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Author Topic: [Kill Team] T'au La'rua Cy'Pher  (Read 4335 times)

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[Kill Team] T'au La'rua Cy'Pher
« on: October 23, 2018, 01:00:56 pm »
Search and Destroy La'rua Cy'Pher

La'rua Cy'Pher of Bork'an was forged on the jungle death world Cytheria, assembled to counter Catachan special forces that would raid Tau outposts and melt back into the jungle before reinforcements could arrive. They became adept at eliminating elite troops, either picking them off as they retreated, or tracking them back to their concealed camps and staging a well-coordinated ambush. They were often used to guard high-priority targets where precision attacks were deemed likely, and later became one of the most effective hunter patrols on the planet. Patrolling or pursuing targets through such a lethal environment with troop formations can prove fatal. To reduce the risk of casualties, Team Cy'Pher uses AI, decoys, stealth, range and battlefield intelligence to gain the advantage. They are now frequently deployed to other worlds where their experience can be put to best use.

Spotter Drones - 21pts
Automated drones scout ahead to flush out and mark the enemy. They provide a screen and covering fire, enabling the team to get into position.
MV7 Marker Drone
2x MV1 Gun Drone

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits - 42pts
The XV25's ambush targets that have been identified by the drones, laying down withering fire from their Burst Cannons. Hard targets can be marked for the team's sniper. J'Karra, meaning 'Mirror', is so named for two reasons. Officially it is because his team became known for their effective immediate counter-attacks. Anecdotally J'Karra once got out of a tight-spot by brazenly reflecting the enemy's image back at them using his stealthsuit technology. This led them to think for the briefest of seconds that they had encountered friendly forces. One second was all he needed. M'yen (the slightly tongue-in-cheek 'Unforseen') is simply an excellent infiltrator, which is why he was selected for La'rua Cy'Pher.

[Leader Specialist] Stealth Shas'vre Bork'an J'karra - Burst Cannon, Markerlight, Target lock.
[Veteran Specialist] Stealth Shas'ui Bork'an M'yen - Burst Cannon, Markerlight, Target lock

Shield Drone - 7pts
The drone ordinarily accompanies J'karra, but can break away to be used elsewhere if required.
MV4 Shield Drone

Pathfinder Sniper Unit - 19pts
The sniper takes out key targets. Aided by markerlights, recon data and superior comms, he rarely misses his target. As well as acting as spotter, the Shas'ui provides a last line of defense should anyone approach their position. The Shas'ui was affectionally dubbed 'Ukon' (meaning 'spoon') by the others after he complained one time too many about having to spoon-feed information back to command. It's a moniker he begrudgingly accepts. Shas'len'ra ('cautious warrior') is so named due to his adherence to the strategy of Kauyon, a trait proudly inherited down through the generations within his traditional family.

[Comms Specialist] Pathfinder Shas'ui Bork'an Ukos - Marketlight, Pulse carbine, Pulse pistol, Photon grendades
[Sniper Specialist]Pathfinder Gunner Shas'la Bork'an Shas'len'ra - Rail rifle

MB3 Recon Drone - 7pts
The recon drone provides telemetry and fire support to the sniper unit, as well as drawing enemy fire.


NB: Now that I'm a little more familiar with Kill Team, I'll probably update this post to reflect the roster format soon. I also plan to complete the full 20-man roster at some point in the near future.
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Re: [Kill Team] T'au La'rua Cy'Pher
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2018, 05:23:25 pm »
I recently got in my first couple of kill team games with my Tau, and I found that Rail Rifles and Gun Drones are great, so I definitely recommend them.

As for the rest of your team, I didn't bother trying markerlights, since they looked pretty bad, and I didn't have any stealth suits with me. If you get a few games in with this team, let me know how they do. I'm also kinda curious about the Shield drone; it doesn't have any kind of extra save in Kill Team to protect against mortal wounds, do I'm not sure if it's worth it.