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Author Topic: 1k Tau vs Necrons  (Read 1536 times)

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1k Tau vs Necrons
« on: April 21, 2013, 05:59:58 am »
This is now my second game with Tau. The Necron player was gonna play a 3 player free for all, but since a 4 way will take longer we decided to play each other. I basicaly took out units from my 1850 list to make my 1k list. The cool thing about this battle was I learned a few things in this game which will hopefully help me for future games.

Chicop76 Tau

Commander: Plasma, Missile, force field
Etheral: night sight upgrade
12x Firewarriors
12x Firewarriors
Ripetide: Fusion, Ion, skyfire, intercept
Hammer Head: blacksun filter, stealth, submunition, over watch
Skyray: Blacksun filter, stealth, over watch
Pathfinder: x8 x3 railguns

The Dual Special lord Necrons   

The lord that can teleport units
The lord that can take abilites away and give it to his troops
The armour 13 crab walker that fires 2 melta shots
6 strength seven toughness 5 guys
8 immortals tesla
8 immortals tesla
8 immortals tesla
4 scrabs

Was hoping to go against a bunch of armor 13, wraiths, or flyers. What I saw I wasn't really scared of what I saw. The main problem will be his lords and his walker. Other than that not really terrified or scared to go against the crons.

Warlords: Tau Commander and the Lord that takes away stealth

Eternal War Mission: Big Guns Never Tire

Deployment Map: Dawn of War

Fortifications: None

Objectives: 5 Objectives

Warlord Traits; Worthless Traits

Roll Off: My opponent won the roll to choose deployment zone and to deploy Objectives first. I was able to go first and deploy

Seize the Initiative: none

Deployment Tau:

     Losing the deployment roll realy hurted me. 3 objectives for starters is on his side. Also the terrain was setup much better on his side with 3 buildings he could deploy in. On my side I had a little building in the middle and therest of terrain was 18" from my board edge. From my left to rigth I deployed my Hammerhand in the left corner behind a ruin. Next my pathfinders occupied the only building in my deplyment zone. Next my Etheral and both fire warriors was out in the open, but terrain did give them a cover save due to los. To the far rigght was my commander with my riptide in front of my skyray giving it a cover save.

Chaos Alliance Deployment:

      He deployed his two immortal squads behind two building in both the left and right corners near two objectives. His walker was on my left was behind a building with 4 scarbs which I think the intent is to take out my hammerhead. His teleporting lord is with the strength 7 guys and his other lord is with the other immortsl squad out in the open near the third objective in the middle.


As an after thought I forgot it was big guns never tire and I should had deployed the skyray near the objective near my zone. My Hammerhead was near enough to the other one if I needed to claim it.

Tau turn 1:

     I give the riptide 4d6 movement and the Etheral gives a +6 feel no pain bubble

Movement:      I moved everything up besides my pathfinders and my skyray.


     The way terrain is set up I have no line of sight or out of range. Hince why I moved everything up. My pathfinders was alble to paint 4 lights on his scrabs which I used to fire 4 seeker missles into them wiping out the squad. Never though about the seekers being used as bug killers, as an after though I could had dropped a pie plate on them without cover saves, but the seekers wasn't a bad option. My hammerhead plus riptide drop pie plates on the immortal squad in the middle killing all of them, but his warlord.

Necrons turns 1:


     He keeps his other troop squads hided behind terrain. He goes for the deep strike his guys by my skyray. I decide not to shoot at him with my riptide due to waiting for marker lights the following turn. Unfortantely for him he mishapped and went back into reserves. The reason why I wasn't going to shoot them was I boosted 4d6 in the last turn towards his walker, by doing so if I shot at his T5 unit he would had gotten cover saves. His walker moves out of cover to get a decent shot at my hammer head. Also he takes away stealth from my hammerhead.

     He was out of ranged or everything didn't have los. His walker fired and managed to glance my tank.

Tau Turn 2

         I give my guys +6 feel no pain and attempt to give the Riptide a +3 invulnerable save since he was so far up the middle. I failed the roll and my Riptide rcieved a wound.

      Same as before with the exception of my rip tide moving within 6" of my right squad. I decide i will have the right squad and advance to get the objective in his deployment and have my left squad head for mid. In the 4th turn I can allways use my skyray to get the other mid objective near my deployment zone. Since i really had nothing to shoot at I move my Skyray to the closest objective.


       Besides his walker i had nothing to shoot at. I hit but fail to do anything thanks to bad rolling.

Necrons turns 2

     Steals stealth from my hammerhead and was able to deep strike his Elite toughness 5 squad back on the board near the middle objective.

      Moves his walker near my hammerhead, and have his squad on the right advance in terrain to get the objective on the right.
       Fired at my hammerhan and failed to damage it. Ran with his far right squad on top of the objective.


Turn 3 Tau:




Turn 3 Necrons:



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