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Author Topic: The Undead Rise  (Read 1682 times)

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The Undead Rise
« on: December 19, 2012, 03:28:46 pm »
No matter what media you look to, there will always be Zombies, and Warhammer 40k is no exception. At present I'm reading through the Horus Heresy Novel "False Gods," within which [spoiler alert] four companies of Luna Wolves Space Marines fight against a near unending horde of zombified humanoids, later identified as the Imperial Guard regiment posted to protect the region.

Now onto what this is about.

I have on my Hard-drive, a fan-made codex that allows players to field an army of our unrelenting undead friends. Here is a link to the file, original athor SDFarsight: [link]

I think its a decent list, though obviously at this point it is dated, and needs some work done. SO I'm planning on re-working the fan-dex myself.

I however feel that the "Infection" aspect of a Zombie apocalypse is something that is easier to manage in campaigns, or something else narrative driven. in that kind of setting, you can easily add the twist of proud warriors trying (possibly in vain) to cut down previously fallen comrades, and that is an awesome story mechanic. To me though, it doesn't quite work with the mechanics of 40k. The "Transformation" into a Zombie would have to occur with such rapidity, that the simple prescence of a horde would cause a mass out-break of zombification.

Instead, I want to enforce the unrelenting and endless aspect, alongside the aspect of difficulty to my initial ideas are such:

- low cost per model

- an army wide special rule, similar to Commander Chenkov's (Imperial Guard) "Send in the Next Wave" special rule.

- Exploration on how the horde is created and how role such as command, fast attack, and heavy support could be assigned.

My current idea for how theVirus spreads is a simple one (in my mind):

The zombification is caused by an alien programmed inteligent virus. It does not kill the host, but instead overides higher brains functions. The putrifcation of the flesh is the virus turning its host into more, meaning that a small chunk of "Zombie" flesh could start an outbreak.

Thanks for reading

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