magical coldwave would point to some sort of attack on the pumping station itself.

"Be damn careful out there, you guys. Whatever this is, is going to be pretty bad."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 30, 2012, 01:30:49 pm
Ja'nus looked down at Emily, she was still out. A thought struck him, he had a spare set of robes in his satchel. Unpacking them quickly he wrapped Emily up in them as best he could. She was considerable smaller than he was, so he managed to completly cover her up and sheild her face with the hood.

He then made a small ring of stone rise from the ground, about 2 feet across and began smashing frozen chunks of the oil from the ground and placing them in the stone ring, then carefully, he ignited the oil fragments, they would burn for a good long while and while the smoke may smell a bit foul, it was better than freezing to death.

He did briefly wonder why Oan hadn't taken Rehd along, he seem almost unaware of the icy chill that was crippling Emily and really starting to affect him. Still, Oan was a good ranger, he knew what he was doing, and Ja'nus would certainly be pleased to have the Assassin around if trouble reared its head. Settling down he drew his robes and hood around him, although the chill almost seemed to be coming from within.
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Kahlan grabbed her extra clothes from her pack and quickly threw them on before an idea struck her. She quickly ran after the others to check her theory. Once she caught up she immediately spoke to Tybalt.

"Since this cold if magically generated, could draining the essence from the area heat averything up again? If you could invoke a rune of silence back at the camp, it might help Emily. Or Ja'nus, Xan, Rehd and I can use up the essence on our own."
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Marcus drew his hood over his head, made sure Kahlan was warm enough, and drew his hammer as he followed Oan and the others. The shaft was cold, but the head seemed unaffected, still giving off a faint glow. He felt reassured by this. "We will take care of ourselves Xan. Do whatever you can to keep the others warm. We will be back soon, don't worry. This just feels like a crisp evening in the woods for me."
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"I don't like this," Rehd growle, drawing his knife and keeping it ready. "This is something I haven't seen before. My order had scriptures on cryokinetic theory, but nobody had ever actually done it before."
He came over to Emily and placed a hand upon her forehead, checking her temperature. He also tried to use his arcane talents upon her - his natural Red Magic - to sense any change in her life-essence.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on June 30, 2012, 06:56:33 pm
"My understanding of this is limited, it is essentially the inversion of my own abilities. As I said before, I COULD do something like this in a room to this level, but the effort would kill me. I know of nothing that could do this, especially without being present in the immediate vicinity."
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"Possibly, may not be such a good idea thought. Jan'us wouldn't be able to control fire and help keep you guys warm, or stop the fire he's started if it gets out of control. If everyone staying here wants me to I can do it. At the very least, I can try it around Emily and see if that helps."
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Rehd's Insight (

Satisfied that Emily was safe, if mysteriously unconscious, Rehd came back to the thought that this much magick required a source close by. Something very close by. The chaosigan flicked his bloodknife across his left palm, tasting the coppery tang of his own blood. Swirling in the distance, shifting skeins around itself, he could see an incredibly bright source of Essence. Scattered around, somewhat distant from that source of power, Rehd could see what looked like flickering candles. He knew what they were, but the others wouldn't need to know. Not unless they found one of them.

"It is a mage," Rehd hissed. "A very powerful mage. His blood will taste
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on July 01, 2012, 01:43:30 am
"I say we keep it simple. Kill it. Lets not over complicate things here. Shoot it, blast it. Heat will be the weakness here. I can ignite any arrows fired at the mage, bullets will help too. I dont suggest we get too close, physical contact with this thing is very ill advised. Of course, there is a oil pumping station there, presumably housing our target. We could simplify this greatly if we dont mind not searching the building."
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Post by: El ShasOcho on July 01, 2012, 02:13:04 am
"Sounds like a plan to me" Marcus said, drawing his bow and dipping a few arrowheads in poison. "Shame its not a daemon, my banhammer would certainly have some strong words for it."
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Atlas checked over his pistol, making sure all three barrels were still loaded. He holstered it ready, then withdraw his axe of Force.

"May ah make a point of stating, that if we want one of our group to die of magick induced neumonia, then standing here talkin' is doing an excellent job of it." Atlas began to trudge steadily towards the tower and pipe-work. "Awh, we can get moving, and get rid of the damn problem."
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"I have a plan. Attack" Oan replied as he set off for the pumping station, working round to the right of it. It made sense for him to check the outside for any enemies who may be lurking. Besides, they didn't know for sure that the mage was inside.
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"I think I should go with them, join the offensive." Rehd twirled his blade eagerly. "Besides, I'm not afraid of this cold; I've felt this way for days. I want to feel alive again, and this mage is so very, very alive..."
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I will battle this cold, and do what damage I can.

Ja'nus focussed, attempting to raise the temperature around them so that they could fight more easily. Then he set off after the ranger.
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"I think one of the healers should stay here to keep an eye on Emily while the other goes with you to deal with this mage. Since Xan has a gun, I think he should go with you while I stay." Kahlan also didn't like the idea of fighting in this cold; she relied on mobility to fight, which was hard when she had to wear extra clothes. "It's getting very cold, can you try that rune of silence to help Emily now, Tybalt?"
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Ja'nus shivered as they drew closer to the pumping station. Even the skeins seemed frozen, and the mage's breath was misting in the chill. Spreading his power across an area large enough encompass all those attacking the station, Ja'nus found that he was simply not capable of the task. Not with the Essence so sluggish, and his companions so far apart. Instead, he focused solely on Oan, ensuring the ranger was warm enough to move effectively through the chilled night air.

With his extended senses Ja'nus saw a massive flare of Essence building within the pumping station. With a sound like glass being crushed underfoot, the very air around the station seemed to freeze. In the distance he could hear muffled speech, and what sounded like the scrape of metal on metal. Moving like shadows, Ja'nus could just make out two figures moving through across the ice that was now spreading around the station.

Marcus had already seen the movement, drawing his bow as the figures moved out into the open. With a soft twang he loosed one of his owlflight arrows. Despite having a clear shot and good trajectory, the arrow somehow fell short, as if the cold had robbed it of its speed. With a swiftness born of practice the massive warrior nocked another arrow, aimed higher, and let fly. This time the arrow struck the target, a tiny glint of silver visible in the moonlight.

Further away from the pumping station Kahlan drew several reluctant skeins through Emily's body, trying to pinpoint the cause of her unconsciousness. It wasn't hard to find. As an apprentice mage
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Ja'nus was slumped on the floor, all his instincts telling him to reach out to the essence, but he felt nothing. He was totally disconnected from the world around him. Blood was flowing freely from him, he felt so weak, he had no skiens to work with, and no ability to move more than a few feet.

The Eye of Rai-Tane glowed faintly in his staff. Usually one would have to do harm to themselves to perfom sacrificial magicks, but his blood was already flowing, he lowered himself to the floor and angled the staff so it was near his wounds. Was this a wise course of action he wondered?
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Atlas cursed and grumbled. just as much about the waste of good shot and ammo, then the Cyromancers tauntings. He figgured he'd cause some annoyance, even at this distance.

He began to bellow at the enemy.
"C'mon, yur gully dwarf pansies. Yah think ah'm scared of uh couple children hiding behind uh mage's power? Ah bet yur're not even proper soldiers, and yah haven't even started shaving."

Atlas continued spouting his nonsensical insultsa at the enemy. He figured that at least one of them would get distracted. He just hoped none of his companions though he was insulting them. That would be a messy problem to clean up.
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Glancing over at Emily, Kahlan could see she was recovering from the cold. Of course with no essence around them they were now unable to contribute anything to the fight without moving.

"You're going to have to stay here. If you try to move away from the rune, you'll start to freeze again. I'm going to go help the others." With that, Kahlan threw of some of the more restrictive clothing she had put on and prepared to try out this amulet properly. She would have to rely on adrenaline somewhat to keep warm, but if she could help Ja'nus then heat probably wouldn't be an issue.
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Tybalt lifted his head and looked at the Cryomancer before spitting and picking himself. It wasn't fun being on at least part of what he did to Nemisis.
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For the first time in a long time, Rehd felt alive.

Colour returned to the world, sounds and smells felt sharper than ever, and his heart pounded frantically in his chest. Even wounded he felt more than whole, empowered by stolen life-force. He held his knife against his chest wound as though letting it drink, and sought out the cryomancer.
"You tried to kill my companions. Understandable; I had the same mission not long ago. You tried to kill me. That I can forgive."
He looked down at the chest wound and sneered. "But your thug ruined my good shirt. I was very fond of that shirt. Now, I'm afraid, I shall have to get angry with you."
He tore the bandanna off, revealing a lipless mouth with the teeth filed down to points. The flesh look burned away; it was hard to imagine how someone could live through such an injury.
"I am going to gut you!" Rehd howled. "And the last thing you'll see is me eating your heart!"
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As she started to run, Kahlan heard Rehd's shout.

"Overly dramatic," she muttered to herself, "but at least the Cryomancer will have something to worry about."
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Xan reached the edge of the clearing and paused to take in what was going on. One pair of mercenaries - of which one was, curiously, quite still - had been advancing towards a gantry. Evidently they believed someone was there, but they weren't putting up much of a fight. Not good. Another pair of guards was in conflict with the party's own guard, a fight that seemed not to be in Zothern's favour. And then there was Ja'nus.

Ouch. Fortunately the two newcomers seemed to be distracting the Cryomancer for the moment.

Ja'nus was closest of those currently fighting and apparently also the most wounded. So long as he could find some skeins this time, his path was obvious. Readying his pistol, Xan charged.
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As he felt himself become weaker Ja'nus knew that the sacrificial magick wouldnt work without killing him, which was getting to be a bit old hat.

He looked over to Oan who was out cold and bleeding profusely. He dragged himself over to him and slumped beside the prone ranger. Reaching into his bag he puuled out the bedsheet with the hole in it and covered the ranger as best he could and pressed a wadded up handful of the cloth against the wound on Oans face to try and stem the bleeding untill a healer could get there.
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Marcus ducked his head down, sliding behind a tree. He thanked Seia for her guidance, and the silent arrow for protecting him. He quickly drew 3 more arrows and covered them in poison, slid the two back in his quiver and notched the other. Slinking along the edge of the battle, he focused in on the cryomancer, standing in the tower. Silence her and the battle would end quickly. Not even a killing blow was needed, just enough of a hit for the poison to kick in and knock her out. Saying a quick prayer to Seia, he moved closer into position to fire, avoiding the sight of the guards.
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The mercenaries nearest Oan, the ones Marcus had shot at turned and ducked behind cover. At least, one of them did. The other man collapsed, twitching slightly. The first man moved swiftly, ducking behind the pipes as he moved. The mercenary braced his gun against his shoulder, rested the barrel on a convenient piece of scaffold, and took aim at Marcus. The massive warrior had enough to sense to move while the mercenary did the same, but the cold made him slow, too slow.

The round caught Marcus low in his left side, his leather armour offering little protection against gunfire. He wasn't about to be distracted from his task, the cryomancer needed to die if everyone else was to live. Taking aim with his bow the massive warrior felt a spike of pain in his side just as he had nocked the first poisoned arrow. The arrow sailed no more than twenty feet. Nocking another arrow, he tried again. The draw was right this time, the arrow going the distance, but it merely glanced off the cryomancer's cuisses.

Seeing all her foes arrayed before her, the cryomancer used her good arm to make a vast, rising sweep. There was an odd screech, a creaking like old timbers under strain, and suddenly the cryomancer and all the survivng mercenaries were protected by thick walls of criss-crossed ice spikes. Her next move was to make a short uppercut, directed vaguely towards Tybalt. The runesmith quickly found himself on the receiving end of a large ice spike. Bracing himself firmly, Tybalt met the attack, only to find the spike shattering against his runeforged breastplate.

Atlas couldn't bear to let the others claim all the glory of this fight. The ice wall was going to be a problem, especially considering he hadn't yet paused to reload his pistol. Of course, a true warrior did not need a pistol. Atlas considered himself a true warrior, he only had the pistol because of the stories he had heard about Man's propensity for violence. The rune karazin glowing on the head of his war axe, the doughty warrior smashed the weapon into the wall of ice between him and the nearest mercenary. Massive shards of ice flew in all directions, and after three massive blows there was a hole almost large enough to fit through. Almost.

The dwarf backed up, putting some distance between himself and the wall before charging at it full tilt. There was a noise like breaking glass, and glittering shards of ice flew everywhere. The hole was definitely big enough to fit an armoured dwarf now. Atlas was already attacking as he broke through, his axe suddenly met by a ferociously strong broadsword strike. Atlas looked up at the mercenary, then attempted to kick the man in the groin. His boot found a plate armour codpiece. The mercenary tried a headbutt, being well equipped with a heavy steel helm. It didn't end well for either warrior.

Rehd looked around, no longer bothered by even the slight chill in the air. The cryomancer had hidden her minions well, but this stonewalling tactic was exactly what his magick was meant to overcome. Rehd lifted his hands to his chest, fingers curled, wrists crossed. It took focus to control this much slow flowing Essence. A little drop of his own blood helped speed matters along. Feeling the ethereal pressure build, Rehd thrust his hands forwards, fingers curled, palms out and wrists together. Frost and shards of ice were blown away along the ground before the missile slammed into the wall.

Everyone heard the noise, like nearby thunder and breaking glass, but without the tell-tale flash. They could see the effects though, whoever had struck the wall had destroyed more than three quarters of its length. Rehd wasn't finished, preparing to unmake the distance between himself and the cryomancer, a massively powerful dashing attack. That was when he heard a sibilant whisper on the wind.


The assassin found himself stopped less than halfway to the tower. Six feet above the ground. He was able to roll with the landing, avoiding any real injury except to his pride. The greater concern was the skeins around him suddenly throwing off their lethargy and whipping around like wild snakes. Just coming down the hill Rehd could see Zan, sprinting and weaving side to side, revolver at the ready.

The eccentric healer found Ja'nus first, and managed to coerce a few of the treacle-like skeins to suffuse the other mage's body, sustaining him near the edge of death. It wasn't much, but it would have to do. Kahlan was already running over, red hair trailing like fire behind her. A muzzle flash near the tower followed by a loud report halted her progress, drawing a very loud and unladylike curse. She had made it more than halfway to Ja'nus, but being shot in the leg put paid to moving much further on foot. Instead she crawled as fast she could towards Xan, next to Ja'nus.

"I'm fine," she said through gritted teeth, pulling herself into a sitting position. "I think that's Oan over there."

She pointed towards a small, open-sided hut. She had seen a flash of metal in there, and what looked like blood. Her magesense told her there was one thing alive in there
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Rehd's attempt at 'speedy movement' (
The Assassin picked himself up off the floor, cursing his luck. He didn't like fighting Mages; he preferred to be the only man in a fight with an unfair advantage.
He tried to give chase, to shatter reality and make the space between him and the Cryomancer no space at all, but he couldn't. The world would not bend in such a way as to allow a reality where he found his mark. It was always disappointing, knowing the laws of time and space themselves were against you.
"Is this how you people feel all the time?" he asked no-one in particular as he turned his attention back to his allies.
He pulled his bandanna back in place and did his best to hold his wounds shut. He focused on composing himself, on slowing his breathing and heart rate so that he might bleed out a little less urgently, or at least retain composure for self-applied treatment.

He staggered back to where Ja'nus had fallen and surveyed the aftermath of the... whatever had happened. "Seems I missed something exciting," he said sarcastically before nodding toward Ja'nus. "Will he live?"
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Xan pinged his magesense, trying to see who needed healing most. It was unquestionably the bloody mess lying next to Kahlan; even Oan, critical though he was, would be able to hold out a bit longer, though the sooner he got attention the better.

The attempt to find the most critical target also threw up another person at long range, rapidly vanishing into obscurity - the Cryomancer was as bad as Oan, but was still concious and making a run for it. It hardly seemed worth giving chase.

[OOC]Seeing as I'm not entirely sure how/if the healing mechanics work, I shall throw some dice and see what Rav makes of it.

1d20=13, 1d20=13, 1d20=18 (

Ooh, that's a nice roll. Should be able to stabilize both Ja'nus and Oan with a bit of luck :D[/OOC]
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Tybalt looked at his armour and cursed, it was damaged and the attack stopped him from frying the bitch. He watch as his marks fled away by his Tracking Rune. He spat before deciding to try a new invokation. He was gonna try Istselya, Kazima, Drakanisa to try and warm and heal everyone.
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Since Xan appeared to be dealing with Ja'nus, Kahlan decided to fix herself first so that she could concentrate. She'd help the others when her head had cleared.
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Marcus rushed over to Kahlan and the others, trying to ignore the pain in his side. "Kahlan, are you okay?" He asked, concern in his voice. He looked to Jan'us, who was once again an absolute mess. Oan was in terrible shape too, his jaw was in terrible shape. "Is there anything I can do to help, Kahlan?" He asked, looking for direction.
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Noticing that Kahlan was still out a bit due to her own injuries, Xan pointed towards Oan. "If you can stem his bleeding and hold his jaw in place, we'll get over there as soon as we can. I'm busy trying to reassemble this... er..."
Squishy lump of gore?
"Not how I was going to put it, but yes, thanks for that, Larry."
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Running over to Oan, Marcus ripped a piece of cloth from his shirt and wrapped it around the ranger's jaw, trying to slow the bleeding. It was quite messy, but he at least was relatively stable, unlike Jan'us. He hoped Kahlan would be ok.
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OOC: here goes nothing :-\
Atlas' attempt to KO Merc (
Atlas muttered a loud curse at the stupid mercenary. Grabbing his axe in two hands, he swing it widely to his right, pulling it with all this strength at the partially dazed merc. With great annoyance and luck on the merc's part, Atlas barely struck the gut armour with his axe. However, there had been a quiet and breif momemt of contact between the blade and the armour, activating the Axe's rune, greatly increasing the force which the merc was hit. Lifted from his feet, the mercenary was sent backwards a good three feet, landing awkwardly on his arse.
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Kahlan's healing (

Grabbing her hunting knife, Kahlan inspected her wounded leg. Fortunately the bullet hadn't penetrated far, and she was able to remove it with little difficulty. Closing her eyes, she reached out with her mind, using her magick to inspect the wound and knit the flesh back together. Within a few seconds, the wound was gone with only a dull ache in it's place. With that dealt with, Kahlan looked around. Oan was unconsious with a ruined face and Ja'nus... was barely recognisable. Frankly, Kahlan doubted he'd survive without yet more divine aid. She began a medical examination anyway, in case she could save him, but she feared this would be the end of the mage.

[spoiler=Kahlan's health]
Kahlan: 13/15 HP [Scarred
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Ja'nus' mind floated, drawn to a familiar place. The chamber, Rai-Tanes throne room. He had a feeling this would be the last time he would see it. He approached the empty throne, it seemed different that before, but he couldnt quite see how. A little smaller perhaps. Still, Rai-Tane would not keep giving him chances to return the eye. He hoped his friends could heal him, and he knew they would try.

Until that happened though, he would await the return of his god. He stepped up and sat down in the throne.
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1d20=13, 1d20=13, 1d20=18 (
Effect Rolls (
Healing Amounts (
Critical Bleeding (Ja'nus) (
Bleeding (Oan) (
Bleeding (Rehd) (
Kahlan's CPR (

Xan stood over Ja'nus, frantically weaving the more pliant skeins through the downed mage. He knew that thus far, Ja'nus had been the most instrumental in keeping the group alive against various daemonic onslaughts
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Ja'nus felt something change. A sense of freedom and of loss. He had gone from the world. He would live on here though, at his masters side.

In Cyven, in a less than reputable tavern, the door slammed back against the wall and a tall, bald man, covered in heavy, unhealthy looking scars entered. The long, heavy leather coat he wore was clearly old and had been repaired many times.

"Landlord, a room. I'm waiting for someone." The voice was soft yet weighty, and the landlord moved to get the stranger a key without fully understanding why. "How long will you be needing it?" he asked.

"As long as it takes." came the reply.

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Rehd struggled over to where Ja'nus lay, still clutching his wound. "I think I'm going to need some help with this," he said drunkenly.
He sat down and looked at the now departed mage. "Shame... I was just starting to enjoy his company."
Whilst he waited for the attentions of a healer, Rehd did what he could to bind his own wounds.
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After her CPR attempt failed, Kahlan gave up. Ja'nus was dead, there was nothing she could do about it. She had failed to save patients before, but only once before had the patient she lost been her friend. She decided to simply avoid thinking about for the moment, as she realised that some of the others still needed help. Looking around she quickly determined that Oan would have to wait until they were in an area with more essence. Xan was dealing with it for now. Marcus had a bullet wound, but Rehd's wound looked more serious, so she quickly grabbed her medical equipment and began fixing him up.
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Atlas pulled out a short length of cord from his pack, tieing the hands of the dazed merc. He then preceeded to unceremoniously drag the mercenary to his group of companions. He stopped short of the group, and sat on the mercenary.

"That was an excellent fight you all put up. I haven't seen skilled warriors like yourselves in a many a year." Atlas cheered his fellows. It didn't take him long to notice the silence that surrounded his companions. "what the?" he muttered to himself as he stood up and walked slowly towards the group.

Upon seeing Ja'nus, he felt his heart sink. He hadn't known the mage long, but had a good eye for character.

"I'm sorry for your lose. You all have my deepest sympathy." The dwarf walked away, to leave the group in mourning. He sat back down on the mercenary, and began to smoke his pipe thoughtfully.
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Rising slowly Oan took stock of what had happened. Most of the party were injured. Jan'us lay on the floor nearby. Khalan and Xan standing over him, but Oan could tell at a glance, just from their body language that there was nothing they could do. Oan couldn't believe it.  Jan'us had come close to death so many times that by now he seemed immortal.

Staggering slightly Oan made his way back to where Emily had been left. She was rising slowly, and unsteadily. Oan helped her to her feet, almost falling in the process himself he was so weak, and brought her to the rest of the party. Then he headed inside the pumping station, returning shortly with 2 spades. Planting the second in the ground he began to dig a grave.
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Rehd's bandages (
Marcus' bullet wound (

Kahlan barely spoke as she dealt with her comrades' wounds. There wasn't much she could do without essence, but she managed to bandage up Rehd and Marcus, as well as removing some bullet fragments from the latter. Her mind clearly wasn't focusing on it though, since the bandages were definitely not at her usual standards.
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"Kahlan, if you're in need of more bandages, just ask. I have a stock of them I haven't touched. They should still be clean an perfectly usuable should furtherneed arise" Atlas dug quickly into his pack, nd pulled out his bungle of bandages. He raised them above his head offeringly. "or if any of you have the know-how, you can use them."
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"I can bind wounds" Oan signed. "But first we honour the dead." and carried on digging.
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Marcus closed his eyes, as the pain brought tears to them. Not the bullet, he had felt worse than that. It was losing another close friend. Jan'us had been there all the way since the beginning, he always had known what the right path to take was, and always seemed to bounce back after a fight. But he was gone. Even though he knew Jan'us didn't follow her, Marcus prayed to Seia to protect his soul as it passed on.
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Atlas put his pipe away, and took up the second spade.

"Just point in the right places, and you friend will have a grave worty of a Hall-Lord"
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In the Cyveni tavern the stanger entered his room. It was dark, smelled slightly of damp. It felt suprisingly familiar to a man who had lived in the wilds and wastes for over 20 years. He rarely made any prolonged human contact, not after his banishment. He took some coin for killing a few deamons in outlying shanty towns but words were rarely exchanged. That looked set to change though.

Word had reached him of a party from Perros Folly. A handful of mages, warriors, rangers and healers making their way north. And him. That boy. Oh he had something very special in store for him. . .his mind wandered as the skies outside began to darken, and a light rain began to fall.
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1d20=8, 1d20=14 ( Tybalt moved towards the group, he'd seen Jan'us life leave in the essence and had been tempted to chase after the Cryomancer. He could stilk see her using his Tracking rune but he knew he couldn't catch her before it expired. He noticed Oan's jaw as he drew level with the ranger and reached for the essence around him, there was just enough for what he needed. He made the motions to invoke Istselya and then traced the Ranger's jaw, healing the bone. The ranger felt his jaw bone heal though his mouth was steal sore and tender, he nodded his thanks and returned to his work. Tybalt then continued to Jan'us' body before kneeling next to it, he reached down and picked up his amulet, squeezing it in his hand before placing it back down, "I am sorry it couldn't help you friend." He vaguely heard someone ask why he didn't take it, "It was made especially for Jan'us. Someone else in the world maybe able to use it but for most, it would be little better then a woolen shirt. I'd rather it stayed with Jan'us to protect him on his journey to the next realm"
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Rehd watched Oan dig, resting beside the body that once belonged to Ja'nus. "Tell me, ranger, do you bury him out of some strategic impulse, or as a means of grieving?"
The assassin placed a hand on the cooling corpse and closed his eyes. "Who he was is gone. What lingers is a shell; flesh and blood and what little life force still clings there. I can feel it - this body is still a living thing, though all that made it Ja'nus has passed."
He opened his eyes again, taking in the rest of the group. Behind his bandanna he twisted his bloody mess of a face into what passed for a smile. "If no-one objects, I would take what is left of the body's life. It seems a shame to waste it, all things considered. In less than an hour it will have faded away, dissolving into the air, or the dirt as the case may be. I don't think the worms have the talents to appreciate that particular aspect of the meal."
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His jaw freshly healed by Tybalt, Oan continued his digging. At Rehd's question he paused. "I'm burying him, because he deserves a decent burial. We can't give him that, but we can give him something."

He returned to his work as Rehd continued speaking. Hearing what he had to say but not pausing in his work. As Rehd's suggestion became apparent Oan dropped his spade and drew his sword. "No. Absolutely not. Try it, and I will kill you. We honour the dead, we do not defile them."
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Steel rasped as Tybalt also drew his blade at Rehd's suggestion, "Try it and I'll try and find out if it's possible to banish a human soul like I banished Nemisis. He can come back one day, I suspect you'll find it a lot more final."

It also twigged in the back of his mind that he'd have to go and pick up his rifle before they left.
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Marcus joined in with Oan and Tybalt. "Jan'us had been with us since the very beginning. Forgive Oan, Tybalt, and I, but we are indebted to him for saving our necks on more than one occasion. Without him, we wouldn't have made it past the first forest. He was like a brother to me, closer than a few of mine. I understand your point, but there are certain things I believe in. Respect for the dead, especially those you called brother, is one of those things."

He turned to the rest of the party. "If everyone is okay with it, I would like to have the honor of bearing Jan'us's staff. I know that I will not be able to make much practical use of it other than as a walking stick, but I wish to bear it more as a memorial to my dear friend and brother. If another one of you wishes to bear it instead, I will graciously surrender it to you."
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Tybalt nodded to Marcus. He had no objections and saw no problem with the idea.
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Zothern walked over to Ja'nus' corpse and knelt beside him. He couldn't really think of anything to say that seemed to fit. He and the mage had never been particulary close, but they were still friends.

"Thankyou friend." He said softly, and he closed his eyes in a moment of rememberance. He bowed his head a little and then opened his eyes and set about a few things. He adjusted Ja'nus' robes so that they were wrapped around him like a shroud, and he pulled the hood down over his face. In the process he removed Ja'nus' magickal pouch and slung it over his own shoulders. They would need it and Ja'nus would have wanted them to take what they would need. He also picked up the staff. He had never handled it before, but now he did it felt so unusual. It was metal but he had no idea what kind. It was uncannily light for its length to, and on a brief inspection there was not a single scratch or mark on it, other than the black-gold rune Tybalt had carved in it.

Zothern stood and took the staff over to Marcus and handed it to him. Then he turned to Rehd.

"You are still new here so I will let that slide, but not without penalty." He walked quickly over to the assasin and drove his elbow into his face, knocking him to the ground. " Zothern stood over him, anger radiating in almost visible waves. "Maybe not you, but damn near everyone in this party owes there life to him in someway. So you go to his body with anything other than respect and I will ensure that you gain a unique understanding of the word pain. Beyond even your twisted experiences."

Zothern stood back, his body shaking with adrenalin, he rarely got this angry. However there was a way to keep both parties happy, and maybe repay a little of the debt.

"If you must feed, creature, then take some of me. But you will NOT be allowed to touch him, is that clearly understood?"
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1d20=12, 1d20=10 (
 1d20=4, 1d20=8 (

 Tybalt was mildly surprised by Zothern's hitting of Rehd. As Rehd fell his robes parted enough to see the wound he'd recieved. Tybalt wondered how the mage was still alive. "While you have said something that has upset me, I will still try healing you." Tybalt said as he sheathed his blade and walked over to the mage. While he was doing so, he measured the essence, there should be enough for what he wanted, though it was quickly disappearing. He knelt down and checked the wound, it was obiviously deep. He started trying to draw the essence in the area to invoke Istselya, he wasn't sure if the cold was getting to his hands or something else was happening but the essence felt, slippery, for lack of a better word.

"I'm sorry, I don't seem to be able to draw enough essence in to heal you with magick." With that he stood and moved off to find his rifle before he could forget it.
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Kahlan stayed silent for the entire exchange. The rest of the group seemed to have made their decision and her opinion wouldn't sway them, it might even make them trust her less. Frankly her experiences with the human body meant she pretty much agreed with Rehd's opinion that all that was left of Ja'nus was a shell. She found the idea of feeding on the corpse distasteful, but Rehd was wounded and could clearly use the energy, so she wouldn't have objected.

She turned to Rehd as a thought occurred to her; "aren't there any dead mercenaries around for you to feed on?"
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Zothern turned at that.

"Atlas found one. I believe he was using him as a stool. However we need information out of him. Where they are from and why they are here."

He turned to Rehd.

"Maybe you can sing for your supper, and restore some of our faith in you. Get the information out of him. Once we know what he knows, do what you like with him. If this happens to be the one who shot Ja'nus then I would be obliged if you would make it as slow and painful as possible."

He walked over to the semi concious mercinary and dragged him to his feet.

"I've given Rehd here the job of interogating you. I was nonspecific as to how."

While the merc staggered groggily, Zothern relieved him of any weapons and useful items he was carrying.
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Rehd wiped a streak of blood from his face, his eyes curiously alight. He seemed almost amused by what had taken place. "You people think Ja'nus cares what happens to that lump of rotting meat? Such curious beliefs you all possess. I do not seek to defile him; he is beyond even my reach now. Still, I can't expect you to understand, so perform your rites and make your peace. Let us hope your lack of pragmatism does not have consequences."

He approached the prisoner and once more removed his bandana, making full use of his unholy visage. He stood before the prisoner and drew his blade, examining the edge carefully.
"Normally, I would not begin these proceedings with conversation. Normally, I would begin by removing one of your toes, perhaps severing a tendon. Then I would ask a question. If I did not like the answer, or felt you were holding back, I would cut you again. Have you ever experienced the unique agony of feeling cold steel carving through the ligaments of the elbow, or having your kneecaps cut off? That is just the start, of course. Once we reach the torso, abdomen and groin the true agony begins. Did you know you can survive having one of your kidneys cut out? There are other organs I can remove as well without killing you. I can cut you apart piece by piece and hold up every bloody chunk for you to see."
He leaned in close enough to wash the man's face in his rancid breath. "I can even show you your own still-beating heart, but that is a mercy that would be days away. Do you understand?"

With a sharp kick he took the man's legs out from under him, dropping him to the ground. "Unfortunately, dismantling you piece by piece takes a long time, and I have a schedule to keep. So, here is my mercy; tell me everything you know about who hired you, and I promise I won't castrate you and force-feed you your own scrotum. Does that sound good to you?"
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Zothern stepped away from the pair, leaving the assassin to his business. He was confidant that Rehd would get the information from the merc, especially after that little speech. Pain was scary after all.
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Rehd's Interrogation Technique (1) (
Rehd's Interrogation Technique (2) (

The mercenary sat on the ground, dazed, as Rehd's message sank in. He was about to talk when the assassin smiled. After everything he had been threatened with, that smile was just too much for the mercenary, who promptly wet his pants and fainted. Rehd snorted in disgust, then picked the man up and slapped him across the face.

"Wake up. Wake up you useless sack of meat. I can't hurt you very well when you're unconscious," Rehd paused, thinking idly. "Well, I could. It just wouldn't be as useful. Or entertaining."

"Entertaining?" the mercenary repeated.

"Yes, you might live longer if you are. Who hired you?"

"Mistress Anatalya, like always."

"Who hired her?"

"She never said. Got half the gold upfront. Pay like that kinda discourages questions."

"Why were you sabotaging the pumping station?"

"Part of the job. Bonus if we made it irreparable."

"Your cryomancer bitch did that pretty well."

"Don't talk about
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Rehd considered what little the Mercenary had told him. Mistress Anatalya... it was a start, but he needed more.

"You really shouldn't have told me to 'figure it out', friend." Rehd purred, drawing his ritual knife and placing it against the man's forehead. "Because I am a seer, and I know of many ways to divine the future, all of which require a sacrifice. Some just need a few drops of blood. Others need a lot of blood. Some, like the one I plan to use now, require me to consume a portion of the victim's flesh and bind his soul to my body."
Before the man could react Rehd dragged the blade across his forehead, gripping his hair and brutally scalping the man. The howls of agony seemed not to phase Rehd, who then calmly smashed out half a dozen teeth before moving onto the hands and feet. Six fingers and six toes were brutally cut away.

He took his trophies and began setting them down in a hexagon shape. At each point of the hex he put a finger, a toe, a tooth and a lock of bloody hair. Finally, he dragged the delirious man into the centre of the circle. "Let your soul be mine!" he cried, slamming the blade into the man's heart. He felt the mercenary's life leave him and drew upon his blood, infusing himself with every last drop to empower the divination spell.
"Show me what would have been," Rehd commanded, his voice gaining strange harmonics as the magic spell began. "Show me the future that can never be. Show me the path this soul would have followed. Show me where he would have fled, and who would give him shelter. Show me!"
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Zothern watched. Repulsed but unable to look away or feel any pity for this man. Rehd was brutally efficient at his art though there was no denying that. He though back briefly to the elbow he had rammed into his face. Well, if anything came of that he would deal with it. He felt justified in it and he would stand by his action.

Never the less there was much to do still. The grave was almost finished.

He walked over to Tybalt with an idea.

"Is there any rune you can invoke here that would prevent his grave beeing looted by theives or scavengers? Maybe something you can carve on a stone? It does not seem right to leave it unmarked, but at the same time we should not advertise his presence."
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Atlas and Oan by this point had already dug a hole that was deeper then he was tall. He heard the anguished whining of the mercenary.

"Keep it down you grim visage of death. You're causing enough noise to wake the dead themselves."

That said, he got back to his work with Oan.
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Rehd's Divination (
Tybalt's Invocation (

The world shifted and changed around Rehd, the borders between reality and the unreal becoming blurry and clouded. The night grew light, and rain filled the air. There were houses nearby, many voices were talking, and most of them spoke Westan, although a few had the harsh consonants of Rikashi, or the sing-song voice of Thelya. But that was not why he was here. He was hunting for a man, a man with no name, that Anatalya had said would provide shelter in any city.

Between the two houses of stone, small and run down, but solidly built. It would do for a while, until he could find the others. His mind lurched, something seemed wrong, and Rehd fought to keep the vision on track. Mists shrouded time and space, and he found himself in a much more built up area of the city. Someone was following him, a man, a very large man. Glancing around, he saw the man pause, sniff at the air, then run straight towards him.

He ran, but the man was too fast, the crowd seeming to shy away as he threw off his travelling robes. He wore ragged pants, and used a length of rope for a belt. That was not important. What was important were the man's tattoos. Deep lines carved into his flesh, tracing mystic tribal patterns around his upper chest and down his arms. In those lines was not black ink, but a deep crimson and flecked moss colour. Powdered bloodstone.

"You killed Ja'nus!" the massive mage shouted. "I can smell his death on you!"

Rehd's sight flashed outside the mercenary's mind for a second and he could taste the distinctive tang of his magick. This other man was a red mage too. A powerful red mage, a wild chaosigan. As the vision clouded over and drew to an end, the assassin caught a chilling image. This man, the massive mage, had leapt nearly fifty feet, slamming the mercenary to the ground. The last part to fade was the man's fist, cratering the ground, skeins of Essence still swirling around it, having punched clean through the mercenary's skull.

Rehd shook his head slightly, reality returning to its normal shape. Tybalt was nearby, muttering darkly about the lack of Essence, runes carved into a small stone nothing more than chicken scratch without Essence to forge them. Sighing, the runesmith threw the rock carelessly over his shoulder, hearing it tumble slowly downhill. For some reason, the tiny click of it striking another stone echoed through the night. It seemed all too quiet. The frozen machinery, now somewhat less frozen, had just begun to move again with a collection of clicks, pulses, grinding noises and a deep rumbling. The noise continued for almost a minute.

A massive detonation from the central pumping tower slammed outwards, a fireball lighting the night sky and sending shrapnel in all directions. Secondary explosions rumbled for some distance down the pipeline towards the city before suddenly stopping. The pattering of raining debris ended with a horrendous clang
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Tybalt looked at the wreck that used to be the pumping station, he was a little shocked by what he saw and what happened. "Did they plant an explosive charge or something?"
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Marcus flinched slightly at the explosion. "Perhaps," He responded to Tybalt. "I believe they were charged with destroying it, so that seems possible. Either that or the machine was damaged by the cold and then malfunctioned. Oil pumps tend to malfunction in a much more spectacular fashion then, say, a water mill."
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Zothern looked at the blast impassivly. It was a little unhelpful that they couldn't raid for supplies, but they werent far from Cyven now.

Casting a glance over to Rehd he saw him shake his head as though clearing a drunken haze. "So assassain, what did you see? Anything we might make use of?"
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Rehd recounted his vision to the other members of the party as best he could.
"We are dealing with a Chaosigan," he said after giving his account. "One who may have abilities similar to my own. It is possible that he has been taught my arts, and if so then he may well have forewarning of our coming."
He glanced toward the burial pit that had been prepared for Ja'nus. "In my vision, the mercenary died because he was responsible for Ja'nus' death. I am not sure what to make of that... but I do not believe this man is an ally."
The assassin knelt beside the body of their former ally and placed a hand on its forehead. "Long gone," he sighed. "I have no means of divining his future. Whatever the link between Ja'nus and this Chaosigan was, it died with him."
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"You suspect that he may hold us responsible for Ja'nus' death in the mercinaries stead? If he is trained in your arts can you counter them perhaps? The last thing we need is another Mage out to kill us, especially if he is as skilled as you AND has a reason to want us dead beyond mere coin."
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"Possible; I've had to deal with my own kind before, though I would prefer not to do so in a straight up fight. Ideally, I'd like to kill him while he slept."
Unconsciously, his hand drifted to his dagger. "Red Mages tend not to be the most sociable of people. Our power is selfish, but it's also addictive; we long for blood to augment our own power, and in time we forget how to live any other way. When I found you I was hungry, starved of energy from a long and less than ideal journey. I've suffered that and worse, but too many Red Mages descend into madness when they are caught unprepared by the bloodlust. In short, we may be dealing with someone so far detached from reality he's started sleeping in coffins and hiding from cloves of garlic. Such a man is far more dangerous than I am; my actions, at least, are determined by reason and pragmatism. We should tread carefully."
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"Wonderful. A psychotic, blood crazed chaosigan with a grudge. Will you be able to recognize him again? It might be our only chance at gaining the upper hand. By the sounds of it this man is the worst aspects of all the enemies we have met so far."

Zothern considered the options and implications.

There was, in there near future, possibly even in Cyven, an encounter with an apparently powerful chaosigan with some connection to their fallen friend. He might know they were coming. He might have an issue with them, and if Rehds testimony was reliable, which it has always shown to be so far, he was quite capable of wiping the floor with any one of the party.

"I think we may need a plan. After the funeral of course."
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Atlas pulled himself out of the finished grave. He huffed from the effort.

"I'd say we're ready. I'd say you all had say you last respects, whilst I make finishing touches to the grave."

He offered a hand down to Oan to help him up, out of the grave.
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"This Chaosigan may be good, but even you, Rehd, could not take us all on. He won't be able to either. We'll be fine as long as we stick together. Anyway, that's for later. For now, I'll check the pumping station for anything until it's my turn to say my goodbyes."

With that Oan ventured inside, looking for signs of sabotage, or some hint of the Cryomancer's plan. Goodbyes for him were a private thing, he'd been raised that way. Everyone said a few words in private and then there were the public speeches demonstrating the deceased's best charactersistics and acheivements.
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Zothern called Marcus over and the pair of them carefully lowered Ja'nus into the pit that had been dug for him. Standing back from the edge, Zothern closed his eyes and simply remembered Ja'nus. There was nothing he felt he could say. The pyromancer had died for them repeatedly, and now he wasnt coming back. The situation seemed to be completely alien.

"Goodbye Ja'nus. Goodbye friend, and thank you."

As the others moved to say their goodbyes, Zothern picked up one of the spades and slowly began to fill the grave in, considering with an inward grin how much easier it would have been if they had had Ja'nus there to help him.
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Tybalt stood and waited for his turn, he was thinking about his own life upto that point. Part of the reason he'd come on this quest was so he didn't feel he'd wasted his life, that he'd been able to help keep those with him safe. Yet the amulet he'd made for Jan'us hadn't helped the mage. He hadn't been able to save him. He felt like he'd failed in some way.

When his turn came, he knelt by the grave and whispered, "Rai-Tane, while I do not follow you, I know Jan'us does, did, please protect him into the after life and protect this site. Like I wish I was able too."

As he stood up and moved so others could say some words, the words his Mentor had said before he left on the quest rang in his ears, "You can't save them or kepp them alive, some will die, do what you can do help them, mourn and remember those who die."
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"He can't hear you, you know," Rehd's words were issued quietly, like poison in the ear of a sleeper. "If we are going to go into battle against a man with my skills, then you should keep in mind he may also share my methods. This attachment to dead flesh is a weakness to be exploited. If you wish to honour his memory, I suggest you do so by ensuring we do not join him for many years to come."

The assassin's eyes lingered on the grave. "And yet it is weakness I have known in all men, save those the masses call 'monster'. Perhaps it is that weakness that defines us, that separates us from beasts?" He shrugged off the thought and gathered his belongings. "If the beasts know, they're keeping it to themselves."
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"I think it's times we got a camp going. As much as Ja'nus did for us, there is nothing more he can do for us now, and we need to get to Cyven soon if we are to get the upper hand on this Chaosigan. A nights sleep will help us all."
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"I agree. Though I would like to set up camp away from here."
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Overnight Rest (

Everyone had paid their respects to Ja'nus, and with the ruins of the pumping station in the background, it was time to move on and set up camp somewhere safer. The party walked for nearly half an hour in the moonlight, eventually coming upon a small grove of trees flanked by low hills, and with one side towards the river Celis. Without Ja'nus to help start the fire or level the earth it seemed to take a lot longer to set up camp. Or perhaps it was just the silence of the night weighing upon them all.

Watches were established, and the party took notice when Emily volunteered to take the dawn watch
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Tybalt opened his eyes at the noise and looked at Oan, seeing the ranger was relaxed, he got up and started packing his gear. He sat down on a rock and checked his rifle in the daylight while he also ate some breakfast. Everyone could hear his mumbling and cursing as he checked it.
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Zotherns eyes snapped open and the sound of tumbling rocks. He look over and saw Oan with a grin on his face. "Yes, very effective. . ." he mumbled to himself.

He stood and stretched out, clearing away his bedroll quickly. He still had some dried and salted meats and a cursory examination of Ja'nus pouch revealed some dried fruits that were still edible. The pouch seemed to keep food fresher for longer, as his own supply of fruit had been exhausted before it had had the chance to go off. There was a slightly unusual taste to it though. Not bad, just. . . odd.

Still, there was much to do and far to travel. CYven was still a good days travel at least, and probably 2 if they weren't rushing.

Part of him wanted to get there quickly, part of him didnt. He wanted a peaceful journey, but there was a man in Cyven who may well be waiting for them to arrive so he could kill them. He deeply hoped that Rehds vision was no longer accurate now that the merc in question was dead. It was a Chaosigan that had taken Galithir.

It struck him momentarily that it had been other mages, just people, not deamons that had killed what may have been their most powerful friends so far. They had all battle many deamons and shadow mages, even Nemesis and a dragon! Yet two humans with magickal powers had done more damage than any of them.

He shook the thoughts from his head and downed a few good mouthfuls of cool water, and prepared his gear for the days journey.
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Atlas had slept a short distance from the main group. He had only just joined, and his arrival before Ja'nus' death could easily have been seen as a bad coincidence. He offered a silent prayer to Diuna, Nata, and Kohil.

He got up, and started to pack his things together, finishing by pulling out his pipe and smoking, trudging towards the group.

"So do you decide who is in front of the group on the travel, or is it whomever is fastest at the front?" Atlas gruffed out, waving and nodding a morning greeting to the rest of the group.
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Marcus rose silently, packing his things. His dreams had been haunted with images of Jan'us, slowly dying before him, and Galithir, vanishing in a flash of light. He looked across the camp to Kahlan; he didn't think he could lose another person so close to him. Galithir had been a wise mentor, like a father almost, and Jan'us a blood brother. He looked at Tybalt, Oan, and Zothern, the only remainders of that party that left perro's folly. No more of them could be lost.
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Zothern turned to Atlas.

"We just walk. We talk amongst ourselves, keep our spirits up if needed, and we move around to talk to others. If we are in a forest, Oan tends to take point as the best tracker among us, although he tends to be scouting ahead anyway. As we are on the plains though there isnt much for him to scout for."

He look ed acros as Marcus rose. The warrior seemed to have slept fitfully. Maybe carrying the pyromancers staff would help him keep Ja'nus' memory alive.
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Oan ate his breakfast quickly then walked up the hill to where Jan'us had been laid to rest. "One by one we fall, only to be replaced. How many more of us will meet our end before this task is done?" he whispered quietly. "Fare well my friend, you will be remembered."

With that he returned to the group to overhear Atlas asking who was in front. "Usually, as a ranger, I'm in front. However, we're relatively close to Cyven so I'd like Tybalt to join me. He should know the land around here fairly well. Atlas, I'd like you at the rear keeping an eye open for anyone behind us. I don't like surprises."
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Atlas put a smile in his face.

"Is that really the reason, or is it something to do with my height?" He laughed loudly. He had no longer truely cared about what people thought of his height, though he did like using it as a way to rib people.

"I joke, I joke. Don't give me such serious looks."

Atlas sat down, taking time to look over his equipment. Especially his pistol. He cleaned and reloaded it. Pointing it away from the group, he gave the sighting a quick test. He never liked wasting ammo, regardless of the distance or the swiftest to dodge, a target may have.
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Kahlan was quiet as they walked. She was reminiscing about the fun times they had all spent with Ja'nus. It was odd to think that she had only met him about a week ago, it felt like longer. She chuckled to herself as she remembered the death threats they had exchanged when they first met.

She caught a few snatches of conversation from ahead of her. Oan had said they were relatively close to Cyven. Good, she thought. Once we arrive, we can end the mourning properly, sitting in a tavern somewhere drinking to the mage's memory. Smiling, she began to wonder if she could beat Marcus in a drinking contest. Well, she would have to find out.
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Atlas trudged at the back of the group, matching pace with the person furthest back. He was deep in his own thoughts, and didn't take his eyes of the road to see who he was talking to.

"So what is it that made you join the quest? Fortune? Testing your abilities? A final mark in the history of the world so people of tomorrow will remember you?" Atlas spoke gruffly, huffing along beside his walking companion.
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"Because it's right. Because somebody has to. None of us wan't to die, but how can we live safely while thousands of others are being ravaged? Someone is causing this. We have a duty to stop them. Not because we have to, but because we choose to."
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"Ah, the best reason of all. And the chance to make new friends is always a bonus."

Atlas thought for a moment.

"Of course you then have to deal with lose. How well did you know Ja'nus? From what I saw, Helzon would have favoured him greatly. He also seemed to have the skills that would have put most miners and forgemasters in my home-hall to shame."
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"Of course Master Ranger, though it's been a while since I was last this way. Still, a good chance for you to teach me some things about tracking and scouting."
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"We only met him in Perro's Folly. We didnt really talk about history. Maybe we should have. I know he has an uncle who was shunned from his villiage, became some kind of hermit or wild man. A Shamen I think. I know Ja'nus got the staff from his father, it has been in the family for several generations. The Dukator master rune in the staff was put there by Tybalt back in darrow and it is made from Ja'nus own Soulstone, that was in the staff before it held the Eye of Rai-Tane. Part of his patron deity.

Rai-Tane giften Ja'nus with great skill while he carried that Eye. He wanted it back Ja'nus said. I pity the soul who takes up that quest. Rai-Tane took Ja'nus 3 times, including the time back then. All when Ja'nus was close to death. He is the one that has kept us alive so long, having a god behind you is a big help. Now that he is gone, we shall have to survive on our own wits, which are not inconsiderable I assure you Master Dwarf."

Zothern took a moment to think back on everything he had seen the pyromancer do. He had seen feats of great power and amazing presicion.

"Wherever Ja'nus is now, I have little doubt that he will be trying to reach his masters side."

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Rehd had been quiet since waking. He seemed unsettled, like someone had walked over his grave. Despite having slept soundly from what the others could tell, he had a haggered, restless aura about him.
"Have you heard the expression about walking a mile in someone else's shoes? Well, try walking a temporal path in someone else's soul!" the Assassin shivered and slapped himself twice to shake off some of the weariness. "All that fear, all that paranoia, all that he was is still bouncing around in my head, burning itself out the only way it can."
Behind his bandana he flashed a wicked smile and whilst laughing said aloud, "Next time, I'm using someone with some backbone. Might be a good time to show your yellow side, Atlas; everyone knows the newest guy gets sacrificed first!"

He turned his attention to Oan and, in a slightly less jovial tone asked, "Where would you like me on our march?"
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Zothern couldnt imagine how that would feel, to have somebody else mind in your own. To BE that person, for their emotions to be an echo of your own. Mercinaries tended to be brave people, providing the money was right there was little they wouldn't do.

"Do you know what his fear was of assassin? Of you? Of what that cryomancer might do to him? Of this mystery man who would have been his end?"
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Atlas whispered to Zothern.
"Is he always so pleasent?"

Bringing his voice up to a booming level agin, he responded to Rehd.
"I've been called a lot of things, but yellow isn't one of them. I've already survived 300years, and yet I likely have your lifetime thrice more, still to live."

Atlas returned to talking to Zothern.
"What possessed your group to entertain the fellowship of such a cheery fellow?"
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Ignoring Atlas' comments for now, Rehd focused on Zothern's questioning.
"Bravery is not a black or white affair, Zothern," he said in the manner of someone who knew fear rather well. "I believe he feared what would have befallen him, or else the echo of who he was feared the Chaosigan, but he feared me most of all. You saw what I did to him, but he endured it. That agony, that terror, is what is left behind; the sensation of a man suffering a fate worse than death. Happily, I've suffered several fates worse than death, so I'm used to this sort of thing."
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"Rehd, I'd like you somewhere in the middle, with Khalan. You're fairly quick so you can get to wherever's necessary if we get attacked and in the middle your lack of armour shouldn't matter overly much."
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Zothern shudderd a little at the memory of Rehd interrogation.

He looked to Atlas as the walked. "He found us actually. He has a contract for us, he was sent to kill us. Weather he intends to finish the job is yet to be seen, but untill then, it is in his interest to work with us, and in our best interest to use his skills. Better to have them on the inside pissing out, than on the outside pissing in, as the saying goes."

"Fact is, he is exceptionally skilled as a mage and a killer. Turning down his offer to help would be both foolish and potentially terminal."
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"I'm also on hand to provide a very important skill; the art of tretcherous thinking." Rehd cast a sidelong glance at Zothern and grinned. "For example, I was contracted to kill all of you, bar Atlas, of course. Since my arrival, one of my marks has perished, and the rest of you have come close, to varying degrees. In your place I would not assume this to be coincidental. I would assume that the cryomancer and her mercenaries were in league with me, and that the ambush was staged so that I could earn your trust."
The paranoid monologue now turned to Atlas. "You may recall I distrusted you, and I still do. Again, in your place I would entertain the notion may have likewise been a bluff; a way to further reinforce Atlas' image as a trustworthy individual."
He gave another of his hidden smiles. "Of course, all of this is entirely hypothetical."
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"An interesting theory. However it's worth pointing out that there are others here capable of thinking like devious bastards, however some people are capable of keeping their thoughts to themselves until there is a foundation for their suspicions. Now, if conspiracy hour is over, we should get moving"
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"Entirely possible. However you have not been with us since the beginning. Getting attacked at least twice a week has become the norm now. Funnily enough that never happened before Perro's Folly. It would seem that God of Fate likes a good narrative as much as the next man. I can't imagine that in a story we would be all that interesting with all of our fight scenes removed."

The guard took a swig from his canteen.

"Don't make the mistake of thinking we trust you Rehd. At the end of the day, you fight for money not duty and I fully expect you to try to fulfill your contract when it is convenient for you to do so. You can't fight fate, assassin, but if Ja'nus taught me anything, it's that you can bend it to your will if you have enough cause.

So, we will all carry on this quest and we will look out for everyone, even you. Call it weakness if you wish, but you may be glad of it someday."
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"Oh I never fought for money, friend. Money is a means to an end, that's all. I kill because I was born to do it, and because it's much more enjoyable being a sociopath when you're rich. Did you know that I once passed myself off as a member of the landed classes? I assassinated a lineage, claimed their lands as my own, and for a month I was the estranged son of Count Ma'Contaal, horribly disfigured in war against the Demons of the north. I spent more money in a week than most people see in a lifetime. It was a grand adventure, and the Duke of Envar learned the hard way not to take part in an orgy organised by a Red Mage with a bounty on your head."
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Zothern gave a wry smile at Rehd recounting of the events. It was somewhat twisted and yet he was mildly amused. He had met people who killed for fun before though. They tended to over reach in search of the thrill, the rush of a challenge. They would do anything to not feel bored. Maybe Rehd was even looking forward to this mage from his vision.

Clearly a close eye was needed, and nobody watches like a Guard.
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Tybakt listened to the banter and ideally wondered what would happen if he craved the rune of Qetus in Rehd's flesh. He quickly banished the thought. While the man was an assassin, he wouldn't do that to someone that had yet to do anything to him. But if he betrayed the group on the other hand....
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Marcus looked at Rehd with a look of mild disbelief. He had encountered men, if a creature who thought like Rehd could be called, like him before on a few occasions. Yet he still couldn't quite comprehend them. The incredible violence was one thing, Marcus understood some were willing to use more extreme methods than he, who even disliked regular torture, abstained from. It was the fact that they thirsted for nothing but power and carnage, their lives seemed to have no purpose other than personal pleasure at the expense of others. They had no comprehension of companionship, brotherhood, family, love. His eyes subconsciously drifted toward Kahlan, though he quickly glanced away up into the sky. He couldn't let emotions cloud his mind. Yet at the same time, he couldn't let go of those emotions, what made him human, what seemingly separated him from the Assassin. It may make him weak, but there was more to life than just power.
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"Seems silly to me, finding elaborate ploys to kill people. Of course, I don't kill for pleasure, I prefer more conventional things like fine wine or a good book. But when I've killed someone, I've usually just stabbed them when they aren't looking. Much safer. Of course, most of the people I've killed weren't important enough to have bodyguards, which makes thing so much simpler."
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Alexander had spent most of the rest of the previous day and all of the previous night quietly fuming in frustration. He'd had a few cases before on his times on the caravans where an ally had been fatally wounded, but he'd manage to fix the wound internally and save the guy. One particularly memorable chap had even sat up, grabbed his rifle, swung round and executed his attacker with a clean headshot. That day had gone exceptionally well.

This one, the exact opposite.

There had been so many problems to deal with - mass essence drain, low life concentrations, no backup material - that he simply couldn't do anything. And by the time he'd come back to reality enough to want revenge, that sodding cryomancer had escaped!

He'd been fuming so much, in fact, that he didn't realise there was ambient essence trickling unchecked towards his summoning magicks until the small rainstorm that had been hovering above him for the day manifested and began prodding him with floods and small lightning bolts.
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Tybalt swung around when he heard the crack of thunder, his hand instantly on his sword. When he noticed Xander he couldn't help it, he laughed. He ended up laughing so hard he fell over and started rolling around. He just couldn't help it. He'd never seen anything like it as the young healer stood and glared at him with the small cloud and lightning bolts flying around him.
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Two days travel to Cyven. That was what Oan had said to them. The current day was passing in a strange haze, doldrums of grieving memory, punctuated by sharp bursts of conversation, and then the general business of travel in a large group. The midday meal was eaten quietly, with little conversation to be heard. The topic of conversation was Cyven, and how much Tybalt knew of it.

"It's a great city," the runesmith was explaining, referring to its size. "Walled like a fortress, with massive gates at every entrance. Each gate is named, usually for the guild it serves. I was always served best by the black gate, and occasionally the royal gate or the twin gates."

"What about the people?" Kahlan asked idly.

"A bit more cautious than Darrow's people, our values are somewhat more traditional. Half the city ignores this of course, unless the Cyveni family is going to be nearby. The king needs to know that freedom is what will give us greater progress, not tighter restrictions," Tybalt looked thoughtful for a moment. "You may want a good dress, just in case. Several nobles know me well, and if I'm invited to dinner that means formal clothing."

"An' what about me then laddie?" Atlas grumbled.

"Only a handful of people have ever seen a dwarf. We don't know what your formal attire looks like."

"An' you won't. Dwarven warriors have no formal attire."

"Maybe you can just polish your armour a little then. Anyway, Cyven itself is huge, easily twice, three times, the size of Darrow. So many people there, from all over the world. Hygaran's from the north, Rikashi and Sueni from the east, and quite a few Halters from the south."

