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Title: The Heresy (Backup) - Roleplay Thread
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I got tired of waiting, so I'm bringing it back! :P

Unfortunately, my notes are incomplete. I'll post a list of what I have in the Mechanics thread thread; the rest, I'm afraid, is lost to the Warp unless the original threads return.
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(Off-topic: I'm just getting some talking started, I hope that's fine)

It had seemed like the travelling through the Warp had taken years.

Horus turned to Alpharius. "Finally," he said, "back in the material realm. Time to take the fight to the enemy, huh?" He raised his hand in a warrior's grasp. "I also thank you for your offer of letting my men and I fight in an attempt for glory. The Luna Wolves are still seen as damaged since the attack on Cthonia. We both know that it was a glorious defence that saved my homeworld, however."

"Now, you wanted to discuss Brothers Magnus and Russ, did you not?" Horus asked.

+++Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red and Leman Russ+++

To Brother Magnus, to Brother Russ,

I hope my men have reached you and will prove useful. Captain Abaddon is eager and experienced, and will surely be an asset to your mighty Crusade. I hope our men can fight alongside each other and become as brotherly as we are.

+++Horus Lupercal to Angron +++

To Brother Angron,

I look forward to seeing you once more. May we wage glorious war together.
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Angron's ships arrived in system not long after Horus and Alpharius' ships. Just as his ship was about to translate back to the material realm, one of his Astropaths recieved Horus' message.

Quickly reading the message, he turned to the leader of First legion, 'Bring our ships into formation and then move to where you're instructed. I'll be going over to talk with my Brothers about the campgain.' With that, he quickly left the bridge for the hangerbay and a waiting transport.
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+++Message from Leman Russ to Horus Lupercal+++

Brother Horus,
Your warriors have arrived and seem eager for battle. We have drawn up our initial plans for the campaign, iterators have been dispatched and we are awaiting the reply of numerous worlds. With luck there will be little for us to do, but should a threat arise I have no doubt that our warriors will stand side by side as we would and show the enemy what happens when you choose to fight against the Emperor and his sons.
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Horus entered Angron's ship, bringing with him Captain Aximand, a son of Horus, (and if he is willing, Alpharius as well).

"Brother Angron! By Terra, it is good to see you." He hits his fist against his chest, a warrior's salute, before offering a handshake by the wrist. "Finally, we shall make good war, and make the Imperium stronger as well. I have always felt that the Warhounds and the Luna Wolves are brothers of a kind, we are small in number but strong in arms."

"Not only that, but I hear Brother Peturabo will be joining us as well, bringing with him two of his fine Chapters from the Iron Warriors. And we have Alpharius and his Alpha Legion, and of course myself and my Wolves. I don't think there is a force in the galaxy which will be able to withstand the hammer that will fall from us."

"Of course, having so many of our brothers together in one place will prove a mighty treasure indeed. May we forge many friendships." Horus leaned in, and motioned for Alpharius to listen. "Shall we talk in more private areas? I'm sure we've plenty to discuss."

+++Message from Horus Lupercal to Leman Russ, Magnus the Red and Curze+++

Good hunting, brothers.
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'Indeed Brothers, it is good to see you again. Let as retire to a briefing room and discuss this campgain.' Angron then turned and let his Brothers to a briefing room.
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Hearing that his brothers were on Angron's ship, Perturabo docked and walked to the briefing room with his captains. "Greetings, Brothers. What is the plan? My forces will be ready to crack any wall, dig out any rat, crush any resistance."
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"It seems to me the plan is simple. Alpharius goes in, weakens the enemy.We then go in and mop up anyone who dares to resist. Perturabo, no fortress, even a Forge world's one, can resist your seigecraft, so you'll take the lead on that. Alpharius is our man on the inside, he weakens the enemy, opens any doors, tells us where we strike. Me and Angron, we mop up any stragglers. Nice, clean, simple, and we all do what we do best. All agreed?" Horus smiled. He was a strong believer in making sure the right man was used for the right job.

"In other news, Magnus, Russ and Curze are launching their own Crusade, so at least they're getting glory. And yet the hero of the hour, Guilliman, is trapped inside Terra with mountains of paper work. What do you think he did to annoy Father so? Or does he just like the smell of ink rather than blood?" Horus laughed at the notion.
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Magnus stood before his men, alongside Russ.

"Gathered before me are the finest warriors under the Emperor! If you find resistance, crush it! Our Father need resources, we need food, we need iron and steel if the Imperium is to expand to its rightful place in this galaxy. Every last one of you will do us and the Father proud. Lets us march onward and to glory brothers! Let the others fight their battles, and while they are busy WE shall advance the war!"

He turned to Russ and placed a rocky hand on his shoulder.

"Let the others seek fame, we will get the job done not for recognition, but for the Imperium. I trust your men are prepared?"
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"My sons" Russ called to his assembled warriors "Yet again we have been overlooked, yet again our efforts go unnoticed, but worry not. We have the respect of our brother Legion and together we will build this Imperium of Mankind, whether the High Lords acknowledge it or not!"
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Horus laughed when he first heard it. He laughed until there were tears in his eyes. He laughed at the unfairness of it all. "Leman goes forth once more, fighting hard and winning many worlds, and is once more ignored? But Roboute, who sits in a chair with a pen and data-slate, he is called a hero! It is so unfair that it is absurd!" He looked around to Peturabo, Angron and Alpharius.

"Once more Russ is slated for someone who looks better in the pics for the people. I think it is time that my Wolves and his fight together. Angron, you are of the Warhounds? Surely you will join us? And Peturabo? Where is your acclaim? Where is your recognition?" Horus stands up, and puts a hand on the shoulders of both Angron and Peturabo. "Who broke the enemy stronghold in less than an hour for all of us? Why, only the greatest warsmith in the Imperium! And Angron, my brother, who fought side by side with my men. You deserve as much as any of us. Alpharius," Horus walked to him, and patted him on the back, "you brought entire worlds to us with words and not bullets. Without you, the war would be long indeed."

He stepped away. "Brothers, I propose a toast, and a Crusade! Let the Luna Wolves, the Space Wolves, the Warhounds, the Iron Warriors and the Alpha Legion, let us fight together and forge a name for our Legions in the stars!" He raises his glass and drinks from it.

EDITED: Removed the proposal until Turn 3 starts proper.
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It came as something of a surprise to Robute Guilliman that the Emperor had two sets of bodyguards. First were the Custodes; the second were something else entirely.

The Primarch was watching one now. He hid his observations, pretending to be busy studying the glowing reports of the myriad Crusade forces. The black-armoured Space Marine stepped over to an Adept in charge of Gene-allocation, and handed him a data slate. The Adept seemed concerned, but dutifully entered the information. Guilliman quietly checked over the new inputs himself. It was an order to allocate aspirants from the Emperor's Children to other Legionary barracks. A brief check through the logs revealed three more such orders. Guilliman cross-referenced this with the deployment details and casualty rates, and the result sent a chill down his spine. For almost a year, the Emperor's Children had been on constant front line combat. For almost a year, the Emperor's Children had been prevented from recruiting new forces.

Guilliman turned his mind to the Legion. For reasons unknown, many Legions had been afflicted with some kind of genetic abnormality... but then wasn't the same true of the Primarchs? The Emperor had embraced these elements, hadn't he? Yet the Emperor's Children, mutated into wyrd avian things, were being denied forces at the source and quietly annihilated in battle...

...elsewhere, in army groups and mustering stations across the newly forming Imperium, similar tales were being recounted. The Emperor's Children, now never seen with flesh exposed - it was believed their 'change' was far more pronounced in the younger Marines - told anyone who would listen of their plight.
"We're not even the Emperor's Children anymore," Eidolon, First Chapter Master recounted bitterly, "we've been renamed 'The Eagle Legion'. What did we do to anger the Emperor so that he would strip us of our title?"

The Emperor returned to Terra following his ministrations to the Khan's Legion. He gave a cursory examination to all reports that were offered, but it was clear to those who knew him that his mind was elsewhere. He seemed unusually distant, distracted even.

He found Guilliman and handed him a dataslate. On its screen was a report, seemingly unimportant, from a high-tier Administratum clerk praising the efforts of the Ultramarines Legion in 'bringing and maintaining order' to a world convinced to surrender by the Alpha Legion. The Emperor gave the slightest of nods, and allowed Guilliman to resume his work; there were messages to send.

Word spread that the Alpha Legion was to return to Terra. No-one was sure why, and a thousand uncertain theories bounced around the army groups: Alpharius was being honoured; Alpharius was being punished; Alpharius was to be made Warmaster... these and a thousand other explanations were all well and good, but only the Emperor knew for sure.
"They were requested to return to Terra," one astute commander pointed out. "There's no order here; the Emperor has asked them to come home. If they don't, someone else will be recalled instead."
"but why ask then? Why not order?" another replied.

Only the Emperor knew for sure, and he was unlikely to tell those who did not need to know...
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Guilliman smiled at the holithic display which depicted a glittering world of metal spinning in the air before him. He held out his gauntlet gently and cupped the world in his hand, his armoured fingers causing the hologram to flicker slightly. His Techo-Worlds, rich with knowledge and the sparkling prizes he had given to the mechanicus for research. It had gone to plan mostly and Guilliman's confidence was bolstered.
Rouboute paced the Emperor's study, glancing at a data slate and sending messages of congratulations and thanks to his brothers who had fought with his Legion to secure the Techo-Worlds. While he was pleased to be proving himself to his Father, at the back of his skull there was an itch, an itch that could only be scratched by the battle and the glory he was created for. Of course he was brilliant and masterful in his organisation and the tactics he relayed to the crusade were genius with feints, mixes of fighting styles and methods and schemes that were beyond what most mortal men could orchestrate.

At least he had plenty of time to think here. He was full of plans and ideas, but he didnt have the men to conduct them all. There was his problem. And the solution he had devised was simple - there were actually lots of men, only not enough space marines. Space marines did not have to hold the entire imperium together like a small amount of groxbutter spread over toast. They were overkill in most situations anyway, and became restless holding positions for long durations or fortifying worlds.

Rouboute strode to the window and glanced out over the shipyards at the workers, like he had done with the Emperor what seemed like decades before, when in reality it had only been months. The people of the Empire could be made into soldiers too, with the correct training which he would devise, to bring out their full potential in all aspects, and the correct motivation - fighting alongside the Astartes in glorious battle! They would flock to join his Armies in the millions!

Of course there was already the newly formed Imperial Guard, slow, disorganised, and ill supplied - a new venture where PDF armies had become mobile in space. They were lacking is so many respects. Guilliman's army would surpass them in every way, he would recruit from Maccragge and surrounding systems, train them under his marine's watchful gaze, and equip them to fight and work with his legion as the Anvil with his marines as the Hammer.
The 9th and 10th Companies were already starting training and recruitment, and he had diverted away a portion of supplies and weapons to equip them.

The 1st and 2nd were returning to Terra, where the 3rd to the 5th companies remain to conquer the surrounding systems around the new Techno-Worlds. He had ordered the 7th and 8th to stay with Horus and his legion and accept his command. Rouboute knew Horus was a stable commander who valued similar ideals as his Legion, his troops would fit in well working for Horus.
The 6th company, namely the silver tongued Captain Selus, was to talk with the Masters of the Navy Fleet, to ply them for navy warships to join the ultramrine's forces. The fleetmasters were mostly retired ship captains, decorated with honour and drinking too much amsec - Guilliman was sure Selus could pull their strings and form an alliance for the next stage of the crusade.

Rouboute slouched into the Emperor's chair, his hand gripping the pommel of his sword. So many plans ... and so far from the battles...

It was then that the Emperor returned.

Guilliman stood and smiled at his Father, who was golden and splendid in his armour, yet somehow deminished - like he carried a heavy weight in his mind.
"Father!" he beamed, but the Emperor gave a nod, handed him a data slate as he placed a hand on Rouboute's shoulder, and left for his Sanctum.
Rouboute stared down at the slate. Things were becoming curious latey...
He sat back down on the Emperor's chair; Emperor's Children, Alpha legion. He had a few mysteries to unravel before he left.
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Horus was... surprised. Very surprised, to find the Ultramarines Captain asking for an audience, and then asking to be placed under Horus' command. It seemed that Roboute was also returning to the field to be a soldier once more. Horus smiled. Was he so easily mollified, so easily pleased for his brothers? Perhaps he simply wanted to believe in the best for them.

When Alpharius heard the call from Father, Horus had gone to him. Wished him luck. Hugged him. Alpharius had done much, and was sure to be rewarded.

Horus looked over his communique. It seemed Russ would join him, and the Wolves would hunt together.

Horus heard of the newly named "Eagle Legion". He flinched at the insult of the change of name- he had all but rejected them! And he wept for he too knew the pain of mutation. Would Father reject him someday? He wouldn't allow it to stand. He would ask for them to join him, to reclaim some honour. The shame of mutation did not make a man nothing, he still meant something!

Horus went to Angron and Perturabo. "Angron, Perturabo, my brothers. I propose a new Crusade. The Imperium is young, and much of humanity is still under the oppression of the alien or the liar. We shall illuminate them. And if the alien has any under their thumb, we shall break their hand. Who is with me?" He held out his hands...

+++Horus Lupercal to Leman Russ+++

I am glad to have you with me, brother.

+++Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red+++


The Emperor's Children have been struck by mutation, and renamed the Eagle Legion. You too, know the pain of mutation, of the mind rather than the body. If we allow them to fade, they shall fall into obscurity and hidden away as shameful. I would argue it is our duty to safeguard the Legion until our brother is found to take over for them. I shall ask for a full half to join me, and fight under me until the brother has come. I would ask for you to take care of the other half.


+++Horus Lupercal to the Eagle Legion Acting Commander+++

To the Eagle Legion, this is Horus Lupercal of the Luna Wolves of Cthonia.

I feel your pain and I share your burden. I am sorry we have yet to find your father. But I am about to go onto a Crusade, and having your might will allow you to win some reknown. Who knows? Perhaps we shall find your father as well.

I will not allow you to be killed for nothing! You will win great honour, and once more, maybe win back your title as the Emperor's Children.

Consider my offer. Bring as many of you will come. I would rather care for you then see you thrown to the wolves, forgive the pun.
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Khan sat in a control room, on a battleship lurking near the edge of his home system. The ship was sweeping for pirate activity, whilst simultaneously monitoring every communique in and out of the system. The Khan was using the downtime to keep an eye on his forces, currently sweeping the surrounding systems for more worlds to bring in to the local fold, and also on the most recent communiques from High Command. There was something unsettling about the current faring of the Emperor's Children, and the unexpected renaming worried him significantly.

+++Jaghati Khan to Rouboute Guilliman+++

My informants are picking up on disturbing rumours regarding the fate of one of the other legions. As you are based around Terra for now, I hoped you would drop me a line regarding this particular turn of events. I also hear the Alpha legion is returning to Terra, though the reasoning is unclear; I am unable to be present at this time to witness the occurrences. I hope you will fill me in when the time comes.

Your brother, Jaghati
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Angron considered his Brothers words before he spoke, 'I would like nothing more then to continue crusading with you Brother, I'm afraid I have other commitments I must attend too. I will join you again as soon as I am able too.' Angron lead his Brothers back to their transports before heading to the bridge. Once he arrived he ordered a course be set for Terra.
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The Eagle Legion, such as they were, responded to Horus' call. What arrived was not a Legion fleet, but a tattered, sad affair. Barely five thousand strong and severely lacking in supplies, the Legionnaires were a shell of their former selves.

Horus watched the disembarkation. Many of the soldiers had removed their helms, something rarely done in the presence of others. Some were long-faced, pale skinned men with odd eyes and teeth that fused together to form solid, beak-like growths. Others were far more extreme, to the point that it was hard to know for sure if they had ever been Human at all.
A figure in once-fine armour saluted Horus. "Eidolon, First Chapter Master and supreme commander of the Emperors... the Eagle Legion." The man's eyes, beady and bird-like, had a terrible sorrow to them. "It is an honour to be with you."
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Content that his new forces had been blooded in battle enough to shine alongside the Legions of his brothers Russ gathered his forces and sent word to Magnus that he intended to join the campaign proposed by Horus, asking that his brother join him so that they might at last take to the field of battle together as their warriors had done.
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Rouboute scrolled the data accross the screen at an alarming rate, faster than any normal man could comprehend it, words and images flashed past his eyes and he absorbed it all.
The new Eagle Legion were being crushed slowly into the dirt through constant combat and no respite. It was due to their mutation surely. They did not conform to the Emperor's ideal of perfect warriors, and they would be slowly erased from history for that.
He thought of Khan and how recently his legion was also afflicted by mutation and gene instability... would the White scars also be consigned to being erased too, if their mutation proved uncureable?

Guilliman received a message on the viewer at that moment, from Khan himself. He read it. The thought crossed his mind to voice his concerns to Khan about the fate of the mutant Eagle Warriors, and the possibility the White Scars could meet a similar fate. But he dismissed it, it would not do to sow panic - he would speak to the Emperor, to better understand. Obviously his reasons were fair, Rouboute was simply yet to understand them.

He read Khan's message again, the Alpha Legion were acting strangely if reports and data were anything to go by; convincing worlds to surrender? But he was sure the Emperor could make Alphurius see reason or unearth the truth once he was summoned. Guilliman would be with the Emperor, at his side, when Father spoke to the Alpha legion primarch. He would insist upon it.

+++ Rouboute Guilliman to Jaghati Khan+++
Brother Jaghati

Its true, rumours and fiction always follow the crusader fleets. Im sure if there was anything major amiss, then the Emperor would call us together for our input and council. it is not his way to keep us in the dark about things that concern us. The Alpha Legion has been summoned and should arrive here shortly. I share your concerns, I plan to be at the Emperor's side when he meets with our Brother and will keep you updated on anything of value I discover.
Save me some glory out there, Brother - you will surely have united the galaxy by the time i am free of this desk!


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The Emperor emerged from the Astropathic chamber, still clearly weary from whatever burden lay upon his shoulders. "Robute," he said, coming to the Primarch's side. "You have served me well, my son. Return to your Legion; they have done great things in your absence, but it is unfair of me to deprive them of you any longer."
He paused, as if in thought, or perhaps viewing something far beyond the sight of mortal eyes. "I will need you in the times to come," he said quietly.
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"Thank you, Father. It does pain me to be seperated from my Legion for so long. But perhaps I can stay a little longer to receive brother Alpherius... and I also wanted to speak to you about things I hope you can help me to understand." Guilliman fell into step alongside the Emperor as they walked down a glittering marble corridor, the setting sun cast long rich rays of light through the large windows.
The Emperor nodded and asked Rouboute to voice his concerns. Guilliman waited until a band of adepts had shuffeled past, loweing his voice below what the Adeptus Costode Guards could hear.
"I would know about the Eagle Warriors, Father."
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++Corax to all Primarchs engaged in Russ' crusade++


It would be my honour to join you in your crusade, for i have yet to take the fight to the enemy in any true form- let this be a change to things.

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There was a slight tension to the Emperor when Guilliman asked about the Legion; a sense that he had known the question was coming.
"The Legion is beyond saving," the Emperor replied. "Their genetic degredation has accellerated, and without their Primarch there is no hope of saving them. The Legion would soon destroy itself; better to act before that happens, and spare them from an even more terrible fate..."
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Guilliman was silent for a second, he had half concluded this already - but just hearing the Emperor voice it, still shocked him.
"I can not pretend that it sits well with me that a legion of astartes be thrown away. Is this the only way, Father? What if their Primarch is discovered, and his Legion is already in ruins? That will be a sad way to welcome another of your Sons." The Emperor remained silent as Guilliman hissed his whispered concerns. "Surely they remain Astartes in mind, are their physical mutations really so damnning?"
They took another few steps.
"What if Khan's Legion starts to show increased mutation next? If it cant be halted, will the White Scars be renamed and forgotten too?..."
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The Emperor halted, his face hardening at Guilliman's words. "The creation of the Legions was no easy task, Robute. That I succeeded at all with you and your brothers scattered across the stars is a feat all too easily overlooked. Yes, Khan and Angron have both known difficulties with their Legion, and had they not been here I may be contemplating their destruction. That I cannot deny... but but do not dare to presume I do this lightly. What the Eagle Legion are becoming is something best not spoken of. Would you rather I let them linger on, clinging to a fool's hope, watching as their honour and glory is forgotten and they devolve into primordeal spawn?"
He looked out of one of the Palaces many windows, watching as yet another transport, laden with supplies, boosted up into the heavens. "If the Legion is to die, I would wish that they die in combat; that history will always remember the sacrifices they made for the Imperium. Let them be remembered with honour. In time, should their Primarch return to us, they can be reborn again. Until that day, they are beyond my power to save."
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Guilliman thought for a second he had pushed too hard on the matter, but he knew the Emperor to be right - the Eagle Warriors where a stain on the ideal of an Astartes.
"You are right of course. I am sorry, Father. Now I better understand." Guilliman bowed his head.
"The Eagle Warriors would unsettle the Imperium; to know that Astartes could become so twisted. As you say, a fresh start with new genestock when their Primarch is found, is the best outcome for all. But this lingering on .... and drawn out destruction ..... it condemns the Eagle Warriors to a slow drawn out death, there is little honour in that!"

"Why not have me take them with the Ultramarines! I will ensure they are given a chance to earn the honour in death they deserve?"
Guilliman smiled solemnly, his mind already working on stratagems that would place the Eagle Warriors in the crux of battle among his Marines, he also was thinking what he could learn from them...

Captain Selus smiled at Lord Admiral Hackett and bowed to him in the style of the old Terran Navy High-Born, the act was not lost on the old Admiral and he grinned back.
"A pleasure to meet you at last, Lord Hackett. Your reputation precedes you: Your manoeuvres from the Lasrax Engagement are standard reading for Astartes naval cadets. Im glad to finally meet the man behind the textbook" They were not standard reading, Selus had only researched them an hour previous, but Selus thought he would start with some flattery.
"That is very kind of you, Captain Selus." smiled the bearded Lord Admiral, "Many scholars in the Imperial Navy consider my manoeuvres not to be relevant with the new breeds of heavier warships."
"There will never be a time, Lord Admiral, when a full broadside will not be relevant to the enemies of mankind!" grinned Selus mischievously. Hackett laughed heartily and clapped the Captain on his arm.
"Quite right, good man, quite right! May i offer you some Amsec?" Hackett was pouring himself a glass regardless.
"Thankyou my Lord." Selus sat on the audience chamber couch, even stripped of his armour and in a formal bodysuit, he still caused the furniture to creak under his weight.

Hackett returned with two glasses and sat opposite.
"So what brings you to see an old Admiral? Im sorry my colleagues cannot be here too, its rather busy at the moment, all this... paperwork..." he trailed off with a sad glance at the floor.
"Primarch Rouboute Guilliman wishes to build an army to work alongside the Legion, one made from men, not marines." Selus sipped the drink, it was a very good vintage.
"Thats good for sure - more men, more worlds, more soldiers, more paperwork..."
Captain Selus smiled inwardly as he devised a way to win this Admirals favour "And nobody to train the Naval Cadets, or lead the fleet." He shook his head sadly and Hackett raised an eyebrow.
He continued. "This is probably a long shot, as im sure your skills are vital here with your fellow Lord Admirals..." he paused dramatically. "But I wonder if you would like to take the position of Fleetmaster with the new Fleet? We need someone with ships and experience, someone to teach the recruits and to be at the helm of the Fleet Flagship." Selus saw the light enter Hackett's eyes and knew he'd hit the right button - the old Admiral was bored, and like all old men, he longed for the old glory days. Of course, they didnt need his experience or teaching, they just needed his ships - but if he had to place this old war hero in the position of Fleet Commander, then so be it.

"My own fleet?" mused the Lord Admiral.
"Your own fleet, my Lord. That is, if your colleagues can handle all the administration, tactics and paperwork here without you? Would you be able to pull yourself away?"
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+++Magnus the Red to Horus Lupercal+++

Of course my brother, your men are welcome to join us. Have them come to Prospero and they may join us in training. If you wish then to be engaged in battle that I will make arrangement for this to be so alongside my own Thousand Sons. I will bring them much Glory in your name.


Magnus and his men would return to Prospero to await these arrivals. Recruitment was also important at this time, as was further study, however the men of the Horus' Legion were warriors and needed to be treated as such. He would make use of them while he had them.

Expansion into the space around Prospero, taking new worlds into the fold, gathering new resources to train his men, all these things were essential. In case of seperation from Terra, Prospero needed to be self sustaining on a large scale.
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Curze sat absently listening to the debates being had between his captains, still enjoying being able to help his father and brothers. The sudden rise in volume caught his attention. Captain Tyross had just finished reading the reports of commincations going on between the primarchs. Always quick to anger and this time was no different. "They snub us, have we not shown that we are capable warriors?, have we not shown that we will not turn from any enemy? yet they snub us like they have done with the emporers children"

Curze rose from his chair curious to see the object of one of his most firey captains. he looked at the data stick before him and rose an eye brow. "surely you cannot deny the snub we suffer be Horus? he calls the largest force of primarchs since we left Terra and he deliberiatly leaves us out" Curze casually offers "maybe he thinks we need a rest from our latest campaign?" "Rest, A REST" screamed Tyross, "have the others fought less than us? no they also have been busy but they are invited"   Curze responded almost as a whisper "Then perhaps you are too loud for his enhanced hearing? I do not know why we were not asked to join Horus and the others, maybe it is tactical and they feel we are better serving where we are or maybe they feel our recent time in the limelight may over shadow them? But I ask does it matter, my brothers reasons are their own. I care for the emporers will and that is that we protect mankind and that is what we will do. Now I need to go and establish our next plan of action"

With this Curze turned and left the room, he knew he gained a little bit of time for him to gather more facts about what was going on but he also knew more of his captains would be swayed by Tyross and his fury. Best stick him somewhere with lots of enemies soon.
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Perturabo felt good about what was going on around him. The crusades had been successful, and although he had suffered heavy losses his legion was stronger for it. This new crusade would surely bring much glory to the Iron Warriors, and hopefully please his father. He pondered what he had seen before and what it could mean. Only time could tell for sure, for now he would just have to trust his instincts and tread carefully. The downfall of the Eagle Legion was disturbing, and Perturabo hoped his warrior's brown skin would never cause father to reject them.
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Horus sat in the room, deep in thought whilst the Mournival gathered.

"Well, my sons, it seems this has been a wonderful success. Many of my brothers have come. Peturabo will soon become my dear brother, as with Magnus."

"But my lord, there appears to have been a miscommunication. Magnus seems to believe that you would send him Luna Wolves, when you suggest that you would both take care of the Eagle Legion? How will you say no?" asked Aximand, his face amusingly similar to Horus'.

Horus laughed. "I shall not say no. Magnus is a dear ally, and many, many forces, far beyond what I imagined, have come for glory. That is why I shall ask Captain Aximand to go and meet once more with my brother. He knows him well."

Captain Aximand grinned. "This isn't because I brought it up, is it?"

Horus laughed. "No, little one, it is because the 2nd has been fighting with me for a while. I want all of my warriors to be of kin with the Thousand Sons. The 1st Chapter has already done so. And Abaddon will also have duties that take him from the fighting soon."

Aximand bowed. Abaddon went bright red. "Father, you would take me from the fighting? You would take me from the forefront?" He snarled.

Horus slammed his fist down. "Yes, boy, and I would do so again." He stared down Abaddon until the Captain looked away. "I have made a grievous mistake. The Night Lords apparently feel shunned by me not asking them to take part in this Crusade. I had thought they were too busy to take part, but of course, Curze is a warrior and a brother to me, I should have known he would have wanted to take part."
"That is why I am sending you, First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon. I am sending my First Captain, and the entire First Chapter, to go and meet with Curze and his men. You will carry my apologies, where I am not able to, and in person. And then you will present another chance for his Legion to be given glory. If I ask him to join us now, he will be shamed, and I will not allow that. Instead, I shall ask for another favour, something that will show him that I trust him with all my heart, and something that is dear and personal to our Legion. That is what I trust you with, Abaddon. Now, will you do it, or do I need another First Captain?"

Abaddon stiffly nodded, before storming out. Horus sighed. "What other business do we have?"

"What of the Crusade, my lord?" asked Aximand. "You are sending away two thirds of the Luna Wolves, and the entire Mournival."

"I will be recalling the 4th, and Sejanus to the Crusade front. Hopefully, they will not be needed anymore for that duty."

Aximand looked down his data-slate. "Corax has approached Russ to join this Crusade."

Horus looked surprised and happy. "Corax is back to the field of war?" Then a slight frown appeared. "And asked Russ, not I, to join this Crusade?" He thought for a moment. "I shall ask Russ to accept on my behalf. I will not undermine my brother publicly, even if Corax would do so to me. Now go, I have messages to pen."

+++Horus Lupercal to Leman Russ+++

Dear Brother,

To send so many and yourself personally, I am deeply honoured. I shall thank you in person, and eagerly await your arrival. On another note, I hear Brother Corax has approached you to join the Crusade? It is good you bring yet another brother with us. I would ask if you could accept him on my behalf.


+++Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red+++

Dear Magnus,

I send my second company. I wish only to deepen the connection between our Legions, and Abaddon has learned as his thick-skull is willing to. As such, I am sending Captain Aximand to also learn and forge brotherly bonds. I am touched by your willingness to treat them with all due honour.


+++Horus Lupercal to the God-Emperor of Mankind+++

Dear Father,

I am stricken to hear of the fate of the Eagle Legion. I too know the pain of mutation. My Legion and I wish to personally command a few Chapters of the Eagle Legion, so they may be used in a positive manner for the Imperium, and so they may earn glory for their name. I too know the pain of mutation.


+++Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++

To my brother,

Thank you for the command of the 7th and 8th Chapters. I am honoured by your trust, and your belief in my Crusade that you would send men even if you couldn't come. Also, I have heard of the plight of the Eagle Legion. Brother, we cannot let them be destroyed for a fluke of genetics. Allow Father to see that they must be given a chance to shine once more.


Abaddon's small fleet reached the Raven Guard fleet, and sent out a communique to be allowed an audience with Corax.

+++To the Raven Guard Legion and the Primarch Corax, this is First Captain Abaddon of the Luna Wolves of Horus Lupercal. My primarch has sent me with a request for glory, something he has been planning for a while and is dear to him and his Legion, and believes that you are both capable and in the unique position to be able to deal with. I request a personal audience.+++

"Peturabo!" Horus slapped him on the shoulder. "I'm glad you could come with me on this Crusade. Leman is on his way as well, you know, with 8 full Chapt... No, he calls them Great Companies now. And many other brothers may be coming as well. But you were here first! It is good you are coming with me."
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"The pleasure is all mine, brother" Perturabo replied, a wide grin across his dark face. "I am glad that we can work together closely, as while we are strong as individuals we are even mightier as a team. With Alpharius, Russ, and Magnus, we are unstoppable, no enemy of the Imperium shall be able to stop us.
"It is rather tragic to hear about the Eagle Legion. As carriers of mutations, both of our legions feel their pain. Let us keep them in our thoughts, and fight for their honor and the honor of all of the Imperium."
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"Mutation is simply a tragic part of our existence. Although I may wonder if it hasn't made us the stronger for it. But what does make me worry is our Father's haste to simply take the Legion, remove it's honour, and then all but disown them. What is they go the way of... our other brothers... to never be spoken of again, to have no record of it's existence?" Horus barely whispered towards the end.
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"I could not even begin to imagine this happening. Even if they were destroyed by their mutations, they should be remembered for their bravery in the face of this terrible crisis. I know that I shall never forget them. What shall happen if their father is found?"
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"It depends if it is before or after their destruction. If we can find him before they are gone, then they can be saved and salvaged. If they are already gone, we shall have to tell our brother that thousands of his sons are dead, and we let it happen." Horus stippled his fingers. "Even if he find him in time, how he and the Legion will act to the Imperium will completely depend on how we, his brothers, treat them in his absence and time of need. Allowing Father to discard them..."
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Magnus had arrived back on Prospero and sought an immediate audience with his finest Librarians.

"The Eagle Warriors. Stripped of their name of the Emperors Children for their mutation. Without their Genefather returned to them they are doomed. Are we to be next? It will not happen. I charge you, my finest minds and scholars, find the Primarch of the Emperors Children. Do whatever it takes. Do what ever it takes to find my lost brother, and when you do we shall bring him home to Terra ourselves!"

The Librarians gathered there fellow psykers and they went to search for records of the lost Primarch, and to hunt carefully in some other, darker areas.
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The battle barge Scion of Kiavhar deactivated it's EM spectrum reflex shields, and took up position adjacent to the ship of first captain abbaddon.

"This is Corvus Corax of the Raven Guard, I believe you wished to speak with me, permission to come aboard?"

Corax made his way to one of the Scion's many landing bays, and boarded the Stormbird with his honour guard, a retinue from the 1st company, consisting of his finest warriors.
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ooc infinity drive, I think he made a boo boo he meant Curze not Corex, considering the time he wrote it i'm surprised he could function never mind rp lol. Btw I got permission from Ft enterprises to use the copyrighted name of Tyross for my 2nd captain just so you know he will not be complaining. /ooc
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ooc infinity drive, I think he made a boo boo he meant Curze not Corex, considering the time he wrote it i'm surprised he could function never mind rp lol.

I did. However, it was my mistake. So, let's factor that in.

Captain Abaddon was furious at what had transpired. His Primarch had told him to find Curze and the Night Lords. Instead, he drifted, and found the Raven Guard. Horus' message will never reach Curze now, and Curze will believe himself insulted and ignored. Even more distressingly, without the Night Lords intervention, Cthonia may be in danger.

Abaddon had no choice. He would turn to Corax, and he would be forced to ask for Corax to take the place of Curze. He would be stealing men from the Crusade. His Primarch would be furious. But he had no choice. He couldn't fail.

He accepted the summons from Corax, and went onboard. As he stepped from his Stormbird, he turned to the first Raven Guard he saw. "It is good to see you on the front line again, Brothers." He shook his hand. "I ask if I may meet your Primarch, and talk to him in private. Please, lead me to him."

He couldn't fail. This may lead to the destruction of his Legion's homeworld. Another thought occurred to him. If he could work things around, the Raven Guard, a Legion with more honour than the Night Lords, would become brothers with the Luna Wolves. The Raven Guard were more deserving of it. This would be better for the Crusade.
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+++Message from Leman Russ to Horus Lupercal+++
The honour is mine brother. It is too long since my Legion took the field in great numbers, and longer still since I fought alongside them. I look forward to seeing how the tank companies I have arranged work alongside my Legion, as well as the others who have answered the call. As for our brother Corax, I shall send him a message at once. It will be good to fight alongside him once more as we did against the blighted Orks. And this time there is no way the Ultramarines can cheat us out of our glory.


+++Message from Leman Russ to Corax+++
It would be an honour to have you alongside us brother. Together we shall bring many worlds to the Imperial Truth and earn much glory, even glory than we were denied by Gulliman and his boys when we fought the orks.

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*Snip* (Post was overlooked, has been reposted later in the thread.)
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Magnus listened to his Librarians reports. He quickly formulated a plan.

Ordering his legion gathered before him, his instructions were quick and precise.

"Gather your weargear. We march on Cadia!"
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Brother Captai Agapito of the 1st escorted captain Abbadon to the bridge of the Scion, alongside Abbadon's small retinue and an honour guard of his own.

"Welcome to our ship, brother, the Primarch will meet you here." Agapito spoke, as he led Abbadon into a relatively small chamber, sparsely furnished and all but empty save the cutting edge training array set into the wall opposite the entrance.

"Please, have a seat" Agapito motioned towards a plain grey metal chair as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Agapito voxed the bridge "My primarch, Captain Abbadon awaits you in chamber 142-75/B, he seems eager to meet you. Agapito out."
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Captain Abaddon got down on one knee before Corax.

"My lord," he started, before standing straight again and looking Corax in the eye (which meant tilting his head up). Corax motioned for him to proceed.

"There is a special assignment, needed of the Legion which is known for it's speed and it's cunning. I have no doubt, my lord, that Legion is yours. Nor does my Primarch. This assignment in particular is dear to my father. He would trust none other than you with it."

Horus handed Corax the data-slate. "Our Legion has encountered an alien race known as the Eldar multiple times. On the data-slate are locations of artefacts we believe to be Eldar in origin. We have also included the cowardly attack on Cthonia, the homeworld of my Legion. And I have personally lost a company of the Luna Wolves Finest to these aliens."

Abaddon's face was screwed up in anger. "These filthy aliens continue to harrass us, and my Primarch worries that he cannot turn his attention to them in time, before they turn their attention completely to Cthonia when the Legion is not present. He hopes that you, his Brother, will help him with this, before joining him on the Crusade front. My Primarch, Horus, will not forget this, and promises that doing so shall forge a brotherhood like no other, and that when you need the Luna Wolves, they will be bound by honour and brotherhood to come to your side."

He goes to his knee once more before Corax. "My lord, will you accept?"
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Angron arrived at the imperial place and travelled to the throne room. Once hinside he approached the throne and bowed to his Father before speaking. 'Father, I would like to speak to you in private.'
The Emperor rose and beckoned Angron to follow him as he went to a side room.

Shortly after Angron was on his way back to the landing pad he had arrived at. He'd take his Legion home and recruit for the time being.
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Corax let his gaze linger on Abbadon for some time, before he turned to the door of the chamber they were in.

"Leave us." he said, as he motioned for the honour guard of both Legions to leave.

As the small group of legionnaires left the room, Coarx turned to face Abbadon once more.

"My brother, please stand."

Abbadon rose to his feet, still standing a full foot shorter than the Primarch, despite his massive size.

"It is an important time for the galaxy and mankind, captain, and the fate of worlds will be decided by individuals. You ask me to send my sons to your aid, risking the lives of my Legion to help yours. Logically, this choice is anathema to me as a commander, but as a brother to Horus, and a son of the Emperor, i can see no other path of action than to send all the warriors and materiel i can muster to your aid. Let my brother know that he has my full support, and needs only ask and my forces will respond to his call. Together we will crush these 'eldar', and bring peace to Cthonia, for the emperor!"

Corax saluted, and left the room.

"Agapito, escort captain abbadon back to his ship, and prepare the men for war."
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Abaddon bowed deeply and left. He dared not say a word lest it show any of his feelings. Corax had agreed! He was visibly shaking as he nodded to his escort, and shook hands with a few.

As he returned to his ship, he looked forward to being able to tell his Primarch just what he had done!

Horus was confused as he read the missive given to him by Sejanus. In fact, he double checked what had been written.

The Raven Guard were taking this mission? Horus looked once more. It wasn't often that the Primarch doubted himself. Yes, it did indeed read that Corax, not Curze, had taken the fight against the Eldar.

The data-slate was crushed in his hand as he thought of the hubris of Abaddon. He dared to go to the wrong force, to shun Curze and the Night Lords, and turn to the Raven Guard, lie to Corax's face, and steal those forces from his Crusade! "Abaddon will be punished for this!" He roared at Sejanus, who calmly listened to his Primarch. "He will be punished, and censored, and be on his knees spitting blood and begging for my forgiveness!"

"But he did bring you the forces needed to persecute the Eldar and save Cthonia." Sejanus glibly mentioned. "And there is another victory."

Horus fumed at Sejanus, who kept his nerve, just. "And what would that be?"

"Your brother Corax answered. He took the word of your Captain, not you personally, and took this mission. He took it at the expense of the Crusade front and it's glory. He took it to help you, and the Luna Wolves. I believe that Corax may be a dearer brother to you than you think. And our men will be happier." He added the end on quietly, but he knew the Primarch's hearing would catch it.

"Your meaning, Fourth Captain?"

"I mean, my Lord, that there was muttering that if we were to turn to help outisde of the Chapter, we would rather the Iron Warriors, the Alpha Legion, or the Raven Guard, than the Night Lords. There are rumours of them, and they are not liked." He said this quietly.

"Very well. I will look upon this as positive for now. When possible, I shall have the Luna Wolves and Raven Guard fight together. I will earn him the glory he may miss because of my men's incompetence. But Abaddon, as soon as he rejoins the Legion..." He growled, his eyes narrowing. Sejanus nodded, and took this moment to leave. He was shaking from something that was like fear. His Primarch growled behind him.

"Give me better news, Sejanus." Horus was looking out of his window now, into space.

"Well, my Primarch, it appears that the Emperor has listened. Five Chapters of Eagle Warriors come to fight with us." He said.

