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Author Topic: The Eldar Archives: Craftworld Eldar vs Custodes! (Part 3)  (Read 1950 times)

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The Eldar Archives: Craftworld Eldar vs Custodes! (Part 3)
« on: October 27, 2018, 10:55:03 am »
Eldar Craftworlds vs Custodes/IG in "The Golden Giants" (03/18)

Hi All,
The March of the Eldar continues!

This time around, they've got some stiff competition in the Custodes!
Still wet with gilded paint and now with a shiny new Codex, the keepers of the Emperor have joined a group of Catachan, and now I've got the Imperium's Finest-est to deal with.
The Eldar didn't shrink back from the challenge, and this time around, I got to see how the Aeldari deal with quality over quantity (for once).
How did it go?
Did the Eldar buckle?

Read.  On.


P.S.  Fluff as usual is here!  Comments and critiques greatly appreciated!
Oh, and this is played before any (eventual) nerfs or point changes :)

The Lists

Eldar Craftworlds (1500): 62 Infantry, 2 Vehicle; 7 CPs
Alatoic Craftworlds Battalion
-Farseer (Doom, Guide)
-Spiritseer (Protect/Jinx)
-Dark Reapersx4 w/Exarch w/Tempest Launcher
-Dark Reapersx4 w/Exarch w/Tempest Launcher
-Wave Serpent w/Shuriken Cannon, Twin-SCannon
-Wave Serpent w/Shuriken Cannon, Twin-SCannon
Saim-Hann Outriders
-Autarch Skyrunner w/Laser Lance, Reaper Launcher, Banshee Mask, Shimmerplume
-Warlock Skyrunner w/Singing Spear (Quicken/Restrain)
-Shining Spearsx6 w/Exarch w/Star Lance
-Swooping Hawksx5 w/Exarch w/Hawk's Talon
-Swooping Hawksx5 w/Exarch w/Hawk's Talon

The Golden Guard 1500: 43 Infantry, 1 Vehicle; 7 CPs
Custodes Outriders
-Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike, Salvo Launcher
-Vertus Praetorsx3 w/Hurricaine Bolter, Misericordia
-Vertus Praetorsx3 w/Hurricaine Bolter, Misericordia
-Vertus Praetorsx3 w/Hurricaine Bolter, Misericordia
Catachan Battalion
-Company Commander w/Kurov's Aquilla
-Tank Commander w/Battle Cannon, Lascannon
-Primaris Psyker w/Force Staff
-Infantry Squad w/Flamer, Mortar
-Infantry Squad w/Flamer, Mortar
-Infantry Squad w/Flamer, Mortar


-Autarch: Mark of the Incomparable Hunter (can target Characters)
-Company Commander: Grand Strategist

Chapter 2: The Golden Giants

"Double Damnation!"

The cry echoed out of the horde of burly Catachan infantry trudging through the broken remains of a PDF fort.
The origin of the ruckus was Colonel Switcher, a grim-faced, scowl-wearing prime example of Catachan genetics who hated everything about the planet he was deployed on.  They were supposed to be arrived just in time to be Big Damn Heroes, but, as usual with the Imperium, they were too late.  Really late, actually.

His forces had found traces of what looked like some kind of incursion, and his pet Psyker had done his usual babbling about traces of the Warp or what-not.  But, the entire place looked half burned-out.  Like it was cleaned up for some reason.  But what kind of fool would do that?

Switcher was scratching his head over the puzzle when a sudden burst of golden light filled the air.  All of the men looked up as the sky broke and a ray of gilded energy seemed to tear the clouds apart and a pack of enormous machines descended from the heavens.  A chorous of angelic hymns filled the minds of the men, who could only look upon the enormous golden arrivals.  Each straddling a massive jetbike, the golden men were huge, dwarfing even an Astartes, and hefted a spear the length of a Chimera with ease.

A whisper escaped Switcher's lips, "Emporer's teets...  What is that?"

The lead Golden Giant, sporting a crimson tassle that whipped in the wind threw a dramatic gesture into the air and said, "WE HAVE ARRIVED."

As if on cue, the golden light from the sky promptly stopped and the leader looked around again, this time speaking in a more plain tone, "Hmm, now where is here anyway?"

Pulling out a small device, the leader punched in a number of buttons and then rattled it a few times.  Sighing, he said, "I can't believe it.  It's not here.  Who brought the map?"

"Map?  Map?" echoed from the other Golden Giants who began to rustle through their saddlebags.

