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Author Topic: Battle Anecdotes  (Read 22294 times)

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Re: Battle Anecdotes
« Reply #30 on: September 01, 2019, 11:34:12 am »
Some friends and I have been doing a series of 4-player battles, each 2v2 at 1000pts a player and each battle we switch teammate. This last one featured Sisters of Battle and Necrons vs Orks and my Primaris Alpha Legion. This was my first time using the new codex.

My team's main tactic was to set the Orks up in front with the Marines behind so I could shoot while he closed the distance to charge things. It went very well. We focused a lot of fire on the Sword and Board Lychguard so there was only one left when the Warboss and Nobz charged in. That unit had worried us beforehand.

The moment that most stood out for my guys was when my Hellblasters opened up the Sororitas Rhino and I played the Rapid-Fire stratagem on my 10-man Intercessor squad to delete the Repentia inside. I actually only rolled 20 of the 40 shots, 20 was enough. The Mistress of Repentence then held her own against a swarm of boyz for a respectable amount of time.

In the end we won comfortably, our opponents were tabled and I had only lost two models; my Captain died to a Vindicare Assassin and I lost a single Inceptor to a Seraphim with a pair of Inferno Pistols.

Hi Cammerz!

Good to see that the BatRep board is still going.
I've gotten in a handful of games (summer's been tough with the schedule and all), and I have to agree that the new Marines are quite a bit formidable.
I used to consider the Ultramarines kind of boring, but the firepower they can put on the move is rather shocking.

I've had a few games with the Orks that are now seemingly invalid as I was using index units (which seem to being phased out in the newest "Legends" post), with the Loota-star doing work against Chaos.

I keep going back to the Eldar though, and have brought in some Haemonculi help.  Results have been a bit mixed as they're not the strongest offensively (compared to the shooty Kabals), but I enjoy having the solid block that earns points while shrugging off shots.  I've been looking into Harlequins if only that they seem fun to paint, but the Death Jester option for taking out Characters seems very  nice given that I seem to be seeing a decent amount of Chaos and Marines, both of which have serious Characters that are pretty dangerous.

Keep the games coming!

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Re: Battle Anecdotes
« Reply #31 on: November 09, 2019, 01:25:26 am »
Myself and three friends had our first try at a Carnage game this evening, 1000pts each, all vs all, one central objective. The rules exactly as found in the back of the core rulebook.

I was using my Primaris Alpha Legion, entirely infantry with: a Phobos Chapter Master, Primaris Lieutenant, 10 intercessors with Bolt Rifles, 2x 5 Intercessors with Stalkers, a 4-man squad of Bolt Inceptors, a Suppressor squad, a Hellblaster squad and a Bolt Sniper Eliminator squad.

The Death Guard player had a Lord of Contagion, a Malignant Plaguecaster, a Bell Man, 8 Plague Marines (I know), 2x 10 Poxwalkers, a Bloat Drone and 2 of those mortar tanks.

The Adepta Sororitas had 2x Flame Immolators, each containing a Canoness and a squad of melta Dominions, a squad of Heavy Bolter Retributors, 2 squads of Seraphim, an Exorcist and your friendly neighbourhood Eversor assassin.

The Orks had a Boss, a Warphead, 2x 10 boyz, 10x grots with a runtherd, 10x nobz with various melee weapons, a painboy, an empty trukk, 3x bikes, 5x stormboyz and a Deff Dread.

I ended up going last in turn 1 and took the objective with my Inceptors, turn 2 I moved my 10-man Intercessor squad up to join them, supported by the two characters. I ended up controlling the objective for three turns in a row and we called the game there as nobody else could win without tabling the other three.

At the end of turn three, I had 11 models left: my inceptors, 1x squad of stalker intercessors and my two characters. The orks had three stormboyz who were in combat with the Exorcist. Besides that the Sisters also had one Immolator and a Canoness who was in combat with the Bell Guy. Besides the bell Guy the Death Guard also had the Axeman and the two Plagueburst Crawlers who had done very little for most of the game, spending every round trying to damage my big Intercessor squad.

Turn 1 took us over two hours.

Unless I'm very much mistaken, there are no rules in Carnage to say that you can't deploy within 9" of your opponents, it only says in your table quarter and more than 9" from the centre. We decided to rule out the possibility of starting in close combat.

Overall conclusions, in future we'll definitely try to start earlier, and they got the name right.