Horus turned around, surprised again. It appeared so much did nowadays. "Five Chapters come with us?" He grinned widely. "That is good news. That is good news indeed. Inform the men. These warriors are as much Space Marines as the Luna Wolves or any Legion. We shall give them glory, we shall be brothers, regardless of their physical form. We shall train alongside them. Until their Primarch comes back, they are our brothers, and we shall look after them as our own. It is our responsibility. Make sure all know it, Sejanus."

+++ Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red+++

Dear Brother Magnus,

The Emperor has acceeded to my request regarding the Eagle Warriors. Since the 2nd Chapter of the Luna Wolves are joining you, they shall be joined with a full Chapter of the Eagle Warriors, who shall fight alongside my own warriors. I dare not offend Father by simply giving them to you, however, I offer the command of them to be with my 2nd Chapter for now.

Also, please use their presence for research into trying to halt their mutations.

Brother Horus
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Curze stood on the bridge with the data in his hand. The anger radiating off Curze was such that no one was able to look at him, even the anger shown previously by Captain Tyross paled in comparison to that of his primarch. Malcharion clearing his throat asked for orders. Curze rose from his command chair and spoke just above a whisper although it was clearly audioable to all gathered. "We have been wounded brothers, not by xenos or savages, not by bolters or swords but by those we would call brothers. Perhaps they have listened to those who whisper falsehoods about us, maybe they detest the renown we have been garnished with due to our speed and courage, I care not. They have wounded us like no other has before and I know I am not alone in this pain, so let us use this for our fathers plans. Let us fight these filthy xenos with determined passion and energy, let the empire know what the sons of night can do, let them beg to fight along side us, to learn of our tatics, to feel the passion we feel for nthey shall never know the shame they have cast upon us. Remember this day my sons for this is the day we were betrayed and we rose above it to new heights. Only by stand on the shoulders of giants can man reach for new heights and let no giant be taller than us"

No man in the room could sya they were not touched by their primarch words for they all felt the betrayal, for there could be no other word for what had Abbadon had done. Forever would his name in the nightlords legion mean that of the betrayer and kinslayer. the call to arms was given but in truth none was needed each nighlord was ready and desperate to unleash the most holiest of fury on anyone. None pitied the Orks but the tales would surely tell of great victories to come.   

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Abaddon coughed up blood in the training room floor, the red bright against the white. A broken sword in his hand, bruises across his body. Horus stepped forward, tossing his sword away. "You wished the decisions of a Primarch, son. You will have the punishment of one. You lied to my brother Corax. You have dishonoured the Night Lords and led to an insurmountable hatred between our Legions. You cannot comprehend what you have done. Ezekyle Abaddon, you are stripped of your command as the First Captain of the Luna Wolves. I will not waste such a man as yourself, but I can no longer trust you either. You will be confined to your quarters. I do not want to see you or hear from you. When you are truly repentant, you may beg... on your kness, no less!... Beg for my forgiveness. Maybe then I may return to your your armour, and you may fight as a Luna Wolf again." He motioned to his men. "Take him to his quarters. Not a word to him, from anyone!"

Horus looked once more at his once-favoured son, and then left the room.

Horus had shed a tear when he had heard of the fate of the 5th Chapter, and the death of Captain Aximand, one of the Mournival. With his loss, and the censor of Abaddon, half of the Mournival had gone in such a short time. The newly raised Captain Vipus, and the new Captain Loken of the 1st will take their place. But the signs were clear- it was time for the Luna Wolves to rebuild and regroup.

Horus looked at the reports of the Eagle Warriors, handed to him by Sejanus. Horus could've spat in anger. Looking at the tactical data, witness accounts and his own instincts, the Eagle Warriors were no longer safe. Either they had actively tried to murder his Wolves, HIS Wolves, no less, or they would be hunted by those Wolves who wanted revenge. And he had heard disturbing news from Aximand, who fought alongside Magnus... he needed to talk to Magnus as soon as possible.

And the Eagle Warriors will not be allowed to mass in any great number again until he could be sure of what would happen.

He would divide them by half Chapters, to be regulated by others, to be spread among the Legions as gifts and wards, amongst the stars. Most angered of all was his pride. He had placed himself upon the rack for them, and they turn on his men, or leave them to die!? First Horus, and now this! Was he to be surrounded by traitors?

He will give them to only the most trusted of allies. And maybe as a convenient peace offering?

Horus went to meet with Corax, and sat down by his bed during his recovery. "How is he?" He asked the Apothecary, who replied he was stable and sleeping. Horus kissed Corax's forehead. "You took a great wound to protect my Legion, in body and honour. The Raven Guard shall be our brothers." He looked to the Raven Guard who were protecting him. "When he wakes, tell him I wish to speak with him, and the Luna Wolves will be by your side in spirit until the stars themselves die." Horus left. His duties were many.

Horus met with Russ and Peturabo. "This Crusade was a success. We have won much, and we have lost many, many good men. Russ, you have the honour we fought for. Fought so very hard for. Peturabo, you have proven yourself a master of the fleets. This Crusade, it was an honour. Both of you came on my word. I thank you for that trust, and when needed, the Luna Wolves look to do the same." He embraced them both.

"For Corax to be laid low... It is a dark day. It seems we are still men, ultimately, brothers." Horus gave a small, grim smile. "And you have heard of the Eagle Warriors? Even if the rumours are true, I cannot entrust them to my men, for the Wolves of Cthonia are savage indeed and hungry for revenge. I ask to leave some with each of you, to look after. And watch." Horus made his voice low for the last of the sentence.

"Peturabo, I must also ask a favour especially from you." Horus turned to him. "I hope to consolidate what we have done here. But I need the mightiest of fortresses to make sure we can hold what we have gained. Can I ask for you to work with my Luna Wolves to show us how to build the greatest defences known to Man? I can trust you as my brother to do so."

+++ Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++

Dear Brother,

My Crusade was a great success, in no small part from your men. However, it is not merely conquest I desire, but for these planets to be made part of the Imperium. I ask if the Ultramarines may stay under my command, so they can teach the Luna Wolves the way of rulership that the Ultramarines are so known for. I also need to speak with you regarding the Eagle Warriors. I shall be heading to Terra soon.


+++ Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red+++


I have heard of what you have found; is it true? Is it what we hope? Is it what we fear? And the Eagle Warriors... there is something gravely wrong here, Brother. Maybe your mind can unravel it? I hope the Chapter I sent to you will be a boon... rather than a curse...

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Angron sat in the conferrance room in the base his legion was building, it was much like his legion at the moment; new, no identity, no character of it's own. Like his legion, that would change.

He was reading reports coming in from around the Imperium. He knew he had missed a chance at great glory alongside his Brothers, but he believed what he had gained was worth it. After a while, he got to the training reports of his own Legion, the Third seemed to be trying to use aircraft to move into position whenever they were allowed to and the Second seemed to prefer using man portable heavy weapons. He decided to have both chapters stay on the planet training and recruiting for a while and see what came of it.

Reading the reports from Macragge on the 'Imperial Guard', he decided to have the First train the local PDF, he wasn't after an army to travel with his Legion, just a strong defence force for his home.

After he finished he called in Theodulous. 'Commander, I want you prepare Fourth , Fifth, Sixth and Seventh for deployment, I'll be leading them personally. I want you to over see training of the local PDF with First and to have Second and Third train together. And please have this message send to my Brother Curze'

*** Angron to Curze ***


It has been too long since we last met and our Legions have yet to take to field of battle together. I would be honoured if you would allow me and four chapters of my Legion to join you and help expand the Imperiums borders.

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Perturabo was tired. He and his legions had fought hard and lost many, but they had held and had grown stronger because of it. Horus had proven to be a powerful friend, and a solid ally. It was good to know he had someone to trust.
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((Reposting, since it seems to have been missed:))

A vessel broke warp at the edge of the Sol system.

As starfaring vessels went, it was not exceptionally large or heavily armed, certainly not by contrast to the gargantuan Imperial Army vessels which quickly beringed it. But it held a gravitas, and a presence, all its own; designed with hauntingly familiar echoes of the STC technology that composed its wary escort, the vessel had an aesthetic all its own; haunting and somber, a sepulchral thing even, but nonetheless filled with quiet, solemn beauty.

Almost before it declared peaceful intentions and a desire to be escorted to Holy Terra, the Emperor and any psykers with him would feel it. A Presence; the signature of a mind as vast and powerful in the psychic realms as any who had ever been encountered save the Emperor itself. It was a mind, at once of terrible sorrow and quiet calm, of contented acceptance of some grand duty or fate. It was a mind that could mean only one thing.

A child of the Emperor had returned.
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The Emperor gazed at the holodisplay before him, absorbing the information as it changed in real time, updated by Guilliman's hand in one of the other chambers of the palace. He watched as lights blinked in the heavens; worlds confirmed to now lie under Imperial rule. Legio emblems flickered and danced, trying to ascertain the locations of each task force.
His eyes lingered on one in particular; that of the Thousand Sons. "What took you to that region?" he asked the display, but it did not answer him.

There was a ripple of energy. The City of Sight flickered in the Emperor's psychic sense, distorted by a new, powerful presence. He cast his mind into the ether, seeing at once its source; a being of immense energy, unrivalled save by his own sons.
"A Primarch returns," he said. At once, the Custodians and the black-armoured Astartes came to him. "Have the vessel brought to Terra at once, and inform Guilliman - he will want to meet his brother."
All but one man left. He wore the black of a Dark Angel, yet his armour was devoid of iconography. He was dressed in a prototype model of the new 'Maximus' armour.
"You have something to say?"
The Astartes bowed. "The Mechanicum are ready to begin supplying the Legions with Mk IV plate."
"Then have them do so."

He moved from the chamber, preparing himself to welcome home another lost son.
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Perturabo felt something. It was something powerful, unlike anything he had felt before. A wave in the warp. Closing his eyes, he realized what it was he had seen.
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Magnus stood before his brother. The Primarch of the Eagle Warriors sat in front of him. With a gesture he summoned the chapter of the Eagle warriors that had travelled with him and they swarmed past him to be reunited with there genefather.

"Fulgrim, my brother. It is good to see you well. Your Legion needs you. Our Father needs you. We have little time to spare for plesantries right now, please, accompany me immediatly, we must return to Terra."

"As you wish Magnus" replied the winged Primarch "Let us move with all haste."

Returning to Magnus' flagship, they were met with the sight of every single Astropath dead, their heads ripped apart, gore and viscera covering every surface and the Thousands Sons that had been on board seemed almost catatonic. With no astropath to guide them, it would be almost impossible to find their way home again.

Magnus looked to his newfound brother.

"Can you help us Fulgrim? Can you see the Astronomicon? If you cannot, then we are trapped here."

"Never fear Magnus, the light of the Father has been clear to me for many years. Although I cannot promise that we will all get to Terra safely. Many of your warriors may be lost to the Empyrean."

Magnus nodded his head, accepting this fact. And minutes later the Thousand Sons fleet slipped into the Warp, heading home to Terra, and to the potential salvation of the Eagle Warriors.
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"With you by my side, we shall build these lands we won into a fine Empire, something to rival Guillimans..." Horus was saying...

"Perturabo." Horus asked over a game of chess. "Did you feel that?" Horus looked in the distance, at something his eyes couldn't see.
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Corax's dreams were fevered, and Agapito remained by his side as much as he could. The apothacaries tended to him for the entirety of each day, and the air around him seemed to shiver when he groaned in pain.

"Your legion needs you, my lord, we must take the fight to the insipid eldar." Agapito voiced his concerns in a hushed tone, his eyes bowed to the floor, unable to behold his fallen father.

Corax saw himself fighting, and in his dreams he slew the Ork warlord innumerable times. Why had he fallen? Why had his guard been weakened to such a degree, and at exactly the right moment for the xenos to strike? These questions repeated themselves in Corax's head, punctuated only by the ghostly whispers of the apothecaries and captain Agapito's pleas for his awakening.
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"Yes brother, I felt it. It felt as if it came from Terra. Should we return? I suspect something important is happening."
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"You should go, brother, on my behalf." Horus looked out of the window. "I cannot leave Corax here alone. He has taken a grievous wound, and worse, for me and my men. His men sit, as well, waiting. I've an idea, Peturabo. I cannot leave the Raven Guard in limbo, painfully waiting for their lord to awaken. I must see Corax as soon as possible. Good luck on Terra, Brother." He embraced Peturabo, and looked at the chess game in progress. "We'll finish it later."

"Sejanus, bring me ash." He said as he stepped out.

Horus stepped back into the Raven Guard Apothecarium. From his eyes were thick black lines of ash from Cthonia, from the smoke that always blew on that planet, applied to his face in the tradition of sorrow. He had asked for Captain Agapito to come when he was able to, but noticed that the Captain was already by his Primarch's side. Horus gave the man a sad smile. Would any of his Wolves be any different, were the tables reversed?

He looked to Corax, his long hair wet with sweat, his skin pale, and his heart wept for the pain his brother was suffering. He placed a hand on his forehead. It was cold and clammy. Horus leaned down. "Corax, do you hear me?" There was little response. "It grieves me to see you as such. Your Legion is waiting for you, Brother. I shall do what I can."

Horus straightened, and looked back to the Captain. "Captain Agapito? I have a request for the Raven Guard. If this is not the time, I shall withdraw."
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"If anything, this is the perfect time, my lord. With the Primarch in the state he is, the legion has been left to dwell on his fall- we could use a boost to morale." spoke Agapito, standing to face Horus, who stood taller even than Corax.

"We are yours to command."

Corax's dreams changed, he did not know why, but Horus appeared now, his eyes blacked out with ash from his home of Cthonia, his bolter blazing its way towards him through the maelstrom of battle. Behind him, a score of Luna Wolves advanced in unison, fighting to rescue the surrounded primarch of the Raven Guard.
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The loss of a Great Company wounded Russ greatly, but their work was done, they had earned many a great victory in the crusade and had earned the respect they were long overdue. As reports reached him of Eldar pirates being hunted out of the Fenris system Russ afforded himself a small smile. Things were looking up for his Legion. Construction of the Aett was, as expected, slow to begin with, but it would get there, that was the main thing.

Anther report declared that a Terran Wolf Lord had taken a Fenrisian unit of Hunters who had not earned their pack markings as his retinue for the final battle, apparently to prove that "these Fenrisians can't even come close to a true Astartes, they're just savages". The report indicated that the Hunters had kept pace with him for a spell until he had started to edge ahead on the kill tally, reaping a fearsome kill count until he had become wounded. The Fenrisians with him dragged him to safety, and exceeded his kill count in the process thus earning their pack markings. However they seemed to be denying that they had exceeded his tally, citing targetter malfunctions which caused some of the Lord's kills to be given to each of them. The Lord in question had honoured them by taking them as his personal retinue from now on and even raising one of them to Wolf Guard status. As word spread throughout the Legion it seemed that the term "Grey Hunter" was quickly turning from a slight, to a compliment.
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"I shall go brother, and bring word of Corax to our other brothers. Let us hope that we may find good news upon returning."

With that Perturabo boarded his flagship along with his first chapter and made great haste toward Terra.
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"That is good, Captain Agapito. The Raven Guard are great warriors, and though my brother sleeps now, the Raven Guard haven't finished his fight. Corax was always diligent, he would hate to think his duty is undone whilst he sleeps. The Luna Wolves will not do it in his stead- I will not steal that honour from him, nor the Raven Guard."

"Captain, rally the Raven Guard. We shall finish the fight he started, the Raven Guard and my Luna Wolves, side by side and together. We shall hunt down the cowardly Eldar. And it will be the Raven Guard who finish the fight. And then, once it is done, the Raven Guard shall be in the Vanguard of the next step of the Crusade, and win many worlds in the name of Corax."

Horus smiled, a grim smile, and looked down to his brother who slept. "Do you hear, brother? When you awaken, you will find the Raven Guard have not been idle in your absence. You will awake to find the Raven Guard so full of honours you shall have to climb over them when you leave this bed."

A low groan answered him, and a small tear made a trail through the ash on Horus' face.
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Guilliman glanced sidelong at the Emperor who stood to his left, golden plate armour shining, the Emperor stood patiently, expectantly, eyes fixed on the portal. The Custodes were arranged around the audience chamber - silent and still as ever, but Guilliman knew if something went wrong with this reunion, they would be like leaves in a tornado - it would be down to him to back up the Emperor in this meeting.

It was rumoured a new Primarch had returned! Another brother!

He had vowed to be silent, the finding of a primarch was a sacred moment between son and father, primarch and Emperor. And Rouboute would let events unfold naturally between his new brother and his father.
Although he was excited! Would his brother be a tactician? A seige master? Would be be tall and mighty? Or wide and solid? Whatever his brother be like, he hoped to spend some time with him before returning to the Legion.

Rouboute stood in polished blue and gold armour, blond hair shining, his posture solid but at ease and a smile on his lips. Internally he felt apprehension, many Primarchs had rebelled against the emperor at first, forcing father to prove himself as master of mankind.
The stories go that Vulkan, for example, had hunted giant Drake lizards for 8 weeks in competition with the Emperor, only when he had been bested in this contest had he accepted the Emperor's rule. There were no giant Lizards here, so he was unsure what test would commence if there were to be one...

+++ Guilliman to Horus ++++
By all means brother, utilise the Ultramarines as you would your own. Im sure they will also learn much from your Wolves with tales to tell when the return.
I hope to return to the Legion shortly, although there is a last pressing matter to deal with on Terra. I hope to update you on events shortly.
Good hunting
Rouboute ++++

Captain Hex paced the corridors to the Lunar Wolves battle barge. The ship felt wrong to him, it was so similar to the Ultramarines ships, but so different at the same time. So he was restless. He had befriended many Lunar Wolves, learnt much from them in the training ring, and taught some lessons with his sword in return. He was pleased to be under Horus's command for the time being, he sensed similarities to his own Primarch in Hours - the tactical mind, the ambition - although sometimes things he would see or hear would unsettle him. Like now.

Captain Abaddon was being escorted by a trio of Lunar Wolves, stumbling and stripped of his armour, down the corridor. He was badly bruised and bleeding. Captain Abaddon who he had trained with many times! What had wounded him so?

They passed, and the Captain's eyes met Abaddon's for a second. Shame, sadness, anger - he saw it all. Hex placed a hand out to stop one of the Lunar Wolf guards and spoke to him.
"What happened to Captain Abaddon?" Hex asked as the captain was escorted away by the remaining guard.
"He failed Lupercal, and shamed the Legion, Ultramarine" replied the Lunar Wolf, matter-of-factly.
"How? What wounded him such? He needs the Apothacariam!" The Lunar Wolf guard pulled away and started down the corridor again, turning back, he stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world,
"It was Horus, of course."

An hour later, Captain Hex knocked on the door to Captain Abaddon's quarters, three heavy thuds, and waited.
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Agapito marshalled the fleet around the Luna Wolves, and prepared for departure. The flagship, grand cruiser Imperator Ascendant lay at the heart of the fleet, and at its own heart, in the apothacarion, lay Corax, still in his fevered dream state.

It was time to crush the eldar, and win glory for the Raven Guard.
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As they sailed throught the warp, Magnus could not help but turn his mind to what might happen if they actually made it to Terra. He was a mutant himself, but nothing to the degree of Fulgrim. Would he ever be accepted? No matter who rejected or tried to oppose him, Magnus would stand behind his brother, perhaps between them they could find away to stabilise the mutations of both their chapters.
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Perturabo arrived back at Terra and immediately sought out his father, whom he found with Guilliman. "Father, I bring sorrowful new. Brother Corax has been seriously injured. He is still recovering, and may not see action for some time.

"Also, I felt something, and I sensed it coming from here. I immediately returned to see what it was. What has happened?"
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Curze read the message and reread it checking for signs of betrayal, they seemed to be none. His captains debated back and forth about the need for brothers, which in turn was tempered by the recent betrayals suffered at the hands of they once highed regarded brothers the Lunar wolves. The answer as always was delivered by Curze himself. How can I call myself better than horus if I would refuse my brother the chance of glory and my sons the chance to learn new techniques and a chance to expand? No I will allow Angron to join us and wheather or not he knows it he will shoulder the burden of all our brothers. If he gives a good account of himself we will join with more of our brothers but if he shows poorly then it will take my father himself to make us work together with any of our kin"

The captains stopped, all realised the importance of Angrons request even if he didn't. Isolation is no small task but all gathered knew it to be the right option. Angron and indeed all of the warhounds had become Avatars for their brothers.

+++ Konrad Curze to Angron +++

Your request Humbles me as I was almost begining to believe we had been forgotten out here, you and your men are of course welcome and togetehr I hope we can expand the boarders and learn from each other.

Your brother in arms


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The Medicae stations assigned to the Eagle Legion were filled with the dead and the dying, and far too many had fallen from wounds no Ork had inflicted.

Captain Phoran of the 3rd Chapter, 4th Company, sat with his helmet in his hands. He had intended to meet with the Luna Wolves, but things had turned ugly between the Legions, and within his own.

He had failed them. His was one of the Companies expected to support the Fifth Chapter of Luna Wolves and help them secure victory. Instead, his men had stalled. Mistakes in logistics had meant the assault craft had overshot, or undershot, and so the Legion came in piecemeal. 3/8 Company never came in at all; what befell them was too painful to speak of.

Phoran sighed, and rose to seek out the Luna Wolves. Matter had to be put right; their failure had to be amitted, no matter how painful. He passed other members of his Legion, all of them afflicted in ever growing ways by the Flesh Curse. He saw in their eyes a lingering hope, a silent prayer that their Primarch might yet return, as the rumours said he would, and restore them to glory. Phoran did not share their faith; he believed they were beyond saving.
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Turn 4:
It was a homecoming... but one of little joy.

As Mortarion acquainted himself with his Legion, a second Lost Primarch reached Terra, one who clung to life by the meagerest of threads.
"I found him on Cadia," Magnus explained. "I fear he is not long for this world..."

There was no joy to be had. Fulgrim was rushed into the Emperor's sanctuary with an army of Apothecaries and genesmiths in tow. For days the Emperor was locked away to all, even the son he had yet to formally welcome, or the other Primarchs who gathered.

At last, the vigil ended. The Emperor returned to his sons with a heart on the verge of breaking.
"Fulgrim is gone," he said. "We can save the Emperor's Children; he lived long enough to ensure that.
He looks to each Primarch in turn, and each sees the anquish in his eyes. Magnus is the last he reaches, and he places a golden hand upon the Crimson King's shoulder. "You brought him home, Magnus. This is not a failure... good will come of this, I swear it."
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Magnus looked into the eyes of the Emperor, saddened by what had occoured.

"Father I. . .I wish to help the Emperors Children as much as I can. Allow me to assist in creating a cure, and after that. . if they wish it. . .I offer them a home on Prospero. I offer them my leadership. I cannot replace Fulgrim in their hearts but I can ensure that they are never wasted."
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The Emperor considered this for some time. "I believe... yes, I think perhaps they would accept that. I shall place you in command of their surviving Chapters. Have them recalled to Terra so that we may begin saving what we can of their forces."
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"Thankyou father, you do me much honour."

Magnus bowed slighty to the Emperor and walked to the nearest communications room.

+++Magnus the Red to all Chaperts of the Emperors Children+++

My brothers, your time has come and your restoration is to begin. The Emperor orders all Chapters to return to Holy Terra at once. You are to come under my command from this moment on and alongside the Thousand Sons we shall spread the Emperors name across the galaxy. I am honoured to accept this position as your Primarch and I shall to it that the Emperors Children are never forgotten.

Magnus the Red

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His... informants... ever the speediest, Jaghati Khan picked up on the happenings on Terra shortly before Jubal Khan, leader of the 1st chapter, came bearing the news.

"A primarch returns and is lost within days of his arrival... This is certainly unfortunate. Regardless, that means the Eagle Warriors are stable at last, as are we. We should send welcome to the other brother, however. In fact, I should go meet my brothers in person for once."

Jubal Khan looked hopeful as he enquired, "Does this mean we can resume crusading now?"

Jaghati smiled. "Of course. What better way to get to know a man than a good Crusade?"

+++For the attention of the Astartes High Command+++
Father, Brothers, I have been absent from the crusades for too long. With our home system under wraps and genetic fluctuations rectified, I see no reason to hold back further. The White Scars will return to the battlefields.

I am sorry to hear of the fate of our lost brother Fulgrim, but with Mortarion back, we should look to what he can help us achieve.

+++Jaghati Khan to Leman Russ+++
Brother, it has been too long since we last fought together. I hope you haven't grown battleweary in my absence.
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Perturabo returned to Horus with a melancholy look on his face. "I have both good news and bad news, brothers. The Good news is one of our brothers was found, Fulgrim of the Emperor's children. However, upon arriving to Terra he quickly passed away from the mutation. Fortunately, before he died a cure to the gene flaw was found, and his legion will be saved.

"I will leave a bulk of my forces under your command, Horus, so we may build a mighty fortress. I personally shall be reaching out to our brother Curze, to see if I can connect with him and make an ally."
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When news reached his ears that he had 2 new brothers, but would only ever meet one Russ regretted not returning to Terra with Angron. He consoled himself with the knowledge that even had he been there he would not have met Fulgrim and would only have seen him as he was taken to the apothecarium at most, besides, his Legion needed him to fight alongside them, he had to show that he was as much a warrior as they were.

+++Message from Leman Russ to Mortarion+++
Greetings brother. It pleases me to hear that you have joined us in this great crusade. If you ever require assistance you have but to ask and my Wolves shall be at your side as soon as they are able. I look forward to the day when we draw swords together to vanquish the foes of mankind.

Your brother
Leman Russ

+++Message from Leman Russ to Imperial Army Lord Commander Hektor Ventanus+++
I would like to thank you for your support regarding the battle tanks I commandeered, they are performing superbly, as are their crews. It is no small part due to these tanks that so many of my Legion survive. I would like to make a further request. Your men have fought alongside my Wolves before to great effect, I wonder if they would like the honour of doing so again. I have forces campaigning to secure the systems around Fenris, both to neutralise threats and to bring more worlds to the Imperial Truth, they have met resistance. No massive forces for the moment, but enough to slow their advances. I believe that with your men at their side, including some more of the tanks I requisitioned earlier we can begin to push on once more and secure even more worlds at an increased rate. I await your reply eagerly.

Primarch Leman Russ.

+++Message from Leman Russ to Saturnine Fleet+++
Honoured Admiral,
As you may be aware, 4 Great Companies of my Legion are currently campaigning around Fenris in a effort to secure that section of the galaxy and bring more worlds under Imperial rule. However we have encountered resistance and, isolated as Fenris is reinforcements can be an issue. It is my belief that your fleet would provide the reinforcements needed to speed the colonisation of the region and safeguard it against xenos threats. I can think of no other fleet I would rather have assisting my Legion in their efforts as they gain renown across the stars. Should you grant my request that renown would of course be shared between our forces and before long our names would be a partnership to strike fear into the hearts of even the mightiest xenos threats. I eagerly await your reply.

Primarch Leman Russ
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Magnus considered his position, in his haste to reclaim the Primarch Fulgrim for his Father he had abandoned Prospero. He quickly issued orders that all but the 1st and 2nd Chapters return there immediatly. They were to defend the Homeworld and engange in recuitment will all due haste.

He and the 1st and 2nd would remain on Terra to await the Emperors Children. He needed to make sure that they were not insulted by his becoming their new commander. Fulgrim was still their spiritual Father and always would be, but he new full well that alloys were stonger. Both Legions would come out of this for the better.
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There was a ripple of energy. The City of Sight flickered in the Emperor's psychic sense, distorted by a new, powerful presence. He cast his mind into the ether, seeing at once its source; a being of immense energy, unrivalled save by his own sons.
"A Primarch returns," he said. At once, the Custodians and the black-armoured Astartes came to him. "Have the vessel brought to Terra at once, and inform Guilliman - he will want to meet his brother."
All but one man left. He wore the black of a Dark Angel, yet his armour was devoid of iconography. He was dressed in a prototype model of the new 'Maximus' armour.
"You have something to say?"
The Astartes bowed. "The Mechanicum are ready to begin supplying the Legions with Mk IV plate."
"Then have them do so."

He moved from the chamber, preparing himself to welcome home another lost son.

The procession out of the sepulchral starship that had come to dock near one of the great spires of the Imperial Palace was no less than the sort of monolithically impressive display warranted, in the capital of the birthplace of Mankind. From the hatch of the great vessel first strode an utter giant of a man, his impossibly tall stature exaggerated even further by a thinness to his proportions. The figure was cowled in great robes of cream and olive and dark brown, obscuring his features, while with a gauntleted hand he leaned on a tall and odd-looking staff. Power unseen but not unfelt radiated from this man, and all who gazed upon him felt an unsettling sense of unseen eyes watching from all directions.

He strode with the unshakable calm of fervent purpose across the great floor of the Imperial Palace, and from the ship behind him marched out an army. Men of but ordinary stature, these, but no less impressive for it; each and every one clad in an armored suit of verdigrised and dulled gray metal, cables running from breather-tanks to rebreathers that had been elaborately fashioned into intimidating full-face masks. They marched rank after rank from the ship in perfect unison, a grid ten wide and fifty deep.

When they passed through the Great Gates and into the Emperor's audience chamber, only a score or two of these somber, masked warriors continued with him, the rest of the honor guard staying respectfully behind at the threshold.

The immense figure and his followers filed into the throne room in complete silence. Then, in perfect unison, giant and masked warrior alike clapped a fist to their chest in fealty and dropped to one knee before the figure of the Emperor.

The giant figure spoke then, in a voice that was quiet and yet resounded still, filled with Power, though it seemed also raspy, as if the figure's mouth and throat were somewhat too dry.

"I have Seen," he spoke. "I have seen a Vision, knowing that I was summoned to this place and this day to forestall doom for my people, and for a thousand times a thousand peoples. I have answered that Summons, and so am I here before you."

"We came to you from a world that had known the lash of alien tyrants since time beyond memory. We come to you from a world whose tyrants we have overthrown, so that we might know the taste of freedom."

"I am Mortarion of Barbarus, and I have known since the day of our victory that we would, we must come here today. That here at the birthplace of mankind I would find the Just King, the Man of Gold; and that I would pledge to him, so that under his banner we may fight to spread the freedom we have won to all of humanity."

"I am Mortarion of Barbarus, and I name you my liege. I pledge my service to you, and I vow to you on my hope of salvation and deliverance that I will hold to that pledge until the end of my days."

"Here with me are a fraction of the men of Barbarus, my warriors. Their leaders and heroes and champions. They have come with me in the stead of all their peoples who could not, to pledge to you their absolute loyalty as I have."

With a gesture of his hand, each came forward, removed his mask, and pledged. The faces beneath those masks were an unsettling surprise; otherwise human, but corpse-pale, with hollow cheeks and sunken eyes of black where whites should be. But the looks of entirely human awe and devotion and loyalty as they gave their equally binding oaths was undeniable.

Last of them all came forward one man, from whom the others had kept their distance. He removed his breath mask, then knelt abjectly, head brushing the floor before the Emperor's feet before he straightened, still on one knee. He was young, little more than a boy, but his eyes held a terrible knowing, and his features had something of a cruel and inhuman cast to them.

"My lord, I am known as Calas Typhon. Since the day of my birth, I have carried an unsalvable shame. The shame of knowing that a fraction of the alien blood of Barbarus' tyrants runs in my veins. For my life, I have known I must atone for this shame, and thought that still nothing I would do could wash away but its fraction. Now, with Lord Mortarion's vision brought to true before my eyes, I know that that may change. I swear to you- In repayment for the privilege of fighting amongst the stars for you, I will not rest, I will not relent, and I will not consider my gratitude even truly begun until I have participated in the liberation of one world for every living man, woman, and child of Barbarus who suffered beneath the rule of my ancestors. When I have fulfilled that oath, I will be cleansed of my shame, and in that gratitude, as I am Mortarion's so will I be your man forever."

The other Barbarans seemed somewhat surprised through their morbid visages, but the newly arrived Primarch radiated only approval as he spoke his next words.

"And so it is done, token to the hearts and dreams of all on Barbarus. Let us know how we may serve you in the cause of justice."

Standing, he turned to speak with the other immense figures at the Emperor's side almost as if speaking to someone he already knew in part, only to cease as another great, but tragically twisted, figure of purple was rushed past, dragging both figures away in the processsion. Some time later they emerged again, grim faced, and Mortarion sighed, seeming to lean even more heavily on his odd staff.

"I had Seen... But I had hoped it did not mean what I thought."


+++Message from Mortarion to Leman Russ+++
To know that so warm and wholehearted a welcome awaits me  before we have even had chance to meet in person brings unfamiliar and welcome joy to my heart.

It is something I am not yet used to, this knowledge that the other champions of Man my visions have revealed are my brothers; this knowledge that I have brothers at all. It will take some time to get used to, to come to know you all better and find the closeness that is rightful between brothers, but I relish it. When need or duty sends, my falx will be by your side.

May you know clear skies and clean air,
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It was rare that the Primarchs were at Terra at the same time, or in fact, it was rare the Primarchs be at any place at the same time these days. The requirements of battle and the expanding imperium kept them apart mostly. But now a couple were around Terra, and Guilliman relished the opportunity to bring his brothers closer, united for a common goal. Even if circumstances... the circumstaces of Fulgrim's death and Corax's wounding... were grim.
The common goal was now Ullinor.

Much of the tacicum chamber was filled with holographic images of his brothers, Horus, Lemen Russ, Perterabo, Jaghati Khan - those who could not be there in person, but could still communicate as if they were. Angron, Magnus and Mortarion were on Terra for the time being, somewhat more solid.
"We should not rush this." he spoke to his brothers, goblet of pecta distilled wine clasped in his hand. Being a primarch, the alcohol had no effect, but Guiliman and many of his brothers still enjoyed the taste of a fine pecta vintage.
"We should approach slowly, cut off supply lines, isolate the greenskin worlds. The Orks have taught us that they are as big a threat as ever! And not to be underestimated! Corax learnt that..." he trailed off, sadness spreading across his face at his brothers grave condition.

[OOC: Hope aint godmodding trying to get a meeting or conversation between primarches in some way here, hard to keep track of where everyone is! Would be good to get a uniform effort on taking Ullinor. :3]
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+++Message from Leman Russ to Jaghati Khan+++
It gladdens me to know that you shall soon ride alongside us once more. It seems the Crusade is destined for great things and indeed, with so many Legions and Primarchs fighting side by side I fail to see how a more glorious sight could exist unless the Emperor himself were to take to the battlefield alongside us. It should please you to know that I have not grown battleweary, and even if I had I could still  put you on your arse in the sparring pits if you ever got off that bike of yours. I look forward to seeing you soon, brother.


+++Meeting to discuss the Crusade+++
Gulliman, slow and steady will get us nowhere against this threat. If we go in slow they will pull every ork they can together and swamp us with sheer weight of numbers. Mighty though we are even we cannot contend with that. We need a hard, fast strike on multiple systems at once, then when they come after us we break off the assault, fall back to the ships and withdraw to a neighbouring system where we should have more ships waiting in ambush positions. A few lightning raids in this manner should take out fairly substantial sections of their fleet making their ground forces far easier to deal with.
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Magnus was deep in thought when the voice of Gulliman snapped him from his planning.

"With the combined might of the Legions even the greenskins hordes could not hope to stand against us. Once my forces are combined I shall lead them myself into battle alongside my brothers. My forces will seek out the Warbosses and annihliate them. Without strong leadership the Orks will soon fall to nothing. Rest assured we will redefine the word War for all eternity."
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"You speak like a true warrior, Brother Russ!" smiled Guilliman and drank deep of his goblet. "But we must remember the Ork systems are not yet in our reach. We must not over-stretch. The Astartes may be able to fight unsupported and outnumbered, but once we take the Ork worlds we must be able to hold onto them, Orks are notoriously hard to eradicate - there will be outbreaks that need crushing for years to come." He paced across the chamber.
"I would rather hand the planets over to the Guard once we have won them, than sit on each rock we take and quell all the ork uprisings ourselves for the next decade. And the guard need supply and equipment, we need to take the surrounding systems first, to be well supported for this. once we are in a steady position, you and Magnus can educate the greenskins on the new meaning of War!"
Guilliman clapped Magnus on the shoulder.
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Mortarion leaned, as ever, on his metallic staff, cowled in his dustrobes from head to toe.  The newfound Primarch's hood did not shroud his face from view as it had the day of his arrival, but instead he wore a burnished silver mask, wrought with breathtaking skill; depicting the face of a handsome, solemn man who seemed at once infinitely somber and yet somehow serene. Behind the eye-holes of the mask, nothing could be seen, just an obscuring layer of black gauze. He wore it at all times, it seemed; likely only a request from the Emperor or another Primarch would be sufficient motive for him to reveal whatever lay beneath, even for a moment.

"I have only the words of my brother Gulliman on the Orks today, brothers, not the experience in battle each of you can be proud to claim. But it strikes me that we will be engaging one of the most powerful and cohesive forces encountered in your campaigns to date; a foe we must assume is both mighty and cunning to hold so many Greenskins to his banner, whose forces we must assume will outnumber even our combined might; and who we shall engage in the heart of his strength. In this, at least, it will be much as it was on Barbarus. So I advise as I fought then; assume that the foe may well be stronger than you, and that advantages will stack in his favor. And so plan using every technique of force and misdirection, every gambit proven reliable, every force multiplier we can possibly muster, then plan again so that should each and any plan fail, our warriors may withdraw and be preserved for a surer strike. Then, should we err, we will have erred on the side of strength, and our foes will be crushed all the more utterly for it."

"To that end, I would suggest opening with the Lord of Fenris' raids, so that we may keep the enemy off balance; use the time that gains us to assess his nature and lay our most effective plans from that information; and then so readied, out-think, out-maneuver, out-force, and out-fight him at every possible turn, to be as smoke in his hands until he shatters from a thousand cracks or bleeds himself dry against us."

"As to myself, I will use such psychic talents as I have in order to confound our foes, and arm ourselves with foreknowledge of his plans that may even precede his invention of them. To the extent that I may, I will see to it the skeins of fate themselves rally to our side."
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"I am sure, Magnus, that you will find my legion's speed instrumental in annihilating Ork Warlords with surgical precision. Land, strike, and escape. This may be a worthy strategy to use.

"If the Orks wish to build up on Ullinor, then we shall destroy any fleets that attempt to reinforce them. As we have easy access to the MKIV armour, my forces are well-equipped for boarding actions if necessary, so we can deal with the supply line problems as well."

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Guilliman paused for a moment. He had not spent long in his new brothers company, but it was clear that Mortarion was a careful and calculated leader. He admired his brother's insight and the confidence with which he spoke, especially considering he had just been thrust into the larger picture of the galaxy.
"Then it seems both plays have merit, and we should best approach this in a two pronged attack? Some Legions will assault and raid the orks, as Russ suggests, keeping the numbers down, making sure they are off balance and unable to form up a strong resistance. And while this is occurring, some legions will forge routes towards the ork held space, form up a strong platform to wage war to its fullest, surround and contain their systems. Then together once the foundations are in place, we unite and crush this last blemish on the face of our galaxy!"
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((M'koll- I guess Morty is rubbing off on me. :P))

The most recent Primarch nodded respectfully; Gulliman had discovered him to be a grim man much given to sorrow, but also true of heart and filled with conviction even the scourging toxins of Barbarus could not tarnish. "That is the idea. There is a saying my warriors coined; 'A war against two fronts is thrice as hard to fight, and a war against three, five.' Raid and push; these shall be our two main fronts. But with the combination of all our cunning, we may apply ourselves as a thousand scalpels; and have such fronts within fronts that they shall find we are everywhere, and nowhere. Cut and cut, and turn them in so many ways at once they will not even know from where the reaper's scythe finally falls."
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Captain Forrix approached the capital ship of the Night Lords fleet.
"This is Captain Forrix of the Iron Warriors. I am requesting an audience with your commander Konrad Curze. Please allow us to board."
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+++Discussing the Ullanor push+++
"I must inform us all that Brother Corax is stable, and will recover in time. It is some good news to us all, I am sure."

"I find myself agreeing with Brother Mortarian" Horus said suddenly. His eyes, still covered in ash, for both Corax and the now dead brother, were red-rimmed. "The Orks are not known for their logistics department. Raid them for every direction, watch as the Ork horde shambles and reaches to try and catch us. Eventually it will overreach and trip over itself."

