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Author Topic: GWS Paint swatches/RGB  (Read 1734 times)

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GWS Paint swatches/RGB
« on: December 22, 2012, 11:46:41 am »
I couldn't quite figure out where to post this, but this seemed the best location - sorry if it's supposed to go in another department of the forum!  :P

A close friend gifted me the new AR3P (Art Rage 3 Pro) for Christmas and, after some months of slacking since I lost my old AR2P in a crash (and all the resources I had for it), I am planning to retry my hand at digital art. However, I was immediately confronted with a (in my mind) major problem: I lost my GWS Paint Swatches! *PANIC*

I know it's not really necessary to use GWS equivalent swatches (and you can make approximations, I know that too), but it just feels 'right' using the 'proper' colours for my W40k art. It's all between my ears, I am sure.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask - has anyone seen any CRISP Paint Swatches of the new Citadel Paint Range that are true-to-colour in rendering (i.e. swatches that could be used to drop-sample in digital art)? Or, conversely, the plain old RGB codes of the new paint range?

I've just spend an hour or two across the net from DeviantArt to DakkaDakka, but I can't find it... and I can't really believe nobody has yet made such a reference for use in digital art (of the new range of paints). :(
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