The Leader started patting his jetbike as well, listing off things as they came, "Hurricaine Bolter.  No.  Salvo Launcher.  No.  Misericordia?  Ooh, that's handy..."

As the awe of the situation had mostly worn off, Colonel Switcher coughed and strode forwards, "Uh, excuse us..."

The Leader looked down at the Catachans as if noticing them for the first time, "Oh, oh, guys!  Guys!  Look!  Imperial Guard!"

"Astra Militarum," retorted one of the Giants smugly.

"Bless you," replied the Leader, "Hello, there.  We... come in peace.  Really."

Switcher's mind went blank for a moment and he was only able to babble out, "You...  You're huge."

There was a slight pause as if the Leader was taken aback and then said, "Oh, why thank you.  You kind of forget you know, being around just the Emperor and the other Custodes."

"You...  You're Custodes?" gasped Switcher, "Keepers of the Emperor?  Why...  Why are you here?"

"Why?  Oh, we're on a secret..."

Massive sudden coughing broke out amongst the other Custodes, shutting down the conversation mid-stream.

"Uh...  Oh, yes, right," continued the Leader, "I mean...  We're on... a holiday."

Both leaders paused, as if both sides admitted to the plain-faced and poor nature of the lie, but even Switcher knew when to not push things too far.

"...  Right," continued the Colonel, shelving the matter for the moment, "You... look like you're lost."

"Well...  It's... complicated," admitted the Custodes leader, "Say... do you know the local area?"

"Yes, m'lord.  We've had a chance to reconoiter the area."

"Oh, no need for formalities," said the Leader friendly, "Had my fill of those for years and centuries and all.  I'm Shield-Captain Cogliostro.  Cog for short."

"Uh, yes, thank you.  Cog, sir.  We could... show you around?"

"Guide us?  Why, yes, thank you," said the Shield-Captain before turning back to his  fellows, "Did you hear that boys?  These nice Guardsmen are going to show us around.  Best behaviours now."

There was some grumbling about the Custodes about the indignity of it all, but Switcher barely noticed it.  The Custodes?  Here?  Given the mysterious situation, it couldn't be a coincidence.  But what foul thing had happened here and what monstrosities lie in wait for them all?


"Mother, I can dress myself."

Ex-Farseer Lorilune folded her arms indignantly and frowned at the older Aeldari who was humming to herself and brushing Lorilune's hair with the kind of fervor only maternal insticts could summon.  It was cramped in the Alatoic Wave Serpent, but it was the only place private enough for the two Eldar to have some supposed quiet time to themselves.

"Of course you can, dear," purred Autarch Lennara, who added a few pins to keep her daughter's hair straight.  "But, you've just been freed from those horrible Mon-Keigh.  Khaine only knows what kind of tortures you're recovering from."

Lorilune sighed again, "MOTHER, I told you, NOTHING happened.  I'm fine."

"That's what they all say, dear," said Lennara dryly, "Best not to keep it all in.  Stiff upper lips don't help much if we have to worry about... other issues in the near future."

"Mother, they didn't..." blushed Lorilune, "The Mon-Keigh aren't genetically compatible with us!  I can't believe you..."

"Ah!" said Lennara, jabbing the brush at her daughter in a victorious gesture, "So SOMETHING did happen!  I knew it!  You don't contact me for centuries and now in your most dire of days, you needed me to..."

"I don't need you for anything, Mother!"  interrupted Lorilune.  Standing up, the Ex-Farseer pulled away and cradled her heads with her hands in a gesture of frustration.

After a moment of mentally stamping her temper down, Lorilune continued, "Right, yes.  THANK you for taking care the Imperial force and those... filthy Warp things."

"There now," said Lennara with a smile.  "Was that so hard?  Now sit down and I start work on the other side..."

Lorilune interjected, "But now is not the time for dawdling.  You can LEAVE now."

"Leave?" scoffed Lenna, "Leave my only daughter alone on an alien world by herself?  Defenseless against the barbarians wandering out there, eager to get there hands on beautiful Aeldari flesh?"

Lorilune rolled her eyes back so far in her head, she swore she could see the back of her skull, "MOTHER.  I'm FINE.  I have plans.  Everything will be fine."

"Plans?  Plans?" said Lennara in a mocking tone, pacing the room and jabbing at the air, "Oh, yes, you Farseers and your plans!  Tell me, Farseer, what kind of plans do you have?  Is it like your father's?  Running away from it all and hiding on a rock with trollops and layabouts?"