"The good news is that my and my brother's Crusade is an excellent staging ground for this. Whilst the others are raiding, I shall be preparing the area so when the final blow does fall, every Legion shall be equipped, there shall be food for the Imperial Army, and we shall be in the best possible position. Something the Ultramarines taught me." Horus nodded towards Guilliman.

+++On the Crusade Front+++

"Peturabo, it is good to see you once more" Horus embraces Peturabo, with a genuine smile on his face.

When he heard the news he sent Sejanus to get the ash once more. "Our Brother, dead? One dead, and Corax lies in his Apothecarium? This has been a foul year indeed. So the Eagle Warriors are without a father?" Horus rubbed his chin. "On the plus side, we have a new brother. Mortarian, it seems. Quite a grim man, but seems dependable. I shall want to fight alongside him soon enough."

"Anyway, Peturabo, I must thank you for the use of your Iron Warriors. Whilst the others are off raiding Orks, we have to set up our newly won ground in the name of the Imperium, and it will be the staging post for the assault on Ullanor. I guess Guilliman is rubbing off on me. I wish you luck with Curze. If possible, tell him that I am sorry for dishonouring his Legion. Make the peace between us, brother." Horus embraced Peturabo before he left.

There was a timid knock on his door later. Horus opened it to find the commander of the Eagle Legion there. Horus nodded curtly. "In."

As the Eagle Legionnaire entered, Horus sat down and drank some wine. "Your name, Marine?"

"Captain Phoran, my lord." He saluted as well as his mutations would let him. "I wished to apologise and make amends for..."

"You're going to my Brother Magnus, Captain Phoran," Horus interrupted," I hope the unpleasantness between the Wolves and the Eagles doesn't repeat." Horus leaned forward. "My men believe you left them to die. You say it was an unfortunate accident of logistics. Which one is true? Is it half a dozen of one and six of the other?" Horus snorted.

"The Luna Wolves lost 1000 good men. Captain Aximand was one of those men. They lost them because of your incompetence. So, you are to go to Magnus. Get cured. Gain glory. When you are ready, return to the Luna Wolves. Make the Eagle Legion return as true warriors, honourable warriors, and earn my Legion's trust. I do this because you are the only Eagle Warrior who came to me to apologise. Since the accident, you've all hidden away, shied away from my Wolves. It reeks of guilt. So, take this chance, and come back as brothers, rather than suspects." Horus motioned for him to leave.

Before he left, Horus said one more thing. "Not many would try so hard for you, but Magnus is a good man. I would highly recommend your Legion take full advantage of this."

Abaddon opened the door to find Captain Hex. Abaddon looked around the corner, and let Hex in. "You know, I am not allowed visitors at this time officially."

Captain Hex grabbed Abaddon by the shoulder. "What happened to you!? We need to take you to the Apothecarium."

Abaddon pulled away from his grasp. "No, no, this is my punishment, given to me by my Primarch." He turned away so Hex couldn't see the shame and anger in his face. "My actions led to Corax falling, they stole precious men from my Primarch's Crusade. The Night Lords don't even answer our messages anymore."

"Horus hasn't injured me permanently, my body shall heal all in time. What will become of me... only the Primarch knows."

A few days later, Abaddon was gone from his quarters.

Horus met with Captain Agapito. "Are you ready, Captain?" "It is time to hunt Eldar." His massive hand dwarfed that of the Captain.

+++ Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red+++

Dear Brother,

I am sorry for what you have found. I am even more sorry to have you come back to one of our brothers laid low. I have sent all of the Eagle Legionnaires under the command of the Luna Wolves back to you. They shall be accompanied by my emissary, Ezekyle Abaddon.

I hope you can save them, turn them into fine warriors, and I look forward to one day fighting alongside you once more. We still have to finish that chess game we started.

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Guilliman frowned and sat his goblet down on the marble bench. For the most part, his brothers seemed to support a strategy of raiding and guerrilla warfare against the orks. But Guilliman failed to see how this could bring down an empire, rather than just prune the Orks and cost Astartes lives. At least Horus seemed to grasp the value of supply chains, staging posts, and working with the Imperial Guard to wage a proper war with the rest of the Army. Even though it would take months to get into a position ready to launch a full scale war on Ork space, Guilliman, at least, was patient...
"Very well, the Ultramarines and I will secure the surrounding space with Brother Horus and his Wolves if he wishes, in preparation for the final push to annihilate the Orks." he glanced around.
"Im sure the other Legions will gain much glory... harassing greenskins." a bitter tone crept into his voice. "Perhaps Lord Russ would volunteer to oversee his own fine plan to fruition and lead the raiding Legions?" He smiled and tilted his head forward in a slow nod.
He knew Russ to be somewhat savage and impatient and immediately regretted baiting his brother to lead the push. He would accept to lead, or his honour would be tarnished.
But now Rouboute worried that his brother could over commit himself, that the Wolf might bite off more than he could chew with the Orks in his eagerness and lust for battle... he pushed the thought from his mind. He had other things to organise.
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"You seem reluctant to accept my proposal brother, in truth I was reluctant to suggest it, but it must be done this way. The Orks are too numerous for even us to take on head to head. This way we can cripple their fleets and deny them reinforcements, granting us advantages and saving an untold number of lives. Head to head victory may be possible, but it would be far too costly to our Legions. I will of course lead these raids myself. I have already given the orders to push to the next system to assess the threats there. Magnus, Angron, Khan, I request your support in this. I will lead one raid with Khan's fleet waiting in ambush. Magnus, I ask that you provide the ambush support for Angron and the Emperor's Children. We will set the stage for the next push while Horus an Perturabo secure the ground we have already won. Others are, of course, free to join us in these raids though I would recommend a raiding partner for maximum success."

Noticing the small smile on Gulliman's face, Russ addressed him "What's the matter brother? Did you think I would be foolish enough to go alone?" he said with a grin.
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"You have fought Ork before, brother? Then you know that they do not need supply or reinforcements. They grow from the ground like a plague, they build their crude warmachines from the shattered planets, their food grows along side them in the dirt!" Guilliman was not used to having his tactics and strategies contradicted, especially by a barbarian butcher such as brother Russ. He strode to the shimmering holo-image of the Wolf Lord.
"You will waste men and waste time, pecking at the orks!" He jabbed an armoured finger into Russ's holographic chest, causing his image to flicker. "The only way to be rid of them is a concerted organised push with one swift unstoppable strike - from a strong vantage point that we need to first secure!"
"You can be assured that the Ultramarines, and any Legion with a shred of patience, will fight to conquer the surrounding space first so we are not falling into the unknown, unsupported and unprepared! I wish you much glory with your raids, brother. There is no finer tactician to lead the Legions as you, im sure." Guilliman allowed half a sneer and turned and left the chamber.

The Primarches had argued before, they always argued like brothers always would. 20 paces down the corridor Guilliman fumed at his brothers impatience. What harm was there in building supply lines first? In preparing a strong post to wage war from? Did his brothers believe them to be unstoppable? And the orks to be wheat before the scyth? Corax had learnt to the contrary ....
Hours later Rouboute would dismiss this as another conflict of personalities and turn his attentions to organising his Legion.
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"Yes, thank you brother, I am aware of how the greenskins work. However the numbers we face indicates a significant fleet threat. The raids I have planned will reduce their fleet to rubble, making things significantly easier for us when it comes to the ground assault." Russ replied calmly as Gulliman walked away.

"Always the way when so many of us come together, there will always be disagreements. Brothers, I have outlined my plan for the prosecution of the Ork threat. Those of you who wish to join me in luring and destroying the Ork fleets are welcome to do so. Those of you who feel there is a better option, I would hear them. This is why so many of us were created, we all have different thoughts and opinions, different ways of approaching the same scenario. Tell me brothers, do you think my plan sound or would you prefer an alternative strategy?"
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+++Discussing the Crusade+++

"I believe both of you have good points, actually." Horus spoke up. "That said, you managed to get under Guilliman's skin. It's good to see my brother has a temper like the rest of us." Horus laughed.

"I think that the Orks would welcome a single, massive war, launched by the Imperium. Can you imagine the casualties of simply attacking? Orks would flock from across the galaxy to take part. I think Russ is right in this- we need them to be jumping at shadows, we need them to not know what is happening, and we need to make sure they are occupied whilst we prepare for a final push." Horus looked around.

"That said, it isn't far to expect Russ to shoulder the entire thing by himself. I need to consolidate the ground already gained, and the Raven Guard in finishing Corax's work before the either the Luna Wolves or Raven Guard can turn to Ullanor. Can a Legion help? Mortarian, you supported Russ in his plans, and this will be a good time for the Dusk Raiders to make themselves known to the Imperium at large as the slayers of aliens." Horus turned to him, holographically.

"Whilst Guilliman was angry, he spoke truth. Russ, you are a fine tactician. I have nothing but confidence that you've a strong plan, and the mind to see it through. And if the mind isn't enough, the stubbornness will do instead." Horus laughed again. He enjoyed the company of his brothers.

+++Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++

Brother Guilliman,

It will be the first time that you and I have been together since the Crusade started. It shall be good to meet with you. I would be honoured for you to join me and my Legion near Foothold, the main centre in the newly won lands. We've got a lot of preparation to do before the push to Ullanor.

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'Brother, I have already said I would go to Cruze and help him persercute his campgain on the edges of Imperial space, if he wishes to join this fight instead, I will support your raids on the ork fleet. I am only able to bring four chapters with me as I do not wish to interrupt the training and recruitment on my homeworld or leave it vunerable to attack.'

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+++Roboute Guilliman to Horus Lupercal +++


I leave at once with the First Legion and will rendevous with you at Foothold. It will be just like old times, we shall plan this offensive together. It has been too long since I felt the rush of battle in person, it will be refreshing to get my hands dirtied in the theater of war once again.


Guilliman left for Foothold with his Legion that same day, his flagship, 'The Fist of Maccragge' sped through space to arrive two weeks later and meet with the Lunar Wolves.
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+++Discussing the Crusade++
Of course Angron, you must honour prior commitments first. Well, Mortarion, how about it? Would you like to take the place of the War Hounds in this effort?

Now that I think about it I believe the Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children may be occupied for the time being stemming the mutations and rebuilding the Emperor's Children Legion. If that is the case then I shall require forces from at least 2 more Legions. We need to perform multiple raids at once for this to work to full effect and each raid requires one Legion to be the bait, and the other to be the hammer lying in ambush. As I have suggested this plan my Wolves shall be the bait in the initial raids. From there we can rotate and then see which Legions work best in which roles.
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+++Crusade Plans+++

Mortarion tapped a finger to his mask consideringly. "To date, the war I am most familiar with is the war of raid and ambush and rapid strike. For this, I know I would be of help to the raid efforts."

"However... I did frame this plan as one of two main prongs. Guilliman is partly right- His steady drive from the edge to the core of this xenos empire will be crucial. So will your raids, as the confusion and distraction they will sow shall open his path and steal force from the aliens' attempts to counter him. Each half of this strategy relies utterly on the other's success. If Guilliman cannot push hard enough, the Orks will spare more attention for you, and overwhelm your raids. If the raiding Legions do not strike hard and sure enough to disrupt and split the Orks, Brother Guilliman may find such vast forces arrayed against him that his grand push falters and breaks."

"To win here, we must set our differences and our frustrations with each other aside, knowing as we do that our every victory is won not for ourselves, but so that we ensure the safety and success of our brothers, and they ours. And in that analysis; while Brother Guilliman is nothing if not a great leader, even he cannot prosecute the front of the steady push alone. I shall have to consult my visions to gain more surety, but it strikes me that for the sake of the plan and our collective success, I must accompany Brother Guilliman and learn a less familiar art of war. I and my Legion shall do our best to carve our names into the heart of the Greenskin race for all the Galaxy to read; as you rightly suggest, Brother Horus. But it seems I must do so from the fore, in the thick of the assault; not in the controlled ambushes I am more used to."

"Your ready willingness to include me in the raiding half of this endeavor does me great honor, but it seems we have already committed enough Legions to the raids; we must be absolutely certain we do not let our love of the rapid strike and the ambush undercut our brother's efforts. To those of you in the raids, I leave its planning to your capable hands. I must confer with Roboute now, for the main assault... And salve the frustrations we have caused him. I trust that before the campaign is truly underway, I will not find myself and perhaps Brother Magnus the only Primarchs willing to offer Guilliman the support he will need to ensure success and glory for us all."

It had not quite been an admonishment; Mortarion was not arrogant enough for that. But his words, words spoken from brother to brother, were not hard to decipher. He honored and respected them all, had been glad to meet and come to know them somewhat better today, but clear too was that he disapproved of their baiting each other, and wished that the cadre of brothers who had crusaded so closely together would acknowledge that necessity and solidarity would prevent them from all being able to join the raids together.

With a respectful bow to his newfound brothers, his newfound friends, he turned and strode from the holoconference chamber after Guilliman.


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Curze received the request from the Iron warriors and he pondered at what reason they have to come to him? why now? But most importantly how would his legion respond to the Iron warriors their allegiance to the Lunar wolves well known.

"Permission granted, I will meet you alone at the docks" was the simple response. At this half a dozen captains turned. Tyross ever the first to voice concern said " you cannot if they mean you ill then what are we to do".

Curze laughed "simple my child kill them all, Train all weapons on them but do it overtly. Do not cause my dipolmacy problems but if they wish assassination then my blood will cost them dear". Tyross replied " with respect father you are a fool, we don't want to lose you at all".

"I know you don't, but Tyross I must give my brothers all the chance I can to prove their worth and if they wish me slain, if they wish to be a KINSLAYER then so be it."

The docks were empty at Curze's request, he knew it was a gamble which ultimately could cost him his life but he did not think any of his brothers had it in them to slay their kin. He wished Angron had arrived so atleast he had another he could confide in who knew the troubles that beset him but alone he stood as he always had. He had no further time for sombre thoughts as captain Forrix and his bodyguards arrived. They looked like warriors he just hoped they had the hearts of a warrior to match it.
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Forrix arrived with his honor guard on the dock, surprised the Primarch was alone. Approaching him, he told the honor guard to stand back as he strode forward alone to meet the mighty Commander of the Night Lords.
Dropping to a knee, he lowered his head. "Greating, O Mighty Lord Curze of the Night Lords. I am a messenger for my Father, Perturabo Primarch of the Iron warriors. He wishes to join with your legion in battle against the foul Xeno, to earn honor and might for the Imperium of man. Your legion's prowess in shock warfare is known to him, and he feels that combined with our stalwart fighting style we will be a force to be reckoned with. Please allow the Iron Warriors the Honor of fighting side by side with the Night Lords."
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Angron was on his battlebarge, The Unslain when it peirced the veil between the Warp and the Material Realm. He was surprised to see an Iron Warrior's ship near his Brother's fleet. After a moment he shrugged, he'd find out why it was here in due course. 'Prepare a shuttle and request permission for me to join my Brother on his flagship.' He turned to his second in command and gave him some final orders before departing for the nearest launchbay and travelling to his Brother's ship.
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"Brother Mortarion, I am aware that we require both the raids and a large push, however the raids must begin before the push in order to minimise the Ork ability to reinforce and cause us problems. Their numbers will cause us problem enough on any given world, never mind if they are free to draft reinforcements from elsewhere.

As for Gulliman, let him stew for a while. He needs to rant and vent for a while. Serves him right for hoarding the glory of his brothers' Legions anyway. He'll come around and calm down soon, and I did not say that his push would be without support. I simply said that to begin this crusade with a big push would be to send Astartes into the meatgrinder. Our sons are not so numerous that they could withstand such a thing and remain a viable defence force against any other threats. The expansion of the Imperium would slow significantly as a result, it may even stall entirely for a time, that cannot be allowed to happen so early in the Crusade." Russ replied.
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Magnus considere all the options. Whatever was going to happen, he could not join the crusade just yet, he had work to do with the Emperors Children, and to integration of the two legions in to one cohesive fighting force.

What he did know was that by cutting off the head of the Warrrgh, it would soon turn on itself as the others vied for command.

Guilliman and those with the skills in seige tactics, who could slowly advance, cutting off supply routes and creating bottlenecks for any ships that could pass would created an effect which would make the internal confilct worse.

Russ and The Khan and perhaps Mortorian, constantly harrying the outer camps, making the Orks move to defend areas not under any real threat would leave other areas vunderable to true attack.

If Russ and The Kahn could attack the right places at the right time, seem to create a pattern before changing and attacking somewhere randomly, the Orks might even become convinced that their Warboss was weak, unable to guide and protect them. Maybe they wouldn't need to kill him at all if the Orks did it for them, although that just ment the one who killed him would be the new Boss. It needed to be a shock attack, Magnus had just the thing in mind.
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The request from Angron was received and captain Malcharion duely agreed for him to board. No sooner had he done this when he received a coded internal message "Although the day is brighter, the night shows more to those who look" the coded message received Malcharion untrained some of the weapons, the next message would be due in a hour. He hoped Angrons arrival would help matters and if not his ship stopped any retreat by captain Forrix.

Curze looked down at the captain in a sign of fealty, none of his own men would never give it to another Primarch. The sign of dipolmacy clear as day. " Please rise captain, you do me too much honour" 

"My men have fought alone for so long, I do not feel it does them good to be without the company of other good warriors, ones who can teach us new tatics and ways of fighting"
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Forrix rose, still much shorter than the massive Primarch. "Excellent, lord. I shall send word to my father, and he and more forces shall arrive shortly. It is good to fight together and learn from each other. Perhaps we may learn the ways of your lightning battle, and you of our armored combat."
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+++Discussing Ullanor+++

"Brothers, Brothers, we have three Legions who are ready, able and willing, two of whom I can personally vouch for." Horus raised his hands.

"Let us ask Peturabo, Angron and Curze. Angron couldn't do it because he had prior commitments to the Night Lords- well, let Curze help Russ raid, and bring my other Brothers with him. Curze would be more than happy for the chance, I imagine." Horus paused for a second. "That said, you're going to want someone other than me to ask him. There have been problems between us."

"Curze wanted glory. Let us offer it to him on a silver, Orky plate."
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+++Discussing the Crusade+++
Three Legions Horus? The only confirmed as it stands are my Wolves and Khan's White Scars. Mortarion has pledged his Legion to Gulliman's slow push and Magnus has his hands full rebuilding the Emperor's Children. I shall approach Curze and Angron and request their support, that would allow us to raid on two fronts, making things far easier for Gulliman and Mortarion's push while you, Horus, and Perturabo fortify the ground we have already won.

+++Message from Leman Russ to Konrad Curze and Angron+++
Brothers, it has been too long since we fought together. As you are no doubt aware there is a massive undertaking afoot to purge a section of the galaxy and remove all traces of the Orks. I have proposed a raiding strategy to destroy their fleets before we make a full ground assault. The numbers we face are too great for a head on battle, especially if the Orks can reinforce from nearby worlds. To that end I require your assistance brothers. I believe these tactics suit both your Legions well, one Legion playing the bait, the other waiting as the hammer blow when the bait feigns retreat. The majority of the action would be fleet-based, but if you have enough Stormbirds to land and extract your men quickly enough I see no reason why there can't be action on the ground as well. I await your replies eagerly.

Your brother,
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+++Discussing the Crusade+++

"Russ, I was referring to Curze, Angron and Peturabo as those three Legions. Only one more need to join, and if all three will support you, then you shall have quite the raiding force."
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+++Discussing the Crusade+++
"I see brother. I'll have a message sent to Angron and Curze immediately. If they are willing, an Perturabo is willing then we have the raiding force. My Wolves are ready for battle and I would not propose such a strategy and then sit on the back lines. I am not Gulliman." Russ replied with a small grin.

"If all of these Legions agree then we can begin the raids immediately to pave the way for Gulliman's slow push. Yet again my brother will benefit from the efforts of others. Who would care to place a bet on whether or not he acknowledges that other efforts made things simpler?" Russ asked with a wolfish grin.
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Guilliman was striding away from the meeting room, intent on reaching his flagship, when there was a shout behind him.
He span around. Mortarion was behind, his robes making him glide down the corridor. What could the new Primarch want? Guilliman had said everything he had to say already. Mortarion caught up and fell into step alongside Rouboute.
"I would join you and your Ultramarines with the Dusk Raiders, brother. Hopefully we may learn a new type of war while combating the Ork threat." said the hooded Primarch. Guilliman was surprised, but grateful.
"It would be my honour to fight with you at my side, Mortarion." Guilliman broke into a smile and the oldest Primarch and newest Primarch headed together to the docks.

The journey to Foothold to meet with Horus was many weeks. During this time in transit, Guilliman grew to like his newest brother and appreciate his straightforward way of thinking. In turn, he taught Mortarion about the Imperium, how it works, its structure, its history. They discussed Legion organisation, Astartes tactics and the Space marine way of war. Guilliman helped the newest Primarch become familiar with the burden of leading an Astartes Legion for the Imperium, as if he was teaching Mortarion how to wield a new weapon.
Mortarion was a fast learner and by the time they arrived at Foothold, he had a solid understanding of what was expected of him now he was reunited as one of the Emperors sons.
Of course, no amount of talk and teaching from Guilliman could prove as useful at bonding Mortarion to his Legion as what the coming battles would be. In the theatre of war, Mortarion would weld with his new Legion anew and fly on his own. This would be his baptism through combat.

They reached Foothold in good time and the fleets set up a defensive holding pattern. Guilliman immediately sent message to Horus, an invitation to join Mortarion and himself on 'The Fist of Maccragge', they had a war to plan.

"You will like brother Hours." smiled Rouboute as he sat with Mortarion in the viewing bay, the stars and nebula could be seen clearly through the massive 20 meter wide dome set into the wall. Upholstered benches faced the viewing dome and the Primarchs sat awaiting their brother over a drink and a game of Regicide.
"He is much like you," Rouboute continued, "He is careful with his words, but always honest. I admire that." Guilliman took a drink and moved his Emperor one square to the right.
"Myself, I make it know my loyalties lie firmly with the Emperors wishes, and the steady approach to war. Sometimes our more gung-ho brothers disagree with me ... But it is a result of our differences. My methods may take time, but behind the Ultramarines are left compliant and prosperous worlds, we leave them when they are ready, perhaps we even rule over them as guardians. But they are always well ordered, well defended and productive!" Mortarion nodded and moved his piece on the Regicide board.
"As Astartes and conquerors, we have a responsibility to the worlds we take. Some of our Brothers smash worlds, and leave them broken and wrecked, then skip on to the next planet to smash that too. It takes years for those planets to become productive additions to the Empire." A meteor shot past the viewscreen as Rouboute moved his piece. He had taught Mortarion to play regicide at the start of the voyage, his brother had grasped the game eagerly and had steadily got better during the weeks of the voyage. Rouboute had beaten him in all games so far, but they were getting closer and more evenly matched.

The comm hissed to life, the captain's voice filling the chamber.
"Horus has docked at bay 46A, Lord Guilliman. He will arrive shortly."
"Thankyou Captain Ajantus." replied Rouboute as the comm went silent. Rouboute finished his drink and poured another "It seems we will not finish our game before our brother arrives."
Mortarion smiled under his hood and moved his piece on the board.
"Perhaps we will?" he grinned. Rouboute looked down scanning the board; he has lost! Guilliman laughed and poured Mortarion another generous drink.
"Well done brother! Well done! Your first regicide victory! How did you do it?"
Mortarion sat back and sipped his drink.
"Im afraid, while cunning and masterful, eventually your strategy becomes predictable, brother."
"Then I will have to mix my game up a bit for our next meeting, I am glad to have another skilled opponent to play against." Rouboute and Mortarion gripped each others forearms on the Warriors handshake and sat back to watch the view dome.

Minutes later the door hissed open to admit brother Horus to the chamber.
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The door opened, and Horus strode in, wearing his loose shirt and workman's trousers, with a hasty pelt thrown over his shoulder. Ash continued to cover his eyes.

"Brother Guilliman!" He extended his arm and gave him a warrior's handshake. "It has been long, and empire building is not my forte. Too much paperwork, but it's necessary," he shrugged, before laughing, "which is something you doubtless know too well. Ah, I have not seen you in person since... the start of the Crusade. Terra, it's been a long time."

Mortarian respectfully stayed back, watching the embrace between two brothers with history. Horus noticed the regicide board. "And I notice a decisive victory on the regicide board. Guilliman, I see you've been teaching our newest brother the most important aspects of Imperial life."

Horus turned and greeted Mortarian with a hug. "It's always good to see a new face in such dark times. I am Horus Lupercal of the Luna Wolves Legion, from the harsh smoke of Cthonia. So, have you beaten Guilliman often? To hear Russ speak, he just may need it." Horus grinned at Guilliman to show the barb was harmless.

Horus inspected the regicide board quickly, bending his knees. "Hmmm... now that is quite the game I see below us. One side seems to have the advantage in a coming clash, but the other... has cunningly won the war without truly fighting. I admire the winner's tactics. Yours, Guilliman?" Horus looked up. After noticing his brothers' face, he turned to Mortarian. "Yours? Terra, you learn fast. It took me a year to beat him the first time, I could never understand the rules."

Guilliman helped himself to the wine, but mostly to have something in his hand like the other Primarchs. "I would be greeting you with another brother by my side, Mortarian, but he lays injured, hence the ash." Horus motioned towards his face. "I'm sure he would love to meet you, even if he can't rise himself. Corax may seem quiet, but he's a fierce one, and such honour..." Horus smiled quietly.

"Anyway, let me not bring the mood down on the first meeting of brothers. I'm sure we're here to discuss the Crusade front, and how to prepare it for Guilliman's attack on Ullanor." Horus sat with his brothers.

"Guilliman, a warning. Your brothers worry that you would steal the glory from their fingers. You may want to salve a few egos here and there, or risk having no Legions willing to fight alongside you." Horus then realised he was bringing the mood down, and laughed, before turning to Mortarian. "I'm sorry. I'm sure if you were to go to the Imperial Army, you'll hear the great tales of the mighty post-human Primarchs, who lead the Adeptus Astartes into the greatest of campaigns. Then you meet us, and you find we're just a collection of brothers, with very human indeed. I look forward to seeing your humanity as well." Horus grinned widely to Mortarian.

As the Eagle Warriors reached the Thousand Sons Legion, Abaddon sent a message towards Magnus.

"Magnus the Red, Ezekyle Abaddon of the Luna Wolves wishes an audience at your earliest available convenience."

Abaddon sent the message, and sat back in his quarters. An emissary, huh? A diplomat? Horus sure had a sense of humour. He remembered what his Primarch had sent, before he had left.

"Since the duties of a Captain bore you now, I shall have you go forth to represent my interests with the appropriate amount of leeway. I find myself unable to be in two places at once, and I sorely wish I could. So, you will be me, and through that, the Wolves. You will go to Magnus, and tell him this..."
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Rouboute grinned as he shook Horus's arm. His old brother hadn't changed a bit, tactful yet honest.
"Indeed, our new brother is quite the Regicide prot
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Magnus looked at the blinking light that showed he had an incoming message. He accepted the message and was suprised to see Abaddon wished to see him. He replied quickly.

"Your request is granted Abaddon. I will see you as soon as you are able."

He wondered idly as to what he might want.
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Curze looked at Forrix and agreed. "Perhaps the orks will leanr not to bother us and go home but I doubt they have the intelligence to know when they are beaten" followed by a hearty laugh. "Come captain Forrix tell me what plans your Primarch has for me and my legion. Together they left the room.

" The night maybe dark, but if left untended the soul is darker" voxede to the bridge.

Malcharion untrained the rest of the guns, with a sigh of relief. he knew the Iron warriors would not have missed the weapons being trained upon their ship but they were gracious enough not have mentioned it. He was glad he did not have to slay his kin this day. The message was received by the great wolf and already the captains were debating. Malcharion knew that his primarch was going to be torn, he respected the great wolf but if he thought that Horus was pulling the strings he would want nothing to with them.
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As Forrix walked along he talked with the Primarch. " I sense that you are somewhat apprehensive my lord. I hope you know that we are in no way under the influence of the Luna wolves. The actions of Abaddon were despicable, and he has been dealt with accordingly. I hope you understand though that Horus had nothing to do with the affair. He is a good man, and our Primarch trusts him. I sometimes feel he is growing a bit too big for his armor, but that is just me."
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"I would like to think so my friend. But I will be honest with you, I am sure you can appreciate that the wound caused to my legion is deep, indeed they were reservations about my allowing you and Angrons legions join ours. I do not think it unfair to say you shoulder the responsibility of being avatars for the rest of our brothers."

Curze stopped, he knew the risk he had just taken. What if they weren't strong enough? What if Forrix reported to Horus? What if emperor forbid they were poor avatars and they failed? I knew the answer for the fear was more than any he had ever suffered fighting. His Legion would isolate themselves, to a point they would support no other brother nor allow support from any others. It would be a spiral to doom, his hope lay in the fact that the war hounds and the Iron warriors were upto the task that laied before them and that was why he risked telling them the importance of what their task" Not to kills orks, nor teach the legion how to fight something far more valuable, to teach his legion they could trust their brothers.

++++ Curze to Russ ++++

It has been too long for my brothers to have faught alone, Angron and Perturabo have both arraived to teach my brothers the company of good men. We will fight with them to accustome my ment to fighting along side others and then join your campaign.

I ask a favour, a simple one to ask but a hard one for you to comply with.

Please leave some alive for us and not just the dregs.

Your Faithful Brother


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+++Message from Leman Russ to Konrad Curze++

It is unfortunate that you cannot aid me at this time, however I understand your reasons. It seems the White Scars will be the only Legion to join my Wolves in their hunting, as a result I do not believe complying with your request will be as difficult as you think. We face Orks here in numbers we have never faced them before. My raids are planned to destroy their fleets and deny them reinforcements so that we can make ground assaults without crippling our forces, though Gulliman in his arrogance claims that a slow, steady push would work regardless of their numbers.

I look forward to fighting alongside you soon brother.
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+++Magnus the Red to Leman Russ

Russ, I have decided to commit Legions 5-10 plus the Librarius of the First and Second Legions to your raids. They will be accompanied by Captain Ahzek Ahriman, he will report to you directly untill my arrival. My Librarius is a potent force brother, give them an objective and a degree of autonomy and you will find the results most pleasing. They will follow your orders like they were my own. Do not waste their talents or their lives needlessly.

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+++Message from Leman Russ to Magnus the Red+++
Rest assured brother, the lives of your men will not be burned needlessly. I have my plans in order and have examined them many times with my best strategists. Your Librarius shall be most useful in forcing the Orks to request assistance. a key part of my battle plan. Should a raiding partner appear for them I shall deploy your Sons with them, however if no other Legion presents its assistance your Sons shall take to the field alongside my Wolves once more and we shall teach the Orks exactly what it means to stand before the Astartes of Mankind.


With the Thousand Sons which had newly arrived the Hrafnkel translated from the Warp into the Ullanor system. Shields were lowered, all non-essential systems were deactivated to the obvious discomfort of the human crew. As the ship progressed into the system an Ork patrol appeared and swiftly set course to intercept, surprised and curious.

"Sir, we have 2 Ork vessels at 500,000 metres and closing, permission to open fire?" the ship's Captain asked

"Denied" Russ replied, causing a look of extreme discomfort to cross the Captain's face.

"Sir, enemy at 400,000. They've split up to flank us on both sides. Permission to engage?!?" The captain asked incredulously

"No." Russ replied calmly. "Wait for them to get right alongside us."

"Enemy at 300,000....200,000...150,000" the Captain announced ever more frantically. For a moment even Russ thought the Captain might disobey him, but the mortal's nerve held. The Ork vessels were seconds away from boarding when Russ eventually gave the order.

"Deploy Deathclaw Assault pods. Take the ships in tact. Today we do the Emperor's duty." At his command hundreds of Assault pods were launched into the enemy ships and within minutes Astartes boarding parties were clambering across large areas of the Ork vessels.

"Sir, did you know that would work?" The Captain asked in awe

"It worked the last 2 times I tried it" Russ replied with a grin.

"Umm...what if they counterboard?" the Captain asked?

"Then my Wolf Guard and I get to join the fun. They're standing by as we speak. Keep me informed." Russ commanded.

After a fairly uncomfortable spell for the crew it was reported that the first Ork cruiser had been taken in tact. Seconds later a cry came up from the scanners. "Sir, detecting multiple incoming. The Orks from the second cruiser have deploye boarding parties. Calculating destination......Launch bay 2, starboard side"

"Wolf guard to Starboard launch bay 2" Russ barked into his microbead. "I am on my way to join you"

Having left the bridge to repel the boarders Russ returned, stripped of his armour, in simple clothing and summoned the commander of his Wolf Guard. While he waited for the commander to arrive he sent orders to the Navy and Astartes personnel on board the captured cruisers to act as a routine patrol, scan as much as they could and then fall back to the fleet which was waiting on the edge of the system.

The commander of the Wolf Guard arrived, with 4 of his men in escort and Russ rounded on him in fury. "You were responsible for the launch bay defense!?"

"I was Great Wolf" came the reply. Some of the Navy crew visibly recoiled from Russ even though they were not his target

"You led the men into combat and organise our force?!?" Russ roared

"I did Great Wolf" the Wolf Lord replied meekly.

"And you didn't think to leave any for me??" Russ yelled.

He paused for a moment and then erupted in laughter, the Wolf Guard joining him. The Navy personnel slowly began to relax as they sensed that there was no danger. Those of the crew who had served alongside Russ before had made sure to play along with the act, they knew Russ liked to play up to the idea that he was a feral beast before dispelling the notion almost entirely.

As this was going on the Hrafnkel was falling back to regroup with the main fleet. She was a might vessel, a custom built Emperor-class battleship. The sensor array on the prow had been removed, and replaced with fearsome frontal lances, more turrets had been added in almost every conceivable place, her ordnance decks were fully stocked with Dreadclaw assault pods and Caestus pattern assault rams filled one half of her launch bays, Stormbirds filling the rest.

As the hours went by some of the crew, including the Astartes, began to worry about the scouting ships and the progress they were making. With systems running at minimum they were clueless until they received a transmission.

Eventually they received a transmission "...have been spotted. I repeat we have been spotted. Enemy craft in pursuit."

Immediately Russ was on the vox "This is Russ to scouting ships, fall back to the fleet. You will have covering fire." Without waiting for a reply he switched consoles and addressed the fleet. "Russ to all ships, man battle stations, prepare to fire on my orders."

Responses came in from all Navy captains, mainly acknowledgements, however a couple disagree with Russ' assessment. "With respect Great Wolf, those ships are running skeleton crews, we face an unknown foe. Retreat is the better option"

Russ was furious at this suggestion "Those men out there are Imperial personnel and Astartes, they are MY men and I will not leave them behind. If that isn't enough for you then consider how valuable the intelligence they have could be. Now prepare to fire on my orders, and if you suggest I leave my men to die again I will personally see to it that you live a very miserable life" Russ growled.

[OOC]This is a (relatively) brief overview of what my flagship has and how I would like my orders on the Ullanor front to be carried out for this turn. Results and effectiveness of all of the above to be decided by the GM.[/OOC]
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Angron stepped off his transport with his modest honour guard. He didn't think he needed guards but his Captains disgreed.

He looked over at the Night Lord Captain approach him, 'Primach Angron, Primach Cruze apologises for not meeting you in person. He will meet you in the briefing room. If you will follow me Sir.'

Angron looked at the captain for a moment then said, 'Of course captain, lead the way.'
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??? Tybalt, did you mean Night Lords??? (actually made the exact same mistake myself)

Horus looked at the large map. "That's a lot of Orks," Horus grinned, "Once we've finished preparing, we shall descend on them like the old legends... the angels of death if you will...." Horus shrugged, "forgive the flowery language. Fighting a war, no civilians, just aliens, with a large gathering of my brothers and their Legions... It will be glorious." Horus smiled widely at Guilliman and Mortarian.

Abaddon knocked quietly on Magnus' door. He wouldn't disturb the Primarch. He wondered how the preparations were going.
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Magnus looked up at the knock.

"Enter Abbadon."

He shut off the Pictscreen and turned to speak with the captain.
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OOC, :facepalm001: Yes I did. At least I used the right name for the Primarch. :P /OOC
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Abaddon entered, his new robes making him feel uncomfortable. Horus had frowned and asked around, and before he'd left, these clothes had been delivered to "represent him as a diplomat, not just a warrior". He stood before the Crimson King once more, and kneeled. "Magnus," and stood. "I have been sent by my Primarch for two reasons. The official reason is I am to look over the Eagle Legion for the Luna Wolves, and when they have managed to prove themselves, I am to mend the wounds between the Legions. My other reason..."Abaddon looked around, his place was the battlefield with weapons, not offices with words, "I am to ask if you would be willing to tutor me, or allow me to shadow you, and whatever you are willing to impart without hindering you in any manner. Horus said that I have a strong will, but have allowed my mind to think only of war. He would have me educated," Abaddon scowled at the words used by his Primarch, "and who is more educated than Magnus, my Primarch asked?"

Abaddon bowed again. "My Primarch wishes it stated that if you find any displeasure in the task, than reject me. It was a fancy of my Primarchs. He wished that perhaps one day I would be a living symbol of our Legion's brotherhood."

Horus was getting awfully sick of paperwork. "How does Guilliman do it?" he muttered to himself. A knock on the door. "Enter," Horus called. Anything to get him away from this paperwork.

Sejanus and Torgaddon entered. "The reports, my lord," Torgaddon offered, which Horus took and flicked through.

"It seems that Loken has been busy with the 1st," he smiled. Loken was taken to leading and had fought well against the Eldar, although he noticed the footnote. "The Raven Guard have lost a Legion?" He looked up, and Torgaddon shrugged.

"Well, they didn't fight as well," He gave a wry smile. Horus shook his head.

"But they fought on my behalf, and now the blood spills from their men as did their Primarch. Is every Legion who allies with me doomed with ill luck?" Horus shook his head. Horus ripped off a corner of a note, and scribbled on it, before handing it to Sejanus. "Have that sent to Agapito, and ask how Corax is doing. Ask if I may visit in the near future." Sejanus nodded, and jotted it down.

Horus returned to his slate. "The Fortresses aren't done yet, and Guilliman will want to press this attack. At least the preparations are done, and it would be poor indeed if the fortresses are left undone." Horus ripped another two corners off the sheet, carefully avoiding anything written already on the sheet, and scribbled some more done. "Have these sent to Guilliman and Peturabo, please."

Horus sat back, frowning. He didn't want to upset his brothers with demands, after all, they were equals. But those Fortresses needed to be built, after all, what if, Terra forbid, the Orks spill past and slaughter these civilians? He would ask if Peturabo would spare those men, or as many as he could, at least. But he couldn't continue to sit back whilst Ullanor happened.

He looked at the numbers. Nearly 40 Chapters worth? The Luna Wolves could fight like a daemon, but surely the entire Legion couldn't fight for more than 10 Chapters worth, his 6 Chapters proven and his newest untested? He would have to be there- he had given his word to Guilliman, and he wouldn't let his brothers shoulder any burdens he himself wouldn't do. The 7th and 8th Chapters of the Ultramarines had been as helpful as ever, he would commend them to Guilliman when he next sees him, it would be a shame to lose them, but Ullanor needed every able bodied Marine. However, Russ's work...

He scribbled another note. "Send this to Russ."

"I need a Chapter to stay here, keep the building, calming the populace, keeping order... maybe a job for the rebuilt 5th? No, they are already seen as worthless, I won't have the rest of my Legion be given more reason... The 3rd, Sejanus, led by you, will stay and do so. I need a calm mind and a steady tongue here." Horus looked at him.

"And Torgaddon, I would have Vipus led the 6th and recruit on Cthonia. I feel we shall need new recruits when this battle on Ullanor is done."

"I will also have the 2nd continue to build the Fortresses in this area, either helping the Iron Warriors or taking over if they do not." Horus frowned. He needed so many men, and had so few. He scribbled down another note, and handed it to Sejanus. "Send this to the Mechanicum. I have tried to leave them as long as possible, but now, I shall need the manpower. I cannot ask Peturabo to send all the Iron Warriors to build my vision."

"The rest of the Legion, the 1st, the 4th, the newly built 5th, and the 7th... we are going to fight in this Crusade." Horus cracked his knuckles and grinned whilst applying his ash. He looked at the soot across his face, and his mood fell once more as he was reminded of Corax.

