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Hobby / Re: They came from the trenches
« Last post by Cammerz on September 29, 2023, 09:13:38 pm »
Progress has been made!

Firstly, I have acquired some more rocks from Spellcrow which now adorn the bases of pretty much everything in the army. I have also picked up some razorwire from Army Painter which I have attached to about half of them. I'm sure I'll post up some more group shots eventually but before that I'll give you the proof-of-concept with a few new minis.

Now, this is a (mostly) all-Gravis strike force and as such should probably include more than five Heavy Intercessors, so I present to you a second squad of them:

Yet again I've got Spellcrow tabards and the rest of the parts are almost exclusively from the Heavy Intercessor box, the only exceptions being theSergeant's head with bionic eye and bionic arm with bolt pistol, both of which came from the Eradicators box.

GW, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to reduce the number of Space Marine units in the soon-to-be-released codex and pre-empted this by putting afew models up for Last Chance to Buy. I completely understand the reasoning for this, the codex was very bloated with old units, but one model in particular stood out to me.

When I was just a lad, I owned a Land Speeder that my father built and painted up for me in Blood Angels red. I loved that model but sadly it hasn't been in my possession for about two decades. When I saw that it was going I immediately knew that I had to get one.

I actually ended up getting two but I've only built this one so far.

As you can see, it isn't entirely stock. The pilots looked very small and I wanted them to at least somewhat fit with the Gravis marines. I started by giving them Heavy Intercessor helmets which looked rather silly given the scale of the old Firstborn crew so, to try to make them fit a little better, I acquired some Mk III Space Marine shoulder pads. Some pouches and a holster helped to hide the fact that these boys have definitely skipped leg day and the addition of purity seals draws the eye away whilst also fitting in with the rest of the army.

The gaping holes in the sides are where I can attach the Typhoon missile launchers. I've got magnets inside that will just about hold it all together. A much stronger magnet under the nose can convert the Land Speeder into a Tornado (as they're a Salamanders successor chapter I opted to just build up the Heavy Flamer assembly, who needs Assault Cannons).

Land Speeders are technically Legends units now (or at least, they will be in a couple of weeks when the Index is replaced witha  shiny new Codex) but I don't play in tournaments these days and I'm sure my friends won't mind.

Coming soon: Some more older models that will probably be Legends by the time I upload them here.
Hobby / Re: They came from the trenches
« Last post by Cammerz on July 24, 2023, 06:15:03 pm »
So I have 1000pts of Outcast Anvils from the 5th company, time to throw in some experience, the 5th squad from the 1st company.

Keeping with the Gravis theme with a base of Heavy Intercessor torso/leg//backpack assemblies, the arms are from the (soon to be replaced) Terminators kit (except one of them that was a Space Wolves Terminator chainfist with the wolf icon removed). The shoulder pads are also Heavy Intercessor, the helmets are from the Grey Knight Terminators box, the Crux Terminati are from the standard Terminator kit, the Iron Haloes are from the Bladeguard Veterans and the tabards are from

The Outcast Anvils show their company colours through the battlefield role icon on the right shoulder pad and on the sergeant helmets. The Codex Astartes lists the 1st company colour as white/silver so I've gone for both with a white veteran symbol (the hollow ones are from the Raven Guard transfer sheet) over a silver background, the Codex also recommends that all 1st company veterans wear the company colour on their helmets so only the skull (and different wargear) denote the sergeant.

Spellcrow were nice enough to throw in a few freebies with my order, these included the medium rock on the base of my sergeant and a scaly cape which I decided would fit well on my Terminator (Gravis) Chaplain, so here he is with the boys he'll be running with on the field (and the teleport homer from the old Terminators box);

I have a few other units on order so it shouldn't take too long before this project log gets another update.
Hobby / Re: They came from the trenches
« Last post by Narric on July 18, 2023, 10:10:11 am »
Excellent work, and love the look of the Biology Apothecary!
Hobby / Re: They came from the trenches
« Last post by Cammerz on July 15, 2023, 03:53:54 pm »
I have made quite a bit of progress since the last update. We now have 10th edition which has shaken things up a little, particularly with regards to characters joining units (and the limitations on who can join whom).