"Mother, it's not like..."

"Oh, no of course it isn't," continued Lennara unabated, "Isha forbid that you think of your own mother for an iota of a second!  Think about how my life has been!  Tortured by having a runaway for a husband and a delinquent for a daughter!  Khaine knows I must have done something in a former life to deserve this!"

Sputtering, Lorilune retored, "You know everything I did, I did for the good of the Craftworlds!"

Throwing her hands up in a grand gesture, the Autarch said, "And what is that, Lori?  Getting yourself caught up in alien nonsense?  I've seen reports of you allying yourself with Mon-Keigh, Orks and even... Tau."

The last word was said with a grimace and a scowl of distaste.  Lennara continued, "I'll not speak of what the Council has said, the shame of it still hangs on our house.  But, looking at you, I can see that you're redeemable.  There's so few of us left, even the Council can't throw out one so powerful as yourself.  All you need to do is come back and beg forgiveness..."

Lorilune stood up, and pointed a finger at her mother in return, "Beg?  BEG?!  I do not BEG!  How dare you..."

The tirade was cut off mid-sentence as the door to the Wave Serpent opened, and a helm-clad head poked in.  Farseer Dunkas said, "As much as I hate to interrupt your personal time, you are aware that we are trying to stay hidden?  Even a half-deaf Ork could hear you two."

Blushing, Lorilune muttered, "Sorry, Father..."

Lennara threw her hands up into the air, "HE gets an apology, but I don't?  The justice of it all.  Fine.  FINE!  Dunkas, talk to your daughter.  Work some sense into her.  I'm going to walk away before I say anything else that we'll all regret!"

Dunkas turned to the side, letting Lennara storm out.  The Alatoic Farseer entered the empty tank, pausing to let the door iris closed.  There was an awkward pause and then Dunkas broke the silence.


Lorilune nodded, looking down at the floor, "Father."

There was another pause, and Dunkas said in a tempered voice, "You... look... healthy."

At that moment, both looked away, completely unsure about how to continue the conversation.  A few abortive attempts were made, and then the door to the Serpent opened again, this time by a frantic looking Warlock.

"Farseers!" screamed the Warlock frantically, "Calamity!  The Mon-Keigh are upon us!  There's even been sightings of giant Space Marines!  Oh, what shall we do?!"

Dunkas rose, hiding his sudden sense of relief at a situation that he actually knew how to deal with, and nodded to Lorilune, who slid safely back into the recesses of the tank.  Scoffing, the Alatoic Farseer responded, "Do, Warlock?  What we always do: Show the Mon-Keigh the folly of their ways.  Rouse the Warhost, for those that threaten the lives of the Aeldari will be shown no mercy."


Meanwhile, on an even further away part of the planet, a large Battalion of Orks were camped around a bonfire, toasting squig-mellows and looking nervously at an enormous tent.  Adorned with a number of trophies, it was the abode of their erstwhile leader, Big Louie (also known as Ex-Farseer Lorilune). 

Big Mek Wingnut looked up at the enormous Garganaut Bigtoof.
"Louie's been in there a LONG time."

Bigtoof nodded.  The sun had gone up and down a lot of times and the moon had changed from big to small a few times too.  Bigtoof wasn't good with numbers.  Or letters.  Or time.  But even he had known it had been a while.  Louie must really had been tired.

Wingnut continued in a whispered tone, "You uh... fink we should wake 'em up?"

There was gasps from the surrounding Orks, who all distinctly remembered the conflagration and subsequent disintegration of the last greenskin who attempted that faux-pas.

"Right," said Wingnut, putting another Squig on the fire, "We'll just... wait a bit longer."

All of the other Orks nodded in approval.  After all, nobody was bigger than Big Louie.  Nobody.

Pre-Game Thoughts: Wow, this is going to be a tough one, my opponent has less units than I do and he has the ROCK HARD Custodes.  I don't have a lot of ways to give out heaps of Mortal Wounds or such, but I do have a LOT of shooting.  Still, those jetbikes are really fast and decently shooty with each having a Hurricaine Bolter (!) attached to them.  Plus, each being T6 and 4 Wounds means that basically I'm looking at having to down more than 40 wounds just for the Golden Giants.  At least the backfield isn't too scary with a almost minimal Guardsman battalion.  If I can get to that mostly unscathed, we'll be al good.  It's just getting there is going to be rough...