"And I shall visit my brother before we leave"

+++ Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++


I am sure you have seen the figures. Shall we convene another audience with our Brothers, before the last blow? I can personally committing 4 Chapters of the Luna Wolves, including my best and myself

+++ Horus Lupercal to Leman Russ +++

To Russ,

I see the hunting was good indeed. I am glad to see your plans have succeeded. I hope we can hunt together once more on the muck of Ullanor.


+++ Horus Lupercal to Captain Agapito +++

To Captain Agapito,

I would ask an audience to discuss the latest results of our fight against the Eldar. If possible, I would ask if I could see Corax once more before Ullanor to pay my respects to him. Has there been any improvement?

Primarch Horus

+++ Horus Lupercal to Peturabo +++


Your men have done amazingly. The bones of the mightiest Fortress this side of Terra is there. I ask a boon of you; let your men continue on their work. I am aware of the favour you have shown thus far, and I understand should you refuse. I look forward to seeing you on Ullanor.


+++ Horus Lupercal to the Mechanicum of Mars+++

To the Fabricator-General,

I, Horus Lupercal, ask for the assistance of the Mechanicum in preparing Fortresses along Foothold and the area of space. Imperial lives may hang in the balance, and I have respected your wish to pursue your own projects, I ask now for help in mine.

Primarch Horus
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AS their fleets re-entered Imperial space Russ requested permission to board the White Scars flagship, bringing Captain Ahriman with him so that the 3 raiding Legions might collate their data now that they were safely out of reach of the Orks.

The information they had gathered made for grim reading. From the reports it seemed they would need every Astartes available and then some. "Well, we proved one thing at least" Russ commented with a small grin "Gulliman was an idiot to think a slow push would work. There are far too many Orks for that, we would be pushing till our dying breaths. I propose a War Council, with every Primarch so that we might discuss how best to proceed and share the information we have gathered here. Congratulations on your kills by the way brother."

+++Message from Leman Russ to The Emperor and all Primarchs+++
Father, brothers, I write to you to report that the scouting conducted by Jaghati Khan and myself has been a success. We have estimates on the Ork threat on and around Ullanor, I propose a War Council to discuss the information and decide how we should proceed.

Leman Russ.
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Magnus looked to the Captain, an expression of mild suprise crossed his face.

"Horus is a wise one. A mind cannot see battle all the time. I accept his proposal. My Thousand Sons are warrior scholars all. Perform your tasks with the Eagle Warriors, and the rest of the time you will spend either at my side or in the archives. You will study everything you can find. Even I do not know all of what is in my archives, so we shall go their now and see what we may find."

As he and Abbadon looked over the texts, and he showed him secrets of battle beyond the Bolter and Chainsword, and great tomes of ancient cultures, he saw Abbadons distaste for the task, perhaps a degree of bitterness towards his Primarch for this percieved insult.

"I promise you something Captain, after you return to your Primarch you will be forever an unbreakable bridge between the Thousand Sons and your brothers, and you will be eternally remembered for it by both sides. Your distaste for diplomacy is understandable,you were created to be a warrior. But I will show you that so much more can be achieved with a well placed word. Why fight a battle when you have already won the war?"
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Back in imperial space, on a planet a few systems from Maccragge, Sergeant Halum-Rex stalked behind the firing lines. Twenty human Imperial Guard all lay on the ground, lasguns pressed up to their cheeks, firing at the targets at the end of the range. He nodded in approval, the band of ex-PDF troopers were shaping up to be quite the marksmen. With his tutelage, and the new equipment that had just arrived, they were a fine fighting unit. And he wanted them to be the best damn unit in the platoon! They were his unit! He had trained them, he had build them! He knew they hated him at times for how hard he pushed them. But they also revered him, as their better, their commander, their father in battle.

"Keep the stock against your shoulder, Private Larriam! ..GOOD!" he barked as the target rocked under a las impact. He walked along the line, his armoured bulk casting a massive shadow over each trooper in turn in the setting sunlight. The targets were at the very far end of the range.
"Time your shots, Xavier! You must learn to be calm and not rush!" Trooper Xavier looked up over his shoulder. A dependable man in his thirties with a scar down his cheek.
"But my Lord, how can we remain calm in the thick of battle? We are not Astartes!" he accused, murmurs of agreement rose from some of the others, and the firing slowed as they listened.
Sergeant Halum-Rex was not used to being questioned, but he took it in his stride - an inquisitive mind was a healthy mind.
"Do you think Astartes are machines, trooper? ... Well, we are not! We are men like you, with the same spirit and emotions!" eager faces looked at him as he spoke, good men of the Imperial Guard.
"Astartes have fear, My lord?" pressed Xavier, confused.
"Is that such a surprise to you, trooper?" smiled Rex "We have fear, we have doubts, we have squabbles and disagreements. But we learn to control them! Like you must! On the battlefield you must master your emotions so that only clear duty remains!" he bellowed his rethoric so all could hear and drew his bolt pistol with one fluid movement, polished and perfect, it glittered in the setting sun.
"When your heart is full of clear duty and your mind is calm," he levelled his pistol at the far away targets "the enemies of mankind will shatter before you!" A single shot and the target at the end of the range exploded into fragments of polyboard and dust. His squad cheered and whistled at such perfect pistol marksmanship.

Rex allowed himself a fleeting smile "Now back to the ranges! I want you to be the best damn marksmen this side of Callisum!" The men eagerly scrabbled back to their positions and Rex continued his pacing.

They were nearly ready. Like the son who leaves home, soon they would be out on their own in the galaxy. He had trained them well, they had the best chance of any men. They would bring honour to the Legion and to themselves!

Guilliman entered the war council chambers. The brothers had been called to foothold, all who were able would attend to plot the downfall of the Orks. Of course, he had a plan that he would put forward.

It was simple; they should clear the orks from the surrounding systems, then launch a classic feint manoeuvre on Ullanor. Half the legions would attack from one side, drawing the orks out of position, then withdraw before they were overwhelmed, the other half would strike from the back at the most opportune time, carving into the soft underbelly of the beast and tearing out their heart.
He believed strongly in his strategy, as always, and hoped his brothers would share his vision. Although obviously there would be other plans and ideas - that was what there were here to discuss.
The doors opened, he was first into the chamber, Guilliman was always early. Rouboute moved to the central holo map and waited for the Primarches to assemble.

+++ to  Horus Lupercal+++

Brother Horus,

It is worse than we feared, we shall meet at foothold with all the Brothers we can muster. Russ and Khan have provided valuable new intelligence we must discuss. We must be united and strike quickly. I shall see you shortly.

+++ Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman +++

Captain Agapito,
News of Corax saddens me greatly, is there any advancements with his recovery? Your men are highly valued in fast assaults, i hope that you can meet at Foothold to discuss a strike at Ullanor and a change for the Raven Guard to have revenge against the Orks.

Primarch Guilliman+++

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The White Scars flagship Scars of Pride blinked out of warp into the Foothold system. After a brief exchange of signals and countersignals, the ship passed through the system's defences. On board the ship, Jaghati Khan was riding a bike down one of the ship's unusually wide corridors to the upper hangars. From the outside, the ship looked like any other of its class; the inside, however, was filled with open spaces and speedy vehicles. If you couldn't get from one side of the ship to the other quickly, you were doing something wrong.

One even more unusual decoration was the large quantity of blood spilled over the primary hangar as Jaghati drove in. Its existence told tales of Ork boarding attempts; "attempts", because all the blood was Orkish. With the ship as open as it was, Biker teams had been able to mop up footslogging Orks with impunity.

Jaghati met Russ and Ahriman by one of the transports. "Got everything we needed? We're running a little late as it is. Come on."
"How late?" Ahriman enquired.
"...About three days. There was a backflow in warp currents, or so the Navigator tells me."
"Three days!? -"
Jaghati cut Russ off before he could start ranting about it. "I know, I know, but the Warp is a fickle thing, and can turn against you incredibly easily. Now get on the shuttle before it's four days."

+++Jaghati Khan to Roboute Guilliman+++
We made it, at last. Got delayed by a warp malfunction. Will tell you more when we reach you. Have the rest meet in about half an hour.
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The three primarchs stood in the room, Curze unable to read Angrons face turned to Perturabo and said "My thanks brother, for restoring faith in our fellow legions. The captains are mostly happy, although I think some will never be happy until they get retribution for their pain. I received a request for help from the great wolf but as I was unsure if my men would support their brothers I thought it best to delay untill we had been bloodied together. Indeed my men marvel at your tactics, however with regards to Russ it sits heavy to leave a brother without support. What says you two, do you feel we should attend this meetings of primarchs? Our efforts do seem to be helping our brothers as we do seem to have created a third front."

[oop] Left out angron until I know the fate of his men[/oop]

The loss of a chapter weighing on Curze like nothing he had encountered before, these men were not lost in the war but in peace travelling the warp. Indeed those that did survive do not seem them selves. The captains of course raised this issue as soon as it appeared and continue to keep an eye on things. They had received one chapter from their home worlds to replace the ones lost and with one more spare, Curze continued to think untill a thought hit him. He will wait to see if his brothers wish to attend this conference.
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"It was truly an honor to fight along the Night Lords, Brother Curze. Your speed and skill is greater than any I have ever seen, and your warriors are brave and wise. I feel for the loss of your warriors in such a strange manner. It is rather unfortunate, and such unusual circumstances. I know my soldiers will never forget fighting side by side with them."
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Curze's hearts sweeled with pride that his brothers had not disappointed him whilst out of his view and had given a good impresion of his chapter. "Your words are too kind, but again our thoughts must return to the request before us, to leave all that we have gained and go join our brothers in conference, or remain and hope they do not judge our absence too harsly, what say you brothers for I will abide by your decisions"
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Horus entered the Foothold council chambers, wearing his armour and bringing with him two members of the Mournival, Captains Loken and Vipus. He noticed he wasn't first to get there. "Guilliman!" he greeted him with a warrior's wristshake, "It's been a while. I challenge you to a game of regicide later, over the Warlord's corpse, if you're up for it?"

"Any news on who will be joining us? My men said the White Scars have entered the system, and of course, the Raven Guard are here. I do hope that Corax is well, or better." Horus motioned to the ash. "I fear I appear as some daemon to the local populace, despite my winning smile."
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"Brother Horus, well met!" smiled Guilliman, clasping wrists. "Since when have I known what our Brothers will do? With the Emperor occupied, they have no one to follow, many seem to follow their own agendas of late.. Im sure Khan and Russ will be here, it was Russ who called the council after all! Mortarion is still around Foothold too. I just hope the others see the importance of a unified effort here."

"Ash was never your colour, brother. I can only hope you never have need to wear it again. It will be good to hear of Corax, we could use some good news!"
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Magnus arrived at the council chamber with Abbadon in tow. His men were on the frontlines under Russ' command, he was not going to miss this meeting.

He greeted both Gulliman and Horus and spoke to Horus about the progress of Abbadons education. "You have a fine mind here brother. I can see why you sent him to me though, he is headstrong, but willing to learn. I daresay when you get him back you will have far more than you bargained for." He said with a hearty chuckle. "He may even teach you a thing or two."

He turned to the father of the Ultramarines. "Roboute! How is the Emperors Administrator coping with his duties?" He laughed and patted Gullimans shoulder jovially. "I jest brother, we all know that you are doing fine works with far reaching results here."

He moved to take up station near one of the data terminals and had Abbadon stand next to him. "You may go speak with your father or remain at my side, the choice is yours. Unless he wishes to speak with you himself, then you will go to him."

"Now then, what has Russ called us here for? A progress report or has something major happened?"
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Horus smiled back at Magnus. "He showed initiative and a sense for diplomacy, and I thought no one better than the Crimson King to force some learning behind that skull of his." Horus looked at Abaddon, appraising him.

"Magnus, I must thank you for taking him on. After what he did, insulting Curze, I needed to show that the Luna Wolves could keep themselves in line, but there is no excuse for wasting talent. He is a fine mind indeed." Horus gave a thin smile to Abaddon. "One day you shall see the battlefield again. I have plans that I would speak with you on, Magnus, and Abaddon shall form the core of it. We'll talk after Ullanor. Until then, Abaddon, I expect you to listen and to learn from this meeting and from Brother Magnus. And avoid Curze, I don't need this blowing up before the big push." Horus grinned lopsidedly at Magnus.

Loken and Sejanus made their way over to Magnus, greeting him and then turning to Abaddon. Horus listened in, curious, as they hadn't spoken since his censure, and they were eager to boast of their tales on the field, and to hear of how Magnus' tutoring was. Abaddon responded that whilst it was certainly an opportunity, he felt that he would be better served with a blade in hand than a book. Even if they whispered, Magnus probably overheard as well. Horus smiled.

Horus looked over to Guilliman. "5 guaranteed Legions doesn't mean we can realistically launch a war on Ullanor, even as large as the Ultramarines and their army are." Horus looked back to Magnus. "Is the Eagle Legion ready to war yet?"
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"We are the Eagle Legion no longer, Lord; the Emperor has restored our glory!" The proclamation came from a Chapter Master in rich purple armour. It was the new Mk IV plate, albeit built to a much higher standard than most. He removed his helm, revealing a face that was bird-like, but still recognisably human. Truly, the curse that had afflicted the Legion had been halted by Fulgrim's sacrifice. "By His decree, we are the Emperor's Children once more!"

Following the Emperor's Children commander came another; a giant in golden armour, his helm topped by a blood-red horsehair plume. He carried an ornate power halberd with a boltgun slung beneath the blade.
"Noble Primarchs," he said, bowing in greeting. "I come as proxy of the Emperor himself. By his will, the Adeptus Custodes will join you in this battle."
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The door across from the new Chapter Master and Custodes flew open, and Jaghati swept into the room, followed closely by Leman Russ and Captain Ahriman. "Apologies for the delay, Brothers. We had problems traversing the Immaterium - its currents were against us the whole journey. Regardless, here we are, and here" - he placed a data slate on the main terminal, which booted up a hologram - "is what we have collated about the Ork empire on Ullinor. "

The hologram of the system floated over the projector, with fleet estimations, observed patrols, and units damaged by Astartes raid attacks. The numbers involved were huge, though whether it was too much for the Astartes would yet be revealed.
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Guilliman smiled at Magnus as they talked with Horus and the Mornival. But then the purple armoured Astartes entered and the smile on Rouboute's face flickered for a second.

The man was hideous, a mutant astartes. Guilliman had once questioned the Emperor's decision to cull them in battle, but seeing the mutations in person, even subtle as they were, Guilliman was unsure if he wouldnt have done the same in the Emperor's poition now. Astartes were perfection, and this bird-man was a mockery of that ideal.
Of course he hid his emotions like a true diplomat, greeting the newcomer and the Custode as was proper. Now was not the time for dramatics, they needed unification against this threat, after Ullanor he would address this...

"It is welcome news that 2 more Legions fight with us on this day." he nodded respectfully at the Custode Guard first and grasped the Astartes's forearm in greeting.
"And the Emperor's Children have reclaimed their glory! Now in the coming battle they shall claim some renown! This is fortunate news indeed!" he hesitated for a split second before shaking arms with the Chapter master. Guilliman was sure the other man didnt notice it.

Magnus and Horus greeted the newcomers too, then the opposite door burst open to admit Khan and Russ. Guilliman was secretly glad his attention could be focussed away from the Bird-Marine.

Khan greeted them all broadly and uploaded his data slate without delay - he was not one to waste time on small talk.

Guilliman moved to stand across the projector from Khan, the green glow casting ominous light on the faces of the Primarches and Astartes. "A fine job, gathering such valuable information, brothers." he studied the image for a second. "Shall we begin discussions?"

He tapped the input panel and brought up more markings on the holo.
"I propose a feint manoeuvre, brothers. To draw the Orks out of position, then smash them from behind, tearing out their heart!" The dots on the holo moved to represent the manoeuvre and Guilliman smiled as the red mass of Orkspace shrank back.
"What say you? Do we have any other stratagems? Im sure we have alternatives." his eyes darted to Russ, lopsided smile.
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Magnus was suprised to see the Custodes join the battle, he had never heard of them leaving Terra. This must be important indeed. He also noticed the flicker of. . .maybe not digust. . .but certainly aversion on the face of Guilliman at the sight of the Emperors Children. So concerned with genetic purity that one.

"Well Horus, it seems you have your answer. I have done all I can with them for now."

He turned to Russ as he took up his position and approched him. "Brother! It is good to see you in one peice and not made into food for the Greenskins! I hope Captain Ahriman has served you well." He glanced down to his son, standing at the Great Wolfs side. "Now that my work is complete with the Emperors Children, I will be joining you in battle once more. I shall bring more of my forces to bear on the greenskins and we shall work as hammer and anvil against their colonies."
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"As you can see" Russ added, entering behind Jaghati "they are a considerable threat and more are arriving as we speak. Our estimates suggest that 47 chapters would be a minimum requirement to even match these forces." He looked at Gulliman with a small smile "More than we can afford to have bogged down in the slow, steady meatgrinder you suggested brother."

"My suggestion is as it was. We conduct hit and run raids, lure their fleets into ambushes and then launch a main ground assault with a second force aimed at taking out the Ork command structure. Without their Big Bosses the Orks aren't much of a threat strategically. As for command of this theatre, in the absence of the Emperor himself I suggest my brother Horus. The campaign which led us here was his idea, and he has proven his ability to remain impartial and objective regardless of the Legions involved."
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Guilliman smiled, Russ and himself were ever the polar opposites of Primarchs.
"You misunderstood me Brother Russ, perhaps your unkept hair has clogged your ears? I suggested a steady push to Ullanor, as we have done, and I now suggest a feint at Ullanor. You can raid and pillage this hoard for decades, and never reach its heart, it grows faster than we can cull it."
He flicked through the images of Ork-space growth, for emphasis.
"You start to sound like a barbarian invader, brother. Raid their lands, pillage their villages?" Rouboute genuinely liked his brother Russ, but they had their arguments and he did bait the old Wolf from time to time. "Surely you dont beleive in this alone claiming victory?"
"Although your other suggestions bears marked resembelence to mine, in the fact you mention a diversion and then a ground assault - which is actually a feint? Is it not?" Guilliman smiled - Russ and himself had essentially put forward the same tactic with a different spin on it.
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"I did not say raid and plunder Gulliman, I said lure and ambush their fleets. Perhaps it is you who cannot hear." Russ replied. "As for us presenting 'the same strategy', there has been no push since we were tasked with this objective, only fortification of worlds already won and the hit and run scouting by Khan and myself. As for the feint, you made no mention of this before, you simply said a slow, steady push. Besides which, my fleet raids are not the diversion, they are a prelude. The main ground assault is the diversion to hide our true objective which would be undertaken by a spearhead, or spearheads depending on our intelligence closer to the time."
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Rouboute bent over the display, green light flooding his defined features.
"I assure you, the First Legion and other fine Legions with us," He motioned to Horus and Mortarion, "Have brought many worlds into the imperial fold around the Ullanor system in the last months, so that we now stand on solid ground to launch the main attacks against the Orks." Guilliman was patient, but he did not appreciate any of his brothers telling him what his own Legion had or had not been doing. He straightened up.
"Ground assault, diversion. Spearhead, true objective. It sounds like the classic feint to me, brother. Im glad we are in agreement." Guilliman overstated, remaining smiling, a unified effort was required here, if he could bear the Emperor's Children mutant, he could damn well bear brother Russ.
"What says our other Brothers? Horus? Magnus? Khan? Our Adeptus Custodes or Eagle Legion?"
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Horus watched. He watched when Magnus went to speak to Russ, only to be ignored by the busy Wolf. He noticed the return of the Eagle Legion... no, they were once more Emperor's Children, and he noticed the moment's hesitation in Guilliman's manner, and was proud that his brother put aside his feelings once more. He also noticed the Custodes entrance.

Horus stole a glance to Magnus when he heard Russ speak for him to command, wondering what his expression would tell him. That his brother would value him so much was touching, he didn't know Russ regarded him so much. He hoped the shock didn't show on his face. However, Russ and Guilliman were once more approaching a shouting match. Horus smiled- somethings never changed. He noticed the small vein in Guilliman's neck, and stood up quickly.

"I do wish one of you were wrong. It makes it so much easier to pick a side. However, once again, both of you are correct. I also see what Russ is driving at. So, why not simply use the wisdom of both great minds? Russ wishes to lure out the Ork forces and crush the fleet in an ambush, Guilliman wants it to be a distraction, and then hit them where they're not looking, I believe?" Horus looked to both his brothers. "Why not both? Destroy their fleet, and we gain a significant advantage. Lure them away, they lose a lot of theirs. Once they've taken the bait, crush them afterwards, and we win." Horus raised his hands palm up. "Seems like a winner to me."

"Also, Russ, I apologise," Horus spoke up, "this fortification and preparing was done as a favour to me. And the raiding forces have done amazing work, as without this intelligence, the Imperium may have launched an assault that would have cost us Legions..." Horus bowed to Russ, showing respect. "And a thought should we not wait to see who else comes? I cannot imagine that Angron, Captain Agapito or Peturabo would miss this." Horus suggested.

Horus also paused for a second, for once completely out of his comfort zone. "And your suggestion for me to lead... I didn't know how much regard you have for me. Thank you." Horus grinned awkwardly. "If my brothers agree, I will proudly do so." Horus felt the silence go on a moment too long, and moved to get things back to familiar ground.

Horus smiled and slapped Guilliman on the shoulder. "But I am interested in something- why are the Custodes here? Forgive my abruptness, but we don't often have such distinguished warriors join us." Horus looked to the Custodes, before offering a hand. "I don't believe we've met. I am Horus Lupercal."
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"We need to continue our assault on all fronts, through BOTH manners of attack. We need to clear enough of the warband out by drawing them to other parts of the system, too far to re-enforce eachother, but close enough to feel secure in their movements.

 These Orks are savages but they are not stupid, and even with every legion in place we are outnumbered. We must use their thoughts against them. Their Warbosses must be seen to be strong, else everything crumbles beneath them. We need to Lure the Warbosses out, and cut them down. Total decimation of the command structure and the Waaargh will turn on itself while trying to crown a new leader. During this time, our organisation will give us the key to victory.

My worthy brothers Russ and Guilliman are the respective leaders of the two prongs of attack here. I suggest that Horus take overall command of this mission, and that both Russ and Gulliman report to him and him to our Father. We can win this no other way. We must direct the Orks into battle on our terms. The lure of the Primarchs will be too great to ignore. I will be joining the battle myself, and bringing in the remainder of my chapters bar 2.

Brothers, we cannot fall to infighting, we must remain undivided."
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Guilliman nodded, his agreement with Magnus and Horus plain.
"The voices of reason, as always." he grinned "So be it; two prongs - A luring strike against the ork fleets," he inclined his head respectfully at Russ. "And I would happily lead a stab at the Ork's heart for the second strike." He gripped his sword tightly.
"Brother Horus would be a wise choice to control the operation - for he does so relish paperwork." a lopsided grin. "What remains now is to await the arrival of our other Brothers, and to divide our forces."

"Of course, it is important for us to be prepared and trained well for the coming conflict," he glanced at Russ "Perhaps you would care to train with me in the sparring ring when we are done here, brother?" Rouboute's grin said it all.
Russ and him had trained together much in their younger days, a few hours in the ring usually worked out their differences, regardless of who won. He hoped it did again this time .... and that he got to teach his brother a thing about swordsmanship.

Horus was addressing the Custode and attention moved to the newcomer.

OOC: Thought it may be cool to have a sparring match/honour duel between russ and rouboute, perhaps Wargamer can do a roll-off for who wins? And then the winner can RP an intense and very closely matched sparring match? :D
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"Ha. Always eager to offer your services for the glory duties but never the grunt work, eh Gulliman?" Russ barked. "So be it, take your Ultramarines and win the day. I'll commit my Wolves and my tank support to the front line once the Ork fleets are destroyed."

"As for sparring, sure. I'll take you on after Khan. I promised him a bout while we were planning our scouting."
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Magnus turned to Gulliman upon hearing his challenge to Russ.

"Roboute, while their are few who can even claim to match your long term strategic ability, to my knowledge, there are NONE who can match the Great Wolf in single combat. His reputation is well earned."
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<OOC> I shall entertain that notion. ;) I'll PM you both the results, and you can discuss between you who posts the results. :P</OOC>

The Custode remained silent throughout the proceedings, save when Horus addressed him directly. He looked down at the Primarchs hand as though it were a weapon. The Primarch could practically see the man's though process: look for weapon, assess target's physical capabilities, calculate most probable attack, identify weak spots...

Though he did not accept Horus' hand, the Custode did incline his head in a slow, formal gesture of respect. "I am Saturnalia, commander of the Emperor's personal taskforce. The Custodes will deploy here in company strength, alongside specialist elements from other branches of the Imperial military. Our primary role here is to act as a reserve force, to bolster the line where needed, and to supervise the..." he paused, glancing toward the Emperor's Children representative. "...Legions who will be acting as your support. Elements from the Iron Hands, Dark Angels and Imperial Fists should be arriving in the next few days, Warp permitting."
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Angron turned to Cruze, 'I beleive we should join our Brothers in this fight. From what I read of the reports on the battles leading to where they are now, we need to combine our efforts for this will be the biggest Ork Empire we have faced.'
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"I agree, brother Angron. We must commit as much as we can to destroying the xeno scum. The more the merrier as I say."
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Horus sat in the Vengeful Spirit, writing out messages to his Brothers. He looked once more at the numbers.

He need at least 41 Chapters to take out Ullanor. He'd need 7 Chapters to take out those in the surrounding system.

Currently, Russ and the Thousand Sons were luring out half of the Ork forces. The Thousand Sons were committing 7 Chapters. Russ would be able to commit up to 16 Chapters... Great Companies, Horus corrected himself. If he could bring 13 Great Companies, then that would be enough for the lure to handle up to half the Orks, as well as be a convincing lure. He would message as such to Russ.

Magnus had command of the Emperor's Children for a while. Horus frowned. The Emperor's Children needed a presence here, to show they were one of the Legions, and every Chapter helps. Horus would ask Magnus if he could spare a Chapter or two of them, the most able ones.

Khan was a master of dealing with large amounts of area quickly. Not only that, but he could muster a fair few men. He would ask Khan if he would like to command the sweep in the outlying system. Khan was a much respected Brother, and had the forces to get it done. Nonetheless, he would give him command of the Dark Angels forces when they arrive. Those forces should be more than sufficient to clean the surrounding area of Orks, and quickly too.

Guilliman would be bringing hopefully near 7 to 9 Chapters, and his army force. Horus would be bringing 5 Chapters. The Iron Hands and Imperial Fists would be joining them. So would the Custodes. He needed to make sure to ask for help from the Mechanicum. He would ask Guilliman if he could apply some pressure as well. Mortarian would doubtless wish to join Guilliman in combat, possibly bringing another 7-8 Chapters. Possibly just enough. Possibly.

Horus frowned once more. He needed a much larger second strike. He needed to make up with Curze, get the Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Warhounds and Alpha Legion. He would ask Sanguinius to help as well. If even half of them respond positively, this may go off without a hitch.

Horus sat back, smiling, and had finished writing his messages. He gave them to Loken to be sent out, and went to meet with his brothers once more. He wasn't going to miss the fight between Guilliman and Russ. But first, he had to put his ash back on.

(I sure hope you like messages, because here they come- Declis OOC)

+++ Horus Lupercal to Brother Khan+++

To my respected brother,

I wish to speak with you regarding the fight against the Greenskins. I am doubtless meeting you in person soon, but would like to discuss giving you command to sweep the outlying areas. We shall discuss this more in person.


+++ Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red+++


I shall doubtless be meeting you soon, but I wish to inquire regarding the Emperor's Children. I am aware you are currently working with them, but I feel they shall want a presence at Ullanor. Can you send a Chapter or two? I shall personally command them and make sure they are given a chance for glory and fair treatment as well. Afterwards, I shall return them to you.


+++Horus Lupercal to the Mechanicum of Mars+++

This is Primarch Horus of the Luna Wolves,

I require the finest soldiers and Titan Legions you can muster. The greatest battle of the Great Crusade yet is upon us, and I am sure the Mechanicum would like to be seen to be taking part.

+++ Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman +++

To Roboute,

I shall doubtless be seeing you in a second, but it's something to think about. The Mechanicum responds better to you than I. Could you join your voice to mine in seeing them support us in this battle? I also ask about what your Imperial Army is doing. Shall they be taking part? We may need every possible gun.


+++ Horus Lupercal to Konrad Curze+++

Dear Brother,

I know that relations between our Legions are strained. I therefore ask if you would fight alongside the Luna Wolves at the forefront of this battle, to share the glory hand in hand with each other. I wish to repair our relationship, brother. May the Night Lords and Luna Wolves hunt together in the future.

With respect,

+++ Horus Lupercal to Sanguinius+++

Dear Brother,

It has been a long while since we last spoke. I hope the Vanguard has gone well. Now, there is a mighty battle approaching against the Ork menace, and I would be honoured if the Blood Angels would fight alongside us.


+++ Horus Lupercal to Angron +++

Dear Brother,

I hear you've done well hunting with Curze. I now ask if you would return to Foothold. There is going to be a mighty battle, against the Ork menace. I cannot imagine fighting a war against such odds without the Warhounds by my side. Also, it has been too long sice we have spoken, Angron.


+++ Horus Lupercal to Peturabo +++


Your Marines have done admirably. When we have crushed the Orks, I hope we may finish them as an ever-lasting tribute to your abilities. If possible, I would ask if the two Chapters on such duty could continue during the battle, but that is your decision, brother. Onto more pressing news, the battle of Ullanor approaches, and there shall be mighty fortresses to be torn down, and I remember Foothold, brother, and know that no one can do it as well as the Iron Warriors. I ask, therefore, if you join us against the Ork menace.


+++Horus Lupercal to Alpharius +++


It has been a long time since we fought together. I should like to see you once more. Also, the Ork menace has risen, and I ask for your assistance and the assistance of the Alpha Legion in putting it down. Your abilities mean that you can swing the battle in our favour before the main attack gets there, and may be instrumental in allowing the lure to work. I hope you can join us.


+++ Horus Lupercal to Mortarian+++

Dear Brother,

I have not known you long, and we haven't yet made war with each other against a common foe. Well, now that time has come. Let the Dusk Raiders and the Luna Wolves stand side by side as we cast down the Ork menace with our brothers. It shall give you a showing like no other, and confirm to some skeptics that you are much as force to be reckoned with as Russ or Guilliman. I look forward to having you there.


+++ Horus Lupercal to acting-commander Captain Agapito+++

Captain Agapito,

We haven't spoken since the fights against the Eldar. I would wish to appraise you in what has happened since, and to once more see my brother before the fight of Ullanor. Has he gotten better?

I also ask if you would join in the war, there is great need for the skills of the Raven Guard.

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+++ Acting Commander Agapito to Lord Horus +++

My lord, our primarch has made a full recovery, and is fighting fit once more. He is eager to express his thanks to you, should you wish to arrange an audience.

Agapito out.
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+++Horus Lupercal to Corax+++

Dear brother, you have awoken?

I would be honoured if you could visit Foothold as soon as possible. I would like to remove the ash from my face.

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+++  Roboute Guilliman to Horus Lupercal+++
To Horus,
Im sure I can help press them into action, the Mechanicum's aid will be valuable in the coming battle. The Imperial Guard are ready also, they can offer support where needed. Although they are not astartes, they will doubtless be able to act as am effective rearguard for the speartip.

+++  Roboute Guilliman to Lord Magnus Vaul of the Mechanicum++++
I trust, Magnus, that the STC tecnologies I offered to you from the recently conqured Forgeworlds is proving useful in bringing you closer to your goals. One of our goals now, is Ullanor. I and the Ultramarines would request the Mechanicum's support in the coming battle. It is central to all our interests that this Ork thread is met with overwhelming force.
Primarch Rouboute+++

+++ Rouboute Guilliman to Angron +++
Brother Angron,
There is a grand war against the Orks at Ullanor, doubtless you have been told. Your WAR HOUNDS! would excel in the close bloody conflict to be had in the speartip alongside the Ultramarines. I hope you will make haste to Ullanor and lend your strength to Horus's battleplan.
We can crush these orks together on the battlefield - it shall be like old times!

Rouboute was stripped of his armour and making his way to the Training Halls, he had an appointment with Brother Lemen.
[OOC: Right after we find time to write it :P]
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OOC, Dusk Raiders? Wrong Primarch or wrong legion? :P/OOC
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(OOC: Im not sure if Magnus has the Emperors Children at his disposal anymore or if the Custodes are in charge of them now, I shall assume that I do though as no statement removing them from my authority has been made. /OOC)

+++ Magnus the Red to Horus Lupercal

The Emperors Children will be proud to serve in the greatest battle of the Great Crusade. I shall send 3 of the best Chapters to you, ones that have spent the most time under my tutalige. They will serve you well. However, I am unsure as to the status of the Custodes, it maybe that they are attached to the Emperors Children, to watch for any. . .issues. . .that might arise.

Chapters 1 through 11 of the Thousand Sons will be on the front lines under my personal command, including my Librarius. They shall provide much needed support to anyone who fights alongside them.

Magnus the Red +++
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[OOC: Ahh meant Warhounds, edited :P lol]

After the war council, Guilliman, Russ and a crowd of spectators were in the training halls. Rouboute was dressed in a blue and black bodysuit, training sword in hand and the easy-going smile on his face. He brushed back his blond hair and took in the atmosphere.
It was rare that Primarchs got to train or spar, no one or nothing was their equal in one-on-one combat, so Guilliman looked forward to this opportunity
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Magnus slapped Russ heartily on the shoulder. "A fight for the ages to remember brother!"

Entering the cage he lowered himself to a knee and shook Guilliman until he regained conciousness. "You fought well, but I did warn you." The Crimson King said with a broad grin and a chuckle. "I guess it's a good thing you never took my wager after all."
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Angron looked at the pair of messages on his dataslate, it seemed his Brothers wanted him to be part of the push on Ullanor. He would be taking part no matter what Cruze deciced. He quickly composed a message to all the Primarchs.

*** Angron to all the Primarchs. ***

Brothers, I hope to see you all at Foothold, both those I have met and those I have yet to meet.

I shall be commiting the entirety of the Warhounds and our fleet to the fight. This shall be a glorious battle that will be remembered through the ages Brothers. Let us create legends and forever prove there is no greater force then all our Legions combined.

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Rouboute rolled over, the shame at the loss draining his energy to stand. Magnus was above him, grinning.
"I beleive the Old Wolf and I have worked out our differences for the time being, Magnus." Guilliman rolled his jaw checking it was still set. "So that is some victory atleast."
He accepted Magnus's hand and stood. "Although I sometimes wish there was a less painfull way to do it." he grinned, jovial on the outside. But part of him felt anger still, Russ had baited him into losing his calm composure. But he pushed the spark of resentment deep down, he had other things to attend to now. War was coming.

+++Rouboute to Brother Angron+++
That is good news indeed. Make haste. We shall all be on Foothold, and war waits for no one, not even a warrior of your talents! Your forces will be well met. I look forward to creating those legends in battle together brother.
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"Always remember brother, there's more than one way to win a battle." Russ replied with a smile "My Wolves will do whatever it takes to get the job done, why would I act differently?" he grinned.

"If you will excuse me brothers, I need to decide how best to lure the Ork fleets out of positions. Those who are part of the bait are welcome to join me for planning."

[OOC] So far it's Magnus and myself acting as bait I think, the rest of the fleet waiting as the ambush force. Anyone wishing to join the bait is free to do so.[/OOC]
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"I feel that we have sizeable enough forces between us to act as hammer and anvil. One of us lures the Orks out, and engages them head on, the other swoops in from behind to force them to fight on 2 fronts. 23 Chapters between us, plus your Tank Companies and my Librarius. We can do this."
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In the days that followed the Duel, the foothold began to fill with tension.

Mechanicum fleets arrived laden with Skitarii, Titans and other machines of war. Maniples of Legio Cybernetica guided their charges forward, flanked by the war-walkers of the Knights of Tanaris. Behind them came the supply ships, carrying new model bolters and Maximus plate for the Legions. There was much demand for these, though the supply was hardly equal. The unpainted, ceramite-grey suits from Mars were divided up between the Legions, though the Luna Wolves and Iron Warriors received none of these suits. Those two Legions would instead be supplied by their own fleets; Forgeworlds closer to their homes had already provided bulk-shipments of Maximus armour, which would be brought to the front within a week.

The Emperor's Detatchment, as it was unofficially known, slowly built its strength in the wake of the Mechanicum's offerings. Three Chapters of Iron Hands, many of whom were clearly possessed of some degree of Psychic talent, were the first. Three more of the Imperial Fists and Dark Angels respectively arrived in their wake; the former entirely equipped in Iron Armour, the latter still making do with the old 'Crusade' pattern.
The final Chapter was an eclectic mix. They all wore black armour, emblazoned with a stylised I symbol. It stood for Imperator, and was the official sign of the Emperor. Who these Marines were was unclear, but two Companies worth joined the Custodes and the miss-matched bands of gene-warriors and cybernetically augmented killers that had been brought along in their wake. The mysterious Astartes were reluctant to involve themselves with any of the other Legions, extracting themselves from any attempt at conversation as quickly and quietly as possible.

Between the Space Wolves and the Ultramarines, a rivalry of sorts bloomed in the wake of the duel. It would not be fair to call it outright hostility, but there was a strong sense of competition; the Ultramarines claimed their Primarch had come much closer to victory in the duel than the Space Wolves would like to admit, whilst the Space Wolves remarked that "coming close to winning" is a fancy way of saying they lost. Nothing emerged of the rivalry to cause any concern, but it was there for all to see.
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+++ Perturabo to Horus Lupercal +++

Brother Horus,

It is good to hear from you. Of course my warriors shall continue building, I hope they continue to live up to expectations. The bulk of the rest of my chapters shall join the contingent at Ullanor. However, I have a personal task I must see to, but hope to return as soon as possible. Until then, I send my chapters 1-8 under you for means of deployment. I simply ask you listen to Captain Forrix of the first chapter, as he knows where my men are strong. This of course includes the warriors that are currently constructing the fortress. I hope to see you again soon, perhaps on Ullanor at a victory feast.

Perturabo, Iron Warriors

+++ Perturabo to Salamanders acting commander +++


I have obtained information that may be quite important to your legion. Please meet me at the coordinates listed in the attachment, with the whole of your forces. Please make all haste, as there is no time to lose.

Perturabo, Iron Warriors

Perturabo looked down at the dark, fiery planet. "Prepare to land. Be careful, we wouldn't want any accidents."
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Horus laughed, and handed his bottle of fine wine to Russ after the victory. It was a good fight, but once more, the underdog couldn't beat the Wolf.

Later, Horus sat on Foothold awaiting the arrival of Corax eventually, and read reports. Now he had more brothers coming, he had to decide how to split them up. He smiled when he read of Peturabo and Angron's coming, it had been long since they had fought alongside each other. Not only that, but Peturabo is donating the use of those two Chapters to finish the Fortress. Horus couldn't wait to meet his brother again.

No news from Corax. Horus frowned. Maybe the Warp was taking it's time, but he wished to make up with his brother personally.

Now, it was time to start sorting out who went where.

Under Russ and Magnus, 24 Chapters would lure out half the Orks, and crush their fleet and the Orks themselves. The "Lure", as Horus referred to it in his head, was already set up, and capable. He would also give them the 3 Chapters of Imperial Fists, to help deal with any Fortresses or constructs that needed dealing with.

Guilliman was a master of organising, so him being in charge of the main push would be great. His own Legion, the Ultramarines, and the Imperial army provide 9 Chapters.
Peturabo, ever dependable, is bringing another 7 Chapters of fine Iron Warriors under a Captain Forrix. As one of Peturabo's men, Horus would make sure to invite him to greet him personally when possible.
The Luna Wolves will bring 5 Chapters.
The Warhounds are coming in strength, bringing another 7 Chapters. Horus would be sure to ask if he could take to the main push as well.
The Emperor's Children are bringing 3 Chapters. A chance to redeem themselves.
The Dark Angels shall be placed under my command, bringing 3 Chapters.
The Mechanicum shall fight on Ullanor, bringing the might of the Machine Cult to the fore.
The Custodes and Imperators shall also be placed here.

The "Thrust", as Horus called it, as now also ready.

However, now needed is the "Sweep", a force dedicated to attacking across the Sector and outlying systems and stopping the Orks regrouping, flanking or consolidating. He needed to entrust a Primarch to this. He thought hard.