"Halters?" Marcus asked.

"People from further south than Darrow. Progress just seems to have ground to a halt down there. Part of the reason I was traveling through Perro's Folly when we met, but that's a story for another time."

"How about a story for now?" Atlas asked, sitting on a low rock and tapping some pipeweed into his ornate pipe. "A real story, something with blood and guts and glory."

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"Wait, my father attacked the shadows with a knife?" asked a bemused Kahlan, who hadn't heard the full story of this fight before. "I know he hated daemons, but that seems unusually reckless for him. I wonder why he did that?"
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"We have no idea, but it worked, somehow."
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"Yeah it did." He sat thoughtfully for a while before saying, "well if everyone has finished, we should get going a again."
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"He sounds lke a man after my own heart... or at least one with a chance of claiming it."
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"You can't leave the story there! What happened?" Kahlan complained. She was aware that they should leave, but to leave on that cliffhanger...
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Tybalt laughed, "I'll finish it when we camp for the night, or if you're really good, while we walk."
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"Ah what I would have done if my hammer had been blessed then" Marcus mused, patting the shining warhammer at his side. "I suspect it would have been more effective than arrows against those damned shadow-wolves. Later we must tell the story of the Golem, or the dragon."
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"Well if you're so keen, you can tell the story of the golem... Once I have finished telling this tale." Tybalt laughed as Kahlan shot him look as he paused, only to relax when he finished.
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"The tale of the dragon is perhaps left until we have a way of confirming what we're saying. Wouldn't do for us to be accused of exaggerating our feats" Oan replied with a smile. "Who knows. Might even get us a free drink or 2" he added with a small chuckle.
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As the shadows grew longer, the day quickly became bleak and dreary. Dark clouds filled the northern skies as the winds began to shift, moaning around the few trees dotted on the plains. Rain would come, soon. If not this night, then definitely on the morrow. Light was fading fast, and the group decided to set up camp a short distance from the road. There was little to use for tinder or firewood, and without Ja'nus, they could no more make the ground completely level, or their shelter proof against all the elements.

The fire flickered in the wind, and Tybalt invoked Birkal every so often, with little finesse, but copious helpings of power. The wood seemed to burn fine, even if it didn't put out much warmth. All magick had a downside after all. Pyromancy made food taste strange if it was used to cook with. Geomancy tended to be rather permanent in its effects. Runes were highly restrictive. Summoning could call forth all manner of wrongful creatures. Tybalt sent his mind back to the second night of their adventure, he had a story to finish.

"So, there we were, surrounded, Marcus and Zothern down, Galithir cut off from us
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"The forest. . .such a dark place in so many ways. The temple. Living trees. The Golem. We almost lost everything there. We did lose too much. Galithir was the hero there. But even being a master of death did not save him. The forest is where he died."
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"I've been thinking about that actually. The timing seems...odd. It was only about a day or so after he died that we found the temple of Sheiya. The other Chaosigan seemed to be going in the wrong direction too. It's almost as if the place was warded against servants of Morrde somehow."

NB: I will continue to spell it "Sheiya" we can assume there's a pronunciation difference or something. Oan was taught the very, very old ways after all, names do evolve over time. :P
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Atlas puffed at his pipe. He had great repect for the older members of the party. They had survived a great deal and had lost those they called friends. He hoped that in time he would be regarded in such a way.

"I reckon you're correct. Sheiya and Nata always dislike those breeds of sorcerors. No offence to your friends memory."

Atlas looked to the sky, and examined the stars. He had a quiet introspection about all the nights he had slept under the stars. Some untroubled, and others like the previous night. He prayed to his Gods for a safe night and a days travel uneventful.

"Though I am always inclined to listen to a good tale or two, perhaps it is time to turn in for the night?"
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Overnight Rest (

Marcus and Kahlan had taken the second watch. Deliberately, this time. She wanted to learn more of her father, and while Tybalt's stories were true
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Kahlan wasn't overly bothered by their travel plans, so she decided to stay out of the discussion. She was too busy thinking about her talk with Marcus last night. When pressed, he said that he only knew about her father's possible survival because Ja'nus talked in his sleep. So not only could he had misinterpreted Ja'nus' dreams, but there was also the possibility that the dreams were pure fiction in the first place.

Still, Ja'nus had been looking for her in Darrow, and by all accounts Galithir had never mentioned her to the group...

Marked by Morrde? She had always thought he served Shaya, given his preference for illusion.

Why hadn't Marcus or any of the others mentioned this to her sooner? Part of her was angry at Marcus for not telling her, while another part was angry for giving her what was probably false hope.

These thoughts and many others raced around Kahlan's head. Eventually she decided to that it was probably best to stop dwelling on it. The information wasn't useful at the moment, and would only serve to distract her. The sensible thing to do would be to forget about it.

Still, once they completed this quest, a trip to a certain dark temple might be a good idea...
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As the camp began to pack up after breakfast, Xan managed to take Oan to one side. "How's your jaw healing up?"
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Zothern awoke. Somewhat groggily. Rest had not come easy to him last night and he was looking forward to Cyven. He felt more at home in town and cities. He knew better how to blend in and act more natural.

Chewing on some salted pork he stood and streched his legs. Picking up Ja'nus' bag he made sure it was secured about his person and then addressed the group.

"What do we think? Should we push for Cyven today, or spend another night on this road? I for one would like to sleep in a comfortable bed for a change. Have a real cooked dinner. Most importanly I would like a tankard of fine ale once more." he said with a slight chuckle.

"What say you all?"
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"I'd like to push on. The draw of my Workshop, a hot meal and my bed is hard to deny."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on August 19, 2012, 02:38:20 pm
"That's i the person you left in charge of your store hasn't taken your bed by now. Or sold it." Oan replied with a grin. "We should be able to get to Cyven in time for a good evening meal."
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Post by: Wargamer on August 19, 2012, 02:54:32 pm
"I think Cyvern is calling us," Rehd chuckled. "I'm sure I'll be able to find at least one contact there who may be of use."
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Post by: InsaneTD on August 19, 2012, 02:55:57 pm
Tybalt smiled slyly, "He's not foolish enough too. He knows most of the nobles I've  done work for and most of them  are in the Dagoons or The King's Guard. He also knows I'd track him down for for anything he stole from me and blacklist him with the Guild." He then broke into a Grin, "Of course his Mother would do worse if she ever found out. Master Sierra would be most upset if her son ripped off her star pupil."
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Post by: Ravager Zero on August 26, 2012, 04:59:22 am
Travel Difficulty (
Kahlan's Restoration Magick 1 (
Kahlan's Restoration Magick 2 (
Kahlan's Restoration Magick 3 (
Kahlan's Restoration Magick 4 (

Chapter 6
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"The young Magess being carried by the slap of muscle is Kahlan, said slap of muscle is Marcus,  The man hiding his face is a Red Mage named Rehd, the young man with helm and glowing bag is  Alexander, or Xan as he seems to prefer." All the non-mages turned to look at Xan's bag at that then gave Tybalt a wierd look, "This Magess is Emily, the man on her right is Oan, the next to him is Zorthern... Am I forgetting anyone?" Just as Atlas was about to start in on Tybalt he started speaking again, "And the old Dwarf is Atlas." He said with a laugh. "How about you buy the first round and me a meal and I'll tell you about some of our adventures?"
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Post by: Mabbz on August 26, 2012, 08:44:55 am
Kahlan had in fact fallen asleep shortly after Marus picked him up. Marcus placed her gently in a chair and shook her awake. Kahlan awoke with a start, her hand stopping halfway to her knife. After a moments confusion she looked around the tavern and realised where they must be.

"You could have woken me when we got to the gates" She said irritatedly. She was still very tired but she would have preferred to walk through the city under her own power.
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Post by: Wargamer on August 26, 2012, 09:38:35 am
Rehd settled himself down into a chair, carefully positioning himself so that he could easily see the front door.
"Let us speak of business," he said, trying to keep fatigue from entering his voice. "Once we've rested, I intend to begin searching for the Chaosigan. Unfortunately, I have no leads as to where to begin searching; for all we know he could have left the city by now. Still, I'm sure I've got a few contacts left in this place who can help. I'll begin first thing in the morning."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on August 26, 2012, 10:15:13 am
"Rehd, leave it for tonight. Let's just rest. We're too tired to go looking for someone that dangerous. If he finds us, we'll fight, but I'd rather we didn't have to at the minute. In the morning I'll help you look for him, before trying to get an audience with the King to pass across that message of ours." Oan replied
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Post by: Railgun Convention on August 26, 2012, 12:20:33 pm
Xan had spent most of the day's walk in a state of some concern with regard to Oan's latent jaw injury, but between pondering stamina acceleration spells and the needs of Larry, had not been able to find time to deal with it. Now seemed like a good a time as any.
"Hey, Oan, mind if I take a look at your jaw?"
Why so smokey? asked Larry.
"It's a pub," Xan muttered to him, "what did you expect?"
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on August 26, 2012, 01:28:25 pm
"Go ahead" Oan replied to Xan. "It'll make outdrinking the dwarf easier" he grinned.
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Post by: El ShasOcho on August 26, 2012, 01:39:03 pm
Against his better judgement, Marcus chuckled a bit as Kahlan glared at him. She hadn't stabbed him yet, which was a good sign. Taking a drink from his mug, he looked to Oan. "I agree that we should rest a bit. Some of us are in no condition to fight. We need to rest and recover, and start first thing tomorrow."
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Post by: InsaneTD on August 26, 2012, 02:13:02 pm
"Do we know this man will attack us? He may well know we are, were, friends with Jan'us. He could very well just want to talk to us."
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Post by: Wargamer on August 26, 2012, 02:54:45 pm
"I doubt that," Rehd replied. "He struck me as a man who has dedicated himself to the Chaosigan arts, even moreso than I. That is a dangerous path to walk; to devote oneself utterly to the arts of annihilation invariably causes nihilism, paranoia and, ultimately, madness. Do not attempt to guess this man's motives, for if he is as far gone as I fear he will not be motivated by anything we can comprehend."
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Post by: Railgun Convention on August 26, 2012, 03:19:19 pm
Xan's healing roll: 1d20=14, 1d20=6 (

Xan focussed on the skiens around him, guiding them carefully around Oan's fractured jaw. At first, the bone-knitting went well, but midway through, his grip on the magick slipped, and try as he might, he couldn't get any more skiens to show up in the right place. Damn.

Xan stepped back a moment. "Well, I've pulled something off, but it looks like your jaw is still going to be a little fragile for a while longer."
"Since when were you so judgemental, Larry?" Xan snapped at his pack. This confused several non-mages sitting nearby, looking for a person who clearly wasn't there. Xan sighed, and ordered a stiff whiskey. Ja'nus' death was evidently still gnawing at him...
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on August 26, 2012, 04:39:50 pm
Zothern took his seat and sipped at his half pint of ale. He would normally have a full pint, but he was very tired after the long walk here.

"I recommend that we find some place to bed down for the night. If we have a chaosigan seeking us, what ever the reason, if he wants to talk or fight, we should be rested when we finally meet him. Dinner, drink, bed. We can make with the plesantries and catch ups in the morning. We have alot of work ahead of us. Don't forget what we have learned."
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Post by: InsaneTD on August 27, 2012, 12:05:10 am
Tybalt yawned then looked a little surprised, "I think I agree with you, my shop isn't too far away and there should be enough room for everyone, though some of you will probably have to bed down in the workshop, or you can stay here and I'll meet everyone for breakfast in the morning." While he waited for everyone to decide  he turned to chloe, "Seems I'll have to tell you those stories tomorrow, would you like me to walk you home?"
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Post by: Wargamer on August 27, 2012, 12:12:45 am
"The workshop sounds good to me; I would rather not stay here if I can avoid it, and the underworld shifts so quickly I can't be sure any of my old bolt-holes are safe."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on August 27, 2012, 01:59:16 am
"The workshop then. At least we know it will be secure. After so many ambushes on the open plains it will be nice knowing there is a locked door between us and the world. Tomorrow we will find that chaosigan, or he will find us. Eitherway, it promises to be an interesting day."
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Post by: Mabbz on August 28, 2012, 09:57:00 am
Kahlan stopped glaring at Marcus and got up. She was still exhausted; she hoped the workshop wasn't very far, because there was no way she was going to let Marcus carry her again. The group began to walk to the workshop.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on August 29, 2012, 02:58:37 pm
The party was shuffling groggily through the streets towards the workshop. Zothern was trying to pay as much attention to the streets as possible in order to avoid ambush.
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Post by: Narric on September 01, 2012, 12:38:49 pm
By this point, Atlas had already downed two whole pints of ale.

"Ah fine brew you serve here." He exclaimed, flagging down another Pint, paying per pint and adding extra as tip.

His face had already become a ruby red, and his smile held nothing but joy for a good pint.

He finished his third Pint, and finally noticed he'd been left behind.

"Wats rest without a full belly?" He shrugged it off, and walked over to the barkeep, requesting directions to the Workshop of Tybalt.
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Post by: Wargamer on September 01, 2012, 12:51:51 pm
Come the morning, Rehd rose from his makeshift bed and shook out the stiffness in his limbs. It had been a long time since he'd slept in a soft bed, and he could feel as much in every twinging muscle.
"You know what we all need? A brothel!" the assassin announced with a mischieveous chuckle. "After all, isn't that what brave, hardy adventurers do? I happen to know a place in town called 'Sakura' that should ensure a good time, especially if Cherry Rye is still running the place..."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 02, 2012, 03:18:44 pm
Zothern yawned and stretched out. It was warm in the workshop and it was certainly nice to have a roof over his head. He rolled his eyes at Rehds comment, but he certainly did miss the company of a good woman. Or even an average woman if the price was right.

"Well, I do believe we have much to do today. Rehd, do you think you could track the chaosigan? It would be nice of us to get a head start on him and not be ambushed."
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Post by: Ravager Zero on September 03, 2012, 07:05:26 am
Overnight Rest (
Stamina Recovery (

Atlas couldn't remember much of the night, staggering up the step's to Tybalt workshop. He was nearly bowled over when the door opened suddenly.

"Oi, watch it laddie."

"Atlas?" Oan stared down at the dwarf, both of them vexed. "It's the morning, you know. The time people normally leave their houses for work."

Atlas coughed up a gob of phlegm, spitting beside the stairs. " 's only mornin' when Ah can see the sun."

"Then I suggest you take a few steps back, out of the shade."

"Oh. Well, last night was fun. Didn't know manfolk could make a decent beer."

"If you need to rest, I think Tybalt has a bed free now, otherwise, we're heading to Sakura."

"Wha's that?"

"A brothel," Oan replied flatly. "Well, some of us are going. Rehd seems disturbingly interested in the place. Then again, any interest of his seems disturbing."

"I heard that, ranger."

"Oh good, I was starting to wonder if you'd plugged your ears."

"Why would
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Tybalt went and retrievd his rifle from the locker he'd stored it in the night before, "Well I plan to go and see the Gunsmith who made my Rifle for some repairs and tweaks. I should also find my friend in the Dragoons, he might get a bit upset if I don't." He said with a laugh, "Unless someone has anything that want inscribed, that's the extent of my plans,"
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Post by: Narric on September 03, 2012, 08:28:22 am
"I'll join you in going to the Gunsmith. I'm not going to admit I'm a poor shot with this thing until a Gunsmith can tell me its perfectly sighted." Atlas patted his pistol holster. He thought back to the pumpstation, and and winced at his terrible shooting.

"I've plenty enough runes on my weapons. I think if more were insribed, the old ones would become inactive, whilst the new would be less effective."
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Post by: Mabbz on September 03, 2012, 10:00:00 am
"I'm going to go exploring. Where are the markets? I doubt I'll buy anything, but I might find something interesting."
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Post by: Wargamer on September 03, 2012, 10:26:08 am
Rehd chuckled at the comment about markets. "If old Skillet is still alive and kicking, you're sure to find something 'interesting'."
He looked up from the maps and took in the rest of the party. "If we are to find this Chaosigan, we need to do something more than roam the streets. Cherry Rye is an old friend of... she's an old acquaintance of... We may have..." He became aware his pauses were drawing the wrong kind of interest. "She hasn't tried to kill me, not in any serious way, and she's a very well-connected woman. If anyone knows where to find a Chaosigan in this city, I'm certain its her. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she already knows I'm back in town..."
There was a certain ambiguity to the tone of the last statement; it wasn't clear if Rehd was glad, or concerned, that his friend/acquaintance/person he knew might be seeking him just as he was seeking her.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on September 03, 2012, 12:42:06 pm
"Well, while there is a Chaosigan hunting us I still think we do have some level of responsibility to stop Darrow and Cyven going to war with each other and making themselves vulnerable to the daemonic threat, so I'm going to try and figure out the best way to get an audience with the King. If we can convince him that the towns are being played against each other we may just survive a little longer. Failing that, I could do with getting a decent knowledge of the terrain ahead." Oan replied.
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Post by: Mabbz on September 03, 2012, 01:34:09 pm
"Old Skillet? I can't help but be concerned about anyone that makes you smile, Rehd, so who is he? As for the Chaosigan, I'm not planning on looking for him. If I stumble across him or hear any rumours I'll find someone to come with me rather than investigate alone."
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Post by: Wargamer on September 03, 2012, 01:50:27 pm
"He was an associate - a useful contact to anyone who wanted bodies disposed of. He was also a petty thief who roamed the markets removing items from people's pockets. When I was last in Cyvern I may have inadvertantly put him in a precious situation. I doubt he's still alive, but if he turns up tell him Crimson sent you. That should get him on your side. That or he'll try to murder you, but what would life be without unexpected surprises?"
He clapped his hands and rubbed them together eagerly. "Now, who's going to help me hunt down this brothel?"
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Post by: InsaneTD on September 03, 2012, 02:02:10 pm
"I agree with Kahlan, I'll keep an ear out but I'm not gonna go looking for him. We find enough trouble without goinging looking for it. The Dragon for example? I don't think any of us should go exploring alone though." Tybalt then turned to Atlas, "I just want a word with Mister Seria then we can go."

He quickly found the young man finishing his breakfast up stair, "Anthony, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to see talk to you about your progress or the workshop, I'll have sometime this afternoon. I'm sure Miss Black has told half the city I'm back already so if anyone comes looking for me, tell them I can see them tomorrow. Unless it's Tyrus, Tell him I'll try and catch up with him as soon as I can."

The young Runesmith smiled and replied, "Certainly Master Tybalt."

"Good lad, until this afternoon." With that he collected his gear and went to see if Atlas was ready to go.
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Post by: El ShasOcho on September 03, 2012, 04:26:42 pm
"I guess I will go with Rhed to this Brothel." Marcus said with a slight shudder at the end. He never liked things like that, so grimy and unpleasant. However, it was best to go together, and he still didn't quite completely trust Rhed.The others could likely take care of Rhed without him, but it was better to be safe than sorry.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 03, 2012, 04:30:00 pm
"I shall accompny Rehd and the others. My business can wait for now. And I have lift intention of travelling in too small of groups. I am not ready to assume that we are even nearly safe yet, and four of us should be able to atleast slow down that mage if he finds us."
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Post by: Mabbz on September 03, 2012, 04:37:52 pm
"Well, I'm not going to the brothel. Is anyone going to come with me to the market?" asked Kahlan, glancing at Xan and Emily.
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Post by: Wargamer on September 03, 2012, 04:46:49 pm
Rehd shook his head at Khalan's reaction and with a healthy dose of sarcasm replied, "honestly, I arrange a visit to a historically-interesting building run by a well-connected, well-respected woman with links to a hassansin order and you try to make it sound seedy! I'm hurt that you'd even assume I wanted to go there for the women!"

He glanced back down at the map and added, "Although, if you did want to catch the Cyvenian Rash then this is definitely the city to do it."
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Post by: Railgun Convention on September 03, 2012, 04:53:27 pm
"Why? Is the Cyvenian Rash even catchable outside of Cyven?" Xan quipped at Rehd.

"I'll come with you, Khalan. I wanted to head that way anyway. When and where should we meet for lunch, or is this going to be an all-day thing?"
Title: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Mabbz on September 03, 2012, 05:52:54 pm
"Thank you, Xan. I don't really mind when and where we have lunch. As for the brothel, I have been in brothels before, usually on business. I'm just not interested in historical buildings or the hassassin order."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 08, 2012, 01:27:32 am
"If we have our plans for the day I would suggest we get on with them. I for one would like to get this day over with and get a big dinner and a pint of good ale in me. Something I am sure we could all go for, no?"

Zothern checked his gear and examined his sword.

"Hmm, before we leave, do you have a grindstone in here Tybalt? This could use a quick sharpening."
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Post by: InsaneTD on September 08, 2012, 01:52:25 am
"Of course." Tybalt then shows Zothern where it is.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 08, 2012, 02:57:15 am
Taking a seat infront of the wheel which had clearly not seen much use lately Zothern set to work.

After 5 short minutes the swords edge was significantly better off, if a little rough on the surface. There really want time to polish it, but maybe if they came back here later he could make a better job of it.
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Post by: Wargamer on September 08, 2012, 07:59:06 pm
Having given his companions time to debate, Rehd headed for the door.
"Alright, boys and girls, I suggest we meet back here at midday, or as close to as circumstances allow. There's something you all need to hear before we go. If we don't return from Cherry Rye by midday, then you all need to come and find us as quickly as possible because we'll almost certainly need rescuing. Don't forget - do send a rescue party!"
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 08, 2012, 10:57:14 pm
Resheathing his sword, Zothern set off with the assassin.

"So what is it that we are looking for?"
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Post by: Ravager Zero on September 09, 2012, 05:04:11 am
Oan's Evasion (
Kraytor's Intimidation (

Tybalt just looked at Rehd and shook his head when the assassin suggested he might need rescuing. If Chloe's stories were anything to go by, Sakura was one of the nicest buildings in the city, along the house's matron.

"Meet back around lunch, maybe later. Cyven is a big city," with that, Tybalt stepped out and turned left down the street. The gunsmith, like the others who worked for the guilds, had his shop in the black district. It wouldn't be a long walk, and Tybalt was well known enough that any undesirables would think twice about trying anything. His reputation as a sharpshooter with his rifle didn't hurt matters in that regard either. Or his association with baron Faust. A well armoured Dwarf travelling with him was the final nail in the coffin for any would be assailants.

The buildings of Cyven seemed to crowd around him, the weight of the city pressing down from the sky. Many buildings were two or three storeys tall, and that was only the portion that was above ground. The royal palace was at least eight storeys tall above ground, with minarets almost a ninety feet tall. The upper levels, the massive stained glass roof, and the minarets could all be seen from anywhere in the city. The skydock's main tower was even taller, and easily visible from several leagues away, outside the city walls. To Tybalt, it felt good to be home, even if the visit was only temporary.

The gunsmith's shop was just as he remembered it, down to the sign hanging slightly lop-sided from mismatched chains above the door. The gunsmith himself looked the same too.

"You need to shave before that great mass of hair gets caught in something."

"And you need to remember how to wear normal clothes."

"It's good to see you again master Byrne."

"You too, master Defet, who's
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Post by: InsaneTD on September 09, 2012, 05:54:35 am
Tybalt amusedly watched as James zeroed Atlas' pistol and explained the process to the dwarf, who was mumbling under his breath the entire time. After a while, he started looking around the store. He noted several weapons that used a slightly different firing mechnism to his rifle and decided to ask James about it. He also noted he'd have to head to one of the ranges and zero his rifle before they left the city. It was then he remembered that he was planing to see if he could modify his pauldrons so they had a hidden space like Zothern's when they were in darrow. He'd do that this afternoon, unless something more important came up.
Title: Re: Enter, The Darkness [RP Thread]
Post by: Narric on September 09, 2012, 06:53:40 am
With a newfound knowledge of his own equipment, Atlas gruffly thanked the Gunsmith.

"Well I guess I'll keep its maximum effective distance in mind next time. Would definately save me some ammo and powder." Atlas pulled out a moderate sized handful of gold, and handed it to the Gunsmith. "If this is more then you'd normally charge, think of it as a tip."

With that done, Atlas decided to finally survey the smithy, taking in the craftsmanship in all the guns. He didn't feel like buying a rifle, but mentally complemented the Gunsmith's work.
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For the first half of the cable car climb, Xan had sat on one side, looking concerned; trying to forget that he was suspended above the ground with only a cable and a thin metal floor for company simply wasn't working. Half way up, he changed tack. Instead of looking down, he tried looking out.


From here he could see half the city - most importantly, the other half, not the bit directly below him - and had a reasonable view of the expanse behind it. It was impressive stuff.
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 09, 2012, 08:10:11 am
Zothern took in his surroundings. People often forgot that as a guard he was very good at simply looking. The seats were gloriously comfortable however and he fancied sitting in them for as long as possible. However information was essential and people gossiped in places like this didnt they? Standing up reluctantly he set off looking for Chloe to see if she knew anything about what was happening in the city, or is she had heard anything about a Choasigan looking for people.

After a few minutes of exploring and more than a few wrong turns and one incident that he would sooner put out of his mind forever, he found Chloe staring out an upperfloor window.

"Hello Chloe. I am sorry to impose like this but I'm afraid we don't have much time, have you heard anything about a Chaos mage? Big chap with a long shabby jacket and mageline tattoos? We think he is out looking for us and we are rather eager to not run into him anytime soon. And anything you can tell me about the state of the city right now would be extremely useful aswell. I would certainly be in your debt if you could help my friends and I with this."

Zothern paused for a moment. "And perhaps, if you had the time later and Im not, you know, battling for my life or anything, you might like to meet me for a drink?"
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Tybalt quickly talked to James about his rifle and the ammo, the modifications, repairs and a hundred rounds each of the Daemonbane and standard. He also asked James if it was possible to make something to help it load the rifle quicker.

Then he asked James about the Chaosigan, "Have you heard anything about a Chaosigan ? From my understanding, he'd be new to the city, big burly bloke, Mageline Tattoos and shabby travelling clothes?"
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In Cherry's private room, Rehd made himself comfortable and brief glanced around the finely decorated chamber. It was not to admire the place, however; it was to see if anyone or anything was likely to kill him.
"Normally I'd open with pleasantries, but I'm afraid for once my mission is too important for that." He leaned forward, drawing his dagger and holding it up in clear sight. "There is a Chaosigan in this city - one who has embraced the arts of destruction with a fanaticism that disturbs even me. I need to know everything you know about him."
He provided a description of the mark, as well as explaining the close encounter he experienced on entering the city and his blood-magic vision.
"My companions have already lost one mage because of his agents. He can employ powerful allies. Even if you won't do it for me, then do it for yourself; if I can find him first, I can end this with one stroke of a knife. If he finds us, he'll unleash hell and tear this city apart. If nothing else, it'll be bad for business."
He leaned back again, tossing the knife blade over grip and snatching it out of the air. "So, what do you know?"
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As James was about to awnser Tybalt, the door to his shop opened and three men walked in. All three wearing the uniform of the King's Dragoons, Lever Action Long Rifles in a carry position with Short Swords at the hip, the leader also had a War Axe and shield slung on his back and a Rune glowed softly on the barrel of his rifle.

He stepped forward and looked around before his eyes settled on the Runesmith, "Master Runesmith Tybalt Defet, why was it I had to hear from Kings Guards you had arrived back in the city?" He asked as he slung his rifle and gave the Runesmith a hug.
"That might be because I only got in late last night? How are you Tyrus?"
"I'm good Tybalt. I understand you've been travelling with a group and making quite a reputation. "
"So I've heard, This is Atlas Cobalt, a True Dwarf,  Altas, This is Lieutenant Tyrus Dolff, from the Cyven Noble family. He's my closest friend and his family could be considered my patrons here in the city."
Tyrus turns to the Dwarf and bows before saying, "It's my honor to meet you Master Cobalt, I've heard romours your kind exists but I never expected to meet one."
Atlas gave a surprised look at the young Dragoon before bowing back and grumbling a response.

Tybalt just laughed before speaking agaib, "Tyrus, I was just asking James if he knew anything about a Red Mage that is probably new to the city, he's a Chaosigan, burly, ragged travelling clothes and has Mageline Tribal Tattoos? You haven't heard of or seen him have you?"
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Zothern's Info Gathering (Chloe) (
Tybalt's Info Gathering (James) (
Tybalt's Info Gathering (Tyrus) (
Rehd's Info Gathering (Cherry) (

Chloe Black looked Zothern up and down before responding to his questions.

"You're not very bright, are you?"

Whatever response Zothern had expecting, it certainly wasn't that.

"You do that
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 10, 2012, 08:58:55 am
Zothern felt like he had been slapped, he certainly had little recollection of what she was talking about. He must have been stupidly drunk at the time.

Still, he had one lead, the university. He just hoped that the others had had better luck in finding out things.

Walking out into the hall with the comfy chairs again he saw Marcus still luxuriating.

"Marcus, how do you fancy a trip to the university?"
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The assassin emerged from Cherry's chambers looking somewhat more unsettled than he'd gone in. He sought out his allies, though once he found them he seemed unsure of what to say.
"The situation has changed in ways I did not expect," he said. "My associate has arranged a meeting with our target tonight. I'll save you all the details until we're all back together. For now, know this; it's not us he's after, not yet."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 10, 2012, 10:07:13 am
Zothern turned as Rehd emerged and he listened to his information.

"Not after us? Well that is reassuring at least. Do we know who he is after? Maybe they might have information we could use?"
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Rehd shrugged. "Cherry suggests bringing someone who was close to Ja'nus. He claimed to be Ja'nus' uncle, though I don't believe that for a moment. It's a good ploy against the uninformed; pass yourself off as an estranged relative, then close in for the kill. Did Ja'nus ever speak of Chaosigans in his family?"
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 10, 2012, 11:44:15 am
"Actually he did once mention his uncles banishment from his village when he, Ja'nus was still a boy. He didn't mention him being a chaosigan specifically, but it isn't a long stretch to believe that he could be the same man. Living in the wilds for 20 odd years though, who knows what that would do to mans mind."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on September 10, 2012, 11:46:48 am
As soon as he thought he was able Oan slowed to a walk. It was easier to blend into a crowd when you weren't forcing your way through it at full pelt. He leaned against a wall to catch his breath, hand on the hilt of his sword and considered what he had learned. The Chaosigan was more powerful than they had thought, or so it seemed, Lady Cyven seemed to be involved in some manner, though what her reasons were for wanting war with Darrow was anybody's guess.

He considered his options carefully. He had the scroll with Skoli's seal if he needed it, but he didn't want to involve any more names than were absolutely necessary, at least not until he knew more about what was going on. He decided to head for the Steward's building and the nback to Tybalt's workshop.
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Regretfully leaving Shaya's Bulwark behind, Kahlan continued to wander around the market. There wasn't anything she specifically wanted to buy at the moment, but she was curious about what Cyven had to offer. Their foreign trade was greater than Darrow's, so many of the items on sale were alien to her.

Eventually, she headed back to the skydock and joined up with Xan and Emily. She guessed it would be a good idea to find the others soon.
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"Sounds fine to me Zothern." Marcus replied. He didn't like this place very much, too dirty. Not in the sense of grime per-say, but more in what happened here. It just always had felt wrong to Marcus, and he was glad to be out of it. "What would you want to look for at the University?"
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"Well we know that something is going on in this city, we need to find out what, we could well be getting caught up an a war here. Also, if the Chaosigan has been looking for information, its not unreasonable to assume that he went there aswell. I dont want to be caught off guard, and we need to know what he might be capable of."

Zothern checked the clock on the wall and realised that they were due to meet back up again soon, he didnt know exactly where the university was from her, so maybe it was best left for later.

"On second thoughts, we should head back to Tybalts workshop, we can pass on what we have learned. We can go to the University later if we need to. I think it would be better if the we all knew where to rest fo the group is ment to be while we are here, just incase anything does go wrong."

Zothern headed towards the door. "Unless there is anything else to be learned here Rehd?"
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Tybalt  turned to Atlas, "We should head back. The other will be back soon and need to pass on what we have learned."

He turned back to hus friends and said farewell before agreeing to meet people for a drink down at the Midget later.
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It was some time after noon when the party all found their way back to Tybalt's shop. All of them had a story to tell, one way or another.

"I think we're in trouble," Oan said softly out as he walked in the door.

"Did he find you, were you followed?" Marcus was concerned for the group. He knew what red mages were capable of.

"I think I lost him somewhere in the noble quarter."

"His name is Kraytor," Rehd supplied, turning away to rip into a piece of raw steak. "He wants to meet one of us. Like I told everyone else earlier."

"To kill us easily, no doubt," Zothern added.

"Cherry said no weapons. She has ways of stopping magick. Whoever goes will be safe. Mostly."

"My friends say he's probably been living in the streets, searching for Ja'nus," Tybalt told the group. "If he wants to meet us, then maybe
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on September 17, 2012, 02:20:52 pm
"Well, I'm not comfortable with no weapons, but if that's the case we'll need to send someone capable of holding their own. I'm dextrous enough, Marcus or Zothern are probably strong enough, and I daresay we've all got experience of using improvised weapons from a bar fight or two" Oan pointed out with a small smile. "Of course this is assuming that he plays by the rules, and we have no reason to assume he will, or even that Cherry's methods will stop his magic, or that she'll be using them in this instance."
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"May I put forward that if we have no way of knowing if he plays by the rules, perhaps we could figure out a way to igore the rules ourselves when the time comes" The Dwarf had been puffing at his pipe during the conversation.

"I put myself forward for meeting this Chaosigan, for the simply fact that I'm a smaller target, and have inevitably been in more Bar-fights then the lot of you put together." another puff of smoke, blown in the direction of the nearest window. "Provided I know which rules he ios breaking, I could easily try and counter him. There is also the possibility of engraving the Rune of Silence onto my armour, which would aide in this "Cherry's" Magickal negation. There is also the little known fact, that Dwarfs have been known to make controlling Essence difficult, hence why you have never heard of a Dwarven Mage."

Atlas sat back, to let his companions think about his offer.
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"Whomever goes, will need to know as much as possible without Ja'nus. I am unwilling to risk anykind of betrayal here. Our magicks may be useless, and if we have no real weapons, we have little chance against any assassins who can kill with there bare hands, or that may be armed themselves. Even taking a weapon osnt going to help much in that situation, not to mention if this Kraytor is going to be there."

He paused and thought for a few moments.

"Whoever we send should be one who was close to Ja'nus. Who can tell his story if needs be. Who can convince Kraytor that we had no hand in his death and that we tried everything to save him. They should take Ja'nus' staff with them. It was his families staff wasn't it? Well if Kraytor is his uncle, isn't it technically his now? It might help our case and keep him well tempered.

He has seen Oan, and if he is looking for him then it may not be too long before he finds him, and it would be better for us all if he found him in a place where his magic is weak and he is surrounded by several skilled fighters who simply have his size to contend with."

Zothern took a few breaths.

"We may be able to talk to him, even get him on side somehow. The fact that he has been living rough means that he is avoiding things like inns unless he needed them, maybe we can even help him, tell him that we know who did kill Ja'nus and that we could help him get his vengeance. We have seen what he is capable of, he would be a great benefit to us."
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Tybalt looked evenly at Atlas for a moment, "I have to live in this city after everything is over, I'd much prefer you didn't piss off anyone you didn't absolutely have to. Consider it a favour to me."

"Zothern, I think you you are right. Still, who goes?"
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 17, 2012, 11:03:05 pm
"I would cast my vote for Oan. He and Ja'nus were close, he has the gift of the gab, and his unarmed skills are not inconsiderable. With Ja'nus staff in hand he should be able to convince him to not kill us. Oan is the closest thing to a diplomat we have here, we will not be far away anyhow. I would suggest we go to the nearest tavern to the brothel and wait there untill we get somekind of signal, or Oan returns to us."
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Post by: El ShasOcho on September 18, 2012, 06:52:42 am
"Perhaps Oan should not go, as Kraytor may recognize him from before. We cannot know what reaction he may have, but maybe it is better to be safe than sorry. I would volunteer myself. It has to be either Oan, Zothern, Tybalt, or myself. Tybalt is most vulnerable without his weapon of choice I think. Zothern, no offense but you might not be able to keep a level head. And Oan, we do not know how he will react to seeing you again. That leaves me. I knew Jan'us fairly well, but not as well as Oan. What does everyone think?"
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"That is exactly WHY I was suggesting sending him in fact. If Kraytor is tracking him in someway, then wouldn't it be advisable for him to find him in a place where we are ready for him, and there are many magical dampers in place aswell as several capable and armed master assassins? Otherwise you or Tybalt could be at the brothel and Kraytor ends up tracking Oan HERE, while we are not ready for him. This is a bad thing."
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"My weapon of choice maybe my rifle but I am not slouch with a sword or in a brawl. After all, Smithing is in my job subscription and tends to build upper body strength. And there has been a couple brawls at the pub." Tybalt thought for a moment, "Still, I think Oan would be the best choice."
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"Judging from what we have heard of this mans abilities, raw strength doesnt seem to mean much. A quick tongue is what is called for, Oan has those skills very firmly in the bag." Said Zothern with a grin.

"We should find a suitable place nearby though, just incase it takes a turn for the worst. I am sure that Cherry will not allow a mage to go crazy in her establishment, but never the less, we shuld be prepared to back Oan up with our full force if needed."
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Kahlan, maintaining a perfectly straight face, spoke casually to Xan and Emily as the others debated. "So we seem to have narrowed it down to Oan and Marcus. There are arguments on both sides for the whole 'he has seen Oan already' issue, so it all comes down to one thing; who is better in a bar fight? Only way to find out seem to be to have them fight now, and send the winner to meet Kraytor. Xan and I will heal them if necessary, while Zothern, Tybalt and Atlas can be the judges. Emily, you can be the bookie, put me down for 2 gold on Marcus to win. Any other takers?"

Unfortunately for her organised bar brawl sporting competition, the other seemed to have come down in favour of Oan. True, he probably was the better candidate since Marcus wasn't as good at diplomacy, but that didn't stop Kahlan being disappointed that she wasn't likely to see them having a bar fighting contest.
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"Whoever goes, I would prefer to remain close by; I do not care to take this man's claims at face value."
He drew his sacrificial blade and examined its killing edge intently. "He may know me, or know of me at least, but that can be worked around. A change of clothes, an adopted posture, a falsified walk... I could readily pass myself off as just another man on the road, weary and longing for drink and pleasurable company. Providing he doesn't see my face, of course, but even changing one's face temporarily is not beyond the realms of possibility If we cannot achieve such things between us, there's always someone in a city like this who can and will for coin."
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Zothern heard Kahlans subdued conversation as he was debating the merits of Oans cadidacy.

"You can have your bar fight once we have finished all this, if you behave and promise not to shank anyone who doesnt need to be shanked." He said with a chuckle.

It occoured to him that once they were back on the road they really should pick up the sparring sessions again. Or even while they were still here if the workshop had a big enough courtyard.

He turned as Rehd spoke. "A good plan indeed, but can you hide your. . .essence? Mages can sense other mages can they not? I confess I dont know precisely how that works though. I don't know how unique each mages. . .signature, I suppose. . .is. If he has been near you before, might he not recognise that?"

Zothern knew it was a long shot, but, as devious as the assassin may be, he didn't want any unnecessary harm to befall him.
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"Oan listened to the points raised by his companions without comment. He'd said his piece, the rest was to be decided by the group. He was not surprised in the slightest when Khalan backed Marcus in her proposed braw, though he knew he was fast enough to give the big warrior a  run for his money.

"Well, looks like I'm the one going. I'd best get some practice in using the staff as an improvised weapon just in case he rushes me. We can pool our knowledge while I'm practising. Zothern, Marcus, Tybalt, I need some people to bullrush me." he added with a smile.

"Atlas, no offence, but you knew Jan'us the least, could you use some of the time we have left to look for a suitable hiding place for the party?" he added.
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"I'll do my best" Atlas responded.

Putting away his pipe, Atlas stood up and headed for the door.

"I best do that now. I'll be out all night, and return here at dawn. Hopefully I will find somewhere suitable."
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"The meeting is at sundown Master Dwarf. Might I suggest a little extra haste. A Hall or tavern, even an abandoned house near the brothel will suffice."

Then he turned to Oan, "Some practice would be well advised, that staff is uncannily light, if you werent prepared for it, you may end up hitting yourself by accident, not what you want at all. I dont know what we will do about the Eye though. I don't think Rai-Tane is likely to give it up that easily, but at least if Kraytor has it, if Rai-Tane takes anyone, it will be him."
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"We could always find a Mage or Priest of Rai-Tane to give it too. I doubt anyone here could get use out of it. And not Chloe. A powerful Magestone Artifact such as that in her hands...?"
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on September 19, 2012, 04:37:20 am
"The Eye should stay with us. I feel that we may need it at some point."
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Tybalt looked at Emily then back to Zothern, "I though she was our Seer?"
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Zothern chuckled. "She is, but if this journey has taught me anything, it is that something that belongs to a god should not be so readily discarded. In addition, Ja'nus had a very powerful link to the Eye. If we ever have any chance of seeing him again in any form, it is with that."
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Kraytor's Observation (
Kraytor's Hostility (

Oan faced off against Zothern in the confines of Tybalt's workshop. He had no idea how large the room at Sakura would be, so decided it best to practice in the toughest possible environment. Oan struck first, a short jab with the head of the staff, easily turned aside by an open hand strike from Zothern. The town guard launched a short, sharp kick, catching Oan off guard and sending him sprawling to the floor, missing the nearest bench by the narrowest of margins.

Zothern launched his attack as the ranger was rising from the floor. Oan parried with the staff, only to feel it bind against something nearby. Unable to free the staff, Oan used it as a pivot, swinging feet-first towards Zothern. The town guard stepped aside, forcing Oan to shift his weight forwards and let go of the staff before rolling to stop on the far side of the shop. Zothern's attack was equally ineffective, the town guard stumbling sideways after running into a workbench, still several feet from Oan. The ranger moved closer, circling around to retrieve the magestaff.

Zothern could see the ranger's intent, and was already moving to pick up the staff. Unfortunately for him, he was moving just a little too fast, and the staff slipped from his fingers, bounced from the edge of the bench it had caught against and whipped sideways, catching the town guard across the back of his knees. Oan took advantage of Zothern's sprawl by vaulting a bench and grabbing the magestaff before it could hit the floor. Oan was about to strike Zothern on the shoulder with the magestaff when the town guard executed a beautiful rising snap-kick that sent the staff skittering across the floor. Oan sighed. Losing two for two with the magestaff was not a promising start, but he could always fall back on his fists if need be, and his ranger training.

"I don't think we're ready, but the less time we have, the less time he has as well."

"True," Marcus agreed. "But you should have something else with you, just in case."

"I have something you could use," Tybalt spoke up, rummaging through a draw filled with small stones. "It's a simple rune
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"Dead? I will give you a single chance to explain yourself ranger. Why does my nephew no longer walk among the living? Who is responsible? And WHY do you have my families staff?"

As Kraytor spoke, the anger radiated from him in almost visible waves. There was an almost physical sensatation of tension. The sky became clouded and rain began to pour steadily.

Kraytor once again rose from his seat.

"I said, SIT DO-..." Cherry was silenced with a guesture from the chaosigan. "I have shown you enough respect Cherry, simply by being here and not tearing this place apart. This is family, If you feel perhaps that I have no right to feel this way, suggest an alternative. I am not going to kill the ranger, unless I find out he was responsible. I am not going to kill you, or damage your property, even if he was. So Sit. Down."

Kraytors words were punctuated with similar intonations to Cherry's first command, but this time even Oan felt a sudden urge to sit. Resisting the sensation as best he could, he began to explain.
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"I will give you your explanation, but it is a long tale if you wish to hear it all. With that in mind, Cherry, could we get some drinks please?"

Oan waited while Cherry sent for some drinks. The pause would irritate the Chaosigan, he knew, but he was a noble. He would do things properly, or not at all. There was a knock at the door and Cherry collected the drinks, she had refused to leave the two men alone in the room, presumably for fear that a fight would start.

"As a small group we left Perro's Folly, aiming to head North and combat the daemonic threat. Myself, a ranger as you know; Galithir, a necromancer; Zothern and Marcus provided muscle; Tybalt Defet from this very city, a Runesmith; and of course, Jan'us. Others have joined us since, but they were the first. Together we headed East, passing through the Forlorn Woods. We faced many dangers there, several of us suffering serious injuries, but always surviving. But, at the last, Galithir was lost to us. Jan'us himself came close to death several times on the first leg of our journey, revealing power we thought beyond him each time, including the summoning of a Djinn, and were it not for him I would not be here to bear the grave news that I do. When we reached Darrow things were not as we hoped, evil forces were at work and together we set out to combat them. I'm sure you've heard the rumours of Nemesis, a Hell Bear and an Infernal Dragon being defeated in Darrow. They aren't exaggerated. Tybalt, the runesmith, banished Nemesis with a little help from myself. Marcus the warrior helped Jan'us and Mistress Anikova of the Mage's Guild bring down the Dragon."

Oan paused to drink, watching Kraytor's face carefully. There was no indication that the mage thought he was lying. There was clear indication of anger, and that he was constantly checking his surroundings for anything out of the ordinary, but not much else.

"After a short rest period, during which time we worked to repair some of the damage from the fight, we put Darrow behind us picking up a couple of new companions as we did so, and left for here. We didn't face too many dangers on the way, and things were looking good. Until we found the leaking pipeline. Maybe we had become overconfident as a result of our deeds, maybe we should have decided it was't our concern and simply brought news here, I don't know. What I do know is we were outmatched. A cryomancer awaited us at the pumping station, with at least half a dozen mercenaries." Oan paused to drink once more.

"I don't remember much of the fight, I took a bullet to the jaw early on, but I remember that she was no ordinary cryomancer. As Jan'us was an avatar of Rai-Taine, so too was this mage an avatar for Skol. Fire met ice, and the gods spoke and fought, until a third interfered. As the dust settled the healers in our party tended to our wounds, including mine. The first thing I saw was Jan'us sprawled on the floor." Oan stopped for a moment as his voiced welled with emotion.

"Khalan did all she could, but there wasn't enough essence after the battle. Jan'us died there, on that hill, 2 days journey from here. Tired and wounded as we were, Marcus and I started his grave ourselves, the others taking over when we became too weary to continue. We left the grave unmarked to avoid looters and took his staff to pass on to a family member. And here you are." Oan finished, presenting the staff to Kraytor.
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Kraytor stood impassivly. He had not seen Ja'nus for around 20 years. He had loved the boy like his own son until his brother told him that as a chaosigan he was a bad influence on the boy. It had not been long after that that he had been banished from the villiage. With hindsight, it had helped him more than he had ever believed possible.

"This cryomancer is responisble for the death of Ja'nus? What was her name? Where might she be found now?" Kraytors voice was calm yet edged with steel. The tone of a man who never had to raise his voice to get his point across, and rarely asked more than once.

He took the staff roughly from Oans hands.  "This has been in my falmily for several generations, but THIS-", he guestured to the unfamilar stone in the head of the staff "is not my families Soulstone. What is this? It is a magestone clearly, but it reeks of fire and blood, it has a power the like of which I have never felt before."

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"I don't know her name, or where she is now. As I said, I was knocked out early in the fight. one of the others may have caught it though. As for the soulstone, no, that is not your family's, it is Rai Taine's. Jan'us came by it in the Forlorn Woods. There are gaps in my tale, for I have told you only a short version detailing what I believe to be the most important events. There are others with me here though, most of whom shed blood alongside your nephew and myself, who can tell you more, and will probably believe I should have told the tale differently. If you wish to hear more, I suggest we either bring them here or go to meet them." Oan replied.
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"Very well ranger. We will meet with your companions. I want these answers and then I will be seeking retribuition."

Kraytor paused. "I. . .thank you, ranger. This staff is precious to me. I am aware of peoples perception of me, and I work to spread that image. These people, in their little towns and cities, occasionally having to fire a few arrows to maintain order in a city that you could walk across in a few hours. They dont understand how their own society gets in their own way. My "home" is a wasteland measuring a million square miles. I dont have time for plesantries, or people avoiding answers that I need. I have myself and my word.

I have lived alone for over 2 decades. Fighting the deamonic incursions. I have little need for companionship or discussion. I have earned several favors however, through various means. You have shown honour here ranger, coming unarmed and alone and telling me the truth about what happened. I reward such behaviour. After we meet with your companions, I will assist you in your mission here. Then I will find the cryomancer."
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"I...thank you. For what it's worth I'm glad this has been resolved peacefully. It'd be a shame to have had to kill Jan'us' uncle while trying to pass on his staff" Oan replied with a smile. "Come on then, my companions are in a bar not far from here. For what it's worth, I think any and all that survive this mission of ours will be more than willing to help you track and kill the cryomancer"
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"I see. Not that alone after all then." Said Kraytor with a grin entirely devoid of humour. "Lead on ranger, and know that if this does turn out to be a trap the results will be dire for all concerned."

As the pair left the building Kraytor examined the staff critically. It had been a long time since he had seen it in person. He spotted the Dukator rune on the stave, just below the head, the black and gold rune showing that it was created by a skilled runesmith, it was flawless. The stone in the head however, belonged to Rai-Tane? He wondered what the ranger ment by that. He would meditate on it later. In the mean time he had a slow and painful death to plan for the woman who had taken his blood from him.

He felt the weight of the 3 phials of animal blood attatched to the belt around his waist. If he was about to walk into a trap, he would be more than prepared. He had heard a rumour that Crimson Rehd was in the city, and that was a name he knew well. If these people were with him, and had been travelling with him for a while, then he wouldn't put it past the assassin to have had something to do with Ja'nus death. After all, everyone knew that red mages that were also assassins could come up with some very interesting methods of eliminating their targets. And Rehd was a seer to boot.

Kraytor didn't feel fear, but he was no fool, caution was required.
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Tybalt sat at the table quietly waiting with the others. He suddenly swore quietly, he'd planned to talk to his apprentice.this afternoon and hadn't told the.young man he wouldn't be. He noticed the others looking at him, he shook his head before having a drink. He'd have to do it first thing in the morning.
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"You didn't think I'd walk into a potential trap that easily did you?" Oan replied. "I may be young by comparison to you, but I am no fool. You have not harmed me, so no harm shall come to you from my companions unless you provoke them in some manner. You have my word on that." With that Oan led Kraytor to the bar where he knew his companions would be waiting for news.

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Kahlan looked up as the door opened, revealing Oan and a man she presumed was Kraytor. Oan didn't look overly worried, so she allowed herself to relax her guard. She smiled at the newcomers, shuffling over to make room at the table.
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Rehd was sat facing the front door with a tankard of ale sat in front of him. He'd been making it last; he didn't much like the taste, but it looked better to be drinking when in a bar.
At the sight of the Chaosigan entering his hand moved to the sacrificial knife placed in full view on the table. He didn't take hold of it, but it was clear from his posture that he could do so at a moment's notice. "Well now, our Ranger has brought us a friend... and here I was expecting he was going to bring in some short, curly-haired country folk like that last Ranger did."
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As they walked along to the bar Kraytor noticed a few people he recognised as informants from his few days here. Undoubtedly working for her. The Lady. Everyone seemed in awe of her, scared of her name in some places. He didnt get it. Everyone was equal in the end. This illusion of superiority, of control and power was little more than a socially created illusion.

Granted Lady Cyven was a magess, and that gave her skills that ordinary people did not posess, but even so, he thought her nothing special. He was sure that a confrontation with her was in his furture though.

A light rain began to fall as they walked and it intensified as they entered a modest looking tavern. As the door closed behind them, the room became hushed and a couple of men hastily left via the back door.

As Oan walked over to the group, Kraytor looked around for threats, he could taste magick in the air, knots of it around a few people. Over in the corner was an old man, a blue mage, he was some kind of healer in the city, no threat there. He could sense a larger knot over in the area the ranger had walked to. So this was the party he was travelling with. There was a scent of chaos with them.

He took in the party, a hulking warrior, a slender woman sat next to him, essence swirling around her. Oan was sat on the end of the table and next to him was a young looking man carrying a. . .a tree? More knots of essence there, although it felt as confused as he was by the strange man. There was an uninteresting man sat next to a dwarf who was taking back a large tankard of ale with every sign of enjoyment. Further along was a man with an interesting twist of essence, the runesmith, Kraytor figured. Next to him sat a shy looking girl, seemingly with some interest in the ranger, if the glances she kept sending his way were anything to go by.

Finally he turned his gaze to the man he had noticed the second the door opened. He saw the knife on the table and grinned that humourless grin. So he wanted to make a show did he. "So. . .Crimson Rehd. . .in what remains of the flesh. What a nice knife , I certainly hope you don't hurt yourself." The mocking tone in his voice clear for all to hear.

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"Oh, didn't you get the message? I enjoy hurting myself. Why, sometimes I sit in my room and cut my wrists just for the giddy thrill." Rehd ran a finger across the edge of the knife and it came away bloody. That alone would be enough to ring warning bells in the mind of anyone who really understood Red Magic - blood, even a seemingly trivial amount, could turn an unimportant cantrip into a potent, and potentially deadly spell. "The fact that you are here intrigues me... especially as you are here of your own volition. So many questions, so few answers... yet."
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Kraytor turned to the assassin. He could see the rush the blood gave him. He remembered the feeling well. It was a drug, a high that couldn't be matched. He could sense the increase in the amount of essence in the room. This could get dangerous.

Still, he had a reputation to uphole.

He flicked out his wrist, and a bolt of chaos enegry slammed into the assassin.

"If you wish to fight, fight. If you wish to talk, talk. Threats and mind games do not work on me. I have little time for such antics. I KNOW the power of blood, the power of death that our kind can reap from its spilling, but I am not impressed. Make yourself bleed all you wish. Your power feeds me in turn. Have you never fought a Shaman?"

Kraytor stepped over to the assassin as he dragged himself up off the floor. "You are about to receive a lesson."
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Rehd flipped himself back to his feet, holding his blade in a defensive stance. "You really want to do this, 'shaman'? Oan seemed to think you were trustworthy, but I always thought we should have killed you and moved on. Think of just how terrible it will be for him, having me saying 'I told you so!' every ten minutes for the rest of the week! Such a selfish little man you are! Why not think of others for a moment, and back down before you turn into yet another name on our list of vanquished foes?"
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"Is there a point to this?" Kahlan snapped impatiently. "Rehd, have you ever considered not provoking everyone you meet? And Kraytor, I thought you came here to find out what happened to your nephew, not pick a fight with Rehd. Sit down."
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"Rehd, enough" Oan interrupted. "Remember that you yourself have not been with the party long enough to have the trust of all those here, and have only participated in a single fight with us. A fight which didn't end well for us at that."

"Kraytor, you would do well to remember that there are more than yourself and Rehd present, and that several of my companions and myself take issue with innocents being harmed unnecessarily, as would be the case if you and Rehd fought here for no more reason than a few unkind words and a foolish move on Rehd's part. Now, how about we have a drink and get to know each other?"
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"You wish me to back down? I had heard so much about the great killer. I never heard he was a coward."

Kraytor turned at Oans words, and then back to Rehd.

"Your ranger is right however. As is the young woman. I have more important things to deal with right now. We will settle this later, away from the "innocents" that the ranger seeks to protect."

Moving over to the group the mage stood and spoke tersely. "I need the identity and location of the cryomancer who took Ja'nus. Once I have it I will assist you with your task here and then seek her out. I have a few connections here that may be of use to you."
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Marcus shook his head as Kraytor and Rhed fought. Typical hot shots, he thought, letting all that blood go to their heads. He was glad Kahlan had said something though, he was not in the mood for breaking up a fight, and though he had no lack of confidence in his own ability, he was unsure what the best method of subduing Kraytor was at the moment. He turned to Kraytor to address his question. "The Cryomancer you are looking for was a mercenary, though we are not quite sure whom she was working for. She was accompanied by a small group of mercenary soldiers as well, when we encountered her they had disabled an oil rig, though I am unsure why."
"Before we go further, perhaps introductions are in order. You obviously know Rhed and Oan already. Next to Oan is Xan, a recent addition to our party, he is a healer, and carries with him a tree. I know, confuses me as well. That is Tybalt, a skilled Runesmith, who hails from this city. Next to him is Emily, a seer who we met at our start, and again outside of Darrow. Next is Zothern, a former town guard, and Atlas, a dwarf warrior who joined on our way to Cyven. Next to me is Kahlan, the daughter of Galithir who was of our Original party, who joined us in Darrow. She is an expert healer, and knife fighter. And I am Marcus, a humble warrior."
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Kraytor gave a curt nod to each of the party as they were intoduced. They clearly had a wide variety of skills. As Marcus mentioned Tybalt was the runesmith Kraytor looked to him and hefted the staff. "You made this?" He gestured to the rune under the head. Tybalt nodded. "Masterwork Dukator if I am not mistaken? It is fine work, runesmith."

He looked around the group and saw Kahlan. "Kahlan, that name sounds familiar. I heard it spoken in the docks in Darrow on more than one occasion. Why is it that you could not heal Ja'nus? Your skills were spoken of in high regard."

"We have a true dwarf in our midst aswell. What a rarity. I have only met one other, some 15 years ago. He was stubborn yet honourable. A fine slayer of deamons he was, he taught me much. We traveled together briefly."

Turning back to Marcus he addresed him. "She was a mercenary? Well that complicates things, but I have some people to discuss that with. Now, I find the situation to call for a drink, for the memory of my nephew."
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"You've been to Darrow? You've never needed my services, have you?" She drained her mug. "As for Ja'nus, I healed him as best as I could from his first set of injuries, but he then got shot, buried and thrown through the air by the avatar of a god and there wasn't any essence in the area by that point. There is a limit to my skill. Excuse me a moment"

Kahlan stood up and went to the bar, returning with a tray of full mugs and a pitcher of beer. There was general rejoicing.
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"I have been to many places. Darrow is a common stop. Although there are certain tensions with them right now. As a wanderer such things do not affect me greatly however."

