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Title: Warrior Elite Ltd. and The War for Edadh
Post by: Carrelio on June 11, 2012, 06:03:16 am
Hey guys,
 I've been having a ton of trouble with this, and after expending the options I had access to alone, I decided I'd come to SS to ask for some help.
 I've been interested in getting into the War for Edadh by Warrior Elite Ltd. It looks like a great game, I've heard nothing but good things, and being bad with dice I quite like the concept of a diceless wargame. And our story begins...
 I tried to order the starter pack... but unfortunately when I placed my order it charged me $2000 (not a typo, $2000) for shipping. I cancelled the order... but I still want the game!
 So I tried to contact customer service. I had the option of phone, email, or snail mail. I tried email... all 3 of them... but the way their contact page is set up, there is a link to each email... which I am unable to open for some reason and because of this can't see the email I am supposed to contact (on any of the 3!).
 Failing that, I tried to join their forum and ask there (both about the massive cost of shipping and the customer service email)... but when I tried to create an account the section where it asks you to type the jumbled letters to prove you are not a spambot would not load... thus I can't finish making an account.
 Can anyone get me the email of their customer service people? Thus far, I am quite unimpressed.