Either Corax, the master of sudden attacks, Curze, the blitzkrieg-er, Khan, the eldest brother and most respected, or Mortarian, who is an advocate of attacking from many flanks. He needed one of them to volunteer. He would ask them, and whoever volunteered would be given command of the Iron Hands, giving them the forces of 3 more Chapters. Horus would ask the first Brother to arrive.

Lure: Command: Russ; Magnus, 27 Chapters worth.
Thrust: Command: Guilliman; Horus, Angron, 34 Chapters worth.
Sweep: [Commander yet to be decided], 3 Chapters worth.
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Some time later, preparations were well underway, they were just waiting for a few more Primarchs to report, then when everyone knew their place, things could begin. Rouboute had one last thing to present to Horus.
He entered his brother's 'war-room' where he was planning the strike. Horus sat at the end, half conceled by a mountain of data slates and reports piled on his desk. Guilliman grinned at the unusual sight, although it caused his jaw to pain. He walked past the holo map of the Ullanar system, dots and markers placed in the air to represent fleet movements, he noticed some things he would have planned differently - but this was Horus's chance now, and he wouldnt meddle. Rouboute had done his stint at leading Legions, uniting many valuable Forge-Worlds for the Imperium, and what thanks had he got? Thanks? No. His mind flashed back. 'You can not lead, Rouboute.' the feeling of injustice surfaced in his breast. But he bit it down and moved to the desk.

"Brother Horus."  he announced loudly. Hours looked up, slightly shocked. "You seem to be engrossed, learnt to love the smell of parchment yet?" Rouboute grinned and Horus put down his slate.
"Smells like bordome to me. What can i help you with brother?" replied Horus. Guilliman dropped a stack of slates onto Horus's groaning desk.
"More reading for you. Reports of pirate raiders in the sector, and reports of missing ships, caused by pirate raiders no doubt."
"Pirates wont trouble us." Horus shook his head.
"Eldar pirates?..." Guilliman left it hanging.
"I see...." Horus looked grave.
"You know as well as i that the Eldar Pirates take any opportunity to raid and enslave among the carnage of other races battles. It would be prudent [OOC: knowing wargy as GM :P] to take measures to counter them. I suggest warning all fleet captains to be on full alert, and perhaps having a fast reserve force, a chapter, maybe two all loaded into the fastest strike cruisers, to counter any surprises that may show up?"
Guilliman pushed a slate to Horus, and rubbed his bruised jaw unconsciously.
"Your decision, brother. Its your operation, it could be the Eldar dont show up, and we waste chapters sitting in reserve, suffering more casualties as a result. I leave it with you."
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Horus gave a flat smile to Guilliman. He was midway through reading a data-slate handed to him by Peturabo and another by Russ. He noticed a moment of expressionless on his brothers face.

"Eldar pirates, huh?" Horus rubbed his chin. "The Luna Wolves have a great debt to deal with them. I shall have the 6th Chapter on stand-by, ready to avenge the death of the original 6th. Not only that, but the Space Wolves have great experience dealing with the Eldar as well. The 6th of their Chapter shall also join them." Horus smiled at that. "The Wolves shall go hunting, I suppose."

"And Peturabo has come forth to lead the sweeping action. I swear, sometimes I know I would only have a bolter in my hand, but it is the brotherhood we share that shall be our greatest weapon. Is there anything in the galaxy that can stand before us?" Horus looked out of the window behind him, trying to ignore the growing stack of papers.

Horus stood up and gave a weary smile to Guilliman. "Thanks for informing me. I know you come from a position of expertise, and have only been a good mentor to me. However, I am not blind, Roboute. You frowned deeply before you spoke. What ails you? What is the thought buried in your chest?"
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"What ails me?" Guilliman rose his eyebrow "With Ullanor? Nothing, your tactics are sound brother." he smiled and glanced quickly at the holo map.
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"Come, come, Guilliman," Horus slapped him on the shoulder, looking over the hidden insult, "don't change the subject. Something has been bothering you since you left Terra. It's good you've stopped thinking about it, but I do ask, what is wrong?"

Horus glanced over to the holo-map. "Unless you do see something I have missed. I am ever happy to hear your advice, brother."
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"Nothing you need concern yourself with brother." he smiled "I shall work past my inner demons, so to speak. And this campaign will help no end, it will be good to get back to the frontlines! It is simple in the thick of battle..."
Rouboute placed his hand on his sword pommel, the sword that was a gift from the Emperor, decades before.
"If you like, i can review your deployments with you?" he smiled, the lure of discussing tactics too great "although im sure you have it all under control."

[OOC: Hey Wargy, if Rouboute helps out Horus for a bit with the overall Ullanor tactics, would the whole fleet get his Counter Ploy bonus, or a fraction of the bonus [D3]? Rather than just the Speartip? :3
LD: Hidden insult? Geeze these primarchs are sensative types, he cant compliment Horus's tactics? :P Poor Guilliman, doomed to always be wrong, when he tried so hard xD lol ]
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(OOC: Would greatly appreciate it if Roboute's help brings greater use to the fleet. Also, the problem with text is it's hard to interpret how you meant it.)

Horus grinned widely. "Deny the greatest tactician a chance to evaluate my work? Do I look a fool, brother?" Horus laughed, and led him to the map.

After a few minutes, Horus looked over to Guilliman, his face illuminated by the glow of the holo-map. "Brother, I have heard... wanderings. And at the fight... you were quick to anger. You are not the type to make mistakes, Roboute, and you seem easily baited. I've never seen you so uncontrolled before. I ask again now, as brothers," Horus placed his hand on his shoulder, "Is there anything wrong? Anything I can help you with? Ask, and I shall do what I responsibly can." Horus looked into Roboute's eyes.
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The chimes sounded and Magnus entered the room, he bowed slightly to his brothers and walked over to them, casting his eyes over the data slates and holomaps.

"I see a great deal of planning in the making. How goes the work Horus? I trust Roboute has not been overturning your ideas." He said with a grin. He looked to the Ultramarine and saw a glimmer in his eyes, a suppressed emotion. Magnus was a potent psyker, something he knew Guilliman distrusted. He did not judge his brother, nor blame him for his thoughts however.

Roboute may be a master at keeping his feelings under wraps, but Magnus was equally skilled at reading them. "Something troubles you brother? Something beyond Ullanor. Speak Guilliman, we are not here as judges, but as brothers. Allow us to help you if you need it. We are not perfect as you well know, and we cannot afford to leave things unsaid at such a critical time. We need you if we are going to win, who else has the organizational skills to pull this off? None among us save the Father Himself. But we need to know that you are not in a compromising state of mind."

"Speak brother, and we will listen."
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[OOC: Ha yea, thing with RP posts is i dont re-read them enough, i probably slip in veiled insults to everyone!  ::)]

Rouboute shifted the position of a green dot slightly, then looked to Horus.
"Its true, i have not been myself since leaving Terra... I say this to you in confidence brother, as i will deal with it in my own way. But i spoke with the Emperor, after leading the legions to take valuable forge worlds..."
He moved another dot, replacing it with an orange triangle. 'You can not lead, Rouboute'
"I got the impression, he thought i was ... lacking. In one respect or another ..." he bent low to the holo display, underlighting meeting his defined features. Horus started to speak, words of reassurance, but Rouboute continued.
"Its fine now, honestly brother. Ive come to terms with it, i actually became enlightened with my duel with Russ. He said - 'His Wolves will do whatever it takes to get the job done, why would he act any differently?'" Rouboute smiled and closed the tactical layout, the reviews were finished and Horus had done a fine job without him for the vast majority.
"I will apply this to myself. Whatever it takes to better myself. Whatever it takes to grow." he grinned "And so im composed again, as I have a stratagem to follow." he grinned lopsided.
"Good luck with this battle brother, you have it under control. I must leave to organise the speartip." he smiled and placed his hand on Horus's shoulder.

Then Magnus entered. Rouboute glanced at his brother as he spoke. He also knew of Rouboute's troubles. Was he so easy to read?
"Indeed good Magnus, i have completely ruined Horus's fine plans." he jested. "Unfortunately i must now make my own for the speartip."
He held Magnus's shoulder too in goodbye.
"Im sure you have raiding details to discuss, i shall intrude no longer."
Rouboute smiled and span to leave the chamber.
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Angron was glad when his ship dropped back out of the Warp, he'd felt like he'd been in danger the entire time and had annoyed his crew with his constant pacing. As soon as they were back in the material realm he felt much safer. He looked at the Holomap on the bridge and watched the symbols for every ship in his fleet appear. He also looked to see how far they were from Foothold, three hours travel time. He decided to practice his telekinsis in his private quarters.
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Horus was handed yet another report by Loken. His eyes flicked over it, and he handed it back to Loken. "Invite him to join me as soon as possible." With that, it was time to present his Crusade plans to Guilliman. He had reworked it, made it clearer, and managed to reconcile advice from Magnus, Guilliman and Russ, as well as his own personal flair.

Horus grinned with pride as he walked through the Vengeful Spirit. Now, he just needed a few more brothers to answer the call, and he could rest-assured this victory was sealed.

+++Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++

Dear Brother,

I have rewritten the plans for Ullanor, and I wish to see your input. Once I have given the Sweep Team a Primarch Commander, I shall
divert all possible resources to making your Spearhead as strong as possible. I also plan to assign Mortarian to work with you, as you are good friends and work well together. If possible, I also hope that Curze will join you, when he arrives.


+++Horus Lupercal to Angron+++


It is good that you are hear. If you could, come meet me in Foothold as soon as possible. I have a proposition for you.

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Captain Tyrell of the 2nd Ultramarines Chapter paced through the corridor on Foothold, he had a message to deliver, from Lord Horus to his Primarch. He swept his silver hair back with a massive gauntlet and turned a corner. There were a trio of Space Wolves talking together in the corridor, blocking the way. He sighed and continued, ready to push past them. One Wolf with decorated armour and fang teeth kill marking tattoos across his eyebrow spotted him and grinned at his approach.
"Wolves, hail Ultramarine, glory sponges of the Imperium!" he mocked and his companions turned laughing to block the corridor with him. Tyrell stopped inches in front of them, the Ultramarine was well over 300 years old, his age and the continued growth of the Astartes meant he was approaching nine feet tall. He looked down.
"Step aside,"he glanced at the rank badge on the leader Wolf's shoulder, "sergeant."
"Perhaps you can duel me to get past? If you have read up on your duelling textbook recently!" the Wolf shoved Tyrell back and laughed with his companions. Tyrell remained expressionless and walked towards the marines again.
The leader Wolf made to push him back again but Tyrel was fast and grabbed his wrist, twisting his arm around and forcing him onto his knees, nearly breaking his arm. The Space wolf roared in pain and his companions instinctively half reached to their weapons, only to think again and stayed motionless.
"Perhaps you didnt hear me, Space Dog! Step aside!" shouted Tyrell into the sergeant's ear. He pushed the Wolf heavily into the wall and barged past the other two. As he strode away, the Wolf Sergeant shouted after him, in pain but laughing.
"Which training manual did that little move come out of, Ultramarine?"
Tyrell kept walking.

'Adaptive Unarmed Combat, by Lexian Madrass - Chapter 3: Disarming routines' he thought, as he went to deliver his message.

Later, Guilliman went to Horus. They talked and discussed developments, and Guilliman went through the tactics with Horus again [OOC: conferring part of his Counter Ploy perk? :angelface: xD].
"It is a good choice to include Mortarian in the spearhead. He is dependable and has learnd much about leading a legion in these last months. This will be a good bloodening for him and his legion alike." spoke Guilliman as he rolled the tension from his neck.
"What of Angron? His fury would be of great value in the speartip. Although im sure he has ideas of where he would like to be deployed once he arrives."
They were expecting Angron and the others who were yet to make their voice heard to arrive any minute. Still, Rouboute had brought a bottle of distilled Amsec to share with his brothers. It was strong, it started to evaporate as he poured it. Rouboute thought it was fitting to toast the impending victory. [ooc: I just jinxed the whole operation with that last line :P]
"Im yet to speak with Curze since Terra. But it will be good to fight alongside him again, we faught at Mallarium together. That was a good fight!" he drank again, deeply.
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Khan sat in the main planning room, alone, staring distantly at the system map he'd help make on the way there. He'd been over Horus' plans several times already to make sure they were airtight, and hadn't found a gap. Well, beyond the usual, such as "That's a few more Orks than we thought", or "They ALL took the bait? What are we supposed to strike against now?" that the greenskins tended to produce sometimes, and were unavoidable.

Even so, he found himself making a contingency plan. The eight brotherhoods that had sailed here with him were still patrolling the edges of the Greenskin's space, and reports were being sent back every few hours. Once the main battlegroup arrived, they'd have up-to-the-hour reports on the locations of the main warbosses, and of course the Warlord. He'd've liked it to be up to the minute, but in space there's only so much you can do after all.

For the most part, the initial raiding force was lurking in the edges of the local systems to Ullanor, picking off stragglers from Ork fleets and watching from afar. The White Scars would be in the sweeping forces, launching lighting raids on any Ork leadership that tried to root itself in the aftermath of the Spearhead attack. However, Jaghati suspected that the lure might be too successful - it would be hard for Orks to resist such a large target as an Astartes battlegroup - so if the Orks went all out against the lure, the Scars would have to try to intervene.

With the structure of his contingency plan drawn up, Khan sent it to Horus, not so much for acceptance as to say "This is what I'll be doing, take it or leave it". Having done so, he noticed none of his brothers had applied to lead the Sweep Team, so he attached his offer to do so to the first message.
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Angron walked the halls of Foothold looking for Horus. He could of asked for directions but he was taking in the architecture and practicing some of his other Psykic powers as he walked. He came across a Chapter Master in rich purple armour, he stopped and talk to the marine, 'Brother, You are of the Emperors Children are you not? I am sorry I did not get to meet Fulgrim before he passed, I hope his scarifice has saved your legion and you can bring him much honour.'

'Primarch Angron, I am the commander of the Emperors Children and I thank you. We will do much to honour Fulgrim.' He removed his helm, watching for a reaction from the primarch, only to be surprised by there being none, 'Primarch, if you do not mind my saying, most of your Brothers have reacted in someway to seeing my mutations, yet you do not?'

Angron bid one of his honour guard forward and turned to the Commander and he said, 'Not all of your brother legions are as free of mutation as we would like to seem.'

The Warhound removed his helm and opened his jaw, letting it distend and showing his split tongue and snake like fangs. His eyes were also snake like and had a scale like pattern around them extending off the side of his face.

'While ours is not as bad as yours is Commander, we too are mutated. I hope we can fight together, if not here, then in future crusades. It would be an honour to fight with your Legion. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find my Brother Horus, I believe he wants brief me on the coming battle.'

Angron felt Horus' presence as he got closer to the briefing room. He headed towards it, opening the door and entering before saluting his Brother. 'You look tired and stressed Brother. Is such a large command really that much work?' He asked with a laugh.
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"I thought you'd like to work with Mortarian. Regarding Angron, I was planning to ask him if he could lead the Sweep- whilst I only wanted him in the Spearhead, where I agree, the Warhounds would fight like none other, no one volunteered. However, I got a message from Khan whilst I popped out. Looks like our older brother has offered to lead the Sweeping Team, which is excellent." Horus handed the data-slate containing the message from Khan to him. "The message was a bit stiff, but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. After all, now the Iron Warriors can reinforce you and help deal with any fortresses."

The doors chimed when Angron stepped him, and made a joke.

Horus laughed at Angron's jest. "Don't let Roboute fool you; paperwork is more tiring than any battle, although it's easier to wash ink from your hands than blood." He rose and shook his hand, before giving him a drink of amesec.

"How was Curze? Is he coming with you?" Horus asked over his shoulder as he went to rejoin Roboute, giving Guilliman the bottle to refill his glass.

Horus sat back. "So, Angron, my proposal. Do you want to be in the spearhead, with Guilliman, or is there a place you feel you'd fit better? Thankfully, I was going to have to ask you to take a place that no one else was willing to fill, as I knew I could depend on you, but now the Khan has stepped in. So, I'd going to put you in the Spearhead, as that is the place which will decide this battle, and with you, Guilliman and Mortarian, I can rest assured this fight is won."

Horus remembered something he'd heard earlier. "Oh, Roboute, that reminds me. There are reports of Ultramarines and Space Wolves being in 'altercations', as Loken put it. Have you heard? Wait, no, of course you've heard, you're Roboute Guilliman," Horus smiled at his jest, "But is anything wrong?"

+++ Horus Lupercal to Khan+++

Dear Brother,

I would gladly give you command of the Sweeping Team. I am happy to hear from you. I would suggest bringing as many Chapters of White Scars as you can, at least 5.

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'The Spearhead is fine Brother. As for if Cruze is coming, I believe so, He asked me and Pertaburo [Sorry it's spelt wrong, I couldn't find it written on the page to copy.] and we both said it would be a good idea. I left early to arrange somethings and get the rest of my Legion, I am surprised I beat them here but perhaps they did the same? They shouldn't be far away in any case.' He turned to Guilliman, 'I understand you will be leading the Spearhead Brother? It will be good for our legions to fight alongside each agian, and for us to finally to fight alongside each other.'
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Rouboute heartily embraced Angron, greeting him smiling. Then accepted the bottle of amsec back from Horus and sat down as his brothers talked together. He studied Khan's message. Sent from Foothold Tactical Planning room, close by. He grinned and spoke into his vox bead.
"Khan you old dog," he studied the Amsec label "Would a bottle of finest Dak Janiells Old number 7 Tenasarian Amsec persuade you to come to Horus's war room to share a toast to our impending victory, with your brothers?" he grinned
"Bring the others if you find them! Angron has arrived!"

He closed the channel. Horus was questioning him about the moments of friction between Ultramarines and Space Wolves.
"Yes, its true. There are always disagreements between legions, but it seems things have worsened since sparring with Russ." he rolled his jaw, the bruise was fading.
"In hindisght, it was probably a bad idea to spar publicly, in many ways our legions are like children to us, and we should present a united front. Ill address my captains, this will pass, you worry too much brother." he smiled reassuringly.
Angron spoke his wishes to fight in the speartip and Rouboute smiled, nothing could go wrong with brother Angron at his side!
"Indeed it shall brother Angron!" he raised his glass "Together, our blades shall carve the heart from the Orks!"
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"Loken," Horus turned to quickly hit the microbead on his collar," Find Russ, Magnus and the Chapter Master from the Emperor's Children, as well as anyone else who you think is important. Ask them to join us for a victory toast."

Horus turned back. "Yes, a fight against the Xenos. No worrying about civilians, no qualms about preserving  as much as possible. We go for a good, clean war!" Horus raised his glass as well to meet Roboutes.
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Angron sipped some of the Amsec before saying to his Brothers, 'We have yet to fight this battle and Orks are know to do unexpected things. None of us have made war on a Ork Empire this large before. Maybe we should toast to the fact we shall all be together. It hasn't happened since The Great Parade, though I wasn't able to make it in time and Brother Mortanian.' He had another sip while he let what he said sink in. 'Speaking of, where is he? I haven't yet met our newest Brother.'
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"The fact we are together then. Yes, i think that is a good toast. To Brotherhood!" Rouboute raised his glass again.
"Mortarian has been very busy with his legion lately, this is all new to him and he wishes to ensure everything is perfect. Who can blame him? But hopefully you'll get to meet him before long, and before the battle! I hope he can join us now. Just dont play him at Regicide without your fullest concentration!" He cast a knowing glace at Horus.
Outside on the plaza, ships and transports were being loaded, equipment and armour ready for the coming battles. Workers scurried across the ferrocrete carrying boxes or driving powerloaders. It wasnt long before the war would be underway.
"Do you remember the last time we faught together? It was Maindarm IV i think. Angron, you remember facing the Xenos Eldar leader in single combat atop the alien's spire! That was a fine sight to behold. I remember looking up from the battle below and the Xenos had cloned himself with dozens of false images!" Rouboute laughed "You were swinging at them like a crazed grox trying to catch blowflies!"
Angron snorted, clearly thinking little of the Eldar's cowardly tricks. "I got him in the end, did i not? Took his head clean off after I filtered the false images out!" he tapped his temple and smiled.
"Ha, took you about ten minutes! Horus and I must have killed five hundred Eldar between us in that time!" he slapped Horus on the arm, his brother's smiled.
"You exaggerate, Rouboute!" laughed Horus, "Five Hundred Eldar?!"
"No, no. Im quite sure." Rouboute kept a perfectly serious face. "You know me, brothers. My figures are never wrong. The exact number was 529."
They laughed and continued reminiscing old battles. Rouboute smiled, his first genuine smile in a long while. Today was a fine day to be alive indeed.
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Angron laughed. It had been too long since he'd just relaxed with his brothers. Still, he had things to do. 'Brothers, I hope you'll forgive me but I have things I must attend too. I shall join you tonight for dinner and I hope all our Brothers will be there.' He embraced both his Brothers before leaving.

Angron walked into the range one of his Chapters had taken over for the day. One of the Company Captains come over and saluted before asking, 'Sir, are you here to inspect the men?'
'No, I was hoping you could have one of your best heavy weapons specialist could teach me how to use a Heavy Bolter.'
Of course Sir, I'll have Specialist Gethro called right away.' 'Of course.'

Over the next few hours, Angeon learnt how to use several of the Astartes man portable heavy weapons, rapidly become proficent on all of them.
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+++Corax to Horus+++

My brother, it is wonderful to talk to you once more, i will make haste for foothold immediately.


OOC: Wargamer- this is what i mean by Horus' direction :)
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Curze arrived on foothold unannouced a single shuttle which he sent back to his bickering captains, he feared for the legion should he pass, for who other than him could keep his legion together. He reached a terminal and quickly read the reports off what had happened in his absence, it seemed the warp had been kinder to Angron than to his legion. Public fights between his kin, as he feared were they destined to fight each other? A ultramarine Captain walked by and spotted a space wolf, the tension was rising quickly. They came towards each other as if to fight.

"Excuse me gentle men" This startled them both, it seemed neither had seen the primarch, this was worrying.

"please could you be so kind as to point out where my brothers are meeting?"

Both wanted to be the one to show him the way, Curze could see this being the start of another conflict.

"You see gentlemen, if I appear with only one of you it may seem my legion considers the other inferior, which I do not. Since I have already angered my own captains by not taking a honour guard I wonder if I persuade you two to show your peers the need for brotherhood and be my honour guard?"

The two Captains looked physically shocked, dipolmacy they probably expected but honesty on this level they never thought to hear. They both stammered before stopping to collect their thoughts, they looked at each other with pride shock hands in the warriors way above the wrist and saluted Curze.

"yes, sir" Together they lead Curze down a corridor, in silence. Curze knew today was going to be a long day

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As the Thunderhawk settled to the surface of the planet, Perturabo and his hand selected team disembarked and looked around. This was where he should be, the Primarch thought to himself. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He could see a large volcano, and the dark figure of a massive man at its peak. He opened his eyes and looked around, and spotted the distinctive jagged peak a short distance away. "Let's go, men. Today, we strengthen our cause and bring honor to the Iron Warriors."

After a long climb, Perturabo reached the peak, his men just behind him. As he climbed over the last ridge, he saw the massive dark man, dripping in sweat and pounding his hammer against an anvil. The man turned, and looked straight into Perturabo's dark eyes with his own, fiery eyes. Perturabo extended his arms out. "Brother, I have come for you. I am your long lost brother, come to restore you to your rightful place as one of the leaders of humanity." The men embraced.

After some explaining and a speedy flight, Perturabo arrived on Terra and made for the imperial palace. He wished to bring Vulkan directly to their father and see the joy in his eyes upon finding one of his sons.

(OOC) Wargy I assume you take over from here. I will be trying to make it to Ullanor to help the fight after this (/OOC)
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Horus smiled. "There was that time when the Orks attacked..." He looked over as Loken quickly walked in, saluted, and gave Horus another data-slate. Horus read it quickly.

"At this rate, Loken, I shall have to name you my Seneschal instead." He handed back the data-slate, and turned to his brothers.

"Corax will be joining us shortly. Also, you want to hear a good tale? Well, me and Angron were fighting to secure this planet, and we're pinned down at the front gates. I say we shall have to wait for Peturabo to turn his attention there, and Angron gives me a frustrated look, his brow furrowed, and then he grabs three Melta bombs and just charges the gate. He just ran, his arms pumping quickly, hefting the Meltabombs like they were toys rather than explosives, through all the bullets and explosions, and slaps the Meltabombs on the gate, and then runs back. Then, a massive explosion and he comes to me and says "Looks like my attention was enough." Then Peturabo told him off when he saw the damage done, said it was "unnecessary". Horus grinned widely at Angron, who laughed and then announced his leaving.

The Primarchs continued to laugh with each other, and then the door chimed and two Captains, one from the Space Wolves and the other from the Ultramarines walked in. Horus wondered if something had happened between the two Legions, and then Curze walked him. Horus stared. There had been no warning given to him by the security forces that his brother had arrived. He had arranged for things to happen, to show he wanted to put the past behind him.

Horus walked over, and held out his hand. "Brother Curze, it is good to see you here. I am glad you have come." Horus smiled dazzingly at Curze. "When possible, may we talk privately about certain... matters? As well as what you wish to do on the Crusade Front?" Horus put his arm around Curze, and started to walk him towards the other Primarchs. "I was hoping to put you with Guilliman, you and the Night Lords are known for their amazing offensive prowess."
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---Contents of Sworn vassalage to the Emperor--- My Liege I Lion El'Jonson Here by swear to uphold the laws and hounors of the imperium. And to bring civilization and Light to the lost worlds of humanity. To whipe Xeno Filfh from his realm and protect it agienced all threats from now and in the future (crazy singnature of Jonson)

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forging metal with my hammer in the fires of the largest volcaino. noticing at large flying vessal enter the area. Few hours later a man the same size as me clad in most heavy armour i've seen. Claims He my brother. His name was Perturabo of the Iron Warriors. we embased and headed off to see the emperor.

Apon returning to Nocturne and creating the legion whole. Word spread of help needed. Perturabo asked to help with an Ork problem. Sending Most of the legions out to explore the new systems to bring honor to the legion. The rest Holding station recuiting and making are planet into a place worthy of the salamaders.

Vulkan leading 5 compaines of salamaders into battle for the frist time. Captian Valaya been ordered to support the Ultramarine attack force with 2 compaines under his control. 
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Horus stopped, something was wrong with Curze. Curze could feel it two, like fire spreading through out his body, yes rightous fire. He looked at Horus for the first time ever his eyes were pure white.

"Do you know when father met me, he promised me something more than my corrupt planet Nostramo" he spat and carried on "If not for the adamantium mines on it I would burn it to death, but do you know what he promised me?, something purer, brotherhood. One born of honour and forged in the fires of battle, where we would carve out an empire for mankind, where they would be safe and pure. The corrupt of soul would die and the pure protected. But his promise has been broken..."

All eyes were on him now, all present regarded him senesing something about him wrong but right at the same time.

"Horus you broke my fathers promise, you and Abbadon the betrayer, you who left my fleet in space where we were left open to attack were any wanting to take the oppertunity. Where is the honour? Where is the brotherhood? why would you wrong me brother? I have a legion now who are brotherless, they feel you are going to kill me!!"

This revelation caused a collective gasp, for surely such a thing was impossible that one brother may slay another. Horus knew at that moment he had been blind, what he had seen as a slight had triggered a horror more shocking than anything.

"Angron and peturabo have done a commendable job in trying to persuade my men otherwise but it should have been you, you caused my legion the greatest wound one could cause and left it to fester. You allowed my men to die believing my fathers promise to be false, for that if nothing else i demand restitution"

He looked at the Cutodian " I know my father sent you here knowing this would happen what does he plan to restore balance where it has been lost?"

As he finished he caught glimpse of Rouboute smiling, thinking no one could see him.

"Rouboute you find this amusing, you who is renowned for his insight did not think his bout with Russ would cause tension? you whose man struck the first blow against another brother. You think you have dishonoured our fathers promise to me any less than Horus? Maybe you should think on your actions and so too should Russ. Two of my brothers who I respect greatly as we all do and you have failed us all, we should be fighting xenos not ourselves" 

Curze turned back to the cutodian "I await what ever our father told you?"
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"Interesting you should mention that little incident brother," Russ announced as he entered. "I was just about to bring it up myself. I would have thought, Gulliman, that besting you in the manner I did would prove that my Legion and I are not the simple, feral barbarians you and your men, as well as others, perceive us to be. That was why I agreed to the bout. However it seems one of your Captains feels it is acceptable to insult my Legion by referring to us as dogs and assault one of my sergeants. Such arrogance from a Legion so renowned for their discipline is astounding brother. So, i would like this Captain Tyrell to make a formal apology before my Legion, and to Sergeant Bjorn. And I advise you to reign in the arrogance of your men, for the next time I hear of one of them insulting my Legion I shall demand an honour bout and they will face me. After all, a slight to a Legion is a slight to a Primarch and such a thing cannot be tolerated. There must be discipline." Russ growled.

"As for your 'exile' brother Curze, it is in no small part of your own making. I had no idea you had not been invited to join Horus's crusade initially, however when you did not join us I requested your presence myself, an offer you declined. You cannot claim to have been cast out when you declined invitations brother. I realise that you were with Angron at the time, but I extended the same invitation to him, there was no reason you could not have both joined me. Had you done so then we may have had an even clearer picture of what we face here."
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Saturnalia, leader of the Custodes, watched the forming arugment aghast.

Madness! he thought in the privacy of his own mind. Are these Primarchs, or Thunder Warriors? Surely the Emperor did not create these men so they would bicker like children!
He kept this inner resentment to himself, however; instead, he stepped forward and said, "Lords, if I may interject for a moment. Our reports indicate that the Ork threat is growing by the day. Two new Primarchs have been found and are being brought into the fold; with luck, they will arrive in time to bolster our line, but even that may not be enough. The Emperor Himself knows this, and is amassing a secondary force to bolster what we have already."
What was said next was intended as a statement of fact, though in hindsight, Saturnalia saw how it may have been taken differently. "If the Ork threat here at Ullanor remains when he arrives, he will take pesonal command of the theatre."
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Jaghati slipped in through a door at the back, and sidled up to Angron.
"I thought we were supposed to be celebrating," he muttered as he reached his brother's shoulder. "Instead, I arrive to find at least two shouting matches going on simultaneously. The psychic disturbance could be felt downstairs."
"How far is downstairs?"
"About twenty floors."
Madness indeed, Saturnalia, madness indeed.
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Russ noticed the look on Saturnalia's face "We're still brothers" he pointed out "like any siblings there will be disputes, they're just larger because we are." he said with a small smile. "Well brothers, do we feel we have enough here to deal with this threat before our father arrives with reinforcements, or shall we wait for the extra men and his tactical insight?"

"Also, may I enquire as to exactly why the Raven Guard are committing less than 1/3 of their Legion when we are all committing much greater proportions of ours?"
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With Vulkan settled in, Perturabo made with all speed to the task force at Ullanor. He hoped he would arrive in time, and be able to help in wherever he was needed.

+++ Perturabo to Horus Lupercal

Brother Horus,

It is with great joy that I inform you I have found our long lost brother Vulkan. He is currently with his legion, though I am unsure of his plans at the moment. What I am sure of is my second chapter and myself are on our way to meet up with the forces at Ullanor. I am willing to assist wherever help is needed, particularly anywhere there may be a wall to bring down.

May we win a mighty victory that will be remembered forever.

Perturabo of the Iron Warriors
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"Russ I agree and it will be added to the list that restoration is required. My exile was self imposed as I have too much respect for you to have sent my ment to you when I could not promise you they would support your warriors, now you see the extent of the damage done!!"

Russ looked like he had been slapped, the thought that a legionaire would not support his brother had already been feared with the emporers children.

Curze hoped his explaination had made things clear and the look Russ was giving Horus seemed to give creedence to that thought. He looked for Angron hoping he knew that he and Peturabo had served superbly at resoting restoration of faith in his trrops, but he feared they would never serve along side the Lunar wolves.  Seeing his absence and that of Perturabo he felt that little bit more alone.


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"What talk is this for the eve of impending victory?" Guilliman frowned, confused at this brothers outbursts. Were they really this crass?
"Curze, you talk of fighting Xnos and not ourselves, yet you storm in and publicly berate your brothers with unabased claims of betrayal - who now sows the seeds of dissent? This is a matter between you and Horus, it should be kept that way. As Horus suggested, you must work your differences out together privately and put this misunderstanding behind us."
He folded his ornate armoured arms.
"Russ, I will look into this matter if it matters to you so greatly. Although I fail to see your train of thought what ends in an honour duel between yourself and my Captain. I thought it was I who took a blow to the head in our duel, not you?" he sighed. "There have been many incidents between Ultramarine and Space Wolf, it is  widespread which is [/i]both[/i] our legions fault, we must address our own legions and stamp this unnatural feeling of division out!"
He paced back to the table with the bottle of Amsec, filling a new glass.
"This is petty, brothers. We should focus on the bigger picture, as our Custode friend, Saturnalia says - there are orks at our door, we dont need this unheard of division, now of all times. At the least lets put this aside until after Ullanor!" Rouboute offered out a fresh glass of Amsec to the newly arrived Primarchs. "We are leaders, and we should behave like such! Who will toast to the coming battle and put aside this foolishness? Khan? Russ? Curze?"

Then Corax entered, the mutual joy felt at his recovery, in part covering the harsh words before. At least for the moment.
OOC: Odd turn of events IMO ... Why u no calm?
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Corax entered the chamber, and he and Horus embraced, he winced as his still sore wounds flared with an agony of a magnitude great enough to cripple a lesser man.

"Brother, i have missed you, my dreams were long and fevered. How have you been?"
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Magnus finally arrived at the chamber, he had been busy with internal matters within his Legion. He entered the room and could see on everyones faces that their had been some confrontation.

"Greeting my brothers." He bowed slightly to them all, and to the Custode. "We are indeed on the eve on a momentous occasion, let us not bicker over trivial matters when anyone of us may not be returning from the theatre of war. This may be the last time we can all be here together. I say this not to lower the mood, but to put the personal issues we may have between each other into perspective."

He looked at them all before focusing on Guilliman.

"Now, I do believe brother that you are in possesion of a very fine bottle of Amsec." He picked up a glass and walked over. "What say you pour a healthy measure and we all enjoy the remainder of this evening? That includes you Custode."
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"And a healthy measure indeed for me too, please," said Khan as he acquired himself a goblet. "The sooner we cool off, the better."
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Guilliman poured. The expressions on some of his brothers faces apparant that they were still not content. He offered a glass to Corax, then embraced him gingerly.
"It is good to see you recovered, brother! Are you fit for the coming battles?" Rouboute looked concerned, noticing the way his brother carried himself. He poured glasses of Dak Janiels Amsec for Magnus and Khan, holding out another for Russ and Curze.
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Angron felt the tension and danger as he headed to the room his brothers were in. He could feel it building as he got close then it seemed to cool off some. He hoped nothing was wrong.

He walked in the room and saw all his brothers that had arrived on Foothold. 'Cruze! I'm glad you could make it Brother, our Legions shall gain more honour and a deep bond in this coming fight, has Horus asked you what group you'd like to be in yet?' He then spotted Corax, 'Brother, it is good to see you up and about. I'm sorry I couldn't visit you while you were injured but alas, I was busy.' He walked over and hugged his brother.

He got himself a drink before moving to the center if the room. 'Brothers, I have deceived you. Konrad, when I left your fleet, I said I was travelling to to Desh'ea to gather my legion, as I told you Horus when I arrived. The truth is, I had a gut feeling, I travelled to a world called Caliban, and there I found another Brother! Lion El'Johnson Brothers, Primarch of the Dark Angels! I hope he is able to make it in time to take part in the up coming battle. Now a toast, to our Brothers found, and to the battle to come, shall it be full of glory and a swift victory!'
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"I do not require an honour bout with your Captain so long as he is willing to apologise for his insults brother. Assaulting a member of a fellow Legion without provocation and insulting a Legion is not acceptable behaviour. While there have been no retaliations from my Wolves I fear there may have been had I not heard of this incident when I did."

He took the glass offered by Gulliman and drained it in one, refilling it from a flask he had brought with him and offering it to Gulliman "Together, we can forge a strong bond between our Legions brother. I have no quarrel with you, our honour bout settled our differences. It is to our Legions we must look now. Would you care for some Mjod? It is a Fenrisian brew, quite potent, and unique in that it can get even a Primarch drunk in sufficient quantities" Russ added with a grin.
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Horus stared when Curze shouted at him. He felt every word as a wound to his pride and honour. Horus listened for a moment, letting his thoughts collect. Two more brothers, found? Horus let a small smile appear. That was something. He looked at Curze. Even as a brother might slip from his grasp...

When Corax came in, Horus embraced him. "It is good you are up. The ash supplies were running out. Captain Agapito was a good man, I commend him to you. The Raven Guard are forever an ally to the Luna Wolves."

Horus turned to the Custodes. "There shall be no need for our Father to come. We have enough forces now that we can cleanse the Ork threat from the stars." Horus drank down his drink. At Russ' comment, Horus laughed. "I am sure that Father has insight beyond any of us, but let me remind you that we have had you and Guilliman literally hash it out, and I believe we have a plan that would make disturbing Father a waste of time. And then you two would have to explain why you got into a scrap." Horus grinned widely, showing his teeth.

Angron stepped in, and Horus handed him a drink. "It seems to arrived just in time, Brother." Horus then refilled Khan's drink. That was a sentiment that Horus could agree to.

As Magnus poured himself a glass of amasec, Horus joined him. "I knew I should have bet on Russ. Now this wonderful vintage is being drank away by people who couldn't appreciate its heritage." Horus shook his head in mock-disappointment. He spoke low, even for a Primarch, so only Magnus could hear. "Help me with Curze, Magnus. I fear I may not be able to reach him."

Horus chuckled as he watched Russ and Guilliman argue. Some things would never change, no matter what happened. He stepped over. "Guilliman, Russ, may I suggest something? Why not an exchange? Let 2 Chapters, or Great Companies," he said with a nod to Russ," fight under the other banner. Let the Ultramarines fight under the Wolf during the Lure, and let the Space Wolves follow Guilliman into the Spearhead. Let them shed blood with each other and realise that they are kin, even with different Fathers."

Horus stepped aside from the rest, where Curze stood slightly out of the way.

"Curze," He said in a low voice, "Any Primarch here can say that I have always been one to promote brotherhood. I did not come to you because Angron and Peturabo did. They were dear to me, and I knew that you and your men needed to be angry. I made a grave mistake, Abaddon made a grave mistake. You demand restitution? You demand brotherhood?"

Horus looked up, his dark eyes glinting with regret. He raised his hands before him, motioning to all the Primarchs. "Then fight with us. Fight alongside me, or Guilliman, or Russ. Fight side by side with your brothers. And once we have wiped the Orks from the face of the galaxy, the Night Lords and the Luna Wolves shall fight together. Forge a bond through war, together. Curze, we want you here." Horus tried to hand him a drink, but at a lack of interest or simply being ignored, he left the drink next to him on a table. "You only have to take that first step."

Horus stepped into the middle, and got a spoon and hit it against his glass drink. The other Primarchs stopped and listened. Horus shrugged. "I read in a book that Magnus gave me that apparently, Terrans used to do that when they wanted attention. Seems it worked."  Horus grinned. "We have gathered the greatest army in Imperial history, all have gathered, or are coming, for a single purpose: The destruction of Ullanor, in the name of our Father, the Emperor of Mankind. It has been a long time since the meeting on Terra, and I would like to believe we have grown stronger, smarter and wiser since."

Horus raised his glass in a toast. Some Primarchs joined him immediately, some didn't. "Tomorrow, we shall have victory. To the Emperor!" he shouted, before drinking his glass whole.
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Angron listened to Horus speech raising his glass at the end and drinking. Horus knew how to inspire people, that was certain. He looked at his other Brothers. Russ, the Wolf, strong, cunning, a capable leader. Guilliman, a brillant tactician, though he was prodictable.

He smiled to himself as he thought about his Father's arrival, it would be interesting to see what happen under The Emperors guidance on Ullanor. Still, he wouldn't be arriving for a few months and Ullanor would be taken by then. It was interesting to him how his brothers reacted to the news. It was like they would have rathered he would stay on Terra, like he wouldn't know what was happening if he did. Angron had seen his Fathers private chambers off the Throne Room. He Father had so easily accessed data on his Legions Geneseed, he hadn't neededto hand the Emperor the datachip with the data like he'd expected.