Kraytor leaned down and took one of the beers. Raising the mug in the air he spoke sombrely. "To Ja'nus. May he serve at the side of his god forever more."
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Alexander was spending most of the time in stoic silence. He'd been so damn close to being able to help Ja'nus, something somewhere had snapped. It wasn't noticable normally, but whenever the group's discussion had turned to that event, he was becoming unexpectedly blank. Xan had never been much of a follower of gods, they were just there, but now they'd started interfering in his work. In Xan's mind, that was simply not on.

There was a quiet fury simmering somewhere in his mind, an almost imperceptible buildup, but its presense was getting Larry worried. Xan was sure that hadn't happened before.
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Kraytor drank his tankard slowly. His thoughts dwelling on his nephew. He had never really gotten to know him. From what these adventurers had told him, he had saved them a few times, most via the intervention of Rai-Tane. Being able to channel a god though? That was an amazing event. You would have to have been chosen by the god becuase you were exeptional.

He did not truly know which God was his patron. He bore the skills of Morrde, of death, but he also drew his powers from nature, from life. He did not know that god. He felt like he drew his power from the world. Maybe he truely worshipped the first god. The creator. It had never seemed important before. Maybe it was.

He looked around the group as they drank.

"You there, the tree man. What is that thing, and why does it feel like it is sick?"
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Tybalt was surprised by Kraytor's sudden question to Xan, he then looked at the tree, he knew it was magickal in nature but hadn't payed attention to it before. It didn't seem different to him but his was a Runesmith. Then a thought struck him, "You're not just a Chaosigan are you?"
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"No runesmith. I am a Shaman also. I draw my power from blood, like any red mage, but also from the earth around me. Life is my power.  The stronger my enemies are the more power I can draw from them to bolter my own strength. I can go for days without sleep if needs be. I can create essence, I can heal your soul if not your body.

Shamans are uncommon. Chaotic ones even more so. I draw on both life and death to gain power. It gives me balance. I do not need to give in to the bloodlust that Red mages are so known for."

He guestured to Xan and the tree. "Your companions tree is worried, or so it feels. The tree and its master have a symbiotic relationship. If your friend is worried, the tree will pick up on it. Another rare phenomenon. It seems your party is full of suprises."
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After a few minutes, Rehd gave some pretense of relaxing. He drank slowly, in part because he preferred not to reveal his scarred features in public. He merely listened to the conversation, occasionally inputting a quiet chuckle where something amused him, or a dismissive grunt at things he disliked. For the most part, he was simply in the background. He let the others talk and reminisce about Ja'nus or whatever other topics they strayed to.

Anyone who was paying attention to him, however, would note that at no point did he let go of his sacrificial knife.
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I not understanding of human emotions, but there is much telepathic heat. Something burns him. I not like burning.

...I thought you didn't like talking to strangers? Xan muttered to the tree on the table.

I thought you were cool. As the snow on the northern peaks, you told the last girl.

"What last girl?"

That one. The mages around the table picked up a sudden magickal spike as Larry broadcast a surge of mental data to Xan.

"Oh, that girl." Xan snapped his fingers, and then sighed. "Damn, that was a long time ago."
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The spike was obvious to the shaman.

"What was that? Do we have a problem here?" His years in the wilderness had ingrained in him the feeling that everything that felt wrong, was a threat of somekind. He was already prepared for an attack being in proximity of Rehd.

"If you have an issue treeman, fix it."
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"Treeman? Says the Shaman!" Xan shot back. "That was just our telepathic link. It can normaly function without the use of magick, but with larger emotional packages the link has to draw more power. It took some real work to get this link built, I can tell you."
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"You BUILT a symbiotic link with a plant? Why? Surely you are aware of how vunerable it makes you?"
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"Xan, mind your tone. I don't want to have to stop everyone having a go at each other. I know there's a few personalities who are still trying to gel" he added, glancing pointedly at Rehd, "but we should be making an effort to get along, not argue with each other"
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"You city dwellers place such priority on manners and feelings. You dont want to fight, you dont want to offend. I saw you ranger, earlier today, at the palace, trying to get in. With a little more backbone you would not have been turned away. Tomorrow I will take you there myself. I promised I would get you in and I shall keep my word."
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Oan smiled slightly. "I have no problem with fighting, or causing offence, when it's deserved, but going through life offending people isn't going to get anyone anywhere, unless you count being chased out of town by an angry mob as getting somewhere." he laughed. "I could have got in, yes, but a good first impression goes a long way towards earning the trust of the king, especially given the message I bear."

oan returned to his drink then turned to Kraytor again as an afterthought , "Oh, and I'm a Ranger from a small town, I'm hardly 'city folk', I just know how to deal with them."
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"I speak my mind ranger. If people take offense it is purely their problem. I have delt with angry mobs before. I have been retained for exactly that purpose on 3 occasions in fact." Replied Kraytor with a small chuckle. The memory amused him. Pitiful attempted revolts again corrupt officials. He cared little for politics.

"Still, Is it better to be feared, or respected? Is it too much to ask for both?"
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 03, 2012, 02:14:50 pm
"People fear what they don't know, to be respected you must be known, so yes, it is too much to ask for both. Besides which, people don't tend to respect brutal honesty from total strangers. After all, a stranger's judgements are based on but a single fraction of their lives, their actions and their worth, without knowing a person's motives, so how can a stranger pass judgement so openly as i they have known the person for years?" Oan replied
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Kahlan was getting irritated with the weighty discussions, and had drank a little too much to be polite about it. "Is it too much to ask for us to not have a philisophical debate now? I thought we were drinking to the memory of Ja'nus; we should be swapping tales, celebrating life and enjoying ourselves. Drinking contest, anyone?"
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Kraytor smiled his humorless grin. "A woman after mine own heart. Very well, tell me, What kind of man did my nephew become? Did he do great deeds? Did he die honourably?"
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"He died badly," Rehd cut in, tossing his knife in the air like a showman, catching it and tossing it again without ever really looking at it. "His mission was incomplete, and his death did not bring the rest of us closer to achieving his goal. Had I had my way, perhaps that might have been different... or then again, perhaps not. Either way, nothing is gained from debating what cannot now be changed."
He caught the blade one last time and put it to rest within the folds of his travelling robe.
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"Your way, assassin? Pray tell us, what was "your way"?" There was no raised voice. Just an undertone of pure menace.
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Oan sighed. "Rehd, remember what I said about respect for the dead when you suggested that idea of yours? It applies when people ask how they died as well. Bear in mind that he died fighting alongside you and very probably saved us all, including you. If that isn't enough for you to speak more carefully and respectfully then I suggest you simply don't speak."
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Kahlan glared at Rehd for a moment before getting back to Kraytor. "I can't tell you much about his life before I met him, and I only met him... er... less than two weeks ago?" Kahlan shook her head in mild surprise. "It feels longer. Since then, I can safely say that he did great deeds; he channelled a god on at least two seperate occasions, and he had a habit of nearly dying only to be saved by divine intervention. Strange to think that the first time I met him I had a knife to his throat."
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"A knife? How did that come about? Im guessing he didnt react well?"
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Kahlan smiled at the memory. "Actually, the situation was similar to your's, in a way. My father, an illusionist called Galithir, had been been with the group to begin with. He died on the quest, and Ja'nus had come to Darrow intending to pass his staff on to me. I saw Ja'nus carrying my father's staff and assumed he had taken it from my father by force, and was now after me. I led him down an alley and managed to catch him by surprise. Fortunately he was able to assure me of his intentions and, after we had threatened each other a bit, I met with the rest of the group."
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Kraytor chuckled. It was hard for him to picture Ja'nus being threatening, he had been a quiet boy growing up. "It certainly seems like you have a high turnover of new members. I am sometimes amazed that I have survived this long. Deamons are not forgiving foes, and there have been men who wish my head on a spike. Still, I am here and they are not."

Kraytor considered for a moment. "Once we are done here, I will accompany you on your quest. I wish to find the Cryomancer, and if she is after you, she will undoubtedly come again. And my presence may well ease your passage in many places.".

The Shaman finished his drink. "Speaking of your mission here, I recall your ranger had a message to deliver. Let us deal with that. Im sure it was important if you went straight to the palace."
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"Fair enough." Oan relied, draining his tankard. "I doubt the king is accepting visitors at this hour, but it's worth a shot. I don't think we should all go though, too many of us. I'll go with you. Khalan, I'll need you too. Tybalt, your reputation could be helpful too. 4 of us should do, 3 with reputations and connections, 1 with an eye witness account of what happened. And of course, a decent mix of combat potential should it come down to it."
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"As you wish ranger. I don't think the time will be an issue. If what you have to deliever is urgent I am sure the king will be grateful of it."

Kraytor stood and headed out the door. He much prefered the outdoors anyway.
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"While you deal with royalty, I shall seek out some of my other contacts. Who knows, they may have something of use..."
He let Kraytor leave first, waiting a minute or so before heading out (with a hand on his blade) and beginning his search for men who did not like to be found.
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Kraytor watched Rehd disappear into the shadows. He was going to be a problem. He still wasnt convinced that Rehd had nothing to do with Ja'nus death. An assassin turns up and then on of the group dies in a seemingly unrelated incident?

He put it out of his mind. They had more important things to deal with, and he doubted that the guards would be receptive to their request.
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Kahlan grumbled a bit about leaving without getting her drinking contest, but went with them anyway. The message was important, after all. They could all get drunk some other time.
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The hulking shaman took stock of the young healer. She didnt look like much, but if what he had heard in Darrow was true she was very very capable of causing significant harm to anyone on her bad side. The warrior in the tavern we clearly quite besotted with her too. As Oan and Tybalt came out into the steet they all set off towards the palace.

Kraytor knew he could get them inside, he just hoped that the rangers message was important enough to justify them storming the palace. He was going to be vouching for him after all.
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"I've never actually met the King or been to the palace before. I know a few members.of the court but I doubt the King has heard of me." Tybalt said as he follow the others out the pub.
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Kraytor's Magick Ritual (
Kraytor's Magick (
Bloodprice (
Kraytor's Attack Magick (
Tybalt's Runes (
Leah's Divination (
Kraytor's Shamanism (

Kraytor looked up at the night sky. The moons and stars were covered by patchy cloud. That would make his task somewhat easier. Somewhat. Nature abhorred cities, the sterile, lifeless nature of the buildings, the neat, orderly rows. Everything at odds with how the world worked. The massive shaman snorted in disgust. What did these city folk know of nature. Nature's strength, her raw power. More than any mere mage could hope to wield. There were no gods more powerful than nature herself.

Drawing his blade across his palm, Kraytor began the ritual. Blood was always the most powerful source, and as a red mage, he had been gifted with its command. He smeared the blood in a rough circle on the ground, the others keeping their distance. They were still half a mile from the palace, but this magick had no limit. He was only helping nature after all. He began to draw the first symbol, towards the south. A circle.

"Ke li-e Suraja!"

A brief flash of light lit the horizon.

The second symbol went to the north. Three horizontal wavy lines.

"Ke li-e Hava!"

Wind began to moan between the houses around the group.

The third symbol was to the west. A single teardrop.

"Ke li-e Varsa!"

Rain started to patter down slowly.

The fourth symbol was a jagged bolt, placed to the east.

"Ke li-e garahata!"

Lightning split the sky and thunder rumbled across the city.

The final symbol went in the centre of the circle. Tybalt recognised the shape—it was the Garaza, the storm rune.

"Ke li-e tuphana!"

Rain pelted down around the heart of the city, whipped into blustery squalls by gale force winds. Thunder crashed and rumbled across the noble district and blacksmith's quarter. Kraytor staggered as he stood, lightning striking the road next to him. The others stood, slightly awestruck.

"The palace!" Kraytor roared over the wind, pointing to the southeast. "Go!"

Everyone picked up their pace, dashing through the driving rain to make the gates first. Four men of the King's Guard stood on watch. The approach of four armed men—three men and one woman—during the middle of a sudden storm was nothing but suspicious. Two of the guards crossed their ceremonial halberds. The other two drew their rifles. Tybalt caught an interesting detail of those rifles in a flash of lightning. They didn't use flint- or wheel-locks.

"Halt!" the first guard yelled. "By the command of the king you are ordered to turn back."

"We have a message," Oan replied.

"Then take it to the Stewards."

"I already did. They were most concerned."

"And yet you have no satchel, no letter of marque or inquiry."

"Enough!" Kraytor yelled, drawing the nearby skeins into a swirling maelstrom before blasting it towards the guards.

The ground rippled with the force of the attack, and all four guards staggered, but none of them fell. Kraytor cursed. The rifle armed guards leveled their guns at the massive shaman and fired over his head.

"That was your one warning."

"Consider this mine," Tybalt spoke calmly. "Kisarii."

Chains of Essence sprang from the broken ground, effortlessly binding the guardsmen in place.

"Defet?" one of the guards mumbled as the party strode past. "I expected better."

"Is preventing a war better?"

"Only if it was unjust."

The quartet walked into the grand atrium of the palace. The first thing that struck Kahlan was its sheer size. At least eighty feet high, it went from beneath the level of the outside roads, to well above the roof of the rest of the palace. Gaslamps lit the hall, sparkling reflections glittering from twin waterfalls. A small grotto sat at the far end of the atrium. Sitting calmly on a rocky outcrop was Leah Cyven, the King's third child, and only daughter. Her ten year old voice was disarmingly calm. Too calm.

"You're here to talk with father," it wasn't a question. "And you need to use the bathroom. Second hall on the right. First left. Big oak door."

Kahlan made a hasty exit, leaving the three men standing there rather confused. There was a long silence. All of them noted the presence of the King's Guard in the room. Guardsmen who were just standing to attention. Except for the pair of sharpshooters on the rooftop mezzanine.

"Do you know what the message is?" Oan asked, finally breaking the silence.

All of them heard a deep breath, and both Kraytor and Tybalt felt the skeins shift subtly around the room.

"It won't work. Father is too sure Lord Darrow is behind this."

"Couldn't we convince him otherwise?"

"No. But I can see you trying. Trying a hundred different ways."

Kraytor strode forward slowly, lifting his hands from his sides, wary of making a wrong move with the sharpshooters watching. Gently he placed one hand on Leah's shoulder. The girl never flinched.

"What about this way?"

Leah turned, still sitting, and smiled. All of them saw her clouded blue eyes, half hidden by her long auburn hair.

"You're a shaman!" the girl sounded disturbingly excited. She sniffed, a scent only she could recognize. "But you're a red mage… that's…"

"Do not say impossible, child. I am here, am I not?"

"Yes you are, silly. But a red shaman is… odd. The timing… oh… damn. Why is mum always gone when I need her."

Leah stood, pointing at the group, and Kahlan, who was just returning to the atrium.

"You, and you guys. We're going on a mission!"

The guards around the room seemed to relax slightly once it was apparent Leah was in no immediate danger.

"Mister Ranger, we need you to find mum. Mister Shaman, find Sally. Mister Runesmith guy, go talk to your friend out the front. Miss Healer lady… you're still a bit wobbly aren't you.?"

"What?" Kahlan's tone was flat, daring everyone nearby to challenge her.

"Miss Healer lady, sit there, where I was."

"And what?"

"Just sit. You'll see."

"Okay, Mister Ranger, let's go," Leah put her hand in Oan's and started walking towards a massive door on the eastern side of the atrium. "Mum was in there, after dinner."

Kraytor: 11/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Tired, Tipsy, Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 14/15 HP [Weary, Fractured Jaw]
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 11/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Weary, Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Zothern: 15/15 HP
Emily: 15/15 HP
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Tybalt shrugged as Oan looked over as he followed the young girl. Tybalt turned and started back towards the front gate, he paused at the door and asked the guards, "Would one of you help me explain this to the guards at the door?"
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Healing drunkenness (

Kahlan sat down, irritated at Leah. She wasn't drunk, in fact she was sure that anyone that wasn't a seer would have had difficulty telling she had drunk anything at all. Of course, the rational part of her thought, I could be misjudging myself due to the alcohol. Well, one of the main reasons she originally became a healer was to have a way to deal with hangovers, and now seemed a good time to try and sober up.

Closing her eyes, Kahlan began massaging her stomach as she worked with the essence. She did seem to have some difficulty focussing, as she struggled to get the skeins to do her bidding. After a few minutes, she gave up, unsure if she had made any real difference. Opening her eyes she saw the guards quickly look away, and realised to her embarrassment that from their point of view that had probably looked quite odd. At least none of her companions had been around.
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Kraytor was amused inside by the girls response. A Red Shaman was indeed a rare thing. To draw power from the opposite ends of the spectrum was strange indeed. He spoke softly to the young girl, seemingly wise beyond her years."So, child, where might I find this Sally, and what would you have me discuss with her? Our message to the king is important you know."

The king was a strong willed man, and pushing the thought into his mind would be difficult to say the least. Presumably this Sally could help.
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"You've seen me try a hundred different ways and fail? Well it's a good job I'm stubborn, I'll just have to try one hundred and one ways. " Oan replied as he followed Leah, unsure of how he was going to find Lady Cyven in a city of this size, especially if the rumours of her being an incredibly powerful illusionist were accurate. Still, he was a Ranger, if she had left a trail he would find it.
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Kraytor considered his options, and rapidly came to a conclusion. He spun on his heel and walked over to one of the Kings Guard.

"Sally, who is she, where is she and how do I find her? Quickly."

As he spoke his voice took on stange harmonics as he mentally encouraged the man to asnswer him truthfully and quickly.
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Tybalt's Persuasion (
Kraytor's 'Charm' (
Sally's Aggression (
Kraytor's 'Touch' (
Oan's Searching (
Rehd's Searching (

The nearest of the guardsmen looked at Tybalt, cocking his head sideways.

"I can try, but mistress Leah has always been a little… odd. Not everyone understands, which is why we protect her, even here."

"She said one of the King's Guards out there was my friend, although I didn't recognize any faces."

"Well, let's find out," the guard motioned Tybalt forward. "After you."

Outside, the rain still pouring down, Tybalt worked the skeins of Essence with subtle hand movements. In moments the chains binding the guards were gone. The four men rose, weapons at the ready, but not threatening the runesmith yet.

"You better have a good explanation for this travesty, Defet," the guard who had spoken before threatened.

"I told you, we are trying to prevent a war. A war between Cyven and Darrow."

"And why should you care about Darrow?" the man's tone was filled with venom. "You know what they've done to our lands, to our people."

"Maybe…" Tybalt spoke slowly, carefully, still trying to place the voice, the face of the guard. "But what if Darrow is not behind these attacks. What if somebody just wants wants us to think they are?"

"And who would gain the most from that?"

"Hygar?" Tybalt hazarded a guess.

"Don't be a fool. The northeners have no way of getting here in force without using the Gap."

"Mercenaries, maybe?"

"An army of brigands and thieves?" the guard's voice turned slightly incredulous. "I think not. They'd fight each other for the last gold piece before they united against us."

"Then who could it be?"

"Darrow. It has to be. Maybe they're using the mercenaries to throw us off the trail. It's the kind of low cunning one expects from Lord Darrow."

"You're just so convinced it's Darrow, you can't see the truth."

"And just what is the truth, master Defet, pray tell?"

"I…" Tybalt paused, sighing heavily. "I don't know."

Kraytor saw the guard's eyes glaze over for a second, his mind processing everything implied by the massive shaman's question.

"Sally is Leah's companion and guardian. She often travels with her outside the grounds, but tonight she's sleeping in the catacombs."

"Again, what would I discuss with her?"

"Nothing. Only Leah can talk with her."


"Sally can't talk."

"Which way to the catacombs?"

"Downstairs, underneath the grand staircase hidden behind the twin falls there."

Walking the length of the atrium to the stairs, Kraytor reflected that for being inside, the grotto was actually a convincing facsimile of nature. But only that. It could never be real nature. He let his hand pass idly through one of the waterfalls as he passed, teasing the droplets through the air before letting them fall in the gently rippling pond. He needed to find a place like this in wilds, refine his control again. Too long he had been cooped up in the city, with its lifeless stone and orderly rows of buildings.

The stairs to the catacombs were behind a hidden door, one the massive shaman found without effort, his magesense detecting the break between the unnatural staircase to the lowest gallery of the atrium, and the rough hewn stone beneath it to the catacombs. Old torches burned brightly in wall sconces down the stairs. Taking one just in case the catacombs were unlit, Kraytor descended.


No answer.

At the foot of the stairs, Kraytor called out again, still getting no reply. The catacombs were silent. Silent and dark. Stone pillars rose to tight arches overhead, the torchlight revealing nothing but the fact the catacombs spread out a great deal in all directions. Wandering aimlessly for several minutes, Kraytor called out again.

"Sally, where are you?"

There was no reply, but this time the massive shaman heard the soft padding of bare feet in the distance. Maybe this Sally had a better connection to the earth than most of the city dwellers.

"Come on Sally, Leah wants to see you."

The padding sounded again, coming from the opposite side of the catacombs now. Kraytor grew slightly concerned.

"Now is not the time for games Sally."

There was something that sounded like a low chuckle, padding feet in the distance, and a flash of yellow-gold at something that might have been chest level. Jewellery? Kraytor thought. The padding stopped, and Kraytor just caught the sound of someone sniffing at the air. Could she be a shaman too?. That question was answered all too quickly when something slammed into the massive shaman from behind, knocking him from his feet and pinning him to the ground, the torch tumbling away. Turning slowly, Kraytor caught a glimpse of Sally's eyes. Massive orbs, yellow-gold, pupils dilated to combat the constant gloom of the catacombs.

Then Kraytor saw the rest of the face. Sally's head. The most disconcerting thing was the size of her fangs, the length of his forearms. The soft, plush fur with black rosettes was also a dead giveaway. The massive sabrecat bared her fangs and sniffed at Kraytor's face. The shaman quickly placed a hand behind her ears, channeling the skeins around him to alter the beast's mood. Sally snorted at him in indifference, then licked the length of his face. The sabrecat licked him again, as if tasting something odd, then bounded into the distance, her back paw catching the shaman in the stomach, winding him.

Kraytor cursed. Playing hide and seek with a Sabrecat was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

Leah looked up at Oan as they walked down the atrium.

"You think you have to search the city for mum?"

"Well, yes. Isn't she out?"

"No, she's still in the palace. Somewhere."

"Can't you See her?"

"No. She's too good at hiding. Makes hide and seek more fun," there was a long pause. "I wonder if mister shaman guy has found Sally yet."

"It shouldn't take him too long."

"Unless Sally finds him first."


"It's a secret." Leah whispered. "Now, mum was in here last, after dinner. Can you find anything mister ranger?"

"Maybe…" Oan spoke slowly, searching the room. It was a large study, and on the desk was a mechanical device with many levers, each marked with a letter. Dryzic had told him about these once. Mechanical typewriters. Dryzic had also said they were only for those with lazy hands—or a lot to write. Then Dryzic had shown him his typewriter, the keys scuffed and worn, and massive pile of paper upon which had began writing his research into the lands of the north. Some of the paper's on lady Cyven's desk had been scattered loosely, several falling to the floor. Oan took a closer look.

101st day of Firetide, 892 CY

Meeting with Ragik tonight. Promises to be interesting. Haven't heard much of Sueni recently, even with the airship in the dock. Must remember to ask about Asrya.

Looking over another page, Oan found the current date, and some more useful information.

102nd day of Firetide, 892 CY

Ragik was very talkative, strange, but the reports of invaders from the south are concerning. More meetings tonight. Delegation form Hygar. Expect to be drinking until dawn. Fun tradition.

"The delegation from Hygar, where did they go?"

"All those men with funny beards?"

"I guess."

"They went upstairs. The third floor, grand gallery. West wing."

"I think your mother might be there."

"Then what are we waiting for?"


"That way!" Leah pointed to the door they had entered from. "Then the stairs. Use your skills mister ranger. Scout for me."

Rehd heard the storm brewing in the distance. Odd for the end of Firetide, but nothing to be concerned about. No, right now he was concerned about finding a very particular man. Thomas Wyatt. It didn't take long for the assassin to find him.

"Thomas, Thomas, you need to find a better hiding place than your workshop."

The inventor let out a high-pitched, and very girlish scream.

"That's no way to great an old friend."

"You are one creepy bastard, you know that, right?"

"I take that as a compliment," Rehd smiled, his pointed teeth no longer hidden by the bandanna. "I hear you have some problems with money."

"Somebody sent you to collect, didn't they?" Thomas edged closer towards the rack of guns he kept on one wall.

"No, no, you can't pay people if you're dead."

Thomas reached for an ornate flintlock, the barrel inscribed with glowing silver filigree, the grip etched with a single rune.

"No need for that now," Rehd shifted sideways, behind a large steam piston just in case. "I'm here to help you with your problem."

"You realize I'm rather short on coin right now?"

"Oh, gold is so mundane in payment… you're worth so much more to the right people."

"And you're going to take me to them, collect the reward they put up?"

"Maybe…" Rehd let his voice trail off playfully, something that chilled Thomas to the bone. "But I never said they'd get to keep you."

Rehd heard Thomas put the gun away. Slowly the assassin came forward from the shadows, speaking softly. "Let me just say your skills are wasted here in Cyven… the other cities, they would appreciate you so very much more. But you can't move unless your past is dealt with, right?"

"Right," Thomas paused, concerned. "What will you take as payment?"

"It depends—do you want your past to stop following you… or do you want your past erased?"

"I… I want to start fresh. Erase my whole past."

"Not an easy task Thomas. Not easy at all. But you know my reputation."

"And the price?"

"Is to be paid in blood. In full. And it will hurt. A lot. You're going to need a new face after all…"

"I… I… I need some time to think."

"You have a week. The airship for Hygar departs then."

"Take the list, but don't hurt anyone."

Rehd took the list of Thomas's debtors from the wall, noting with interest several of the names on it.

"Robert Cyven, the king's eldest son?"

"Is that a problem?"

"No. But if I erase him there will be… consequences."

"You've heard the rumours, I know your skills. Make it look like Darrow."

"Hmm," Rehd studied the list further. There plenty of names from the upper echelon of Cyven's populace. "I could make it look like Darrow for all of them."

"But that would mean war."

"Exactly. And you become just another nameless refugee, fleeing for the safety of Hygar on the airship. Not this airship, the next from Hygar, whenever that is."

"Six weeks."

"Excellent, by that time the armies should actually be fighting. Makes your story more convincing."

"And what do I do in the meantime?"

"Lie low, stay at an inn, and be ready."
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The shaman picked himself up off of the ground shaking his head. A damn sabre cat. What kind of child had a sabre cat as a pet? Still, apparently it was important, so he would find the cat. Nature was home, there was water here, power to draw on. He may not have been the ranger, but he was still skilled in the art. He walked back to the waterfall, immersed his hands in it. The water carries essence, as did all things, but this, this he could use.

He closed his eyes and focused on the water, drawing the essence from it slowly. Nature was to be respected even as it was used. He opened his eyes and the water seemed different, dull, lifeless to his eyes now. This must be how the ordinary people see the world he mused.

He took a breath and centered himself. The cat may not have been magickal in itself, but he had just fed a good chunk of essence into its mind and that, with enough skill, could be tracked. Entering back into the tunnels he reached out with his senses, ehnaced by the intake of magick. I would not last long, a few minutes at best.


He moved with a suprising softness for a man his size, quickly and carefully, following the catacombs as he sought the creature. His mind could feel the knot of essence in her head, it wasnt strong but it was there.

This could take some time. . .
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Money came easily enough. Rehd never carried much, but he entrusted it into the hands of others, or to dead drops in obscure locations that nobody would think to look. Before long he'd recovered sufficient coin to go shopping, and bought himself some new clothes.

The first items were rugged, hard-wearing travel clothes in earthy tones and included a jacket which, via a different shop, was outfitted with poacher pockets. He changed into his new clothes and paid a visit to a few, more expensive, shops via a proxy - a helpful child who was willing to deliver very precise measurements in exchange for a shiny coin or two, and the promise that if the rest of the coin were stolen he'd end up skinned alive. This left him with orders for a beautifully sculpted mask and clothes worthy of the nobility, as well as an outfit that would be exactly the right thing to wear in Darrow this year.

Satisfied, he returned to the party's 'headquarters', intending to rest his head. He would work out how to get everything else he needed later...
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Leaving through the same door and heading up the stairs Oan considered his options carefully. He doubted the meeting would be as easy to find as a normal meeting, if it were Leah would have no problem Seeing her mother. Any of the 3 he had brought with him would be better suited to this task, being able to sense essence. Still, Khalan wasn't doing anything.

"Khalan, follow me please" Oan declared as he walked briskly through the hall where the young healer was sitting. Without waiting for a reply he took the stairs two at a time and stopped at the top, listening intently.

Roll (
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Kahlan had been feeling somewhat awkward, having been suddenly left with nothing to do, and was more than happy to follow Oan's lead. When she caught up with him he appeared to be trying to listen to something, so she kept her distance and stayed quiet. She didn't really have a clue what she was meant to be doing, but she assumed Oan would tell her when he was ready.
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Kraytor roamed the catacombs. His magick was fading, his directions becoming hazy. However he did feel that he was getting closer.

ROunding the next corner he spotted the Sabrecat, sitting there almost expectantly.

"So Sally, you were waiting for me? Is this where I am supposed to be?"
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Emily, Zothern, Marcus, Atlas and Xan were still sat around the table in the pub. Xan was sipping at his drink and staring blankly at Larry, who he'd placed in front of him. A fly buzzed past, barely noticed until it landed on Larry, at which point there was an audible "whoomph" and it vanished in a blur of tiny leaves.

Score. Plenty of energy there.

"Good for you." It wasn't hard to see that Xan was slightly out of it.
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Atlas had dozed off, barely finishing his seventh pint of the evening. His snoring muffled by his beard, and the table his face was planted onto.
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Pausing only to change back into his usual attire, and stow his new outfit away, Rehd rejoined the party members currently occupying the pub. He arrived at the table carrying a round of drinks, which he distributed out amongst them.

"I've been thinking," he said as he took a seat and took a swig from his mug of ale. "I really haven't given you much reason to trust me, have I? You have only my word that I'm not looking to put a knife in your collective backs... and I think that should change. So, let me tell you what I've learned in my wanderings today..."

He told them of Thomas Wyatt, providing a physical description and a summary of his occupation. "He is an inventor and a good man, and like many good men he has found himself at the mercy of those who are not good, but instead are rich and powerful. Normally I would have given the contract no thought - it doesn't pay well and there's no real challenge - but I couldn't help but think that his tale of desperation would be of interest to some of you, and so I decided to bring the matter to your attention... and to dig a little deeper."

He lowered his voice and learned in close, giving his words a conspiratorial tone. "One of the men after him is someone I know of well - a Listener who sends his findings to men in high station in the city of Darrow. He told me he is reporting to two men; one an encryptor who sends missives back to Darrow, and the other a front-man for someone in high station here in Cyven. Another I found was a less... passive individual. He's dead in the gutter now, but he lived long enough to give me new leads. Gentlemen, let me be blunt; I have found the edges of a dark conspiracy here. Men of high standing in this city have tentative links to Darrow, via the most politically inappropriate means. Amongst their number is Robert Cyven"
"I know, I know... you will want proof of all this, but I don't have it. Nothing solid; nothing that would stand in a court of law, and certainly not one controlled by Robert. That's the nature of the shadow game; it's a war of proxies and alibis and constant misdirection. It would take me days, if not weeks to dig up enough dirt to prove even a single conspirator was involved, but by that time they would know I'm a player, and move their pieces to protect themselves from me. Instead, I must ask you to do something you may find... unpalatable, but it is for the good of the city. I need you to help me frame these men for crimes so dire they cannot possibly worm their way out of them."

He presented a note, written in his own hand. Names of prominent men of the city were on that list, including the king's son. Next to each, Rehd had scribbled encrypted shorthand notes, which he told them were notes on what had drawn his suspicions to each one in question. "I'll not ask any of you to do anything you aren't comfortable with. All I'll need to get this done is something small, but incriminating. Perhaps a few arcane fetishes - devices that could be used to mark men as conspirators in a clandestine plot. A clich
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Kahlan's Magesense ( 20/14
Kraytor's Magesense ( 15/13
Tybalt's Recollection ( 16/3

Listening at the top of the staircase Oan could hear faint voices, muffled by walls or distance, or possibly both. All of them were male. A loud, bass voice cut across all of them.

"Enough!" Oan recognised it as belonging to king Cyven himself. The rest of the sentence was muffled, but it was clear whoever he was talking with had seriously raised his ire.

"Well, we found dad at least," Leah said cheerfully, before pointing towards another hall. "Onwards!"

Oan turned to Kahlan, asking if she could sense anything strange. The young magess drew in a deep breath and sent her magesense out wide, taking a half step sideways as the world seemed to shift around her. She could sense three men ahead of them, probably fifty feet, behind two walls. The king and his guests. Outside she could sense the storm Kraytor had called down shifting subtly, bringing Essence to the land. Beneath the castle she could see a bright red flare of power, and a dull purple glow next to it. Kraytor, and likely Sally. Beside her, glowing like the sun with a deep blue light was Leah. To the east, just inside the grounds of the palace, she could almost sense a single female presence, along with four or five other souls.

"I think I've found them," Kahlan finally answered Oan. "They're almost outside the palace. East of here."

"Are they up high?" Leah asked.

"They are," Kahlan confirmed, spreading her magesense once more.

"Sally's going to love playing tonight," Leah started padding barefoot into the nearest hall. "We get to climb the observatory tower."

Kraytor let Sally nuzzle against his palm, drawing the sabrecat up the stairs with a combination of guile and a touch of shamanistic magick. The massive shaman had to admit that Sally really was a prize specimen, at least eight feet long from her head to the tip of her tail—although nearly half that was the sabrecat's tail. Pure white fur, black rosettes, and brilliant golden eyes. Magnificent. Kraytor began to wonder if the sabrecat, appointed as Leah's guardian and companion, was touched by magick herself.

Kraytor explored the skeins around the sabrecat with his magesense. The beast seemed more attuned to the skeins than usual, but otherwise seemed unremarkable with respect to magick.

"Come on, let's find Leah," both Kraytor and Sally sniffed at the air, the sabrecat bounding to the base of the stairs by the waterfall, waiting for the shaman to catch up.

As soon as Kraytor had made it to the stairs, Sally launched herself towards the first floor balcony, claws leaving bright scratches in the stonework as she scrabbled over the railing. Calling upon the nearby skeins, Kraytor began to call upon the darker half of his gifts, creating a small explosion beneath his feet, cracking the marble floor. The force was enough to see him sail over the railing and land softly on the balcony next to Sally. The sabrecat looked at him, sniffed the air, then bounded off deeper into the palace.

Already sensing the dim flare of magickal power above him, Kraytor dashed off behind the sabrecat.

Tybalt looked hard at the King's Guard Leah had said was a friend. He couldn't quite place the man's face. Unless…

"Brandon Carver?"

"Knowing my name isn't going to change how I think."

"What happened to Roman?"

"Dead. Poisoned by a Darrow spy."


"Six, seven weeks ago now. It was the height of Firetide, just after the festival of flame. We thought it was just too much partying at first…"

"Roman did enjoy life," Tybalt agreed, remembering one particularly entertaining drinking contest that included the Carver brothers, himself, and Chloe. "But how do you know it was a Darrow spy?"

Brandon held up a small charm, a silver wolf's head on an onyx field. "We found this in his room, and shards of crystal."

"Lots of things come in crystal phials."

"Those things tend not to kill the people they're given to."

"Alright… just… give me some time," Tybalt turned to leave, speaking over his shoulder. "And don't do anything rash."

"You want our help doing what?!" Marcus slammed his fist on the table, the sound rousing Atlas from his dozing.

"Pipe down laddie, can't ya see folks is tryin' ta sleep here?" The dwarf then turned to Rehd. "An' you, Ah'll have no part in this. All your mannish affairs are over so quickly. Give me a hundred year war any day, a right, proper feud."

"If they're so involved," Xan began questioning the chaosigan. "Why has no one else attempted to bring them down."

What if they failed? Larry prompted. Do you think they would still be talked about openly?

"I guess not."

Rehd just looked at Xan, not entirely sure if he was answering his own question, or talking with the tree again.

"I am not asking you to act now," Rehd spoke softly. "Merely consider the events happening around us. Who would have the most to gain from a war between the two greatest cities of the west?"
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Kraytor could sense the healer up ahead, and as Sally lept ahead he guessed that the girl was with them.

Rounding the corner he found the sabrecat standing resolutly next to Leah, who was hugging the beast like a carnival toy. "So. . .This is Sally. . .what do we do now?"
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"Well, it looks like we need to take a little walk. And then a substantial climb, up the observatory tower" Oan pointed through a nearby window to the tower, barely visible in the darkness. "I hadn't exactly planned to burst in on the king's meeting with someone, but we are low on time here, and we can't afford to wait. I don't know how we can convince him yet, but we have to try."
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"In that case, ranger, let us proceed with all haste. I don't know who's up there, but this is apparently important. As for the convincing. . .leave that to me."
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Kahlan's eyes widened at the sight of the sabrecat. Once the group began moving again, she swiftly moved to put as many people as possible between her and the animal. When Oan glanced at her with a questioning look on his face she grimaced. "I'm not really an animal person. Let's leave it at that."
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Kraytor's Magick (
Tybalt's Pathfinding (

Sally launched her lithe body ahead of the group, surging up the staircase Leah had led them to. The massive sabrecat made no more sound than the wind as she raced up the stairs, followed by Leah's panting and the tread of the party's feet. Kahlan remained at the back of the group, more than happy to keep everyone else between her and the sabrecat. Oan led the way, following as swiftly as he could after Leah. Kraytor remained in the middle of the group, alert for any dangers, even inside the palace.

Five minutes and an inordinate number of stairs later they were nearly at the peak of the tower. Through several cuts in the floor they could see the workings of some great mechanism for the tower above them. Oan surmised it might be for an orrery, or perhaps a telescope of exceptional size. The point was rendered moot when thunder crashed overhead and lightning skittered across the gears and pulleys. Everyone could smell the tang of burnt metal. The trio raced up the stairs, somehow passing Leah and meeting Sally at the top.

The sabrecat crouched low on its haunches, sniffing the air cautiously, ears pricked up and alert. Thin wisps of smoke drifted through the closed doors into the only other room on the level. Oan tried opening the doors before noticing the hinges had been fused and melted by something incredibly hot.

"Move," Kraytor spat, summoning the rarefied skeins nearby to himself.

The massive shaman rolled a ball of Essence between his hands before throwing both arms out straight. The blast slammed into the doors, cracking them down the middle and sending a spray of splinters showering in to the next room. A fire seemed to be burning in the middle of the room, billowing black smoke. Five figures lay on the ground, groaning. The only woman was the first to rise. She looked straight at Kraytor, an exasperated look in her eyes.

"Honestly. The door works just fine."

"The hinges were melted."

"You hear that Joachim?" Lady Cyven addressed another of the figures. "You finally managed it."

"No, I think I just redirected it from the storm."

"Well, it worked anyway."

"What worked?" Kahlan asked, edging carefully away from Sally, who sat contentedly licking her paw now everyone appeared safe.


"Nature magick is called Shamanism," Kraytor spoke, his voice low.

"Naturomancy is something else. Control of all the elements, every canticle, from the west, the east, and the north."

"How?" Kahlan asked. "Every mage knows that their spirit can only Bind two canticles."

"This is still true. Naturomancy does not Bind a mage to any canticles. Thus, naturomancers can use any canticle, but only if the ebb and flow around them favours the canticle they wish to use."

"Why don't more people know this?"

"Of all the mages you know, how many are mystics?" Lady Cyven challenged. "How many chose that canticle. How many pursue it. How many have spoken with the master Terramancers from Sueni?"


"Few know it, but mysticism is the most powerful of all the canticles, the most knowledgeable. It must be, for it lacks almost all combat potential. Now, I am sure you came here to tell me something… what is it?"

Tybalt was walking up the main stairs into the atrium when he heard the explosion. Something seemed off, as none of the guards so much as batted an eyelid when it happened. That could only mean one of two things. Either they were expecting it—for whatever reason; or he was the only one that could hear it. He ran towards the source of the sound as swiftly as he could manage. It had sounded quite distant. Perhaps in one of the minarets at the corners of the palace. But then, which one was it. Inside the atrium it had seemed to come from every direction.

The runesmith made his decision. It had sounded strongest to the south, so he dashed through the palace seeking an entrance to the southern—south-western actually—tower. In front of the entrance were two King's Guards. They crossed their halberds as he approached.

"The explosion… didn't you hear it?" He asked them. "Sounded like it came from this tower."

The guards looked at each other in panic. Nothing was meant to disturb their guest inside this tower. An explosion was certainly bad news. Worse still if their guest had caused it.

"What?" Tybalt asked, noticing the stricken look on the guards' faces.

"Stay there, and keep your blade ready."

Marcus looked at the crowd around them, those that were still awake at any rate.

"I think we should retire for the night. If the others need to find us, they know where we'll be."

Atlas looked up from his latest drink, just on the edge of drunkenness. "Aye laddie, an' 'o made you boss?"

"Sleep here then. I'm sure they have nice beds upstairs."

"Nay lad, I'll walk wi' you lot. Somebody needs ta keep you in line."

Rehd just chuckled beneath his bandanna. The last man that had tried to 'keep him in line' was now in fifty-seven different pieces, spread across most of Darrow. Zothern wandered over, somewhat inebriated, and tossed a few silvers on the table.

"Think that's enough for the drinks."

Xan put the cover on Larry's planter before standing, collecting his pack of supplies from under the table.

Looking around, Marcus did a quick headcount. Five people. Someone was missing. Said someone was currently in a very animated conversation with Chloe Black.

"Emily!" Marcus called across the tavern. "We're leaving now."

"I'll be fine," she shouted back. "I'll stay here tonight."


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Kraytor stalked around the room, looking at the device. Trapping the power of nature within this soulless machine. It was wrong. Perverse. It was an insult to the power of the essence. If you could trap fuctional magick in a device. . .ANYONE could use it. Without training.

The machine had to go. It could not be allowed to continue.
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"Ever the threat of war drives people to new levels of madness in attempt to increase their power. Even if the threat is simply an illusion or misdirection." Oan sighed. "That is what we came to tell you Lady Cyven. Darrow has no desire for war with you, you are being played and pitted against each other. I know this because your messenger never reached Lord Darrow. He was intercepted, beaten and tortured."
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As he examined the device critically, Kraytor became more and more aggitated by it. It was an abomination to the craft of a mage. That Lady Cyven would not only allow the construct of such a device, but activly support it was digraceful. As his inner fury built, the storm around the tower began to intensify.

Either Cyven destroyed this device, or he would. Regardless, nobody deserved to wield this kind of machine. Reducing magick to a commonly availiable commodity would be the end of magick. There wouldnt be enough essence to go around.

As Oan addres the Lady he walked over to the one she had called Joachim. "You, why did you build this? For what purpose? Do you not realise the implications of such a device? It is a crime against nature itself."
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"I see" replied Lady Cyven. "And who are you, exactly? You are not ordinary messengers from Darrow, so what is your part in this?"

Kahlan, who had been watching Kraytor accost Joachim, quickly returned her attention to the Lady. This seemed to be her cue.

"My name is Kahlan. I worked as a freelance healer in Darrow. A group of thugs paid me a visit, asking me to heal your messenger. When I discovered his wounds were caused by torture I and one of my companions refused to hand him back to his tormentors. They're dead now. Your messenger asked us to inform you of his fate. He told us that his captors had been hired to stop him."
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Lady Cyven's Mindmasking (
Kraytor's Detection (
Essence Unleashed (
Kraytor's Attack (
Lady Cyven's Reaction Speed (
Lady Cyven's Mysticism (

"Allow me to answer for Joachim," Lady Cyven stepped towards Kraytor, briefly nodding towards Kahlan. "I shall learn more of our messenger momentarily."

Placing a hand on Kraytor's shoulder, Lady Cyven began surreptitiously massaging the nearby skeins of Essence through the room, through the machine underfoot, and up through the massive shaman. "You are aware you are in an observatory Shaman?"

"You may address me as Kraytor," the massive shaman grunted. "And yes. Your daughter said as much. But that machine is much larger than an observatory would need."

"Ah, you might think that, but our telescope is far larger than any other in the world. The lens is a full twenty feet across. Our court astronomer claims to have seen moons orbiting Gya. He even showed me a maelstrom in Gya's sky. He claims it's larger than Firma herself."

"Show me the truth of this. At once."

Lady Cyven walked to the wall on one side of the tower, lined with valves and levers. As soon as she drew the first lever down everyone heard the gears beneath the tower top grinding and sliding against each other. The wind and rain howled in through a rapidly opening gap between the covers.

"They won't see a damn thing in this!" Oan shouted over the wind.

"Vizei!" Lady Cyven pointed at the sky.

Another of the mages lowered the cowl of his robes, revealing a hooked nose, olive coloured skin, and a tribal scarring around his eyes. Everyone felt their hair stand on end as a maelstrom of Essence whirled through the tower. Vizei chanted in an ancient Jabi tongue, moving about in odd, jerky dance. His arms rose and fell with a strange cadence, each fall matching a stroke of thunder. The fulgromancer drew his arms in tight, preparing to split the sky.

A bolt of black thunder struck the mage down, ending in dark curls of inky smoke. Leah screamed as the daemon revealed itself. Sally hissed with a noise like a furlong of sailcloth tearing at once before launching herself at the daemon. The shadowmage never stood a chance. The sabrecat held a ragged chunk of torso in her jaws, ichor dripping slowly onto the floor, corrupting the polished stone where it fell. The massive beast seemed to smile as the daemon collapsed behind it.

To Kraytor, there was only one conclusion that could be drawn.

"That machine drew it here!"

Without warning, the wild shaman drew on the chaotic energies around him and began to channel the skeins towards causing a massive explosion that would tear out the heart of the machine. Lady Cyven was already reacting to the build up of energy, rounding on Kraytor before he could fully invoke the spell. She performed a graceful pirouette, slapping Kraytor's attack aside before grabbing hold of his wrists. She spoke a few words of the old tongue, and Kraytor suddenly found himself bereft of power, unable to command—or even sense—any nearby skeins.

He would have struck Lady Cyven, had Oan not had the presence of mind to grab the massive shaman's hands a moment after Lady Cyven had dropped them.

"It's only for a while," the Lady Cyven spoke icily. "But I will not have your petty conflict derail this project."

"The machine caused that daemon to fall here."

"No, Vizei's overused and overly showy fulgromancy did. A little more restraint next time perhaps."

"Maybe," Vizei coughed, slowly rising from where the shadowmage had slammed him into the floor. "Maybe. And maybe next time you find a new way to clear the clouds. Maybe hire a shaman. And close the hatch, it's freezing in here."

Joachim, nearest the controls, obliged the outer covers sliding closed over the telescope. The telescope fell sideways with a tremendous crash, glass scattering everywhere when Joachim stepped back from the wall. There was a massive hole blasted clean through the right side support frame, and massive gouge taken out of the corresponding area of the telescope.

Lady Cyven glowered at Kraytor, who merely scowled back. Leah padded across to her mother, whispering in her ear.

"You're right baby, we need to know what happened to our messenger."

"We think he was ambushed on the road, just outside Darrow," Kahlan began. "As I said, the thugs who had him tortured him for information, and stole his satchel. He seemed quite distraught about it."

"People kept asking me where my satchel is when I told them I had a message for the king," Oan added.

"The satchels are enmeshed and runeforged. Only the messengers can lift them, and only the sender or recipient can open them. Normally," Lady Cyven's description was succinct. "But I know Darrow's underclass to have many powerful mages at their disposal. It is not inconceivable they may have opened the satchel—or worse, changed the message within."

"You don't seem so surprised," Kahlan commented.

"Leah Saw this, the war, a long time ago. I've always wondered what would bring it about."

"And you wouldn't try to stop it?" Oan spoke, incredulous.

"Why bother. Leah has never been wrong."

"And what if Darrow had their own Seers, somehow feeding her these visions, pressing you towards war?"

"All the more reason to fight, to stop them. Once and for all."

"Stop." With one word Rehd froze the entire group. He could already feel something shifting within the storm, thunder crashing like the roar of a thousand cannons. Something was manipulating the storm. There was only one other mage with the group. Xan looked uneasy as he nodded towards Rehd. The rain had changed, instead of falling like twilit drops past the gaslamps it fell as reflective orbs of pure darkness. A liquid shadow spread across the street underfoot.

The rain continued to fall, and the shadow grew from the ground, slowly taking shape. Several shapes. Six massive warriors, a head taller than any mortal man, and clad in the same abyssal armour worn by Nemesis. They stood at attention, taking stock of their quarry before slowly drawing their hellblades. Each of the black guardians took a different stance, encouraging the group to attack first. Marcus drew his hammer and swung it in a menacing arc. Zothern drew his own blade and stood back to back with the massive warrior. Sword and hammer against hellforged steel.

Xan quickly found himself backed up against Rehd, the chaosigan putting a foot out to steady himself. If these daemons wanted a fight, they were in the wrong place. Rehd intended to introduce the word massacre to their vocabulary. With them on the receiving end.
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"So let me get this straight" Oan answered "You've seen this war coming for quite some time, and instead of working to prevent it you've decided 'Ah well, it's got to happen, there's nothing we can do'? You are aware, I trust, that daemonic incursions are on the rise. Hell, when we were in Darrow we ended up having to fight off an Infernal Dragon and a daemon by the name of Nemesis." Oan paused for a moment, allowing those present to scan his features for any trace that he was lying.

"This entire thing is being orchestrated by evil forces, not by Darrow, and not by you. You're being played against each other. Someone wants this war, because as soon as it happens the daemons win. You pit your armies against each other, leaving your homes relatively undefended, the daemons strike and the South falls, meaning the North wouldn't be too far behind."
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"Self fullfilling prophecy. They get told war is coming  and it only happens because they decide to get it over with. Personally, a war means little to me, however Deamons do and if they are involved they will be stopped. Deamons are bad for business and bad for my world."

Kraytor was fuming, he had been silenced a few times before, and had learned to deal with it. His power would return shortly and then all manner of hell would be wrought, starting with her, and then this infernal machine.

He would however speak with the Fulgromancer. He was interested in how the skeins were moved correctly to give more control over the storm. As a shaman he could utilise the bare minimum of other forms of magic. He could manipulate fire, but not create. He can create the storm, but he couldn't contol where the lightning struck. Maybe the fulgromancer would be able to help there, maybe in return for Kraytor not utterly destroying the abomination.
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Tybalt was worried, if this guest could cause an explosion, then it was posible it was a mage. He could silence the building but that would cancel any alarm or watching spells. He decided to wait until he knew what this guest was before  acting. He did wish he had his rifle.
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Rehd practically drooled at the prospect of this new foe; the Daemon was such a rare opponent that he couldn't help but want to sink his teeth into them, figuratively and literally.
'Follow my lead,' he growled, and threw himself upon his foes.
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Xan drew the nearby skeins around himself as swiftly as he could manage, uttering a cleansing mantra to clear the fog from his mind. A battle was no place to be even slightly tipsy. The skeins whipped through the night, cracking through Xan's mind, clearing it in a heartbeat. He could see that these were not normal daemons, they were far too large. It was almost as if someone had sent them to attack this small group, knowing it was split off from the party. It was a very disturbing thought.

The first daemon charged, hellforged blade singing in the night air. Zothern saw the black-clad warrior shift its weight and countered with a swift parry. The parry was good, but the blow so forceful it sent the town guard reeling, leaving Marcus's back exposed. The second daemon seemed to merge with the black rainfall, melting into the shadows. Not even the mages could track its motions. A third daemon rushed past Zothern, swinging its jagged blade for Atlas. The dwarf stood firm, one axe chipping the hellforged steel while the other buried itself in the daemon's chest. The daemon staggered back, its armour dented by the blow.

"Aye, that's what you get from dwarvish steel you overgrown inkblot!"

Rehd could the skeins moving around him, he wanted to taste the thrill of combat once more, the coppery tang of blood. Any blood. Plunging his sacrificial dagger into the staggering daemon he was severely disappointed to find out that daemons did not bleed. At least, not blood. Thick, black ichor oozed and smoked along the length of the dagger's blade. Rehd cursed softly—he would need a different source of blood.

Zothern turned to attack the staggering daemon, rolling to recover his blade and bringing it up in a grand arc that would have cleaved a man in twain. The daemon's reply was a swift parry with its blade, followed by a heavy strike using its shield. Zothern reeled, stunned by the suddenness of the blow. While Marcus's back remained exposed, another of the warrior-daemons closed in, slamming its shield full-force into the massive warrior's back. Marcus sprawled on the slick road, barely managing to keep hold of his hammer.

Atlas chose that moment to attack, swinging both axes towards the daemon attacking Marcus. Something tripped the dwarf just shy of landing the blow. Instead, one of his blades slammed into Marcus's back, nearly destroying the massive warrior's armour. Marcus grunted, lifting himself from the slick road. In the distance one of the daemons was making, odd, jerky arm movements. Marcus couldn't tell what they meant, but the mages suddenly began cursing.

Marcus bounced his hammer against his hand once before smashing it down in an overhead arc. Thunder cracked all around them, and a flash of light sent the nearest daemon sailing a hundred feet through the air. Marcus smiled, a warrior's smile from the joy of combat. His hammer needed no name. It was simply his hammer. The last of the daemons rushed at Xan as the mage was trying to duck away—finding somewhere safe to Summon. Xan was bowled from his feet, sprawling across the pavement and rolling into the side of a building.

Xan retched into the gutter. The blow had been so strong he was sure something was broken inside. It was that, or the fact the blow had struck him low in the torso, right in the stomach. The warrior-daemon in the midst of the group—the one already injured by Atlas—performed a crude pirouette with its blade, taking up a defensive stance against the three warriors next to it. Rehd struck first, chaotic magicks barely grazing the daemon's armour. Something was wrong with the skeins. They wouldn't allow themselves to be drawn on readily anymore.

Rehd's attack distracted the daemon long enough for Zothern to strike, the town guard's blow ripping the daemonic shield from the black guardian's vambrace. Atlas struck next, bringing both axes down in one mighty blow, stoving in the daemon's breastplate. The daemon staggered, but remained standing. Knowing how resilient their foes normally were, Marcus put all his might into the next blow. Thunder cracked across the city, seemingly loud enough to shake the earth around them. A flash of light so intense everyone and everything nearby was blinded for several long moments. When they could see again there was nothing but a smoking crater where the daemon had stood moments before.

Still half blinded, another of the black guardians attacked, singling out Atlas for its wrath. The dwarf drew his pistol and fired, not even bothering to aim while flash-blind. The daemon took the round square in the chest, stumbling back, missing its strike completely. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone was focusing on a single target, the next daemon attacked. Zothern was completely unprepared for the speed and savagery of the blow. Even his armour offered little protection as he felt the bones in his right arm snap like twigs under the force of the blow.

Rehd could smell it, could sense it. Blood was being spilt. It didn't matter whose it was at this point, all that mattered was that he needed it. To see the future, just a little. The blood was willing, but the skeins were not, offering only a few flashes of insight, when to be here, instead of there. When to attack, and when to hold back. It wasn't anything any seasoned warrior would be unable to see. Nearby, Zothern staggered drunkenly, fighting to stay conscious. He still had a light crossbow, and a dagger somewhere. He could still be dangerous to their enemies.

The daemons knew that too, the black guardian Marcus had flung from the fight suddenly rushing Zothern. The town guard staggered, throwing his dagger left-handed. As the daemon dodged around the blade, something seemed to trip it from below, sending it crashing over the cobbles, landing in a black heap. Seeing the daemon rushing Zothern, Atlas had fired a single shot from his pistol. The shot hit the daemon in the leg as it ran, just as it was dodging something thrown by Zothern. One of the closest daemons melted back into the shadows, merging perfectly with the darkness of the night.

Marcus stepped forwards, swinging his hammer at the daemon that had crippled Zothern. The blow was slightly out of line, and instead of smashing the daemon, it crashed into the black guardian's shield. There was a small flash of light, and a loud crack as the daemon's shield fell to pieces from the blow.

On the far side of the street the last of the daemons was preparing to strike at Xan, to finish the summoner off for good. With graceful pirouette the black guardian turned into a whirling dervish of blades. Xan ducked and dodged, backing away constantly, managing to avoid the daemon almost completely. The black guardian's final strike caught the side of Xan's arm, leaving a nasty gash, forcing the summoner to jump back, already drawing skeins around himself. He concentrated on what they needed. Something large. Fierce. Tough. Something that could destroy the daemons, and hopefully not attack the party.

Two pale white ghost bears appeared in front of Xan, roaring at the approaching daemon. When the daemon failed to back off, the first bear lashed out with one massive paw, smashing the black guardian into the side of the nearest building. Seeing the sudden change, the daemon closest to Zothern drew up a defensive stance, facing off against the party. Somewhere in the distance another of the black guardians melted away from the shadows, reforming in front of the ghost bears. Creatures of mere flesh and blood would be no match for its hellforged blade. But instead of attacking the daemon stood, watching, waiting for an opening.

Rehd began to weave the skeins around his arms, creating a complex web of Essence in front of him. His hands and fingers compressed the skeins into a tight ball. A flick of the wrist sent the magick racing away, slamming into the nearest daemon. There was a loud crack, and sudden release of force, the daemon flying back, slamming into a wall. Rehd smiled. These daemons had no counter for magicks. Able warriors they might have been, but mages they weren't.

