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Author Topic: Maelstrom's Edge - Dakka Dakka Original Wargame  (Read 3702 times)

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Maelstrom's Edge - Dakka Dakka Original Wargame
« on: May 10, 2015, 12:31:51 am »
This has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and only now have I thought to post up aout it.

Maelstrom's Edge

Dakka Dakka has been secretly working on this game, including the accompanying miniatures.

Not much to comment on for me, as all I have is pudy pictures of the models:

The Factions
The destructive power of the Maelstrom is threatening worlds across the spiral arm of the galaxy, forcing those in its path into conflict over the resources to escape and survive. In our first box set, we focus on the Epirian Foundation world of Zycanthus, a few light years away from the Maelstrom's Edge, which the Karist Enclave has determined is ripe for conversion to their cause.

The Epirian Foundation have spent centuries using their robotic technologies to terraform and colonise new worlds. Now, as the Maelstrom threatens everything they've worked so hard to build, they are determined to save as many resources as they can before their worlds are destroyed forever.

The Karist Enclave are a secretive religious group that views the Maelstrom very differently. They believe that when the energy of the Maelstrom washes over followers of the Karist way, they will ascend to a higher plane of being. The Karists have come to Zycanthus to convert the planet's citizens to their way of life - through any means necessary.

Everything looks pretty cool. It will be interestingto see the artwork become miniatures, and those miniatures gain rules. The rules themselves seem to be hidden for the moment, so can't speculate much on them right now.

What is everyone elses thoughts?