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Author Topic: 1850 Mixed Daemons vs Guard  (Read 1648 times)

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1850 Mixed Daemons vs Guard
« on: March 10, 2013, 05:24:41 pm »
Well this is my first offical 6th edition game, I have played others, but either at home or vassal. Anyway this is my first store game and my first game with 6th daemons with the new codex. I figured I would lose really bad since the guard player went heavly anti-swarm. Lots of templates on the other side. Was surprised to see no Vendetta or Hydra and 3 battle cannons :facepalm001:. Anyway this game is to get an ideal on how things work and what I will add or take away or buy.

My list is as follows.

Bloodthirster: exhaulted, greater
Herald of Slaanech: master 2, exhaulted
Herald of Slaanech: greater, lesser, mount, challenge loci
Herald of Tzeentch: master 3
20 horrors, instrument
20 daemonetts, instrument, icon, aluress, 2 lesser
14 letters, upgrade, 2 lesser, instrument
10 seekers, icon
Korne prince 2 greater, lesser, winged, armour
Grinder torrent, nurgle

I went up against this as a guard list

CCS: Straken, nogg, fleet, flamerx 4
CPS: Powerfist 4 flamer
CPS: Powerfist 4 flamer
30 guardman
30 guardman
3 lascannon
3 auto cannon
10 man 3 plasma vets carapace, bastone
10 man 3 flame vets
10 man 3 melta vets
3 leman russ battle tanks, with heavy bolter sponsons
10 man 3 flame vets

The veteran squads had shot guns, but the plasma squad. It allowed him to assault and gain Straken benefit of FC.

As you can see he had a lot of guys with armour. I was surprised he had no comissar. In all honestly I do not think it would had made a real differance, but it would had kept his squads living till next turn. Although if he did had one I would had singled it out making him worthless anyway.

I do not have my book with me and going from memory. Also the same goes for his list.

Pre Game Set Up:

I forgot what it's called but it's the deployment that set up on the small board edges instead of the long board edges. I let him put the terrain on the table. Interesting enough he put a rather large piece of terrain in the middle of the board. I asked him if he was sure he wanted a 1.5 ft" ruin that block line of sight in the midde of the board. He said yes and I figured I have a chance to do decent afterall. He set up the terrain thinking long edge and when short edge came up he realised how he set up terrain benefited me rather well.

We had to place 4 objectives on the board. He was able to place first behind the huge line blocking terrain on the right side. I place my objective on the same side giving the right side two easy objectives at game start. He than put one on the left and I place the last near the other two about between the center of the board and the other two objectives. My plan was if he get the 3 objective side he wouldn't be able to shoot me until I was in his face. If I get the other side I could just sit back and let him come to me. Win Win either way. Also we rolled big guns never tire which allows heavy units to score. Meaning all his units can score :facepalm001:.

Pick Side and Deploy/ Go first:

I won the roll to set up on the 2 right side objectives and won the roll to deply and go first.

Warlord and Etc.

Guard: I forgot his trait which really wasn't helpful for him anyway. Straken=Warlord

Daemons: I got the Hatred trait. Bloodthirster=Warlord. To be honest I forgot to use it not like he need that.

Gifts, Wepons, and Powers:

Bloodthirster: The Eternal Blade, Feel no Pain +4
Herald of Slaanech: Grimoire of True Names, Puppet Master, Lash of Slaanesh
Herald of Slaanech: Greater Etherblade, Etherblade
Herald of Tzeentch: Primaris, Change, Gateway
Khorne upgrade: 2x axe of khorne
Demontte upgrade: 2x etherblades
Seekers upgrade: 2x etherblades
Prince: Axe of Khorne, Hellfire, Touch of Uncreation

After what seemed like forever I finished my rolls. My prince I liked due to the str 8 ap 1 lance shot from Hellfire. Armour and fleshbane seemed a bit over kill though.

Reserves Deep Strike:
Herald of Tzeentch and Horrors

As an after thought I should had just field those models. I didn't really notice the lack of anti- tank on the other side. Next time I have to pay attention. Also he had the guy that make it harder for me to come in via reserve. To be honest that actually helped me.

I deployed every thing behind the building. My seekers, and daemonettes was as close as possible with my two heralds joing the seeker squad. My other units was sitting on the 2 objectives.

Turn 1 Daemons:


I moved my Slaanech forces up touching the building wall in the center, so no line of sight would be able to see them. I spread out my letters and kept my grinder back at the other objective.

The rest of the turn I just sat there.

Turn 1 Guard:


He moved his troops up. It was funny since he said he could sit back and shoot. I told him I hope he does do that while I sit back and take 3 objectives winning the game due to a giant piece of terrain. He realized that I was correct and moved his forces foward.


He had some line of sight on my grinder and fire his lascannons and auto cannons into it. All I got to say thank you 3+ cover save. One battle cannon was able to see my letters killing 2. I went to ground, yes I can go to ground with daemons again. Just a side note that means Nurgle gtg have a +4 save in the open and a +2 save in terrain. Wonder what I am getting now.

