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Author Topic: Rogue Trader - The Silverhands  (Read 2400 times)

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Rogue Trader - The Silverhands
« on: September 05, 2016, 03:18:34 pm »
Author Note: The Silverhands aren't my creation. This is a fan work of a fan work. Confused? GOOD!

Silverhands are the tech cult of the Bright Lords Chapter, filling the role of Techmarines in other Chapters. However, due to long isolation and lack of resources for much of their history, the Bright Lords' Techmarines slowly morphed into the Silverhands seen today.

These rules allow for Silverhands to be used as a stand alone force, or as a supplementary force for a Bright Lords Space Marine army.

Ranks of the Silverhands:

The lowest ranking Silverhands are the Proselytes - Marines freshly recruited from the Chapter. They serve to perform the most mundane tasks, and are only mildly indoctrinated into the secrets of the machines they tend.
Above them are the Acolytes, who are entrusted with more advanced knowledge and tasked with assisting in vital functions, such as the maintenance of the Chapter's vehicles or working on starship power systems.
Both Proselytes and Acolytes are represented by the ordinary Silverhand models. In practice, Silverhands equipped with specialist gear are likely Acolytes, with Proselytes using the default equipment.

The highest rank most Silverhands reach is the Argentum - the "true" Silverhand. These individuals function as full-blown Techmarines, though they often specialise in varying fields of study.
Finally, there is the Argentum Primaris - the Master of the Silverhands.

Argentum are represented using the Heroic statlines. Naturally, the Argentum Primaris should be a Minor or Major Hero. Argentum can be Champions, Minor Heroes or Major Heroes.


Silverhand Hero:
Minor Hero466442629999
Major Hero466443639999
Equipment: Hand weapon (combat knife), bolt gun, bolt pistol, astartes power armour. 25% chance of bionics (if both arms rolled, one arm remains able to use a regular weapon).
Argentum Specialisation: All Silverhand Heroes specialise in a field of study. Use the table below to determine which field the Argentum belongs to. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of specialisations, and other groups can be represented at the GM's discretion.
01-20Mundanus+1 roll on the Random Grenade table (not Psyk-Out or Vortex!)
21-40Armamentum+1 roll on the Basic Weapon table. May be taken in standard or combi-bolter form.
41-55LoricumModel gains flak armour + suspensor (removing movement penalty)
56-70Solis+1 roll on the special weapon Marine table (always basic weapon). May be taken in standard or combi-bolter form.
71-85Ordinatus+1 roll on the special weapon Marine table (always heavy weapon) and D4-2 suspensors.
86-100Protectiva+1 roll on the Fields table.

Silverhand Heroes can never have psychic abilities.


An allied Silverhand force contains 0-1 Argentum and 0-2 Silverhand Squads.

A stand alone Silverhand force contains 1 Argentum and 1-6 Silverhand Squads, plus support vehicles.

Note: it is unusual for Silverhands to be deployed in large numbers - typically only a squad or lone Argentum would be present. The GM should provide a suitable objective for your massive force to fight over. Typical objectives might include the acquisition of precious technology, defending / salvaging a destroyed Titan, etc.

Argentum are Personalities generated using the Silverhand Hero rules. The profile can be generated randomly (5% chance Champion, 70% Minor Hero, 25% Major Hero) or use the default Minor Hero template.

In addition to their Argentum bonus, an Argentum may make equipment rolls on the following tables. Champions make only make single roll, Minor Heroes may make two rolls, Major Heroes three rolls.
1 roll on the Space Marine additional combat weapon table (replaces combat knife).
1 roll on the close combat weapon table (replaces bolt pistol).
1 roll on the basic weapon table (replaces bolter. May be taken in standard or combi-bolter form).
1 roll on the Fields table.
1 roll on the Grenades table.

Silverhand Squad:
A Silverhand Squad consists of 1 Argentum (75% Champion, 20% Minor Hero, 5% Major Hero), 2 special weapon Silverhands and 7 Silverhands.
Equipment: Hand weapon (knife), bolt gun, bolt pistol, astartes power armour.
50% chance of grenades (use Space Marine squad grenade table).

The special weapon Silverhands roll their equipment using the special weapon table for Marine squads.

Okay, let's make a Silverhand force!

I decided I wanted just a small strike team of Silverhands. A typical squad runs at about 180-200 points,  so I've gone with a single Argentum and one Silverhand Squad to start with. Ideally, I want to keep as close to 500 points as I can to make this unit easy to bolt on to a larger Bright Lords force.

Let's begin with Argentum Helor. I wanted to have fun with my army so I've let the dice decide his fate. Turns out he's a minor hero (a good start) of the Argentum Ordinatus. His bonus weapon... a conversion beamer! My leader is packing one sweet relic!

I want to keep that weapon safe if I can, so I've decided he needs a close combat weapon to protect himself, and a Field. I've opted for the space marine additional weapon table to maximise the odds of a meaty toy (Space Marines get all the good stuff!), and the dice provide... a plasma pistol and a refractor field. Not bad. Not what I was hoping for, but not bad. Lastly, I check if he has bionics... no luck there.

Next it's time for the squad. I roll for their Argentum and strike gold - he's a Minor Hero too! Squad Ismael turns out to be from the Mundanus school, and that lands Ishmael a free set of crack grenades. Marvellous! I decide to roll for the squad to see if they have grenades and it turns out they have crack grenades as well! So we've missed out on a chance to have a fancy set of grenades on Ishmael, but he's clearly brought enough for everyone (always good to know your squad leader is a team player!).

As before, no sign of bionics on Ishmael. However, I have two rolls on the equipment table so I might as well use them. I decide I want a combi-weapon on Ishamel, and I risk a roll on the close combat weapon table as well (standard, not Space Marine). The dice provide me with a combi bolter-lasgun and a sawn off shotun. Ooookay, not what I was expecting (or hoping) to get at all!

The last thing to do is to roll for my special weapons. This nets me a pair of heavy weapons: a lascannon and another conversion beamer! It looks like Ismael's the odd man out here; his squad are clearly part of the Ordinatus sect!

these big guns have pushed the cost of the squad up quite a bit. I'm pushing my limit, so I've decided not to add another squad or dabble in vehicles. So my team is done - a band of heavy hitters who are called in whenever a vital relic really needs defending!

Argentum Ordinatus Helor: 136
Equipment: plasma pistol, bolt gun, bolt pistol, astartes power armour, conversion beamer.

Silverhand Mundanus Squad Ismael: 364.5
Equipment: Ishmael: Hand weapon (combat knife), combi bolter-lasgun, sawn-off shotgun, astartes power armour, crack grenades.
Silverhands: Hand weapon (combat knife), bolt gun, bolt pistol, astartes power armour, crack grenades.
Specialist #1: and weapon (combat knife), lascannon, bolt pistol, astartes power armour, crack grenades.
Specialist #2: and weapon (combat knife), conversion, bolt pistol, astartes power armour, crack grenades.

Detachment Total: 500.5pts.
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