The above Gravis Chaplain was made from an Easy-to-Build Aggessor Sergeant (that name is a bit of a misnomer, I struggled putting those together), this of course left two EtB Aggressors, my plan being to build a squad of five of them so they'd be marginally protected from 9th edition's blast rules. In 10th edition, you pay one points value for 3 Aggressors and double that for a larger squad of 4-6, so I figured I might as well spring for the full squad, most of which are the proper multi-part plastic kit.

As per the Heavy Intercessors, the Sergeant has his helmet painted in the company colour (5th company being black). I have however slightly gone against Guilliman's suggestions and made the Aggressors a Close Support unit instead of Fire Support, they are therefore squad 7 in the Outcast Anvils 5th Company and have the old Assault symbol to prove it.

The Aggressors will be joined by the Gravis Captain. My initial plan was for them to also be joined by the new Gravis-armoured Apothecary Biologis and I'd have the squad ride around in a Land Raider Redeemer at higher points levels, but I'm capped at 7 Gravis Marines in one of those. Not an issue at 1000pts of course as I'll have the whole gang on foot. Here is the Apothecary, his armour (was) white as per the Codex Astartes. Easily my favourite Astartes model in the Leviathan box.

Should I choose to split the Aggressors from the Apothecary Biologis then he'll need a new home. Enter the 9th squad of the company, the Fire Support of three Eradicators, one of whom is equipped with a multi-melta. The Biologis may not be too helpful with this trio (he grants Lethal Hits, so an unmodified to hit roll of 6 becomes an automatic wound) but every little helps.

And this of course brings me to the stage where I can present my first 1000pts of Outcast Anvils. The Chaplain isn't taking part at this stage and I have equipped the Ironclad Dreadnought with a Seismic Hammer and second Heavy Flamer instead of his old Chainfist/Meltagun arm. With two close combat arms, each with a flame weapon, it is clear that he was once an Aggressor who took one too many hits from the enemies of the Emperor.

At the bottom-right of the group photo you can see a little hint as to what I'll be bringing to the party next.

Hobby / Re: Hydra Dominatus
« Last post by Cammerz on June 03, 2023, 09:24:34 am »
It has happened, I have updated this thead with new Alpha Legion models (and new pictures to replace all of the ones further up that were missing).

I have two new units to show off today, the first is a group of six Assault Intercessors; four regular guys and two Sergeants, one is Alpharius and the other is Omegon, (I won't tell you which is which and they'd both deny everything if you asked them). One Sergeant was the mini of the month from GW a short while ago and he will be used in games of Kill Team as the leader of an Intercession Squad, but it turns out that you can't have a plasma pistol in KT with any melee weapon besides an Astartes Chainsword, so the plasma pistol came off my mini of the month and I instead built up a 40k-ready Sergeant, with Thunder Hammer and Plasma Pistol, though he's unlikely to get any games in before 10th edition launches in a few short weeks.

A little over a year ago, the Forge World Damocles Command Rhino went on last chance to buy. They did introduce a Horus Heresy model to replace it, which is now just an upgrade kit for the plastic Heresy Rhino, but these newer variants are missing an important aspect, the detailed interior of the original.
Fortunately, I had been planning on picking up this model at some point anyway (not for use on the tabletop, just because it looks cool) so I bought it as soon as it went LCTB. I finally got around to starting work on it recently and finished it this morning.

The front plate is from a Blood Angels Baal Predator and the doors are an old FW set.

And here are the boys hard at work, the legs and three of their arms are from the Damocles kit, the torsos and one shoulder pad are from the Alpha Legion Hedhunter Kill Team, the remaining arm and one of the heads is from the Primaris Intercessors box, the other head is from the Mk IV Marines in Power Armour kit, one backpack is from the Primaris Infiltrators whilst the other comes from the FW Legion Vigilator (more from that kit in my Carmine Blades Project Log).

It was too late that I realised that the antennae on the power packs would not fit under the ceiling so I had to remove those but if you were to look inside with only the back door open then it sort of looks like they're plugged directly into the comms array above.

