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Author Topic: Want some advice regarding painting olive drab colour on cadians  (Read 3724 times)

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As title really - basically recently I've finally bought all the models to make my 500pt all infantry guard army, and now that they are all built at some point I will be moving onto the painting stage.

The scheme I want to do is basically the normal cadian scheme, but instead of khaki fatigues, I want to go for olive drab instead (I always found that while I could paint khaki, I'd always find little imperfections on every single cadian which drives me up the bloody wall...)

So basically my questions are:-

1) How would you go about painting olive drab fatigues - what colours would you use and how would you use them basically

2) Do you think it would look good with the normal green cadian armour, which is a different shade to olive drab (I do mine orkhide shade + knarlock green highlight)

3) Lastly do you think it might be a better idea to paint both the armour and the fatigues olive drab? Or would that just look boring?


EDIT: This is pretty much what I'm looking for  -

EDIT 2: I was thinking actually that this tutorial on Youtube is pretty close to the above artwork, what do you think? I'm thinking the green fatigues would need a teensy bit of a colour change to make them more olive like to fit that colour more (besides I dont like the bright green highlights that's going on in that tutorial...) but overall I think this is pretty close... what would you suggest to make the dark green fatigues in this seem more olive drab like? I was thinking maybe doing... orkhide shade as a base over white, and then mixing it with gretchin for a highlight. Do you think that'd get the colour I want?

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Re: Want some advice regarding painting olive drab colour on cadians
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2012, 10:44:45 am »
I don't know the names of the new paints to make this so I'll generalise the names. :P

Dark Green + touch of brown then mix lighter using bleached bone (can't think of what colour that is. ;D )

That should give you a nice starting point you can then highlight from by adding more bleached bone or maybe a touch of white, maybe grey so it doesn't go too bright.

I just accidentally mixed a colour similar to that... Wasn't quite what I was aiming for. :P

- Will
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