Zothern slumped back against a wall, sliding down it until he was sitting awkwardly under the eaves. He had his crossbow out, resting it on one knee, but didn't have a clear line of fire to any of the daemons, so he sat, and he waited. A daemon slammed into the wall next to him, thrown from the battle by some powerful magick. The town guard only just managed to block the daemon's blow with the side of his crossbow, the hellforged steel somehow failing to break through the light wood.The daemon suddenly turned away. In the middle of the road Atlas was hurling dwarvish insults towards all the daemons, taunting them to attack him first. Somehow, it was actually working. Working a little too well. All the daemons were now closing in around the dwarf.

"Ya think ya can take me, ya bunch o' black-clad cowards!"

The closest of the daemons slammed its shield into the dwarf, temporarily halting his stream of invective. Atlas responded with a snap-shot with his pistol, his last shot before needing to reload. The round hit the daemon on the chin, shattering one side of its abyssal helmet, and half its face into the bargain as well. While the daemons remained distracted, Marcus swung his hammer once more, a great crack of thunder slamming the nearest daemon to ground. The final daemon turned away from Atlas, sword and shield at the ready, preparing to confront this new threat.

Kraytor: 11/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Tired, Tipsy, Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 14/15 HP [Weary, Fractured Jaw]
x Marcus: 14/21 HP [Armour Damaged]
Tybalt: 11/16 HP
x Xan: 5/14 HP
x Rehd: 18/18 HP [Weary, Scarred — Upper Body]
x Atlas: 13/19 HP
x Zothern: 5/15 HP [Disarmed, Right Forearm Shattered, Bleeding]
Emily: 15/15 HP

Ghost Bear 1: 0 damage
Ghost Bear 2: 0 damage

Black Guardian 1: 8 damage
Black Guardian 2: 8 damage
Black Guardian 3: 40 damage
Black Guardian 4: 0 damage
Black Guardian 5: 21 damage
Black Guardian 6: 18 damage
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Kahlan was bored with the argument. She turned to Kraytor. "I'm not the diplomat that Oan is; I came to deliver my side of the story and I have done so. I'm going to return to the others - if you have no objection?" she added, glancing at Lady Cyven.
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Atlas felt like a completly foolish Gully Dwarf for striking an ally. He promissed himself to try and make amends for the incident once the situation was resolved.

Returnig his mind quickly to the current situation, he quickly holstered his pistol, and held his axe in both hands. Twisting his body to slash at the daemons back, as it had focused on Marcus. He swung his axe wide, aiming as best he could for the back of the daemon's pelvis.

As he swung the blade, he shouted:
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Kraytor looked to Kahlan as she spoke. "Indeed. I will accompany you. My purpose was to get your ranger an audience. That has been accomplished and the machine is damaged. I have little need to be here anymore."

With no further delays the Shaman and the healer left the room and headed down into the street. The storm still carried on around them. Kraytor liked the storms, the rain. They were clean. Purifying. They helped the essence flow for him.

As the walked along the cobbles several people were running the otherway in panic. "Well that doesn't seem encouraging. What are the odds that your friends are somehow involved Miss healer?"
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"High. I wouldn't say trouble follows in our wake; it just sort of hangs around waiting for us to get there. Come on, let's see if they need help." The two of them began running towards whatever the people were fleeing from.
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"It's a long way. Im not sure we will make it in time. We may only arrive to help clear up the mess. Still, no reason not to try. I may be able to help however."

There was plenty of essence around them, and restoring stamina was something easy to accomplish. However, he had never really tried to use it to push a body beyond its limits without injury. As they ran he concentrated, feeding the essence into their bodies, willing them to run faster to make it in time.
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"Well, looks like the talking is being left to me" Oan commented as Khalan left with Kraytor. "Shall we begin? Oh, and can you send someone to check on my friend Tybalt? I'm not entirely sure where he's wound up but he came with us."
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Xan's Healing (
Healing Amount (
Distance Covered (Kraytor & Kahlan, yards) (
Oan's Diplomacy (

The black guardian nearest Marcus whirled away from Atlas, bringing its hellblade around in a great arc that would have sheared the massive warrior's head from his shoulders. Marcus ducked under the blow, getting a good grip on his hammer as he did so, swinging with a massive overhead strike. With a sound like thunder, the blow slammed into the daemon's shoulder, a flash of light driving it back almost thirty feet. The massive daemon staggered, but did not fall. With that daemon temporarily out of the fight, Marcus rounded on the black guardian closest to Atlas, his hammer swinging wide. With a  sound like distant thunder the hammer slammed into the daemon's shield and stopped.

The daemon seemed to smile behind its armour, landing a savage kick to Marcus's stomach. The massive warrior was driven back, winded by the blow. With the daemon concentrating on Marcus, Atlas slammed both axes into its back. The daemon howled in pain, corrupted Essence exploding from all the joints in its armour. The armour fell to the ground with a dull thud. Empty. The rain seemed to wash the armour into nothingness as it lay on the ground.

Rehd was disappointed. These daemons did not bleed. Or at least, they did not have blood in the conventional sense. But as Atlas killed the nearest daemon, Rehd felt something dark and powerful leach out through the nearby skeins. Something useful. Reaching out to draw those skeins to him, Rehd began an invocation, slowly moving his hands in an odd dance in front of his chest. The corrupted skeins drew together easily, forming a rough ball. Using the few remaining skeins, Rehd turned this ball into a rough approximation of a flail, whipping his arm up, then down. The skeins followed suit.

The street around the daemon closest to Zothern seemed to crack and shatter, pieces flying up and hovering in the air as a great darkness fell. The corrupted skeins collapsed, flying apart like a myriad whips. The black guardian's armour was savaged and broken, fragments falling to the ground with heavy thuds, the daemon beneath seeming to lose its form as the armour broke around it. The skeins did not stop there, unravelling further and further across the street. Several lashed through Zothern, tearing at his armour and making him wince and drop his crossbow. More of the skeins would have ripped through Xan, but the nearest of his ghost bears jumped at the whip-like skeins, catching them with its gigantic bulk. The bear collapsed, bleeding heavily.

Xan drew a handful of skeins to himself, reaching out to the minds of his summoned beasts. He wanted them to attack the daemons, especially the one closest to him and Zothern. The unhurt bear turned to him and growled menacingly. The bear that had collapsed looked up weakly, baring its teeth. Xan backed off, trying to get closer to Zothern. The black guardian next to Xan moved like a blur, raising its hellblade before driving it into the ground. All around the daemon the cobble and dirt turned black and started rotting. The air seemed to grow heavy and stagnant. The few skeins nearby were driven back, well away from the daemon.

The nearest of the ghost bears stalked towards the daemon. It paused when its nose crossed the area of corrupted ground. It backed off, circling the corrupted ground, growling at the daemon. It didn't understand what was keeping it at bay, but knew that if the daemon moved, it would stop, then the daemon would be fair game.

On the far side of the street the daemon nearest Zothern stalked forwards, Essence seeming to flare and shift from the cracks in its armour. The hellblade rested across its left forearm, pointed straight at Zothern's chest. The daemon's shield lay in pieces at its feet. The town guard struggled to line up his crossbow, the bolt going wide and sticking into a building on the other side of the road. The black guardian attacked, driving its hellblade through Zothern's chest, and cracking the stone wall behind him.

The black guardian that had melted into the rain suddenly reappeared as streak of darkness, cutting through the night and slamming full force into Marcus. The massive warrior had no time to brace or evade, falling to the ground and losing his hammer as he fell. He saw the weapon fly several yards through the air, cracking the cobbled road where it fell. The daemon swung hard with its hellblade, intent on finishing Marcus once and for all. Marcus rolled backwards, springing to his feet, and somehow finding the hammer already in his hands again. He could not recall having moved far enough to reach it, or reaching down to pick it up. As all this was going through his mind, he saw the black guardian's hellblade bind in the ground.

The massive warrior dashed towards the daemon, bringing the hammer over his head as he ran.

"Seia, give me strength," he whispered a prayer to the goddess of the sun before bringing the hammer crashing down on the daemon. Thunder echoed across the city, rumbling off the palace, the skydock, and even the great walls to the north. Light flared between the clouds, seeming to drive the rain back. A harsh, dry wind whipped along the street. Marcus blinked, not sure how he had reached the roof he was currently lying on. Everything seemed to hurt, but nothing was broken. He crawled to the edge of the roof, looking at the street below.

Where the daemon had stood was a shallow crater, spiderweb cracks fanning out for almost a hundred feet down the road, and over nearby buildings. The windows of the closest buildings were shattered, destroyed by the blast. The residents of the street were pouring out, fully armed, and many wearing heavy armour. Marcus thought about this for a moment, realizing that his hammerblow could not be the cause for this, because they would not have had enough time to fully gird themselves for battle. No, he decided. They were getting ready as soon as they heard the fight.

The daemon Marcus had knocked out of the fight earlier began chanting in a harsh and savage tongue, rain starting to fall harder than during even the height of the storm. Dim shadows moved in the distance, shapes and forms suggesting they were trying to attack everyone nearby. It was having problems maintaining the illusion. So many minds to convince, to terrify. They were all edgy, but these were soldiers, smiths, cannoneers and dragoons. The black district was well supplied. Everyone staggered when they heard the deafening report.

The daemon at the end of the street just vanished, turned into blazing wisps of inky black smoke. The shadows disappeared as well. Someone with a thick Hygaran accent could be heard laughing raucously inside a building with ton of powder smoke pouring from the broken windows. The two remaining daemons suddenly melted into the shadows, disappearing from view. The laughter stopped suddenly, with a sickening hacking sound. Then everyone heard a dry, coughing laugh. The laugh of a man who knew he was dead, but no longer cared. Who no longer cared because his foe was already dead, and just didn't know it. Everyone who could hear the laugh was already running from the building as fast they could. Marcus saw this and jumped from his roof, landing hard before rolling around the corner of the building.

The cannoneer's house exploded, knocking everyone to the ground, and shaking the adjacent buildings hard enough to dislodge roofing tiles and stones from the upper walls. Thick, acrid smoke filled the street, obscuring everything from view. The members of the party regrouped, trying to find Zothern amid the debris. Clawing at the massive stones and pieces of rubble, Marcus eventually uncovered an arm. With a superhuman effort he rolled a massive piece of rubble from on top of the town guard. Aside from the bleeding, he appeared whole.

"He's not moving," Xan said. "His spirit is very weak."

"Then heal him," the massive warrior replied.

Xan drew the skeins around himself, drawing on whatever was left after the fight and the explosion. It wasn't much, but it might just have been enough. He could feel Zothern's injuries, trace them with the skeins. A broken forearm could be mended by a surgeon. Right now it was the bleeding that had to be addressed—and the giant stab wound through his chest. With the few skeins available, Xan was able to knit Zothern's skin together, and repair most of the internal damage, including a punctured lung and severely broken ribs. He was even able to bring the slightest spark back to Zothern's spirit. But even as he did this, Xan knew it wasn't enough. Not quite. It needed a healer better than him by far to heal all the damage inside.

Kraytor and Kahlan ran as fast as they could, sprinting through the streets and alleys of Cyven. A bright flash of light was visible in the distance, followed by a crack of thunder. Marcus's hammer, she knew. It still seemed so far away. Even as she and Kraytor worked together to boost their speed and endurance, she knew they would never reach their friends before the battle was done. She was fast, sure, but there were three miles between them and the party, and that was going in a straight line. At least quarter of an hour. Kahlan doubted the fight would last more than ten minutes. A moment later she was sure of that. The flash of light had been so intense she'd had to shut her eyes, but it pinpointed Marcus's—and hopefully the others as well—location.

The following explosions were not so heartening. Especially when she saw the flames licking at the skyline in the distance, and giant pillar of smoke rising into the rainy sky. She fervently wished she could move faster. She flew, for a split second, before realising she had tripped over something, sprawling across the street. She lay there a moment, completely winded. Kraytor stopped, turning to pick her up. Kahlan waved him away, rising slowly, gingerly touching the side of her face. Grazed, but no real damage. Same as her hands. She left the injuries, putting all her magickal efforts into reaching the site of the explosion faster. She had a feeling she would be needed a great deal by anyone who had been near the explosion. She just hoped that didn't include any of her friends.

Oan spoke softly, outlining the entire situation as he knew it to Lady Cyven. The daemon's motives thus far were completely inscrutable, although they could both guess at reasons for the attacks. Then Oan told her about Caitlyn Rose, as best he remembered Emily's story.

"It sounds like this girl hates everyone."

"No, it just seems to be mages. At least, given the way the daemons seem to focus on our mages when we fight them."

"All the old lore says daemons are naturally attracted to magick."

"The where is the strongest concentration of magick, uh, Essence, right now?"

Lady Cyven looked aghast. "That would be under the palace itself."

"Then don't you think it would be prudent to—" something stopped Oan mid-sentence, a sudden flare of emotion from the amulet he wore. "—to, to join forces with Darrow?"

"Why should we?" Lady Cyven's tone was severe. "Cyven has the largest standing army of any nation. We have our war machines, our cannons, even the warships."

Oan considered this carefully, choosing his words with utmost care. "Do you know the legend of the Tower?"

"Of course, Ranger, every schoolchild knows it. It's a fairy tale. A grim fable."

"It's darker than you know."


"Nemesis is real. He was the principal daemon we fought in Darrow. He fought with an infernal dragon."

"So, you said your runesmith banished him."

"Temporarily. Did I tell you—" another surge of emotion from the amulet—"tell you what the runesmith saw before he banished Nemesis?"

"No, you didn't."

"He saw the army of the shadow realm, Morrde at its head, Nemesis marching as his right hand," Oan paused for a moment. "He saw death."

"From a single word?"

"The magick Nemesis commands—Tybalt told me—is older than even the runes. It is the very language of reality itself."

"So we know one of the principal daemons exists. That is not proof enough to ally with Darrow. Not after everything that has happened."

"What of your messenger, the one we saved."

"He is still in Darrow, to the best of our knowledge."

"And what of Hygar," Oan coughed, masking his shock at feeling the amulet suddenly fall silent. "To the north?"

"An airship arrived yesterday. Perhaps you should ask them. You seem distracted."

"I'm concerned about my friends," Oan paused again, changing the subject. "Would you ally with Hygar?"

"A better question is would Hygar ally with us?" Lady Cyven was just as deft. "Not all of them. I can see that tenuous skein, that link between you and her. The healer, no?"

"Hygaran pride," Oan sighed. "And not the healer, Emily."

"Indeed," there was a long pause, Oan bowing and quickly making his way to the stairs. Lady Cyven spoke just he reached the first step. "You say the daemons can use people as intermediaries. Perhaps we have all been deceived. We will not go to war, but we remain prepared. You say we need to ally with Darrow to survive this onslaught, but tell me this: what if Lord Darrow is in league with the daemons."

Oan froze, a chill racing up his spine. "If that is true, then we are already lost."

"Darrow follows the old ways. They watch the stars. As do I. We both know the Long Night is due to fall again soon."

"That was just a legend."

"So is the Tower, Ranger," Lady Cyven smiled darkly. "Be careful what you believe."

Tybalt couldn't hear anything beneath the tower. That in itself was slightly concerning. Then he heard the rumble of several explosions in the distance. They sounded like they came from the far side of the city. But if they had, to be heard within the palace… Tybalt winced as the loudest explosion yet went off. That one had definitely come from underneath the palace. It was followed by metal falling on stone, and an eerie silence. He looked down the staircase. Nothing. No way he was going down there. He ran through the palace, trying to find a guard. He found them in the atrium, around the grotto.

"Explosion, under the palace, southeast tower."

The guards looked at each other. Four of them moved away silently, halberds raised. If the prisoner had escaped there was going to be a world of trouble.

Kraytor: 11/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Tired, Tipsy, Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 14/15 HP [Weary, Fractured Jaw]
Marcus: 5/21 HP [Armour Damaged]
Tybalt: 11/16 HP
Xan: 5/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Weary, Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 13/19 HP
Zothern: -1/15 HP [Disarmed, Right Forearm Shattered, Comatose]
Emily: 15/15 HP

Ghost Bear 1: 8 damage [Bleeding, Annihilated]
Ghost Bear 2: 0 damage [Annihilated]

Black Guardian 1: 8 damage [Annihilated]
Black Guardian 2: 26 damage [Annihilated]
Black Guardian 3: 40 damage
Black Guardian 4: 33 damage
Black Guardian 5: 34 damage
Black Guardian 6: 114 damage
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As they arrived at the site of the battle, the devestation was obvious. People were milling about, clearly on edge. Despite that though, they cleared from Kraytors path as he marched towards the party. He saw Zothern laying there, clearly on deaths door. He mind flickered back to his thoughts of Ja'nus death, the pain, the loss. He stepped over too Zothern, he life force clearly weak.

"Kahlan! Help me, this might take both of us if we are to save him. You fix his body, I will fix his soul."
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Kahlan raced over and began a swift examination with her magick. Internal injuries and a broken arm. Like Xan, she ignored the arm for now and began working on the rest of the injuries.
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In the wake of the chaos, Rehd settled down and allowed himself a moment to contemplate what had taken place.

The power he had found and drawn upon was unlike anything he had known before. He had read of such a power, but nothing more; secrets of madmen scrawled incoherently on bloody parchment. His arm still tingled with the memory of what he had possessed. It had been... he couldn't describe it. There was no true frame of reference. It was power. Dangerous, perhaps, but power nonetheless.
"I believe today has been a good day," he said absently, allowing the lingering sensations of the daemonic energies to fade from his mind.
Satisfied all was at it should be, he turned his attention to Zothern. He was unconscious, and Rehd had little faith in him ever waking up.
"There is nothing more I can do for you here," Rehd said, allowing the fatigue he felt to seep into his voice. "I wish you luck in your healing."
With that, Rehd slunk off to find somewhere to rest his weary head until the others re-appeared.
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"Something to consider" Oan commented as he turned to leave "If one of the principal daemons exists, who is to say the others don't? If one isn't enough of a threat for you to reconsider your plans, how many is? I will return once I have rested and, hopefully, have some more information. If Long Night is coming as you say, then we all need to be as prepared as possible or all is lost."
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Xan's healing roll: 1d20=7, 1d20=16 (

With the battle over, Xan waited a while longer to make sure the skeins were somewhat in order, then made an attempt to revive himself from two-thirds dead.
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Kahlan's Healing (
Kraytor's Spiritbinding (
Overnight Rest (

Kahlan worked the skeins around her carefully, weaving them through Zothern's broken and battered body. His spirit remained separated from his body, making the process easier in some ways, but harder in others. As the Essence began to ebb, Kahlan knew that healing Zothern was the easy part. Waking him would be far harder. She knew of only three times a person had been woken from the Deathless Sleep.

Working alongside Kahlan, Kraytor stepped outside of his body, sending his magesense into the shadow realm, the place between life and death, the kingdom of Morrde. Shamans were common visitors to the realm, sometimes to deliver a spirit, and sometimes to take one. Kraytor had been apart from the world for a long time, but he still knew of the dark trades that took place there. Bargains with vengeful spirits, pitiful ghosts, or the mysterious shades. To bargain for the spirit of a warrior as strong Zothern would take something of great value—or he would have to owe one of the shadow realm's inhabitants a favour.

Kraytor could see a shimmering outline, a hazy shape that could have been a man in armour. It was wandering aimlessly around, gently nudged this way and that by playful shades. Two of the shadows turned to face the shaman, appearing at his side instantly.

"You want him back, yes?"
"Want him. Thinking of taking him. Favours."
"Yes, I want my friend back."
"Your friend he is not. Barely met, have you."
"Nothing of value. No spirits. Your touch reeks of steel."
"He was part of our group. A guard."
"Plenty of warriors in your group. Give him back later. Maybe."
"Angry you should not be. The rules you know."
"If you won't give him back, I'll take him back myself."

Kraytor stepped forwards, preparing to take Zothern's spirit back by force. A shadowy hand spread across the centre of his chest and pushed. The massive shaman blinked. Everything was dark, and there was an orange light close at hand. It was also raining. Kraytor blinked. Then blinked again. There was Kahlan, the skeins suddenly disappearing around her.

"What happened?" she asked.
"I tried returning his spirit to his body."
"It didn't work, did it?"
"No what?"
"No, it did not work."
"We need to find a healer, and a chirurgeon. Maybe even an alchemist."
"But you're a healer."
"And a damn good one too. But this is an affliction of the spirit, the ænima."

Oan could hear the dull rumble of explosions as he walked down the stairs. Then there was something that sounded like thunder. He could hear Lady Cyven above him, suddenly swearing sotto voce. Guards were moving from the atrium, down the hall, to the south-east tower. In the atrium he found Tybalt.

"Any idea what's going on here?"

"I heard explosions below the south-east tower, then the guards there went down to investigate."

"And they never came back, did they?"

"Just more explosions. Whatever they have down there, it's dangerous, and very angry." As if to underscore the point, a ripple of explosions cracked in the distance, the concussion violent enough to shake dust from the mezzanine in the atrium. There was an angry yell in the distance, and Oan saw several guards flung aside like dolls through an open door. Through another door into the eastern hall he saw Leah, standing amidst the chaos, bolts of lightning seeming to skitter wildly around her. Sally growled savagely, pacing around the little girl. Leah urged the sabrecat forwards.

Oan watched as the great beast pounced towards the intruder, tiny sparks from the man's fingertips tracing a strange shape in the air. There was a loud crack, and the smell of burning metal. The man was gone. Sally landed heavily, rolling to absorb the impact, sniffing the air where the man had been moments ago. Lady Cyven chose that moment to enter the hall. She cursed softly, then called for one of the Hygaran mages. A quick glance at Oan and Tybalt told them all they needed to know.

The storm was dying out, the rainfall just a light pattering on the roof now. Tybalt stared up at the roof his shop, noting idly that one of the joists had worked loose again. He considered Zothern's plight carefully. After Kahlan and Kraytor had carried him to the Healer's Hold they had asked if there was anything they could do. 'Pray' was the only answer they received. Rolling over, Tybalt hoped everyone else was sleeping better then him.

Downstairs, in the guest room, Oan had been concerned for some time, not having found Emily where others said she had been left. Just before falling asleep however, he had felt a faint calming sensation from the amulet. He was fairly sure that meant Emily was okay, wherever she might be. He might need to have words with Miss Black in the morning.

Despite the intense action of the previous evening, everyone felt incredibly well rested. Something to do with having real beds, and no current threats against their lives. A slight breeze was shifting debris down the street outside. When Oan checked the calendar on the wall of the workshop he realised that Firetide was nearly over, only two more days until the Turn began. That would mean moving north would become more difficult, as on foot they wouldn't be able to each the Great Gap for at least two weeks, probably three. Then another ten days or so to navigate the gap itself. Oan outlined these problems over breakfast, suggesting that they leave within the week to make better time through the Great Gap.

Kraytor: 15/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP [Fractured Jaw — Healing]
Marcus: 11/21 HP [Armour Damaged]
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 9/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Tired, Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Zothern: 4/15 HP [Disarmed, Right Forearm Shattered, Comatose]
Emily: 15/15 HP
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Tybalt listened to Oan's plan thrn presented another option, "What about by airship? We know Hygarians do regular trade with Cyven and we could possibly get a working passage if we can't get the full fee for passenger passage together."
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"Indeed. We should be able to barter passage at a reduced fare if we offer our talents. . .or rather offer to NOT use them in some cases. I am sure a pilot can be convinced to take us along."

Kraytor decided to meditate that evening. His failure at getting Zotherns soul back showed him that he was out of touch. He scanned the room and decided on a spot near the forge, the living crackle of the wood and the gentle flow of essence would be ideal.

Taking his leave of the others the shaman removed his longcoat, revealing the network of mageline tattoos covering his torso. Almost as an afterthought he grabbed Ja'nus' staff. The Eye was the only link to the boy and Kraytor dearly wished to have some contact with him.
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[spoiler]Healing Oan's jaw ([/spoiler]

The next morning, Kahlan prepared to go and look for the people she needed to heal Zothern. Before she left though, she decided to take a look at Oan's jaw, in case she could speed it's recovery. To be blunt, she couldn't; she was finding concentrating difficult for some reason. Fortunately the wound was healing nicely without her assistance, so she claimed that it would be a waste of her energy to heal it with magic, thus hiding the fact that she couldn't heal an already healing injury after a good nights sleep. Grabbing her things, she went to ask Tybalt where she could find a healer and a chirurgeon.
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"An airship could be interesting. It would grant us more time here if it were needed and would get us to Hygar much faster." Oan reflected. "It's worth looking into. I think I need to find Miss Black. Before I do, however, Marcus have you got a minute?"

With that he left the table, taking Marcus to one side "So, care to fill me in on what happened to you guys last night after we left?"
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"I'm thinking about doing some work on my armour and equipment today, does anyone else want  me to do so?"
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Rehd awoke early, glad of finally managing a good night's sleep, and rejoined the group. "Oan, how nice to see you alive and well. Is Kraytor with you?"

"As to our plans, need I remind you that I have uncovered links to Robert Cyven. There are many dangerous people at large in this city and we have yet to open the throat of any of them. I do not like the idea of moving with an enemy at our back. Plus, I gave someone's word to Thomas Wyatt that I would help him."
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Kraytor appeared behind Rehd. His meditation unsucsessful at anything other than centering and refreshing him.

"You asked for me assassin?" He said as he hauled the heavy leather of his coat over his arms.
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"I simply wanted to know if you were still alive, that's all," Rehd purred in his usual frivolous tones.
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Kraytor merely snorted and set about deciding what to do that day.

"I will attempt to get us passage on an airship, how soon do we wish to depart?"
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"Robert Cyven? Are you insane?" Oan demanded flatly. "We come here trying to stop a war between Darrow and Cyven and you propose an act that would go a long way towards starting one? You must be either mad or incredibly stupid."
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"War is profitable," Rehd countered. "And besides, it has a way of weeding people out. You promote peace, yet in so doing you allow corrupt, selfish and above all dangerous men to retain power. The man you defend shares neither your ideologies nor your morals. Where the situation reversed, he would kill you without a second thought."
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"War is chaos. Besides which, there's a war coming the way these daemon incursions are going. War between Darrow and Cyven as well would be tantamount to slitting our own throats and handing victory to the daemons.

But if you're lucky they may be thankful enough to let you live. As a pet." Oan retorted.

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Kraytor looked around quizically.

"Did anyone else feel that? Like reality just flickered? That doesn't bode well at all."
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Xan looked around uneasily.

"..Yeah, when reality starts to look unstable, I think we should be focussing on our own war on the daemons, not trying to start new ones."
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Kahlan found a hole in one of the walls. "Damn it, who broke this?"
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"You should read that book of Gods more closely. It can only be the work of Ehfftee. God of maintenance of reality as we know it. If his power grows weak then there is greater chance of deamons appearing more regularly. When the walls of reality grow thin, everyone is in danger."
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Kraytor grew impatient of the inaction.

"I am going to the airship docks. I will return when I have secured our pasage." With that he walked out of the door and into the busy city.

As he walked along the streets he took in his surroundings. He didn't like cities. Cloying, suffocating places that blocked the natural flow of life. To him they were little more than pits of death and decay, filled with corruption and petty squabbles. How people survived here, so cut of from the life and vibrance of nature amazed him. Then again, ordinary people couldnt feel it. They were blind, close minded to the truth of the world.

He was paying little attention to the people as he walked along, the only real source of life in this dark place. How easy it would be for him to draw out their life force to sustain himself. Another reason he disliked cities. The temptation was great. Hard to resist. Why not take their power to bolster his own when he needed it? What could they possible do with it other than waste it on pointless lives. With it he could accomplish great things, vanquish all foes, rule like a king. . .but no. He couldn't let himself fall to the longing for power, that way madness lied. Too much attention, and he would have to be trapped in the cities to rule them. Better to be free and take the power nature provided.

He snapped out of it, realising he had been walking far longer than he thought and he had arrived at the dock. He stepped inside the structure and set about looking for a pilot to bend to his will. A swarthy man, standing proud and confident, no, not him. . .ahh. . .yes. . .the small man in the corner, looking around nervously. Kraytor could smell deceit on him, a smuggler perhaps in addition to any paying customers he may have. He would do nicely.

He loomed behind the squirrely little man and place a giant hand on his shoulder.

"I have a proposition for you Mr. . ."

"Umm. . .H-Harbatkin. . .C-Captain Harbatkin."

"Very well Mr Harbatkin. I and my party require use of your airship. We can pay you, naturally, although you will be extremely generous and offer us a discounted rate in return for our protection of you and your cargo. Of course you are free to turn down my offer, although I would STRONGLY recoomend you do not."

Karaytor leaned in and reached into the mans mind "Do we have an accord Mr Harbatkin?"

[ooc] Dice rolls

1d20 ? [20] = (20)

1d20 ? [12] = (12)

So that's a great success and a pretty good effect, yes?[/ooc]

Captain Harbatikin eyes glazed briefly.

"I. . .I. . .yes. . .I will take you where you need to go, and you can have a small discount, but I expect you to hold up your end of the bargain, and it is Captain. Captain Harbatkin, are we clear? I am doing you a favour agaisnt my better judgement and you will not disrespect me for it, are we clear? If I had a full boat this wouldn't be happening at all, so consider yourself lucky."

Kraytor grinned a grin entirely devoid of warmth.

"As you wish. . .captain. As you wish. Now remain here untill we return."

The shaman walked out of the building leaving the airship captain feeling a little confused as to what had just happened. Why had he just taken on a bunch of pasengers on a cargo ship? He only had quarters for him and his crew. . .maybe they crew would appreciate a holiday. The large man didn't seem like someone he wanted to dissapoint or go back on his word to. Great. . .this was going to cause a problem, he just hoped that these people were discreet and able to protect his ship.
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After receiving advice from Tybalt on where she could find the people she needed to heal Zothern, Kahlan set out to acquire their aid. She wasn't sure how much it would cost, how long it would take or even how urgent his ailment was, so she figured she had better get on with it.
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Rehd turned his head toward the distant palace. "I find your naivete amusing, oh scout. As a sergeant I would expect you to understand the fundamental realities of life; that the only truth there is exist on the edge of a blade. Do you believe, even for one moment, that the rulers of this land have any connection with reality? I can assure you they do not. These men would not hesitate to use any threat to their own advantage. This 'unity' you imagine, this notion that all peoples will come together against the Daemon, is a fabrication."
He fixed his eyes upon Oan and dropped his usual, jovial overtones. "If you convince the Prince that the world of men is strong, he will convince himself it is strong enough to suffer his machinations. He will steer events to destroy his rivals and further his own power. That could well be the end of us all. If we kill him now we plunge the world into war, but when they see the might of the coming storm, when they discover first hand that no nation can stand alone, their own cowardice will force them to unite. They will forget their lesser war and unite in the face of oblivion. Best of all, they'll believe it was their idea all along."

He slowly drew his sacrificial blade and made a point of tracing his hands across its blood-hungry edge. "Besides, Oan, it takes time to raise an army. If we start a war today, then when the Daemons come in numbers they will find these nations ready, with mustered armies and stockpiled supplies. The losses caused by the inconsequential conflicts will be nothing compared to the gains made by meeting the Daemons with an army raised and ready."
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"As much as I don't like it, I can't fault Rehd's logic. I'd rather not do this though." Tybalt the picked up his sword and drew it, inspecting the blade as he did, "We don't also don't know who is behind what's going on either. It could be the prince for all we  know, though I doubt Lady Cyven would of missed that."

Tybalt continued to inspect his gear and the gear of the others.that took him up on his offer, he wouldn't start working until this discussion was finished though. It would be rude for him to make too much noise during it and he still wanted to take part.
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"Don't put words in my mouth, assassin. I never mentioned unity, I simply said not fighting each other. There is quite a large difference between the two. Especially as one requires more than a little trust." Oan replied.

"I'm fully aware that armies need time to mobilise and arm. However given that there have already been numerous incidents to try sparking the war you seem so desperate to see, some of those preparations are already underway. Add in the fact that, given what I told Lady Cyven, she believes Long Night may well be returning and any idiot can see that militarisation is inevitable and will no doubt be swift. We can be prepared for this storm without pitting our forces against each other in the process. They may well need to assist each other in some way throughout what is to come, and that's not going to happen if we go with your plan."
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Kraytor walked slowly through the streets, deep in thought. It occoured to him briefly that he shoulld have checked what kind of ship Mr Harbatkin actually piloted. Airships were airships thought weren't they? Big bags of air and a cabin underneath. There would be space.

He took a turn down an alleyway, a short cut back to the workshop. The alley was dark, twisting and smelled very unples. . .

"Oi! You! In the coat!" There was a sound of metal being drawn. Kraytor turned.

"Money, valubles, now. Hand them over. C'mon, don't be a hero!" The man was waving a dagger at him, it weaved through the air in what he probably thought assassins did. Kraytor breifly considered what Rehd would think of the man. Probably less than he did.

"And why would I do that, prey tell? Why would I give you everything, when I could just kill you and take your possessions for myself?

"Because I'll kill you first! Now hand it over! I swear I'll do it!"

"I welcome your attempt, please, do so."

The man rushed him, slashing down with the dagger. Kraytor raised an arm into its path, taking a deep gash.

"Mmmm. . .that feels good. The rush. . .the power. It has been too long old friend." He stepped towards the failed mugger.

"Now. My turn."

A corona of dark energy surrounded the Shaman for a second before flowing to his fist. Faster than the mugger could react Kraytor drove his hand clean trough the mans ribcage with a sickening crunch of splintering bone. The man turned white and slumped to the ground, his body spasming uncontrollably, blood pooling out onto the ground around him. That was paydirt. Kraytor drew in the power from that vital fluid. This was the only advantage he could find to being in a city, life was cheap.

A quick search of the man revealed 6 peices of silver, clearly a slow day, and the knife he had been carrying. It wasn't expensive, or even that sharp. Even his own utility knife was better than this. He discarded the knife and pocketed the silver and set off towards the workshop once more. The would on his arm slowly fading into a scar.
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Xan sat at a workbench, his revolver in pieces in front of him along with a small pack of cleaning implements. Larry sat nearby, doing... something... to a fly he had caught. Nobody could tell what it was, as the fly had disappeared into the leaves some minutes previously. There was the ocasional buzz from somewhere within the tree, but it was getting quieter all the time.

The greater political situation was somewhat beyond a caravan mage, so Xan wasn't paying much attention to the conversation going on behind him. From his understanding, Rehd wanted to start a war between Darrow and Cyven. Not only would that be terrible for caravan trade, he couldn't help but think that if the Demon incursion simply waited a bit, the two cities would wear each other down and be easy prey. All it would take was patience. Assuming demons knew what it was.
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[url=]Kraytor's Benefactor (Charm) ('s Searching[/url)

The fog slowly cleared from captain Harbatkin's mind. Ostensibly the ship was only on a cargo run from Cyven to Hygar, but it wasn't the first time people had asked for passage on the ship. Certain important personages and messengers had used his ship's speed from time to time as well. Even at the discounted rate, the trip would still make an enormous profit. After all, most things from the eastern kingdoms were small, valuable, and easily hidden. Especially those that could not be openly traded in Cyven or Darrow.

Harbatkin smiled. Intimidating—and strangely compelling—as that giant of a man had been, he had given the captain an offer he quite simply could not refuse. After all, it was just good business.

Kahlan, with assistance from Xan, was currently moving Zothern from the nearest Healer's Hold to a Chirurgeon's Study. Xan was quick to tell her a long and highly entertaining—to him—story about a healer who sought to know more about healing than she could learn through magick alone, and a butcher with an odd talent for artistry with meat. Halfway to the Study Kahlan was ready to punch Xan in the face to get some peace. She nearly did when he dropped the stretcher. The only thing that stopped her was the poster on the wall.

–For Heinous Crimes against the City of Darrow–
Theft, Assault, Affray, and the most heinous crime of Murder
of the captain of the guards, Kurgan Blackmane

Beneath this was a portrait they knew only too well. Zothern. But how did they find out so quickly? Kahlan asked herself, puzzled. We traveled here as fast as any courier on foot, and we didn't see any riders either.

"Is it still such a good idea to take him to the Study?" Xan asked, breaking the silence.

"Maybe, if they have all taken Shaya's Oath," Kahlan was suddenly glad the street was nearly deserted at this early morning hour. "If not, we will have to find others. I can find them, I know the signs to look for, it just takes time."

"Does he have time, Kahlan?"

"He is in the Deathless Sleep, but his spirit is strong. He could have years."

"Or days, if nobody tends to him."

"Then I'll have to find someone reliable. Someone that cares," she paused. "There's a safe house near here, we can leave Zothern there while I search."

"And what should I do?"

"Tend to him, protect him if you have to. Figure out what that plant of yours is good for."

After saying his piece, Oan turned to leave. Rehd's points had been well made, but the assassin simply wasn't as in touch with the world as he thought. Oan was a Ranger, and Rangers knew what was happening in the world. Always. He had to admit that Rehd's points had been well argued, and that if he'd had less information himself, he might just have been swayed to the assassin's viewpoint. For now, other things occupied his mind, like finding Emily, or miss Black, and discovering what had happened the previous night—what had he felt through the amulet?

"Tybalt, where does miss Black live?"

"Vulcan's Forge, along Black Lane. You can't miss it," Tybalt paused, considering the night they'd had. "You might try the Tipsy Midget first."

It was only a short walk to Black Lane, as Oan remembered from his last visit to the city. Vulcan's Forge was also unmistakeable, being the only all stone building with its façade half-melted into the street. Masons clambered all around it, assisted by a pair of Geomancers and Stoneweaver—an expert on enmeshing all types of rock and stone. Watching over all of them—and shouting orders like the best head masons—was Chloe Black, hands wreathed in flame as she wrought something from an iron bar she had just been handed.

"Miss Black!" Oan shouted over the general racket. She didn't seem to hear him. "Miss Black! Chloe!"

Hands still smouldering, the young magess strode over to Oan. "You need something—" she paused, lips pursed as she searched for a name to put with his face "—Oan, right?"

"Yes, Oan Fencer. I want to know what happened with Emily last night. The others say she stayed with you, and some time later I felt most disturbing sensations from this amulet," Oan held the amulet up as he spoke, turning it so Chloe could clearly see the Anterus rune forged on the back. She laughed softly, then took a closer look at the rune.

"Fine work, a very skilled runesmith. Not Balty, obviously, bit too bland looking for his tastes. Interesting material choices though. Wulfram and Bloodstone, quite a rare combination. And obviously Emily has the other one. Say, do you know how far apart they work?"

"I felt something from it while I was in the Forlorn Woods and she was on the road from Perro's Folly to Darrow."

"Not exactly uncommon, but impressive nonetheless. Balty once made one that could be felt from Hygar to Cyven though—but don't ask him about it, it's a touchy subject," Chloe winked and turned back to her work, speaking over her shoulder as she walked up the rubble. "Emily's at the Midget, asleep, most likely."

Atlas shifted from side to side, hefting his axes. The mail surcoat felt heavy about his shoulders, and too tight around his waist. He snorted. Of course anything designed for manlings wasn't going to fit a Dwarf. They didn't have a patch on Dwarven workmanship either.

"Aye laddie, at least ye tried," he consoled the shopkeeper as he removed the armour. "Ah know ye could change it, but the best armour's always made t' measure."

The shopkeeper nodded and sighed. The Dwarf had been a difficult customer, almost impossible to please—and to fit. On the other hand, he had gotten quite the audience, and that had certainly helped business in other ways.

Oan found Emily some time later, at the Midget, as Chloe had said. She was also quite soundly asleep—or at least appeared to be. She surreptitiously opened one eye as she heard the floorboards creak, the hand she had tucked under the pillow tightening its grip on her knife. She relaxed when she recognised Oan's clothes, yawning extravagantly as she sat up. She looked expectantly at Oan.

"What?" she was surprisingly blunt.

"What happened last night?" Oan was just as blunt, and held up the amulet to emphasize his next question. "What did I feel through this?"

"Well, I might have drunk a little too much," Emily admitted. "I was going to just rest, but that's when Chloe came up. Suggested I try sparring against her…"

"Wait, sparring against a mage? A pyromancer, in a wooden building?"

"Well, only the top is made of wood, the cellar's made of stone."

"And full of alcohol."

"Which is why she didn't use her fire. She's really strong. Not fast, but really, really strong."

"She is a blacksmith."

"Makes sense. Anyway, she helped figure out how to use my magick a little better—not like anyone else in the group, but a lot better than I was. In combat…" Emily trailed off, not quite sure how to continue.

"…and?" Oan prompted, intrigued by her silence.

"Well, I managed to See me and Chloe, a little bit later, but we weren't really fighting…" Emily trailed off again.


"Promise you won't get mad?" Emily seemed rather apprehensive.

"Why would I get mad?" Oan was just a little confused, although a little tidbit of information was teasing his mind, tantalizingly out of reach.

"Just promise, please."

"Okay, I promise," Oan held his dagger flat against his chest, point towards the ground. The Ranger's mark.

"…well…umm… Chloe doesn't really like men." Emily blushed rather brightly, and Oan suddenly had the piece of information that had been fluttering around his mind. The fact that it was Emily that had said it didn't quite register at first, and Oan just sat there with a slightly blank expression. The ranger's face remained blank for several seconds.

"Oh great, I think I broke him," Emily sighed, reaching over to pat him on the cheek. It was Oan's turn to blush as his mind finally put all the pieces together. He made a rather hasty exit, speaking a little too fast as he left the room.

"I have to go see the message about last night's Lady Cyven," Oan shook his head. That had not sounded right at all. He did have to see Lady Cyven though, at least to tell her about the battle in the streets, if she had not already been told by the King's Guard—unlikely, but there were details they might have missed. He also needed to ask about that strange thunderclap, and the man that had disappeared through it.

Kraytor walked through the streets with a little more pride than normal. He felt charged, the rush of blood always felt so good. But it also left a mage feeling empty afterwards. The shaman inside told him to seek solitude, to shy away from this most dangerous of drugs. The chaosigan inside, helped perhaps a little by Kyron, sought only to sow more discord through the world. It would have been so easy, after all, these were merely Talentless people, barely a spark of Essence around any of them, and definitely none with the vibrancy of a true mage. It would be so easy, surrounded by so much blood, quickening their veins. How could one or two even be missed in a city this large.

The massive shaman shook his head. He wouldn't let the Red Lust take over again. Not like last time. He had to control it, force it to be useful. He looked at his outstretched hands. There was a young man in them, slowly choking to death. All around him a crowd had gathered, afraid to intervene, save for one frail old man. As soon as the man placed a hand against Kraytor's shoulder the massive shaman relaxed, his mind becalmed, almost falling to his knees. The young man he had been holding gasped for breath and massaged his throat.

"Come," the old man spoke softly, but Kraytor felt compelled to follow. A short time later he found himself in a modest house, sunk below ground level as was the current fashion, sunlight shafting through a rather large amount of dust floating in the air.

"It's not dust."

"Then what is it?" Kraytor asked.

"It's Loess."


"In a way. You could also call it Ash."


"Do you know what happens when the skeins run out?"

"More flow in, slowly, over time."

"True. But what about when they run out for good?"

"It doesn't happen."

"Nobody thinks it can happen, but it does," the old man smiled at Kraytor's expression. "Oh, don't look so shocked. More flows out from the Source to replenish the world. The skeins will always ebb and flow."

"Then how can they run out?"

"Because individual skeins can only contain so much Essence. When it is all used, or broken up by too much use, the rest turns to Loess. Have you ever wondered why some places are eternally fertile?"

"It's because of all the life around them," Kraytor asserted.

"Exactly!" the old man seemed ridiculously pleased. "And what draws all the life towards those places?"


"Sometimes. But many times you'll find those most peaceful places, the most vibrant life, in places thick with Loess under the earth. The cycle of Firma continues unabated, even in the old catacombs beneath the Blackfang range."

"But that's—"

"Yes, it is," the old man smiled, gently pushing Kraytor out the door. "They won't be looking for you anymore. Just be careful what blood you take next time."

Kraytor turned to ask the man what he meant, but the door had vanished. There was only the blank wall of a small store in front of him.
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The skeins run out? It didn't seem possible. And yet the old man had been. . .right. Kraytor just knew he had been. He hadn't been befuddled or confounded, but every part of him knew the man was right. He was also right about giving in to the lust. What had taken him? That mugger. . .pathetic creature, could have been ended with a fist to the head. Or he could have frightened him away, broken a leg, anything. But he didn't. He wanted. . .needed that rush.

His blood magic was, briefly, far more powerful than his shamanic abilities, but those could be used for longer to greater effect. There was no rush, no buzz, no feeling of absolute dominance over the blind and talentless. The blood magick had to be saved. The assassin gave himself to it, he fed on it and had grown accustomed to its heady power. He was also far removed from humanity. But was he so different? He isolated himself, he cared little for that which did not benefit him, or would not in the long run.

Kraytor was definatly rattled. He needed to get out of the city and into the world. This throng of life, of hidden power just asking to be stolen for his needs, it was too much. May the gods have mercy on whoever was nearby if he gave in to it. . .Shamanism fueled by blood. . .life, powered by death. It didn't bear thinking about.
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Irritated at leaving a potential enemy to their rear, Rehd shrugged off the discussion seeing little else to gain. However, he had other business left unfinished in the city; a young man named Thomas Wyatt was expecting a way out of the city, and given the rest of his party's desire to leave loose ends.

Donning an outfit that would not draw much attention, Rehd worked back to where he believed Wyatt could be located, hoping to find him before anyone else could. Explaining him to the others would be a matter for later and, if he was lucky, a source of some entertainment.
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"Sorry, should've handled that better" Oan said as he re-entered the room "but I really do need to talk to Lady Cyven. We can talk later, unless you'd care to join me?"
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Arriving back at the workshop, Kraytor sat down at the table and ate an apple while he thought of the events so far. Spying some of the others he spoke.

"We have transport. A ship under a man named Harbatkin, he will depart when we arrive there. We owe him coin, but at a discounted rate. I think he is a smuggler myself, but if he is, it is a good thing, he will be fast and know how to avoid making a scene."

The rush had almost left him now, little of it remained. He desired more but wasnt going to get it. Meditation was needed.

"Seek me out only if you need me, otherwise I do not wish to be disturbed."

He retired to a back room and sat down. Gradualy, he turned his mind inward, away from the outside world and its distractions.
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Rehd's Sight (

Emily looked up at Oan as he let the question hang.

"I might be a bit underdressed," Emily gestured to her simple dress.

"She saw me while I was wearing this," Oan gestured to his current—somewhat crumpled—attire. "I think you'll be fine."

A short while later both of them were walking down Old Ash road, making idle conversation. The topic changed abruptly to the previous night.

"So why did you run out?" Emily probed. "Shocked that a woman might lie with another woman?"

"No," Oan spoke frankly. "More the thought of what I might have sensed if you didn't remove the amulet."

"Oh… well you can thank Chloe for that."

"But perhaps I wouldn't have minded sensing that," Oan flashed her a cheeky grin. The young woman blushed, but said nothing. Inside, She smiled softly.

When they eventually arrived at the palace, Oan could see it was still a royal mess in the hall where the strange mage had disappeared. There was the distinctive tang of burned metal in the air, still heavy from the previous night. Lady Cyven was nearby, supervising a small council of mages as they made investigations into the nature of the magick used.

"You will learn to hate Eryje," she spoke, seemingly to thin air. "The chaos she causes, that her mages cause, is too much to tolerate."

"Let it go, Rúni." The voice seemed to come from the air around Lady Cyven.

"You don't have to endure the havoc She causes in the north."

"No, we just get Skol instead. You've seen the ice giants before?"

"From a distance, from the Barque Royale."

"Gaze upon one in person. Your problems with the olds gods will seem much… smaller."

Rehd looked idly at his bloodstained hands. Thomas Wyatt should not have been so hard to find. That, of course, meant his enemies had finally caught up with him. Thankfully, Thomas had also followed the advice Rehd had given him should he ever be captured—resist just enough to leave a trail. Rehd had dutifully followed the trail, and found Thomas alive—mostly—on the outskirts of the city. Which led back to why his hands were covered in blood, none of it his own. Most of the building's facade was also covered in blood.

There had been two guards. Had. When Rehd attacked he used his magick to unmake the distance between himself and the nearest guard. A taloned hand, augmented by sundering magicks had torn through the guards chest in a spray of gore. At that point, Rehd had taken a second to revel the power of such fresh, young blood. So vital, full of energy, full of possibility. So he created an orb of pure, chaotic Essence within the man's chest, binding it as tightly as the skeins would allow his blood-fueled talents.

The second guard could only watch in horror, paralyzed with fear. Rehd stepped back and drew his traveling cloak about his body. The first guard exploded like an overfilled balloon. Blood—far too much of it to have been in any single body—coated every surface for fifty feet. For a moment it fell like sacrilegious rain. The second guard retched, then fainted. Taking a deep breath, Rehd paused before smashing apart the front door. Splintered wood scattered across the floor of the main room. On the far wall hung Thomas Wyatt, suspended in shackles. A torturer with a red-hot iron was currently inscribing something in the flesh of Wyatt's chest.

The smell of burnt flesh brought with it a flash of memory. The one time another mage had come even close to his own power. A pyromancer, of course. The pyromancer was dead now, but Rehd's face had never been the same. Enough memories, he thought savagely. In an instant the torturer was pressed against the wall, his feet six inches from the floor.

"I would kill you," Rehd breathed heavily, using his free hand to loosen the bandanna around his mouth. "But that wouldn't be fun. Not for me. No for me…"

"You're the Crimson assassin?" the torturer seemed dangerously calm. "I thought you'd be taller."

"And I had hoped you might be more entertaining," Rehd chatted idly, using magick to draw a deep cut down the man's arm. "Well, at least your blood will have a use."

"Y-you can't… the Order… the fire killed all… all of them."

"You are sadly mistaken, or perhaps not. I did die that night. The old Rehd. The weak Rehd. The Rehd who didn't know how to use power."

"W-when did you become a mage—a red mage?"

"I've always been a mage," Rehd drew his sacrificial knife, plunging it deep into the meat of the torturer's leg. The man whimpered,but said nothing more. "Better. You know nothing's going to save you. Give in to that despair. It only makes what comes next all the sweeter."


"This!" Rehd spoke fiercely as he ripped the man's throat out with his pointed teeth. A touch, a soft caress of the skeins was all it took.

A wooden shed. A boat. A boathouse. Sunlight through the windows. Walls to his back. Plains around him. Secrets in his mind. Bodies and corpses and thugs and death and work and all for shiny coins. Dumped into the lake. They woudl let him practice—not his respectable trade, his smithing, the other trade, the one that lead to the first body under the lake. He had only wanted to hurt her a little. Make the bitch shut up. She screamed and screamed, and he found he liked the screams. They meant he was more powerful. Stronger. That she couldn't bear the thought. But she still wouldn't shut up, so he kept marking her flesh until she did… and then the lake. Nobody knew how deep the bottom was, not there. It might reach all the way to the shadow lands. A fitting end for such a pitiful creature. For this one too. A stupid man. Smart enough to make things, but too dumb to ever keep a promise, to pay back the important people of the city. He would scream, and cry, and beg, and then he would die. And those powerful people would see it all.

Everything seemed to strip apart from the world around him, lashing whips of agony, and suddenly Rehd was back in the present, Thomas Wyatt still hanging from the wall, whimpering softly.

"It seems you were not as hard to find as I thought, Thomas," Rehd spoke conversationally as he broke the man's shackles. "A pity, really. For them."

"I… uh… thank you."

"Don't thank me yet," Rehd grinned savagely. "I haven't told you how much more this is going to cost you."

Thomas swallowed, then went pale as Rehd whispered the new terms of the agreement to him.

Kahlan had returned with the most skilled chirurgeon she could trust. She still didn't trust him any further than she could throw him, but then she didn't trust a lot of people. Oan could probably have judged the man better—and he might still, given time—but for now he had the requisite skills, and the right spirit for the job. The chirurgeon stood over Zothern's immobile body.

"The Deathless Sleep," he was only confirming what she and Xan already knew. "Bit rough and ready on the arm there."

"We couldn't heal it, the skeins faded too much."

"I'll do what I can. My skills don't need no faerie skills."

"You call the magick you can see faerie?"

"Well, what you call the school of Shaya. Those arts belong to the fae."

"Do they now?" Xan spoke up.

"They do, we just borrow 'em."

"What about the other schools of magick, who do they belong to?"

"Kyron belongs to the mad kings; Deaze to Firma itself; Rai-tane belongs to the mountains, and Morrde belongs to the daemons."

"What about Skol, Nyrvan, Jin, Eryje?"

"What are you on about, there are only five schools of magick."

"No," Xan's voice was firm. "There are ten. Kyron, Skol, Deaze, Nyrvan, Jin, Rai-tane, Eryje, Shaya and Morrde."

"That's only nine," the chirurgeon counted on his fingers.

"You forget the magick of the earth, of Firma. The magick of Runes, all those legends of a time long ago, with only one magick. That is the tenth school."

"Prove it."

"We could, but we don't need to," Kahlan spoke softly. "I brought you here for a job, can you do it?"

"Of course I can, or my name ain't Lucas Augustine the Third. Now pipe down and me that weed."

Weed? Weed?! Larry fumed. I am no weed.

"That's not a weed, Augustine."

"Then what is it?"

"It's hard to explain, but it's intelligent, and overly talkative at times."

"I didn't hear anything…"

"It was an odd side-effect of trying to summon a Dryad once. Did not end well for anyone, least of all the tree I tried it on."

Augustine grunted, then rummaged in his satchel for a pinch of herbs. He rubbed the herbs into a poultice, then set to work.

It had been a slow day for Tybalt, nothing had seemed to happen since the early morning. Everything was just maintaining the group's weapons and armour. Nothing wrong with that, a vital task, and one they would have done themselves if they had needed to—but he had made the offer. Nobody needed anything Runed yet, and the few runes of use specific to slaying daemons were too complex to make pendants of or simply place on weapons over the course of a day. Idly working on another blade, Tybalt let his mind wander back to how he had acquired this shop, and struck up his friendship with Chloe's father, the illustrious Brandr Black.
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The Shamans eyes opened slowly. He felt calm. Centered. Around him the skeins flowed freely and he savoured them.

Standing up slowly he walked over to his clothes and dressed, then pulled on his great leather coat. He stepped out of the building and into the street to wary looks from the people near him. Ignoring them he walked off to the workshop, he needed to examine some swords.
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"Lady Cyven" Oan called as they approached. "Allow me to introduce Emily, she is the Seer travelling with my friends and I."

"Ah. The one who carries the matching amulet. A pleasure. Did you discover what it was you felt last night then Master Fencer?" Lady Cyven replied with a slight smile. As Emily shifted uncomfortably next to him Oan got the impression that Lady Cyven knew the answer, and had done last night. And that she was toying with him, something neither of them really had time for.

"I bring news. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't doubt that you already knew, however with events here I figured it would be best to make sure. Before we get to that however, is there any assistance you require? I travel with people who have a wide variety of skills. As you're no doubt already aware from the small group of us you have met."
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Rehd's journey back to the group was delayed in part by the wounded Wyatt, but also because he felt the need to change outfits again. He wandered through the narrow alleys of the less well-off parts of the city and, after a brief search, acquired enough articles of clothing by way of looted washing lines (and in one case, a man too worse for drink to give an accurate description of his mugger) to pass for a low-end labourer. Wyatt was given a similar makeover.

"Smoke this." Rehd ordered as they walked. His outstretched hand contained a hand-rolled cigarette of what appeared to be nicotine, but once lit had all the flavour and consistency of fertilizer.
"Where did you get this?" Wyatt protested.
Rehd just rolled his eyes. "We don't want to be bothered, Thomas. Nor do we want to be approached. Tell me, how often do you place yourself in close proximity to men that reek of moonshine, smoke and piss?"
There wasn't time for an answer. "Stop looking around!" the assassin snapped. "Face forward! No, lower your gaze more; you're a man walking to somewhere he has to be and you've done it every day for the past ten years. You don't look around because there's nothing to see. Try to look less flighty as well. Relax into it."
The man nodded shyly. "What if there's trouble? What if someone attacks us?"
"Then we shall engage in the noble art of fisticuffs," Rehd chuckled. "And everyone knows I don't play fair. We're almost at our destination. There's safety in numbers my friend, and I think you'll enjoy the company..."
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Entering the workshop Kraytor took note of the array of weapons and sword blanks around the place. The sound of the smith working industriously filled the room and the shaman gave him no heed, instead walking over to some sword blanks and taking a variety of sizes.

He stepped out into what passed for a yard in the rear of the building, surrounded as it was by stone walls, it would provide ample protection for what he had in mind. Examining the blanks he picked one a little longer than his forearm. This would require focus and effort. Holding the blank at arms length he drew a small amount of skeins to him, guiding them into the metal, surrounding it.


He drew on more power, working at maintaining his focus so as not to lose control. The metal became wreathed in a dark corona, sputtering and fading rapidly. Again, the metal glowed and faded. Time and again. Hours passed, each time his control increasing minutely.

He had no intention of carrying a sword blank around with him however. He would need something else to work with, something more conductive to essence. The staff. His family staff. Maybe that would help him work on the foundation of this skill more effectivly. Shaping and containing the power was the hard part, and having no teacher was going to make it harder and far more dangerous.
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Tybalt remembered the journey to Cyven, it had been pretty uneventful, which he had been glad for. He'd travelled with a caravan, working as a guard to pay his way. The size of the city had impressed him as it had appeared on the horizon, the architecture of the had been even more impressive, he'd made the right choice to come here. There was wealth and an appreciation of workmanship here.

Tybalt had been heading for the guild hall when he felt powerful magick being used in a building ahead. The sign above the door had a flame and anvil on it. He was pay it when he felt a blast at his back, he turned to see the same building now ablazeand two buildings alongside it also on fire. Others on the street turned to look but otherwise ignored the building.

