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Author Topic: The Heresy (Backup) - Roleplay Thread  (Read 120990 times)

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Re: The Heresy (Backup) - Roleplay Thread
« Reply #360 on: June 23, 2012, 10:47:40 am »
+++Rouboute to Perturabo+++
Brother, I agree wholeheartedly; the Mechanicum is a vital resource that must be preserved at all costs. I am returning to the Sol system to spend time on Mars overseeing negotiations and keeping the peace by posting Ultramarine Chapters. Hopefully our presence will dissuade any conflicts from erupting. Mars must remain functional and productive, lest our ability to wage war becomes compromised.
Hopefully the other forgeworlds can be brought to heel under your negotiations.

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Re: The Heresy (Backup) - Roleplay Thread
« Reply #361 on: July 13, 2012, 03:19:29 pm »
Curze saw the message from Perturabo and pondered the meaning of civil war, surely father would intervene. The war to expand the safety of his home world had gone well and Curze had no intention of stopping this valuable campaign. The Lunar wolfs had fought valliently alongside his own Night Lords and Curze was fairly sure few within his ranks still held bad blood.

Curze met with the commander of the Lunar wolfs and expressed his pleasure at the way things had gone and advised that should Horus need them back they would not be held by Curze any longer than Horus saw fit.   
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Re: The Heresy (Backup) - Roleplay Thread
« Reply #362 on: July 16, 2012, 01:19:08 pm »
+++Message from Leman Russ to Fabricator General of Stygies+++
Fabricator General,

I request that your forces stand down immediately. This underrstanding has cost too many lives already. My previous message was initial terms for negotiation, not a demand or a threat. Rest assured, the Jarl responsible for the failed delivery of this message will be dealt with, if he has not already. However I will not apologise for what you no doubtsee as a breach of trust in deploying my men to Stygies. They deployed solely in an ettempt to extract the 17th, who were already stationed on Stygies trying to commence negotiations between yourselves and the stygian Order. When your forces opened fire on each other the Jarl of the 10th gave orders for the extraction of the 17th, and was engaged by both your forces, and those of the Stygian Order in the process.

I ask now that we put aside our differences and attempt to work together to ensure our continued survival and development.

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