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Title: Online Dice Rollers
Post by: Narric on November 21, 2018, 12:12:27 am
Putting this out there so we can all benefit from it.

What we're looking for in an Online Dice Roler is:
- Free/Open Source
- Versatile algorythm (for complex dice rolls)
- Verifiable to ensure no cheating/god-modding.

If you're unaware, an old site we used a lot for our on-forum RPGs was Invisible Castle. Sadly, the site no longer works. I have had some quick searches for substitutes, and we have a couple:

1. Tira Dadi Online (
Seems to be a redimentary online dice roller. It sadly does not have the ability to do complex rolls such as 1D6+3, but we can roll multiple dice per line, either by inputting "XDY" (Where X is the number of dice and Y is the number of faces) or for multiple different rolls "XDY,ADB" (Where X and A is the number of dice and Y and B is the number of faces).

2. Hamete Virtual Dice Server (
Similar to above, it can however process modifiers. However, does not have a public dice log. This is a registration benefit.

3. PBEGames Dice Roller (
This one seems to be pretty good for what we need. verifiable dice log, versatile rolling algorythm. Thankfully it seems to not require any sort of log-in, so no new accounts needed there.

If you know off other online Dice Rollers, or have experience with the above, leave a reply here.