Stopping a passerby, he asked about what had happened, "That be mistress Chloe Black's shop, you'll never find a better metalsmith nor blacksmith in the city. Though some do wish she'd learn some finesse."

Confused, Tybalt continued to the guild hall, he was hoping they could point him to lodgings for the night and suppliers within 'sthe city. If he was to live and work here, he'd need them. Maybe they could explain more about Miss Black too.

He was pulled out of his musings when he felt powerful magic being used, he remembered the Shaman rummaging around inthe shop but had payed him no notice. He went out into the yard and watched the  Shaman for a while before asking, "What are you doing with those blanks and are you planning to pay for them?"
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Kraytor jumped at Tybalts voice, completely immersed in his practice. This momentary loss of control caused the blank to flare with chaotic energy and left a flagstone cleaved in half in the floor.

"I was attempting to learn how to shape essence, to create a shadow blade. With no tutor this can be extremely difficult so I was using this blanks to feel the shape needed, untill I can make that shape without the guide. However the metal is proving resilent to the formation of the magick. I may have to try another tack."
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"Would a wooden blade accept the essence easier? I should have a couple training blades up stairs."
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"Not to worry runesmith, I have my solution already. A mage staff is made for the purpose of conducting essence. My families staff should do the job admirably."
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"They are, but would it be wise with power stone of a different school inside it?" Tybalt kneels and inspects one of the blanks without touching it, the feel of the essence in it.
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"We shall very soon find out. I am a shaman, all schools of magick are open to me, even if I do not have any training in them, although without it my talents are minimal. The staff is mine, the rune is made from my family's soulstone as you well know. And from what I understand, this stone is the Eye of Ja'nus' god? If so it will see our connection."

Kraytor stepped to the center of the courtyard.

"However. . .you might want to step back. . ."

He held the unique weapon like a quarterstaff, he felt its history, his connection to it, memories flickered through his mind. . .Ja'nus. . .a golem. . . a Dragon. . .a great Deamon. . .a burning avatar. . .he allowed these thoughts to fill his mind, to strengthen his connection. Rai-Tane held great, power. . .would he also hold great wisdom?

He fed power into the staff, shaping a sheath of essence around it slowly and carefully, this was not something to be rushed. . .
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Shaking his head, Tybalt turned around and headed back into the shop. "Just return those blanks."
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Kraytor's Communion (

Essence swirled turbulently around Kraytor, the very air seeming to ripple and pulse as he focused on communing with a God that was not his own. Close to Deaze, but still not his own. As the skeins snapped and whirled around him, the shaman began to See. But it was not things come to pass, or events already undone. What he Saw was something else entirely.

Underneath a vast mountain, heat drawing beads of sweat from his brow, Kraytor stood in a cavern that was a great hall and a citadel. There was a path to follow, forged of obsidian stone, inlaid with finest gold. Hundreds of feet below sat the Heart of the World. A slow, steady beat echoed through the cavern. Along the path were magelights, yellow-orange in colour. Moving carefully up the first set of stairs, Kraytor could see that the path was in fact a bridge. A great bridge, nearly fifty feet across. The size of the citadel ahead made it seem as a gossamer thread.

Drawn forward by some unknown force, Kraytor continued moving along the bridge. In time he noticed statues guarding the edges of the grand walkway, carved from many kinds of stone. Marble, Azurite, Lapis, Bloodstone, Crimson Agate, Onyx, Granite, and many more besides. Each statue was unique, a different face, different body. Even the clothes were different. Different stances, different weapons. Swords, daggers, staves, bows. One bore a warhammer of almost preposterous size. Another held a glaive, poised to strike.

Kraytor rushed forwards, driven by that same unknown urge, knowing he would find something significant ahead. The line of statues ended, somewhat short of the citadel. The final staute was carved not from a stone, but a gem. Flickering with internal fire. Sunstone. Kraytor caught the briefest glimmer of recognition in those fiery eyes before everything shattered.

With a sound like breaking glass the massive shaman found himself lying flat on his back, Ja'nus magestaff smouldering beneath the Eye of Rai-Tane.
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Kraytor dragged himself from the ground, and tried to clear his head. What in the name of Morrde was that? He knew that was a real place, for a given value of real of course. Could that last statue have been. . him? Ja'nus? His spirit trapped there in that place? Was he even trapped? Was he simply home where he belonged. . .

The Tome of Gods. . .maybe that would shed some light on the matter.

In his hand, to the smell of charred flesh, the staff faded and became cold hard metal once more.
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Kraytor's Conjuring (Attempt 1) (
Kraytor's Conjuring (Attempt 2) (

The chirurgeon opened Zothern's shirt, placing the poultice over his heart, then he poured a few drops of water into the guard's mouth.

"Even in the deathless sleep, the body needs sustenance. Not much, compared to you or I, but some."

"So what else does the body need?" Xan asked.

"A soul, a spirit," Chirurgeon Augustine said softly. "Your friend's aenima walks the earth, wandering the in between of Firma and the shadow realm. He needs time to find his way. How much, I cannot say."

"If we were to leave—" Kahlan started. "—if we were forced to leave the city, would he be safe?"

"I would give my word, if it were needed," Augustine replied carefully. "But safe from who?"

"The hands of Morrde, and his chosen lieutenants."

"No one is safe from them, but I can keep him safe from mortal threats. Assassins, rogues, and the like."

"You've never faced a hashashin in combat," Kahlan's voice was flat.

"I didn't have to. When you know what certain plants can do to the mind and body, you become more dangerous than any mere assassin, and more powerful than kings."

"And yet, you ask for so little in return."

"We ask for little, and that earns us gratitude. That is worth more than gold, for someone that is grateful to you for healing them, for saving their life, will always feel they owe you. There are a hundred small kindnesses we get each day because of that gratitude. We be poor and humble, but our cause, our healer's hold, wants for nothing. We even have a mystic who helps us with more—arcane—injuries and ailments."

"Then you will most definitely have our gratitude," Xan bowed, gathering Larry and plcing him back in his pack. "We have other business in the city to attend to."

"Your friend will be safe. You have my word."

Kahlan waited until Xan had left, then stepped closer to Augustine and said softly. "Gratitude is not enough of a gift, should he be alive if we return from the north."

"If you are headed where I fear you are headed, and if you do return, I feel we shall all owe you more than mere gratitude."

"You will not take payment?"

"No. But you may always donate to the healer's hold itself. A small building, on the north end of old ash road."

It was well after noon when Rehd finally arrived back at Tybalt's shop. Thomas stumbled in behind him, still looking half dead. Tybalt was working at the forge, and Kraytor stood in the courtyard, Essence weaving strangely around him. There was a ham on the table, sliced evenly into thin strips. Rehd estimated about half of it had been eaten. There was also a broken loaf of bread, and a tankard of mead. Another tankard sat next to Tybalt in the forge, and he sipped from it occasionally as he worked. Whatever was in that tankard was unlikely to be alcoholic.

Thomas staggered to the table, sat down heavily on the nearest chair, and broke off a chunk of bread.

"You might thank master Defet for his hospitality," Rehd hissed at the man.

"Uh… thanks master Defet," Thomas choked out past a lump of bread. "Great food."

"Chloe brought it o—who are you?"

"Thomas. Thomas Wyatt. Rehd said I would be safe here."

"Not for too long. We leave in a few days for Hygar."

"Rehd said I should hide there."

"What an interesting turn of events." Tybalt glowered at Rehd. The assassin stared straight back and Tybalt turned away quickly.

Kraytor sat in the centre of the courtyard, feeling the sun beat down on his skin, the power suffusing his body through the mageline tattoos. Trying to conjure shadowblades was not a simple task. Essence could not be moulded like clay, chipped like stone, or forged like metal. It seemed a strange mix of all three. Almost like trying to shape water as it flowed around his hands. Carefully clearing his mind, the massive shaman focused on the form of the blades. Short, broad, simple. Lashed to his arms to leave his hands free. Around him the skeins swirled and hardened, trying to occupy the same state as his mind. Slowly opening one eye, Kraytor saw nothing beneath his wrists, save for a vague shimmer that may or may not have been his imagination.

Kraytor sighed, standing up. This time he would try to make just one blade. It had to be simpler. His eyes open, Kraytor defined the shape with his mind. the skeins flowed sluggishly, gradually forming a rough shape. It looked more like a tree branch than a blade. The shimmering apparition fell to dust before his eyes. The massive shaman cursed. Shadowblades were going to be almost impossible to conjure without some kind of training.
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Kraytor shook his head clear. Summoning was draining on the mind, and even his will power had taken a hit. Food would help, then he would seek out an institute of the arcane arts and find a summoner.

He had every intention of avenging Jan'us death with his hands, then skinning that forsaken cryomancer alive. . .

Entering the building he spotted the new arrival.

"Got yourself a new pet, assassin?"

He walked over the table and picked up a handful of the meat and wedged it inbetween two slices of bread to make a crude sandwich. He nodded his thanks to Tybalt and took a bite. A little dry, but still good quality meat.

"Does anyone know. . .if there is a coll. . .egiate here?. . .I am in need. . .of some instruction." He spoke between mouthfuls.
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Kahlan stepped out into the sun, reflecting on Augustine's words. It was very different from the way she did business; her method often involved payment in advance. The main reason was that her clients were occasionally the kind of people that would pay for her services by trying to kill her. Not that she was particularly selfless herself; she had asked about payment because appearing generous was always a good idea. She felt no inclination to actually make a donation.

Xan had gone ahead. She wasn't sure where he was planning to go, so she set off towards Tybalt's shop. Maybe she'd run into him en route.
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Lady Cyven turned to Oan and Emily.

"I hear you will be travelling north, with the rest of your company?"

"Yes. We are trying to secure passage on airship, rather than travel through the Gap, on foot, during the Turn."

"The Gap is not so treacherous during the Turn, but, if what you say about Morrde's servants is true, they will not be slowed by anything if they wish to attack us in force."

"Yet you still wish to fight Darrow?"

"Leah Saw it. she has never been wrong."

"Lady Cyven," Emily spoke quietly, respectfully. "What if what we See only comes true because we believe it must?"

Lady Cyven stopped dead. It was not something she had considered, not something she had even thought about in a very long time. It was an established fact that Seers were almost infallible. Everyone believed what they had to say. There were, of course, times when things happened differently—Seeing was an art, not a science—but things very rarely changed in significant ways. Emily was still talking.

"What if what you See, you wan't not to happen. You want it not to happen with every fibre of your being?"

"It still happens. Most times."

"But what if the Seer doesn't want it to happen?"

"This is about you, isn't it?" Lady Cyven was never fooled. Not for long.

"My friends… me… Three times now, I have seen my sister's daemons kill them. Then they… I feel the pain of their blades, the horror of knowing I'm going to die."

Oan looked sharply at Emily. this was not something she had brought up before. All she had told him about was that she was having terrible dreams.

"Is the vision the same each time?" Lady Cyven asked.

"No. Each time we have gained a friend, or lost a comrade, it changed. It got worse."

"And you're sure you See, their not just nightmares?"

"Very sure, Lady Cyven. I feel their blades. I can feel them part my flesh, the darkness they spread inside me. The touch of death they all carry. I feel everything. The cold snow, blood pouring from my side. The horror of seeing my friends ripped apart by daemons. The terror of knowing that I am dead. That I'm dead, and my body does not yet feel it—"

Emily staggered sideways, leaning against a wall for support.

"I feel them take my head. I gasp for air. I know nothing but terror until my mind stops."

Emily was breathing heavily, reliving the tortured dreams.

"I don't always wake up. Sometimes I See my body, headless, my sightless eyes staring at the sky as a tide of daemons marches past, uncaring of the bodies in the snow," Emily's fear was readily apparent. "I'm scared."

"It's normal to fear death," Lady Cyven said as Oan embraced Emily as warmly as he could. "If you didn't, I would be concerned. But you should know Seers always See their own deaths. Normally it is among their first visions. some it calms them, to know when and where they are fated to die. Others fight tooth and nail against it. Only the Fateweavers have had any success."

"Fateweavers?" Oan and Emily asked in unison.

"Chosen Summoner-Seers. They can do things with the skeins that no other mage can. They are perhaps the most powerful mages in all of Firma. They are also very few in number, only a handful living in all the kingdoms combined."

"I take it here are none here in Cyven?" Oan asked.

"No, but one may still reside in Hygar. If you can find a man by the name of Aerys Reithon, he will know where the Fateweaver now resides."

"Could you help us get there?"

"Would that I could, young Ranger. But I trust that if you find him you will find captain  Harbatkin to be a very openly mercenary man when it comes to gold and favours."

"Thank you for your time and consideration," Oan bowed as he left, Emily performing a small curtsey.
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"Well, we've done what we can to help here" Oan said as they walked away. Emily still looked shaken from recounting her dreams to Lady Cyven so he wrapped his arms around her and held her for a moment. "Come on" he said "We'll go get you a pick-me-up."

They didn't talk much as Oan led Emily to a quiet bar he'd found on one of his wanderings through the city. It was a small place, more suited to private conversation than the bar the group usually frequented.

Oan ordered and paid for the drinks then sat talking idly about anything that came to mind, noticing that Emily was barely hearing him. He kept talking though, it would help calm her down and he knew there was no sense asking the questions he wanted to until she decided she was ready to talk.
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Tybalt looked the hulk of the mage across the shop from him as he worked before speaking up, "I wish you had told me what you wanted to do with those, I would of let you use some of the failed runic blades I have here. You have probably infused some of those blanks with essence while you practiced."
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"Taken care of runesmith. Never leave magick lying around where a mundane might find it. Unless it would be highly amusing to do so of course. . ."
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"Wasn't a nonmagick user finding it I was worried about.l
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"You. . .what? What were you worried about finding it?"

Kraytor stared at the smith, waiting for him to finish is sentence while he finished his meal.
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"Probably a mage finding out about it," Kahlan said as she entered the room. "They might complain about being sold tainted blades. Zothern is in capable hands, but he won't return to the land of the living anytime soon. We're going to have to leave him here."
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"I was worried about what would happen if Mister Serria or myself trying enchanting a blade that may have unknown qualities. You may have accidently enmeshed it."
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Alexander walked in, some way behind Kahlan. Realising he had no idea what was going on, especially at "enmeshed", he sat down to one side with Fred out (who had flipped personality on the way back) and started listening.
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Tybalt inspected his work before placing it where it belonged before walking over to the bread and meat, making himself a sandwich. "I'm going to go find our good dwarf and the see if my rifle is ready to be picked up."
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"We need to gather the party and make our way to the airship we have waiting for us. We have lingered here long enough I think."
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"Which is why I'm finding Atlas and picking up my Rifle. Though if we waited an extra I could do some Runic inscribtion for those who want it. I know there was a Rune Oan wanted on his swird I couldn't do in Darrow."
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Oan's "Calming" (
Emily's Agitation (

Emily listened to Oan talk without hearing nearly a thing he was saying. She just didn't want to live those nightmares again. It was bad enough telling lady Cyven about them. Every word, every syllable had dredged up a terrible instant from each of the dreams, or visions, or whatever they were. And if she had Seen them, she desperately did not want them to be true. But, and it was a big but, she also didn't want to bear those dreams alone anymore. Oan had proved himself more than trustworthy after all.

"I don't want to talk about it," Emily said softly, Oan stopping himself mid-sentence. "But I have to. It's eating me up inside keeping it to myself."

"You don't have to say anything, Emily."

"I know. Thank you for understanding, Oan. You're a good man. Better than most in these parts."

Oan just smiled, letting Emily start telling the story in her own time.

"It's always snowing. In the dreams, I mean. Always. I'm not sure it's the Great Fall, but something tells me it is. Or perhaps it's late in the Turn. The time is always strange, lighter than twilight, but darker than noon, and no sun to be seen. I don't even know if that's possible—is it possible?"

"Maybe…" Oan let his answer trail off, remembering an old legend. "Maybe if the realm of shadows can be accessed by mortals. There was a legend, once, about a warrior who slew all the daemons in order to free the maiden of the keep. No, not the keep, the Tower."

"What tower?"

"I have no idea. The legend is very old, even the best stonework is unlikely to survive intact for that long."

"I wonder what it was like… anyway, if such a place exists, Kate is there. She controls the daemons somehow. She made them attack you—kill you. She has them attack me, cripple me so I have to watch as you die. There's so many. So much blood. Pieces of flesh and—I don't want to remember. Then they come for me. I can feel them bite me, rip into my flesh. I feel them tear my body apart. I remember the pain. The terror. I'm there, body and soul. And I know I'm dead. That I'm going to die violently and… and…"

Emily started sobbing. "It's too much Oan. Too much. I don't want to see these things."

Oan moved around the table and knelt beside Emily, hugging her awkwardly around the chair.

"It's okay. We can keep you safe."

"It's—it's not me. I'm worried about the others," there was a long pause. Emily sniffed a bit. "I'm worried about you. She kills you first."

"We're harder to kill than you think. You should know that."

"These daemons… they're not like the beasts we've seen. They're something else. Something smart. Savage. Alive."

"Then the solution is simple," Oan hugged Emily again. "We kill them first."
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Oan's mind was racing as he comforted Emily. Smart daemons did not bode well, especially in large numbers. Nemesis and the dragon had been bad enough. They were going to need more firepower, and probably reinforcements. What he suspected about the Principal Daemons being a reality since the Nemesis fight was now all but confirmed. What he didn't understand was why such powerful beings would take orders from a mortal, or how a mortal could bend them to her will. Still, they had time to figure that out.

"Come on" he said, as he drained his glass. "It's time the others knew where we are and what we've managed to achieve."
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"I think I'll wait here. I'd only get lost if I tried to help find the others. Anyone up for a sparring match to pass the time?" Kahlan couldn't help but feel that her previous contributions in there fights had been... lacking. When she was healing people under pressure she seemed to do fine, but she really needed more practice at actual fighting.
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"Very well healer. I shall spar with you. This city is dulling my senses every moment, some distraction would be welcome."
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Kahlan's Mysticism (
Kahlan's Deflection (1) (
Kahlan's Deflection (2) (
Kahlan's Deflection (3) (
Kahlan's Deflection (4) (

Kraytor and Kahlan faced each other across the small courtyard behind Tybalt's shop. It was barely more than five paces across. Tight, but good practice for fighting in caves or narrow alleys. Kraytor had adopted a loose stance, appearing limp, but ready with explosive energy. Kahlan had adopted a knife-fighter's crouch, presenting the smallest possible target. Kraytor lunged, looking to strike a high blow before dropping his hand low, Essence swirling around his wrist.

Kahlan was already on him, one hand around his wrist, channeling the skeins away into the air before he could cast anything. The massive shaman wrenched his arm around, sending the young magess staggering back, red hair flying. She tripped, stumbled, and rolled to her feet six inches from the wall. Kraytor's mageblast chipped the flagstones where she had been a moment ago. Slipping a dulled blade from her blouse, Kahlan went on the attack, launching herself straight at Kraytor. The massive shaman wasn't expecting such a direct attack from someone less than half his size.

The shock of the sudden attack more than any force behind it threw him backwards as he grabbed Kahlan's wrist, disarming her with a savage twist. She screamed as she hit the fence, cradling her wrist. Kraytor looked at his hands, at the flash of memory. He had nearly broken her wrist—without meaning to. Without even putting in that much strength. The healer glared at him.

"Sorry. I'm not used to sparring. When I fight, it's usually to hurt people."

"I hadn't noticed," Kahlan spat back sarcastically, gently weaving the skeins through her wrist, massaging it with her other hand. "Control yourself better, shaman."

Kahlan had dropped into a crouch again, this time holding a pair of dulled blades. Kraytor attacked first, not seeming to move from where he stood. Skeins of Essence spiralled around, and suddenly he had slammed into Kahlan full tilt, knocking her off her feet. She rolled awkwardly into the fence, barely getting out of the way as Kraytor came crashing across the courtyard, slamming into the fence and making the timbers creak.

Kraytor spun sideways, flinging mageblasts from each hand as he did so. Kahlan moved instinctively, rolling aside and deflecting one of the blasts with her blades. She looked at her blades in astonishment. Kraytor used that momentary pause to rush her while she was down. The young magess rolled forwards, towards the massive shaman, and planted a foot in his chest, using him like a springboard to vault even higher. Kraytor held on determinedly, turning her vault into a throw that would slam her into the flagstones.

Kahlan shifted her weight in, changing her arc. She landed hard on her back, but managed to keep rolling, letting go of the massive shaman at the last instant. With a thundering crash, Kraytor smashed through the damaged section of fence, splinters flying everywhere. They heard someone swearing from inside the shop.

"How did you do that?" Kraytor asked, dusting himself off, seemingly no worse for wear having smashed through a wooden fence.

"The throw?" Kahlan answered. "It's about angles, and movement. Get them right, you can move anything."

"No, how did you deflect that mageblast?"

"I don't really know. I think it was how I moved the daggers."

"It was more than that, young healer. The skeins moved around you when it happened."

"I only know the one canticle, Kraytor. I don't know anything beyond the healing arts—when it comes to doing magick, that is."

"Perhaps…" Kraytor trailed off, thoughtful. "Perhaps there is more to the canticle of healing than you think. Perhaps it is the canticle of protection?"

"How many generations have known only how to heal under Shaya's patronage?"

"Many. Most, I think. Those I have spoken with," Kahlan looked at the shaman oddly when he said that. "What, did you think I spent every waking moment walking in nature?"

"Well, honestly… yes."

"It is my greatest desire, true. But there are times I needed more than my shamanistic skills could offer, times when—times when animal blood was not quite enough."

"O-kay. Well, how do we even know what I did was part of either of Shaya's canticles?"

"I don't know, young healer. Perhaps a priest of some kind could tell you?"

"Perhaps," Kahlan trailed off suggestively. "Or perhaps we could test out ourselves. It doesn't matter where it comes from, only what it can do."

"Very practical."

"Go. Throw some magick at me."

Kraytor whirled, throwing a pair of mageblasts at Kahlan. The magess tried flicking the first aside with her left blade, feeling nothing happen. The second blast hit her in the chest, throwing her into the fence and making her scar ache. She stumbled to her feet, taking her stance again.

"Again," she commanded.

The massive shaman stood firm, throwing another pair of mageblasts at the magess. She managed to catch the first with outside of her blade, feeling an odd sensation as the skeins whipped around her arm. The mageblast splintered the fence behind her. The second mageblast caught the point of her right blade, a skein piercing right through it as she struck. The explosion knocked her flat on her back.


Kraytor threw a single, stronger mageblast this time, drawing on more chaotic energy. Kahlan drew her blades back, dancing around the formless void that was the mageblast. One blade caught the mageblast, and a flick of her wrist caused the skeins to wrap around it, sending the mageblast spiralling into the sky. Okay, she told herself. Focus. You need to focus. Get it right.

"Again. Everything you've got."

As Kraytor drew the skeins in around himself, Kahlan slowed her breathing, drawing everything in to a single, perfect instant. She knew she would only have one shot at this. The massive shaman whirled his hands around each other, creating the mageblast in seemingly slow-motion. Kahlan drew another breath, calling the skeins nearby to surround her blades, her hands and arms. Calling the skeins to protect her from harm.

Everything seemed to slow as Kraytor launched the mageblast. Kahlan stepped forwards, placing her weight on her front foot. Then she stabbed both blades into the void of the mageblast. With a crack of thunder the mageblast detonated, cracking Tybalt's windows and splintering the fence. Dust swirled around the courtyard. Kraytor blinked, flat on his back.

Kahlan breathed out slowly, suddenly noticing how hot her blades were, dropping them.

"What kind of magick is that?" Kraytor asked.

"I don't know," Kahlan replied, voice low. "I think maybe we should fix Tybalt's fence."

"He must have hammers somewhere."
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"Sounds like someone was having some fun" Oan observed as he and Emily entered Tybalt's workshop.

He was about to provide a brief outline of their conversations with Lady Cyven to Tybalt and Xan when he noticed the newcomer sitting at the table with Rehd. "And who is this?" he asked.
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"Tybalt, do you have any hammers? I discovered I can deflect magic and I kinda broke your fence."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on July 19, 2013, 02:46:36 pm
Kraytor was impressed by the young healers adaptation to her new ability. That last attack had been as powerful as he had dared without risking her death, or going further into dark energies which were a different animal altogether. "Everything he had" might well have leveled the workshop, and he suspected that deflecting that wasn't going to happen.

"You go and eat something, drink and recover your energies learning a new way to bend the skeins to your will can drain you in ways you may not expect. I will deal with the fence."

He began to pick up some of the planks that had comprised the fence that we still in one piece and stacked them up. Nails would be useful here. A quick examination revealed a small pot of them that would serve well enough.

The shaman was somewhat unsure as to how you actually built a fence, but the example around him seemed simple enough to follow. Guiding magick round his hands he forced the nails through the wood with his thumb and ended up with a few planks in what seemed to be the right place. Good enough so far it seemed.

Half an hour later there was a sturdy, if untidy section of fence where the hole had been. Kraytor felt mildly proud of himself. He was now officially "handy".
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Kahlan was more than happy to let Kraytor fix the fence since she knew nothing about carpentry herself, although she felt she could probably do it; it couldn't be harder than mending a person, could it? Come to think of it, could healing magick be used to fix fences? They used to be living trees after all. She dismissed the thought. She'd already learnt one useful new skill today, learning another of questionable value could wait.

Kraytor's first thought had been that she had discovered some new aspect of the healing canticle, but she was doubtful. It seemed more like mysticism to her, manipulating the skeins to move in a different direction. That said, when she stabbed the mageblasts and made them explode they weren't being redirected, yet she was unharmed (at least on her final attempt). Had she truly been protecting herself with healing? No, still mysticism. When she deflected them properly they when in a specific direction, when she stabbed them the were simply deflected in any direction except hers.

But how could she do this? She had been taught that one could only bind canticles from adjacent schools, which meant Deaze shouldn't be compatible with Shaya. As she though on it though, mysticism seemed unusual compared to other canticles. While other canticles manipulated the skeins to achieve some goal, in mysticism manipulation of the skeins was the goal. In fact the more she thought on it the more convinced she became; mysticism wasn't really a canticle. In order to use magick at all, one had to have at least some skill in mysticism.

Maybe she should look into this more at some point, but for now, she was happy to be able to deflect mageblasts. It would be useful.
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"You broke more then my fence young healer." Tybalt quips as he points at a window before looking at the hulk of a mage, "And you are proving to be an expensive house guest. I know Shamans aren't known for their manners or civility but I would of thought you understood it's generally considered rude to damage the property of those supplying hospitality."
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Kahlan glanced guiltily at the window, before seeing the perfect way out. "It was Kraytor's mageblast, blame him" she said innocently, before putting her amulet to good use by sprinting out of the room.
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"Accidents happen runesmith. The window can be repaired, and you now have a companion who may be able to stop a bolt of magick taking your head from your shoulders. A worthwhile trade off no? Still, in the interests of not making the rest of the party homeless, here. . ."

Kraytor fumbled inside his coat and pulled out a small bag, from which he extracted a small uncut ruby the size of the end of a mans finger.

"This should cover the cost of repairs. It is worth nothing to me other than to appreciate as a good specimen."
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Tybalt's Searching (1) (
Tybalt's Searching (2) (
Tybalt's Searching (3) (

Walking the streets of Cyven, Tybalt was not having a good time. Marcus, wherever he was, was proving almost impossible to find. Atlas was a similar story, although reports had him cursing manling craftsmanship at the armoury for some time before lunch. It was, of course, well past lunch, so Tybalt had no idea where either of his companions had wound up. In trouble seemed to be the most likely answer for Atlas, the dwarf being on the edge of it anyways. Marcus, well, he wasn't so sure about him. Possibly training, or possibly… possibly at a shrine.

It took Tybalt nearly two hours of wandering the city to eventually find the massive warrior. It was at the shrine of Rai-Tane. Marcus knelt before the altar, hammer against the ground, resting his hand on the haft. The image of Rai-Tane ascendant stood before him, carved of onyx and set with firestones. Tybalt could see at once that everything was wrong about the shape, the form of the statue. He had seen an avatar of Rai-Tane, after all, a physical manifestation of a god. This stonework had none of that majesty.

"Marcus?" the runesmith called softly.

The massive warrior didn't answer.



"Yes. Everyone's gathering back at the shop. We've gained passage on an airship over the Blackfang range."



"I saw him. Here."


"Ja'nus. He was standing outside. I know it's impossible. He invited me in, showed me the statue."

"Maybe his spirit still walks the earth."

"Maybe. Or maybe Rai-Tane isn't finished with us."

There was a soft scraping noise behind them. Tybalt whirled, but nothing was there. He looked at the statue again. The right eye was missing.

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"Well, we've done what we can to help here I think. Unless Tybalt can provide that rune of Banishment while we're here. I have a feeling it'll be needed as we head North" Oan announced as he entered the workshop with Emily.

"And who is this?" he enquired as he spotted the newcomer sat with Rehd.
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"Any news, James?" Tybalt asked as he strode into the gunsmith's. Marcus had headed straight for Tybalt's shop.

"Nothing new. Although I hear the King's Guard has mustered half their strength to defend the Gap this Turn."

"They're moving early this year."

"Lady Cyven is taking your friend's reports rather seriously. Although I believe this has been in the offing for a while Tybalt."

"I guess it must have been. It takes more than a few days to muster five hundred men for a siege. And to business, you have my rifle ready?"

"I do. Have you got stocks of daemonbane bullets?"

"Not many, and I'll need those myself," Tybalt held out a hand to stall the inevitable protest. "You know my apprentice, young master Sierra?"

"I know of him, yes?"

"He has been studying the daemonbane rune ever since we first got the reports from the north. I feel he is now skilled enough to forge it on such small items that he should be able to meet your needs within a few weeks—quality will count for more than quantity, should the daemons show themselves here again. And make sure the King's Guard get their normal share."

James handed the rifle over. "Okay Tybalt. I trust your apprentice is up to the task before him. I reckon he'll be run ragged before a week."

"He's stronger than he looks."

"Oh, I'm sure. But your shop has always been rather busy."

"Which is why I'm scaling back business while I'm away. Rent is covered, of course, but there won't be much going on there that isn't focused on killing daemons or protecting against them."

"Well, I wish you luck Tybalt, and I hope to see you before a year."

"Thank you James. I hope to be back before a year as well. Stay well."

James nodded his thanks as Tybalt left the store, rifle cradled in one arm.

"Where are my manners," the man at the table apologized to Oan. "I am Thomas Wyatt, inventor extraordinaire."

"Also in extraordinary trouble," Rehd growled warningly.

"Oan Fencer," Oan extended his hand, and Thomas shook it warmly.

"So, we're going to Hygar?"

"Soon. The airship won't leave for a day or so, has to have its wares unloaded, then Cyven's goods go on, along with gold for trade and taxes. And fuel."

Marcus chose that moment to enter the shop.

"Fuel for an airship?"

"Hello Marcus. Yes, as I was telling Thomas, airships need fuel. Like the oil from the pumping station where we fought the cryomancer."

"Cyven has enough stockpiled?" Marcus asked. "That place blew up rather suddenly."

"It was only one of three. Four, if the lake project went ahead since I was last here."

"The lake project has had nothing but problems since the start," Thomas put in. "Made a lot of people angry with me. But they don't understand geology."

"Geo-what now?"

"Rock science. We can't get mages down there to break through it—and that risks a gas explosion anyway—so they turned to me, inventor and engineer. Of course, I've always had to make do with little money, and that means things often break down. I saw the university's budget once. Saw how much I was supposed to be getting. I asked questions—"

"Of course you did," Rehd interrupted darkly. "You always do. I warned you long about that habit."

"You did, master Rehd, you did."

"And you were foolish enough not to listen."

"I was. All I know is that a lot of highly placed people are involved, including Robert Cyven, and Baron Sarif—the head of the university's science department."

"If we had more time," Oan said. "We might investigate it ourselves. As it is, I have some friends that might find this information very interesting."

Atlas slammed his tankard down on the table to emphasize his point.

"And then, with one bite, Nagrim's leg was clean off."

"When was this?"

"Quiet laddie, I'm tellin' a story here. Anyway, we saw the look in the bonewyrm's eye. We was delicious. O' course the rest o' us took umbrage t' that. Ain't nothin' eats a dwarf wi'out biting off more'n it can chew. So I drew me pistol—see, this one 'ere—took aim, and BLAM!"

"You killed it?"

"The hell I did. Took out th' monster's eye at least. Then the damn great beastie turns around, starts eyein' me up like Nagrim's leg was just some fancy whore-derve or somethin'. What you eat like a snack before a big feast. Anyway, this giant, gods-ugly bonewyrm is coming straight for me, and I says to myself 'I ain't gonna be some stinkin' monster's dinner'. So I let go me pistol, and swung Markazal before me. I was a warden, see, and all our hammers had names. All of 'em, passed down from the first wardens for their deeds of heroism.

"I saw somthin' glimmer in that beastie's good eye. It knew Markazal somehow. Dunno how, but it did. Made it angry. And afraid. So I ran straight for the ugly beast. It didn't flinch, just opened its great gaping jaws. I smashed its face in with that hammer. Chips of bone everywhere. Damn thing's are covered in it like armour. Tried biting my arm off it did—" Atlas showed the patrons the scars—"o' course, it didn't work quite so well. I was wearing armour. Proper dwarven armour. Harder than steel, light as leather. Monster's teeth tore straight through it. Y'can be sure we had words to th' smiths guild about that."

"What next. How'd you kill it?"

"Honestly, and it shames me to say this, but I didn't. Beastie threw me against the roof, and tossed me aside like a doll. Went straight back for Nagrim. An' that was its downfall. Everyone else was around him. Six other wardens. Dwarven hammers ready. I ain't ever seen anythin' mashed so flat before or since. Made us some excellent bonemeal though, that did. Wasn't a warden much longer after that, served me time, and moved to one of the warrior companies. Good work, good pay. Not too much strife these days, but when I heard about those daemons… well, a dwarf is always spoilin' for a good fight, so I thought to meself, why not?"

Atlas looked around the tavern. He'd drunk everyone else under the table for now.

"Ah well, best be headin' back then. Here y'go laddie, tha' should pay for all them drinks."

[spoiler=Health—DM's Reminder]
Kraytor: 15/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP [Fractured Jaw — Healing]
Marcus: 11/21 HP [Armour Damaged]
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 9/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Tired, Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Zothern: 4/15 HP [Disarmed, Right Forearm Shattered, Comatose]
Emily: 15/15 HP
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"Inventor you say? Fascinating. However where we're going there's not exactly much place for tinkerers. Every member of our party has bought their way in by having some kind of skill which will aid us in killing the daemons. Either martial prowess, magical ability, tracking, smithing, etc. On a journey such as ours we can seldom afford the luxury of passengers. So tell me Mr Wyatt, how exactly do you propose to earn your place in our little group?"
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"A man with the mind to invent has an intricate knowledge of mechanisms. He may be able to repair, or even improve any gear we may have. The runesmiths rifle could be improved could it not? He could make superior arrows for your vaunted bow and should we run into any devices we do not know about, he can discern what they are for, and maybe how to use the for our advantage."

Kraytor also had uses for the man, not least of which was using him to dismantle any devices like the one Lady Cyven had in the tower.
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Kahlan had re-entered the room shortly after Tybalt left. She motioned for Marcus to take a seat next to her before throwing in her own opinion. "Besides, if something goes wrong with our airship during the voyage I imagine having someone that could help repair the thing would be useful."
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"Yes, thank you for that you two." Oan commented, "I'm quite capable of seeing of the obvious benefits, I was trying to see if our new friend is capable of thinking on his feet and coming up with answers, which is why I directed the question towards him. Ah well, guess he'll just have to go through trial by fire and earn his place the way most of us have."
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"We need someone who does what they are told, we do not have space for skilled individuals who do not know their place in this party. He has been given a role. I am sure he would not wish to let us, or Rehd, down by failing in that regard."
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"Doing as he's told is all well and good Kraytor, but he needs to be able to think of something useful, and smart, to do when we're not not able to instruct him." Oan replied. "I've known inventors before who, while absolute geniuses in their own fields, couldn't find their arse with both hands in almost any situation that didn't involve inventions and tinkering. Hence my question."
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"So keep him focused on his field and there can be no issues. Keep him locked up when we don't need him, or keep Rehd watching over him. I am sure no harm will come to him then." The shaman threw a smirk at Rehd at that.
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"This is kinda my point Kraytor" Oan replied. "We can't afford to keep someone with him at all times, we can't restrain him or lock him up. We need to be sure he can be relied upon to think for himself and come to sensible solutions if nothing else. For now though, someone see what he can do in a fight. I'm going to take a look at some more detailed maps and get an idea of the lay of the land." With that Oan headed upstairs to see what he could find out.

"And no going easy on him!" came the shout from the top of the stairs a few seconds later.
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"So Thomas, fancy going against Marcus here?" Kahlan said innocently, gesturing towards the soldier. She smirked as Thomas' face turned pale.
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"I would volenteer, however I feel that Tybalt may desire his property to remain intact."

He turned to the young man.

"I stand by what I said, I feel that you are a liability, but a liability we can use. The ranger is right though, what CAN you do for us outside of whatever reason Rehd brought you here?"
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Tybalt entered his shop and saw the man Rehd had bought to his shop looking rather pale. Mister Seria was shooting nervous looks at both of the red mages. "What have I missed?", he asked as he stored his rifle in a case.
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Upstairs Oan had made a point of choosing a room which looked over the back yard. He'd decided he'd look over the maps, then watch the sparring to see for himself what their newcomer was capable of, and then look over the maps some more. He needed to know the lay of the land and he had seldom travelled the route to Hygar. He took notes of landmarks and distances, worked out how long it should take them to travel in various scenarios and was just making notes of where sources of water could be found when he heard the group pour out into the back yard.
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With no one else volunteering, Xan stood up. "Ah, what the hell. Come on, Thomas, let's see what you can do." With that, he proceeded to the courtyard, picking up a training knife on his way.
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"The engineer versus the healer? This I have to see. You know you can't shoot him right?"

Kraytor followed out into the courtyard, noting with pride that his repairs had stood up to a solid 20 minutes of nothing more than a light breeze happening to it without collapsing.
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As Oan began to chart a route through The Gap, he saw Xan take up a fighting stance next to Thomas. Xan struck out first with a practice dagger, a short, thrusting stab. Thomas managed to deflect the blow with the back of his blade before stepping back out of striking range. The inventor suddenly lunged forward, leading with his blade and swinging wildly. Xan caught the dagger's blade with his own and neatly tripped the other man on the flagstones of the courtyard.

Something was said that Oan didn't quite catch, then everyone laughed, waiting for the pair to resume sparring. Xan attacked first, the summoner stepping forwards and feinting to the right. Thomas didn't manage to deflect the blow, but he was able to dart sideways, out of line with the attack. The inventor surged forwards, finding his blade suddenly locked with that of his opponent. Thomas threw a hard punch, knocking the summoner back. Xan swept his foot across the inventor's legs, both men staggering back and regaining their balance, several paces apart.

Thomas swept in again, trying for an upwards stab with his blade. Xan deflected it easily, but wasn't fast enough to flick his own blade around for a counter strike. Instead, the summoner let Thomas past, then whirled, blade stabbing down. Thomas was faster than anyone had expected, his hand slapping the summoner's wrist, pushing the strike out of line with his body. The summoner moved slightly with the blow, but Thomas's blade still managed to scrape down the side of his shirt.

Oan smiled. Perhaps Thomas could be of some use in combat after all. It would not have been a terrible loss if he were not—provided he stayed away from the fighting—as Oan was sure he had other skills that could prove useful. Mechanical skills, engineering skills. He might even have been able to manufacture traps and snares to set up around camp. Oan looked at the map again. The Gap was several leagues away, cutting through the the Blackfang range just east of centre. It also carved clean through the Drakentuum forest, following the great river Dhãra.

It's an airship, Oan remembered. Why would the captain not just fly in a straight line between the cities? Thinking the problem over while watching the clash of blades below, Oan could think of no reason for the airship to not travel in a straight line.

Below, in the courtyard, Thomas had just scored another point, knocking Xan to the ground. Marcus stepped forward.

"Mages don't normally fight very well," Taking two practice swords from a rack near the window, the massive warrior handed one to Thomas. "Let's see if you can score any points from a real warrior."

Thomas lunged forwards, swinging the sword in a wide arc. Marcus stepped back, letting the inventor's blade slide off his own. The massive warrior stepped in, wrapping an arm around Thomas's sword. The inventor's inexperience worked against him, stubbornly hanging onto the sword as he stumbled forward, crashing heavily into Marcus. The massive warrior barely seemed to notice the impact. Failing to free his sword from the warrior's grasp, Thomas let it be, pulling the practice dagger from his belt. Marcus laughed.

"Good. Always have a second weapon," and with that the massive warrior flourished both swords.

Thomas tried to duck in close, inside the massive warrior's reach. It seemed as though such a place did not exist, both swords instantly blocking his path. Marcus kicked the inventor in the chest—just hard enough to drive him back and create some room. Thomas staggered, rolled closer and tried for an upward stab towards Marcus's armpit. He felt one blade connect with his arm and the other with his dagger before he could even begin his attack.

"A fine attempt," Marcus gently threw the sword back to Thomas.

Both men took up their stances. Marcus stood, shifted his weight slightly. Thomas attacked swiftly, bringing his sword around in a great arc, aiming for the massive warrior's shoulder. Marcus's blade skittered down the length of the inventor's sword with astonishing speed, the massive warrior following it with surprising agility. The blade stopped an inch from the inventor's neck, the massive warrior leaning forwards just slightly, having followed his blade through the blow.

"When you attack, Thomas, do not make it so obvious. If your attacks are obvious, they are easy to counter. If they are slow, they leave you open. If they are weak, you will not defeat your opponent's strength. Again."

They took up position again. This time Marcus attacked first, a short, sharp slash rising from the ground towards the inventor's legs. Thomas managed to block just in time, the sword jarred in his hand as the massive warrior's blade clashed against his own. Thomas turned his blade, tried a rising slash aimed at Marcus's exposed left arm. The massive warrior knocked the blade aside with his bracer then placed the point of his sword against the inventor's chest. Thomas sagged, utterly defeated.

"I guess I'm not a very good fighter."

"No," Marcus was honest, but his voice was softer than usual. "But you are capable of defending yourself."

[spoiler=Health—DM's Reminder]
Kraytor: 15/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP [Fractured Jaw — Mostly Healed]
Marcus: 11/21 HP [Armour Damaged]
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 9/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Zothern: 5/15 HP [Right Forearm Shattered, Comatose]
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP
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Kahlan watched had watched the fights in amusement. Thomas seemed competent enough and could probably make himself useful in other ways. To be honest, she had spent most of the second duel watching Marcus rather than their new ally. She was studying his style so that she would beat him next time they had a sparring match.

A slight smile found it's way on to her face as she eyed the muscle-bound warrior. Competitiveness might not have been the only reason she was watching him so closely...

Her eyes narrowed. Years of experience kicked in and she grabbed him by the arm, leading him to one side. "You're still hurt," she whispered irritatedly. "You should have come to me sooner." Closing her eyes, Kahlan began trying to heal the warrior.
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Healing cast: 1d20=15, 1d20=13 (
Healing amount (2d8 take highest): 2d8.takeHighest(1)=7 (

Seeing Khalan healing Marcus brought Xan's own injuries to mind; he worked the skeins around himself, successfully rebuilding the damaged parts of his body. Having finished, and noting he still had a degree of control over the skeins, he wondered whether he'd be able to spend the remaining control healing Marcus...
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1d20=1, 1d20=20 (

Kahlan was getting annoyed. Her control over the magick showed her everything wrong with Marcus' body, down to the smallest flaw. Despite this, the skeins refused to respond. She could see everything, but do nothing about it. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down and tried again.

1d20=12, 1d20=9 (
1d6=3 (

The skeins finally started obeying her, but they still seemed to resist her. She lessened a few bruises and aches, but eventually had to give up in frustation. "That's all I can do for now. I'll try and do more later."
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The inventor was going to be a problem, in a real fight he was likely to be dead in short order. Well, Rehd could look after him if he was so important.

"We should get to the airship and move on. We have a job to do."
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Oan watched the fight from the window. The inventor was quick, but he needed a lot of work. Probably even more than Emily. He had spirit though, in a sparring match at least. He collected the maps he'd been using and headed downstairs, still pondering why the airships couldn't, or wouldn't, take a straight route to Hygar.

He knew that there were some seriously strong winds the higher you went, but there were people who lived that high and rarely came down, even to trade, so if people could withstand it surely something as large and sturdy as an airship would be ok? He made a mental note to ask the Captain later.

"Yes, we can head off now, if nobody has any last minute business to attend to, but morning would be better I believe. Makes things simpler. Tybalt, do you have the time and resources here to craft that rune I mentioned?"
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Atlas shrugged, and grunted. He forgot the specifics, but he had clearly gotten very drunk, and had been asleep this entire time.

He couldn't remember the last thing he did. Must have been some pretty good beer for that to happen, and in an ungodly quantity at that. Or maybe it was drugged?

Nonetheless, he collected himself together. Making sure to look over his equipment. He vaguely remembered a thief in the group. Or did he? He made sure to count his gold, and examine his entire pack. His Axes were in good condition, and his Pistol looked fine. He recalled how ineffective it had been the one time he had used it recently. maybe downgrading to a more reliable twin-barreled revolver, or something, would be a good idea. He'd obviously not part with his firearm. you never know when someone will need some extra bang.
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Xan's Reaction (
Kahlan's Reaction (
Dragon Reaction (

Chapter 7

"I'm sorry about the Runes Oan," Tybalt said. "I've spent the last two days running around the city trying to find the materials to forge even one rune. No one has enough fallen starmetal to forge even the meannest invocation of Eximus. Less than half of the King's Guard have runic weapons as it is. The shortage is critical here, and I have feeling it's going to be even worse in Hygar."

"It will be worse," Oan agreed. "I've heard all the stories about them and magick. The two don't get along well. At least mundane weapons can hurt daemons. I was just hoping to make that hurt a little more permanent."

"Quit your whining, ranger," Rehd's tone was harsh. "The mages we have will have no such problems. In fact, these daemons seem especially vulnerable to magic."

"Magic weapons would still be nice," Kahlan admitted, standing behind Marcus, pointing at his hammer. "Or blessed weapons."

"The strength of that hammer has saved us on many occasions," Oan admitted. "And Tybalt's sword helped fight Nemesis to a standstill."

"Enough talk," Kraytor's voice cut across everyone's chatter. "The airship leaves at noon. We are not yet on it."

"Patience," chided Xan. "We have plenty of time to reach the skydock. Hours, at least."

"Careful Summoner, I would not want us to leave anything important behind."

"That's we all have these packs," Marcus shrugged his shoulders, shifting said pack. "And the furs."

"Weaklings," Kraytor spat.

"You have a fur coat too," Atlas said, challenging the shaman.

"So I can blend in. One man without furs, while all his companions are swaddled?" Kraytor snorted. "I will not be so easily singled out."


As the others talked, Oan pulled Emily aside.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Oan."

"The dreams?"

"They didn't come last night. Or the night before."

"They didn't come every night, did they?"


"Well, we're heading north now. All the snow in your dreams… I guess we'll find out, won't we?"

"I still don't want them to be true."

"None of us wants those things to be true, miss Rose. None of us. We all fight our hardest against impossible odds—and we have won. It has not been easy, it has not been without cost, but we have won. We can win again."

"How can you be so sure?" Emily's whisper was shaky.

"I'm not sure," Oan replied with a cheeky grin. "But I know, deep in my soul, that no one here will give anything less to stop this darkness from spreading. Even if it costs us our lives."

There was a pause.

"Well, the assassin might be more self-serving than the rest of us, but I doubt he could find much work in a world ruled by Morrde himself."

"Can we go now?" Thomas asked sharply. "I really want to see this airship. I haven't been onboard a Hygaran vessel before."

"Is everyone ready?" Oan asked the group, rolling up the map he had been poring over. There was a chorus of assent, while in the back of the shop Tybalt finished donning his armour. "Then I guess we should move on."

The skydock was a veritable madhouse when the group arrived. Men and women scurrying all over the place. Up and down scaffolds, swinging on ropes, climbing frames over the airship. The airship itself was an enormous construct, making even the gigantic hangar seem small. Barely ten yards were left either end of the the airship's lifting skin, and less than fifteen feet on either side of the ship at the skin's widest point. Unlike Cyveni airships, the skin was a long oval, with a pointed nose and stubby tail. The tail's fins were arranged in an 'X' shaped pattern, rather than the Cyveni cruciform. The airships cabin and cargo space was attached to the bottom of the lifting skin. Another difference. In most Cyveni airships the cabin was suspended by heavy cables from the skin.

"Ah, my friends," captain Harbatkin waved the group over. "That's the gondola underneath the airship, where all our passengers stay, and all our cargo is held. Above that, of course, is the lifting skin. Unlike your Cyveni designs of enmeshed fabric with many lift-gas globes inside, ours uses a frame of enmeshed sky-steel with a canvas skin laid over the top. Inside are many many smaller skins, unable to shift around. Thus, like your Cyveni vessels, a tear in the lifting skin will not doom the ship. There are ladders that travel up through the lifting skin, surrounded by impermeable fabric to prevent lift-gas escaping.

"Using these ladders you can reach the very top of the lifting skin. On top of it we have a small promenade deck, open air should you feel you need it. The uppermost and lowermost levels of the gondola are off-limits to passengers—all of our crew and mechanics live and sleep on those decks. The engine room, for safety reasons, is also off-limits unless you have a mechanic for an escort. The same goes for the pilothouse, although once we are on course we will conduct a brief tour through the entire ship for those that are interested.

"Any questions?"

Oan spoke first. "How long before we reach Hygar?"

"Hygar is sixty-five leagues, or nearly two hundred miles away, a hundred leagues if you have to pass through the Gap. We can fly in a mostly straight line. The cruising speed of the Lady Thrace is thirty miles an hour. Thus, it will take us a mere six hours at cruising speed."

"If airships are so fast," Thomas asked. "Why are there so few flights between the cities?"

"Because of loading and unloading times. Because of the need for fuel. Because of the need for maintenance. And mostly, because there are only five airships in the world right now. Two each belong to Hygar and Cyven, with one belonging to Sueni in the east. And it is a much longer flight from Cyven to Sueni than Cyven to Hygar. And Hygar's airships must also make the journey up to Helsreach, a further eight hundred miles. A little over a full day of flying. Then from Helsreach we fly to Cabressi, on the island of Thessaly. Another five hundred miles. Sixteen hours. Then down to Sueni. Six hundred miles. And at each skydock, we must wait at least a day, usually two, before all our cargo is taken off, and the new cargoes loaded. The Lord Hygar travels in the opposite direction, taking the same route—although sometimes they stop in Asrya  or Linkstadt instead of Cabressi."

"So it's the docks that hold up all the airships then?"

"Yes, young man, it's the docks. Until someone can figure out a good way to organize all the cargo coming off and going on from dozens of traders and merchants, the docks will always be the hold up. Any further questions?"

"Is flying fun?" Emily asked.

"Of course it is. You get to travel in luxury, sailing through the clouds. There's barely a rough patch, unlike in a coach, and you travel faster too. Now, all the cargo has been loaded, and the engines are fuelled up. Once everyone is aboard, we can depart."

It was almost two hours after noon. Atop the airship Marcus and Kahlan could see the dark green edge of Drakentuum forest—the dragon's belly—as a sharp line several leagues away. Next to them, Oan was pointing out the peaks of the Blackfang range to Emily. Behind them, unbeknownst to everyone else, Frank, still in the planter Xan held, was calling out his master over his fear of heights. Clouds were gathering over the peaks, but captain Harbatkin had told them the Lady Thrace was built strongly enough to withstand most storms during the early weeks of the Turn. Later in the year, usually some five or six weeks before the Great Fall, all the airships would be moored in hangars, the weather too dangerous and unpredictable to fly. By then, the only way to travel long distance would be the ice barges.

Several dark specks seemed to be moving around the clouds, rising and falling through them, far too regularly to be any kind of weather. Not really interested in watching the ground slide away beneath them, Xan was the first to notice their odd movement.

"What are those?" he asked. "Those specks out in the clouds?"

Oan held the railing tight, leaning forward and squinting, a chill wind whipping his short hair round. He said only a single word, but it was enough to freeze everyone's blood.


Tybalt was in the pilothouse, talking with Harbatkin.

"You mean dragons still live in the Blackfangs?"

"They do. Mostly keep to themselves, but they're very territorial about their airspace. From what we've observed, they only care about one or two caves on the ground—hoards, nests, something else we don't know about—but in the air they'll defend their borders to the death if need be. All of the territories are somehow marked by them, but other dragons have a little leeway when flying around. Scholars from the Academy think that all dragon borders are neutral territory, perhaps a league wide."

"What happens when they stray into that border?"

"If the other dragon is nearby, a show of force. A warning not to go further we think. And if they stray too far, a fight. Vicious bastards. Whoever loses seems to lose a part of their territory as well."

"Do the dragons bother the airships?"

"If they did, nobody would bother building them. We try to stay in the neutral zones as much as possible, and the dragons seem to tolerate that. Sometimes one might come close, investigate this strange flying machine that is quite obviously not a dragon, but aside from a few clumsy nudges as they fly past, nothing. Oh, and they can smell mages. They're always more interested in airships that are carrying mages."

Tybalt gulped audibly.

"How many mages are there in your little group?"

"Kahlan, Kraytor, Rehd, and Xan are mages. Miss Rose has some magickal talent, and I'm a runesmith."

A russet coloured phantom whipped past the windows of the pilothouse.

The dragon hovered imperiously over the airship. Nobody on the observation platform dared even breathe. Massive leathery wings slowly beat the air around them into a gale force wind. Nobody moved. The dragon's eye fixed on Xan. The others dived for cover as massive talons reached down, steadying the dragon on the edge of the metal decking. The airship trembled and began to drift as the rust coloured monster folded its wings. Nobody had brought weapons onto the observation platform. This close they could see the whorls and ridges around individual scale, the interplay of dark leathery skin with russet scales sliding around atop it, almost as if they were two separate layers. Smoke rose from flaring nostrils.

A forked tongue suddenly flicked out, with a deep, sibilant hiss. Xan fell backwards, the tongue nearly touching his face. The dragon snorted a ring of smoke, then turned its serpentine neck. Its head was vulpine in shape, like a cross between a lizard and a wolf, long ears—or what looked like ears—flattened against its skull. The tongue snaked out again, scenting the air around Kahlan. Even as the dragon turned, she knew it wasn't tasting the air. It could taste her magick. Moving as little as possible, she drew the skeins to herself.

The dragon fixed her with one pale green eye, the pupil narrowing to a slit. Kahlan stopped drawing upon the skeins. The dragon cocked its head, almost quizzical. Snorting smoke, the dragon turned to face the wind, spreading its wings with a creak of aged leather. The wind caught under the great beast's wings, and suddenly it was diving faster than their eyes could follow out to the right of the ship.

Kraytor: 16/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Zothern: 8/15 HP [Comatose]
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP
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It took Xan a moment to start forming words, but they started something along the lines of "D... d... d d d d-dragon!"

After a moment to recover from the shock, he muttered "Heights. I'll take heights any day. Much less likely to leap out at you."
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Kahlan broke her silence with a breathy "wow". She attracted some strange looks from the others when they saw the huge grin on her face. "What? He was beautiful" she said defensively.

"He?" one of the others asked. Kahlan went a little red.

"It was hovering right over us. I... checked. Purely out of scientific interest" she added quickly.
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"A rare moment indeed. In all my years I have seen a dragon only twice before. They are attracted to essence. They smell it almost. It is a tough talent to learn, but it has served me well.
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"Dragons" Oan breathed. "Now there's a sight" he muttered, and then instantly dismissed the idea that was half formed in his head. "Keep the magic to a minimum guys, I'm not jumping to stab one in the back of the head at these heights" He commented.
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Atlas climbed onto the viewing deck, seeing his companions pale face seemingly speechless. He strode to their side and said.
"What has you all as pale as fresh snow?" He lit his pipe and smoked, stepping back to allow them room, and so he didn't gag them with tobacco smoke. "I'm gasping for a real drink, and there is no damn pub on this air-bag. Would it kill them to let passengers have a little beer?
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"Knowing how you get when you're drunk, very probably" Oan laughed before heading below decks. He needed to read up on Hygar a bit more. He'd met few Hygarans and hadn't even visited the city since he'd been too young to remember it.
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"Heh, only if they don't have some watered down swill on board." Atlas trudged over to the front railings of the viewing deck, and continued his smoke.
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Kraytor was curious. Dragons were rarely seen. Real ones anyway. This opportunity was too good to pass up. He edged slowly towards the great beast making as few threatening movements as possible. He knew that they could detect the use of magick, but he didn't know about the intent of it. He managed to get about 15 feet closer to the dragon, it's eyes on him the whole time. He sat on the deck slowly and closed his eyes. He allowed his mind to open, to reach out towards the magnificent creature before him, to feel the inside of its mind, to learn more of how dragons lived, and maybe, of their territory up ahead.

This would either work, or kill him. . .
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Draconic Compulsion (
Kraytor's Charm (
Kraytor's Info Gathering (

Askartnavi felt the presence in her mind like an itch. Subtle, annoying. Obviously male… but… not. The great azure dragon sent a splinter of mind searching along the thread that linked the male to her. Human. She sniffed contemptuously. How dare a human try to control a dragon. The human was at least flying. Askartnavi turned, one great beat of leathery wings stirring the air into a maelstrom. The human was on a flying machine. A body filled with gas holding it aloft. It would be too easy.