He listened to his Brothers chatting, yes, it would be interesting if te Emperor took over the crusade.

Angron made his way over to Guilliman, making small talk and promising to have a drink with his Brothers as he did, when he got to Guilliman he spoke, 'Brother I saw a video of your duel with Russ, yes there is a video, it looks like it's from a helmet cam but I couldn't get any info from it. I think I have some idea why Russ laughed at you in the final round, you took the same stance you did in the first. You were predictable Brother. I'm afraid you tend to be, I'm not sure if you had noticed it or not.' Angron handed Rouboute a Datachip with a copy of the video, 'Perhaps you should watch it and see for yourself?'
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Perturabo arrived at the headquarters of the Ullanor task force. He was happy to see so many brothers gathered together, Horus, Russ, Guilliman, Angron, Corax, Khan, Magnus, Kurze, and the newly found Vulkan, looking much better in his green armor. He greeted each in turn, then pulled aside Horus, Guilliman, and Angron. "Brothers, sorry I am a little late, I had to find our lost brother Vulkan, I am glad he has rejoined us. I wish to discuss the plans for the spearhead, and I figured it would be best to hear it from the whole plan's architect, the tactician for the spearhead, and the mighty warrior I shall be fighting beside. What task shall I be performing? I assume breaking walls, although my warriors are skilled beyond just siege combat. Guilliman, shall you lead from the front, or direct forces from a more centralized location?"
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When Peturabo arrived, Horus was thrilled. "By Terra, I thought you weren't going to make it. The Warp has been good to you to be so calm. Regarding the mission..." Horus looked to Guilliman and Angron.

"Well, it is Guilliman's command. My advice would be to have Guilliman provide overall command of the forces, have Angron as a line-breaker, and use you to break open anything too big for anything but concentrated efforts, such as fortresses. However, it comes down to Guilliman." Horus slaps Peturabo on the shoulder. "It is good to have seen you, we'll talk after we crush the Orks, brother."

Horus quickly goes to both Khan and Russ, asking them to discuss with anyone involved in their teams what they are exactly going to do, just for the sake of organising. "After all, it helps with the paperwork," Horus laughed.

Horus walks over to Corax. "Whilst I would likely discuss this in much greater detail, I'm sure we can quickly have an overview now. Regarding tomorrow, I am thinking that the Raven Guard, famed for speed, shall secure the flanks of the ambush, making sure none get away and out-maneuvering any attempt to escape by the Orks, whilst I lead the Luna Wolves and any others against the main body of the hammer to crush them against Russ' anvil. Any thoughts?" Horus cocked an eyebrow, waiting for his brother's suggestions.
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mounted in my new suits of power armour still holding my forging hammer in one hand and a bolter in the other. Headed in the briefing room on Ullanor to meet up with the rest of my brothers. 

Going round in turn speacking to all my brothers getting to know them better for the up coming conflict. Handed a glass by Russ of what looks like wine. drank the frist cup and went back for more.

Horus Opened up with a long speach about the up coming campain. All the brother i could see hosted there cups and drank. 
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Jonson Emerged from a hatch and walked to the command deck of imperatores nostre the ship Jonson deemed as the Lions flagship the mighty battle-barge seemed to swim the colors of asterial energies of the immaterium as it journyed onto its destination.

Jonson turned to the navigator and asked ''when do we arrive in the system known as foothold I dont want to be the one left out of the assults agienced these creatures known as the Orks'' ''Sir we will arrive soon'' ''I AM NO SIR ADDRESS ME AS MY LORD OR MY MASTER! remember my titlle'' The Lion snapped at the navigator at his sever lack of respect. the navigator jolted with fear he tried to find the words to apologise for his tone.''forgive me my lord'' the navigator studded

Lion gave a nod and as he turned away he grinned thinking how he had acted as a small noble teenage snob. his grin went away as his personel joke fadded from his mind and he proceded to look around the command deck watching the crewmen do their work
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Rouboute was arguing with Russ again, some things never changed, he was naming incidents where Space Wolves had started confrontations - he was explaining how both legions were as bad as each other and how Russ blew this incident out of proportion. He would watch the security pict logs and talk to his captain, of course. But there would be no apology until he had the full story. Then Horus came over. He suggested a swap, a trade of chapters to form a bond between Wolves and Ultramarines. There was wisdom in what he suggested.
"Ill agree to that." he nodded, then pointed his gauntlet at Russ "But you better take damn good care of my men, brother Russ!" Guilliman downed his drink.

Some time later he was talking with Angron, his brother handed him a datapad - video of his sparring with Russ.
'Perhaps you should watch it and see for yourself?' said Angron. Rouboute took the datapad and thanked Angron. He would study it later.
"I shall watch it with interest, thankyou brother. Although i see nothing funny about adopting the same combat stance myself. It worked before and bested Russ in the first few rounds, so trying it again makes sense to me. I have learnt much about my habit for predictability in the last months on foothold. In combat and in Regicide! I will endeavour to break the mould." He smiled and toasted with Angron. "To breaking the mould!"

Later that evening Perturabo  questioned him about the spearhead. His other Spearhead brothers were around, so Guilliman thought it good to reveal his placements of forces.
"A good question Perturabo, the principle of the spearhead is simple. We move forward. Yet as Horus suggests, a central position to lead from would be more favourable to react to changes in the battle. It seems i am doomed to always be at a desk." he grinned and shook his head in over-acted mock sadness.
"Perturabo and Angron, you shall be at the speartip, an unbreakable point to pierce the Orks heart." Rouboute gestured with his hand a stabbing motion.

"I shall be more central, relaying orders and also acting as a reserve force to counter any heavy resistance. If the speartip gets slowed at a certain point, I shall make way to the front line and get it moving again. The chapters of the spearhead will cycle, so that no legion remains at the front for extended time. They will peel off so that they do not get fatigued, they have a chance to resupply and tend to the wounded. The Imperial guard will act as a rearguard. Their mass of men can hold, with their tanks and bodies, any ground we take. And the mechanicum will be spread evenly, their titans and warmachines will anchor the spear." he took another drink then lowered his voice.

"If anything goes wrong, something unexpected, we shall stop the advance and fall into a defensive position, unbreakable, holding the enemy back until we can be reinforced by Horus, Khan and Russ from the Lure. " then he smiled again.
"But that will not happen as we have planned for all occasions! And tomorrow, we crush the Ork empire!" he slammed his fist against his armoured chest in the warriors salute.

Turn 5 Edit, so no double post.

Heavy calibre rounds buzzed overhead like angry insects and the skies were alight with fire and explosions. The air was thick with the sounds of men dying and alien battle cries. Ullanor was a nightmare battlefield, the orks were without number and the spearhead had pushed into them like a blade into flesh. The ground was muddy though there had been no rain for weeks - it was wet with human and Ork blood alike, corpses paved the ground like a grizzly mosaic depicting death. It was glorious!

Guilliman stood atop a burnt out landraider, sword in hand and flames whipping around him. He hacked down at the Orks who climbed up to fight him, they were vermin to be crushed under his boots. He fought with his honour guard, their halberds carving great arcs into the Orks, they had moved to the frontline to plug the hole left with the loss of the Mechanics troops and fighting was thick, but progress was good. He estimated they were over halfway through the Orks.

A volley of crude shells slammed against his conversion field, the priceless tech of the energy barrier robbed the rounds of their velocity and he span to decapitate the shooter. His every motion was practised and perfect, his blade a shimmering web of fiery death that caved dozens of Orks apart around him and they were drawn to his carnage like moths to a flame - crazed to fight him but ultimately they would burn in the fire.

A massive Ork in clanking battle armour scaled atop the landraider, its hissing powerclaw snapped at the air. Guilliman gathered from its size and armour that it was a leader xenos, perhaps not the overall leader - but important nontheless. It stood as tall as him, and three times as wide. All metal and flesh.
"Yoo's gonna die now, big tin man!" it roared and lunged towards him. Rouboute caught its arm, his bio engineered strength fighting against the bulk of the ork. Slowly he forced the powerclaw back, straining the servos of his own armour as the pistons and hoses of the Ork's crude suit burst and gave way.

It roared in anger and swung its heavy cannon around, too close for the conversion field to stop, the rounds thudded into Rouboute chest and forced him back. He swept out his sword and carved through the Ork's arm, taking its gun hand off at the wrist and smashed back into the creature, hammering his blade into it from all angles, too fast to follow. It staggered back from the strikes and fell from the landraider to land in the mud below, battered and wounded. Rouboute jumped down next to the monster as it struggled to rise; he was amazed the creature was still alive.
"You are going to die now, big Ork."  He executed it with a neat stab that speared into its mouth, now it was motionless.

Guilliman  and his Honour guard embarked the rhino to head back into the spear centre. The hole had been plugged. Rouboute voxed his brothers, updates were required.
"Angron, Perturabo, how do you fare at the speartip?"
He checked his chest armour, it was damaged but the Ork's bullets hadn't penetrated it.

Then he changed the frequency.
"Khan, Horus, Russ. The Orks are slowly giving way down here, but its tough, some casualties. When you are ready, we should link the spear with your forces and crush the remaining Orks between us at the soonest oppertunity!"

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The battlebarge Imperatores Nostre main hall was filled with the dead of the 6th chapter. Librarians taking logs of the names and ranks of the fallen astartes their armor and geneseed had already be removed by the artificrium and the Apothacarion.

Jonson walked up to the corpse Master of the 6th, he placed his hand onto the fallen chapter master and said ''rest now you have had a good life but everything has to come to a'' Jonson looked up and walked down the rows of the dead asterties thanking them for their long service.
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Russ watched as the burning hulk of the Sleipnir drifted through space as he listened to Gulliman's transmission. The 7th Great Company had been on board and he mourned their loss greatly.

"It seems we are all but done here brother. The fleet will continue to engage the Orks, few as they are. My men and I will make planetfall immediately. Is your location a suitable drop zone?"

Switching channels Russ addressed his fleet. "This is Leman Russ. All Astartes report to launch bays and prepare for planetfall immediately. We will avenge the 7th. Ship captains, full burn, head for orbit. Shields lit only on the flanks that need them, should help to keep them up longer."

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The ferocity and numbers of the Orks was astonishing, Magnus has never seen so many, but his men were fearless in the face of this. He and Russ were constantly in communication, and Magnus could feel his unique presence in his mind at all times.

The Ork hordes were swarming over them, and Magnus and his men lashed out with their bolters chainsword and minds. Great gouts of Psychic Fire were washing over the greenskins, incinerating them by the dozen. Magnus' vast telekenetic abilities were also in play as he fought from the front of his 1st and 2nd Company Librarius. He had taken then as his personal Honour Guard and he used their psychic stength to amplify his own. While his men kept a clear area around him, he focussed his mind into the Warp, and great ruby bolts of lightning began ripping into the Ork lines, Gargants and Stompas exploding like over ripe fruit.

His mind could feel some of his men begin to fall to the overwhelming numbers of the greenskins, and he would mourn their loss later, but right now, they only fueled his desire for vengeance.
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Perturabo slowly raised his plasma pistol. He trained it on the large ork battery that had been causing problems for his warriors attempting to cross a bridge outside a fortress. He aimed right for the ammo stockpile. He pulled the trigger, and was rewarded with a massive explosion and a spray of greenskin flesh. He grinned to himself. "Covering fire!" He roared into his vox. A hail of bolter and plasma fire pounded the ork defenses, forcing them into cover. "First chapter, on me!" he commanded, and drawing his thunderhammer, charged across the bridge with his men directly behind him, dropping green skins as they went. Progress was slow, but it was progress, and fresh legs arriving would help the fight.
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"Forward, for Terra! Forward, for the Imperium! Forward, for Lupercal!" shouted Captain Loken as the 1st pushed forwards, determined to reach the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons lines. An Ork mob turned and ran to him. "Squads 3-1 and 3-2, target the Ork mob!" The Orks fell as they ran, but still twenty made it through. Loken readied his chainsword. "Men. Fire until three metres. Assault Squads, support the Tacticals." Loken shouted.

The first Ork swung his choppa at Loken, who deftly ducked beneath it, his chainsword following his movement and cutting through the Orks leg. As the Ork fell, Loken put a bolt in it's brain with his pistol. Another Ork jumped towards Loken, only to be shot in the stomach before it reached him, and then decapitated. A shot hit his shoulder plate, knocking Loken off his balance, when he was shoulder charged by an Ork Nob. His crackling Power Klaw was poised, ready to rip Loken. His arms were pinned under the Ork. His helmet prevented him from spitting acid.

Suddenly, a great sword cut through the Nob, impaling him and then lifting him off Loken, whilst cutting upwards. As the blade cleared the Nob's head, a great hand was thrust towards Loken. "Come, little brother." Loken was then picked up by Horus, who grinned. "This is a good war. Our fight is nearly complete."

Horus turned. "Luna Wolves, to me!" A answering roar was raised through the line. "Lupercal, Lupercal!"

During the fighting, Horus noticed a few black figures had taken to jumping from the shadows and killing the Orks before they could realise one. One of them was carrying a large power whip and was using a Jump Pack. As Corax jumped over the Luna Wolves, Horus gave him a mock salute, and a very wide grin. It was good making war with a brother.

+++Horus Lupercal to the Sweep Team; Khan, Curze, Salamanders+++

Brothers, Brother Guilliman dearly requires your aid. You are to join the spearhead as soon as possible to help him. Your swift victories may be the key to our victory.

Brother Horus

+++Horus Lupercal to Lion El' Johnson+++


When you arrive with your reinforcements, I would greatly advise you to join your forces on the Spearhead under Guilliman. I look forward to making war with you soon.


+++Horus Lupercal to Magnus the Red and Leman Russ+++

There is some of the Ork Fleet left, but not such a massive threat. I am sending both you and Magnus to reinforce the Speahead, under Guilliman. The Lure has been an amazing success, but now it's time to simply crush the Orks. Leave some for me and Corax.


+++Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++

Brother, I have heard your call, and answered it. I have requested the entire Sweep Team, as well as Russ and Magnus, join you. Me and Corax shall finish off these Ork forces.

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+++Message from Leman Russ to Horus Lupercal+++

I'm way ahead of you it seems. My fleet is already moving into orbit and my men are making the final preparations for planetfall as I write this. I'll see you on the ground brother. You may want to hurry if you don't want to miss the show.

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+++Jaghati Khan to Sweep force+++
We're done here. Get your forces planetside ASAP. We hit the planet now, the Orks won't stand a chance. And it'll be good to get back on my bike again.
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Angron found himself dueling with an Ork, he still wasn't sure how the Ork was holding him at bay or why it was using a sword but he decided he needed to change things up. He noticed the Ork had a pistol of some kind at it's hip, using his telekenisis he reached out and pulled the trigger, the Ork jerked in surprise as the round slammed into it's foot before Angron then used his power to move the tip of the Ork's sword out of position, it wasn't much but it was enough to get in and slit the Orks throat.

He stood over the Ork for just long enough to allow his Jaw to distend and hiss at his fallen foe before loosing his clip into the nearest group of Orks. He looked up at the Shadow of a Stormhawk flying over head, it was one of his. He still didn't understand why his Legion favoured them so but he couldn't deny the results. He idly wished he still had the Heavy Bolter he had grabbed from the armour but it had ran out of ammo hours ago. He didn't want to carry the dead weight or leave the line for more ammo.

He looked around before asking, 'Where has Guilliman and Pertarubo got too?'
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+++Lion El' Johnson to Horus Lupercal+++

Brother the main bulk of the Dark Angles forces along with me where held in space but the next charge we will slay these filthy greenskins and drive them out


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Rouboute listened to his voxbead "Understood brother Russ, happy hunting." he decapitated another Ork as Horus's voice hissed in his ear also.
"My thanks,-" he smashed his fist into another Xenos sending it flying backwards."-brother Horus. A strike from behind the orks to link up with this spear would-"small arms fire slammed into his shoulder and he replied and blasted his attacker with his wrist mounted twin bolter "-would split the Orks in half. I look forward to linking up the legions."
He closed the channel and signalled to the driver, they would pull back and review the battle. Adjustments may need to be made to the battle plan in order minimise losses and casualties.

Sergeant Rex faught with chainsword and fists, his bolter long empty. His armour was muddy and damaged in a dozen places and he bled from minor wounds, breathing ragged. He had become sperated from his squad, but fate had stepped in, and he had luckily found the Imperial Guard, his own squad that he had trained no less! If there was a higher power - perhaps it had a sense of humour!

Imperial guard took cover from the ork fire behind him, blasting disciplined volleys back with their lasguns. Rex stood at the front, holding back the orks with his chainsword so that they would not overrun the Guard. He was the lone island against the tide of green. He was an avatar of destruction; Orks fell in droves as he fought to protect the men he had trained. Then a Xenos battlecry, louder and more ferocius than before.
He turned, a massive Ork with twin cleavers was charging towards him, smaller Orks in toe. Lasguns punched through a few, but they kept coming, straight for Rex.

He glanced quickly at his squad, they were drained and battered, good men and women of Maccragge, as they fought he saw their faces; they looked at him with awe in their eyes. They respected him, they admired him, he was their saviour-angel, they owed their lives as he held back the tide.

Rex snapped back to the charging Orks, they would overrun his unit, if he didnt stop them! The Ultramarine sergeant didnt give a second though, he sprinted out to meet the huge Ork, the impact like running into a ferrocrete wall. They both went down into the mud, he felt a cleaver glance off his shoulderguard, he punched the Ork in the face three times, then scrambled to his feet. A smaller Ork rushed at him and he swept his blade low to carve through its shins. He span and received a volley of shots to his chest, his blood fountained with each impact and he screamed in rage and decapitated his attacker. His blade carved through the arm of another, spinning to smash it into the dirt. A cleaver hammered into his side, splitting his armour and ribs and forcing him to his knees. He whirled his blade around in defiance, opening the guts of another Ork before a cleaver took his hand off and something kicked him in the face.

Time slowed.

Rex looked up, the Ork Nob stood above him, its ugly face twisted into a smile. It bent to pick up its fallen cleaver. To deliver the killing strike. A score of Orks gathered around him, some shooting at his Guard Unit. He looked back at his unit, they called his name, anguish on their faces, fear, they fired their lasguns but they would not be enough to win against this brute. The Orks would kill them, if Rex didnt stop them.

Rex's hand closed around a large object at his waist, the Ork Nob stood before him, bringing his axe back for the killing strike. Rex smiled and launched himself at the Ork, catching it off guard, they fell together, Ork Boyz piling in from all around and hammering at the marine with bloody cleavers.
Sergeant Rex detonated the meltabomb and the Orks dissapeared into the liberating white heat which ended Rex's world.

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In the small break from the fighting, Horus smiled as he read the new messages. He would make a point to greet the new Lion, and as soon as this war was over, they would Crusade together. He liked his zeal.

Horus also laughed as he read Russ' message. As much as Horus yearned to fight on Ullanor with his brothers, the Orks here had yet to die and Horus couldn't risk the Orks turning on the rear of the Imperial forces. No, he would have to sacrifice glory for the good of the entire mission. "Hunt well, Russ," Horus murmured.

The situation on Ullanor was now guaranteed. Guilliman now commanded an army never seen before, and the Orks were out of place, outnumbered, flanked on all sides, and fleetless. Horus would finish his duty, with brother Corax, and wipe the Orks from here before he went chasing glory.

His vox-bead vibrated, and Horus answered. A grunt from Guilliman told him that Guilliman was talking mid-battle. "Guilliman, I would say save some Orks for me and Corax, but there are plenty here as well. You still owe me a game of regicide over the Warlord's body, remember?"

Horus sighed and picked up his chainsword. Yes, there was plenty of glory here for everyone.
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Magnus received the message and immediatly recalled his troops back to the orbiting strike crusiers and battle barges.

"Navigator, get us to Ullanor. We have a war to win."

Arriving at Ullanor some time later, Magnus ordered a sensor sweep of the surface.

"Find any locations were the Orks are and our Brothers are not. Find their factories and home bases. Providing none of our brothers are within a hundred miles. . .Open Fire.Obliterate their back lines and means of ground support."

Magnus opened a vox channel throughout the ship. "My sons, form up in the launch bays, we are going to provide some air support for the ground forces. Storm Talons and Thunderhawk Gunships. The landers will follow. Lets us end this war!"
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Captain Forrix was engaged in a deadly duel with an ork warboss. Trading strikes back and forth, the two warriors circled, separated from the rest of the fight. Around them, Forrix's honor guard had engaged the war boss's nobs, and were managing to slowly gain the upper hand. As the massive greenskin brought his axe down toward the captain's head, Forrix swung his heavily armored fist across his body, catching the axehead from the side. His hand felt like it had been crushed, but it gave him an opening as the axe struck the ground next to him. Summoning his strength he brought the power sword in his other hand across high, slicing the war boss across the face. The beast stumbled back, roaring in pain, and did not even see the power sword swing back around high, as Forrix slice downward and cleaved the beast's skull in two. Catching his breathe for half a second, he quickly drew his plasma pistol and vaporized the head of a nob charging toward brother feron who was locked in combat already. Sliding the pistol back in its holster, he gripped his blade with two hands and reentered the fray.

Perturabo was tired. He had slung his thunder hammer across his back and drawn his power sword, as while the hammer was mightier, it was not quite as effective for slaying hordes of greenskins. He stood atop a boulder directing his men forward toward an ork fortress. lascannon fire pounded the walls as they began to give way. It would fall soon, Perturabo knew from experience every wall could be broken, even a solid rock could be crushed within his palm. All the same, he hoped the reinforcements would arrive soon. He could tell his men were tired, and while he would dig in and siege if need be, it would be more efficient to do things quickly. He looked up as he heard the roar of engines and saw imperial vessels bringing more astartes to the fight. Things were about to get a bit easier.
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Vulkan and 7 compaines of salamader held the line cut though ranks of orks with bolter fire. All day and night ready to die holding this ground. Flamers running out of ammo having to relay on the tursty bolter, dug in and never once falling back.  The salamaders are a wall of death to any ork. Vulkan and this bodygarud of firedrakes enter the front line boasting the front line morale.  Rasing his hammer aloft The rest of the friedrake did like wise and charged the ork coloums.

War crys from vulakan cry's out

Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!

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The fighting was done. Horus and Corax embraced. "We have done it Brother, we have won. It has been good fighting. Here, I have a plan." Horus picked up the tooth from the Ork Warboss who lead the fleet who chased Russ. With it, he held together their gauntlets, and drew half an Imperial Eagle on each, so when they shook wrist, the Imperial Eagle was formed around their grasp. "Now, we are brothers, forever and longer." Horus picked up an Ork Power Klaw and it's Big Shoota, and handed Corax the Power Klaw. "A trophy, from our victory together."

Horus grinned widely. "Now, let's see how much of Ullanor Guilliman left us."

Horus and the rest of the Ambush Fleet reached the planet to see Space Marines finishing off the rest of Orks. Horus sought out Guilliman.

"Roboute!" Horus shouted, "This has been a complete success, brother. The Emperor will take back his words now, when he sees you lead the forces with crushed the Orks and secured Ullanor!"

Horus looked around. "Where is everyone else?"
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The skies of Ullanor were dark with warships, Mechanicum haulers and thousands of auxiliary craft. The Emperor was coming, and it was something the world would never forget.
At his behest, the Mechanicum came to erect a monument to the great victory; they came to flatten a continent. A great parade ground was to be built there, one that rivalled and exceeded the great mustering yards of Terra where the Legions had united, once, long ago.
Here, the Legions would unite again. Here, the Emperor and the Primarchs would witness their great army in all its glory. Here, a Warmaster would be crowned.
The Emperor had come in golden battle armour. His left hand was encased in a golden talon, and in his right hand was a flaming sword. If he had come for battle, however, he had missed it.
"Let the Primarchs assemble", he decreed. "We must celebrate this victory."
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Horus felt calm as he approached the Emperor. That was always the effect he had. Calmness. Everyone saw something different when they looked at the Emperor; Horus saw a man who was deeply thoughtful, with long brown hair and worry lines, but as calm and deep as a still ocean.

Horus reached the Emperor first, and bowed. "Father, my brothers and I have won this world for you. And I have no doubt that given time, we shall win the entire galaxy for you."
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"I am told you assumed overall command here, Horus. If so, then I must congratulate you on such a timely victory." He gave the Primarch a slight nod. "Not that I would ignore the efforts of your brothers in this venture, of course; each of you has done much to make this possible."
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"I was nominated for overall command, that is correct," Horus smiled, "but I would like to commend in particular the Khan, Russ and Guilliman for commanding each element of the mission, and for Russ and Guilliman helping me plan the attack."
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Rouboute watched alongside his brothers as the Emperor stood before them. They all were in splendid battle armour, all colours, all styles, all aspects of war incarnate. Father talked to Horus first.

Rouboute was pleased with the way the battle had gone. There were minimal losses for facing a foe so great. In fact, the Ultramarines had received unusually light losses compared to other Legions. He had embraced his brothers afterward, Horus, Angron, Perturabo, Khan, Magnus, Corax, The Lion, Russ, Moratian, Kurze and Vulkan. [ooc:I better not have missed anyone!] The heat of battle had forged them together, he felt proud to call them brothers - they basked in mutual victory and swapped tales of the battle for days to come.

Now he stood before the Emperor, pride burning in his chest. His armour was polished, the damage lovingly reparied. Like him perhaps. He felt whole again, full of worth and
purpose once more.
When the conversation between Horus and Father slowed, he stepped forward to stand alongside his brother, bowed to the Emperor in greeting and respect.
"Horus is modest and tactful as always, Father. He was the glue that held this campaign together." Rouboute placed his palm on Horus's shoulder. "We welcome you to New Ullanor."
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Angron was relieved that his Legion had made it throught with minimal loses. He had gambled by bringing his entire Legion but had come out ahead. He'd be more careful in future. He stood with fhe rest of his Brothers infront of the Emperor, he understood his Father was going to annouce who would be Warmaster. Angron idly thought what it would be like to be Warmaster, before dismissing the thought. He had no interest in being Warmaster. He hoped it was Russ. He was a good leader, charismatic and he had a good head for tactics.

He also had something he wished to speak to his Father about. He'd wait until after things had settled down abit.
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Johnson watched as the Emperor walked down the rampard of the shuttle that brought him to the world. hes armor was gleaming gold, it shinned as if it was a star cascading its light down from the heavens onto the sea of darkness. Johnson then relised that their was a man who deserved all the titles and legends that far outshined him. as the Emperor approched closer johnsons knee bent as if it had a mind of its own and before he relised that his breath escaped from his mouth slightly whispering "Sire". 

Johnson picked himself up fron his kneeling and looked to his sides to see that his brothers where shinning with pride and love upon seeing their father, Johnson couldnt help but noticed that he himself felt such pride and love upon meeting and seeing his father in the fleash
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Corax watched the exchange between Horus and the Emperor from a distance, all the while flexing the power klaw he had been given. It was a powerful weapon, yet cumbersome, and Corax saw it as an allegory for the wider Imperium. His brothers were the greatest force this Galaxy had ever known, and yet Corax knew that each of them would meet his match eventually.
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counting the cost of the conflict came heavy on my mind. a full compainy of marines killed on are first outing. Marines started making repairs to there amour tech marines sorting out there heavy items. My own power armour had patches of damage all over it, from weapons and orks alike.
Word came though the comms that the emperor has made orbit and landing soon.  Clad in my newly repaired armour walked in to the main hq to find my other borthers there wait for are farther to show.

Doors opened and there he was clad in gold armour. kneeling before my farther in repect. He had a chat with my brother horus frist. The joy of this day made up for the lost of my legion. glory to this day.
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Perturabo was glad they had finally destroyed the ork scum. To have their father arrive to witness this great victory made it all the sweeter. When he heard a warmaster was to be chosen, he thought for a moment. Of course he would love to be warmaster, but the odds of this happening were minuscule. Better to support the brother he knew was best for the job.
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Horus turned and made to Russ. "Russ, I would ask to speak with you privately. I have heard some disturbing rumours, and I would like to know the truth of them. I am sure they are nothing, but still." Horus held his hand out, letting Russ lead them away from the group. Horus had no intention of addressing Russ privately; if what he had heard was true, he didn't want his brother publicly humiliated.
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"As you wish Horus. I'll be there as soon as I've addressed my men."

Switching to a private channel which only his Wolves could hear Russ announced "We have won a great victory here today. It was hard fought, and bloody, as all battles should be, but we lost too many good men in this battle. Rest assured, I am taking steps to ensure that such a thing never happens again." Turning and addressing for his human aide, Leif, Russ requested that Bjorn an his squad be brought before him once he had met with Horus. [OOC] PM'ing you now[/OOC]
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The other Primarchs watched as Horus walked away with Russ, and motioned for Guilliman to follow them. His usual smile was missing.
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Magnus watched Gulliman moved off after Russ and Horus. He had a bad feeling about it, but he knew Russ could handle himself if it came to blows. Not that it would with their Father around.

He walked over the the Emperor and embraced his as his son.

"Father, it pleases me greatly to see you once again. Especially on such an auspicious day. We have won a great victory in your name, and in the name of the Imperium. I look forward to the period of consolidation after this great war, there is much to accomplish."
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Guilliman followed, aside from the other Primarchs the three talked. Guilliman seeked to mediate, he handed a data-slate to Horus. Horus scowled.
Then they were out of sight.
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Johnson distanced himself from the primarchs and the emperor observed as Gulliman, horus and Russ walked off. and watched as mangus and the emperor embraced each other.

johnson felt a little odd as he glanced around like a small boy on his first day at school.
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Watching his 3 brothers walk off Magnus excused himself from his father and moved off after them. Guilliman and Russ had bad blood, no matter what they said, and Horus was right in the middle of it. There would be no further problems caused by these these two, especially not in the presence of their father. He would not fight his brothers, but he would certainly stop them.

Turnin the corner he saw the three in what seemed like heated discussion. He caught snippets as he approached "...undermining the Legions..." "...too dangerous for a Primarch..."

"What exactly is going on brothers! Explain yourselves and why you have taken leave of our Father in his hour of glory."
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"Relax Magnus, we're just sorted out a misunderstanding. As for our father, he has 2 new sons to welcome, plans to make and a new world to explore. We can't all be with him all the time Magnus."
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"We are here in celebration Leman. Not to scheme and plan. If you wish to keep it to yourself thats is your perogative, however now is not the time for misunderstandings. I have a feeling that the appointment of the Warmaster is going to cause more friction than we would like."
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"Yes, thank you Magnus I'm quite aware of that, which is exactly why the misunderstanding is being cleared up. The only person I mentioned planning was our Father."
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Waves of calm radiated from the Crimson King, he was going to maintain every ounce of his self control. He knew Russ was hiding something, but now was not the time.

He turned on his heel and returned to the other Primarchs. He walked over to Lion El'Johnson. "Brother, it is good to see you among us again. You seem a little lost however. Anything I can do to help?"
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The Emperor took time for each of his newly returned sons; El'Jonson and Vulkan were both greeted and welcomed, with the Emperor wishing them both good fortune in the days to come.
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"What talk is this for the eve of impending victory?" Guilliman frowned, confused at this brothers outbursts. Were they really this crass?
"Curze, you talk of fighting Xnos and not ourselves, yet you storm in and publicly berate your brothers with unabased claims of betrayal - who now sows the seeds of dissent? This is a matter between you and Horus, it should be kept that way. As Horus suggested, you must work your differences out together privately and put this misunderstanding behind us."
He folded his ornate armoured arms.
"Russ, I will look into this matter if it matters to you so greatly. Although I fail to see your train of thought what ends in an honour duel between yourself and my Captain. I thought it was I who took a blow to the head in our duel, not you?" he sighed. "There have been many incidents between Ultramarine and Space Wolf, it is  widespread which is [/i]both[/i] our legions fault, we must address our own legions and stamp this unnatural feeling of division out!"
He paced back to the table with the bottle of Amsec, filling a new glass.
"This is petty, brothers. We should focus on the bigger picture, as our Custode friend, Saturnalia says - there are orks at our door, we dont need this unheard of division, now of all times. At the least lets put this aside until after Ullanor!" Rouboute offered out a fresh glass of Amsec to the newly arrived Primarchs. "We are leaders, and we should behave like such! Who will toast to the coming battle and put aside this foolishness? Khan? Russ? Curze?"

Then Corax entered, the mutual joy felt at his recovery, in part covering the harsh words before. At least for the moment.
OOC: Odd turn of events IMO ... Why u no calm?

[ooc] My plan was to basically get on a civil terms with Horus, but the plan seems to have back fired, leaving me now hating him and the rest of my squabbling brothers, was fun letting you lot decide what my legion does though. Did anyone even notice I tried to get the space wolfs and ultramrines to make friends?? [/ooc]

The captains looked at Curze and they were silent. There was no debate, there was no shouting not a single word was uttered. All could see by their primarchs face and all avoided him. His gaze was like fire and none could even keep eye contact. "Make preperations for us to leave, but first I things I wish to do" A serf approached Curze and he started to franticly write messages.

He stood and his captains looked at him. "My captains how we have grown, but we are not enough. We have learned but not enough, there is more to be done and we will do it. The emperor needs us, weather or not he realises it, my kin are not as perfect as he imagined, they squabble and bicker, they allow their brothers to fight each other but worse they have spilled each others blood. I had a dream that my brothers will fight each other and blood was spilled and brother slayed brother. We must be prepared for this." As vague as ever their primarch had set plans in action that the captains could only watch and marvel at.

++++ Curze to Vulkan ++++

Word as come to me of your ability in combat espeacially with the cleansing flame. If you are not too busy I would like to meet with you, hold a feast in your honour and perhaps you could honour me and my men with some training in the art of the flame? I await your response.


++++Curze to magnus+++++

Magnus I am sure you are aware that i lost some of my men to the warp and now stories have reached me that one my latest recruits are "lucky" I need to know the nature of chaos, how to detect it and more importantly how to destroy it. Your schlors are fabled as the best. I wonder if you are not too busy could you meet me and we can discuss the possibility of some of my men learning with the fabled thousand sons?? I await your response.

++++ Curze to Khan++++++++++++++++++++++++

Khan your men are legendary as being masters of the bike, this would compliment my blitzkreig style hugely so i wonder if you would be happy to meet with me and discuss possible training? If you are bust then I would understand but I would be honoured if you would agree to meeting me. i await your response.

++++Curze to The lion++++++++++++++++++++++++   

It is with deep regret I have not had chance to speak with you since your joining us but wish to make amends to this so if you are not too busy would you please meet with me and we can right this wrong? I prepose to hold a feast in your honour. I await your response.

++++Curze to Mortarion +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
You are recently returned to us and I have been a miss in my duties to welcome you. I apologise and wish for you to allow me to put this right. If you are not too busy I would like to meet with you and hold a feast in your honour? I await your response.

++++ Curze to Corax++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Dear brother, I am glad your are back on your feet, I feel I owe you a debt. If Horus had come to me like he had promised I would have been in your position and not you. I wish to hold a feast to show to all present that our fathers children are not so easily ended. I await your response dear brother.

++++ Curze to Perturabo+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Dear brother, you have done so much for me but something plagues my mind and I fear only you can solve my problem. I have tried my best to fortify my homeworld however I am used to running into battle and the art seems lost on me. Would you please honour me in rectifying this problem in whatever way you deem the best. I know I ask a lot of you but I feel you are the only one to ask. I await your response.

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Horus to Kurze

Brother Kurze,

Of course I would be willing to assist you in fortifying your homeworld. My men have mastered the art of walls from both sides, and will certainly able to help. I cannot say as of now what type of numbers I will be able to commit, but I certainly shall help as soon as things here on Ullanor are sorted out.

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++Direct Communique++
++All Primarchs++

Brothers, I apologise for my absence, certain unforeseen circumstances led to my delay , but I shall be amongst you again soon.

++Communique Ends++
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+++Rouboute Guilliman to Sanguinius+++
It is good to hear from you brother, i feared you may have had trouble traversing throught the immaterium. It will be good to share tales of the battle of Ullanor with you, the celebrations are about to commence.
I wish you good speed brother
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Horus bowed before the Emperor. "Father, I withdraw my claim to Warmaster. I instead pledge my support to Peturabo," Horus stood and looked to his brothers," and I urge any who supported me to support him, unless their conscience says otherwise. Russ is a fine commander, but I believe Peturabo to also be capable and above all else, neutral. The Luna Wolves will be leaving to Foothold and Cthonia, and I with them."

With that, Horus left his brothers. He had a lot to think about. Before he left, he stopped to talk to a few brothers. First, to Russ. "I do not believe you unable to be Warmaster. I have thoughts. When you are ready, speak to me in private. Me and you and Guilliman need to finish our conversation." Horus looked to Guilliman. "When you are both ready, come to Foothold. We shall speak there."

Horus slapped a hand on Peturabo's shoulder. "Brother, I support your claim openly. I trust in you implicitly. However, I do not believe I belong here much longer. When you are done, Warmaster or not, come and find me. I wish to speak with you."

Horus continued to walk, passing Lion El' Johnson. "Your men fought well. I do not know you, brother, but I would like to. When you are ready, find me, and we shall speak of knowing each other better."

Horus went to Magnus. "It is a shame regarding Abaddon, but there are greater problems. When you are ready, speak to me in private. I shall be at Foothold."

Horus' last talk was with Corax. "Brother, I wish to talk with you as soon as possible, in private. As soon as this is done, find me. I must speak with you."

With that, Horus left Ullanor, deep in thought. He wrote one last message.

+++Horus Lupercal to Konrad Curze+++


We need to speak, brother to brother. When possible, come to Foothold. We shall resolve our differences.

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The captains were a gasp, Horus had finally played his hand. Horus giving up the chance to be warmaster was a surprise, perhaps he knew he did not have the power to have all the primarchs follow him. Certainly it seemed any who tried to tell the primarch of the Night lords what to do was doomed to fail. It was their way and they respected him for it, the way he refused to recruit from his homeworld the way all the other primarchs did for fear of their corruption showed Curze was not fearful of change. They way he had extended his hand of friendship to his new brothers had shown he wish for brotherhood and the way he was above asking for help showing his humility.

Indeed some captains had advised him becoming the warmaster, but this enraged Konrad. To have power for powers sake, to become that what he despised. No that could never be, when Perturabo had first pertitioned Curze it felt sick that one who he had trusted wished to be that which he hated but the more Perturabo explained it the more Curze saw the truth of it. Only one who had no desire for power could weild it without becoming tainted by it, only one who saught council could lead. Curze had eventually given his vote to perturabo on condition he would not be a tryant but a fair leader who took council. 

Curze called his strongest men of mind and advised they had a secret mission with their brothers the thousand sons. This did not sit well for were it not rumoured they were in the pocket of Horus, but Curze had cut down such suggestions and pointed out the importance of this mission and how it could not fail. But now Horus had requested their primarch not to go, they pointed out how Horus use of the word "brother" was pointed and full of venom. Curze had given all his men orders and advised them that should he not return Tyross was to lead and hand him a letter only to be opened on his death. Horus got changed and left in the shuttle, his new attire made him feel unsettled and valnerable but that was the point.

Curze arrived and found a unit lunar wolfs awaiting, they did not look too happy to see him but what do you guess when you arrive unnounced as was the night lords way. Twice Horus's defenses had been tested and twice they had been found wanting. The Lunar wolfs escorted Curze to their primarch who looked a little shocked.

" Hail brother, but you seem to be naked" there was no hiding the shock that his brother had come accross unnouced and naked but for a loin cloth.

With a smile on his face Curze replied " If you wish to kill me, I did not want my armour to poil your shot". Curze was glad one way or another it would end here tonight. If he lived his men would have brothers, and if he died Tryoss had his orders and he knew that they would be followed to the letter.
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Perturabo smiled as Horus made his speech. He certainly had a way with words, and it was good to have the support of such a wise commander. As Horus came over, Perturabo's grin grew wider. "Thank you brother, it feels good have your full support. When we have commenced here, I shall make speed to Foothold and add finishing touches to the fortress. I hope I shall come with excellent news."