Turn 2 Daemons:

No reserves come in thanks to needing a 4+. I was able to get my 3+ invulnerable save. I moved my Daemonettes to the top of the board where his heavy weapons teams and 2 30 man squads was coming from. I sent my seekers to deal with the 4 squads of vets and the command squad coming from the bottom.

I moved my Grinder towards the bottom objective to be out of sight from the lascannons and auto cannons.


I used puppet master and had the 30 man squad the was by me fire into the other 30 man sqaud with 52 lasgun shots. I was able to kill 11 guardsmen off with their own shooting. I tried my beam power, but he denied the witch.


My seekers assaulted the melta vets and killed them all. The upgrade character with master crafted power weapons was helpful, 2 ap two weapons. They did too well and was left out in the open.

The Daemonettes was able to have 8 models, upgrade, and both heralds in combat. My challenge Herald challanged his commaner with power fist. He tried to have someone step in for him than I showed him he can't. Also I pointed out that character can't even join the squad anyway hince 35 man squad. It didn't matter anyway since I killed his commander with 7 master crafted attacks at strength five. Due to the lack of damonettes getting in combat I also poped my standard droping the guardsman to ws 2 which meant they hit me back on 5s instead of4s. The remaing daemonettes managed to kill 11 guys. I was able to wipe out the squad and get first blood. 46 guardsman dead so far.

Daemons: 2 objectives and First Blood, Guard 0

Turn Two Guard:


He moves straken and his other blob squad toward my daemonettes. The bottom portion of his army surrounds my seekers.


He fired everything he had into my daemonettes which he managed to kill 5 of them, go spreading out and 3+ invulnerable saves. My poor seekers got blown away though.

Turn 3 Daemons:

Movement: still no reserves, but got my 3+ invulnerable save. I move my daemonettes to multi assault his 2 heavy weapons teams. As an after thought I should had went for the blob. 1. His teams had nothing really to shoot at. 2. The blob was the biggiest threat to this squad.


My warpfire goes off. Before I rolled a 7 and got the str 8 pie plates that miss. This time Slannech was on my side. I glad I took instruments by the way which negated this effect on me and the str 8 pie plate one as well. I was able to wipe out a heavy weapons team, kill 2 leaving one auto gun alive and killing 1 veterans guardsman, go strength 6 rending. However this does mess up my plans. I fired into the blob with my beam killing 2 and used puppet master to fire into his cooman squad. I killed a flamer and dealt 2 wounds to Nogg.


I was out of assault range of the blob and couldn't assault the remaing heavy weapons team. If I moved toward the blob I could had assault it. Also I left my heralds too close to the front thinking I would be able to assault.

Turn 3 Guard:

At this point he poured everything he had into my daemonetts killing all but 7. I luckly still had my challenge herald still alive, but lost my +3 invul aura.

His vets closes in on the objective where my seekers used to be.

Turn 4 Daemons:

Everything auto comes in.


Well the only thing that can really shoot is my Horrors and My Herald which dealt 14 wounds to his veteran squad. No feel no pain there.

I ran my Thirster towards his forces. Also my letters moved and ran toward the objective where the seekers used to be. They was behind the wall for protection. My horrors freed my letters up on my objective on my side. Same fr the knorme prince and grinder.


My remaining nettes assaulted his blob with my Challenge Herald killing his commander and the nettes killing 8 guardsman. He ran and I cought him again. This squad so far has killed 71 guardsmen! Awesome!

Turn 4 Guard:

He fired every thing into my prince which did nothing. He fired into my nettes reducing them to 6 killing my challenge herald. I was able to kill two guardsmen, but straken and nogg beat up my poor nettes.

Turn 5

At this point my Thirster flew toward his command squad and just owned it. My horror/ herald squad wiped out another vetran squad, even with deny the witch on my horrors. My grinder killed Bascone squad wit strength 6 flamer and harvester.

At this point we called the game. With just 3 russes left and two flying daemons that can rip tem to shreds he simply wouldn't be able to win.

At this point I had 3 objectives and line breaker, first blood, and slay the warlord


Even though I won I made a lot of mistakes. My daemonetts would had been able to kill the blob and his hq squad with me claiming all 4 objectives. If I remember to place the +3 invul giver in the back like I should had I would had done better.

I also noticed that I really didn't need to come in via deep strike. My daemonettes was litterally taking on most of his army and doing well. The benefit of running two squads is I can hope from a depleated squad to a fresh squad giving it a 3+ invulnerable. I understand that it can backfire and I get a +6 invul, but I have to say it worked really well.

I also may take allies now. I notice that daemons lost it's ranged anti tank. it's still there, but subject to the luck of the dice. I am thinking of getting chaos marines to help with that department. I am looking at taking oblits and the flyer. I just have to figure out troops and hq.

Also I am thinking of taking nurgle troops for th +2 cover save as well.