Kraytor felt the mind of the dragon pressing down against his. Its will was unbreakable as he felt himself being rising, walking towards the edge of the observation platform. In the distance he could see a dragon approaching. A dragon coloured like sapphire laid with lapis and jade. The wings and belly of the dragon shaded to the deep, almost purple-blue of midnight. The others realized a moment too late what was happening, Oan's fingers just brushing the edge of Kraytor's robes as he stepped out into the sky.

Askartnavi saw the human step from the flying machine, arms spread as if wings. The azure dragon smiled, the curve of her lip revealing razor edged fangs. Then she dived, following the human down. If he dared presume himself as powerful as a dragon, she would let him see the folly of his ways by showing him exactly what a dragon could do. Wings tucked in close, Askartnavi screamed down through the sky, lowering one taloned foot as she drew even with the human.

The claws closed around him like a vice, and Kraytor knew he was trapped. Whatever this dragon, it was about to get.

Up on the airship Tybalt had drawn his rifle, aiming at the dragon for what little it might do. Oan had his bow at rest, and placed a hand to lower Tybalt's weapon as well.

"It's no use shooting it. It might drop him. Or attack us instead."

The runesmith nodded.

The dragon swooped past under the airship, arrowing for a nearby cave. Walking a little awkwardly, Askartnavi nosed into the cave, eventually releasing the human. Then she turned her head, one eye focusing on the human, seeing how the skeins swirled around him. The thirst for power, for blood. The ebb and flow of natures' forces, the rippling tides of chaos. A mage. She sniffed the air. Fairly powerful, but misguided as always. As all humans were.

"I am Askartnavikelthraxisvardrakon, borne of Thraxisvardrakoregiskairon and Navikelshadraimo of the sky of Viethessabriea."

Kraytor couldn't help but notice how the dragon stumbled over those last few syllables. He decided it best to reply in kind.

"My name is Kraytor, of the line Faeyon, mages of the west and north."

"Your name is short, human, and carries neither your sire nor mistress. But, I can hear it was chosen by them—how strange humans that they do not carry their names with them."

"Askardnevikalthraksi—" Kraytor began, attempting to address the dragon by her full name.

"Forget it, human. You could not pronounce my true name. You may instead address me as Askar—should you be interesting enough to survive long enough to earn that right."

"What do the great dragons know of the north, of a human controlling daemons?"

"Human problems. For humans to solve. A weakling, distressed by a loss, seeking vengeance on the world."

"Where does she live, where is she sending these attacks from?"

"The north. As you said. I do not fly north. No dragon flies north of the great peak of fire. It is forbidden. That is where his tomb lies."

"Whose tomb?"

"His tomb."


"His, impudent human. You do not know our legends. You do not know him. Know only that you must not touch his tomb. That none must touch the tomb."

"What happens?"

"You die."

Askar's gaze seemed to cut clean through the mage, but she could sense no sign of duplicity, only a hunger for blood, for power, for knowledge of his quest. The great azure dragon shuffled to the side.

"Leave. You will be safe from the others on the ground."

"Others?" Kraytor asked with trepidation.

Askar's tail whipped around to point skywards, towards the airship.

"Oh crap."

Tybalt's rifle was braced against his shoulder, aiming at the eye of the nearest dragon. An ugly brute coloured like volcanic glass with spilt blood on its edges. Oan had his back to Tybalt's, bowstring drawn and aiming at the russet coloured male that had landed on the ship earlier. Xan had his revolver out, aiming at a third dragon. Rehd, somewhat annoyed with number of large, ugly, unruly beasts around the ship, was stirring the skeins around him into an attack towards the dull green monster diving at them from above. Kahlan and Atlas were struggling up the rear ladder to the observation deck as the airship tried to shake the dragons off.

Thomas was in the engine room, somehow having sneaked past the guards. Emily was trying to drag him out without being seen while Marcus was busy distracting said guard. A sharp turn threw everyone into a wall, and that's when they knew they were in serious trouble.
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"Master Fencer, any ideas?" Tybalt asked as he tried to stay on his feet and keeps his aim steady as the ship tried dislodging the dragons.
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"Now what in blazes have we done to upset this lot?!" Atlas yelled at Kahlan. He lifted his blunt axe with his left hand. "I'm never traveling by Airship ever again if I live beyond this!"
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"My guess? Either Rehd or Kraytor did something stupid to piss them off," Kahlan shouted from her place on the ladder. "Maybe if we throw the offender off they'll go away."
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"Well since one of  them took off with Kraytor, I don't think that is a problem. I'm a bit rusty on my Dragon lore, is it possible to talk to the true masters of the sky? I have a feeling that trying to fight our way out if this week end in a very, very long fall."
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"I must return to the airship, to my companions. I am pledged to help them in times of need. Dragons may be solitary creatures, and I, more than many, understand that feeling, but are you not also honest, dignified? I must keep my word to them, please allow me to do so. Their group has already lost much, I have lost my blood, my kin. I will not allow them to loose any more."

"If you doubt my words, then hear my soul and know the truth of it. We need help. Human problems may not concern you, but they will not remain human problems for long. Then you may have no choice but to get involved. Please grant us safe passage through this space, or, if you would be so gracious as to do so, help us reach our destination."
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"If you can calm at least one of those flying lizards, I will buy all your drinks from today until you die!" Atlas yelled at Tybalt.
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"It would help, Master Dwarf, if you did NOT call them 'flying lizards'. Especially if they can understand us."
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Kahlan climbing a ladder (

Kahlan pulled herself up onto the observation deck with some difficulty and quickly took stock of the situation. Atlas and Tybalt were doing there best to screw up all attempts at diplomacy, and the others were readying themselves to attack the four dragons that were on or around the airship. The situation was about to get out of hand. She decided to try something dangerous.

She strode as confidently as she could towards the largest dragon, deliberately interposing herself between it and her ally's weapon. Her hands were spread in a concilliatory gesture, her only compromise to self defence being the skeins she held in readyness. If the dragons could sense her magick, she hoped they could also tell that it was the magic of healing.

"Hear me," she began, injecting as much confidence as she could into her voice. Maybe those lessons in elocution from her childhood would come in handy for once. "I am Kahlan Pleasant, daughter of Galithir, healer of Darrow. You now have me at a disadvantage. We are but guests in the sky, so may I inquire the names of our hosts, oh mighty lords of the wind?"
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In the back of his mind, Atlas retorted "I'm caling them as I see them, nothing more"

Witnessing Kahlan call out to the Dragon, Atlas thought it best to keep an eye on all the others, especially the ones that had landed upon the Airship.
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Hearing Kahlan's plea, Xan retracted his arm, leaving his revolver pointing upwards. Still ready to be brought into play in an instant, but trying to give out some sort of signal, perhaps along the lines of "Yeah, fighting four gigantic, flying, firebreathing dragons, without the ability to fly, seems like a bad idea somehow". Or possibly just "We come in peace, honest".
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Tybalt shouldered his rifle, he didn't think his rifle would be much use against the Dragons, though he was hoping he had a trick up his sleeve if it came to a fight.
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Lowering his bow, Oan eyed the dragons warily. If even one of them bothering an airship was unusual he got the impression that something, or someone, on board wasn't quite right. As Khalan tried to communicate with them Oan cast his gaze about the ship for anything which may be unusual, though he had his suspicions about the cause and it wasn't an item.
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Kahlan's Beseeching (
Kraytor's Request (

The dark green dragon overhead flared its wings as Kahlan spoke, gliding to a halt over the airship before softly touching down in front of her. The dragon's talons rang across the metal decking. Kahlan stood stock still as the dragon lowered its head, an eye larger than her head with a slitted pupil taking her in, assessing her. Slowly, the head drew back, and the dragon began sniffing the young magess, an acrid scent wafting from the beast's nostrils.

"You could not pronounce our true names if we told you, Kahlan, sired of Galithir. We have talked with humans before, we know the sounds they can make. You may address me as Firaxis, of the line of Tiamat."

Atlas only caught the last word, but it was enough to take his breath away. Tiamat was a beast of legend, wings and shadow and flame. It was she that first forced the dwarfs to retreat beneath the ground. The legend claimed that all her wretched children had been slain by Kazun, who had gifted the last spark of her fire to Helzon, to ignite the hearthforge.

Well below, on the rocky slope of the mountains, Askar turned to face Kraytor.

"Dragons owe humans nothing, Kraytor, of the line Faeyon. Your problems will never be ours. Your safety is not my concern, but, know this: If you stray more than half a league further north instead of travelling east, you will be considered trespassers to us all. He who lives to the north is not to be disturbed by anything."

"He… and why?"

"The regent drake. His name cannot be spoken unless you are in his presence. Know well that hates humans for killing his consort, and that he breathes fire hot enough to melt starmetal—as do his children."
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Kraytor was running out of patience. "We have a great fight ahead of us, against men, deamons and maybe the gods themselves. There is nothing we will not face if it is required. Now, please return me to my companions. If you do not, how can I deliver your warning?"
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Atlas growled under his breathe. He knew his was outnumbered and out powered, no matter his companions abilities and secrets. He however could not stop bracing himself into a defencive stance, focus solely on Firaxis.
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So far so good, thought Kahlan. Aloud, she tried to maintain a calm, polite tone. "As you wish, Firaxis. May I ask why we are being honoured by your presence? Also, my companions tell me that one of our number, a mage by the name of Kraytor, has been taken somewhere by one of your kind. Please could you tell me where he has been taken, and why?"
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Kraytor's Demands (
Kahlan's Questioning (
Kraytor's Soothing (
Askar's Response (
Kraytor's Insight (

Kahlan could almost feel the weight behind Firaxs's gaze, as if he was deciding whether it was worth talking to humans at all, given how insignificantly small they seemed to him. Rolling his lips back in a crude imitation of a smile, the dragon spoke, answering the young magess' questions.

"We have gathered here, upon the shifting tides of the Aether, because we sense one among you who disturbs it with their very presence. A darkness grows within them, a darkness they cannot control—" Firaxis spitted Rehd with his gaze "—or perhaps, a darkness they do not wish to control. There is more, of course. Always more when humans meddle with the heavens. We can smell the scent of the marks laid upon two of your friends.


"The runesmith… he reeks of death; a death not yet made, or perhaps, a death which is owed to Morrde. The warrior, inside the ship, with the girl, he is marked by one of the older gods—or goddesses. The blessing he carries is tantalizingly pure. This is of little consequence to us. We are dragons, lords of the sky. Ah, but you claim another took one of your friends."

Firaxis stopped, sniffing the air, his dark purple tongue tasting something not quite there. The massive green beast rose on his hind legs, then flipped backwards over the side of the ship, falling into a steep dive.

"You dare presume to order a dragon around!" Askar was incensed. "You may phrase it as a request, but I can see in your heart what you really mean."

The azure dragon stepped closer to Kraytor—dangerously close. The giant shaman felt his hair stand on end. Smoke wafted from Askar's nostrils. Smoke that was black, acrid, and very warm. The dragon took another step forward, her nose a foot from Kraytor's chest. He could see the whorled and gnarled patterns on her scales from here, the deep, lapis coloured skin beneath them. He also knew, right then, that one false move would spell his doom. The shaman held firm, trying to project an aura of calm.

Askar sniffed at the air around him, easily sensing what he was trying to do. She could also sense why he was doing it. Humans, she sighed internally. Always the same.

"You want to get back to your flying machine so badly?" Askar's voice was full of scorn. "Why not ask them to collect you?"

It was then that Kraytor kicked himself mentally. He friends had seen him taken from the airship. They were not fighting the dragons. He could sense them, wary, but unafraid. They would eventually descend to retreive him, assuming nothing else untoward happened.

Just as that thought finished a dragon much larger than Askar almost landed on top of him. It was a dark, muted green. The colour of the forest in late summer, lit by the dawn.

"Askar," the dragon had a distinctively masculine voice.

"Firaxis," her reply was curt.

"Is the human bothering you?"

"He seems in an awful rush to get back to that flying contraption. I assume you weren't hungry?"

"Those gasbags seem so fragile. One little scratch… but no, not that hungry."

"A pity."

"They had a dwarf with them."

"A dwarf?"

"When was the last time we saw a dwarf in the open at all, let alone near the peaks?"

"Before the snows, two hundred years ago. Kind of gamey."

"Standing right here," Kraytor felt the need to speak.

"Yes, you are," Firaxis took it as a statement of fact. "Askar, please don't eat this one. They were punished enough in their time."

"Then which one can I eat?"

"The humans stopped giving us tribute long ago. Don't test the issue. Go hunt something. You saw what they did to Driskinathallofex—humans are worthy to fight now, do you truly wish to challenge that?"

Askar was silent. Slowly, creaking like old leather, the azure dragon spread her wings and took off, whipping scree across the mountainside.

"Wait there," Firaxis instructed.

The great, green dragon leapt into the wind and was away with a single powerful beat of his wings. After several tense moments the other dragons around the airship broke away and followed him.

The largest dragon, the black monster with bloodied markings was last to turn away. It hissed a single, sibilant word to the adventurers on the observation platform.

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"Did anyone else get the feeling that 'East' was a command, not a request?"
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"I don't think dragons make requests. We should go east, but not before we get Kraytor back. We should land and search for him." Kahlan walked to the ladder and began her descent into the ship, assuming that the others would follow. "By the way, Atlas? I know the offer was made to Tybalt, but I don't care. You owe me free drinks for life."
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Atlas was watching the dragons fly off. He was holding his ancestral anger at bay, but it was mostly internal. He heard what kahlan had said, and made a mental note of it, but didn't move nor speak. He just watched the skies as the Dragons flew away.
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Kraytor wondered how to signal the rest of the party. The airship was growing distant, and he had no way of knowing if they even knew he was alive. Thinking momentarily, he extended a hand towards the airship. The dragons knew intent, they would see this for what it was.

A beam of dark light blazed passed the airship, giving it a wide hearth. There was no power in it, it would have caused no damage even if it had struck. But at least they would know he was alive and roughly were he was. If the could get the ship low enough, he could jump aboard if needs be.
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"Offer?" Tybalt asked as Kahlan disappeared down the ladder well. He was about to follow when he spotted the beam of light. "Well at least we know Kraytor is still alive."
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Xan put his revolver away, and walked to the edge of the platform to watch the dragons fly off. "Beautiful creatures," he said to no one in particular. "But rather like spiders. Fine at a distance but scary up close."
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"Spiders are easier to squash!" Atlas grunted, as he began striding towards the ladder, to return to the inside of the ship. "They also are not ruthless, and can be made to retreat from a fight."
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"Umm..spiders aren't exactly known for fighting, Atlas." Oan replied. "Someone find some rope. I think we'll need it to pull Kraytor back up to the ship. I don't exactly fancy landing anywhere near here." he added.
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"You're too young to understand, Oan." Atlas grumbled. "I've faced foes you've only heard stories about, and that was before I joined your group."
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"We're not exactly amateurs here, Atlas. You'd be surprised what some of us have faced. We didn't get to the point where we can take on Nemesis, Infernal Dragons and Golems by handing out tea and biscuits." Oan replied.
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Tea and biscuits, eh...?

"Has anyone ever tried any sort of diplomacy with a demon? And how exactly would you get it to work?"

You probably wouldn't, Larry interjected.
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"You probably would." Tybalt quipped as he started down the ladder.
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Rescue Difficulty (
Convincing Harbatkin (

The airship crew were all competent professionals. Everyone was in the pilothouse, somewhat cramped, but captain Harbatkin seemed to be in a mood to show off his skills. The bottom of the gondola was drawing a shallow line in the scree on the mountainside, not more than a hundred yards from their wayward shaman. Harbatkin smiled at the adventurers.

"We have done this before," he winked. "Several times, in fact."

Oan had to ask. "Why?"

"Mostly science types, and the odd mage. All of them wanting to investigate the dragons. Or to make camp and start heading out in a different direction to the airship. We normally charge more, as it inconveniences everyone else."

"And us?" Marcus asked pointedly.

"Well…" the captain stalled. "This is the first time someone has been stolen by a dragon. As it's no real harm, I'm sure the crew will give you a pass—that, and you've given them a free round at any tavern in Hygar. Dragon stories are always worthwhile."

"What about the dragons' warning?" Kahlan asked.

"Th' dirty great lizards said we oughta head east," Atlas added extra weight to the question.

Harbatkin considered this for a moment. "I wouldn't normally disagree with a dragon, but we do have a schedule to keep. We'll turn to the northeast, and if anything happens then we'll make for the Gap at best speed."

A bell rang three times, echoing through the pilothouse.

"Ah, excellent. You companion is back onboard. We'll be moving skyward momentarily," Harbatkin waved them back from the forward viewports. "Now, if you wouldn't mind clearing the pilothouse, the navigator and I have some new calculations to make."
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Kraytor worked his way through the ship until he found his companions again. "Well, that was something I do not wish to repeat. Note to self, do not try to read dragons."

He look out of the window for a few seconds "I see we have changed course. The dragons spoke to you as well I take it. The seemed very insistant that we do not go north. Something about a tomb for someone they only referred to as "Him"." Kraytor took care to emphasize the capital letter. "If we go there and touch the tomb, we die, apparently. I am inclined to think they are not lying although their has to be something important up there."
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"Yeah, I'm wondering what that is myself. Still, we have more pressing matters at the moment." Oan replied, filing away the information for use at a later date, and perhaps further research in Hygar.
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Atlas spoke gruffly.

"I have no quams leaving those Flying Lizards to their own business! No good will come of messing in their affairs, and they shouldn't have reason to mess in ours!"
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'True enough' replied Oan, 'But a bit of interference from them against the daemons would be more than welcome.'
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"They have no interest in human affairs. I already tried this with Askar, the one who took me. Our problems do not concern them. I only hope it will change before it is too late."
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'Perhaps they'd think differently if they knew of the Infernal Dragons' Oan suggested. 'Or if they realised that daemons winning means they're out of a food supply.'
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"Until they are attacked by them, they will not care. Would we care about a colony of ants being torn apart by an anteater? No, that is just how things are, and so it is with the dragons. They are arrogant in their power, I do not believe that even all of us could kill one of them before it destroyed us all. We will have to wait untill something grabs their interest. Maybe we need to find Him for ourselves."
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"It'd be nice if they helped us," Kahlan said, irritation clear in her voice "It'd be nice if the armies of Darrow and Cyven helped us, and then showered us in riches for our heroism. Fact is, it isn't going to happen. Going north to find 'Him' is more likely to make the dragons kill us than gain their assistance. Besides, we have our own job to do, and delaying in the faint hope of gaining the aid of dragons is foolish. We're going east, so shut up about the tomb."
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The group had been sitting in silence for a while now. Atlas wondered if their destination was any closer? Shuffling a bit, he took out his pipe, and lit up for a smoke.

"One thing I've been meaning to ask" Atlas said, deliberately breaking the silence. "What kind of adventures did you lot have before my arrival? I've always assumed you were not the full original group, and I'm sure it would pass the time of our travels much faster if you could tell me a tale or two."
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"You're right that the group has changed." Kahlan said, having calmed down since her earlier outburst "I joined up in Darrow, shortly after my father died on this quest. Ja'nus came to pass on news of my father's demise, as well as his staff." Kahlan smiled sadly at the memory. "I saw a stranger staring at me from across the street, carrying the staff that dad never let people touch. What was I supposed to think? Anyway, I  ran, led him into an alley and ambushed him. He managed to convince me of his good intentions, but we spent the whole journey to the rest of the group threatening each other. Good times."
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Encounter Check (
Inspecting Hygar (Tybalt) (

Hygar hove into view on the western horizon shortly after sundown. The light was fading fast, and light snowfall blurred the edges of the city. That didn't matter. Everyone could see the form of the city. A giant wall, standing proud of the mountain, surrounding the city proper. On the face of the mountain were many lights, huts, windows, gaslamps. Captain Harbatkin explained that most of the city had been hewn from the rock of the mountain. The city proper was built under the mountain. It had in fact been built more than five hundred years ago, when the city was founded. Everyone turned to look at Atlas, wondering if this was one of the abandoned Dwarven cities.

"Not there," Atlas explained. "Not so close to them firebreathers."

"Then who did make it?" Tybalt asked.

"We could always check the university," Oan suggested. "They'll have plenty of books on the history of Hygar."

"We'll need a place to spend the night," Xan spoke up. "And get some food. This trip was rather longer than advertised."

Harbatkin shot a scathing look at the summoner, but said nothing.

The tavern they chose was deep within the mountain, near the Heartstone. Even Atlas was impressed by the workmanship of the tunnel walls—the original walls, no those the Hygarans had excavated out over the years. The walls had polished to a low sheen. Perfectly smooth, but only slightly reflective. Light from widely placed gaslamps illuminated the halls with a dusky glow. Tybalt wondered how they removed all the soot from the gaslamps that would have built up over time.

It was a tiny detail, something he would have easily missed had he not been looking specifically for it. It was also the reason the lamps were so widely spaced. Above each lamp there was a small, perfectly square cut in the roof of the tunnel. Tybalt asked Xan to send a magelight up the small shaft. Something flickered near the lip of the tunnel before the light vanished. It was sharp, angular, and expertly carved. It was also eerily familiar. Saijun—the Rune of Purity. A rune that was always paired with another. Tybalt gestured and Xan sent another magelight up the shaft. It flickered and vanished again.

It was so simple. Akasa—the Rune of Air. The magelights weren't vanishing into nothingness, they were being force along the air shaft, which obviously turned to the side. Tybalt wondered aloud what had made those shafts. It just didn't seem to make sense.

"Leave it be," Oan advised him. "Visit the university library tomorrow and ask about it."

Oan was right, Tybalt decided. And like everyone else, he was getting hungry. The food wasn't long in coming. The serving girls said nothing about the array of weapons left stacked on the table. It seemed to be the done thing in Hygar. Every table with at least two patrons seemed to have a pile of weapons on it. Even some of the empty tables had weapons, daggers, short handled axes, and, noted Kahlan, a Rikashi Khanjar.
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Tybalt sat quietly eating while he thought about the city. The workmanship was incredible. And it seemed to impress the Dwarf. Maybe..

"Atlas, do you know when the Dragons moved into this area? Could Dwarves have started building here, only to find the dragons or for the dragons to have come later?"
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"To my knowledge, the Dragons have always 'owned' this region, but do not excercise their ownership as its not that spectactular to them. With regards to the people that built this fortress, it was definately not Dwarves. They were skilled Runesmiths, and they have not been seen for many ages."

Atlas took a puff from his pipe.

"Whats frustrating is I cannot place the name of the civilisation and its people. I'll join Tybalt tomorrow in a trip to the university. One thing I definately remember, is that Mages are not exactly held in high esteem here, so don't go waving your hands for skeins as readily as you would normally, else we'll have the wrong people notcing us."
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"Magick users may not be in high esteem here but I've never heard of them being attacked here.  Which would be odd since there is a school of Magick that is almost exclusively from this city." Tybalt took another bite before continuing, "They were skilled and innovative, I've never heard or see that combination of runes used for the ventilation of these tunnels. I hope the people Hygar are doing the same in the newer tunnels, though I have heard they like to use technology."
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"We need to find out about daemon attacks in the area and the possibility of recruiting support. Something tells me we'll need it for what's to come, even if it's not in terms of additional manpower." Oan replied. "Kate is further north, but that doesn't mean there's nothing that needs doing here to further our cause."
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Oan looked up as a young woman walked into the tavern. She wore blackened armour, and had a fur cloak lined with crimson thread. A broadsword rested at her left hip. Her left arm was set in a sling. Flanking her were two massive warriors, one with matched broadsword and parrying dagger, and the other with a masterwork rifle. Both wore full breastplates, and cloaks trimmed with wolf fur. The warriors eyed the party warily, sizing them up, especially Marcus, Kraytor and Rehd. The woman looked directly at Tybalt. There was the barest flash of recognition behind her eyes.

"Ksat!" she spat, the Rikashi curse sounding slightly off.

"Mistress Ana?" the rifle armed warrior inquired.

"Nothing. We eat. The we leave. That book will still be at the university tomorrow."

"You would not seek the priests' advice," the other warrior asked.

"It seems that sheep would no more about what happened that night than these so called priests."

Tybalt turned to Oan.

"Why was she looking at me?"

"And what did she mean, 'that night'," Oan asked by way of reply.

Tybalt shrugged as the serving girl approached, arms laden with trays of food. "I don't know, but dinner's here. We can eat first, then figure it out."

The rest of the party nodded in agreement. Food was important. At the back of their minds though, everyone save Kraytor knew they knew that face. And that she apparently knew them too.
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"Someone you know? Ana? She seems more than a little annoyed at our presence. Do we need more enemies right now?"

The food arrived and Kraytor stuck into a medium rare steak.

"She said something in Rikashi, poorly. Know anyone who speaks it?"
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"City of mystery."
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Being underground for long periods of time did not sit well with Oan. Though the city was fairly spacious, arguable more spacious than some parts of Cyven, Oan was acutely aware of the tons of rock above him. He much preferred the open air of fields and woodland.

"Tybalt, do you recognise her at all?"Oan asked "I know it was not me she recognised, I have not been here since I was a boy. Also, we could do with finding out what night she was referring to. Clearly something's not right here."
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"I hope we're not going to have to deal with some personal issues whilst we're here." Grumbled Atlas, devouring huge chunks of steak, potatoes and veg. "If you know her personally, I'd suggest getting up and telling her we're not here to mess in her affairs. We have our own tasks at hand that don't involve her." Atlas paused for a moment. "Best say so far as we know now, it doesn't involve her."
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"Not that I remember her. Cyven is the furthest north I've ever been before. My family is from South of Cyven, Sierra's workshop was down on the coast." Tybalt thought for a moment while he had another bite of his meal, "Could she be talking about the fight at Darrow?"
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"Without knowing who it is and how they're known I wouldn't advise acknowledging them at all. Clearly, something's going on here and her friends don't exactly look like they take too kindly to unexpected visitors." Oan replied to Atlas.

"The fight at Darrow? That was a while ago now" Oan answered sceptically. "Wait...wait..Ana? What was the name of that cryomancer who killed Ja'nus?
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Kraytors head perked up immediatly. "Her? She might be the one? Well then I better find out hadn't I."

He rapidly exited the area to see Ana and her compainions a short way down the street.

"Mistress Ana!"

"Mistress Ana." He called after her. He turned his magicks on himself, making himself seem frailer that he really was. If this was the bitch who killed Ja'nus, he was going to rip her innards out through her throat. Illusion magick was not his forte, but he could do the basics, and it didn't have to work for long.

The woman stopped and looked around at the tall man running in a most uncoordinated fashion towards her.

"Umm. . .yes? What do you mean by stopping me here?"

"Is it true that you are Ana, the famed Cryomancer? If so Mistress, then to be in your presence is indeed a great moment for such a humble wanderer as myself."
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"Should we go after him or just see if the fool survives?" Looking over at Rehd, Tybalt then muttered, "Why couldn't it be the one we aren't that attached too?"
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This was meant to go in as soon as Oan finished his line, but Kraytor got there first. I'm gonna post it anyway and edit in a response to Kraytor's post after lunch.

[spoiler]It's a lot harder to figure out exactly what I'm doing here when most of Rav's story posts from that time have been cut off apparently at random...  :facepalm001:[/spoiler]

At Oan's words, Xan's knife thudded into the middle of the table next to his pistol. No one had seen him draw it, and Marcus, who'd happened to be glancing that way at the time, later swore the knife had just appeared in the middle of the table, blade embedded in the woodwork, handle quivering.

"Anatalya." Xan's face was quivering with pent-up rage, more so than the knife handle. "That was the name."

Though at the time he'd not been with the party long enough to know anyone very well, Ja'nus' death had burned Xan hard. The massive drain on the skeins by the cold spell had prevented him from being able to save his charge; it was exactly this sort of situation for which his pistol had previously been most useful, but the cryomancer had been out of sight and out of range. Xan had only had this happen to him once before, years before, on an early caravan trip that had encountered a group of minor rouge mages. One got away. She was found two weeks later bobbing along the river near Darrow. When the City Guard had recovered the body, it had eight bullet holes in a circle on its back, and a single, final kill shot in the back of the head.

That memory and personality change had long since been buried, but with the incident at the pumping station, it had simmered back, at the edge of consciousness. With the target potentially at hand, it had resurfaced, and only mental shouting from Larry was currently keeping Xan from standing up and shooting first, and asking questions never.

In response to Tybalt's question, Xan took his weapons from the table and followed Kraytor as far as the door. Though he raged, his curiosity regarding Krator's method overrode his red vision for now, and he peered down the street after the shaman.
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Kraytor's Disguise (
Anatalya's Awareness (
Broadsword Mercenary's Awareness (
Rifle Mercenary's Awareness (
Ana's Magick (
Xan's Negotiation (

The broadsword armed mercenary stepped out in front of the old man as he reached mistress Ana. The rifle armed mercenary flanked him, surreptitiously drawing his dagger. Anatalya stood resolutely behind the pair, her slight frame barely visible past them. She cocked her head, studying the old man—the old man she suddenly realized that was not an old man, but a massive shaman. A red mage, with murder burning in his eyes. Her mind cast back to that fateful night. There seemed to be a thread of kinship between this man and the mage Rai-Tane had taken over. A father, perhaps? she thought. The thread was fainter than that, distant, somehow. Estranged brothers? No. She thought frantically, trying to uncover the link between the two. Marriage? Separation? but it didn't feel like a lovers' bond. An Uncle, she finally decided.

Anatalya took a great risk, pushing past her guards to stand resolutely in front of the angry shaman. The shaman that overshadowed her in almost every way, towered over her physically, and was probably her equal magickally as well. Her face was an expressionless mask as she placed a hand on Kraytor's shoulder. Rime ice frosted the corridor for nearly twenty feet. Xan, just catching up to Kraytor felt the chill, but no malice from the Cryomancer. Kraytor stood, rooted to the spot, literally frozen in place by the magick.

"Sorry," Anatalya whispered in the shaman's ear. "I could not trust you not to kill me before I could talk."

"I am sorry for what happened to your nephew," Anatalya's voice seemed sincere. "But it was just business—"

"Killing Ja'nus was not 'Just Business'!" Kraytor roared. Skeins swirled around him, raw magickal power splintering the stone floor. "He was my only nephew!"

Anatalya stood, silent, letting the massive shaman's rage break.

"And you killed him! You stole him from me!"

"No!" The conviction in Anatalya's voice turned everyone's blood to ice. Everybody present knew she had done it. How could she deny it with such force?

The icy silence continued.

"I did not kill Ja'nus. My body did. Someone, something stole my body!" Anatalya's rage grew, the corridor beginning to freeze, the ice suddenly shattering from the walls. "Do not dare accuse me of killing your nephew when you do not know the whole truth. Shaman."

Xan dared to speak up. "You became an avatar of Skol. He channeled your power, your desires."

Anatalya spitted the summoner with a gaze of pure ice, stepping away from Kraytor. "What, in Morrde's name, is an avatar?"
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"Oh boy" Oan commented as he heard Kraytor's roaring accusation. "Let's go." he said simply, leaving the tavern at a run and drawing his bow as he went.

Oan skidded to a halt as he came upon the group and aimed his bow directly at the guard flanking Kraytor. "They're just talking, let's keep it that way" he said pointedly. "Xan, I believe you were asked a question."
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As Atlas finished his meal, he looked to the table, and noted the reduced number of their little group.

"If its all the same to you, I'm going to watch at the doorway to make sure those two don't go killing the wrong people." Saying this, Atlas got down from his seat, picked up his weapons and headed to the door.
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Kahlan stayed at the table. If things went well, she wouldn't be needed. If they went badly, she would be of greater use staying out of any fight. Besides, Kraytor was yelling loud enough that she could listen from here.
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Tybalt jumped up and followed Oan at Kraytor's bellow, pulling skeins to him and preparing to silence the area, if essence was going to be scarce, best it be for everyone. This woman was too dangerous to be allowed to use her magick.
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"An avatar is what you became, as did Ja'nus. The living embodiment of a god. You are a servant of Skol as Ja'nus was the servant of Rai-Tane." Answered Kraytor as he dropped the illusion magick entirely.

"You were used in order to achieve a goal. And, that as may be, you were still involved. The others wiped out your men who were responsible, you escaped. This isn't business, this is personal. I want you dead, you, or your loved ones. And I do not feel that there is anything you could offer me in return.

For now, you will answer their questions, then I will kill you. if you are honest, it will be fast and painless, if you are not. . .less so."

Be assured however that even if you were not truely in control of your body that day, I will hunt down everyone involved, including Skol if I must."
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Anatalya looked the Shaman in the eye, knowing there was no way out of the situation. It was her problem however, and she would do whatever she could to reduce collateral damage. Taken aback by the discovery that it was a physical god that had possessed her, the cryomancer took some time to formulate a response.

"Your reasoning is as sound and simple as it is wrong, Shaman," Anatalya stepped backwards as she spoke. "Your desire for vengeance shows some thread of honour, and that is what I appeal to now."

Kraytor frowned, growling softly, but held his anger in check. Barely.

"As you say, this personal. Between you and I. You want to fight, fine. Just know that the guards here frown heavily upon murder in these corridors. But there is a place, a way, we could fight, without involving the guards, or the council."

"Go on," growled Kraytor.

"For this to be done properly, all the rites must be observed, I must know your name."

"Kraytor, of the bloodline Faeyon," the massive shaman had hesitated for a moment, considering what power his name might give the cryomancer before realising that the only canticle with power over names Shamanism itself.

Anatalya stepped forwards, the corridor around her defrosting, along with Kraytor.

"I, Anatalya Yvonne Suvorov, do challenge thee, Kraytor, of the noble bloodline of Faeyon, to a duel, to be held at dawn, in the stone circle of the Broken Peak."
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"Very well. Magick only, no seconds. It is you or nobody. And if this is a duel, I will not kill you. Your defeat will be your humiliation. There is no victory if the loser does not know they have lost."
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"I accept your terms, shaman," Anatalya then turned to her broadsword wielding guard. "Petyr, go with him. Ensure no harm comes to them. Bring them to the stone circle at dawn. Then we will see which of us is the better mage."

"It will be done," the warrior, Petyr, turned to Kraytor, Xan, and the others in the corridor. "I would stand guard outside your door during this night. You may send one to watch mistress Anatalya's door if you wish."
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"I need not. If she runs, nothing in this world will save her. If some one gets to her before I do, nothing will save them. She values honour, she will be there or her status will be tarnished. I will finish my meal and then retire for the night, if you wish you may join me for the meal, standing guard is hungry work."
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Tybalt released the essence he had pulled to himself, letting it slowly slip away safely.
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"I will watch her door" Oan replied. "It's traditional with duels, the traditions need upholding to keep the guards out of this."

"What?" he asked at the Cryomaner's look of surprise "My father is a Noble, it's expected of me to know that kind of thing."
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"As you wish ranger. I trust you will not be to tired to enjoy the festivities. This small moment of vengence for the death of your friend."
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As dawn broke Petyr led the group to the Broken Peak. The stone circle was in a pass some distance above the city, hidden by the mountains all around them. It was immediately evident why the Broken Peak was so named—it looked as if a giant had hewn through the top of the mountain with an axe and cast it into the distance. Anatalya stood in one of several stone circles. Each had a number of pillars spaced around the circumference, and each had a different arcane symbol carved into the rock beneath it. Those with even the slightest magesense could feel the power of the skeins that flowed through this place, their invigorating freshness.

Kraytor eyed Anatalya cautiously. Her left arm was still in a sling, but she had cast aside her cloak and wore only a fur trimmed blouse and cloth pants. Perfectly nondescript, perfect for any mercenary mage. The others could almost see the hatred pulsing off Kraytor. With a single motion he jumped from the ground to the slightly raised dais Anatalya was on. Both of them fell into loose fighting stances.

Kraytor clenched his hands tightly, shattering the two glass phials of blood he was carrying and causing his own to flow. He had agreed not to kill her, but he would make her feel terror like never before. The rush of the blood surged through him, heightening his senses to beyond anything a non red mage could comprehend. He could see the fluttering of her eyelids, hear the beating of her heart, smell the breakfast on her breath. Anatalya drew the skeins to herself, drawing on the darkness hidden deep within the mountains. The power of something not quite dead, and yet not quite alive either. It was nowhere near as much power as the shaman had just called upon, but it would have to do. She would simply have to fight better than him.

Wrapping the skeins around himself, projecting all his hatred, all his commanding presence through his shamanism and into his fists, Kraytor channeled a uniquely wild magick. If it worked, she would be terrified, perhaps enough to yield then and there. Why stop at terrifying her? Why not destroy her so utterly she will never recover.

"No" Kraytor yelled, unleashing the magick. She has to be able to feel her humiliation.

A sphere of pure darkness engulfed the cryomancer. Kraytor thought he could hear whimpering from inside. The shaman realised what was really happening an instant too late. The sphere shattered under a barrage of ice shards. Shards directed at Kraytor. It took him a fraction of a second too long to draw upon his chaos magick to counter the attack. The shards slashed at him, ripping his trews and cloak and leaving nasty cuts up and down his arms. It was time to return the favour.

Drawing strength from the blood already spilt, Kraytor tried a simpler approach. A barrage of mageblasts, each imbued with a tiny fraction of terrifying shamanistic nightmares. Anatalya spun across the back of the stone circle, avoiding several of the mageblasts. Then one landed at her feet. Sprawling across the circle, her back to a pillar, Anatalya was an easy target for the rest of the barrage. She didn't know why, but suddenly the massive shaman seemed much more intimidating. It gave her pause, forced her to reconsider her next attack. Time Kraytor used to press his advantage home.

Anatalya was dimly aware that the shaman had taken on a more menacing aspect. He seemed to loom larger and larger as he approached. She was unaware of the conversation going on in his head at that moment.

Do it. Crush her. Crush her like the insect she is.
No. She must survive. Survive to feel the sting of her defeat.
A defeat so thorough she will never fight again. Never walk alone again.
No. Enough that she is beaten. Not that she is gibbering wreck.
Just kill her, the voice was seductive. You will suffer no dishonour.
"No!" I will make her Yield.

Anatalya watched, paralyzed with fear as the shaman stood impassively in front of her. Skeins whipped around his right hand as he reached down. The fear abated for a second, and Anatalya remembered she was a magess. A powerful cryomancer. A ragged dome of ice sheltered her from the shaman. With a single thought it exploded outwards, driving the massive shaman back. With some breathing room established Anatalya attacked again. Weaving her right arm slowly forwards she bent the skeins to her will. The action ended with her suddenly thrusting her arm directly forwards, palm out.

A cannonball of ice caught Kraytor across the torso, winding him. Everything was suddenly very cold. Very, very cold. Too cold. His joints felt like stone. His muscles ached with the cold. The skeins almost refused to be bent to his will. But bent to his will they would be. Weaving his arms across each other in front of his face Kraytor gathered the necessary skeins. Fuelling the attack with Essence drawn from his blood, Kraytor slammed his right fist into the stone circle.

The shadow bomb broke atop Anatalya almost before she could react. Only a last second backhand of ice spikes managed to deflect the attack. Barely. The cryomancer fell to one knee, panting with exertion. This shaman could give as good as he got, and he liked blending his canticles. It gave him unique options she simply couldn't match. He was more versatile. But, by dedicating her study to a single canticle, she was stronger. And she was going to prove it.

Anatalya's right arm rose in a quick diagonal slash towards her left shoulder. A pillar of ice smashed into Kraytor just as he was unleashing a new attack. Shards of ice littered the stone circle. Kraytor smiled. He still had one trick up his sleeve that a black mage could never match. Imbuing himself with the heady power of his own spilt blood Kraytor drew the skeins to six key points in front of him, forming a perfect circle with a seventh skein. A subtle touch on each skein sent it snaking towards Anatlya with lightning speed. A haymaker through the circle collapsed the seventh skein into a ball of pure darkness, flashing behind the other skeins faster than the eye could follow.

Kraytor could only watch in awe as the cryomancer knelt down and slammed her fist into the stone circle in one fluid motion. A wall of ice spikes several feet thick suddenly separated them. And separated her from Kraytor's attack. The noise was like siege cannon echoing through the hills. Tiny shards of ice fell like rain across the circle. Anatalya smiled. A wicked, feral grin.

"My turn."

Anatalya drew her right arm up and back, hand curled into a claw. Massive spikes of ice condensed in mid-air. Hundreds of spikes. Each aimed at a different point on the stone circle. Kraytor had an instant to draw on his chaotic magicks. A barrage of black bolts smashed through the spikes of ice as they fell. Splinters of ice flew in all directions. Spikes thudded into the circle, shattering into fragments or digging in like spear points. Kraytor could feel himself weakening, the price of red magick taking its toll. Blow after blow rained across his body, and Kraytor knew he was beaten. He also knew that the cryomancer had spared his life. If even one of those spikes had hit him with its full force he would have been joining his nephew. Grudgingly the shaman admitted that Anatalya had fought with honour. But that still didn't make Ja'nus's death right.

Anatalya stood over him then, offering him her hand. Kraytor waved it away, painfully standing up on his own.

"You fight with much fire in your heart, Shaman Kraytor. Let this be the last time it is directed at me."

When Kraytor hesitated, Anatalya asked simply: "Has your honour been appeased with this duel?"

Kraytor: 1/16 HP [Deep Cold]
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP

Anatalya: 9/16 [Scared–Kraytor]
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"It has not. It will never be. But I concede that you are the victor, and you fought well. Your skills are impressive, and I have learned from your actions. Still, there are other people involved in his death and I will find each of them in turn. For now, my companions have a quest to further."

Kraytor made a stiff bow to Ana, and turned to leave. As he did so the air around his flared and heated up dramatically to counter the chill in his bones.

At least he had the satisfaction of knowing that in future, if they needed he, he would only have to tweak the threads of implanted fear in her mind to get her help.
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As Kraytor was accompanied to get something to eat by the party to aid his recovery, Oan completed the tradition and accompanied Ana to her destination, which was her chambers.

"Thank you for sparing Kraytor" Oan commented as they walked "I know it can be hard to control the magic at times."

"Those were the terms of the challenge" Ana replied. "As you say, it is difficult to stop the magic at times, but I did what I could because I can understand why he would feel the need for revenge, hopefully that need is now sated."

"Well," Oan repllied, "I wouldn't say sated, as he said, there are others who were present, but your part is done, he won't trouble you any further. Your chambers, Anatalya" he added, as they approached a familiar sturdy door.

With the traditional escort duty complete, Oan walked away.- "Oh, just out of curiosity," he added as he turned "can I ask what you were doing at the pumping station?"

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Oan's Questioning (

Anatalya considered the Ranger's request for a moment. She tilted her head slightly towards the inside of her chambers. An invitation.

"Come Ranger, I have something to show you."

Oan entered the room as Anatalya was removing a lambskin from a drawer beside her bed. She flattened it against the black marble vanity the drawer was in. Oan leaned in for a closer look. It was a contract, plain and simple. A mercenary contract, paying five hundred gold to any warband that could destroy the oil pumping station south of Cyven. It was quite specific that only the southern station be destroyed. The north and west would remain untouched. Oan read it to the end, standard clauses on remuneration to families in case of death, denial of evidence if caught, et cetera.

Then the writing stopped. There was no signature. No hand, no chop, no seal. There was, however, a single drop of starmetal forming a miniature rayed sun at the bottom of the lambskin parchment.

"The gold was waiting in my chamber when we arrived via skyboat a week ago."

"Airship," Oan corrected automatically. Anatalya made no further comment on the matter.

"I still have no idea who sent it. It was supposed to be an easy mission—and it was, until you and your band showed up, Ranger. If it went right nobody would have been hurt. We'd already scared the crew of the station away. Too upstanding to bribe, unfortunately. Your geomancer/pyromancer friend however—Ja'nus—severely complicated things. And now I'm back in Hygar I've been researching everything I can about Skol."

"Skol is the patron deity of your canticle."

"I know that. Every mage does. But I thought the time of the gods was over. They just sit quietly in the heavens doing whatever it is gods do, without interfering down here."

"They don't. Normally," Oan replied. "But you must have something very special in you to have become an Avatar. I know because Ja'nus was no ordinary mage either. We also had a necromancer, Galithir, Kahlan's—the woman with fiery hair—father. He was marked by Morrde after nearly killing me to gain control over a pair of revenants. Like it or not mistress Anatalya, Skol has taken an interest in you."

Anatalya listened patiently, then waved Oan to the door.

"I have a lot to think about because of you, master Fencer. And a lot to study in the Library of Arcana. Go."
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"It's been educational Anatalya" Oan replied as he left. The note troubled him. It suggested that someone was as keen to spark a war between Cyven and Darrow as he was to prevent one. The note had been signed in starmetal, which was odd. Most who had access to starmetal didn't squander it on anonymous markings for letters. It was too rare. At least, it was everywhere Oan was familiar with.

He thought briefly of tracking down the party but dismissed it. He had no idea where they'd be, and in any case Kraytor's chill was not natural so there was little, if anything, that he could do there. Instead, he set off in search of a library or record hall. Anywhere he may find information on who had used a rayed sun as a symbol. Lords, nobles, bandits, city gangs, cults. They all had their sigils and most, if not all, were recorded at some point.
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Oan's Searching (Morning) (
Oan's Searching (Noon) (
Oan's Searching (Afternoon) (

The Hygaran hall of records hadn't been hard to find. In fact, it was so easy to find that Oan walked past it the first time, not quite recognizing the subtle variations on the standard symbol. The building itself was enormous, carved from one of the higher halls, and extended by geomancers such that it protruded from the mountainside, letting in copious amounts of sunlight. Pillars of intricately carved granite swept from floor to ceiling, recounting the tumultuous history of the mountain city in small friezes. Oan, however, was interested in records pertaining to heralds and sigils. One of the clerks directed him to a small side door.

The door opened into a hall at least twice as long as the main hall, but only a third the height. It was still nine feet to the carved and polished ceiling, and the wall sconces did little to fight the semi-oppressive gloom within. Just right of the door was a rack of skeletal bracers, with a sign saying 'take one'. Tentatively, Oan slipped on the bracer. A soft yellow-white light drifted from the wall and settled behind the ranger's shoulder.

Magelights. I wonder how they generate them without mages? Setting that question aside for the time being, Oan began his search through the hall. It was helpfully arranged by sigil rather than name. Unhelpful however, was the sheer number of suns, stars, and rays, both alone and as patterns in larger coats and heraldry. As he searched there was a vague sense of unease radiating from the amulet he wore, but also a rough sense of resolute preparedness. With as many books as he could safely carry between his arms, Oan hurried to the nearest table and spread them out, looking for clues as to who might have hired Anatalya.

A handful of others began circulating through the aisles. Most of them replacing books, some removing them. A handful were being scrupulously edited. Oan felt a surge of energy from the amulet, a simple joy of being active and exerting oneself. He guessed Emily was probably sparring with one of the others. It would help when they finally met her sister. Oan also wondered what the sister's sigil was. He made a mental note to ask Emily about her and Kate's heraldry later. Ignoring the rest of the people in the hall, Oan continued his research.

Lost in thought, half a dozen new books open before him, Oan was only mildly surprised when a tankard materialized on the table before him. It was attached to a hand, finely boned, with smooth skin. The arm was covered in a ruffled sleeve. And on her hip was a flintlock pistol.


"You're working too hard Oan, I can feel it," she laughed softly, holding up the amulet. "What are you looking for, anyway?"

"An odd sigil. Whoever hired Anatalya and her crew used a star, or a sun, or something similar as their seal."

"Lots of places have a solar sigil," Emily sat across from Oan, holding a second tankard in both hands. "What makes this one so special?"

"It was made with a single drop of starmetal."

"Who makes a seal out of starmetal?" from her tone, it was clear Emily meant it as a rhetorical question.

"I don't know," Oan replied anyway. "I've spent all morning—and most of lunch, I guess—searching for whoever might. Nothing."

"Are you sure it's here?" Emily spread her hands wide, gesturing to take in the entire hall.

Oan sighed, looking up and down the hall. "No."

"Maybe you need a fresh start," she kissed him on the cheek. "Or maybe you need to take your mind off it for a while."

Oan sighed again, turning back to the books.

"Well, if you get too bored, you know where to find me," Emily winked, and left.

Try as he might, Oan just couldn't find any reference to houses or nobles that used both suns or stars, and starmetal. In fact, the only place to use starmetal was the warsmiths' guild, and that was stylized greatsword. Closing his eyes, Oan tried to concentrate on the task at hand, and found he simply couldn't. Maybe Emily was right. Maybe he did need to take his mind off it for a while.
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Kraytor sat quietly, the heat around him keeping others at a distance. He was feeling warmer now though, which was a plus. To anyone else he might have seemed to be sulking, but in fact he was running over every detail of the duel in his mind. Learning from the Cryomancers technique and methods. She was dedicated to a single canticle, if that was just her, or only in combat he didn't know, but it had served her well, it gave her focus and power. Pure Chaos magic, he would have won, but at what cost? She would have been obliterated and that wasnt the point. But one objective had been accomplished, he had gotten into her head and done so without raising suspicion or calling the guards on them.

Now he wouldnt need to kill her, she would work for him, and so would anyone who worked for her. They needed an army, and he had just decided on their first recruit.

With a small grin he lowered the temperature around him, the chill having worn off. He decided he needed a drink. Idly his mind wandered to other potential candidates and how he could get to them to join the parties quest. He would need an audience.
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Oan ran his hands through is hair in frustration. Hours of research had resulted in him becoming, if anything, more confused as he pore over endless books of heraldry and sigils trying to find what he was looking for. He finished the book he was working through and found himself no closer to an answer.

"To hell with it" he thought to himself "I'll come back later to work on it."

With that he put the books back on their respective shelves and set off in search of Emily.
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"I've haven't seen many fights between Mages, but that was a sight to behold." Atlas spoke aloud. "Shouldn't we find our Ranger? Wasn't he escorting the Cryomancer?"
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"Master Fencer is more then capable of looking after himself. Though if you are worried, I shall look for him in the library while I try to find the information I wanted."
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The shaman has decided to take a wander and ran into Emily returning from somewhere. He didn't know much about her, she was a Seer and had quite a liking for the ranger. She was also rather timid, she seemed afraid of her gift. He wondered just what she had Seen.

"You have many worries young Seer, currently overlaid with an air of anticipation. Tell me, what things have you Seen that give you such cause for concern?"

"I see the deaths of these people I call my friends at the hands of. . .the person we are hunting." She was a little unsure if she wanted to tell the hulking mage that it was her sister, he might not react well to it, he might try to use her against Kate, make her into something else, she didn't know what he could do.

"I have a connection to Oa. . .Master Fencer through this amulet as well. When one feels a surge of emotion, the other is aware of it."

"An impressive benefit indeed Miss Emily. I am sure it has many uses you havnt even thought of yet. However, I am more concerned over the fear you seem to hold over these visions, they slow you down, make you hesitant which may prove to be a problem. I could fix that for you you know. Imbue you with confidence, fearlessness. I could take your nightmares and turn them into the source of your power."

She knew who the enemy was, her voice gave it away, her hesitation. He wouldn't force it out of her, but if she let him see into her, take away her fear, he could find out exactly who it was.
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Kraytor's 'Suggestion' (
Emily's Resistance (
The Touch/Insight (
url=]Tybalt's Research (Noon)[/url]

Emily paused, considering the massive shaman's suggestion. Considered it very carefully. She didn't know much about shamans, but she had heard they could warp minds, bend the will of tohers in subtle ways. She had also heard it normally required them to be close, almost touching their target. Emily couldn't discount the fact that Kraytor was right. Being afraid did make her slow—hesitant—sometimes. But it also gave her resolve, a chance to prove she was capable of overcoming this. A darker thought slipped into her mind.

"You speak truth, and your offer is attractive, but I must decline," Emily's voice sounded small in the sparsely populated corridor, but there was no mistaking the edge it had acquired.

"You don't think it wise to overcome this weakness?"

"Not through magic. For all I know that's how my—" Emily stumbled, almost revealing something she shouldn't have. It didn't feel safe to tell the shaman this yet. "—how Kate managed to get all her power, by channelling her nightmares for strength. Now, if you don't mind, I have to find Oan."

Emily put a hand out to move Kraytor aside gently. The massive shaman's eyes lit up as her hand brushed against his bare arm. With a flash of shamanistic insight he could see the ties between this young woman and their eventual foe. Sisters. Gods be damned. They were sisters!

More than a little stunned by this revelation, Kraytor let Emily go. There would be a reckoning later, of that he would make sure. Someone would pay for hiding this information from him.

"No, they won't," the voice came from nowhere. Old, frail, but full of a strangely compelling power.

Kraytor turned, wondering how the old man from Cyven could possibly have been here. There was nothing but a blank stone wall behind him, and vague ripple floating through the skeins. The words might have been friendly advice, but the massive shaman doubted that. They were a warning. He recalled briefly how much of his bloody powers he had used duelling Anatlya. Some remnant obviously remained in him, still thirsty for its share.

Buried behind a large stack of books, Tybalt was only mildly surprised to find mistress Anatalya in the library of arcana. She had mentioned something about research the previous night. That was merely a sidenote to his current task. The party needed maps, plans, directions, and most importantly information about the foes they were likely to face. It was only the first day of the Turn, but temperatures north of Hygar were always low. So much so that most of the fields saw some snow by the end of Firetide.

The weather was easy enough to account for—Tybalt already had a handful of Runes ready to forge when he got to the guildhall—it was their foes that interested him more. And this particular library, quite close to the university, had quite the section on daemonology. Unfortunately it turned out that Emily's sister had known that as well. Most of that section had been destroyed in a highly suspicious fire that had done extensive damage to the surrounding shelves as well. The books Tybalt was studying had mostly to do with the old legends, but some had hints of daemonology in them.

A few scattered pages completed the information he had to work from. So far Tybalt had been able to work out two things: That there were four so called 'Principal Daemons'; and that Nemesis was chief among their number. He had also learned that daemons were broken into two broad categories, animalistic, and humanistic, based purely how like men they looked. Aside from rough sketches of daemons they had already fought, there didn't appear to much of else of use.

Oan found Emily in one of the rooms at the inn. It seemed odd that the place lacked a name, but it did. the sign simply read "Inn. Rooms for let." Oan wasn't too bothered by the fact. Back home—a place he hadn't visited in a long time, he reflected idly—nothing was named, beyond describing the purpose of the building.

Emily was sitting on one of the beds, propped up against the wall, reading. Oan could see the troubled look on her face. Quietly, she closed the book and turned to face him.

"The shaman knows about Kate. It was an accident, but I don't think he's very happy I'm here."

"Did you tell him straight?"

"No, it was kind of accident. He said something about using the power of nightmares to make me stronger. I refused, telling him that might be how Kate got her powers."

"And he figured it out from that?"

"And he wasn't happy—or maybe he was just really shocked—when he did."

"He can be unhappy about it. We're not leaving you behind. Besides, you can handle yourself in a fight."

"And…?" Emily's tone was playful.

"…and I guess I like you. Just a little bit," Oan winked mischievously.
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"You astound me," Kahlan said dryly, suppressing a smirk as she wandered past the open doorway towards her room. The question is, she thought, how do I tease them about this?
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"You again. How did you get here so fast? You weren't on our airship I know that much. What magicks are within you? I can barely sense you at all and tracking mages is something of a talent of mine. What are you and what do you want with me?"
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For all his playful attitude around Emily, what she had told him troubled Oan greatly. Kraytor would not be easily calmed or persuaded to accept the situation and Emily's presence and he had a feeling that "You did not ask" would not suffice. Unless he dealt with the situation correctly the Ranger feared the revelation may cause the Shaman to leave the party, seeking vengeance alone, or that it may even come to blows between them. The Shaman had a fiery temper too be sure and Oan himself, while already stubborn by nature, had noticed he was more determined than usual around the Seer.

All this passed through Oan's mind in a in a matter of heartbeats and he did what he could to keep any one emotion from being strong enough to transmit across the amulet.

"Oh, before I forget" he added after he winked at her "you came looking for me earlier and I felt something through this" he raised the amulet in his hand. "What was it?"
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Xan hadn't noticed either Tybalt or Anatalya in the library. Instead, he was heavily engrossed in a book on Atronarchs, wondering how easy they would be to control and whether any could double up with his healing abilities. Larry, in the meantime, was sat in a dish of treated water, using it and the bright magelight hovering above Xan to generate a stockpile of resources it could call upon in the likely event that the next leg of their journey took them somewhere hostile.

Somewhere along the line, he wondered idly what Hygar's nightlife would be like, and made a mental note to sample it, then went looking for a book with something on protecting plants from harsh cold.
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Kraytor's Search (
Healing (Kraytor) (

Kraytor didn't get an answer. A few heads turned to look, then hurriedly turned away. No one wanted trouble with a disturbed looking shaman. Looking quickly around himself, Kraytor could see nothing of the man from Cyven. The only clue he might ever have been there was the strange rippling of the skeins. The skeins, Kraytor seized on the thought. Maybe he is leading me somewhere. Thinking carefully, he ruled out the possibility of ambush—or at least the possibility of it actually being dangerous to him. At least, the last time they met, the old man had been trying to help.

So Kraytor set off, following the rippling skeins deeper into the mountainside. Strangely, more and more people seemed to be in the corridors. Large people, in heavy clothes. Burly warriors. Hulking mages. Stout rangers. Barrel-chested merchants. It was the kid of crowd where even Kraytor could be easily missed. And that was exactly the point, he realised a moment later when the hand grabbed him from behind and pulled him through the wall.

"Who are you?" Kraytor was genuinely curious, but an edge of annoyance crept into his voice.

"Someone who comes and goes as he pleases," the old man explained casually, not bothering to answer the question. There was a soft pop as the man vanished.