Mission: No Mercy (Kill Points)
Setup: Vanguard Strike (Diagnonals)

Well... Kill Points.  That's not great.  But, if I can do some Eldar wizardry, we should be all good.

We take turns deploying, and not too surprising, the Custodes all go up on the line looking across the table.  Thankfully, there's a big LoS blocking building in the middle of the board, so it's going to not be a straight-forward assault.  The Guardsmen are all nestled in the opposite corner and the Lemun Russ can't see into my deployment (thankfully).  The Infantry squads go around the Russ with the Characters behind the big tank.  There's not a lot of other LoS blocking, but thankfully some hills, craters and trees to break up the tedium (and you know... offer cover). 

I put the Wave Serpents in the mid-part of my deployment with two packs of Rangers out 27" from the Custodes  (you know, what with them having a 14" move and 12" double-tap AKA dead Rangers threat zone).  My last group of Rangers goes out to the far right flank with shots lined up with the IG Characters.  The Guardians and Spears go into the Webway, Hawks in Deep Strike reserve and the Jetbikes between the Wave Serpents.  Oh, and of course, Farseer and one Reaper in one Serpent and the Spiritseer and Reaper squad in the other.

Picture Caption: So that's like 10 Space Marine Captains.  That's not intimidating at all!

BigToof Points:

Cammerz: 8
Waaaghpower: 1
The Man They Call Jayne: 3
Mabbz: 6
Archon Sharrek: 3

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Re: The Eldar Archives: Craftworld Eldar vs Custodes! (Part 3)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2018, 10:55:24 am »
Turn 1: Custodes

"Eldar?  What are those limp-wristed Xenos doing here?"  Colonel Switcher put down his magna-goggles, scowling in distaste.  He barked into his comm-bead, "Right, men, we'll hold the back-field.  Shield-Captain, I trust that you can handle those nuisances?"

Shield-Captain Cogliostro perked up.  "Really?  Me?  You... trust me to take the front-line?"

Switcher raised an eyebrow at the response.  That high-pitched flurry of words was not what he was expecting.  "Yes... sir," he replied guardedly.

Turning to his fellow Custodes, Cogliostro said jauntidly, "Did you hear that everyone?  The Guardsmen said that I get to take the front!  We're actually going to fight and I get to lead us!"

The distasteful murmuring from the other giants made Switcher frown.  He hoped that his confidence was not misplaced...


My opponent has a bit of a tough first turn choice, as he decides to go around to my left flank, moving the bikes around the big center building.

The IG stay put save all the characters that run around to hide behind the Tank.

Shooting is a bit lack-luster mostly due to my -2 to hit on the Rangers.
The Hurricaine bolters do a number, nearly wiping out a Ranger squad.
Hilariously enough, the entire IG shoots at the Rangers hiding in the trees in the backfield and do... no damage.

And with that, it's the Eldar's turn...

Picture Caption: Ok, so -2 to hit is kind of big deal.  Rangers love it though!

Turn 1: Eldar

"Autarch!  We are coming under heavy fire!"

Autarch Lennara sighed, glancing down-field at the larger-than-normal Astartes that were racing towards their front lines.  They actually had something that didn't have wheels or look like brick with wings.  How unexpected.

"Autarch!" howled the Warlock again, holding his head dramatically.

Lennara let go another sigh and said, "Yes, yes.  Dunkas, get out here.  Warlock, signal the Spears to strike.  Let us show the Mon-Keigh what the Eldar can really do."


The Eldar come out of hiding as I need to do damage to the Custodes.

The Reapers and the Farseer come out of their Serpents.  The Warlock boosts out to my right flank where I trail out the Spears in a long column to the front line.  The Hawks drop down eyeing the IG line.

Quicken goes off on the Spears, who boost forwards, landing right in front of the IG lines.  Doom and Guide go off, targeting the front most Custodes.

The Hawks and Rangers do terrible damage to the front lines of the IG, basically wiping two Infantry Squads.  All of the Backfield Eldar fire on the front-most Custodes squad and barely wipe it out (those guys are tough, but re-rolling wounds barely edge it out!).

My opponent thinks he's safe, but I then use the Saim-Hann Strategem to let the bikes assault!

The Spears assault in, taking a loss in overwatch, finishing out the last IG squad and also some damage to the Tank.  Most importantly, I manage to surround the tank and consolidate into the Characters behind it!  The IG try to hit back, doing a wound, but the Spears are tough and stick it out.

