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Author Topic: Khorne Bezerkers for sale [Warning - Lots of Images...and Fluff]  (Read 2344 times)

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So I'm trying to get together some funds for a trip to Vancouver, and thinking of moving somewhere smaller, so I need to sell the remnants of my 40k stuff...reluctantly! Please let me know ASAP if you're interested in something as most of this will probably be going on Ebay soon - just figured I'd give you guys a shot at it first. 8) I had a fair amount of fluff behind these guys which I thought I'd include just to make it a bit more interesting...

Khorne Marines (Brotherhood of Ja'Khul) Squad - Some minor conversions to represent a real collection of absolute madmen! One is painted to tabletop standard. All are undercoated in a light sand colour. See below for enlarged pictures of some models. £20 INC SHIPPING (within UK - may have to pass on some cost for shipping outside UK)
Please note I made a mistake when photographing these - one of the models is missing in the first picture but you can see him further down.

Warriors of Note:

Goguhl the Faceless
"Gifted by Khorne with the heightened senses of a tracker hound,and the bloodthirst of a vampyr, Goguhl was cruelly deformed when receiving his master's blessing and no longer has the means to see with mortal eyes or consume. His warp-sight and eternal hunger more than compensate for this on the battlefield."

Krael, Ja'Kul's Champion
"Krael wields the gargantuan possessed chain-battleaxe 'Worldeater', which was gifted to him by Ja'Khul himself, after Ja'Khul witnessed his futile but singularly impressive attempt to slaughter an Ork Squiggoth using only a chainsword. Krael has since hewn down innumerable foes and knows little of the fear most feel when confronted with massive or implacable enemies. He still seeks an opponent such as the beast which bested him, so he may prove the worth of his gift."

Mazkhazzar, Fiend of Navoria
Mazkhazzar is quite mad, and his love of inspiring fear leads him to doggedly pursue fleeing enemies. He was gifted a helm with mechanically powered teeth after he infamously chased down retreating planetary defenders on the agri-world of Navoria, and after loosing his weapons in the chase, proceeded to gnash them to death.

Goryo, The Sword of the Mountain
Goryo is of a martial disposition, adhering to a strict yet deranged warrior code. Once betrayed upon his home world, he prayed for the strength to stalk and kill his fellow clan brothers across the mountain ranges near their temple. He walked and hunted ceaselessly for days in the deathly cold until the blood froze his sword to his hand. Once his task was done, he re-dedicated the clan's temple to Khorne, and was gifted with long life and inner calm as long as he is devoted to slaying those who have betrayed Khorne's name by denying their true murderous natures. He has an instinct for those who are disposed to doing Khorne's work, and will not kill such individuals if they swear themselves to the blood god. When all worship Khorne, Goryo will be permitted to release the enduring grasp on his sword.

Czernobog is so named due to his commandeering of an Imperial colonization vessel, and the subsequent decimation of it's population. During a boarding mission he forced the ship's captain to engage the bio-purging incinerators on all the hab-decks, and then slew those who tried to flee the flames. He had to take up a second chainsword to combat the throng of refugees. Eventually his power armour was so slick with black ash and blood that he earned his name's sake as approaching Imperial vessels watched the massacre via vid-com. He made good his escape and has been hated and feared by local Imperial navy forces ever since.

Khorne Bazerker - Half Painted (Just a faceless grunt!)
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