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Author Topic: Warhammer Quest - [Arms Dealer Deep]  (Read 3883 times)

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Warhammer Quest - [Arms Dealer Deep]
« on: March 16, 2013, 08:52:39 pm »
Well me and my mates have started playing this again, probably our all time fave GW game. Anybody else on here play? if you dont now im sure it will take off when the IPad version is released.

Here is a little encounter/deep Im thinking of running for a low level party -

Quest - The Arms Dealer - Encounter

Upon entering a settlement any Warrior that enters the alehouse will chance upon this encounter.

Alehouse :

Slumped wearily at the bar is a tired looking Dwarf, he is wearing an expensively tailored jacket and boots but they have clearly been patched and repaired and are looking a little worse for wear.

As your Warrior approaches the bar the Dwarf offers an inquisitive glance and begins to listen as the Warriors brag of their recent adventures. After a while he approaches and offers to buy a round of drinks, introducing himself as Zebidiah Grimlock.

He explains to your Dwarf that his curious name [for a Dwarf at least] is a result of his fathers minor hold being over-ran in the south many years ago, his family were a family of engineers and following in the footsteps of the infamous Josef Bugman, decided to set up shop in the Empire as a gunsmith and to change his name so as to be more approachable to humans. After listening to your exploits for a few rounds Zebidiah asks if the party would be interested in a job?

The Job :

Zebidiah’s business had been booming but recently a new group of Dwarfs had started to trade locally, the Dwarfs had seemed very strange to Zebidiah, unusual forked beards, a strange accent and they had acted quite aggressively to Zebidiah himself. He would have left it there, thinking he had just lost touch with the Dwarfs of the Holds and that he was too humanised for them had he not come into possession of one of their weapons. A regular had brought it in for repair as the new Dwarfs were away for the day, the blunderbuss was of a strange design but clearly of a high quality and at prices he just could not compete with. The more he worked on it though the more of a sense of ‘wrongness’ about the weapon grew on him, it seemed somehow tainted. His suspicions grew upon discovering that most of his customers who had started to instead buy from these new Dwarfs developed malicious cruel streaks, some even incurring the wrath of the local watch as their petty cruelty grew more and more nasty.

He resolved to follow the Dwarfs out of the city which they left every night after shutting up shop, he followed many hours into the night, the Dwarfs finally entering an abandoned Dwarf mine swarming with Goblins. He was amazed that they weren’t attacked on sight, the Goblins actually showing fear or deference to the odd Dwarfs. He lingered a while and could hear the Goblins hard at work, creating weapons to the Dwarfs instructions. Tortured screams echoed from the mine entrance and that was enough to break his nerve.

His job for the Warriors is to accompany him back to the mine is order to get to the bottom of this mystery and to put an end to whatever scheme these strange Dwarfs are up to. Zebidiah is no stranger to combat, having served a number of years as a gun for hire in mercenary bands and will be with you every step of the way.

Reward :

As his business is on its knees he can not offer the Warriors much in the way of gold but he can offer the party a Brace of Pistols or a Handgun of their choice and a permanent discount at his store.
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Re: Warhammer Quest
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2013, 08:53:44 pm »
Zebidiah Grimlock - Warrior Card

Wounds : 11
Move : 4
Weapon Skill : 3
Ballistic Skill : 4+
Strength : 3
Toughness : 4[5]
Initiative : 2
Attacks : 1

Equipment :
3 Bags of Flash Powder,
3 Firebombs,
3 Lockpick Tools.
Weapons :
Brace of Pistols,
Dwarf Handgun [as Musket but with +1 to hit].
Armour :
Gunsmith Leathers, giving him +1 Toughness.
Pinning : 3+

Special Rules :

Zebidiah will always attempt to escape from pinning in order to fire his weapons, he can fire 1 pistol every turn or his handgun once every 2 turns.

If Zebidiah is killed, the Quest is failed. The Warriors may continue but do not get Zebidiah’s reward. They can not loot his body.
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Re: Warhammer Quest
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2013, 08:55:19 pm »
The Arms Dealer - Dungeon

Unexpected Events :

If a 1 is rolled in the power phase, roll on this table:

1 1 Ogre with Blunderbuss
2 6 Goblins with Spears + 6 with Bows
3 1D6 Chaos Hounds
4 1D6 Black Orcs
5 1D6 Goblins with Spears + 1 Ogre with Blunderbuss
6 1D6 Goblins with Spears + 1 Goblin Big Boss

Dungeon Rooms :

After completing any Dungeon room, the Warriors must complete ‘The Flames of Khazla’ Event. On the roll of 5+ they will instead complete the ‘Slaves’ Event instead.

Objective Room :

The Objective room will be the Idol Chamber, the flames representing the Dwarf Forge and the Idol an ancient statue of their god Hashut.

In the final room the Warriors will encounter :

1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
2 Chaos Dwarfs with Rockets[ which count as S9 Handguns that always need a 5+ to hit]
2 Chaos Dwarfs
1 Fire Thrower which will count as 4 Blunderbuss and is manned by the Sorcerer, this is fired once, when the Warriors first enter the objective room.
2D6 Goblins with Spears.

Treasure :

Upon completing the Quest the Warriors find a Gauntlet of Damzhar plus a roll on the Weapons table each. Plus 1000 Gold each, half of which goes to Zebidiah for the business he has lost.

He then offers the party either a free Brace of Pistols or Handgun. In addition, from now on the Warriors can add +2[3 for the Dwarf] on rolls to find items at a Gunsmith and get a 20% discount[30% for the Dwarf].
X-Wing Tournaments;
1st - 38
11th - 33