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Title: Upcoming changes to 40k core rules
Post by: Mabbz on March 23, 2017, 08:30:36 pm
My local GW recently shared this on their facebook page. While the video in the article is clearly parody, some digging indicates that the rest of the article is genuine.

Possible changes mentioned:

- Something called "command points", which will provide an incentive to play fluffy lists.
- Move values to make a comeback
- Armour Save modifiers to return
- Charging having an effect on who strikes first
- Simplified morale (no more falling back, it's more like daemonic instability for everyone)
Title: Re: Upcoming changes to 40k core rules
Post by: Irisado on March 25, 2017, 10:57:24 am
It's a mixed bag in my opinion.  Variable movement rates and armour save modifiers returning could be good, but it depends on how other rules are changed in relation to them.  Hopefully, the changes would be more like those made to Warhammer when it was converted into Age of Sigmar, as reverting to second edition save modifiers would be a very bad idea in my opinion.

I am not convinced by the proposed changes to the morale system and charges.  Depending on how certain other rules, notably movement, actually work in practice, they have the potential to mess the game up in my view.  I'm also not a fan of homogenising morale in 40K.  Some units really ought to be immune to its effects.