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Author Topic: [Blackstone Fortress] [House Rules] Khorne Bezerkers  (Read 3627 times)

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[Blackstone Fortress] [House Rules] Khorne Bezerkers
« on: March 05, 2019, 03:30:10 pm »
I've had somewhere in the region of 10 BF games now, one with the recent addition of the Ambul expansion. I'm keen to vary the enemies more and use some of my other 40k models, so I thought some house rules were in order! My regular opponent is fairly happy with these rules, but comments and suggestions are welcome. There are a few rules still to add (e.g. Icon Bearer). We haven't had a chance to test these yet!

P.s. The triangle and pentagon icons I used to represent the dice didn't display properly, so I've used T's and P's respectively.

Khorne Bezerker
Move: 2       Wounds: 4       Size: Large

12-3   4+
BolterTTP   P
Meltagun1PTT   T
Boltpistol & Melee WeaponPPTT   T
Dual Melee Weapons2PPMove Up   Move Up
Great Melee Weapon3PMove Up   Move Up
1Vapourise: Ignores saves.
2Combat Ferocity: Grants +1 attack.
3Crushing Blow: Ignores saves.
Special Rules
Khorne Bezerker Champion: Add +1 to the wounds of a Khorne Bezerker Champion.
Khorne Bezerker Groups: Can't include more than 1 Champion. If 2 or more models then 1 must be a Champion.
Blood for the Blood God: Grants +1 attack.

I've added this template to the formatting sticky here.
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