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Author Topic: Second Sphere Newsletter #3  (Read 1997 times)

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Second Sphere Newsletter #3
« on: January 21, 2014, 08:47:34 pm »
Second Sphere Newsletter #3

Official Contests
To kick off 2014, we have two most excellent contests waiting for YOUR entries:
- Lead your allies to victory, and send fear and awe into the hearts and minds of your adversaries! Find out how to can enter, click here...

Special & Named Characters
- You are a hero/Villain of wide reknown. Your actions inspire your fellows and terrify your enemies! Find out how to can enter, click here...

And there's one still open for nominations:
Second Sphere Member Awards
- An old tradition for rewarding the members and Moderators of this forum. Have you had a good time on the forum? who has made this a better place? Do you think a Moderator has not received the full appreciation they deserve? this is the time to show the appreciation. For more information, click here...

Returning Veterans
Masked Thespian - The Mask-ter of Puns

This month we welcome the return of a Forum Veteran. Former Contest Master, Masked Thespian.
A little out of the Hobby circuit, he's been dealing damage in dungeons in the RPG Pathfinder, and blasting his opponents in Magic: The Gathering. But let it not be said he's completely out Wargames, for he shall be making a start on his dream Space Wolf army for the The Independent Characters' Hobby Progress Challenge. I for one look forward to seeing the force he shall assemble, and hopefully he will share his progress with us.
Welcome back MT. Its great to see you.

The Hobby Section
Here we shall feature the work of our members. Do you think you belong here? Post your stuff on the forums, and we shall see ;)

Second sphere Blog Group
- Join a new group of the Blog-o-verse. Here you can find out what other members do with the hobby in their spare time when they're not constantly posting to the forum. Maybe you'll see something you wouldn't have expected? Maybe you'll finally understand that one tactic just a little better. You'll find something for all your hobby needs here, and you can join too!

Brassclaw's Horde of Khorne
- I have to say that Khorne is one of my personal favourite Chaos Gods. No overarching schemes, just war for blood, glory and Skulls. Brassclaw has been working on some pretty damn fantastic Khornate Chaos models. Your inner converter will be most pleased.

Best of 2013
To mark the end of 2013, we put it to the community to vote for the best entry of the past year. There was a lot of competition, but lets be honest, one guy stole the show. Give a heart felt congratulations to Tom for his Eldar Rangers, that won him "Best Miniature of 2013" award. Just check out these Rangers:

Fluff & Stories

Sundered Stars by Dra'Tuisisch-Novae
- A fantastic piece of fiction based on the Star Trek franchise. A ship is ruins and crew all but killed, Amra Du'Shen is escaping a trio of Borg, until a second surviving crewman comes to Amras' aid. What will happene next? Who knows, but this looks to be the start of a promissing storyline.

Help Needed, Covert Ops
Mabbz is wanting to include some more fluff into the Covert Ops booklet, and any writer can contribute. All you need is to be able to think sneaky, or maybe can get into the mind of a Sentry-man. all is welcome, so click the link above to find out all the nitty gritty. ;)

The House Rule Section
We have many members who can create characters and rules that can easily rival GWs' own material, and possibly any game system you can name. Have a look at some of the stuff that this forum has produced:

The Gue'nam wing by Charistoph
- Featuring this again, as Charistoph has posted up the full army list. If you're looking for some exceelnt conversion ideas, or wanting a new army to play for some fun, or maybe you just like Gundam and Mecha combat, then I'm sure there is something here you will like.

Continue to Receive the Newsletter
If you wish to continue receive the Newsletter as and when it is released then you need to go to the "Group Membership" section of your 2S profile. You can then join the "Newsletter Recipient" group to receive the newsletter.
All members with Enclave access will be receiving the newsletter automatically. You can disable notifications through the notifications section of your profile if you do not wish to continue receiving newsletters (this may stop you receiving other important information).

Thank you for reading,
The Second Sphere Team
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