Picture Caption: Though the enemy is giant and golden, his underbelly is soft and full of Guardsmen!

Turn 2: Custodes

"Colonel!  Enemy contact!"

Switcher ducked behind the Lemun Russ again as more sniper fire bounced off it's thick hull.  The Eldar were like flies on Grox-pies.  At least they didn't have anything that could really threaten...

Screams from his men brought his attention to the fore once more as Eldar fell from the sky on wings dropping down point-accurate Las-fire that tore into the Guardsmen.  Then, there was a streak of light and suddenly Eldar Jetbikes were in their midst, lances skewering those before them like some kind of obscene Rough Riders.

Things were going to be harder than he thought.


The Shield-Captain decides to turn back and help his beleaguered backfield.  The other two squads of Jetbikes move up.  The IG try to move in and push the spears off of them.

Shooting has the Reapers take minimal damage as they're far out of rapid-fire range.
Smite hilariously fails.  The Infantry squad fires into the nearby Hawks, felling a few as they then get ready to get stuck in.

The IG assault in, doing some damage to the Spears, but the bikes just refuse to fall, keeping now everyone locked in.

Picture Caption: Can the bold Shield-Captain fight to save his tiny guides-men?

Turn 2: Eldar

More screams came from the Custodes as they fell, but no pity came up from the Eldar around them.  The Imperials had made their own noose, and the Eldar had done naught but tighten it.

Farseer Dunkas raised a hand to gesture the final strike, but then a voice called up from behind him.


Dunkas turned his head and then brought his palm to his face.

His once-wife, the Autarch Lennara, had her Lance raised and ready for a tilting.

"You can't be serious, Lennara.  They're beaten."

"It doesn't matter, Dunkas, they're the Imperium's best.  I can't let this opportunity to test my mettle go by."

Dunkas sighed, "It doesn't...  You would jeopardize the entire battle for your own glory?  Lennara, they're better than..."

As the words escaped his lips, Dunkas swore inwardly to himself.  Although probably true, that was enough for the Autarch, whose brows knit together in defiance.

"Really, now, Dunkas," said Lennara icely, "If you think so, then I MUST insist.  Let us see who the better combatant really is..."

I pull the Bikes out of combat, and use the Eldar strategem to keep them usable this turn (pricey, but worth it). 

I get the Spiritseer out and things are going to get ugly.

I put Doom on one Jetbike Squad, Jinx on the other and then Guide goes down as well.
I try to put Restrain on the Shield-Captain, but he uses his cheeky Custodes Strategem and denies it!

Shooting and the subsequent assault has the Tank fall, the Infantry squad cleaned up and just to top it off killing almost all the Characters in a flurry of wounds.  I pop both Serpent's Wave Sheilds and then a massive flurry of shots wipes one Jetbike squad (wow) and pares the other down to just two models, one of which is heavily wounded.

I consider whether or not to go balls-out, but decide yeah, Lennara wants some glory.  She assaults in, finishing off one Custodes and wounding the other.  It hits her back, doing quite a bit of damage (ouch), but the Autarch survives!

Picture Caption: How to destroy Custodes in an easy 3 step method.  Step 1: Distract the really nasty HQ with back-stabbery.  Step 2: Apply all psychic buffs and debuffs.  Step 3: SHOOT EVERYTHING until Custodes-free.

Turn 3: Custodes

The Spears have a little time to celebrate before the Shield-Captain slams into them.  The IG Commander falls to the Shining Spear Exarch, who then decides (after a hilariously bad morale roll) to leg it.

Lennara sneaks a wound through the Custodes' armor and now the Custodes have... one model left.

Picture Caption: You done good though Spears.  You done good.

Turn 3: Eldar

There was a great cry that echoed through the battlefield as Shield-Captain Cogliostro cradled the broken body of Colonel Switcher.  The foul Xenos had taken his life, dashing all the dreams that he had dared put forth.  He and this little man were going to have great adventures.

For once, someone had appreciated him, not cared about his relative lack of height, or battle prowess, or you know... intelligence.  He had found a companion that was worth keeping around.  Like a puppy.  But with really big biceps.

Now all lost.  Could anything make matters worse?

And then if in response a huge wave of Eldar burst forth from a massive portal, pointing guns that fired fussilades that bounced off his armor.

Sighing, Cogliostro picked up his spear.

It was going to be one of those days.

The Guardians come in as well... the battle's kind of over.  The Eldar mount up in the backfield and start moving around to clean up if necessary.