After Horus left, Perturabo addressed all of the Primarchs. "Brothers, I have spoken to many of you individually, but now I shall speak to you all. These are difficult times that we face, and we must be united. Some of us have built up walls between each other, growing distant and even at times hostile. My primary goal is to do what I do best, break down walls. One mighty fortress is stronger than 18 individual ones. If we are united, we are unbreakable, and the barriers that our enemies put before us will crumble with ease. Each of you has a skill set, something you excel at. Roboute, your skills as a tactician are unmatched; Magnus, you are wise beyond my comprehension; Corax, you can strike an army down before they know they are fighting; Khan, your army is faster than the wind and mighty; Angron, no enemy can stand before your might; Russ, your ferocity and toughness is the lifeblood of any campaign you fight in; Vulkan and Lion, you bring energy and youth, which injects us all with a little extra to strengthen us; And I, I not only break down walls, I build bonds, as I have done with almost every single on of your legions. We all have our role to play.
"Russ, I wish I had your charisma, your toughness, but I never will. But I do have what it takes to serve you all as your warmaster. This title is not of superiority; it is of service, of working to keep things together, of putting aside the glory if need be a doing what must be done. Allow me to serve you, and I will not let you down."

(ooc) I am currently operating under the assumption that mortarion, Sanguinius, Alpharius, Curze, and horus are not here so I didn't mention them. if any of those people are, please let me know and I will say something nice about you too :) (/ooc)
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The Emperor, waited on by Saturnalia in his command post at Ullanor, listened to the reports he had been given.
"Pertuabo?" The Master of Mankind turned to the Custode in surprise. "That I did not expect."
"Nor I," he answered. Khan was first, and thus an obvious choice. Horus... he played his part well. Russ has talent, no question. Guilliman..."
"Guilliman's fate was decided long ago." The Emperor replied.
Saturnalia shrugged. "Let Pertuabo have his fate instead. He is clearly respected; let him walk Guilliman's path."
"I did not choose Guilliman idly, Custode. This is not about prestige, nor fame, nor popularity; this is about what must be done."
The Emperor closed his eyes and let his great gauntlet flex idly. The throne on which he sat had a bronze sphere at the end of each arm rest, a miniature replica of Terra. It looked, to the Custode, as though the Emperor were trying to crush the planet in his talon...
At last, he rose from his seat. "Summon the Primarchs, all of them. Bring them all to Ullanor, and all the Legions. It is time to begin our great undertaking..."

This was the Great Crusade.

Every Legion was present. Every Primarch stood to witness them. They ranked up as they had on Terra, with the front ranks adorned in Cataphract and Tactical Dreadnought armour. Behind them were the men who had been issued Maximus plate - armour that would soon be standard issue throughout the Legions.

Banners fluttered high above them, made heavy by the honour pendants attached with wax that spoke of countless victories won. For weeks the Remembrancers had sought to recount the exploits of the Legions, yet they would need months, if not years to finish all the tales. The Emperor would not wait for them.

Adorned in his finest armour, the Emperor turned from the Legions to face the semi-circle of Primarchs. They were arrayed from left to right in the order of the Legions before them; Guilliman on the left, Pertuabo on the right, and the rest between them.
"I have listened to your council," the Emperor said. "I have listened to the council of many men. Know that the choices I make here are not made lightly. The Warmaster is required to lead the Imperium's armies in my stead, for from this day on my attentions must be focused elsewhere."
He looked to Russ, then to Pertuabo. Both men were the favoured candidates by their brothers. Never the most popular amongst the High Lords and the 'nobility' of Terra, but both unquestionably skilled. His gaze then fell to Horus. Was it sadness in his eyes? Disappointment that Horus had given up his desires for the title? No, perhaps not... but there was a sense that something glorious, and something terrible, had passed beyond the reach of mortal men.

"Leman Russ, in the sight of your brothers and the Legions you command, I hereby name you Warmaster of the Imperium!" The proclamation was carried out across the Legions, who raised their voices in salute.
"Furthermore," the Emperor went on when the roar had faded, "I have a task to bestow upon another. Guilliman... I would have you take the role of Seneshal of Terra. On your shoulders would rest the task of guarding our home world. In this role you would answer to no man but I. It is not a glorious duty, but it is a vital one."
He did not ask if Guilliman wished to accept or not. It was clear that the Emperor did not believe, not for one moment, that Guilliman would turn down the offer. Finally, he turned to Pertuabo.
"The faith your brothers have in you should not be ignored. I bestow unto your legion a singular honour; from this day forth, the Iron Warriors shall bear the Aquila upon their armour."
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As soon as Russ's name was said, Perturabo knew. He knew his efforts had been too little too late. Perhaps he should have let Horus continue his attempt at the title, rather than him, a little known, often forgotten siege master who was never called upon by most unless there was a wall that needed to be broken down. He hoped Russ would not resent him for challenging, as he did not want to fall out of favor even more.
When Guilliman's task was read, Perturabo thought for a moment. Protector of Terra, he could have done that, being the master of fortresses. Once again, slighted for the son more liked by the high lords on Terra. He was happy for Roboute, but at the same time a bit jealous. It seemed his brother's words meant nothing to the Emperor. Perturabo felt betrayed, and his insecurities about not being good enough to please his father crept back into his mind...
And then his Father spoke to him, and his eyes, mind, and soul lit up. The honor of the Aquila, a visible symbol of the Emperor's approval? A single tear crept out of the corner of Perturabo's eye. Finally, he truly felt...loved. He knew that with this approval, his warriors would be inspired. He would make them the mightiest force the galaxy had ever seen.
Still, Perturabo knew he would always feel a hint of...inadequacy? Perhaps not the best word, but the only one he could think of. Despite his accomplishments, his Father would only recognize him when the other legions pointed him out. He would need to prove to him in some way his worth, earn his Father's love and respect with something incredible. But what could that be? Perturabo's face showed his puzzlement, as the whole spectacle of the minute or so washed over him.
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Angron waited until the congratulations had stop before speaking. 'Brothers, I offer each of you my support in any endevour, You only have to ask.'

He then turned towards the Emperor before stepping forward and kneeling, which was mirriored be his honour guard perfectly. 'Father, I ask for your blessing in renaming My Legion.'
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"You have it, Angron," the Emperor replied.
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Vulkan to Curze

Yes brother i will teach you the art of flame. We will feast together as brother over this planet and friendships to new.


Speaking to the emporer after horus turned down the warmaster post, felt humbul chating away getting to know my farther well. He said to me let the light of the world hold you on course.

We parted ways. heading out toward the landing area my full compaines in full battle dress. The rest of the legions there all in full. After the emporer spock about the new warmaster Russ, The guardian of Terra Gillianman, and the Aquial sign for Perturabo.

Felt this world has brought the brother together and long may it last.

We feast in your hounor tonight.
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Magnus stood silently during the ceremony. To him, the results were no suprise. Although the bestowing of the Aquila was somewhat out of the blue. Still, Purtuabo had earned it. Garnering so much support out of, frankly, nowhere was no mean feat. He would congratulate his brothers soon, but first he had a request to make of his Father.

He approached the Emperor and bowed before him.
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'Thank you Father.' Angron rose and turned to his Brothers. 'From now on, The Warhounds shall be know as the Striking Serpents.' As Angron finished speaking his guards rose and romoved thier helms, Showing their snake like features to all gathered.
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"Leman Russ, in the sight of your brothers and the Legions you command, I hereby name you Warmaster of the Imperium!"  spoke the Emperor, and the crowds erupted in a deafening roar like the wind, thousands of voices united as one. And the primarchs joined, Rouboute with them, he was pleased for Russ gaining this honour. While he himself would not have picked the old Wolf for the role, nor though him the ideal candidate, Rouboute trusted the Emperor's decision, and so he rejoiced with the masses.
When the noise abated, the Emperor continued
"Furthermore, I have a task to bestow upon another. Guilliman..." Rouboutes head snapped up in shock, "I would have you take the role of Seneshal of Terra. On your shoulders would rest the task of guarding our home world. In this role you would answer to no man but I. It is not a glorious duty, but it is a vital one."
The Emperor continued before Guilliman could form a response. He spoke at Pertarabo.
"The faith your brothers have in you should not be ignored. I bestow unto your legion a singular honour; from this day forth, the Iron Warriors shall bear the Aquila upon their armour."

Rouboute was confused, had the Emperor made a mistake? Surely Pertarabo was the likely candidate to defend the homeworld? Guilliman knew of defence, as he knew about all aspects of military tactics to an equal level of brilliance, but he also knew his brother Pertarabo was the better with walls and defences, his brother devoted himself to mastery of the art of siege and defence. Guilliman would have to learn much to deliver the protection Terra deserved.

Angron was speaking to the Emperor now, renaming his legions - the Striking Serpants. An odd name, thought Rouboute. Then they removed their helmets and the name became a lot more apt. Rouboute could not surpress his shock.


The celebrations went on for days, all talk was of the Warmaster Russ [ooc: dear god that sounds weird, so used to warmaster horus lol] Pertarabo and Rouboute were just footnotes, although he didnt care. While he still questioned the Emperor's choice of warmaster, he accepted his brother and was genuinely pleased for his achievement.
In a break of celebrations he found Pertarabo and moved over to talk with the Iron Warrior.
"So brother, the eagle? It is a great honour for sure." Guilliman smiled and his brother nodded.
"And I, the Seneshal of Terra. Id never have guessed that. ... care to swap?" Guilliman joked, knowing they could not, but in an ideal world they might both agree to. "It would honour me, if you would return to terra with me, just for a short while, as im sure you are busy. But it is important above all other things that terra receives a mighty fortress, and surrounding systems become fortified. There is no other more skilled than yourself at this. Together we can design a mighty defence ... and then you can leave... and i will sit upon the battlements... alone." Rouboute looked sad for a second, he quickly downed his drink in one, reached for another and downed that too. He had just realised now, his part in the crusade was over.

Guilliman wished to speak with Horus too, he was confused by his brother's actions. Why had he stepped aside as a Warmaster candidate? He was the logical choice! Rouboute was concerned by his reactions.
Guilliman had always disagreed with Russ, they faught, they made up, the bickered and they baited each other. Through all this, he still loved his brother - it was their way. But Horus was always much loved by all, he was not used to receiving anything by love from his brothers. Rouboute thought it may have affected Horus harder than he had first thought.
After the celebrations, on his way to Terra, Rouboute would visit foothold with many questions.
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after the ceremony and Angrons name change which shocked Johnson aswell

 Johnson walked towards The Emperor and gave a bow to the master of man kind and said "I finally get to meet you. Please forgive me for my rudness in sending a message when I could of done it in person. my sense of duty came first I wished to only prove my worth."
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"Your sense of duty does you credit, El'Jonson." the Emperor replied. "Your men have proven themselves here on Ullanor, and many worlds besides. No doubt you will prove yourselves again in the years to come."
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Johnsons Heart swelled when the Emperor spoke of prais to him. it shocked Johnson of what he was feeling his jaw stiffened with anger at his feelings but he buried it deep inside him and  responded "Thank you sire i must bid my leave" Johnson tunred and walked towards his brother Russ and said "congradulations brother.. or should I address you as Warmaster from now on." Johnson placed his hand on Russ's shoulder and gave a nod
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After the others had finished talking to the Emperor, Sanguinius moved over to his father and knelt,
'It is good to see you again father, it appears I have missed alot.'
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Perturabo smiled as he talked with Roboute. "Thank you. And congratulations to you as well brother. I shall be honest, I had the same thought for a moment. Although it would be wrong to question Father's decision. I of course shall help you fortify your defenses. However, I have already promised to do the same for brother Curze and his home world. We both know that it would be bad show to offend him like that. As soon as I have plans in order there I shall return to Terra and build your defenses. I assure you, this shall be the mightiest fortress the galaxy had ever seen."
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Guilliman agreed with Perturabo "Quite right, our shadowy brother does have a temper! It is best you deal with his request first, when you are done I'll be at terra. I look forward to building mighty strongholds with you, Perturabo. Im sure i will learn much! Now, have you tried the roast grox in vianbee honey? Best we get some before Khan eats the lot!" he spoke loudly so that Khan looked over and gave Rouboute a stern look and then a smile, from behind a large mouthfull of grox meat. Guilliman talked and celebrated with his brothers, he found time to congratulate Russ during the evening. And he meant it.

Eventually, Rouboute went to seek out Horus, his brother had said he was leaving - but the Emperor had decreed all primarchs were to be present at the Warmaster corrination. He found him eventually, not his usual self for sure, apart from the main celebrations and nursing a glass of strong amsec. Rouboute approached to talk privately.
"So, its Warmaster Russ." Hours looked up, silent, and Rouboute sat beside him, his voice low. "Tell me brother, why is it not Warmaster Horus? Why did you conceede to Russ? This would be your celebration!"
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Angron quietly left. He had much to do and he needed to return home. He couldn't leave his home undefended like that and he need to start recruiting again. He was surprised when he'd heard he had recived two chapters of reinforcements. He'd have meet these new men.

Ooc; These reinforcements on Ullanor or our homeworlds? /Ooc
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Magnus walked away from the Emperor, his request granted.

"The position is well deserved, I trust however that you will take council from your brothers? And don't expect me to bow to you all the time either." Magnus said with a chuckle.

"Should you need my services, you will find me on Prospero, I have much work to do there."
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Sanguinius finished talking to his father and then went of to join the others.
He walked over to Perturabo,
'To wear the symbol of the aquila, such an honour. Come now, I have missed much, I believe there are many stories to tell!'
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Russ could scarcely believe it. That he had gone from rank outsider to Warmaster was incredible. "Brothers, you have my eternal thanks for your support. You have my word that I shall do everything I can to prove myself worthy of your trust and I'm sure if I ever start getting too big for my boots Roboute will have something to say about it" he barked with a laugh. "You all know I've never really been one for speeches. On with the celebrations!" he yelled, offering the Emperor a cup of Mjod.
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"Thank you, Brother Sanguinius, it is good to have you back. I would love to talk, however briefly I must talk to Russ."

Perturabo walked over to the great wolf. "Congratulations, Brother Russ! You have earned this title as it should be, through hard fought battle. I hope you do not resent me for challenging you for the title, I had fears that I now see are unfounded. Let us fight together for years to come!"
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Moving away from Russ, Magnus sought out Curze.

Finding the Night Lord he adressed him.

"Konrad, we have accomplish great things here, but I must depart for Prospero. Have you selected the men that will be joining me? Please have them meet me at the shuttle bay as soon as you can."
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"Perturabo, relax brother. Of course I don't resent you. That you almost won the title yourself lifts some of the pressure on me for I know that I was not the first choice for many of our brothers. I trust I can count on your siege expertise should I require them?"
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Johnson left after all the drinking and eating he couldnt belive that soo much food could be consumed by this amount of people. He stepped off the rampart of his shuttle and proceded towards the command deck of the ship.

he was greeted by the Captain and Navigator. they were both exited but Johnson told then to calm down and prepare for warp jump. Johnson looked at the clock and when he saw the second hand move he then gave the order to return home
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"Of course, brother. I hope you know that I will support you in everything you do. Simply name the wall at it shall fall."

He returned to Sanguinius. "War stories, war stories...Oh I know, there was one point where we were pinned down by this massive ork battery..."
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Horus very nearly ignored the orders given to him by the Emperor. He nearly left Ullanor to go to Foothold. As it was, he watched as Russ was given the title of Warmaster, his own words ignored. And then for Peturabo to be slighted twice, denied the role of Seneschal. No doubt Guilliman was good, but he should be out in space, securing the Imperium as he was talented, and leave the brother whose skill in walls and seiges to work on Terra. Horus had looked at his brothers and Father with new eyes: Something was horribly wrong.

During the celebrations, Horus made to leave for Foothold, but Guilliman caught him before he left. "So, its Warmaster Russ." Hours looked up, silent, and Rouboute sat beside him, his voice low. "Tell me brother, why is it not Warmaster Horus? Why did you conceede to Russ? This would be your celebration!"

Horus looked up at Roboute, and gave a weak smile. "Because of the paperwork. I can't imagine doing that for the next millenia."

Roboute looked at him with understanding eyes. Horus' smile slipped. "Roboute, today I learnt that being a brother does not mean anything. Today, I learnt the Emperor makes mistakes, and he is more human than he seems." Horus took a deep drink of amesec.

"Peturabo came to me, he asked me if him standing as Warmaster would be a good choice. And when I considered myself, Russ and him, he seemed the better choice. Konrad didn't detest him, in fact, everyone agrees him to be a good brother. Russ believed that my ascension would be a bad move, and when we all spoke, I could see both his and your views. As such, I asked Peturabo to take my place. Peturabo is genuinely a better choice than I, and if I can stand by my brothers, I can be happy with that."

"Russ as Warmaster..." Horus smiled again, before it quickly disappeared, "I cannot bring myself to be happy for him. His actions before... They may have been meant well, but for the first time, I feel hurt, insulted, betrayed by a brother. I now understand how Konrad felt, and I must atone for what I have done. I shall meet him on Foothold."

Horus moved to walk away, and then looked back to Guilliman. "Roboute, you are my trusted brother. Whilst I do not think you make the best Seneschal ever, I believe that you are capable enough to become the best. The whole Ullanor campaign has taught me much. About me, about Father and most of all, about our brothers."

Horus, and the Luna Wolves, left Ullanor that night.

Konrad stood before Horus, wearing nothing but a loincloth. Horus couldn't decide how to react- Konrad looked ridiculous. Konrad spoke. With a smile on his face Curze replied " If you wish to kill me, I did not want my armour to spoil your shot".

Horus looked dumbfounded for a moment. And then a minute, the Primarchs simply looked at each other. And then Horus laughed. For the first time in two days, the Primarch laughed and laughed until tears were in his eyes, bent double.

"Curze, you suddenly appear in my chambers, mostly naked, and say I plan to kill you?" Horus managed to struggle out between breathes.

Curze scowled, thinking this an insult. Horus straightened.

"Konrad, I wish to make peace with the Night Lords." Horus pressed a vox bead on his collar, "Mournival, enter."

Four Captains entered behind Curze, Captains Loken, Torgaddon, Vipus and Sejanus, the four chosen Captains of the Luna Wolves. Horus motioned them over.

Horus walked around. "Konrad, the Night Lords have been hurt by our Legion, and Abaddon was removed from command for such a slight to you. However, Abaddon has unfortunately died,  so he will be unable to apologise to you. Therefore," Horus knelt to one knee, "I, Horus, and the Luna Wolves," the Mournival knelt too, "before you in apology for the actions of one of us. We wish to put the past behind us."
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Horus moved to walk away, and then looked back to Guilliman. "Roboute, you are my trusted brother. Whilst I do not think you make the best Seneschal ever, I believe that you are capable enough to become the best. The whole Ullanor campaign has taught me much. About me, about Father and most of all, about our brothers."
Rouboute nodded, Horus was keen to go and Rouboute would not keep him. There would be other times to talk and now he needed no more explinations. He needed not to voice his concerns, concerns that Russ had twisted the truth for each of this brothers, and appealed to their sense of ambition in a bid to win backing for warmaster - like he had tried with his message to Rouboute. He questioned the honour behind such actions. He could see Horus had the same concerns, from his voice and from his eyes.

Rouboute was pleased to be returning to Terra, he would answer only to the Emperor and have the freedom to plan tactics, like he was best at. He would bury himself in his work, becoming the best he could be at his new task.
He took another drink and thought on Horus's parting words. 'I do not think you make the best Seneschal ever-'
Guilliman glaced at Pertarbo, the seige master. "Nor do I, brother. Nor do I." he whispered to himself.
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Curze laughed, this was not something he was taken to doing something often. "I am not the onlt one who looks foolish, at least you are clothed"

Horus laughed and clapped. A serf appeared holding a robe with Horus's personal symbol on it. "It is not much but I would be honoured if you would wear it and call me brother once more"

Curze stood and for a time Horus feared he would reject his offer of brotherhood, but Curze relented and wore the robe.

"The problem lies with my men, they are protective of their primarch and many fear my death as indeed they did when I first met perturabo. My arriving naked was as much a symbol to them that I do not fear death nor need armour in the presense of my kin. As it was to you"

Horus nodded and he began to realise how deep the feeling went. "Horus, my brother..." the shock upon Horus's face was distinct if only for a second. It was with one word that Horus knew that all was well for never before had Curze called him brother"... I have a favour to ask, feel free to reject it but it is the only way I can see we can heal the wounds. My men will at the moment not support yours and are as likely to shoot you as protect you, this has worried me for a while so I ask if you would place a chapter under mine perhaps under the guise of replacing the chapter I sent to our dear crimson king? Once they have fought with my men and their honour has won my men over, hopefully this can all be put behind us."

Whilst this conversation was under way the second chapter was awaiting Magnus as promised.
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Horus smiled widely, as Curze put on the robe. He embraced Curze for the first time in their lives. "Brother, I would be glad to do so. I shall send my 1st Chapter to do so. I also ask if, as per our new Warmaster's orders, if the Luna Wolves might be the Legion who helps protect Nocturne." Horus awaited Curze's answer.
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Magnus begant to make mental preperation for the return to Prospero. There was going to be alot to do.

So far he had the Emperors Children, a company of Night Lords, Luna Wolves and Ultramarines to train, aswell as any others that took up his offer. Plus he had plans for the Emperors Children, he would need to contact the Mechanicus for that though.

He sent word to the Primarchs that he would be returning to The Eye of Wisdom in orbit. And that he would remain in orbit for a further 24 hours, should any more men wish to join him.
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Before departing to build Curze's fortress, Perturabo sought a private conference with the Emperor. "Father, I thank you so much for the honor of this Aquila. it means everything to proudly bear your symbol as my forces march forth and smash down our enemies. I understand fully why you selected Russ over myself for warmaster. One thing I must ask is Roboute's assignment, and the reasoning behind it. I do not question your decision, I simply would like insight into your reasoning, as I have not your wisdom to see why he was selected. If this is information you would rather not share, I understand. I wish to know simply so I may be wiser, and follow the path you have for me more easily."
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Sanguinius talked to his brothers for a while, before taking his leave and returning to his command barge.
He had 1st Chapter with him, the others had been assigned to various clean-up operations.
'Set course for Mars.'
And with that, his ship slipped into the immaterium once more.
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Curze Smiled
"I would be glad for you to protect Nostramo" They had the rest of the night to make preperations before Curze had to depart.

Upon his arrival his legion's relief was visable. Tyross handed Curze his envelope full off orders. Curze removed them and burnt them. They contained only three words

"make them pay"

Today was a new start, a fresh beginning where he and his men could prosper. 

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Horus smiled as Curze left. Finally, the wounds dealt between the Night Lords and the Luna Wolves could heal, with the death of Abaddon and Horus stepping down...

Horus sat back and smiled. By withdrawing from Warmastery, his brothers could know his actions stemmed from better intentions than advancement. Now, to make sure Russ knew he didn't begrudge him the title...

Horus started planning. Once he'd finished, he gave his proposal to be sent to Russ privately, so he could decide for himself it's merits. Horus sighed. With a Warmaster, now he had to ask for permission, whereas he before had to simply gather enough support. Russ was reasonable, Horus decided, the proposal was likely to be accepted, or at least eventually woven into Russ's plans.

Horus sat back. He had a lot of brothers to meet, and they would when they could. Until then, he thought about Vulkan, Lion El'Johnson and Sanguinius- they hadn't fought together yet, and were all but strangers. Maybe it was time to get to know them....
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Russ sat behind his desk and attempted to clear it. There were mission reports, requests for aid, requests for approval, reports detailing various supply and munition levels. He was getting there, slowly. Once he had everything organised things would run much smoother. A knock on the door distracted him as he was reviewing a suggestion from Horus. "Enter" he called.

He looked up to see Bjorn and his men entering. "You wanted to see us Great Wolf?" Born asked

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry it has taken so long for us to get to this, but after Ullanor there was quite a lot to do. It seems your have outdone yourselves yet again my sons. And this time there can be no denying it." Russ commented.

The Astartes looked at each other, puzzled. "What do you mean Great Wolf?" one of them asked.

"You were all part of the Grey Hunters squad who made a title of honour, were you not?" Russ asked "Don't deny your achievements, now is not the time. It seems you have managed to beat another kill tally on the field of battle. A most impressive one at that." he smiled. There was a pause as the Wolves tried to work out who he was referring to. In then end it was left to Bjorn to ask.

"Who's, Great Wolf?"

"Mine." Russ replied. Immediately the 6 Astartes began protesting that such a thing was impossible. Russ produced 6 data slates, each one showing the confirmed kill tally of one of the Astartes in the room. He then produced a 7th, showing his kill tally. More protests. "The targetter malfunctioned" one cried. "There was an error transferring the information to data slate" another insisted.

Russ held up a hand to silence them. "Relax my sons. This is a great achievement for you all, worthy of great honour. You are all hereby promoted to my personal guard." That silenced them.

" Lord, we are not worthy" Bjorn began.

"You have proven your worth time and time again Bjorn. As have you all. Your first task will be to find 4 others worthy of the honour. They will join your squad. Yes Bjorn, your squad. You are still a sergeant as well." Russ smiled. "Dismissed. We all have work to do."
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Horus smiled as he received a reply from Russ. It seems his plans would go ahead with his approval. Some of them, anyway.

Horus heard on his vox-bead that Corax had entered the Foothold system. He replied. "When he arrives, send him in."
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The Fist of Baal dropped out of the warp and entered real space, before moving to take up orbit above Mars.
Captain Isidur of the 1st Chapter moved towards the Primarch as he meditated in silence.
'Sir, we have arrived.'
Sanguinius turned and looked up to Isidur,
'Thank you captain, take two men and wait by my shuttle.'
'Yes Primarch'
Isidur saluted, turned and left the chamber. Sanguinius stood up and left the room.
'This is Sanguinius of the Blood Angels requesting permission to see the magos, we carry a great gift.'
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Angron looked at the dataslate, What was he going to do with the Knights Exodus? He'd figure something out. He looked at the chrono on the wall and headed out his office, it was time to meet his two new commanders.
 He walked out to the viewing area for the main parade grounds where the two new chapters where gathered. The new commanders where waiting there for him. Both snapped to attention and saluted as he walked in. The first, the leader of the eighth instantly set off Angron's danger sense. He introduced himself, 'Sir, I am Kharn, Commander of the Eighth Chapter. It is an honour to meet you Sir.' Angron noticed the Chainaxe the man had strapped to his back. It was an unusual weapon, He nodded to the man before idly thinking, I wonder if Russ has any suicide missions. He dismissed the thought before the second commander stepped forward, 'I am Dominic, Commander of the Ninth Chapter.' 'I am glad to have both of you here. You, your Chapters, The two Dark Angrl Chapters and the Knights Exodus will accompany me and secure the nearby systems. It is not glorious but it is needed. There will be plenty of time for glory later.' He dismissed both commanders nd headed to hischambers to prepare.
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Perturabo stood by the side of the Emperor, waiting for his response.

The 1st chapter stood before captain Forrix, bearing their golden crest proudly. Their helmets now shone the same gold as the Aquila. "Brothers, in honor of this sign of approval the Emperor has bestowed upon us, Lord Perturabo has declared that we shall be called the iron wing. We shall become the mightiest chapter of space marines the galaxy has ever seen. No enemy will stand before our bolters. No traitor shall escape the teeth of our chain swords. And no fortress shall stand before our mighty guns."
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Magnus checked the time, no-one else had sent men for training, so he was going to return home. He gave orders to the Navigators to set course to Prospero.

There was much to be done, and he felt there was not going to be enough time to do it properly.
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Terra. It came into view on the Fist of Maccragge's viewscreen as they approached from the void, a glittering sliver ball of metal and technology, the diamond cradel of humanity. Rouboute watched it grow larger on the screen. While he had not been raised on Terra, he still felt a great connection with the homeworld. It was different from Maccragge; no silver mountains, no ice nor green, no white marble. Terra was the gearbox of humanity, functional and essential. A gearbox that needed to be kept running at all costs.
Guilliman finished polishing one of his huge powerfist gauntlets which he sometimes used in battle. He repaced it into its box - he would not be needing it for a while, now he was stationed behind a desk. He sighed, wishing he had been marked for something else, but his sense of duty making him accept his lot.

He called out to the captain.
"Take us in to dock with the nearest orbital platform, then organise a shuttle to Mars."

Seneshal ... of Terra

Rouboute noticed a Blood Angel's ship in high orbit as he approached by shuttle. Perhaps Sanguinius was here too?
He got an audience with Lord Magnus Vaul faster than he expected and the meeting was brisk as it always with the mechanicus. He explained how if he was to be an effective Seneshal, he would need overall control of any new mechanicus supplies and armour, or atleast approve where they were sent. The magnus seemed to recognise the logic of such, and Guilliman left, pleased and confident his request would be followed.

Later he would visit the Fleet masters, he had already been given joint control of the fleets, with the new Warmaster. But it would help his position to meet with the Fleet Masters in person, to form kinsmanship and loyalty. He would ask if they required anything, and see that he helped them, using his new position to grease the wheels.

He would visit all the nobles and people with positions of power, he would talk, smile and drink with them. He would ask them what they required, what the new Seneshal could do for them. He would give, give, give and win their loyalty as a friend an overseer who cared.

Everyone had to know that the Rouboute the Seneshal was on their side and had their interests at heart. They should know he wasnt here to mess with the workings of the imperium, he was here to improve things.

And there were many improvements to be made.

+++Rouboute Guilliman to all Primarchs++++
Brother Primarchs,
Tasked with overseeing the defence of Terra an the Imperium, I have a request so that we may better protect our empire. If each primarch could station forces as a permanent guard on their homeworlds, we will be better spread through the galaxy to react to any new threats, or at least, stall any new threats until we can amass to counter them, where ever they emerge from.
I wish you many victories on your continuing crusading brothers,
Rouboute +++
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Curze received The command from Gulliman. The captains argued that we were being given stupid orders that a child would have already thought of. Curze concurred but also could not argue the logic.

++++ Curze to Gulliman+++++++++++++++++++


Curze hoped his men had arrived safe with Magnus, he was sure they would he just hoped they did not fail him by having to be killed. If they were he would hold no grudge but for a space marine to have to kill another, it was just unheard of.

When Curze arrived with two legions of Lunar wolfs the tension had risen to almost boiling point. But since then the Lunar wolfs had been beyond polite disregarding the snarls and hostilities. Almost as if they had been preped to expect and disregard this, perhaps this was why they had been chosen. Horus was shrewed enough to do this but Curze was glad. In the ongoing days with training and sparring one Lunar wolf was injured but Curze was furious he had the offender strung up before all and lashed while he recited the oath that all Night lords had given to the emperor. Then all captains were gathered and explained this would not be tolerated again. The real change as Curze knew it would be was in battle and a few minor skirmishes with rogue orks seemed to serve to create true brothers.

Curze arrived home to find Perturabo and his troops setting to work already doing a superior job to his attempts. He smiled to see his brothers working as one. Although still unsure as to Russ as being warmaster espeacially with the incidents with the ultramarines, he first order was a stroke of genius even going as far to try and feel old wounds and Curze agreed. Curze was aware that Russ knew he would not give his support as easily as his brothers, His upbringing while not as decident as others had taught him to be wary of giving his supoort but once given to give his all.

He gathered his captains and could tell they were happy to meeting under happier cercumstances. "Brothers I am sick of fighting orks, they smell and are stupid plus their green skin is repulsive..." The captains could not help but laugh as was intended. "... No I want a forgeworld, somewhere I can send all the adamantium to and make something with." The men seemed happy with this request and confirmed it would be so. "I wonder why it is we risk our necks to protect mankind, if they are so great why can they not defend themselves as i have seen else where with my brothers, to this point I wish to raise a human army to fight along side us" The men saw sense in this but were unsure about fighting alongside the humans. Curze final command was to expand his sphere of influence surrounding Nostramo, whilst he had wolfs hungry to fight along side his men and perturabo doing a grand job protecting Nostramo now was the time. The men were amazed and over joyed.

ooc I know I am still awaiting a location for my homeworld and weather or not we can raise imperial guard units but he can ask. /ooc
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Lion El'Johnson stroked his chin as he watched picts and Videopicts of failed and modertary successful experiments. he watched the human test subject 1536 given a chemical stym. this drug was to highten the users calculation speed which in theory outpaced the fastest cogitators existing. the animal experiments wielded sucsessful outcomes and soo the testing was moved to human stage. The Lion watch as subject 1536 solved varius puzzels and mathematical equasions with great speed but after the five minute's subject 1536 slowed down to a grinding halt and died as his entire brain ruptured sending blood and varius matter out the subjects nose and eyes.

around his lab was varius chemicals and prototype stuffs. a servitor drove around the holding cages where the non human test subjects where being held as they where given new drugs and chemical enhacements. The Lion swiveled on his chair gazing at the silvery white cieling pondering how he can stop the subject from dying from mass brain rupture's, The Lion lost his thorght as Grand master Luther walked into the lab with progress of astartes recruitment and fortifications of Caliban and serounding systems and also a request from Gulliman.

the Lion mearly glanced at the request handed it back to Luther giving him a nod
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Angron looked at the message and thought, 'I take my whole Legion away once..... Oh.' He then notices that it's address to all the Primarchs. He read it again before deciding it didn't need a reply.

He had just about finished reading all the reports from the fighting on Ullanor when Kharn entered his office, "Sir, all the units for the sweep are here and ready to leave at you command."
"Excellent. I'll join you on the landing pad ready for up lift in twenty minutes. Make sure the transport is ready."

With that he went back to reading the last report.
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Magnus received the message. He already had 2 chapters permanently planetside for just those reasons, but it was a sensible plan anyway.

He had decided that his best Librarians would be running these lessons, and he would help them when he had the time. First he would have to teach them to get their minds in the correct state, then once this was achieved, they could be taught the lower enumerations. Once these mental barriers were in place, they would all be much much safer.
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Angron sat reading the reports on the surrounding sectors. It seemed there was a threat in a neaby one. He decided he'd move with part of his legion and it's support to recon and destroy the threat if he could. He quickly send a message as well.

**** Angron to Imperial Commanders in the region of -1, -4 ****

I plan on crusading to and reconing the threat that has been detected at the above coordinates. I ask for support from any who can also move to this region of space.

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Jaghati frowned at a report. The fourth Brotherhood had probed the edges of an apparent empire of non-imperial humans. The gods they worshipped were nothing like the Emperor, oft considered a god by his people, and in fact appeared to have been long forgotten by the rest of humanity. This empire was strong, quite strong indeed, and certainly sufficient to pose a serious threat to Imperial space, or even Chogris, if not dealt with soon.

On the other hand, his own available forces were far from insubstantial - the three most heavily equipped chapters he had were present around the local systems, on exercises with allies from Sanguinius and a legion of Titans. The three most recently recruited were also present, and the men of those chapters had proved themselves also. The deep space patrols could be recalled immediately to prepare for the attack... and there were allies close at hand as well.

+++Jaghati Khan to Magnus, Vulkan+++
I appear to have a local problem. Seeing as you are both in close proximity to the area, I hearby request reinforcements in order to ensure this threat goes down and stays down. Approximately 4 chapters each would be sufficient to annihilate resistance, though more would certainly not go amiss.

+++Jaghati Khan to Warmaster Russ+++

I wish to bring to your attention a large extra-Imperial human empire that I have just discovered on my very doorstep. If you would assist me in securing support from the Salamanders and the Thousand Sons, I will be able to deal with this threat in very little time. Once the human empire is brought into the fold, we shall put to work any forge worlds we can find - a factor I'm sure will swing you hand at a time when our resources are lacking from overdrive.

+++Jaghati Khan to Sanguinius+++

Just as a heads up, it looks like the forces you loaned me will be getting stuck into real combat soon.
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+++Magnus to Jaghati

Chapters 3 through 9 are on their way to you now to engage the threat. They will be accompanied by the Legio.

May the Emperor watch over you brother.+++
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Perturabo stood overlooking the constructs on Nostramo. The walls were coming up well, thick and reinforced with the latest energy shield technology. Only a perfectly placed shot could breach the walls. The keep was solid as well, with massive gun batteries capable of tearing armor and infantry alike to shreds. There was still work to be done, but things were going as planned. He felt glad that he was able to assist his brother in protecting his home. The Aquila on his chest shone brightly in the darkness of Nostramo.

Captain Ferron of the second chapter was amazed at how well defended Terra now was. No xeno army could ever hope to even make planetfall, thanks to the impressive constructs on the other planets and the orbital defense system. There work finished for the moment, Ferron prepared to send the forces under his command to Cthonia to begin construction there as well. He was looking forward to seeing Lord Horus, who was always a pleasure to talk to. They would have to share war stories from Ullanor.

Captain Steelen frowned, as he checked the holo-map again. He couldn't determine the strength of the forces to the north, or what they were. They were certainly hostile, although their makeup was unclear. Without orders from Perturabo, he felt it best to dig in on Foothold and wait for help to arrive. Hopefully that wouldn't take too long.

+++Captain Steelen to all forces nearby the Ullanor sector+++


This is captain Steelen of the Iron Warriors 5th Chapter. There is a hostile force of unknown strength located to the galactic north of the Ullanor system. Any friendly forces in the area are requested for support in terminating this threat.
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+++Message from Leman Russ to Jaghati Khan+++

I have received your message and sent word to Magnus. He assures me that he is sending 6 Chapters and the Demi-Legio of Titans I place under his command, they will be with you shortly. The Salamanders shall dispatch some forces to join you as well, I will make sure of it.

As this is a human empire we have located I request that diplomats be sent in first. Offer them the chance to join the Imperial Truth. If things have to get messy, I suggest surgical strikes to take out their leaders. We'll have a much easier time convincing the population that we're the good guys if we don't kill half of them.


+++Message from Leman Russ to Mortarion and Horus Lupercal+++

It has come to my attention that a significant threat has been located in the region of your homeworlds. I would like you to coordinate your forces and investigate this threat, converting it to our cause if possible, destroying it if not. As soon as you have more information on this let me know and I will send reinforcements as required.


+++Message from Leman Russ to Roboute Gulliman+++

I write to you for 2 reasons. Firstly, I would congratulate you on the swiftness with which you have fortified Terra. I trust you are requisitioning Void shield generators from Mars to protect against orbital threats? If there is anything else you need brother, you need only ask.

Secondly, I would like you to dispatch your Ultramarines to crusade northwards from Macragge in the hope of finding new forgeworlds. You are awfully isolated out there brother, the closer to you we find a forgeworld the better for securing Macragge against hostiles.


+++Message from Leman Russ to the Mechanicum+++
Fabricator General,

I am aware that you are operating at near full capacity to fulfil the demands of the Legions, and I thank you for your efforts. Rest assured we are looking for more forgeworlds to spread the workload and ease the pressure you are currently under.

I possible I would like to requisition void shield generators from Mars to defend Terra and from Stygies for the protection of Fenris, specifically the fortification you so recently completed.

Warmaster Russ
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Horus grimaced as he noticed the threats emerging. Splitting his forces between the Ullanor and Cthonia sectors was proving to make things difficult. Not only that, but his Legion was few and had much to do. Splitting his attention meant risking everything.

He scratched his chin. Firstly, to deal with Cthonia and the emerging threat.

He would message Mortarian and Angron, propose a combined strike force as quickly as possible. He and Mortarian could easily hold the enemy in place if not crush them in time for Angron to arrive. However, he needed to continue recruiting, and couldn't risk leaving his homeworld unprotected. He would send as much as he could risk, but not a man more.

Regarding the threat rising in Ullanor, he noticed that Russ was still in the area, and would message him regarding this threat. He would also contact Peturabo, the nearest Legion that was unengaged, and knowing that Peturabo was coming would be a boon for his men. Once more, even with the generous support from Russ, Horus couldn't overextend himself.

Not only that, but Horus was planning to begin clearing the way back to Terra and Cthonia. He sighed. That would have to wait. He sent messages.

+++Horus Lupercal to Peturabo and Leman Russ+++


A threat has emerged above the Ullanor system, my attention drawn by the Iron Warriors Captain Steelen. The Luna Wolves and myself shall be supporting them, but would ask if as much additional forces were to help, to make sure we can successfully face it. Otherwise, I shall be forced to try and fortify Ullanor and hope to hold the world against possibly greater forces.


+++Horus Lupercal to Mortarian and Angron+++


The threat near our homeworld must be addressed. However, I am afraid I have not the numbers to fight this enemy alone. If Mortarian will support me, I shall hope to engage this enemy and with Mortarian, we shall hold long enough that Angron can join us and help finish this enemy.