Kraytor shook his head to clear the fog from it. He was exactly where he had been standing almost an hour ago. It was as if time and distance mattered nothing to the old man—and, Kraytor considered the matter carefully, perhaps they didn't. There was one small benefit however. The chill Anatalya had placed upon had worn off, or perhaps had been removed by the old man. It was enough. Still unsure of who, or what, the man was, Kraytor concentrated on more pressing matters. Like his ravening hunger for some kind of meat, preferably still covered in blood.

"Oh, that?" emily looked at Oan, smiling. "I was sparring. With Marcus and Thomas—Thomas is really bad at it."

Oan laughed. "I saw him sparring in Cyven. I take it he hasn't improved then?"

"No. Not a jot."

"That could be a problem," Oan admitted. "Especially given the amount of fighting we're likely to be doing."

"It's true he's not much in a stand up fight," Emily conceded. "But he's a maniac with those tools and gadgets of his."

"How so?"

"He makes grenades, Oan," Emily paused, then raised her voice to ensure the message got through—and the implications of the engineer's insanity. "He makes. Grenades!"

"Ah," was all Oan could manage at this point. "Dangerous, but useful in a pinch. If they're made right."

"That's what I doubt," Emily shuddered. "All the pins and springs and cogs and ticking. It's like a clock. A little tiny clock of doom."

"Alright, I get. He freaked you out a little with that."

"More than a little," Emily admitted. "Speaking of being a little freaked out, didn't lady Cyven say there was someone here I could talk to about my dreams?"

"She did," Oan affirmed immediately. "I just can't quite remember the name. Erin Ray-something. Or maybe it was Aery something-ion."


"That was it. Aerys Reithon. Supposedly he knows where a Fateweaver lives. I think perhaps we should pay him a visit."

Kraytor: 5/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP
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Kraytor shook his head to clear out the confusion, the old man troubled him. Next time, if there was one, he would have to try and get into his head. Now though, he needed meat. He set out to find a butchers. His thoughts were short, sharp, focussed. The blood magic was still in charge, and that left his temper short and his agression high untill he could meditate again.
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Tybalt's Research (Afternoon) (
Tybalt's Research (Evening) (
Atlas's Searching (
Rockpunch's Reaction (

"An' what exactly d'ya mean callin' me 'the wrong Dwarf'?" Atlas had pulled the bartender down to his height, seemingly unaware of the men nearby resting their hands on their weapons. "Explain yerself laddie, 'fore I have to introduce ye to the wall the hard way."

"You're too clean. This guy—this Dwarf—he was real mess. Looks like he lost a fight with a pack of wolves. His beard's just a mat of hair, he always wears some sort of blindfold—or maybe it's a headband—and he reeks like he ain't never seen the inside of a tub."

Atlas let the man go, suddenly thoughtful. It wasn't like any Dwarf to be so unkempt. Even the Lost Ones weren't exactly untidy. All dwarves took a certain pride in their appearance—and especially in the care of their—usually quite magnificent—beards. It was also unlike a Dwarf to be wandering in the lands of the upstart humans, but stranger things had happened.

"D'ye know where I can find this disheveled Dwarf?" Atlas turned back to the bartender. "Someone's gotta teach 'im about bein' a proper Dwarf an' all."

"In the mountain."


"Literally," the bartender replied. "He never said where he's staying, but rumour has it he's living in the Hollow, the deepest part of Hygar that's been explored so far. Be careful down there master dwarf—not everyone comes back from adventuring in the Hollow."

"Aye laddie. But I'm not everyone. I'm Atlas Cobalt, daemonslayer and Khazan warrior. I'll be back—with a drinking buddy!"

Tybalt redirected his efforts at research from daemonolgy to history. Hygar was widely considered to be one of the oldest human settlements on Firma, perhaps even the oldest. It was not uncommon knowledge that the city had already been hewn from the rock when humans first arrived. The tunnels were large, straight, and level. Stairs connected the various levels. To the current day no one had created a full map of the tunnels, so deep they went. Sure, as the years passed more and more got added to the maps, but the tunnels seemed to be endless, perhaps going as far as the root of the Blackfang range.

Tybalt opened the next book, "Hygar through the Ages".

Hygar is widely regarded as the most ancient of cities in Sera. In fact, its foundation can be traced back to the Long Night almost ten thousand years in the past. This is the first recorded instance of settlers living in the mountains, in an area archaeologists have proved to be the northern foothills of the Blackfang range. When man first came to this great city, he found a haunted, empty hold. No one yet knew who had carved it, or if anyone—or anything—still lived within its walls.

The first settlers adapted the great halls to their needs, forming granaries and storehouses deep within the mountain to keep crops and seeds safe during the Great Fall. This led to the notion of calling that section of Hygar the Great Halls. The original settlers were not very imaginative in that sense. The next discovery was the presence of the Stone Circles atop the northern peaks, above the city proper. These are loci of magickal energy, and all mages say they can feel a great power issuing forth from the mountain through those circles.

The location of the Stone Circles, the aptly named Broken Peak, is a mountaintop that seems to have been blasted loose by some immense explosion in time immemorial. It is unclear whether this was an accident or a deliberate act. What is clear is that it allowed the winds of magick to flow freely around the Stone Circles. Despite this abundance of magickal energy however, the people of Hygar have never had much time for mages. Instead, Hygar honours the traditional values of brute strength, endurance, and stoicism. In the harshness of the Great Falls that this city experiences, these are wise values to embrace.

In addition, due to this semi-aversion of magick, the settlers of Hygar delved deeper into the mountainside, exploring all the tunnels they could find. The Lesser Kinsman district is the fruit of their efforts, found by the eighth son of a minor noble. In this district the tunnels are narrower, smaller, but no less straight and smooth. Stairs are more common, and link the levels as if in a large tavern or hostelry. Branching off each tunnel are a number of split-level dwellings normally organised as houses with two sleeping rooms, a hearth, and a kitchen. These dwellings are lit inside by ancient magicks that are not always reliable, so all of them also have several braziers, and a chimney vent.

The next section of Hygar to be mapped, some hundred years later, was the Forge. It was the largest single structure found to date within the mountain. Its purpose was obvious from the materials and tools surrounding it. The hearthfire of the Forge now serves all the various smithing guilds, and serves to heat the city during the Maelstrom of Great Falls' heart. While useful for forging small items, it was not until the Slipway was found that Hygar could export her unique specialty—enmeshed metals and ores—in large quantities.

The Slipway is now considered the main route in and out of the city, exiting as it does at the base of mount Følskur. Initially blocked by snow, ice, and massive rockfalls, the Slipway is now a path wide enough and tall enough that two ice barges can travel abreast down its length without fear of colliding. Additionally, the gentle slope of this path means that ice barges leaving the city need not be harnessed until the reach the snows.

The most recent area of exploration, and ongoing to this day, as the area known as the Hollow. Everything in this region of the mountain seems to curve around some central structure, which many believe to simply be a void, a natural cavern. The size of this cavern would beggar belief, given that geometrists have calculated the breadth at nearly two leagues, and the length and five times that. No one has had the temerity to mine through the walls of the city for fear that the Hollow may actually be an aquifer or even a magma chamber—though such a thing would be most unlikely this far from the Ishan mountains.

Atlas had not been in the Hollow for long when he heard the whispering, and picked up on the rumours. He was, after all, only the second Dwarf these people had seen in decades. Quite probably only the second Dwarf many had seen in their entire lives. It didn't take long to find someone willing to show him where the untidy whelp lived. He wasn't going to stoop to calling the other Dwarf a Gully Dwarf just yet—it might not be his fault, after all.

They halted in front of a large stone slab, his guide quickly retreating. This Dwarf obviously had a reputation, and not a friendly one at that. Too bad, Atlas thought. Time he met some kin. Reaching up, Atlas pounded the door, hard. Three times. Then once. Then three again. Atlas stared in shock at the sight that greeted him. The Dwarf was shorter than him, but not by much. It was more the nature of his hair and beard that so stunned Atlas. This other Dwarf obviously cared nothing about his appearance. And speaking of appearances.

"Please laddie, tell me tha's a kilt ye're wearin'."

"You look like me," was the only reply Atlas got.

"Yeh, Ah do. An' I asked ye a question."

"You look like me," the other Dwarf repeated.

"We established tha' already. Are ye goin' tae answer me question or not?"

"What's a kilt?" the other Dwarf said finally.

"Diuna, grant me your patience," Atlas mumbled a prayer. "Aye, looks like ye have a lot t'learn about yerself laddie. Come have a drink wi' me."

There was a pause.

"You drink, right?" Atlas waited, then elaborated more. "Ales, meads, spirits, wines—but not many wines, not enough bite."

"I drink sometimes," the other Dwarf admitted. "Why do you look like me?"

"'cause Ah'm a Dwarf, jus' like you are, young'un. What's yer name anyways?"


"Ain't a real Dwarven name. What'd your parents mine?"

"Parents?" Rockpunch cocked his head, as if doing so would make the issue clear.

"Diuna," Atlas whispered darkly. "Why do you test me so?" To Rockpunch he said simply: "Come on, let's get a drink, and I'll tell you about the Dwarves. All of us.

"There are more people that look like us?" Rockpunch's excitement was almost unseemly.

"Yes, there are. No, ye want that drink or nae?"

There was a long pause.

"Fine. Ah'll pay for the first round."
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So there didn't seem to be any clues as to how the hold was created or by who. He'd almost say it was created by the gods for the living creatures of the world, except the gods had never given gifts like that before to his knowledge. Tybalt sat back and thought for a moment. Well maybe the Runesmithing Guild have a chapter here, and they might know more about the air tunnels. His mind started to wonder while he was sitting and he started thinking about the temple in the forest and the runes they had found there when a thought struck him, the Rune of Creation. He quickly put the book he had been reading back before going back to the inn. He needed to check his tome off Runes and possibly the Tome of Gods the Jan'us had bought. There was something about the Runes he couldn't quite remember and he knew he'd feel the fool when he did. Once he did that, he was going to see if there were and Runesmiths in the city.
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Atlas lead confused Dwarf to the higher levels of Hygar. He made sure to check behind him, in case this youngling decided to get distracted. After the first few times, he realized the young dwarf was too interested in the fact he had met another, to be sidetracked by anything else.

He looked over what little belongings that Dwarf had. A crude but heavy hammer rested in a make shift holder. Rockpunchs' side looked bruised from constant bashing rom the hammer head. Atlas admitted to himself the that the youngling must have had more intelligence than he was showing, as he'd somehow gotten a hold of some Leather for protection, and fur for warmth. He didn't want to guess what the creature was, but it was good that the youngling wasn't just naked.
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Kraytor had bee wandering the halls for sometime. He knew exactly where he was in relation to where he had been, so getting lost wasn't a worry for him. The itch was getting to him, he needed to meditate to clear his head and his temprament. He came across a room that was apparently not being used, it wasn't very large and had a bit of a stale smell to it, it would do.

He took the staff from his back and layed it across his knees, the Eye of Rai-Tane in one hand. He was sat cross legged, eyes closed, feeling the magicks that flowed through this place and drawing calm from the trillions of tonnes of rock around him. It was stable. Ageless. Permanent. His fell deeper and deeper into his meditations, his mind purging of all rage and desire to destroy.

He could feel the knot of essence around the Eye and he turned his spirit to it probing it. It felt like nothing he had ever felt, it was both artificial and the very core of fire and rock, as if the First Fire had sprung from it. Closer and closer he examined it, trying to understand what it was, his mind became hazy and he felt a sudden rush as if falling. He was inside the Eye. Or at least he felt like he was.

"This is not your place, mage. You carry the spark but it is not the true fire my children bear."

Kraytor turned to the voice, encountering a man made of obsidian and magma, or maybe made of pure fire, or maybe solid granite. He seemed to be all 3 at once to the Shaman and all 3 were missing an eye.

"Rai-Tane? Lord of fire and stone?" Kraytor genuflected before the deity. "I have something of yours my lord. It was in the care of my nephew untill he came to you." A thought struck him. "Is he here my lord? Ja'nus Feayon? My kin?"
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Rockpunch kept behind his doppelganger, trying to keep as quiet as possible. So many questions, so much different... Was it a dream? Fear of the unknown gnawed at his complacent heart, despite not even knowing half of those words. Some animal part of him cynically wished he'd stayed home, wished he hadn't bothered with this new face; somewhere deep inside his quivering heart, though, he hoped his odd-talking clone could lead him to... something.

He didn't dare make that leap of comprehension yet, but he hoped harder than ever that his suspicion was right.
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Talking about Emily's visions caused him to remember the nightmare that had plagued her on their trip. Their deaths in a land of shadow. "Shadow" he thought. "Shadow realm. The Tower!!" He groaned as he realised he should have thought of it before. He ran a hand through his hair and cursed himself for believing, even after everything, that the legend of the Tower was nothing more than a tale.

"What is it?" Emily asked as his inner monologue used every insult in his vocabulary to taunt him for his lapse.

"It's nothing" Oan replied. "I've just had a thought on how to work out where we need to go. It can wait until after we find out more about this Fateweaver though" he added with a smile.
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Atlas and Rockpunch arrived at the inn in good time. Thankfully there was a spare table in thefar corner, which seemed best to avoid unneccessary confrontation against Rockpunch.

"Now lad, I assume you haven't had the best life, especially taking into consideration where you are in the world. You are a Dwarf, I am a Dwarf, and our Kin be all Dwarves. Our Great Holds are beneath the ground and mountains, far to the East. I left my hold because I heard there were Daemons that needed slaying, and I was itching to kill a few deadly beasts."

Atlas monologued at Rockpunch for a good amount of time. He made sure to not leave out anything important.

After he was finished with the history of their race, he then started retelling his own history. A number of times he got too into his history, and many eyebrows were raised and thoughts drawn towards the two Dwarves.

"....and then as the troll loomed over me, I took my axe in both hands, and slashed right into his git. It was more through force than a sharp edge that allowed my blade to cut deep into his belly. The amount of blood on the ground was astonishing, especially when I realized he was still standing. A little bit dazed from blood lose to be fair. He tried several times to finish me, which unfortunately topped me from doing much to him. that was until he lost his footing. The galoot fell to his knee, and I readied my Axe. Holding it over my head in one hand, I dropped it down into the back of his neck. And that was the last troll the village of Dolestan had to deal with for the rest of its days."

Sitting back down in his chair, and apologising to the tavern for the umpteenth time, Atlas looked to the youngling....
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Kraytor's Beseeching (
Tybalt's Runic Research (
The Runesmiths' Knowledge (
Oan & Emily's Searching (

A single eye burned black as coal and brighter than the sun. Kraytor could feel Rai-Tane staring into the very core of his soul. Could feel Rai-Tane's implacable will assessing him. Could feel every mistake from his past flash forward. Could feel every second the red thirst had overtaken him. Could feel, finally, that a true God had passed judgement on him.

The massive god of fire and stone, body of granite, blood of lava, eye like a baleful gem, issued his judgment.

"You are unworthy. Your rage has defined you, shaped your destiny. Your end will come before you goal is in sight."

Kraytor rocked back, shocked at this pronouncement. The god of fire and stone was not finished.

"But in the moment of your ending, you will find glory, and you will make a choice. And then, should that choice be worthy, you shall be reunited with Ja'nus, of the line Faeyon, favoured of Rai-Tane, bearer of his Gifts."

Tybalt's search through his tome proved unusually fruitless, or perhaps boundlessly fruitful to the extent of becoming pointless. As a runesmith, he had an eye for detail, and the ability to visualize any rune, or runic combination. It made matching runes much easier, but there was also great skill involved, especially if the runes were forged in an aesthetic rather than functional manner. It was a truly ancient art, the Aesthetic Runecraft, but several masters still knew the ways, and the craft was thus kept alive.

Thinking back to the subtlety of the runes forged near the vent shafts, Tybalt knew they had to be from this ancient art. Something he unfortunately knew little of. The guild would, of course. It was time to seek them out. The Runesmith's guild was easy to find. Their hall was in the Forge, like every other smithing guild. Tybalt took a moment to appreciate the grandeur of the runework on the massive bronze-banded stone doors. Doors that opened with only a whisper of displaced air.

"Impressive, is not, young master?" an old man stood in the portal, beckoning Tybalt through. "I am master Liiwz—although most now call me Lewis. Come, what is your name?"

"Tybalt Defet, of Cyven."

"Ah, master Defet, we have heard of you. Some of your early work has been studied here." Tybalt winced. His early period works were not fondly remembered. Not by anyone involved, least of all him.

"Ah, so master Sierra told you."

"She did. You have improved remarkably since those days. A handful of your recent works have found their way into our guildhall. Also studied, for completely different reasons."

"I… appreciate the sentiment. But, I'm actually here to inquire about the city, about Hygar itself."

"Ah yes, the Great Mystery. We are closer now to understanding it than we ever were, but the answer still sees fit to evade us. So tell me, what part of the mystery intrigues you most?"

"The runes; and whoever carved the city."

"The runes are simple. You know of Aesthetic Runecraft, of course, so I will not bother explaining the principles again. The runes of Hygar bear a close resemblance to many of the earliest Aesthetic runes. They also bear a superficial similarity to certain of the Runes of Creation. But perhaps it is the vents that bother you most, how such enormous shafts could refresh the air in the entire city, extract all the smoke and poisons of our processes.

"If you look carefully at the design of the runes within the shaft"—and here master Lewis sketched the rune in question on a nearby chalkboard—"you will see the core of three functional runes. The first is Mak'ur, the Rune of Purity. The second is Kazima, the Gale Rune, or the Rune of Wind and Air. The final rune is Ananta, the Endless Rune, drawn directly from Anantasamma, the Rune of Creation commonly known as the Rune of Eternity. Now, if these were functional runes, what would happen if you forged them together master Defet?"

"It would make a permanent wind of pure air flow through the tunnel," Tybalt answered automatically, taking a second to realise what he'd just said. "Which means those shafts don't have to reach the surface to give the city clean air."

Tybalt paused, considering something they'd seen outside.

"But they do reach the surface, meaning an Endless Rune wouldn't serve much purpose—unless… oh," there was a pause as Tybalt finally understood all the implications. "Because it's open, the Endless Rune makes it cyclic. The entire city breathes through the mountain side."

"And the Forge," master Lewis finished for him. "Is open to the sky, and the city surrounds it. We can navigate skyboats through the gap if we have to."

"That answer my question about the runes at least," Tybalt smiled ruefully. Given a little longer, he might just have puzzled that one out on his own. "But what about the city's creators?"

"You have about as much of a chance of solving that as we do. Which is to say, not much of one. We know a lot of interesting minor things about whoever built Hygar—you'd have to talk to a historian or look it up in the library. We also know three key points that defined their culture. First, they pre-date even the Dwarves, who pre-date Humans by several thousand years. Second, the folks that built this place liked living underground, similar to the Dwarves. Third, they were master artisans.

"Yes, yes, I know that pretty much describes the Dwarves as well, but think carefully about the size of Hygar. The tunnels, the halls, the Slipway. Dwarves are very frugal in their building, removing nothing that doesn't need to be. Oh, sure, they'll decorate the place, festoon it with adornments like a god's palace, but it still wouldn't be very large. The one time I was allowed to visit a Dwarven hold I had to stoop down everywhere, barring the King's Chamber, and the bar.

"So, whoever made Hygar, it certainly wasn't the dwarves. They were most likely strongly Talented, with great magicks to behold. They also knew some of the Runes of Creation. They were a powerful, ancient race. Unfortunately, something removed any trace of them from the world. Any trace except this city."

Aerys Reithon was not, in point of fact, an easy man to find. This was mostly because he was constantly on the run from—something, Oan presumed—that wished to do him grievous amounts of harm. It had something to do with a music box, sold to him by a less than scrupulous horologist. A large, red-gold box that would play a haunting little tune whenever it was opened. Aerys didn't open it much anymore. He had only opened when Oan found him to demonstrate what he called 'the cursed melody'. Emily considered it highly melodramatic, while Oan considered it a little strange.

"But you're not here about that gods-damned box," Aerys concluded. "Everyone who comes to see me only wants one thing, to know where She lives."

"The Fateweaver," Emily prompted.

"Yes, yes, the Fateweaver. Just… be careful when you see her. She hasn't always been—well, sane. Whatever happens, I advise you to simply play along with it, unless it becomes dangerous, of course. Now, as to where she is at this moment, I'm not quite sure."

"Not quite sure," Oan repeated softly, drawing a pair of gold coins from his purse. "But you could be."

"You get it!" Aerys smiled. "Excellent, this makes things so much easier than the usual dolts I send to see her. It's sort of a finder's fee, sort of a vetting process."

"We both know it's neither," Oan leaned in close, whispering softly. "We also know that I'm a Ranger. If I had the time, I wouldn't even bother with you."

"Ah, but time is of the essence. It always is. But, you understand I'm a businessman, I'm jinxed too, and I must protect myself. Renew certain wards and charms. Buy a talisman every now and then."

Oan placed three coins on the desk. They vanished almost immediately.

"She lives in the Hollow. Ask for Élise Sanna. Bring an offering and a sacrifice."

Oan turned to go.

"Oh, and ask her if she'll do something about the damned music box."
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"Master Liiwz, I wonder if you tell me which examples of my work you had here? And maybe tell me a bit more about Aesthetic Runecrafting?"
"Certainly, though talking is a thirsty business."
"Maybe at the nearest tavern? I'll buy the first drink."

Tybalt followed Master Liiwz as they headed for the nearest tavern chatting with him as he did so. He thought there might be something more in the Tome of the Gods Jan'us had got in Darrow.  He was sure one of the early chapters they had read talked about the early people of Sera.
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After speaking with Reithon, Oan was a little surprised. The man had rambled on about the box and the more he went on about it the more Oan became convinced that finding out the Fateweaver's location would be far more difficult, or at least more expensive. the ease, and relatively low cost caused him to be somewhat skeptical about the old man.

As they left however, his thoughts turned to the offering and sacrifice that had been mentioned. He had no idea what a Fateweaver would expect as either, nor what she would find useful. Still, Emily would have a better idea, and they could surely find information somewhere.
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Rockpunch stared back at the other Dwarf, mimicking his stoic facial structure. After an awkwardly long silence (and more than a few futile attempts by his companion to keep the conversation flowing nicely), he finally picked up that it was his turn to talk.

"Uh... Um. I am Rockpunch. No more punch, but get smarter. Use rock to punch other rock now." He tapped his temple with a proud smile, showing off his grimy chompers. "I live in cave for long time. Alone. People not like me in cave. Nobody want talk to me. Rock help me make wearings," he gestured at his crude armor, "And eat. I not punch rock anymore. Me and rock are friends now." He smiled again, less brilliantly than before.

He pointed at Atlas with a familiar expression of naive confusion, croaking, "You help me go home? Not cave, but... Eest? Hold Eest? We fight many troll and dedlee beest together!" He smiled once more, extremely satisfied with his inspiring speech.

With a shock, his smile faded, replaced by an eager question, "What your name? I not remember!"
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Atlas smiled. Diuna be praised, the boy still has it in him to be a apart of society. At least, Atlas hoped he wasn't jumping to conclusions.

"Well Rockpunch, hopefully I can take you back to the hold. It doesn't happen often but it is always good to see a lost brother or sister return to the hold. We may not fight Trolls together, but I can tell you we're going to be facing many deadly beasts." Atlas winked, and continued to smile.

"And my name is Atlas. Atlas Cobalt. When we return to the hold we'll find you a Clan to join, but for now, I think I'll name you my Protégé." Atlas reached forward and slapped Rockpunch on the shoulder as a friendly gesture. "I'll teach you to become a great warrior, Nata and Kazun willing."

Atlas sat back an thought. A rock was hardly a weapon befitting of a Dwarf. On the next day, he shall see about equipping his "apprentice" with something with at least a hand grip.
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Kraytors eyes snapped open. Unworthy? Because of who he was? Rai-Tane wasnt even his deity.  His rage was something he fought to overcome every day, to hold back the red thirst. He felt no more rested than he had before he tried to meditate, the unrest still writhing within him.

He decided to return to the dwellings and sleep, he would attempt to deal with it in the morning and after a good meal.
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Rockpunch rocked from side to side in his seat, full to bursting with tentative happiness. While he couldn't shake his innate wariness of outsiders, it seemed his dreams were finally within reach!

"Brother." He nodded slowly, enjoying the sound of the word Atlas had used. "Name... Myprotajay? Is that Dwarf name?"
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After a short pause, Atlas chuckled when he realized his, somewhat poor, choice of wards.

"Even among humans, that would be a strange name." Atlas continued to chuckle. "For now I think we'll just shorten you name to Rock. As the earth beneath our feet and above our heads, you are a solid warrior of the Dwarfs. I believe the humans tell of stories of a "Rocky," who faced and overcame many challenges. I believe that is a perfect goal for a youngling like yourself to aim for."
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The wild Dwarf nodded solemnly; he knew full well the gravity of his new new name, and he was going to treat it with dignity and respect.

"Rock. I like it. ...What we do now?"
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Kahlan's Earnings (Silver) (

Master Liiwz turned to Tybalt and smiled warmly. It was a long time since someone had been so genuinely interested in the city's creators and their runecraft. It was refreshing. It was also because Tybalt had a minor kind of fame and notoriety in the Runesmiths guild due to his vast improvement in talent over the years. Master Sierra had once held him up as an example of what should not be attempted; but now he was praised as an example of what could truly be achieved if one was worthy of the challenge.

"The closest tavern is the Metal Slake, they have a unique brew that's distilled through an actual forge—though of course the forge doesn't work anymore."

"Sounds interesting," Tybalt nodded to Liiwz. "Lead the way."

A short time later they were in the tavern, enjoying a light meal, while master Liiwz was explaining the concepts of Aesthetic Runecraft.

"So you see, the key with Aesthetic Runecrafting is not the form, but the function of the rune. Certainly, the rune must at least resemble the functional rune it is derived from, but there can be great variety in form. Thus, as it is based on function, Aesthetic Runecrafting is far easier for those with an innate connection to the skeins, those with some degree of Talent. And, that I suppose, leads to the other peculiarity of the Aesthetic runes."

"Which is what?"

"The fact they cannot be invoked, they can only be Forged and Crafted. They have no utility in combat. And few of them are formed from the Runes of Power so useful to combat either. Thus it's very rare to find Aesthetic runes on anything but decorative or hidden elements. They were never meant to be seen. Then if they were seen, they were supposed to be mistaken for decroations. For the most part, that's true. There are a handful of Aesthetic runes that could be used in combat, but I think the most useful for you to know would be Eximus."

"I already know the Rune of Banishment."

"But did you know that it was originally an Aesthetic rune, that it predates the functional runes we use so much nowadays?"

"I'd never actually thought about it that much," Tybalt admitted.

"Most don't. Few realize how old the Aesthetic runes are, that they bridge the gaps between the Runes of Creation, the Cornerstone Runes, and the Runes of Power."

"So what was the Aesthetic rune that predates Eximus?"

"It is known as Asrayasathala, an Aesthetic rune that is also a Cornerstone rune. It is properly known as the Rune of Obliterating Light."

"And how difficult is it to forge this rune?"

Master Liiwz slowly, carefully took a long draught from his tankard.

"It is said that there live only four people in all of Sera capable of forging this rune correctly. The materials must be chosen and prepared with utmost care. Especially the Djinn's Heart, and Seia's Tear."

"You know of Seia, the sun goddess?" Tybalt was surprised. Seia's cult was supposedly all but forgotten, according to Oan's story, and from all those they had mentioned her to along the road. But perhaps it made a kind of sense, as the runesmiths were not bound by a single god or goddess, they had more room for alternative beliefs. More time to find other avenues of worship.

"Of course I do. Anyone who knows Aesthetic Runecrafting knows of the old gods. Who do you think makes those books?" Master Liiwz smiled craftily. Tybalt was a little unnerved until he saw the mischievous sparkle in the old man's eyes. Tybalt laughed, he'd given it away by asking.

"So you figured out we have a copy of the book."

"Well, how else would you know?"

"Perhaps one day I'll tell you about what lies under the Forlorn Woods."

"Perhaps you will," agreed master Liiwz. "Perhaps you will."

"I don't trust him," Oan said at last, walking with Emily to meet the others. "Whatever Reithon said, that was far too easy."

"He was acting, I think," Emily was just as skeptical about their success. "Or lying. It could be a trap."

"If it's a trap, it's a pretty poor ruse if he only gets three gold off the victims."

"Maybe that's why they don't figure it out. It's only three gold."

"We should bring some backup when we go to find the Fateweaver, just in case."

"If the Fateweaver is even the one he told us about."

"Not such a stretch to imagine he was lying about that too," Oan's voice had developed a definite edge.

"What about the offering, the sacrifice?"

"I was actually hoping you'd know a little more about that."

"Honestly, I don't," Emily shrugged expansively. "I don't know much about magick, and even less about this ritual stuff. But if it helps with the dreams—the nightmares—it's worth a shot."


"You also said something about knowing where to go because of my dreams?"

"I did. We always get attacked in a snowy wasteland, strangely shadowy, right?"

"Uh… yes. Mostly. Why, is that important?"

"Do you know of the legend of the Tower?"

"Vaguely. It's just a fairytale, right—one with a bad ending?"

"Not exactly bad. I think the moral is that it shows you don't have to survive the fight to achieve your dreams. Victory through sacrifice. Anyway, the legend speaks of the Tori—the main character—being assailed in his dreams by shadowy daemons. The dark guardians of the Tower reaching out through the lands of shadow to a place where he was vulnerable. I'm not entirely sure, but I think your sister may be trying to do the same thing to you."

"She wouldn—she's not—she… she…" Emily trailed off, sighing heavily and shaking her head sadly. "She's not my sister anymore. Not after all she's done. We'll probably end up killing her. You, me. One of the others. But I'm afraid."

"Afraid of what, Emily?"

"Afraid I might try and stop you. Even after all I know now. Ties of blood can run deeper than the earth. I'm afraid it might get to that moment, and I won't be able to do it. To end it."

"You're stronger than that. Smarter than that. Better, in every way that matters."

"And that's exactly why I'm afraid. I might not be able to kill my sister."

"Then don't," Oan's replay was soft but forceful. "Just stop her. Any way you can."

Emily stopped next to a small alcove, then pulled Oan close. He was too surprised to react. She stood up on the balls of her feet, pulling Oan closer. Their lips brushed against each other for an instant, then she drew the ranger into powerful kiss.

When they eventually broke apart, several blissful seconds later, Emily's eyes were full of tears.

"What is it, did I do something wrong?"

"No, just…" Emily took a deep breath, biting back the tears. "Just thank you."

"For what?"

"For understanding."

Oan smiled, a special little grin, just for her. "I guess we better get back to the others."

Emily ran her hands through her hair, smoothed her dress. "We probably should."

Atlas looked the young dwarf opposite him over with a critical eye. The hammer was crude, but it showed some skill in its manufacture. Rock's clothes, or armour—or whatever they were—were crude even by human standards. Even by the standards of several kinds of beast in fact. He hoped the judgement wouldn't show in his face. The youngling had asked what to do next. Well, it was close to dinner, and the others would be back soon, no doubt.

"It's time we had somethin' ta eat, young Rock. Somethin' that'll build you up stronger than ye are now."

"That sound good. What eat?"

"Steak. It's meat, cooked well—you know how to cook?"

"Make fire, food hot?"

"Close enough. Yes. Like that, with meat. Hunted usually."

"We have to hunt steak?"

"No, no. We pay—" Atlas drew out a handful of silver coins "—some of these, get food hunted for us. The servin' wench—" Atlas pointed to the waitress "—will bring us our food."

"This too easy. Not feel right."

"Ah, kid, trust me, when ye've spent three days huntin' trolls through th' woods, ye ain't goin' to be patient enough tae hunt fer yer dinner too. Kinda hard to explain the concept."


"It means Idea. But basically, if yer tired from killin' monsters all day, ye want dinner tae be easy to find."

Rock nodded, not entirely sure what was going on. The elder dwarf's words made a kind of sense, but he himself hadn't often paid for food. Hunting was free, and fairly easy. The lizards hunted. They could look like rock. They darted out, caught food. Then they ate. It was not hard. But this was not so bad. Sometimes he had been given the coins for doing things. Rock could remember buying things, things he could not hunt. Could not find in the wild. Maybe it would be okay. Maybe it was the way his true brothers ate and drank. He could accept that for now.

Kahlan and Xan had been working together throughout the afternoon and evening. It wasn't really their fault. It just happened to be that there were always people that needed a healer. That needed a healer who didn't ask awkward questions. Kahlan was used to it. Xan was learning. It was also a good way to make a little extra coin on the side. The fact it occasionally got a person in trouble with the guards didn't bother Kahlan. Xan, on the other hand, was quite concerned with that prospect.

Hygar's guards simply didn't bother enforcing useless policies like that. They were there to break up fights, intercede in disputes, and protect the city from external threats. They were also used to hunting the bosses of organized crime rings. But petty corruption and simple misdemeanors were not their problem. The city itself would deal with them, or not, as it saw fit. Healers were seen as useful, so they got a free pass. Most of the time.

Panting heavily with exertion, Xan looked back down the corridor while Kahlan searched ahead.

"I think we lost them," she called back. "Even I can't remember all those turns we took."

I remember, Frank said to Xan. Though why we're helping her I don't know.

"Please be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate."


"Not you, Frank. He's being surly again."

"Sure. Whatever. We can keep heading this way, it leads back to the surface."

"You can tell how?"

"I dunno, Xan, it might be the stairs going up."


So why am I here again?

"Enough, Frank. I know you don't like being in the city. We'll go outside for some real air and sunshine tomorrow."


"I'll do my best."

That's not a promise.

"Oh, you just have to be difficult," Xan muttered, sotto voce.

"You say something down there?" Kahlan called from the first landing.

"Nothing. I'm coming, hold up would you."

"We have to find the others, plus, someone owes me a drink."

"Yeah, and you'll never get it if I get lost down here without a guide."

"Fine, just hurry up."
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"Evening Atlas," Oan waved as he entered the tavern. Emily sat at the largest table, waiting for Oan to order some food. Atlas walked over, another dwarf following him.

"Who's your new friend?" Emily asked.

"My name is Rock," the young dwarf replied haltingly. "Atlas make friends. We fight daemons. Together."

Kahlan walked in the door next, followed by Xan, who was panting heavily.

"I thought you were fit," the young healer turned to the other mage.

"I am. I didn't fall that far behind you."

"Far enough. Oh good, they've already saved us a seat at the table. Who is that in the pile of rags next to Atlas?"

Xan shrugged. "Don't know. Never seen him before."

"Kahlan," Marcus nodded at the healer as he strode past, headed straight for the table.

"Umm," Thomas mumbled, dragged along in Marcus's wake. Behind him, Rehd didn't say a word, something dark and forbidding gleaming in his eyes.

Rock looked at all the people at the table. It was a little scary. So many new people. With lots of weapons. And magic. There was also someone missing. Atlas said so, so it must be true. Tybalt wandered in the door some time later, roughly halfway through dinner.

"Did we learn anything useful today?" he asked without preamble.

"Emily and I are walking into a trap tomorrow morning," Oan said cheerfully. "We know it's probably a trap, but they don't know we know."

"Need some help?" Marcus asked.

"It wouldn't hurt," Oan turned to thank the massive warrior. "I think just seeing you will give our ambushers second thoughts."

"Rai-Tane finds me unworthy," Kraytor mumbled darkly. "As if such a thing were possible."

"I found Rock here," Atlas pointed at his new companion. "Down in the lowest levels o' the Hollow. Dressed like a gully dwarf, with nary a thing t' say."

"Well, I found out about Aesthetic runes," Tybalt said after the introductions were over. "They have something to do with the people that built Hygar."

"Interesting," came Xan's non-committal reply. "How does that help us now?"

"The Aesthetic runes bridge the time between the Runes of Creation and the Runes of Power."

Rehd wasn't paying attention, was simply studying a scrap of parchment held in his left hand as he ate.

"Our purposes lie at a crossroads now," he spoke softly. "I am needed urgently in Linkstadt. I cannot refuse this call. Mister Wyatt, I will be leaving presently. Just remember that our bargain is incomplete—I have not yet taken my payment. I will be back to claim my due."

"Perhaps a story before we leave?" Thomas suggested.

"You tell story about big fight?" Rock looked expectantly at Atlas.
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"Indeed, I recall mention of a deamon and deamons dragon? Perhaps someone might elabourate on that and raise my mood."

The shaman took a deep drink from his tankard.

"I will join you Ranger, if there is a trap then the Warrior and I are your best chance at not getting stuck in it."
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"I've already made a fool of myself today with one of my stories" Atlas chuckled. "Perhaps someone could tell one of their own tales?"
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"You want a story?" Tybalt asked the younger dwarf, who nodded enthusiastically. "How about the time we fought a dragon, an infernal dragon, and I made Nemesis my eternal enemy?"

Rock clapped his hands in glee. He understood most of those words. Especially 'dragon', and enemy. This man's story was going to be amazing.

"We heard the wings first, great leathery beats against the still night air," Tybalt pitched his voice low, forcing the others to lean in to hear properly. "That when things got worse, because the hellbears from the manor were still chasing us. Marcus was carrying Kahlan—she was very hurt. Oan had taken a few knocks against the hellbears, but he was fine. Tough, even for a ranger.

"The dragon screeched, and balefire covered the road. Huge columns of blue-white fire. It melted the cobbles. One of the city guards sprinted past, his blade carving into the side of one of the hellbears. The daemon swatted him aside like an empty sack. The other hellbear roared at us. It sounded so primal, like thunder, made of purest evil. But we stood firm. The second gaurd with us rushed the daemon, and nearly had his armour crushed.

"Emily took a shot then—we didn't know she was so good with a flintlock. Crippled the hellbear in front of Marcus. I took a shot at the beast with my rifle, stunning it. Marcus planted his feet and swung his hammer with all his might. The hellbear never knew what hit it, I'm sure. The third hellbear slammed into Marcus from behind at that point, but our mighty warrior is steady on his feet. The two faced each other across the road.

"Ah, but I'm forgetting Oan's efforts, trying to slay the dragon. With his bow. Alone. I'm not sure he hit anything with the first volley, but he did piss the dragon off, because it came back and tried to eat Emily. Actually managed to eat one of her flintlocks. In the background, hanging back from the fight, Kahlan was working her magic, healing us, trying to keep us safe. The guards had fallen back to cover her, and one of the hellbears was charging them. That was when I made the shot, leaving Marcus and Oan to deal with the final hellbear.

"My aim held true, and the runes of banishment on the ammunition burned through the night. Two shots put the massive daemon down for good, vanishing in a cloud of black smoke. Then I tried to banish the last daemon. My attempts were in vain, or perhaps I lacked conviction, so instead, for some strange reason, my invocation snuffed out the balefire on the road.

"I tried to mark the dragon with an invocation, but the mages from the collegiate—along with Ja'nus—attacked the beast, forcing it away from us, and away from my magic. We were all fighting the last hellbear at that point. Oan slashed for it, going for the heart, only for it to open its maw and eat the sword. That's right, it ate the sword. Whole. Marcus missed his chance as the daemon leapt at him, driving him to the ground.

"None of us could get there in time. The daemon was about to have our mighty warrior as a snack. Then Emily comes back into the fight, blasting the daemon with a perfect shot from her flintlock. so finely aimed. The daemon turned to smoke, vanishing like they always do. That's when we heard the howling. Fell wolves, which meant another summoner was out there, trying to help the daemons. There was also the dragon, gone down somewhere behind Dryzic's estate. So we ran. We would need everyone to take down the dragon—and the other things that were summoned.

"The infernal dragon, of course, had other ideas. Balefire erupted across the breadth of the estate, cutting us off from whoever was fighting at the back. I had to do something to stop that monster, so invoked the runes of binding. Iron chains shot from the ground, shackling the beast, bringing it down with a thump that shook the nobles quarter. One of the guards rushed in, dagger drawn, trying to stab the dragon in the eye. It didn't work, and then the dragon managed to breathe balefire again. No one could have survived that.

"The second guard ran in, sword raised. He was going for the dragon's heart, but it shifted, and the guard's blade broke the chains instead. The infernal dragon was in the night sky again, and that's when the summoner shouted across the district: 'The world will be cleansed of your kind. The queen of darkness demands it!' The city guard began showing up then, we could see the flashes of blessed ammunition hitting the dragon. I attempted to invoke the runes of banishment again. That's when I made Nemesis my enemy.

"That's how I got this," Tybalt traced the scar on his cheek. "In less than six seconds we had exchanged more than a dozen blows. I was lucky to get out of there alive. A desperate invocation at the last second saved me from death, cratering the street and throwing Nemesis sixty feet through the air. Seconds later we all heard the thunder, and saw a flash bright enough to cast shadows from the far side of the estate. Marcus was doing a great amount of work holding back the tide of daemons that had just been summoned.

"I missed the next few seconds—I think everyone did. A magess, I think her name was Anikova, created an incredible fireball above the city. It must have been at least a mile wide. The infernal dragon was thrown violently from the sky, we heard it crash land somewhere in the distance. And then Nemesis was attacking again, the first blow knocked me back several feet—but that was all I needed. Time enough to shout the invocation of binding.

"The chains were strong. Stronger even than the ones I invoked against the dragon. Nemesis could hardly move, so I prepared to perform a proper rite of banishment. That's when I learned of the daemon king's most insidious power. If he speaks—" Tybalt glanced at all his companions, Rock sitting bolt upright, rapt with the story "—never take your eyes off him. I did. It nearly killed me. Nearly. But I had the presence of mind to look Nemesis in the face when I carved Eximus—the Rune of Arcane Banishment—into the breastplate of his armour. I raised my blade, point down, and drove it through the daemon's chest.

"And as Nemesis was banished, he left a mark on my soul. He made me his eternal enemy. Which means, in the eyes of the daemons, I must be dangerous!" Tybalt finished his story with a devilish grin.
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Tybalt leaned back and watched everyone's faces as he finished the story. There were flashes of grief from everyone who knew Jan'us, awe on young Rockpunch's face, maybe mixed with a little disbelief, Tybalt wasn't sure, he didn't have much experience with dwarves.  Even Atlas seemed impressed. Xan seemed to be muttering at his plant, something about it not being embellished.

That was when Tybalt noticed a couple other faces had joined them, he was waiting for them call him out for lying, but they seemed to be awestruck. "Who's turn is it to but a round?"
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"Seems I joined you group after all the fun" Atlas chuckled.
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"A great feat indeed" the Shaman spoke. His voice low and unusually quiet. "I had heard of Nemesis and the principle deamons, but in all my years I had never seen them, or even anyone who had. If they are manifesting again then dark times are surely looming ahead.
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"It's good to hear what exactly happened," Kahlan said with a smile, hoping the others wouldn't realise that she had avoided paying for any rounds since joining the group. "Most of my memories of that fight are of how much those bloody hellbear wounds hurt. And saving Ja'nus' life." Kahlan frowned at the memory. She may have been hallucinating by that point, but she distinctly remembered Ja'nus' wounds being incredibly severe, possibly even fatal. How on earth had she managed to heal that while badly injured and in a great deal of pain?
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"Dark times indeed. And yet we plan not to run or hide, nor even take a stand against the darkness, but to throw ourselves into its depths to stop it before it reaches that point" Oan replied, draining his tankard.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to see what I can find out about the Hollow. Trap or no, I'm not going anywhere without at least a rough idea of what the place looks like. There must be some artwork or something somewhere, there always is. Or a local with half decent knowledge of the place."
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"Lets go then. Nobody is wandering around alone. And I want to be sure we can extract the truth from anyone we might need to get information from."
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"A trap? Would you like some help Oan?
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"Thanks Tybalt," Oan smiled, as he stood to leave, "but I'd rather not take too large a party. Attracts unwanted attention, and may scare off the person we hope to meet. Emily, can you tell Tybalt what we've learned today and what we're planning. Ideas are always welcome to have."

"As long as they're sensible" he added with a glance at Atlas.

"Come on then Kraytor, let's see what we can find" and with that he turned and left the tavern.
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"Sounds like a plan, I'll help anyway I can."
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Kraytor followed Oan silently, even his footsteps making almost no sound. When he finally spoke his voice seemed to come almost from nowhere.

"You distrust me Ranger. Or you disapprove of my methods at the least. I know about the girl, and her sister, but I feel you already know that. Worry not, I will not harm her, she is far too useful for that. She is a Seer, an untalented one, but a Seer none the less. It is a gift we can use to our advantage, however she seems loathe to allow me to help her in that regard.

I pledged myself to this party Ranger, and no matter your feeling of me or my methods, I have survived in the wilds for over 20 years. Alone. Can any of you say the same? I survived by never passing up an advantage. Neither should you. I can guide her mind, direct her Vision. I sense however that she will never agree without your approval."

It wasn't a question as such, but a statement with a hook on it. Oan still knew little of the shaman, but he did know that he rarely asked permission. Perhaps this was his way of being respectful? If a little blunt.
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"I'm a Ranger, Kraytor, I seldom have the luxury of trust." Oan replied as they walked, "Though you have achieved a higher level of trust than most outside my family have thus far. That said, I know you wouldn't harm her. Not because I trust you but because I'd kill you if you did.

As for your offer, I know you mean well, and I appreciate that. I will discuss the matter with her once we have spoken to the Fateweaver. However, understand this," he added, coming to a stop and turning to face the Shaman, "I will not attempt to sway her one way or the other. The final decision will always be hers to make."
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"You have more influence over her than you think Ranger. Even if you don't mean to. Do you fully understand what that amulet is? What it means? What it could do to you both? It links you in more ways than you realise. I hope that when the time comes you will be able to take it off."

Kraytor knew that the ranger had real feelings for the girl. He wouldn't push the benefits on to her, although the death threat was amusing given how he could turn the ranger inside out with a thought maybe you should, she would feel it too, she would know how weak it made her, she would come running so easily. He had heard far worse by far more dangerous beasts.

In truth he wished no harm on any of them, but he had a hard time of seeing them as important, they filled a role each and filled it well for the most part. He just wanted to make them better, more efficient.

A memory rose up.

"Another point I had wished to to raise with you, as you seem to be so well connected, whom do you know who would be of a benefit to us? I have that cryomancer at our disposal should we need her and her followers. That duel was not all it seemed, I didn't need to kill her, I needed to get into her head. Deep inside her mind right now is a tiny ball of fear, of magickal terror that I can use to break her will and get her to help us. She has great power, and as a mercenary, access to a great deal of useful things."

Kraytor realised that this didn't exactly make him look like the kind of guy who could be trusted inside peoples heads, but the ice bitch was a different matter entirely.
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"Having the influence is one thing, using it is another." Oan replied. "Having is meaningless unless I act on it, which I will not do, as I've already said. It has to be her choice."

He saw the smirk from the Shaman "You don't think I could kill you? Perhaps not in a straight fight, but if you can't see me coming, there's not much you can do" he added with a smile.

"Honestly? I don't know many people here. I've not been to Hygar since I was a boy. Besides, my father's ties here were more commercial than Noble, even in those days."
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"Sight is so limited. I could feel you from a mile away. Let us hope it never comes to it shall we?"

"Commercial links are still useful, especially if we are in need of resupply, and possibly armament. Did I not hear that the young Seers pistol was lost in battle? If she is to survive on the front lines she cannot afford to be half armed. Still, I am sure we will run into people who may be of help. I am sure I can convince the Cryomancer to share some pertinent information regarding people in the know."
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Overnight Healing (

With Tybalt's help in constructing a map, the group of four worked out a rough plan for the following morning. Oan and Emily would approach first—seemingly first. Kraytor would slip through the shadows, getting into a position where he could watch them and cover their backs before they greeted whoever it was that really lay in the Hollow. Marcus would stand at their side as they approached, seeming to be nothing more than hired muscle, as if they were, in fact, expecting a trap. It would telegraph that they knew, but Marcus's impressive size and mercenary demeanor was likely to give all but the most hardened of criminals pause.

Marcus was the one to point out that the plan simply wasn't good enough if they were walking into a real ambush. Oan reminded him it was only a rough plan. Marcus took the map, the small stones holding down the scraps of parchment with their names on them.

"We don't know where this person actually is, do we." It wasn't a question the massive warrior voiced.

"No," Oan replied. "We we're told to ask for Élise Sanna. Which means we could be anywhere in the Hollow."

"Exactly. So we need a plan that relies on relative strengths and formation, not on location and ambush. That is what our foes will be using."

"Well reasoned, Marcus. And I would normally advocate a stealthy approach, but as these people are likely expecting to see two people, my absence could well tip them off that we know something is amiss."

"They only expect two people," Kraytor spoke softly. "A man and a woman, correct?"

"It's true enough they can't know our faces, so yes."

"What if I were to approach with Emily, and you skulk in the shadows, ranger?"

"Aside from the fact that leaves you dangerously close to miss Rose, I can see the advantages that would bring."

"I can keep him in line," Marcus promised.

"I'd like to see you try," Kraytor smirked at the warrior.

"Enough!" Tybalt slammed a fist against the table. It had been like this most of the night. Laying plans, sniping and bickering. Picking plans apart. Making new plans. More bickering. "You're forgetting two important facts here. First, Emily is a Seer, she might—might—be able to See this ambush before it happens. Second, your ambushers might be mages. Actually, it's more likely they will be, given how Hygar treats magick users. So you should probably take this."

Tybalt threw a pair of small runestones on the table. Kraytor felt the skeins suddenly drop from the air around him. Oan and Marcus recognized the runes. Qetus, the rune of silence.

"They're only small, so they won't be too noticeable in their effect. If you manage to get close, it should serve as shield enough against any mages. Better yet, if you can plant them on the mages."

"Is that all?" Emily asked, yawning. It really had gotten quite late as they laid plans to avoid a possible ambush. "I'd like to get some sleep tonight."

Oan nodded, catching her eye. "It should be. We'll go over it again in the morning, just to be sure. Then we'll head for the Hollow. Once we're done there, well… I guess we meet back at the tavern, or back here."

Everyone turned away slowly, heading for their rooms. They all needed sleep, to rest, to heal. Mostly because it had been a full day for all involved. After all, Hygar was not the easiest city to navigate, and had far more staircases, ramps, and low tunnels than any other city in the world.

Kraytor: 9/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP
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"Not noticable in their effect? I couldn't cast if I tried around them, and I can dqln well feel them. Still, it speaks to their quality. They may function better as a grenade of sorts, get close in the shadows then throw these and a handful of other normal stones. They will be silenced and Miss Rose and myself will not be. Although they will mean she cannot See as we approach, we will play it by ear.
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"You're a resourceful man Kraytor, I'll sure you'll find a way to use them.
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"C'mon lad, lets get you a decent weapon shall we?" Atlas called to Rockpunch as he made his way to the Inn door. "I'm thinking a Hammer or Mace might be a good start, and if we have any coin left over we'll see about inproving your "Armour"."
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Atlas's Wealth (
Rock's Wealth (

The maps of the Hollow, Oan quickly decided, were entirely useless. Because, as they quickly found out, Élise Sanna lived in the depths, well past where any maps had meaning. It gave all of them a deep sense of foreboding. It seemed more and more likely that they were, in fact, walking into a trap. Kraytor, hood up and covering his face, walked side by side with Emily. She kept a more than respectful distance between them. Marcus walked at her other side, and the three of them abreast made the corridor seem cramped. Oan followed swiftly behind them, slipping in and out of shadows and the cover afforded by much broken pillars and damaged sections of wall.

There was little light in the air when they reached the appointed door. As nondescript as all the rest, save for a small, black glyph painted on the door. A symbol they had been told meant 'Fateweaver'. None of them trusted that that was what it really meant. Emily made a show of looking at the paper they had been given, then at the symbol, then at the paper again. Oan slid behind a nearby pillar, silently nocking an arrow.

"Miss Sanna?" Emily knocked on the door. "Élise, are you in there?"

Footsteps echoed behind the door. Hurried footsteps, and the sound of several items being thrown aside. There was a very expensive sounding crash that made Emily wince. The door eventually opened a crack, and a wizened old woman looked furtively down the corridor.

"Where you followed?" she asked without preamble.

"No, these are my bodyguards," Emily gestured to Kraytor and Marcus. "I was told the Hollow was not considered safe for young women on their own.

"Quite right, quite right indeed. Now come in."

Emily gasped as she was yanked through the door, the door slamming shut behind her with a final sounding clang. The others stood there, shocked. No sound at all came from beyond the door now.

Atlas had Rock safely in tow when they reached the first of the weapon shops. The problem was this first shop, while well appointed, catered more to manling taste in weaponry. Swords, spears, maces. Only a handful of axes—mostly polearms in fact—and three rather dodgy looking hammers. Sure, Atlas thought they'd be fine for men to use in combat, and were made for such. They were just, well they were unfitting for a dwarf to use. It looked like young Rock knew that as well, looking at them with a critical, judgmental eye.

"Aye laddie, this one's no good fer us. Nary a great hammer t'be seen."

"We see bigger hammers?" Rock asked excitedly.

"Try Bjorn's Bashers, near the Forge," the shopkeeper tried to help.

"Thank'e, laddie."

With that, Atlas and Rock set off again, heading deeper into the mountains, deeper into the city. Atlas tried to break the silence by telling tales of his exploits as a warrior, and while Rock seemed to appreciate them, he didn't reciprocate with stories of his own. It made Atlas wonder if the young Dwarf actually had any stories of his own. Or maybe, Atlas thought with a flash insight. He doesn't know how how valuable his stories are.

"Rock, do you have any stories?"

"About what?"

"Fightin' o' course. Ye must've slain a few great beasties in yer time."

"I—I killed a bear, once."

"Impressive," Atlas wasn't sure if that should count, but was willing to give the younger Dwarf the benefit of the doubt. "Wha' happened?"

"I was outside. Hunting the little runners. Umm, thumpers. I found a small cave, the little run—thumpers were hiding. They were scared. Then the bear roared. It had lots and lots of teeth. Big arms, really big, like this"—Rock emphasized his point by spreading his hands wide, as if gripping a large tree—"huge arms. One hit. I hit a tree, got fuzzy. The bear followed me. I hit it with my hammer. Hard. Really hard. Something cracked. It roared again. And again. It tried to scare me. It scared the thumpers away. So I got mad. I had no food. So I hit it with my hammer again. It hit me again, another tree.

"Found my hammer. Hit the bear again. Really, really hard"—Rock slammed his fists together with an audible crack—"like that. Bear stopped moving. Hit again, make sure. Then hungry. Wonder what bear taste like."

"Alright laddie, that's a  good story. Hey, look, we're nearly there," Atlas pointed at the sign as he spoke. "Would ye like tae see a real hammer?"

"Made this one. Is real," Rock complained, patting the weapon on his back.

"It is real," Atlas assured the younger Dwarf. "But we fight daemons. Want bigger hammers. Stronger hammers. Kill bigger daemons with bigger hammers."

Rock nodded, understanding the logic. But he still liked his own hammer better.

Atlas took his time searching the shop. While the name was was truly uninspired, the merchandise within more than made up for that. Hefting a hammer nearly as tall as he was, Atlas gave it an experimental swing. It was much, much heavier than it looked. Being made of steel, with a reinforced head of what looked like wulfram—or like it was plated with wulfram, it already looked heavy as it was. Atlas didn't know that most metal—or other materials—used in Hygar were enmeshed.

Rock had found the hammer he wanted. It wasn't his hammer. It could be, he knew. If he had enough coins, he could make it his. Then, with some help, he could make it his properly. Mark it as his own. Unique and powerful, like his current weapon. Rock liked the weapon because it was simple. If he knew the word, he would have said it was unpretentious. A warhammer, almost as tall as he was. Fine steel shaft, knurled grip, large enough even for both of his hands. Head of meteoric iron, a darker blue-black. It was heavier than his hammer, but as Rock picked it bounced it against his free hand it felt right. He turned to Atlas with a bright, hopeful look in his eyes.

"Ye like tha' one, eh laddie?"

Rock could only nod.

"Right then, let's see how much these manlings'll charge a Dwarf fer a real weapon. There, lay it on the counter. Don't just dro—" Atlas winced as Rock all but threw the hammer on the counter. The shopkeeper didn't seem to bothered though. Mostly because the counter was solid rock.

"Eight gold for that one," he said without preamble. "It's a fine warhammer, with Falling Iron for the head."

"Falling Iron?"

"Enmeshed, meteoric iron, woven with geomancy. Hits harder than mere iron or steel. And it's enmeshed, so it never loses that magic."

"Aye then, eight gold, yer sure?"

"You haven't given me any reason to charge you less."

"Aye, ah guess I havna, now have I?"

Rock reached into a small satchel hidden under several layers of animal hide. He counted the coins. Then he counted them again to make sure. It wasn't enough. But it might help his new friend.

"I have six coins!" Rock all but shouted, proudly showing them to Atlas. "The gold ones. I made these, fighting monsters. Hunting."

The shopkeeper looked down at the younger of the Dwarves. "I'm sorry, but six is still less than eight."

"Aye, but I have coin too," Atlas gently reminded the shopkeeper. "See, he can pay five—never part with yer las' coin, right? Then I'll pay two—"

"Three. Five and three is eight, Five and two is only seven. Don't try and short change me."

"Ah was gettin' t' that. I was thinkin' mebbe ye'd forget one gold among friends. It is his first real weapon after all. Gotta be special, right?"

"Seven gold, four silver. Take it or leave."

"Seven gold, and this," Atlas held out a small Dwarven trinket. "Ye know how rare Dwarves are. Ye know it's worht far more'n four silver, you find the right buyer.

"Done!" the shopkeeper slammed his fist on the counter. He inspected the trinket as Rock and Atlas placed their gold on the counter. "Which of your gods is he?"

"Helzon. I ain't never been much of a smith. And I hope that maybe some worthy manling will get that."

Walking down the halls, Rock looked up at Atlas, the younger Dwarf cradling his warhammer was if it were a pet instead of a weapon. "Was Helzon important?"

