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Author Topic: [Kill Team] Khornate Heretic Astartes Ja'Khul's Chosen  (Read 2340 times)

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[Kill Team] Khornate Heretic Astartes Ja'Khul's Chosen
« on: October 24, 2018, 04:11:52 pm »
Butcher squad Ja'Khul's Chosen

Ja'Khul is a fearsome Daemon Prince that resides on a daemon world deep within the eye of terror. His chosen butchers are released like hounds to hunt down various quarry, whether it be Khorne's enemies, worthy opponents or glorious prey. To find yourself in battle with these psychotic madmen is either a sign that you have attracted the attention of Khorne, or that you are deeply unlucky. The heretically inclined may consider being targeted by Ja'Khul's chosen as a high honour, but most would believe themselves to be in the worst kind of nightmare.

[Leader specialist] Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion - Great Chainaxe (counts as Powerfist) 17pts
Skallagrimsson is the imposing and brutal Champion elevated to corral Ja'Khul's chosen, due to his relatively composed (though oppressive) demeanour. He rose to prominence by single-handedly wiping out most of Ja'Khul's previously assembled butcher squad when they were sent to test his mettle. He is rarely seen without his massive two-headed Chainaxe 'Skald', but if disarmed has proven that he is more than happy to use his bare hands and teeth to bring glory to Khorne.

[Zealot specialist] Chaos Space Marine - Chainsword - 12pts
Baetal 'The Bloodhound' relentlessly tracks and eviscerates his targets in the name of Khorne. Eons ago Baetal's face was destroyed in brutal close combat with an enemy long forgotten (presumed dead). Such was his rage that he continued to fight any that dared approach him, friend or foe. Eventually his brethren gave up attempts to inter his ruined form in a dreadnought, leaving him for dead. Khorne was not willing to lose so savage and implacable a killer however, and so blessed Baetal with unnatural senses, enabling him to continue his bloody servitude despite his physical deformities.

[Veteran specialist] Chaos Space Marine - Bloodletter sword (counts as Chainsword and Icon of Khorne) - 17pts
Kur'ghan is an ancient warrior, once a noble Knight or Lord on one of a million backward planets in the Imperium of Man. Known at one time to favour honourable combat, he became so obsessed with becoming the ultimate warrior that chivalry and honour were replaced by mercilessness and the desire to extinguish life. Kraagesh has retained the same sword for a millenia, and after a thousand years of slaughter the weapon drew the attention of a Bloodletter spirit which now inhabits it. It lashes out and rends any unarmoured flesh that nears it's baleful blade.

[Demolitions specialist] Chaos Space Marine Gunner - Meltagun - 16pts
Strogg drew the attention of Ja'Khul when he reduced a Necron warlord to a heap of slag, during a mission to tear down a Necron tomb and replace it with a shrine to the blood god. Strogg had watched his homeworld burn from the relative safety of an Inquisitorial cruiser that was carrying out exterminatus on the planet. He had been one of the few spared, in an effort to salvage something from the lost Imperial world. The taint of Chaos, combined with this fiery vision, developed in Strogg a powerful hatred and desire to watch the Imperium burn. Over centuries the target became irrelevant, Stroog lives simply to see the galaxy immolated before him, one target at a time.

Chaos Space Marine - 12pts
Gul'dukat is a calculating, fearless spectre that relishes in the pain and death of others. Once a prefect of a cruel military order, he assisted in the genocide of entire races before the Imperium brought it's might to bear in defense of it's territories. Gul'dukat fled into the eye of terror, and found there offers of power and immortality in exchange for his service. His visage now reflects his dark soul.

Chaos Space Marine x2 - Chainswords - 24pts
Cuauhtemoc and Tlahuicole are brothers. Whether by birth or circumstance, they were raised in a bloodthirsty cult which itself was part of a warlike warrior society. Each wears the mask of a skull and seeks to out-do the other, in the number of skulls they collect, the ritual style in which they perform their killing, and their pre and post-battle rites. Totems of skulls, thrones of bone and pits of gore are all that they leave in their wake.

NB: Now that I'm a little more familiar with Kill Team, I'll probably update this post to reflect the roster format soon. I also plan to complete the full 20-man roster at some point in the near future.
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