I hope for a favourable reply,

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+++Message from Leman Russ to Horus Lupercal+++
Brother Horus,

Fear not. The enemy shall not reach Ullanor. The Word Bearers crusade force will be dispatched to gather information on this enemy, and I have ordered my own fleet to make all haste to provide support. We will catch this foe from 2 sides and crush him between us. Your warriors should be on standby for any elements which may attempt to flee towards Ullanor, but they should not be many in number.

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+++Horus Lupercal to Warmaster Russ+++

Very well, Warmaster. Also, the order regarding the protection of our brothers remains, I am sure?

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+++Message from Leman Russ to Horus Lupercal+++

It was never an order brother, simply a request as an attempt to make sure we can all work together and rely upon each other without sibling disputes costing lives. If you wish you have every right to send your men elsewhere. The warriors of the brother you protect may even follow you if they feel your objective is a worthy one.

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+++Horus Lupercal to Warmaster Russ+++

Ah, I see.

As it is, I am more than happy to leave my men with Curze for a while longer- I hope our wounds can only close more.

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*** Angron to Horus and Mortarian ***


I am making all haste for this threat with four of my chapters, two of Dark Angels and the Knights Exodus. I hope to be in striking range in (two turns). Leave some for me if you can brothers.

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+++ Vulkan to Jaghati Khan+++

Vulkan onway to your home world with an army of salamanders in support of your attack. the knights are also with me. be there soon.
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Lion recorded the findings of test subject 4654 as she was experimented on

Name:Unknown. subject was not Consciousness and was given the name of Subject 4654 as it would rend previous name no longer needed
Species: Eldar
Age:unknown expected to be around a few hundred years old
Previous Occupation:Unknown
Psykick Power:standard for an eldar
Experimentation:Genetic enhancement Lz86

Experimentation conducted by Chief Assistant Apothacary 8th seat  3rd seat Lubarian Jonnas and Lion El Johnson Primarch of the Dark Angels

Test subject 4654 was given Lz86 in theory it would give a psykick user a Boost to their own powers. Subject 4654 showed imediate hightened psykick potentional as recorded by Third seat Libarian Jonnas. subject managed to break her straps while unconsciousness but she was imediantly suppressed by the Third seat Librarian. Experimantation was a sucsess and soo moving onto human experimentation subject 4654 was placed in a protected cell for futher study to see if their is any side effects of the Drug.
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Guilliman was reading. He spent most of his time reading nowadays. - Reports, texts, production quotas, accounts, debreifings, manifestos, proposals, statistics. This was inglorious work for a Primarch. Guilliman threw down his book in disgust.
Months now! Months of this. Certainly terra was becoming stronger, things were more efficient, but Guilliman was a warrior and military tactician, not a scribe or adept. Why had the Emperor removed him from the crusade in this cruel way?
Rouboute stood and paced over to a small exotic pot plant in the corner of the room. He studied it, its purple and blue veins running through green leaves, ever changing and pulsing with new pigments. It was delicate, but beautiful and rare.
The Emperor had deemed him worthy? No, the Emperor had deemed him obedient enough to take this caretaker-role with no fuss... And the Emperor had been right, Guilliman's sense of duty meant he would see terra defended for as long as he was needed, years, decades, centuries...
This was unfair! This was a punishment! Terra was defended against Xenos already!
He hammered his closed fist into the small plant, it dissapeared under his hand.
For a moment he wished he could leave terra, could wage war and shine with military brilliance again.
Then he sat back down and picked up his book.

+++Message from Roboute Gulliman to Lemen Russ+++
Brother Russ,

You can be assured that Terra is receiving the highest defences possible. Soon, the Sol system shall be the unbreakable heart that our empire needs.
I share your concerns for the isolation of Maccragge, i have dispatched forces to attempt to link up shipping routes with the rest of the empire, and to find much needed forge worlds.
Brother Guilliman
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+++Jaghati Khan to Vulkan+++
Thanks for the quick response. However, I recommend you instead take the forces due south of Chogris, as this will allow us to block any potential attack from this threat. We will keep in touch, and rendezvous at the target location shortly thereafter.
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+++ Vulkan to Jaghati Khan+++

Ok Heading to space system and holding station for your forces to meet up so we can deal with this new threat.
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Curze awoke with a start. His dream had been about Gulliman sat on Terra with the newly built fortifications wondering about abandoning Terra to go fight for his homeworld.

++++ Curze to Gulliman+++++++++++++++++++

I feel for you to be so far from your homeworld, indeed each of us has a link to their homeworld, be it a good or bad link. But our father has honoured you with the protection of that, which he holds dearest for as important as our homeworlds our they pale in comparision to Terra. I hope to see you soon my brother but in the mean time keep up the good work.

Part 2

Curze left his sleep quarters and went to check on the battlements his thoughts still troubled by his dreams and of a brother left uneasy. He spotted Iron warriors building. He headed to them seeing his brother stood slightly apart from them. "Hail brother" shouted Curze. "May the night cloak you" replied perturabo. Curze froze slightly taken aback by the familar words his brother used. Perturabo asked if he had said it wrong but Curze confirmed he had. "It seems you have won the trust of my Captains and why not having seen the wonders you have done to our world" Curze smiled. "soon Brother me and my men will leave this world to expand the influence of our father, I will leave two chapters here to protect and recruit but It fills me to know you will still be here, my men will take no other as a leader but that is not to say you cannot give them advice" Both brothers knowing that Perturabo would be the de facto leader but just not in name.

Curze spotted the Lunar wolfs training, this was not unheard of as his men did it all the time but his mean wore the night and he was lead to belive that other chapters did not practise this way as standard. "If we wish for the Night lords to respect us, we must fight as they do" the captain shouted, whilst the primarch saw this the captain spotted him, instantly earning respect that he had spotted him in the cloak he wore. Curze walked over "hail captain" "Hail Night Haunter" Curze stood and evaluated the Lunar wolfs, the reports from his own captains were that they were fine warriors as one would expect if a little prideful.  "You seem to have fine men, but I'm sure that the lack of fighting will not be the best for your warriors so I intend to rectify the situation if it would please you"

ooc will leave reposnse Lunar wolfs /ooc
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Captain Vipus nodded. "Hail, Night Haunter!" He raised his sword, and the Luna Wolves around him stopped fighting and kneeled.

Curze gave the force a look over, his dark eyes twinkling with thought. "You seem to have fine men, but I'm sure the lack of fighting will not be best for your warriors so I intend to rectify the situation if it pleases you."

Vipus bowed, before looking at his men. "My lord, the Luna Wolves are happy to fight or guard. We are not Space Wolves who think that glory is won only through battle, nor are we Ultramarines to look over places and think our duty done. We do what we are commanded, and do a damn good job of it as well." He looked back to Curze, and flushed slightly.

"I am sorry for the language, my lord. I'm a soldier, not a speaker." He cleared his throat.

"My father, Horus, gave me an instruction before we left. We are to work with you, and win the lost brotherhood between the Luna Wolves and the Night Lords among us Marines. I know that you and my father are true brothers, but your men do not quite like us yet." He coughed again. "I don't mean that offensive, my lord, just speaking my thoughts plainly."

"So, my lord, if there is something you want done, any Luna Wolf here is happy to pick up a combat knife and a bolter and fight with you."
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Rouboute read his new messages later that night. One from Curze. He scanned the slate as he sat alone eating some processed petrapheasent on a grain-slice. He wrote a reply.
It was good to know he was not entirely forgotten by his brothers, he allowed himself a half smile. Of all his brothers, it was Curze, the shadowy and volatile outsider, who had consoled him. Perhaps he had misjudged his Night Lord brother... there had been a lot of misjudgement among brothers recently. Misunderstandings, fraying tempers and ill-communication.

And it unsettled Guilliman.
He was cut off here, with no real way to keep track of the morale and feelings of the expedition forces. Sure, he had tactical appraisals, reports and information. But that didnt keep him updated with events in the way he wanted. He took another bite of grain-slice and pondered. Perhaps he would have to send more astropath communications.

Rouboute rose, he had a busy evening, he had to meet with the Adeptus Ministorum to try and wrestle more control of resources from. And he had to speak with the Master Rememberancer to send more rememberances into the field - such glorious times at the close of uniting the galaxy should be recorded all the better for future generations.

Perhaps tomorrow would be a more eventful day?

+++Rouboute to Curze+++
Thankyou for your communications brother, it is good to know I am not forgotten entirely here. Rest assured, terra is my highest priority, the cradle of mankind will soon be the stronghold core which our empire deserves. Do keep me updated with any major progressions among the fleet. I wish the Night Lords much glory in the expedition fleet.
Brother Rouboute+++

+++Rouboute to Jaghati Khan+++
Brother Jaghati, i hope you are winning many great victories with the White Scars in the crusades.
In my frequent visits to the mechanicus, i came across news of a bike development based on a new STC, which may interest you. They are calling it the Attack Bike - able to mount heavier weapons in a bike sidecar which was previously impossible with the older Jet Bike varients. Ill be sure to request a speedy development to this new bike, and ensure the first shipments from Mars are sent to the White Scars forces.
Brother Rouboute +++

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Horus sat in Ullanor.

His Legion was simply too small to do anything, and split between two planets...

+++ Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++


I ask your advice, as you face a similar trouble. My Legion is split between Foothold and Cthonia, and unlike your own Legion, I haven't enough Chapters to simply spread amongst the stars as I would wish. As such, do I  maintain my position here, recruiting until both halves of my Legion are strong enough to help my brothers in that area of space, or shall I return to Cthonia, where I am helpful to the Imperium immediately, and can begin Crusading as soon as I arrive?

Thoughts, brother? I have always valued your tactical advice.

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Curze was glad of the captains response and indeed he did not miss the twinkle in his eye when he was informed of a crusade. But Curze was still troubled for he could see Horus had split himself thin, and Curze knew this to be partly his fault, and it was not his intention when he suggested his plan to leave his brother underarmed.

++++ Curze to Horus ++++++++++++++++++

Your men do you proud, but I hope to have them back to you soon as it greaves me to think I have you under armed.


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+++Rouboute Guilliman to Horus Lupercal+++
Brother Horus,
I am gald to hear from you. We regrettably never got that game of regicide! There will be other oppertunities im sure.
Sounds like you are indeed having a similar problem. I am also so far from my homeworld.

I would suggest keeping your legion together or with fellow Legions, if we are divided we are weakened. It would be dire indeed if we spread ourselves too thinly and suffered losses.
I can offer some chapters of Ultramarines to bolster your forces if you wish. The Ultramarines have much respect for the Lunar Wolves and would relish the chance to fight alongside your warriors again, im sure.
Rouboute +++
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Angron shuddered as his ship translated back to the material realm. He hadn't been on such a rough trip through the warp that he could remember. "Check with all the ships in the fleet. Make sure all ships and men are all accounted for. Double check our position and ready for the next leg of our journey."

*** Angron to Mortarian and Horus ***


I've had some trouble with the Warp, though so far it seems to have helped rather then hinder my forces so far. I can join your forces sooner then I thought.

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Horus was done here. His Legion needed him, he had been too long from Cthonia, and he needed to speak with his brothers.

All around Ullanor and Foothold, the Luna Wolves were packing up and getting ready to leave. Horus thought about the messages he had received. His Legion was too small for what he wanted, and he must change that as soon as possible.

First, he decided, the Luna Wolves shall stop at Terra. It will reduce the Warp jump distance, and he might speak with Guilliman. Also, the 1st Chapter could meet him there. Loken had spent enough time with Magnus, but the Legion needed to prepare to continue the Crusade.

Secondly, he was greatly pleased to hear that 2 new Chapters had joined his Legion, but it was not enough. He would have them tested. The 2nd would lead half of these recruits, as well as the Fleet, to go face this new threat with the Serpents and the Dusk Raiders. He wouldn't leave his brothers unsupported, when his world is in danger as much as theirs.

Thirdly, he would leave the Chapters with Curze for a while longer. Let the Luna Wolves and Night Lords learn to work together, fight together, become strong brothers.

Horus looked to the night skies, seeing the twin moons of Foothold hanging in the silky darkness.

Peturabo, Angron, Guilliman, Corax, Curze... He had many brothers already that he held dear. When he thought of Russ he frowned. There was unfinished business there, but it will be left for now. To all intents and purposes, he would soon be on the other side of the galaxy from Russ, and there his wounds could heal.

Captain Loken received the orders that morning, and made to meet with Primarch Magnus. He knocked on his door.

Captain Vipus read the communique from his Father, and smiled. He was already doing his duty, already preparing to fight with the Night Lords. He sent a message back, saying that the Night Haunter was more joyful to be with than his name suggested, and would doubtless look forward to meeting with Horus.

He looked up. The white plate armour of the Luna Wolves glinted as they fought with chainswords. He would ask the Night Haunter, when next possible, if the Chapters with him could learn the ways of the Night Lords fighting.

+++Horus Lupercal to Roboute Guilliman+++

Brother, I am returning to Cthonia. However, I am stopping at Terra. If you have the time, I would like that regicide game. And we must finish our discussion on Ullanor.

I look forward to seeing you, and green Terra,

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Magnus looked up at the knock.

"Enter" he said.

The Luna Wolf walked in and stood before the seated Primarch.

"What can I do for you Captain?" asked Magnus.
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Loken nodded. He always felt nervous around Primarchs; even with Horus, he always looked slightly away from his eyes.

"My lord, I am to retreat from Prospero to rejoin my father. However, I felt it would be singularly rude of us to simply leave without offering a personal thank-you for the training. Not only that, but I would ask if there is anything that you would have me pass back to my Lord."

Loken looked away. "There is something else, my lord. Regarding this training..."
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"Offer my brother nothing but my thanks to have been priviledged to have trained such fine warriors. Remember what you have been taught, remember that you must focus on the numerations when hunting for the taint. You're mind may not wander at all lest you risk everything."

He paused.

"What else did you wish to know?"
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"My lord, this is a personal wondering. You remember the incident with Abaddon..." It wasn't a question. Loken doubted that Magnus forgot a thing.

"And now you're offering this training for everyone. You went to the largest Warp-rift in this galaxy. We remember what happened to the Primarch of the Emperor's Children, and even yourself and our Father are afflicted with mutations, and entire Legions..."

Loken looked hard at Magnus. "You call taint, this threat, Chaos. The Orks, nor the Eldar nor even lost humans get specialised training, and yet many Legions are here to learn to fight this threat. How extensive is this threat? How far can it go? Why are you so committed to it? Eldar are a great enough threat, surely?"
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Magnus lowered his head at the mention of the lost Captain.

"Understand this first. Mutation does not mean taint. Entire Legions with tiny abnormalities, others, like my own and the Emperors Children, more obvious ones. This will cause distrust, and I am preprared to deal with it, although it will be hard. I will stand for all the mutant legions if the time ever comes."

"As for the threat. . .I honestly do not know. We call it Chaos for good reason. It is wild and unpredictable and it will tear the unprepared mind apart on a whim. Why do you think we taught you the enumerations? It gives you focus. It lets you observe this chaos without being destroyed by it. Mere human minds are weak maybe 1 in a hundred million could learn to see into the Warp, and only 1 in a million of those might survive. The Eldar. . .they are ancient in the extreme. Their knowledge is beyond even I for the most part."

"As for why I am committed. . .This is a power that even Russ and Gulliman, with all there incredible feats of prowess could never hope to stop. They can barely feel the warp. Russ is Warmaster of the Imperium, his martial might knows no equal and he shall never allow us to fall to enemy blade. Guilliman will keep the Imperium stocked and armed and fed, he is its beating heart. But what good are either of them against threats from within that they cannot see? The Emperor gave them both much monour by giving them their positions. I took this position because I had no choice. I was not asked, nor ordered. I do it because in the long term, my actions here, and those of you and your brother Astartes will go down in history, we who faced the tides of Chaos and lived to tell about it. I will promise you no glory Captain. I will promise you nothing. Only that we will do what is right, even when we are not asked. "

"My brother Horus is a fine warrior. And a fine Primiarch. And you will serve him well with that which you have been taught here. My only hope is that you and the other warriors that I have given this gift to will remember this. Spread my words to them all. Tell them why we do this. And should the time come, I would be honoured to see you and Horus at my side."
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Loken nodded.

"Lord Primarch, may I make a suggestion?"

Magnus raised an eyebrow, and Loken took it for assent.

"I can see your passion. I think you believe it to be true. I offer something, as the First Captain, on behalf of my Primarch. The Luna Wolves are growing fast these days. I remember there being only 6 Chapters, and now 10..." Loken allowed himself a smile of the time when he'd been a humble Sergeant.

"What you have taught me, I cannot teach it well. Chaos is insidious, and I cannot simply return to my Legion and teach them a possibly flawed version of the enumerations. Will you allow for a Chapter or two of the Thousand Sons to come to Cthonia, to teach the entire Luna Wolves Legion at their heart? We may not have the gifts of the Thousand Sons, but our Legions have ever been close in spirit if not blood." Loken looked at Magnus with earnest grey eyes.
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Magnus considered this. He was certainly not short on manpower right now.

"Very well. The 3rd Chapter of the Thousand Sons under Captain Ohrmuzd Ahriman will return with you. Ohrmuzd is a powerful Librarian in his own right and he has a mastery of the enumerations that rivals his brother Ahzek. The 3rd Chapter Librarius will also go with you to be the teachers. The Luna Wolves will make fine Chaos Hunters. Who knows, we may even teach Horus a thing or two."

His face took on a more serious expression for a moment.

"Remeber what you have learned, and remember the dangers of what you are learning. If you cannot instill discipline in your brothers minds, they are at risk. If my Librarians feel the taint take hold of anyone, they will act instantly. They do not do so out of malice, but out of duty and protection. Do you understand me Captain? There can be no risk to the Imperium. Not every Astartes can cope with the stress, so pick your applicants wisely. Your own Librarius should be trained by my own in the numerations so that they may pass it on correctly. As for the rest of the chapter, Horus may use them as he wishes to defend your home or to crush your enemies."

"Be well Captain Loken, and may the Emperors light shine upon you."
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Loken nodded, and saluted Magnus. "Thank you, my lord. I am sure that Lord Horus will be more than thankful for your help. I am aware of the dangers, but I am also aware that we are Luna Wolves, and will not shrink from any duty."

With that, Loken left the room. It was time to let the 1st Company know they're leaving to Terra to meet with Horus, and that a Chapter of the Thousand Sons shall be coming with them. The Luna Wolves shall be prepared to any threat, he thought to himself.
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Magnus nodded to the Captain and returned to his work. His mind wandered a little. He was concerned deeply for the Luna Wolves. He could not bear for any of them to be lost to the warp, but they wanted to be Chaos hunters. He was beholden to make sure they were the best they could be. He would contact Horus later and advise him to get involved with the rest of his Legion. He would get Ohrmuzd himself to work with the Primarch if he wished it.
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+++Vulkan to Jaghati Khan+++

Arrived at grid pattern just south of Corgais. How we going to deal with this problem. go in and clease and burn, or try a more diplomatic. I'm all for killing the head of the snake and mopping things up.
Wait to hear your responce.

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Rouboute had the latest verse from well-known and famous Rememberancer poet, Tiberus Lomarix. He read it with a half smile on his lips, although other emotions fought within him too.

Dark coals in the void, nuggets of ignorance,
Another coal found, crude dark planet,
Our sparks flare, bright with purity and zeal,
A rain of sparks, hot with purpose spearing down,

Bright sparks meet coal, igniting dark nuggets,
Where sparks meet coal, the fire of battle blazes,
Flames die down, cooled with understanding and unity,
Coal is an ember, hot and bright with purpose and reason.

Imperial ember will burn for all time.

Rouboute put the slate down, he was disappointed these verses were not about his Ultramarines. But he pushed the sorrow to the back of his mind like he had done 1000 times before and read his messages. One from Horus. Guilliman smiled, it would be good to see Horus again. Plus they had matters unfinished to discuss.

+++Roboute Guilliman to Horus Lupercal+++

Horus, i am pleased you can visit terra. The board is set up already! Indeed there is much to discuss and little time, as always.
I look forward to receiving you and your Wolves,
Rouboute +++

+++Roboute Guilliman to Angron+++

Brother Angron,
I hope your crusade fares well and that your Legion is earning much new honour to go with their new name. Do let me know if there is anything Terra can provide for you or the Serpents, have you considered researching your Legion's new advantage with the facilities on Terra? If such an adaptation to the geneseed could be researched and isolated, perhaps other legions may benefit from inducing adaptation also?
Rouboute +++

+++Roboute Guilliman to Magnus+++

How did the Ultramarine members fare under your training? I hope they proved good students and to your liking. It is a good cause to educate the Astartes, for only what we can understand can we defeat. Perhaps I too will learn from them when we are reunited. Let me know if there is anything you require from Terra.
Thank you again for offering this tutelage,
Rouboute +++

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*** Angron to Roboute ***

It is good to hear from you Brother. I hope life on Terra is treating you well.
Hopefully this threat can be eliminated with some diplomacy but the Serpents are ready if that fails.
There is something you can help me with Brother, I have recently ordered that Spartica! be fortified and was hoping you could help me get some void shields and the Mechanicus' help in building some orbital defense platforms.
I might travel to Terra after this threat is dealt with and shall look into that while I'm there.

Sincerely Angron.
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Perturabo sat in his temporary study on Nostramo, quill in hand. While waiting for the construction to finish, he had taken up historical writing. After a few short pieces on iron warriors crusades and imperial events, he decided to tackle the Ullanor crusade. He had reached  an exciting part, one he had lived through...

The combined Iron Warriors and Warhounds forces bore down the ork fortress. Heavy fire had pinned them down and prevented supporting fire from bringing down the walls. Backs pinned against a ruin wall, Perturabo and Angron caught their breath. Perturabo turned to his brother as waves of orks flooded out of the fortress into their lines. "Brother," The Iron Primarch said to Angron, "We must bring this wall down. I can break it with my hammer, but not with these greenskins swarming."

"I see. I think I can draw their attention" Angron said, as he rose up and drew his blade. He let out a mighty war cry, and charged straight into their ranks, sending orks flying. Seizing his chance, Perturabo powered up the deflectors on his terminator armor, shouldered his hammer and sprinted toward the gate, shouldering his way past the green horde that was thinned and distracted by Angron. As he approached the gate, he brought his hammer over his head and swept it down in an underhand strike, focusing all of his super human might into the face of the hammer as it struck the gate. The wall disintegrated as a shock wave shook the fortress. The marines gave out a great cheer and charged through, ripping through the greenskins with a new energy. This fortress would fall, and it would be on to the next one.
 Still, it was an important victory, as it opened a hole in the ork ring of defense. Guilliman would direct forces into this whole, allowing flanking actions which would make breaking down fortresses much easier. Still, the final battle was yet to be won.

Perturabo put the pen down with a grin on his face. He remembered the battle well, Angron's courage and his own men's determination. It would live in his memory for a long time.
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+++To Warmaster Russ from Augentus, Grand Master of the Iron Hands+++
Noble Warmaster, I request the right to embark upon a Crusade to the Eastern Fringe. Macragge is isolated, and the lore possessed by the Mechanicum suggest that there are Forge Worlds and other planets of note to be claimed in this region. With the Legion united, we can move to aid the Ultramarines and claim this entire region for our own.

I await your reply.
Your obdt. servant.
~Master Augentus.
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+++MEssage from Leman Russ to Grand Master Augentus+++
This information is most welcome. Long had I pondered how best to secure the Eastern Fringe with only the Ultramarines close at hand as the Iron Warriors are engaged in the fortification of many key Imperial worlds. Your request is granted. As soon as the threat to the north of Ullanor has been assessed and dealt with, or negotiations have begun, I will order all members of hte Iron Hands to join you for transit to Macragge where you may begin this undertaking.

Leman Russ.
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With the sector's forces in place and awaiting his command, Jaghati paused to consider his options. Moving in with superior forces and provoking either surrender or destruction would be fairly easy, and would certainly work in other situations; however, the fact that this was a human faction that had not yet come into contact with the Imperium at large suggested this might be a bad idea. Not least would they be destroying potential reinforcements for future conflicts, but an entire empire brought to heel by force would not be particularly comfortable with being ruled by tyrants.

So, negotiation was certainly up there as an option. Hopefully the humans would speak the same language, and some sort of deal could be reached. Having an intact human subfaction to work with them could be awkward, but it would require virtually no expenditure of military resources to facilitate. That was, so long as the alliance held...

+++Jaghati Khan to Vulkan, Magnus+++
Brothers, our forces are in place and ready to strike. However, I would like first to attempt diplomacy, and resort to overwhelming force only if necessary. Though it is unlikely, I suspect they may even be unaware of our presense. As such, hold your forces back for now; I shall attempt to establish communications with this other empire in the meantime. If we cannot reach a favourable decision, battle will be joined.
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++++ Vulkan to Khan ++++

Holding Station for now. Battle brother all on hard training sessions. and awaiting orders to move out. Fully Battle ready. Thunderhawks and drop pods ready. keep me posted

Vulkan out
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Captain Torgaddon of the 2nd Chapter read the reports on the threat that he and the other Luna Wolves were going to engage.

"Humans, huh?" He looked at the phrase "questionable genetic purity" and snorted. That hadn't stopped the Primarch, it hadn't stopped the Emperor's Children, it didn't really seem to matter that much anyway.

He went to go see who was training. The report was rubbish, and he was sure that the Serpents and Dusk Raiders would have sorted everything by the time that the Luna Wolves arrive anyway.
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Reading the new report, Jaghati sighed. His intelligence on his fellow legions was better than what he was getting on the threat before now. It seemed a scout force had in fact made some level of contact with their target, and had been able to establish several things about its target. Though, looking at the details, Jaghati was concerned that they'd even managed to establish an empire at all.

Regardless, his initial plan was not going to work; there would be far too many cultural barriers to overcome, and whilst disturbingly large, the empire wasn't technologically brilliant, which would make a shock'n'awe attack to stun the defenders into submission fairly simple.

All right then. New plan.

+++Jaghati Khan to Vulkan+++
We've received an intelligence update on the target. The population will not submit to mere negotiation, but a display of force should be sufficient to show them that there are more forces in this galaxy than their Gods can contend with. After that, integration is possible. Move all available forces against the target, but avoid civilian casualties and respect any military surrenders you can force. If we can force a mass surrender, so much the better - I'd rather integrate than replace their forces.
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++++ Vulkan to Khan ++++

Ok loading into drop pods and thunderhawks now. Meet you on the ground. Military tragets only. Will do.

Good hunting
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Angron looked over the requistion forms to be send to the Mechanicus. Several Void Shield Generators, enough materials for several orbitals, plus the personal to build them. A couple dozen surface to orbit guns, mines, more Q- and System Ships. He was begining to think his men wanted Spartica! to be as heavily defended as Terra or Fenris. Still, he couldn't argue with them. He dicided to send a message to Guilliman with the forms attached, see if he couldn't help wrangle some of the equipment from Mars.

*** Angron to Guilliman***


As I mentioned previously, I've orderes my men to fortify Spartica! and I was hoping you could help me with the Mechanicus to organise some of the materials and personal .

Sincerly, Angron.
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+++Loop message from Leman Russ to human presence at (3,6)+++
This is Leman Russ, Primarch of the Vlka Fenryka from the Imperium of Mankind. We come in peace in the name of the Emperor. Please respond.
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+++Guilliman to Angron+++
Certainly brother, I will speak with the mechanicus personally to gather resources for Spartica, on your behalf. Good luck with your impending crusades.
Brother Rouboute+++

Guilliman slid his hand into his armoured gauntlet. Metal snugly encased each of his massive digits in powerful cermite. It slotted into place around his wrist bracer and power flooded to the gauntlet's servos. He flexed his fingers, then formed a fist. It felt good to be back in his armour, he had missed the fire of battle, and now with a Xenos threat near Terra - it was his duty to strike out and nullify it before it could spread.
Rouboute paced over to the armour rack - his wargear encased in a glowing blue low level statis field to avoid tarnish. The Eldar were devious, and never engaged with humans without meaning and good reason, he wondered why such an army had moved to Terra now.
It is as if they want to lure me out... but why would they want to do that specifically?  Leave Terra less defended? To kill me? Such thoughts are bordering paranoid! He shook his head and smiled. He would crush their fragile bodies and prove himself as Senashi of Terra. He crushed his gauntlet into a fist causing the servos to whine.

He picked up a powerglove. It was the latest trial design, an underslung bolter on the bottom nearest his smallest finger. Like his tactics, Guilliman liked to adapt his weapons; a weapon suited for each enemy. Although he favoured his powersword and his pair of powergloves above all others. He bolted up a glove onto his left hand. He could have had his menials arm him, but he preferred to do this himself, it was therapeutic before battle.

Horus was said to be arriving soon, warp permitting. It would be good to talk to him before the battle. But if not, Guilliman was sure to find time to meet him on terra afterwards.

Rouboute made a mental note to talk with Corax so that they could time their attacks in a pincer to greatest effect. This time, the Eldar would have nowhere left to flee!
Guilliman activated his powerglove and blue lighting arced between his fingers, he held it up and flexed it. The blue light casting shadows across his face.
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***Angron to Warmaster Russ***


The knights Exodus seem to have been lost in the Warp to a freak Warp Storm. All other elements of my Fleet and force have made it with no trouble.

I would like to request two battlegroups of the fleet as replacement for my loses.

Sincerly Angron.
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+++Astropathic Signal from Region {3,6}+++
It would appear your 'Imperium' is gifted with powerful Visionaries; no other world has ever been able to call to us as you have.

We would permit you to enter our space and greet with us, if you so desired.
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With Lion El' on a exploration trip chief Apothacary Valurien continued his primarchs works on his own

experimentation as follows

Name:Subject 5334
Species: Human
Previous Occupation:Guardsmen
Psykick Power:none
Added genetics:Lz86

summary: Test subject 5334 showed imediate protentional. however subject started to laugh uncontrollably and before he was sedated he tore a hole in space and time and got sucked in. the librarians quickly shut the rift before it consumed the lab into the abyss. the fault was caused by untrained perhaps we need to train the volonteers

*** Lion El to Leman***

Brother Russ i would like to request some assistance in fortifying Caliban due to the thread next door
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A blast of searing plasma bypassed Rouboute's conversion field and exploded against his shoulderguard, vaporising a fist sized chunk of cermite. In response, he lashed out his powersword and decapitated his attacker.
The Hrud were strange foes, Rouboute didnt understand their odd warp-plasma weaponry or how they moved forces around so fast. But he did know that a well placed bolt shell ended their lives the same as it would any other Xenos!
He smashed his powerfist into another enemy and sent it flying 20 meters to impact a bulkhead.
He marvelled at how the aliens could step through into warpspace at will, to change positions on the battlefield - such tactical flexibility could be acutely deadly in the hands of a tactician like Rouboute. He would study the empire's remains and learn how they moved and adapted so fast, he would work with his Librarians and the Mechanics to unlock some of their secrets, once the Hrud were dead.
Guilliman blasted a trio of bolts from his underslung bolter and punched more enemies from their feet. For now, he was savouring the feel of battle!

Rouboute was aboard his flagship, The Fist of Maccragge. The battle was over and minimal losses were sustained due to the perfect timing of the Ultramarines and Raven Guard strikes. He wrote a message to Corax, congratulating him on a solid battleplan and inviting him to talk and discuss the campaign on Rouboute's flagship, as it made way back to Terra. He had yet to meet with his brother Horus and to get recent specimens to the laboratories on Terra and Mars, it would not do to delay.

He read his messages. His brothers had fared well in their own battles it seemed. Minimal losses for all Legions. He half smiled; a part of him thought that perhaps the leadership of the new Warmaster was a good thing to unite the Legions, after all...

More reports. A new race of trans-human Beastmen have been brought into the Imperial fold. A new mutation, a change for the better perhaps? Adapted to excel at close quarters warfare. He nodded and sent a message of congratulations to Mortarian for his good work with finding new resources, the beastmen could be used in the grand scheme of things - if kept separate from regular human troops so they did not effect morale.
Guilliman put down his slate. He was surprised with himself, a few months ago he would have abhorred any change to the human genes - mutation or deviance from the human form of perfection - he would have petitioned to exterminate the beastmen.
But recent events... including the discovery that one of his most loved brothers, Angron, was privy to mutation and mutable changes to the standard genetic template... had made Rouboute come to embrace these ... adaptations.

Like any good predator knows, adaptation is an essential part of the evolution process. He picked up his slate again and continued to read.

+++Rouboute Guilliman to Horus Lupercal+++
Brother Horus,
I head straight back to Terra to meet with you - I have had a rare chance to get my gauntlets dirty defending Terra from Xenos who strayed too close. It was a most enlightening conflict.
I trust you can find ample to occupy you at the Terran system; with the Mechanicus, the laboratories and Father - perhaps you can coax him to talk, out from his bunker he has grown so fond of.
Brother Rouboute+++

+++Rouboute Guilliman to Mortarian+++
My congratulations with bringing these new "Beastmen" into the imperial fold, brother. Im glad to see you have blossomed with your new legion and are carving your own path through the stars. I wish you much success with future campaigns. And please send a few beastman specimens back to terra for study, it would be good to divine the nature of their adaptations.
Brother Rouboute++++

+++Rouboute Guilliman to Corax+++
Well fought, Brother! Our combined might meant the Xenos had no chance to resist! I hope you can find time to visit my flagship on the journey back to Terra, if you are travelling in that direction. It was an honour to fight alongside you again.
Brother Rouboute++++
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The initial assault was quick and efficient - across five different planets, multiple fleet elements smashed into orbital defences, and seeded the ground with enough warriors to rip apart the crude ground defences. The expected casualty rate never got into gear, and Scars biker teams ripped through several large military installations. With the Salamander's and Thousand Son's assistance, Khan himself got stuck in on the empire's capital, and was able to end the final battle with relatively light casualties by first eliminating what artillery pieces the beserkers had deployed, and then rapidly closing with the enemy's general. He was a large man with plenty of strength, but he could not take the combined force of several direct bolter hits and a power sword slash from the speeding bike. Surrounded and outgunned, the beserkers finally surrendered. Enemy casualties had been far higher than anticipated, but the civillian population was mostly undamaged, bar one unfortunate incident where an orbital gun platform had smashed into its planet right next to a major population center, killing several hundred thousand.

Now out of the battle, Jaghati was getting reintegration underway. He set up an order for a flotilla of orbital defence platforms to guard the newly captured systems, and for the cleanup crew to move in. Hopefully this population would not take long to bring into the fold.

Looking at the incoming reports, however, he saw that all was not well within the Imperium. The lack of supplies from Golgotha was one thing, but the Mechanicus civil war striking up on Stygies and Metallica worried him immensely. It seemed it would be a good idea to send forces to keep an eye on what was effectively his back yard forge world.

+++Jaghati Khan to Vulkan, Magnus
I shall be leaving some forces here to see this place is folded in as soon as possible. Feel free to do the same, but otherwise, we're done here. With the disturbances at Stygies and Metallica, I shall redirect some forces to keep an eye on Golgotha, and make sure that it doesn't turn hostile as well.
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vulkan and the firedrakes leading the first wave of drop pods to the planet below. Spread out to cover all the miltary tragets. Hitting hard and fast. flamers and hammers in action. Frist few hours were the bloodist, as we overwhelm them completely.

Vulkan met with khan after the main battle in the captial. "Quick and easy campaine brother, Lets hope these planet will keep under imperial rule.
Salamamders will help protect and serve this world.

The regenuration project will now be in affect.
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Home world of Norture.

+++Captian Valaya salamader 8th to Vulkan+++

working on the recuirtment and fortifocation of are planet.
Progress going well. The main base is going well. The planets volcanao are providing the raw metals require. The forges are going overtime to sluply. Still have lots of raw matrials left, looking to export it to the forgeworld. contacting the local forgeworld with your promission.

Captain Valaya out
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Russ and his Wolf Guard made planetfall to begin negotiations. They were still unaware of what had happened to the Explorator fleet, but the fleet in orbit was still scanning and scouting the system for clues.

As he stepped from his Stormbird Russ received an encrypted message from the shipmaster of the Hrafnkel informing him of rebellion on Stygies and Metalica. He growled in frustration. He had only just arrived here, he was bound to see out the first stage of the negotiations now. He turned to Lord Gunnarsson, Jarl of the First company and told him to return to Hranfkel to assess the threat and fin a way of dealing with it.

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The Mechanicum was in uproar, and the black-armoured "Imperators" were stalking through every Astropath's hall, listening for information as to why.

Communications were coming back and forth, often contradicting previous missives. The problem, as the Imperators saw it, was that the Mechanicum was an alien entity; the Imperium knew little of their rites and rituals. They were a law unto themselves, bound by oaths of brotherhood that were, in theory, mutually beneficial.

The Stygian Order was painting a very different picture. They portrayed the Mechanicum as having betrayed itself. The Archmagi had "sold their souls", to use the archaic vernacular, to the Emperor. They spoke of independence - liberty from the Imperium, and from the religious madness that ruled their culture. They wanted the Mechanicum's sovereignty back. Once that was in place, their propaganda claimed, they would work alongside the Imperium as its equal, not as its lapdog.

Yet the 'Loyalists' told a different tale. To them, the Stygians were blasphemers against doctrine. They dabbled in forbidden arts - it was they who commanded the Cybernetica. It was they who hoarded xenos relics. It was they who dabbled and tinkered with the sanctified knowledge of the Omnissiah to their own self-righteous ends.

Both sides claimed the other would lead the Mechanicum, if not all of mankind, to its doom. However, most troubling for the Imperators was the subtle shift in politics - the way certain Forges became curiously reluctant to comment on their political opinion, or the significance of their Electoos and binar-laden robes. How many of those who claimed to serve the Imperium were loyal to the Stygian Order, or some other group like it? When the Imperium called upon the Titans to help end this uprising, would they turn their guns on the Legions?

For now, only one thing was certain for those who observed the data flow - that neither side wished to bring the Imperium into this. Openly, publically, they both pledged to continue to aid the Great Crusade.

The question now was whether either side could be trusted...
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+++ Perturabo to all Primarchs, leaders of the Mechanicus +++


The internal conflict within the Mechanicus may lead to much unnecessary bloodshed. I request that none at this time join one side or the other, and rather do your best to prevent all conflict. It would be best if we can reach an agreement between the two sides, rather than having them tear the mechanicus in two and become weakened. I would be willing to help negotiate these talks, along with Warmaster Russ if he wishes, and any other who feels they have personal insight or reasons for negotiation. Please, for the sake of the Imperium, let these talks take place.

Perturabo of the Iron Warriors
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+++Magnus to Perturabo

"The Mechanicus is essential to the Imperium, as we are to them. The Seperatists do not wish to cause harm, they simply wish to operate differently to the Loyalist factions. I understand their position, and neither I nor my men will take up arms against them. By waging war on the Mechanicus we can only alienate them in the future and that will have lasting repurcussions for us all.

They will die as men, as they lived. They will not sell their souls to the machine.

Magnus +++

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+++Rouboute to Perturabo+++
Brother, I agree wholeheartedly; the Mechanicum is a vital resource that must be preserved at all costs. I am returning to the Sol system to spend time on Mars overseeing negotiations and keeping the peace by posting Ultramarine Chapters. Hopefully our presence will dissuade any conflicts from erupting. Mars must remain functional and productive, lest our ability to wage war becomes compromised.
Hopefully the other forgeworlds can be brought to heel under your negotiations.

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Curze saw the message from Perturabo and pondered the meaning of civil war, surely father would intervene. The war to expand the safety of his home world had gone well and Curze had no intention of stopping this valuable campaign. The Lunar wolfs had fought valliently alongside his own Night Lords and Curze was fairly sure few within his ranks still held bad blood.

Curze met with the commander of the Lunar wolfs and expressed his pleasure at the way things had gone and advised that should Horus need them back they would not be held by Curze any longer than Horus saw fit.   
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+++Message from Leman Russ to Fabricator General of Stygies+++
Fabricator General,

I request that your forces stand down immediately. This underrstanding has cost too many lives already. My previous message was initial terms for negotiation, not a demand or a threat. Rest assured, the Jarl responsible for the failed delivery of this message will be dealt with, if he has not already. However I will not apologise for what you no doubtsee as a breach of trust in deploying my men to Stygies. They deployed solely in an ettempt to extract the 17th, who were already stationed on Stygies trying to commence negotiations between yourselves and the stygian Order. When your forces opened fire on each other the Jarl of the 10th gave orders for the extraction of the 17th, and was engaged by both your forces, and those of the Stygian Order in the process.

I ask now that we put aside our differences and attempt to work together to ensure our continued survival and development.