"O' course, he's God o' th' Forge—oh, ye mean the trinket, righ'?"

Rock nodded.

Atlas reached into a pocket and drew forth a similar looking trinket. He winked at Rock. "Me daddy used tae make these all th' time. Still got a few left, jus' in case."

Atlas counted them, just to be sure. Four. Four left. They were useful as bargaining chips too. Manlings of course didn't know their true purpose. They represented favours. A kind of currency amongst Dwarven smiths, and rewards for those in their service. To manlings they were just pretty little pieces of metal jewelry. To a Dwarf they represented an oath of payment. It was a fair trade, all things considered.
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"Well Ranger? Your way..."

Essence swirl ed around his torso and his hands became sheathed in black flames.

"...or mine?
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"We wait" Oan replied. "For now." He had suspected problems, but being shut out wasn't one of them.

"Out of interest, can you sense any magic on the door at all?" he asked the Shaman. "Just in case it comes down to your way."
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The flames died down and Kraytor moved over to the door. There was essence around it, but he couldn't make out what, or even if it was the essence he had just called. The Quetus stones were near by and it was throwing him off the delicate task. He closed his eyes and placed a hand on the door...

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Kraytor's Investigation (
Marcus's Attack (1) (
Marcus's Attack (2) (

Placing his hand against the door, Kraytor felt nothing. More specifically, he felt an absence. Something beyond the door was missing. It wasn't just the skeins either. Kraytor directed the others away, just far enough that he could feel the Essence suffuse him again. He ran his hand down the door. The seal was perfect—and that was it. It was magick. In the door itself, enmeshed, most likely, so the Qetus runes would have no effect against it. He ran through the canticles in his mind. Only one had sealing spells. Sealing spells that could shut out other magicks.


Which, if his nephew's book was correct, meant that particular mage was not from Hygar at all. Which meant there were five other canticles she might possess. Shamanism and Chaos magick like himself. She might be a Seer, like Emily. Or she might have command over fire and stone, Rai-Tane's domain, just like Ja'nus had had.

He turned to the others and spoke quickly. "The woman in there is a Mystic, her magick has been used to seal the door. I do not know if my magick will be able to open it."

Marcus snorted derisively, gesturing for the others to stand back. He hefted his warhammer in both hands, lifted it past his shoulder, and swung. Thunder cracked down the hall, and the door rattled on its hinges. Not a single mark was left on the wood. The massive warrior stepped back, then ran in, swinging his hammer. A great boom echoed down the hall and Marcus was driven back, half-dazed. The door's hinges rattled a few seconds more, but the door itself remained unharmed.

"I guess not," the warrior sounded disappointed. "How are we going to get in there?"
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Kraytors attention turned to the wall next to the door. The door was unbreakable, the wall was rock, hard certainly, but much less so. Of course the doors magick may extend outwards through the stone.

"Stand back, cover your eyes, this might be a little. . .vigourous."

He stepped back about 15 feet and gestured the others to get further back. The shamans hands began to weave complex patterns in the air, seeming to pass through each other several times ending with a powerful slashing motion causing a wave of darkness to fly from his arm and sweep acros the wall about a foot from the edge of the door.

There was a deafening blast and dust and grit flew through the air towards them. Kraytor managed to throw up a screen of magick to vapourize the tiny chunks before they were hit, but the dust was thick. As the smog cleared they looked over to the wall expectantly. Had he made enough of an impression or just shattered the surface layer?

" What does the amulet say? Can you feel her through that?"
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Rock smiled widely at Atlas, wishing to thank him more than he knew how to do. The words wouldn't be enough; a simple 'thanks' would make him seem ungrateful! Instead, he stopped Atlas for a moment. He retrieved Hammer from his side, extending its head toward Atlas with a shriveling, staring grin. "Thank you, friend," he intoned.

Before he had even closed his eyes to go to sleep, this other Dwarf had shown him a new life and new possibilities outside of his dark and lonely home. Gods, traders, new Hammers, stories, monsters, people, all such exciting discoveries - he suppressed a shiver of excitement for the new world ahead.

Maybe those other people could be his friends, too... Rock made a silent pact with himself there, as he offered his most valued possession to the other Dwarf. He'd make the most of this chance. He wouldn't let it go to waste.
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"Did I blink and miss the part where I said IF it comes down to that?" Oan growled, coughing through the dust.

"No," he added wearily "I can't feel anything. That's not necessarily bad, it just means there's no intense feeling to come through at the moment. No sudden panic or fear. Which is something."
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"That's not good. If that blast didn't suprise her in there she must not have heard it which means this place is pretty much cut off from the outside world in everyway."
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"Not necessarily," Oan countered "A trance or similar to enhance the visions she's been having could be deep enough. The protection doesn't need to stop all force and sound, just enough."

Despite what he said, Oan was concerned. If they couldn't get through the door with force they had no way of helping Emily if she needed it, and they were extremely vulnerable to a trap. Though if one were to be sprung he didn't see why they were waiting.
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Kraytor's Attack (
Splash Damage (

Turning back to the wall, Kraytor took a closer look at the damage he'd inflicted. Cracks spread across the surface, splintering the stone. He was no mason, but the cracks looked pretty deep. They also stopped six inches from the door. The massive shaman leaned closer. They didn't stop, not completely. Instead they were simply hairline cracks, almost imperceptible. The magick sealing the door was powerful, but not undefeatable. Kraytor smiled, a predatory grin spreading across his features.

"The magic can be broken, with your permission, Ranger."

"Aye laddie," Atlas turned to Rock. "It be nothing between kinsmen. Now, what say we find some monsters tae test tha' new hammer on?"

"Monsters?" Rock was excited. "We fight monster?"

"Aye, we will. Mus' be someone round here what needs somethin' slain. We jus' gotta find a… 'ey, we was walkin' past it the whole time, so damned obvious."

And it was, in the Great Halls there were several large boards, each with several scraps of parchment pinned to them. Jobs. Find this. Go there. Kill that thing. Gather these. Odd jobs people didn't have the time or skills to do themselves. Things like cleaning out a hive of imps in an abandoned section of the Lesser Kinsman district. Atlas showed Rock the paper, the crude drawing of an imp. It looked much like a giant hornet, with a devil's head, and the wings of a bat. Four wings.

"What d'ye think?" Atlas asked the younger Dwarf.

Rock smiled, tightening his grip on the hammer.

"Aye, that's what I thought. Let's help the manlings clean up this mess, earn us some coin."

Spell Damage: 3
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The force required would be huge, he could do it though if needs be. But could he do it without the blood? Where could he draw enough magick from witho...

The mountain. . .Anatalya had done it. It was in the rocks and the water flowing through the tiny cracks in it. He could draw from the mountain. It should be enough. He thought out to feel the edges of the magicks around the door, find the weak point to attack, combat or not, he wouldn't do a half a job when the girl may be in danger.
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Atlas looked over the board closest to him, trying to find a suitable quary for He and Rock to "Hunt." He felt a bit rusty himself, having missed near every big goings on recently. A few extra coin wouldn't hurt either.

He mostly kept his eye open for something about killing a stray bear, or nest of giant rats......
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Kraytor's Attack (Focus) (
Kraytor's Attack (Surge) (
Kraytor's Attack (Release) (
Magickal Impulse (
Blood Price (

"Back," the massive shaman spoke a single, undeniable word. He fell to one knee, placing his hands on—in—the stone of the floor. Drawing in a deep breath, releasing it slowly, he let the skeins pass through him, felt the power each of them contained. Another breath. Skeins fell inwards, drawn to his focus. Lights in the hall seemed to flicker, shadows grew in the air, took shapeless forms. Exhaling. The shadows fell, but Kraytor's power did not. A breath that seemed to draw in the air atop the mountain, filling the shaman with dark, dread power. Blood trailed from both nostrils, unnoticed. A single drop of blood fell from his left eye, clouding his vision but not his Sight.

Darkness spread like oil from Kraytor's readied body. The lights nearby flickered and died. Shadows masked the hall. Oan and Marcus back away further. They got the feeling this was going to much bigger than might have been necessary—but there was no stopping it now. Kraytor staggered as he rose. Holding that much power in check, even within his own body, was incredibly dangerous. With a shadowy blink he was at the door. Both hands pressed flat against the iron bands supporting the wood. The lintel splintered, chips of stone flying in all directions. The black stone underfoot cracked and blew away. Dust cascaded down overhead. A rumble of thunder and the stone beside the door began to crumble, eaten away by a power just barely held in check.

Kraytor narrowed his focus down to a pinprick. A single point. The center from where this sealing writ had come. His mouth formed words that were not words, his voice made sounds that were not sounds. His mind sought the center. The catalyst that would allow him to utterly break this spell. A single point of weakness was all he needed. The skeins around him whirled and arced like lightning in a storm, seeking an outlet, a great release for their power. And Kraytor had found it for them. A single frayed skein upon the sealing writ. A loose piece of magick.

Kraytor heaved his shoulders, pushed with all his might. An inky darkness clouded the corridor. An almighty explosion drove everything away. The stone wall crumbled for eight feet either side of the door. Cracks sprawled across the hall. Small chunks of stone fell from the ceiling. The door—the door was gone. There was nothing left. No splinters. No nails or hinges. No magickal seals. Nothing. Kraytor staggered into the room, smiling slightly as his eyes regained their focus.

"Knock knock ladies," he grinned.

Marcus and Oan burst past him in seconds, weapons drawn, ready for a fight. There were two guards, mercenaries, with swords drawn. That wasn't the most interesting sight. No, that prize had to go to Emily. Clutched tightly against her chest, held in a half-headlock, was madame Sanna. In her right hand, extended and aiming at the mercenaries, was Emily's flintlock, hammer raised. When she saw the others Emily had the grace to look sheepish.

"I panicked."

Kraytor: 6/16 HP [Minor Bleeding]
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Rehd: 18/18 HP [Scarred — Upper Body]
Atlas: 19/19 HP
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP

Spell Damage: 21
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Kraytor stood back, drained a little by what he had just done and not fully sure he would be ready for a big fight, so for now, he let the Ranger and the Warrior take point. The girl was Oans anyway, and had acquitted herself admirably it seemed, honestly, he hadn't thought she had it in her.

He reached up and wiped the blood from his face, leaving a trail of deep red blood over his left eye and over the top of his bald head, making him look reminiscent of an ancient God of War.

"I believe, Madame Sanna, you owe us an explaination. . ."
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"She told you she had brought guards" Oan commented, with his bow aimed at the guard nearest Emily, second and third arrow gripped between his fingers, ready to be knocked at a moment's notice. "What she didn't tell you is that she doesn't necessarily need them." he added with an approving smile at the young Seer.

"Now, are we going to play nicely or is someone volunteering to become a pincushion?"
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A few deep breaths later and Kraytor was feeling a good deal more refreshed, if a little sore.

He stood up properly and loomed in the background. The guards saw what he had done to the wall and the impregnable door and now this hulk of a man was looking very intently at them. It was a warning that didn't need vocalising in anyway.

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"We failed," Élise Sanna all but spat. "Put those away. The Ranger was serious. Better live failures than dead idiots."

Emily released the older woman after the guards sheathed their blades. She took a few seconds to un-cock her flintlock and holster it once more. It had become quite obvious that this woman was not the Fateweaver they had been told about. It was also obvious that Aerys Reithon was a liar, or an impostor—or both. Oan lowered his bow, but still kept one arrow loosely nocked. Marcus placed his hammer on the stone floor, resting his hands on the pommel. Kraytor took a step to the side, towards the mercenary guards. They shuffled backwards a few steps.

"Why did you try and take her?" Oan asked madame Sanna. "And why try luring us into this trap."

"Why do you think, Ranger?" Sanna replied simply, giving away nothing. "Because somebody paid us to. And before you ask, no, it wasn't that fool Reithon. We found all this months ago. Gold in a bag. Promises of more. A note. A picture of your young friend here. Instructions on where to send her next."

"And where was that?"

"Vidan," Sanna said it with an air of finality.

"Vidan is a ghost town," Oan replied, recalling the reports. Seven, eight years ago. That was when the daemon attacks had started. Vidan, northernmost town in all of Sera, that was the first battleground. The bloodiest battleground. The most hopeless defense. The stories all said the daemons had simply sprung from the earth. The town was razed in act of vengeance, trying to drive the daemons out. It had taken them only three days to kill every living thing in that town. The blizzard prevented any outside communication. It was the middle of the Quickening before anyone knew something was amiss.

"That's right, Ranger. Of course, that must mean somebody really hates your friend. Or, maybe that someone still lives in Vidan. I doubt it."

The mercenary guards had moved to the back of the room, to the other door. One of them was already ducking through it. Madame Sanna was intent on following them.

"Don't worry Ranger, you'll never see us again. It was just business, nothing personal. And if you ever see a young woman named Sigrun, give her my regards."

"Sigrun… Cyven?" Emily asked, remembering the unfamiliar name.

"Oh, so she married him then. Well, her tastes always were a little odd for a northerner."

Kahlan was not going to admit to being lost. Definitely not with Tybalt following her. This was supposed to be the same route she'd taken last night. It wasn't obviously, but there wasn't a lot she could do. Not in the Great Halls district anyway. That was when she noticed two familiar looking—and very short—friends. More interesting was the noticeboard in front of them, papers stuck to it haphazard fashion. Some little more then scraps, others the size of broadsheet. It was like the great boards at many bazaars and trading posts. Except this time most of it seemed to be listing jobs, not wares. Being slightly lost didn't matter anymore.

The young healer searched through the boards, looking for something interesting. She already saw the Dwarves take something, grinning and shouldering their weapons. Oh yes, go bash something and be happy. Kahlan was looking for a challenge. Something worthy of her time—assuming they still had some time to spend in the city. And that one was perfect. Goods mysteriously vanishing from locked rooms. Odd sounds at night. Wards not triggered. Traps not set off. And it wasn't valuables being stolen. It was odd items. Candlesticks. A loaf of bread. Two forks. A chair leg—just one. Bonemeal. Kahlan's eyes widened. A soulstone.

"Tyablt," she all but shoved the paper in his face. The runesmith had to push it away far enough to read it. "You want to help with this one?"
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"Where exactly IS the Fateweaver? Presumably she was here at one point?"
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on March 05, 2014, 09:21:57 pm
"I wouldn't count on that Kraytor, as has been said, this has been well planned" Oan replied

"Answer me this though," he called after Mistress Sanna, "What was the seal left on the letter?"
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"It does sound interesting. Maybe we should see if Xan would like to join us?"
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Reaching forward, Atlas pulled off one of the notices

"Help need with Imp Situation"

"Sounds like something for us to deal with." Atlas smiled at the younger Dwarf. "Maybe afterwards we can try some hunting?" Atlas gave a short hearty laugh, thinking himself a joker.

"Lets see, where are the poor manlings needing some skilled "Imp Exterminators?""
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"We could, if we knew where he was," Kahlan replied as they set off. "I don't fancy searching for him. If by some huge coincidence we spot him on the way, we'll ask him."

The pair rounded a corner and saw Alexander talking with an attractive young blonde. The woman looked quite embarrassed, but Xan didn't appear to have noticed.

"Huh. That was convenient." Kahlan hurried over to rescue the poor young lady. "Xan!" she called, dragging him over to one side while surreptitiously mouthing the word 'run' at the blonde. "We've got a job. Want to help?"
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Tybalt watched with an amused smile and followed Kahlan and Xan.
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Xan looked around, temporarily stunned; by the time he looked back, the girl had mysteriously vanished. Damn.

"Well, guess I have nothing else to do now. What was the job?"
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"Investigating some thefts. Seems someone has been stealing a bunch of random objects from locked rooms at night, like a loaf of bread, a single chair leg and a soulstone. Whoever they are, they've been getting past traps and wards completely undetected, but there's no obvious pattern in what they take."
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Élise Sanna paused in the doorway, listening to Oan's question—ignoring Kraytor's. She threw something on a nearby chunk of stone before leaving. "Look for yourself. We won't be needing that anymore."

The door groaned shut, and Oan walked over to investigate what madame Sanna had thrown down. It was slightly browned on the edges, as if burnt. It was clearly a kind of vellum—probably lambskin. The writing was smooth, simple, and strangely familiar. Once more it bore all the hallmarks of a standard mercenary contract. Once again it had no chop, no signature, no seal. Just a single drop of starmetal that looked like a rayed sun.

Just like the note mistress Anatalya had showed him.

"I guess we're going to have find Aerys Reithon again," Oan spoke calmly. "Then we'll see how much he really knows."

"Alright you two, this is where we'll start," Kahlan outlined her plan to Tyablt and Xan, pointing to the quarters robbed of the soulstone. "This is the one that doesn't fit. Everything else was easy to hide, easy to replace. The soulstone stands out for two reasons; first, it's the only magickal item. Second, combined with bonemeal, silver, and a handful of other things, it can be used for a very dangerous ritual—no, I don't know which ritual, I just know what I pulled out of the last idiot that tried it—and wasn't killed."

"Okay," Tybalt nodded, starting to move. "We get there, this—house?—we look around for evidence dropped by the thief?"

"Hardly. She—or he, I guess—was good enough not to trip any wards or set off any traps. It's doubtful they left any evidence either. But all three of us have the magesense—well, I'm not sure if yours works exactly the same, Tybalt—so that means we can see things other investigators might not. If anyone has even bothered to investigate this yet."

You promised fresh air. Sun. Frank shot at Xan.

"And you promised to behave while I was with… uh, anyway, we should head off, right?"

"After you," Kahlan waved the summoner and his plant forward.

"So laddie, I'm guessin' ye've never seen an imp before?"

Rock shook his head. Atlas showed him the drawing on the paper. "Tha's an imp. Nasty little buggers. Sometimes they get t' infestin' the tunnels back home. Hard to scare, but real easy t' kill. See, imps is fragile creatures. All squishy like a faerie in a story. But them's evil buggers. Only tough part is their wings. They can cross 'em over their bodies, make 'em like stone. They got a little fire magick too. Gets in yer beard that does—but it ain't no worse than what ye might get smithin' anyway. Nah, what ye gotta watch for is the teeth and tails—err, stings. the teeth is ungodly sharp, can chew through stone—which is why the get back in the tunnels so easy. Stingers is nasty, poison o' the shades. It ain't gonna kill you, but it'll send ye mad wi' pain for a while. That's why ye never hunt the little buggers alone. An' that's also why ye gotta wear armour."

Rock nodded sagely, taking all this in. What he got was it was dangerous. Don't get bit. Don't get stung. Easy to kill imps.
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"I guess we're going to have find Aerys Reithon again," Oan spoke calmly. "Then we'll see how much he really knows."

Kraytor smiled his humourless smile. "Oh that we will Ranger. That we will."
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As Oan saw the starmetal seal he swore, ran his fingers through is hair and then swore again. Whoever they were up against had proven themselves to be even more prepared, and better connected, that he thought.

"Come on" he growled, as he walked over the rubble Kraytor had made. "We need to have words, and not pleasant ones."
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"My favorite kind." The shaman uttered to himself. This particular brand of diplomacy suited him rather well he thought.
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Kahlan's Investigation (
Tybalt's Investigation (
Xan's Investigation (
Oan & Emily's Searching (
Marcus's Intimidation (
Kraytor's Intimidation (

Inside the quarters where the soulstone had been taken Kahlan noticed a distinct sense of otherness. A sense of something not quite belonging. It was laid out much the same as the other quarters on the level. Lower floor, craved from stone. Pillars of purely decorative function along the walls. Carvings along the wall. A bench for preparing food. A stove, but no obvious firebox for it. A hearth against the opposite wall. Two lounges, facing each other across a low table. A handful of books laid across the table. A magestaff rested on one of the lounges.

But none of that explained the sense of otherness. Something from outside her experience—not far, mind you, but definitely outside of it—had been here. Had roamed this place. Stolen the soulstone. It was possible that Xan or Tybalt might have more luck identifying what was wrong. But the sense of otherness persisted. All her senses—not just her magesense—told her this. Something else had been through this home. It had searched. It had found, and then it had taken. It was a very specific kind of crime. The kind she occasionally hid people for. The kind people paid well for her to not ask questions while healing their injuries.

Wandering through the home, Tybalt had a vague feeling that something was wrong. It was also something he'd felt before. He couldn't quite place where—or when—he'd felt it. He just knew it from memory. As a runesmith his magesense was somewhat more refined than that of Kahlan or Xan. It was not something he knew consciously, but it was a fact that runesmiths were far better at detecting the use of magick. Especially the use of magick bound to objects. Through the use of runes most often. There was also enmeshing, a complicated process requiring both smiths and mages to work together, creating a material that was more than the sum of its parts.

The magick Tyablt could feel was neither of those. It was the kind all mages could sense. Trace magick. The echoes of powerful spells and abilities often lingered long after they were cast, lending the skeins nearby—as well as the objects in the room—a subtly different shade of feeling. It was a cross between a subtle caress and a signatory touch. Tybalt didn't know quite what it was, but he was willing to bet a little research with the tome of the gods would reveal the answer in short order. That book was proving to be a surprisingly useful resource.

Xan stood in the middle of the room, ignoring Frank for now. His eyes were closed, but his mind was searching in every direction. The skeins here were different. Marked. Maybe the others could sense it as well. Maybe not, neither of them were summoners. Xan could tell the mark of his canticle anywhere. It always left its mark on the Essence nearby. It wasn't the only mark, but Xan didn't recognize the other trace. Something outside what he knew. Well outside. It was magick, clearly. But it was both ancient and new, a disturbing paradox. Putting that thought aside, Xan followed the trace of summoning.

It had been summoned—created, almost—for a singular purpose. Xan sensed that with clarity. It accepted its purpose with grace. Whatever it was was smart. Intelligent enough to have low cunning and patience. Something dangerous. Xan couldn't figure out exactly what purpose it had, only that it was singular. It was frustrating to know so much but so little.

Oan and Emily split from Marcus and Kraytor. They could cover ground faster that way. It also kept Emily away from Kraytor, and allowed the most imposing members of the party to put their impressive size and reputation to good use. Oan, meanwhile, used his skill at tracking and his connections to noble houses to try and track down Aerys Reithon. The man was a shadow, flitting from place to place like a moth, never leaving more than rumour and panic in his wake. Rumours about haunting music, and dark deeds that accompanied it. Panic caused by the fact strange creatures appeared in places he left. Shadowy creatures not of Sera itself.

"Nothing," Emily complained, smoothing her skirts. She had tried using her wiles to get information from the pawnbroker. When that failed to get anything useful—and he had made a too obvious pass at her—his face had been introduced to Emily's fist. Oan smiled.

"You saw Reithon last time. I think, this time, he really is afraid. Word must have made it back that we escaped his little ambush."

"But how, there weren't any messengers there."

"Anyone could have been a messenger. Offer a vagrant a piece of gold, he'll carry a message to anyone. Offer more and he's even less likely to ask questions about it. Reithon wouldn't have needed anyone with madame Sanna. All he needed was someone to watch how many people we came back with—and we played right into that. We'll find him. We will."

"What if we don't need to find him," Emily asked. "What if we just find that music box?"

"Which mus—oh, that one. He complained about it, but he can't leave it behind. Which means it must be magickal. And magickal items—"

"Can be found by mages!" Emily was ecstatic about having figured it out. "Wait, I'm a mage too… but… I don't know how to find stuff. I can't even See properly."

"From what I know, a Seer's gift can't be forced," Oan spoke softly, reassuring the young woman.

"I wish it was more useful. I wish I knew a better way to control it."

"There is a college of magick here, we could visit later–after we find Reithon."

Elsewhere, Marcus stood towering over young thug that had just tried to steal his coin pouch. A very bad decision for the young man. Marcus leaned on his hammer, narrowing his eyes at the disheveled youth.

"What do you know of Aerys Reithon?"

"I ain't never heard of 'em."

"Are you sure?" Marcus leaned closer, one hand twitching on the hammer.

"Never. Why would I know who that is?"

"He tried to kidnap a friend of mine."

"That's his problem. I just wanted some coin. That's all, I swear."

"Stealing my coins was a bad idea," Marcus leaned down so his face was only inches from the youth's. "I wonder what the guards would make of that?"

The young thug started laughing. "The guards don't care. Your money, your problem. My money, their bribe. There's a lot they don't care about. But Gods help you if actually hurt someone."

"Is that so?" Kraytor asked menacingly, lifting the thug by the front of his shirt.

The youth nodded enthusiastically, trying to slip free of the massive shaman's grip. It wasn't working. Kraytor pinned him against the wall. It only took the barest hint of his abilities to actually terrify the thug.

"I just have one question."

The thug whimpered.

"Where. Is. Aerys Reithon!" Kraytor's voice boomed down the hall like thunder.

"I don't know!" the thug screamed in terror, a stain spreading across his pants. "I don't know. I don't know. I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know!"

"Useless," Kraytor was tempted to slowly choke the life out of the thug. Very tempted. That red cloud was masking his thoughts again. He took a breath, then threw the youth aside. Save the rage, save the blood for Reithon himself.

"Aye laddie, tha' was a bit o' fun," Atlas grinned, wiping ichor from the blade of his axe. "Ah' this rate we'll be through t' the hive before noon."

Rock could only grin in reply. The morning had been amazing. Not only did he get to kill monsters, he was fighting beside his own kind. He was fighting with a friend. A friend who was also really, really good at fighting. Rock wiped bits of imp off his hammer the way Atlas had showed him, then eagerly waited at the door to the next room.

Atlas had to hand it to Rock. What the kid lacked in skill he made up for in exuberance and chaotic grace. Atlas halted at the door, gesturing to Rock. the younger Dwarf took a step back, then lashed out with a powerful kick. The door held, but the latch didn't. Atlas threw a torch into the fresh room, the imps within momentarily distracted by the light. He shut the door behind them. No sense letting the evil little beasties out now, was there?

Something on the floor stirred, the torchlight casting flickering shadows. It looked like a pile of garbage covered in imps—a nest. The fact it was moving made it much, much worse. Atlas watched as the beast uncoiled itself, stretching to a height of seven feet. Armoured scales. Wings like a great bat—four of them. A massive sting between its—her—legs. Head like a snake. Witches teats running down its front. Almost human hands, fingers stretching into ebon talons. There was a baleful glow behind its eyes.

"Crap," Atlas swore. That was when every imp in the room turned and fixed its eyes on the two Dwarves. Now Atlas knew why the contract was still up. It wasn't a nest. It was a Gods-damned broodmother.
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"Pathetic waste of time. There has to be someone who knows people who knows people. We are wasting time with these nobodies."

"I agree." the warrior replied. "We need to find more of a hub. Every city has an underworld. He would have either gone there, or be known to the people he was trying to hide from."

Kraytor was impressed, it was an excellent deduction. He was just going to find someone who looked well off and break into their mind for the information. Marcus' plan was much better.

"You have a point. So, where do we go from here? Somewhere unsafe, somewhere not often visited. . .The Hollow? Almost nobody goes down there after all."

The Shaman shook his head. Focus. Clarity. That was what he needed. Well. . in the Hollow there were people who would not be missed if they didn't give them anything useful.
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Tybalt noticed two things when he walked into the quarters, the first was the lack of firebox on the stove, the second and more importantly, the Magick still in the room. It was odd, really odd. "You can both feel that right? That, I dunno, might want to it call a, pull?"
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"Yes," replied Kahlan thoughtfully. "Some kind of magick. It seems familiar somehow but I can't place it. All I get is a direction. East."
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Atlas made sure to have both of his Axes ready to swing. He made a note to just use the Axe of Force against the imps, and had the Axe of sharpness ready for if he got close enough to the Broodmother.

"Rock, don't be reckless around the big'un." Atlas advised. "That there be a Broodmother, and if I remember correctly, she'll be vicious and merciless if you get too close."
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"It's linked to another location. Is any of the other robberies that way?"
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"What the hell was it...?" Xan's brow furrowed as he realised he had no idea what had been summoned. He wasn't even sure where it was from. He could tell it was somewhere... bad, but he didn't know in what way or by how much. Although, given the age paradox, perhaps it was some greater spirit or something. Something that had existed for a long, long time, but had never been summoned until recently. Something new.

Or then again, it seemed to be the skeins themselves that he couldn't get the trace on. Perhaps the summoning had involved a canticle long since forgotten, or fallen out of favour...? Or he was imagining things, and it was a known canticle he just didn't recognise. In which case, back to the "ancient creature never before summoned" line of thought.

Taking a detour back to something relatively known, Xan turned to the others. "Okay, this is really getting to me - where the hell is the firebox for the stove?" Having got that out the way, he relayed his ponderings on the nature of the summon to the others.
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"Alright," Oan said to Emily "We know our plan now, no sense continuing the search right now. Let's try finding the others. Or we could just use the time to relax for a bit before carrying on later."
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"Well they seem to use technology for a lot a things, maybe they have found a way to heat a plate without fire or Runes? This location seems to be connected to another... Is there a Canticle that could do that?"
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"I don't know. You could check that book of gods, maybe that'll have something useful in it. After that, we could try following the essence east and see if we find anything."
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Marcus & Kraytor's Searching (

Rock scrambled around, dodging several imps, looking for something small and hard to throw at the broodmother. A candelabra—too awkward. A chair—too large, easy to dodge. Silverware—too small. Plates—too fragile. Perfect. A broken chunk of counter-top. Hard, unyielding stone. Rock leant down, scooping up the weighty fragment with one hand, spinning like a discus thrower. The broodmother never saw it coming, ichor leaking from scales down her side. Rock smiled, gripping his hammer with both hands once more.

The broodmother inhaled, sucking in a great breath. She released it as an earsplitting shriek, loud enough that Rock was forced to clamp his hands over his ears. Atlas shook his head, his ears still ringing as he readied an axe in each hand. The imps swarming around dived at him and Rock. Atlas singled out the closest imp, slamming his left axe—the one inscribed with the rune of force—into the little monster's torso. The imp crumpled, its body mangled beyond recognition.

Rock dived away from the imps, scooping up his hammer as he rolled. He still couldn't hear anything over the ringing in his ears. Rock swung his new hammer in a great arc, feeling every hit as it collided with the imps flying about around the room. Nearly half a dozen imps fell to the ground, bodies shattered, wings torn apart, legs smashed and arms broken. Ichor sizzled slightly against the stone. It also sizzled against the hammerhead of Rock's weapon. He knew he would have to clean it later, but now he was lost in the joy of battle, laying about himself wildly with reckless abandon, driving the imps back.

The broodmother flitted across the room, diving straight at the younger Dwarf. Too busy smashing apart imps, Rock didn't notice until the shadow fell across him. Literally. The broodmother's weight bore him to the ground. Rock managed to keep one hand on his hammer, but he now lacked the ability to swing it with any real force. That was when Atlas came crashing in. As the axe in his right hand fell the beast's wings curled round, covering its flank. The rune inscribed on the axe shone in the firelight. Purple-black ichor sprayed across the room as the blade severed the broodmother's wing.

"Take that, ye overgrown hag!"

The remaining imps dived at the Dwarves, attempting to protect the broodmother. Their stings were aimed for the pinned form of Rock. Atlas was not going to let anything like that happen to his kinsman. Not after he had already proved his worth in combat, and as a fellow Dwarf. It was time to show these little bastards what a real Kazan warrior could do. Sprinting across the room, Atlas vaulted his companion's body and shoulder barged the closest imp hard enough to crack bone. The beast fell from the air.

As the first imp fell, Atlas swung the axe in his right hand, cleaving another imp from shoulder to groin, ichor spattering across the floor. Another imp dived for Rock and was met by Atlas's left axe in midair. It was struck so hard it left cracks in the far wall of the room, before sliding to the floor, most definitively dead. Two more imps dived, whipping behind Atlas. The dwarf warrior swung his axes as he turned, slicing the wing from the nearer of the imps. A well placed boot finished the job.

The other imp landed where Rock had been, the younger Dwarf managing to scramble from the broodmother's grasp. Atlas continued to fight, his forceful axe crushing the landed imp to a pulp, spraying ichor in all directions. Rock watched with a sense of awe as his friend carved a swathe through the imps circling the room. Three imps dived at Atlas, each coming from a different direction. The first bounced off the Dwarf's mailed shirt in two pieces. The second slammed into the roof of the room. Atlas managed to sidestep the third, striking it with his elbow as it passed.

The axe from his left hand followed it across the room, pinning it to the wall. Another imp dived at the Dwarf as he darted towards his hammer. A mailed fist caught the imp around the throat, throwing it across the room. Rock saw his opening, swinging the hammer with all his might. The imp exploded. There was no other way to describe what happened. Wrenching his axe from the wall, Atlas advanced menacingly towards the broodmother. Rock decided to try and distract the beast, to give his friend a clear shot at its back.

An inarticulate cry of rage and the joy of battle. Atlas had to admit to being impressed by the sheer volume of the warcry. The broodmother seemed to share his sentiments, turning to attack the younger Dwarf. The problem was she was trying to attack just as Rock had started swinging his hammer. Rock's hammer blow caught the broodmother in the chest, throwing her back. The broodmother's claws raked across his cheek instead of ripping through the armour on his chest.

Atlas took full advantage of the opening Rock had just made for him, dashing forwards and swinging both axes for the broodmother's exposed back. The axe in his right hand bit dip, the rune glowing as it carved through the beast's scaly hide. Ichor seeped from the wound as the broodmother shrieked in pain and outrage. The remaining imps dived for Atlas, falling towards him like shooting stars. The axe in his left hand caught the first across its shoulder as it dived, spraying its innards across the blade. The haft of his right axe caught the second imp in midair, driving it back. The last two imps were moving too fast for him to stop. One bounced into his chest. He crushed that one in a bear hug, feeling a sharp pain in his nose.

The imp had bitten him. The last of the imps had flown past him, but judging by the look on Rock's face, it hadn't made it very far. The Dwarves stood tall, one on either side of the broodmother, Atlas swaying slightly as the venom made him feel light-headed. They would need to finish this fight off quickly, then find an apothecary.

Kahlan considered Tybalt's question about where the other robberies had taken place. Taking the slip of paper from a pocket, she quickly looked over the other locations that had had items stolen. All but one of them were—roughly—to the west of their current location. Kahlan double-checked what had been taken from the sole spot to the east. Bonemeal. She cursed, drawing a glance from the other two with her.

"Bonemeal," she explained. "The only place east of here that got robbed had bonemeal taken. Which means someone may be stupid enough to try the ritual I mentioned earlier."

"What if they could actually perform the ritual properly?" Tybalt asked.

"Then we're in trouble. Serious trouble."

"There's a college of magick here, right?" Xan asked the others, who nodded. "Then perhaps we should pay them a visit, find out if they know anything about this particular ritual. Who knows, they might be able to help us stop it if it's that bad."

Oan and Emily were back in their quarters, discussing the events of the morning.

"What I don't understand," Emily said, confused. "Is why they were told to kidnap me. I'm hardly the most effective member of this group."

"You're not," Oan agreed, holding up a hand to forestall any protest. "Well, you are a valuable member for your contributions, but you're right about not being the most combat effective member of this group. Or the stealthiest. But you can hold your own, and that's enough. You can fight back, and that's even better. So, whoever wanted you either didn't know this; or wasn't prepared for you to have friends with you. Or—and this is more disturbing—they only wanted you, they didn't care about anyone else. Just you. Which implies some kind of vendetta, or perhaps they think they could ransom you off."

"That would be kind of difficult, considering Kate is the closest thing I have to family anymore—and she's probably behind everything. Well, the daemons attacking anyway. And… and—wait, did they say I was supposed to be delivered to Vidan, of all places?"

"They did," Oan's brow furrowed. "I thought that was odd too. Vidan has been abandoned for years now, and all signs point to the daemons owning every inch of it."

"Maybe… could they have wanted me for my magick?" Emily asked suddenly. "Blue mages are supposed to be really rare, right?"

Oan nodded. Throughout all his travels–and they were many, being a Ranger—he had heard of only a handful of blue mages. None of them had been Seers. "It's possible. But even you didn't know until it was pointed out to you in Darrow."

"What if it was say… part of a prophecy?"

"It's possible, but ask yourself what kind of prophecies would involve Vidan?"

Emily shivered at the thought. "Not good ones, that's for sure. Maybe that's why we need to find the real Fateweaver. Track down Reithon."

"We'll have to wait for the others to get back, Xan, or Kahlan. Tybalt might be able to help. I really don't want to owe Kraytor anything, so we won't ask him unless we absolutely have to."

Emily just nodded. She smiled, heading for the door. "Hey, it's about lunchtime, isn't it?"

In the Hollow, Marcus and Kraytor were chasing down leads. The problem was, most of them were false. It was Karytor's fault. He was, in fact, too good at intimidating the destitute vagrants and small time criminals that lived in the Hollow. Any of the more organized criminals—and Marcus was sure there were quite a few in Hygar—had the sense to quietly slip away before they approached. Several times he had seen signs of something recently abandoned, but Kraytor would not be swayed from his singular purpose of finding someone who knew about Reithon.

And now they had. A young woman, another vagrant, but apparently she had ties to—well, she never said who. She mentioned a cursed item, a music box. It had been given to Reithon as a present by someone claiming to represent Élise Sanna. He had never been able to get rid of it. A fact that had interested Kraytor greatly. So much so he had almost dropped the young woman. Almost.

Kraytor: 6/16 HP [Minor Bleeding]
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Atlas: 15/19 HP [Poisoned—Imp Venom]
Rock: 14/19 HP
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP

Broodmother Damage: 16 [Torn Wing, Bleeding]
Imps Remaining: 0
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"Your right, we should, but I really want to check the site to the east and maybe one if those others if it's on the way to the college." He turned to Kahlan, "this ritual you mention wouldn't have anything to do with daemons would it? What kind of soulstone was it?
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"I'm afraid I don't know what the ritual entails," she replied. "Where is the college anyway? If we can, it'd be a good idea to visit some of the other thefts en route."
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Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on March 13, 2014, 11:39:12 am
"Thank you for your cooperation."

Kraytor dropped the now lifeless body to the floor. He felt good, better than he had for a while. Such a heady power, who else could possibly understand?

"Did you kill her?"

Marcus walked back around the corner from his own investigations. He did not sound pleased. That was the problem with the great warrior, he was so.. good, noble, honest.

Thinking quickly Kraytor raised a hand to his face and dragged a sharp nail down his cheek, drawing blood. Then he turned to the warrior so he could see the wound.

"She attacked me after she told me what happened, didn't appreciate my behaviour it seems. I reacted, lashed out. . ." He started walking over to Marcus and put a hand on his shoulder. "She was more fragile than I had expected. I would never have hurt her after she had helped us. I am not a bad person despite my reputation." The shaman let a tone of regret seep into his voice. All of this backed by a push of honesty into the mind of the warrior and he pushed the idea of him not being a bad person deep into Marcus mind.

[dicerolls: ]

Marcus blinked a few times. "Of course you wouldn't, you are a good man, maybe misunderstood, but honourable. I trust you. Anyway, I think we should go back and find Oan and Miss Rose, we have news and they may have found something of interest as well."

"An excellent plan friend. Lead on."

Kraytor extended an arm indicating the warrior should lead.

"I always have your back." He said with his trademark grin.
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Marcus & Kraytor's Searching (

Atlas watched as the broodmother turned to face him. Its face cracked with a feral smile, the beast's remaining wings allowing to take flight. It felt like fire was coursing through his veins. It made him slow. The point of the broodmother's sting glanced off his armour as Atlas rolled clumsily to the side. Rock ran at the creature, bringing his hammer crashing down in a great arc. The broodmother whirled, enveloping itself within the protective cocoon of its wings. It felt like hitting the side of a mountain.

Atlas took the opening, swinging hard with the axe of sharpness in his right hand. A surge of white fire inside his arm caused his strike to glance from the broodmother's wing instead of hacking through it. Instead, the axe skated across the wing, burying itself in the scales next to the monster's spine. The broodmother whirled, springing backwards, away from the dwarves. She moved so quickly that Atlas lost his grip on the axe of sharpness. The broodmother moved to the furthest corner of the room, as if taunting the dwarves to chase her.

Rock decided to a little taunting of his own. Atlas could no longer hear properly, but it seemed his companion was doing something usefully loud to draw the monster back to them. It was working. It was obvious from the surprise on Rock's face that he had not expected it to work that well. The broodmother slammed into him full force, its claws opening a great gash through his armour and drawing blood from deep cuts along his left arm. Atlas charged in, swinging wildly with his remaining weapon. Something on the floor—or perhaps something from the poison—tripped him, sending him sprawling into the broodmother's backhanded attack.

Atlas rose groggily, trying to clear his vision. He was seeing double. Not a good sign. The broodmother advanced on Atlas, forcing Rock to give chase to keep it away from his newest friend. With a scream of inarticulate rage he swung the hammer with all his might, a sideways spin that ended with a horrific cracking sound. The broodmother staggered sideways, ichor pouring from its fanged maw. Purplish ichor sizzled against the metal of Rock's hammer, coating most of the head in gore. Rock drew the hammer back, sure the the beast was dead.

Fire burning in his veins, his vision nearly white, Atlas took his axe in both hands and swung as hard as he could. The rune of force glowed a baleful red when the axe struck the broodmother between the legs, just above the sting. The monster's dying shrieks hurt his ears almost as much as the venom was burning his body. The broodmother staggered sideways, her side staved in by a hammerblow, and and axe stuck in both her back and her belly. With a final rattling shriek she fell, keeling over backwards in an ugly heap of scale and ichor.

"Aye, good work laddie," Atlas smiled at Rock through the pain. Then he blacked out.

"It's not much further," Tybalt promised, leading the others towards Hygar's college of magick. Despite the city's general lack of respect for mages, it was fairly well signposted. It was also, somewhat surprisingly, one of the largest halls available. The entrance was flanked by enormous square pillars, carved with deep angular lines, supporting massive lintels. The carved lines were filled with something that burned like fire on the left, and shone like ice on the right. Upon closer inspection it appeared to some form of enmeshed glass, probably made by the first mages to claim the hall.

Tybalt raised a hand to knock, but the massive doors swung open ahead of him. A giant composed of various pieces of machinery knelt to face the runesmith and his friends. It spoke with a deep, melodious voice.

"Who enters the Arcane Halls?"

"Tybalt Defet, Runesmith."

"Kahlan. Healer."

"Xan Sorvu—and Larry—Summoner and Healer."

The construct narrowed its eyes, giant blue orbs of light. All three realised it was scanning them somehow. The construct took its time in replying. "You may pass."

An older man with close cropped salt and pepper hair strode from beneath the construct, waving it back.

"Lokar Magnusson, Artificer," he smiled, extending a hand to the three standing in front of him. He waved at the construct behind him with his left hand. "And that's Sigfreid. Or Fred."

Tybalt took the proffered hand first, shaking it firmly. "And what, exactly, is Sigfreid?"

"He's a construct—it's a kind of golem peculiar to Nyrvan, the god of Technology."

Lokar extended his hand to Kahlan. "You're from Darrow?"

"In a way," she replied cautiously. "But where I'm from is not important. I think someone might be attempting a very dangerous ritual."

"Then we should speak with Kjellson, he's our resident expert on ritual magicks. He's also a Naturomancer."

"A shaman?" Xan attempted clarification.

"No, a Naturomancer is something quite different. I'll let him explain more when we get there. He's been trying to explain it to lady Cyven for some time as well, but she's missing a key point."

"Which is what?" Kahlan was curious.

"It can't be forced."

Lokar led them past a number of other mages, sparring in small circles. Sparring physically. On the mezzanine above them other mages exercised their true powers, attempting to blast targets hanging from the ceiling. Their guide led them down a smaller corridor, then up several flights of stairs. Finally, they traveled through a narrow corridor that opened into a large study. The floor appeared sunken, steps descending from all sides, with a raised dais in the middle of the room. On that dais stood a desk. At that desk sat a young man with an intense look of concentration on his face, his finger tracing a line of text on the parchment in front of him.

"Kjellson, you have visitors," Lokar spoke softly.

Kjellson tapped his finger against the parchment, then rose. Everyone could see his hair tied back in a complex warrior's braid that extended halfway down his back. What was more interesting was the shock of white running from his left temple and down through the entire braid. There was a small scar running down his cheek beneath the white hair. He moved with purpose, and a restrained kind of dignity. Kjellson stood in front of the desk, hands clasped behind his back.

"So, you are the visitors to the Arcane Hall. Tell me visitors, why has Lokar sought my counsel?"

"Someone is attempting a very dangerous ritual," Kahlan spoke up, advancing towards the dais. "Soulstone, bonemeal, silver—I think—but they lack other components."

"You think the thefts in the Lesser Kinsman district are connected?"

"We've been there, we felt it. A trace of magick not from around here."

Kjellson held up his hands, retreating behind his desk once more. He reached into one of the drawers, withdrawing an ancient tome. "Give me a moment."

There was silence save for the rustling of paper and an impatient tapping. Kjellson flicked through the book rapidly, his hands a blur as he traced things from almost every page. Everything seemed to freeze as the young mage uttered a single syllable.


"What?" Xan asked hurriedly, his foot still tapping. "What is it?"

"Bad. Very, very bad. Apocalyptic if this person is attempting the ritual given here."

"What does the ritual do?" Kahlan strode towards the desk, trying to get a better look at the book. Tybalt followed her.

"Ruin," Kjellson slammed his fist against the edge of the desk. It sounded like thunder echoing from the walls. "The idiots are trying to summon Ruin!"

He turned to face Tybalt, extending a single finger in his direction. "Runemsmith, tell me, has anything been stolen?"

"No. Master Liwiiz hasn't said anything about that."

"That is where your thief is likely to strike next, gaining the final ingredients for his master's ritual," Kjellson took a deep breath, managing to calm himself. "Stop them. All of you. You have to stop this here, now, because the final component is too easy to come by. Blood. Once they raid the runesmith's hall, that's all they'll need."

Marcus continued to follow Kraytor through the hollow, a slight feeling of unease nagging at the back of his mind. He had a feeling Kraytor had done something wrong—very wrong—but for some reason he trusted Kraytor more than usual. His memory was a little foggy, unclear. It was like an unknown word balancing on the tip of his tongue. He just couldn't find what was wrong. Maybe he needed to trust Kraytor. Maybe the danger down here was more magickal in nature. Did we fight a mage? Marcus couldn't even answer that. What if it was an illusionist. We wouldn't remember that then, would we?

It was getting closer to lunch time, and they still hadn't found any more leads as to the whereabouts of Aerys Reithon. All they knew about was the music box, probably cursed, definitely magickal in nature. With nothing else to go on, they had no idea where to start looking for the man. They considered rejoining the others, or at least finding Oan and Emily to continue their search in force. It seemed likely the ranger would track better on his own, and neither Marcus or Kraytor was exactly inconspicuous. They decided to have lunch at one of the rougher establishments in the Hollow itself. More information might present itself. Or an opportunity to knock some skulls. Either one suited them.

"I remember something from the skydock in Cyven," Emily spoke casually, spearing a chunk of potato with her fork. "There was a board, with counters on it. They moved on their own. They were linked to the airships somehow. Do you think we could use that kind of magick to find Reithon's music box?"

Oan raised an eyebrow. "Maybe, if it has the same sort of enchantment on it. It would probably be easier to find someone with good magesight, and let them scry it out."

"Well, I'm sure Kahlan or Xan could find it. Maybe even Tybalt. But how close would they have to be?"

"I really don't know. It could be a few feet. Or it could be hundred of yards. I don't really know how magesight works. I know it's hard for mages to describe, as it has more to do with 'feeling' magick than seeing anything. I…" Oan shrugged expressively.

The rest of lunch was spent with idle banter, and a few minutes explaining some basic tracking methods to Emily. It was about the most normal meal any of them had shared in some time.

Kraytor: 6/16 HP [Minor Bleeding]
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Atlas: 7/19 HP [Poisoned—Imp Venom, Concussed, Unconscious]
Rock: 4/19 HP [Bleeding]
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP

Broodmother Damage: 37 [Torn Wing, Bleeding, Crushed]
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"If all they need is blood, why bother going to the runesmith's hall?" Kahlan asked. "Couldn't they just kill some people and get it that way? Or does it have to be specially treated or something?"

"Also, is there anyone we could send to deliver a message? We should let our friends know what's going on."
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"Runesmiths have lots of rare and unique materials that we use, both in invoking runes, and inscribing them. They, whoever it is, is still looking for one."

Tybalt turned to Kjellson, "What do they still need?"
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Kraytor and Marcus found a somewhat rough looking tavern slash hole in the wall that served what could be called food in poor light.

The spell in Marcus mind was still going, and even when it wore of, it could be tugged on to make him swing Kraytors way if needed. He felt a little bit bad for doing it really. The hulking warrior was a nice guy, honest. But Kraytor wasn't, he did what he needed to do to get the job done. He needed the warrior on side when it mattered.

The meat was delivered to the table without a word from a sullen looking and greatly scarred man. It was cooked. Not well, but it was cooked. There wasn't much else to be said about it.

The shaman deactivated the spell in Marcus mind. He needed him to be able to think for himself.

"Once we have eaten, we should find the others. I think there is something bigger going on here. Unless anyone here decides to speak with us that is. More information is always a good plan."
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After their meal, Oan and Emily went for a walk, chatting idly about anything and everything, Oan occasionally asking Emily to explain what she saw to help her observation, which would further help her tracking.

An hour or so later Oan stopped and asked Emily to glance at a person and describe everything she could about them

"Your height, brown hair, blue cloak, leather boots, sword on his right hip - a rapier I think, or a scimtar I'm not sure..." she was about to continue when Oan held up a hand to stop her.

"Follow me" he said simply. "Don't react, just follow me." and with that he started walking. Not at a brisk pace, but as if he had somewhere to be.  He took a few turns and eventually wound up in a long alley, a dead end.

"This'll do" he whispered as they turned down the alley. "Draw your pistol, but don't fire unless I say so" and with that he drew his sword, waiting in the shadows.

30 seconds passed. A minute. Oan could feel Emily's anxiety, she wanted to ask what was going on but he made a gesture for her to be quiet as a figure came to a cautious halt at the entrance. Slowly, steadily the figure approached. 20 feet.

15 feet.


The figure was just the other side of the boxes Oan had hidden behind as the Ranger threw himself over them, tackling the figure to the ground, knife held at his throat.

"I don't like being followed" he growled. "Who are you?"

"What's the matter Oan? Don't remember your old friends any more?" came the answer, with a brief laugh.

The figure slowly raised a hand and pulled back his hood and Oan pulled back in shock.

"Maggs?" He stood, but didn't sheath his blade. "What are you doing here?"

"Your father sent me." the newcomer replied. [Reserved for description following stat roll] "I have news, is there somewhere we can talk, privately?"

"And can she lower that pistol yet?" he added with a slight smile.

"Emily, come on out. And yes, you can put the pistol away. For now at least." Oan replied. "Come on" he added to Maggs, "I'll take you somewhere we can talk."

OOC: Rav, feel free to point out if there's anything you'd like changing about this. I'll post a description once I've got stats etc for this guy. Also, is the name Maggs Caober acceptable or does it not really fit with the name theme for Wulfstead?
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Rock panicked for a few painful moments, thinking his friend had fallen victim to the beast. He collected himself and recalled his usual method of seeing if things were still alive: putting his ear to their chest and listening for a heartbeat. Once he was sure that Atlas was still alive, he quickly pulled the axes from the broodmother's body and hauled the other Dwarf across his shoulder for the trip home.

Home... He had another moment of panic as he realized he didn't know where to go. He started by trying to make his way back to the bounty board, the last important place he remembered being before coming here.
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Rock Patching Up (
Rock's Healing Roll (

Rock was bleeding. There was pain, but it was not bad. He knew about bandages. He knew how to apply them. A few herbs that could be made into a healing paste. He reached into his satchel, drawing out the herbs, chewing on them, then spat them out, spreading the paste on his cuts and scratches. Rock ripped the torn sleeve of his hide shirt off. It was useless now anyway. He ripped it into strips, wrapping it around his injured arm, something that made him look even wilder, more animalistic.

The younger dwarf looked over at Atlas again, wondering when his friend was going to awaken. He was still breathing. His heart still beat strongly—Rock had checked. He could see the bite mark on Atlas's nose, where the imp had sunk its fangs into his friend's flesh. Rock remembered Atlas saying the venom caused a lot of pain—but he said nothing about it killing people—only that it really, really hurt. So his friend was probably safe. But it would probably be a good idea to find the young woman with the red hair—the healer with the group. She can fix everything else, right?

Feeling rather stronger for the fight, Rock hefted his kinsman across his shoulders, and found out the hard way that Dwarves were never light. Ever. It was hard work, but they made it to the bounty board, Rock more dragging than carrying Atlas by the end of it. A few paces from the board the younger dwarf tripped on something sticking up from the floor. Dusting himself off, Rock set to trying to wake his friend. It took him nearly ten minutes and a lot of strange stares from passers by, trying everything from a slap across to smelling salts. What finally worked was trying to take one of Atlas's spare throwing axes.

"An' jus' what d'ye—oh, it's you laddie," Atlas remembered where he was. Who he was with. "Good fight tha' was. Eh, 'ow long was I out?"

"Yeah," Rock stood, clenching his fists in triumph. "Smash monsters good. You sleeping long time. Need drink."

"Aye, a drink'd do us good ah reckon," Atlas had no idea what a long time was to Rock. Well, they were somehow near the bounty boards again. They could deal with contract shortly, for now, there were more pressing matters at hand. "C'mon laddie, I think we earned ourselves more'n a drink."

Kjellson looked at the three mages in front of him, frowning dubiously. They had just asked—but they had no training in ritual magick. Well, the runesmith might have, but it was likely none of them knew the specifics of this ritual. If they had been sent by whoever it was trying to enact it… well, he'd find out soon enough.

"I can't tell you what they'll take, because it depends on who—or what—their victim will be. Argent powder is likely if the victim is noble. Naptha and dragon's blood if the victim is a mage. Moons' Ash if the victim is a young woman. There are more, of course, but the point is unless you know who this person plans to sacrifice, you don't know what they'll take. However, as this is likely the only thing they need to complete the ritual, it is likely they'll strike the runesmith's hall tonight, or tomorrow at the latest."

"Why so soon?" Kahlan asked, intrigued and more than a little concerned.

"Because in two days the lesser moons will be showing in full, and Cronos will have masked its face in shadow."

Tybalt swore. So did Kahlan. Xan just stood there—but his thoughts echoed his companion's words.

Marcus and Kraytor left the tavern—only known as such by the fact it had a painted sign next to the crack in the wall that served as a door. No opportunities for tracking down Reithon had presented themselves. Neither had they been engaged in anything resembling a fight. Word was obviously getting around that they were not to be messed with. Marcus had noticed more than a few furtive glances sent their way during lunch. A lot of them had lingered on Kraytor. A dangerous amount. But the massive shaman made his way unhurriedly out of the Hollow. Those lingering gazes had held no small amount of fear. Marcus tried to figure out why.

They'd been hunting for information, of course. They hadn't got anywhere until they found the girl. That was it, the girl. Karytor had done something. She had given them information about Reithon's music box, and then Kraytor had—what had he done? Marcus wasn't sure. What he could remember told him that whatever had been done was not good. And that was probably the reason no-one was bothering them as they left this miserable hole. It was time to try and find the others. Oan and Emily at least. Hopefully their search had been successful.

Kraytor: 6/16 HP
Kahlan: 15/15 HP [Scarred — Chest]
Oan: 15/15 HP
Marcus: 21/21 HP
Tybalt: 16/16 HP
Xan: 14/14 HP
Atlas: 7/19 HP [Poisoned—Imp Venom, Concussed]
Rock: 7/19 HP
Emily: 15/15 HP
Thomas: 16/16 HP
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"So, we'll set up an ambush at the runesmith's hall. We should see if our friends can assist us. May I borrow a pen and paper?" Kahlan quickly wrote a message for the others, telling them of the situation and asking them to come help, before giving it to someone to deliver it. Then she turned back to Kjellson. "Will any of the mages here be joining us?"
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"The guards at the guild halls and any Runesmiths that are starting should be plenty of backup. We don't want too many extra people around cause we might scare off the robber and we'll be tripping over each other. We definitely needs the others to join us though. I have a feeling having Marcus and his hammer about will be a good idea."
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Kraytor and Marcus made their way back to the city, people parting like a sea before them. Kraytor felt in his element, feared and respected by the mundanes around him.

As they rounded a corner a spry looking fellow approached them with no small amount of caution.

"Ummm. . .Marcus and Kraytor, by. . .by chance?"

"Yes, what do you what man?"

"I come with a message for you from Mistress Kahlan, to join them at the Runesmiths Hall. It sounded rather urgent sirs."

Kraytor nodded his understanding, and Marcus handed the man a couple of silver for his trouble.

As they moved on in a little more of a hurry, it occured to them that neither of them actually bothered to ask where the damn place was. . . Oh well. Information was easily obtained.
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Oan and Emily returned to the tavern, Maggs in tow. As they sat Maggs lowered his hood Oan realised how much his friend had changed. The mischievous spark which used to light up his face was lessened somehow, more of a twinkle in the eye that showed potential of mischief. Oan guessed the scar on Magg's cheek had something to do with that.

Oan sat next to Emily and gestured for Maggs to sit across from them. "You said you had news" Oan commented, as he sat with his hands interlocked on the table. He knew Emily didn't need the amulet to know how tense he was, but it was with good reason. When he'd left for Perro's Folly he'd left specific instructions for Maggs to remain in Wulfstead with the militia.

"I do" Maggs replied with a nod. "This isn't as private as I would've liked, but it'll do. Firstly though, I have a letter for you." With both hands clearly visible, he reached into his tunic and took out a sealed letter, placing it on the table. Oan recognised the seal immediately. How could he no