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Author Topic: Tomb Lords - Chapter Biography [WIP]  (Read 3449 times)

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Tomb Lords - Chapter Biography [WIP]
« on: July 31, 2019, 02:32:04 pm »
Needing to consolidate the lore I have devised in my head, and hopefully get some critique on it.

Tomb Lords

The Tomb Lords are a Successor Chapter to the Imperial Fists. The Chapter follows its parent Chapters' preference for siege warfare. It was given the known Tomb World of Pyrodiah to use as its Homeworld, to ensure that if a Necron threat occurs, it will be met with the force of a Space Marine chapter.

MarineBasic DataChapter Symbol
  • Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists
  • Founding: M36
  • Chapter Master: MIA, Master of the Forge Rignios Verdex and 1st Captain Khattep Rhodes noted to be in command.
  • Homeworld: Pyrodiah (Segmentum Tempestus)
  • Fortress-Monastery:
  • Colours: Sandstone Biege, Blue
  • Speciality: Siege Warfare, Combat Against Necrons
  • Strength: Unknown
  • Battle Cry:



Doctrines and Codex Adherence

Notes to be included:

The Master of the Forge accidentally found a method to preserve Necron soldiers and weaponry when it became incapacitated, meaning Rignios was able to study the technology. At a certain point, he managed to convince the Chapter Master to include Necron Metal into the creation of the Chapters' New Marines, as well as incorporating it into a Redesigned Power Armour.

It is unknown when the Chapter Master become lost. The Chapter is now commanded by the cooperative effort of the Master of the Forge Rignios Verdex, and the 1st Company Captain Khattep Rhodes. It should be noted that the Master of the Forge has been noted to be most interested in further integration of Necron technology into the Chapters' armoury. Khettep Is favoured to be promoted to Chapter Master once the Chapter finally designates the position.

Rignios is continuously modifying his artificer armour to include more Necron technology.

Marines do not go through each company before being assigned to a tactical squad. Instead, from the moment a neophyte is inducted into the scout company, their proficiences and psychology is under scrutiny from the veteran sergeants of their squads. This is to identify how the combination of Space Marine metamorphosis is affected by the introduction of Necron metal as part of the Black Carapace implant. It can generally be described as scouts who are more aggressive are moved into the Assault Company, Precise and aim focused are inducted into the Devastator company, and generally flexible scouts are moved to the Tactical company. Infrequently a scout will be found to have latent psychic potential, as so will be seperated to become an understudy of a Chapter Librarian.
The Chapter does not maintain a Chaplain position, instead putting those with stronger convictions of faith in the emperor into positions of authority, primarily as sergeants.

The introduction of Necron metal into the Space Marine physiology reduced the chance of observable mutation in its Gene Seed. This slowly became harder to test for by the Imperium as Gene Seed Tithes came slow despite the supposed growing strength of the chapter. When the chapter failed and refused to provide Gene seed Tithe, it was labeled Excommunicatus.
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Re: Tomb Lords - Chapter Biography [WIP]
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2019, 06:58:43 am »
Looks good to me. All I will say is that the Master of the Forge jumps a bit too quickly from accidentally managing to preserve necron equipment to wanting to make it part of the chapter's armour. Not to mention the strange lack of apparent opposition to the blatant tech heresy.

Of course, these are just some things to add in the future, not actual criticisms of what you already wrote

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Re: Tomb Lords - Chapter Biography [WIP]
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2019, 08:42:32 am »
The technological heresy is something I'm having to have deep thoughts on.

Would it be wiser to have Rignios slowly integrate the necron metal first, like in replacement armour pieces to examine how well the metal integrates with the power armour? Maybe "finding" the alternate Power Armour schematic in some random catacomb of the Homeworld?

I feel I'd need some catalytic incidents on the planet in order for the chapter to be forced to use the weaponry, and so discover through experience that it might be better.
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