I have nothing new planned for the Alpha Legion at the moment, but that 10th edition starter set does have some very nice looking Sternguard. Maybe when they launch the standalone multi-part plastic kit for them then I'll be interested.
Hobby / Re: They came from the trenches
« Last post by Cammerz on April 27, 2023, 07:02:30 pm »
Update time:

There isn't currently a datasheet for a Chaplain in Gravis Armour but I wasn't going to let that deter me. They do have a datasheet for a Chaplain in Terminator Armour and they're roughly the same build so fluff-wise he's in one suit of armour and crunch-wise he's in another.

I had a trio of push-fit Aggressors lying around (the other two will eventually join a fresh box of three to create a unit of five, gotta have those flame weapons) and the Sergeant seemed sufficiently laden with relics to be my base model. I swapped his arms out for some Dark Angels Terminator arms with Heavy Intercessor shoulder pads (it turns out that Gravis marines and Terminators have the same size shoulders) and removed the ammo drums on the Aggressor backpack in favour of basic exhaust vents that I took from a standard Intercessor backpack. The head is from a Primaris Reiver and the bannerpole is either from the Mk III or Mk IV Horus Heresy marines.


Hobby / Re: Carmine Blades Crusade
« Last post by Cammerz on April 19, 2023, 08:42:37 pm »
Presenting Squad Moria, named for their Sergeant Rafah Moria whose name came from a random Blood Angels name generator I found online.

My second unit of Primaris Eliminators (third if you want to include the Alpha Legion ones, which can now be found in my other post since I have fixed the image problem). My Carmine Blades already have Squad Kanatis (with the las fusils), Squad Moria are equipped with the Bolt Sniper Rifles so maybe I'll be able to take out that damnable Death Guard Foul Blightspawn.

Once more a lot of work went into the camo cloaks but unfortunately the sergeant's cloak didn't turn out right. I painted the triangles too large which was immediately obvious to anyone when he was sat near my other five Eliminators or Captain Turah. This left me with two options: 1) Start again, 2) Fully paint his camo cloak in the camouflaged pattern instead of mid-transformation. I almost immediately settled on the latter.

Hobby / Re: Carmine Blades Crusade
« Last post by Cammerz on March 17, 2023, 08:44:46 pm »
I'm back, for we have completed the first round of our Crusade campaign.

5x players, we faced each other player twice for a total of 8 games each.
I opted to use two different army lists and give each one an outing against each enemy faction,

The first patrol consisted of; Lieutenant Arto, 5x Reivers, 5x Infiltrators, 3x Suppressors and 3x Eliminators. This list did not perform well, some matches were close, others went very poorly and I was down 0-4 at the end of the first half.
The second patrol consisted of: Brother Castandro the Sanguinary Priest, 5x Sanguinary Guard, 5x Incursors and Persephyka Shayde the Culexus Assassin. This list either did very well or very badly, mostly dependant on whether the Sanguinary Guard survived. In their first game they rolled very poorly (new model syndrome is real), in another they received a turn 1 charge from some very angry Sisters Repentia (that game was probably decided by the roll to see who went first), whereas this list performed very well against Ad Mech and Necrons. At the end of the second half, the score was 2-6.

This particular Campaign has fixed points at which our Crusade Rosters and Army Lists each increase by 250pts. So I shall be playing 750pt games from a Roster of 1250. The lastest Munitorum Field Manual saw numerous points drops (to make up for the loss of Armour of Contempt) and I have been hard at work preparing for the next round.

Firstly, I have increased the size of my Reiver squad to 10 (they haven't performed very well so far, maybe returning to my ancient Orkish ways (rolling buckets of dice) will succeed where they have been failing so far). I also already had 10 Reivers (as shown above), so that was easy.

Now we move on to the first new model. Clearly displeased by the poor performance of his Lieutenant, the Captain of the Carmine Blades 10th Company is taking to the field himself...

Presenting the Master of Recruits and Recconnaisance, Taharius Turah

More to follow as I finish painting it.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello There
« Last post by Mabbz on January 24, 2023, 08:58:52 am »
Heya! Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing what you have.

Just so you know, we also have a discord:
Introduce Yourself / Hello There
« Last post by OracleOfCanin on January 24, 2023, 07:24:11 am »
I heard about this site when I was looking into what happened to a forum I used to post on ages ago. I was really impressed by some of the community projects that were done and I intend to share some of what I happened to save.  ;D
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