The Guardians shoot into the Captain and do... well... not a whole lot.  I figure why not and then assault in, doing... yes... no damage.

The Shield-Captain slaps some of the Basket-Weavers around, and then the Custodes decide to call it.

Picture Caption: Well, might as well throw the Guardians in.  Why not?


Result: Eldar Victory!

Post-Game Thoughts: Well, that was kind of unnecessarily brutal.
My opponent had a lack-luster first turn and well... the Eldar must have realized that new Codexes came out so they wanted to go out of the spotlight strong.
And my did they impress.  Everything overperformed.  Everything.
Although the stars of the show have to be the Spears.
They survived so much more damage than they should have, and basically (with you know, help from the Hawks and Rangers) destroyed the entire IG force while taking minimal damage.  Granted, they couldn't take the Shield-Captain to the face, but well... what can you do?
I was really worried going in, but the combination of Doom, Wave Serpents and Reapers just chipped away at the Custodes and every loss basically hurt them so much they couldn't get back into the game.
Still, I think they have potential, but they need more help than just some IG to sit on the back objective!

As for the Eldar?  I think Lennara and Co. are going to have a special place in my heart, but they are clearly, clearly too hot right now.  I'll bring them back one day I'm sure, but for now, there's a lot of other armies that vie for my attention.  In short, you done good, girl, but you have to let some of the others have a bit of time to shine as well...



Autarch Lennara laughed heartily, watching the last of the Custodes speed off.  It had been a good day.  With a swift motion, she turned back to celebrate, and gasped at what she saw.  Or didn't see.

The battlefield was empty.  All of the Alatoic Craftworlders were gone.  Dunkas was gone.

As the sudden betrayl filtered through her mind, grief, anger and depression fought for dominance, and it was only a familiar voice that brought her back to her senses.


She turned to see her Warlock, sitting upon his Jetbike, looking nervously.

"WHAT?" she growled, letting anger have it's time to shine.  "What could you possibly say, Warlock?  We've been abandoned again!  I can't believe...  I mean, I should have known better.  Now here we are abandoned on an alien world with nothing to show for all of this!  What a waste of....  of..."

The Warlock swallowed and said, "Uh...  The Farseer had a message for you."

"Oh, really," said Lennara icely, "Now what could that be?"

Nervously, the Warlock said, "He said, umm... that he was taking his people to search for his... uh... your daughter.  Apparently she had gone missing in the middle of the attack and well... he said you should probably care more about that than the end of a one-sided battle."

Lennara opened and closed her mouth a few times and then blushed shamefully, covering her eyes.  "Yes, yes, Warlock.  Thank you.  We'll find her, even if takes another century or so.  A mother's work is never done..."


There was a mighty slam that blew off the hinges of the ramshackle shack and Big Louie of WAARGH! Grumgutz strutted out of her War-hut.  With a smirk on her lips, the Ex-Farseer strode out to the pack of Orks that were suddenly at attention.

Their de-facto sub-leader Big Mek Wingnut was pushed forwards, and even though the Ork towered over the small Eldar, sweat was flying off his brow like Grots in a minefield.

"Uh, Louie.  Hi.  You uh... changed yer clothes."

Lorilune glanced down at her clothes and swore, making the Orks jump back in response.  It was hard enough sneaking out of a Wave Serpent mid-combat, but her parents had, as usual, gotten themselves so worked up over the whole thing that they hadn't paid attention to one more Eldar getting out of their tank.  She had forgotten to change back into usual drab attire, and was wearing the newly furnished Saim-Hann robes.

"Inconsequencial, Wingnut.  I take it you all are ready to march to the Spaceport?"

"But, uh, Louie," said the Ork, "Don't they got lots of Humies there?"

"No," said Lorilune raising an eyebrow, "I took care of that."

There was some murmuring amongst the Orks.  There was some kind of big scrum that had gone down far off, but nobody had thought much of it.  Clearly Louie was more powerful than any had thought of before.

Wingnut nodded, "Youz da Boss, Louie.  'Ey you lot!  You heard dat!  Now, let's get movin'!"

As the Orkish horde began moving forward, Lorilune looked back towards the battlefield she had crept away from.  In some way, it had been good to see her parents again, but one thing had become very clear: Family, like fish, become intolerable all too quickly.
BigToof Points:

Cammerz: 8
Waaaghpower: 1
The Man They Call Jayne: 3
Mabbz: 6
Archon Sharrek: 3