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Title: Contest Schedule 2014
Post by: Narric on December 21, 2013, 04:33:48 pm
Probably time I make a fresh thread for this sort of thing.

We've had a great start to the return of the Contests, but I'm hoping we can keep it going through next year.

At present, this is the current plan for 2014:

Some names have changed, but the intent should be obvious ;) Will be updating when I can.

For something of interest, next year sees the start of the "Best of." We shall be putting up to vote all the 1st place Models and Units of 2013 for re-vote, to see which was truly the best. This will be in addition to the Member Awards so we shall see if Tom can keep the title for himself :P

Hopefully in the New Year, we shall also see the return of the Second Sphere Merch and Apparel store (, meaning we shall be needing some original content to keep the store fresh ;)

As always, we're open for any and all suggestions and comments. I'll be opening up a new thread to help in discussions regarding what should count for entering into what contest, to help clear confusion that often delays entrants.

Thanks for reading

from Narric, Contest Board Leader & Moderator ^_^
Title: Re: Contest Schedule 2014
Post by: gorlak on December 21, 2013, 10:33:36 pm
Is it on purpose that the main contests have two months running time, but the secondary only have a single month?

But it's looking great - I really have hopes of using these contests as a painting motivator in the next year, so hope they will grow in size and popularity.
Title: Re: Contest Schedule 2014
Post by: Narric on December 21, 2013, 10:45:50 pm
My thoughts on the "Main" contests was they were the core contests, and so need more time. Giving people just under two months seemed like a way to encourage more people to join, but also to give some the excuse they needed for that one extra Warjack or Scout Squad.

With "Side" contests only being a month, it represents them being much quicker. The SC contest I should probably run at the same time as the Warlords Contest. Making them only run for a month means that people don't have to pul as much time away from the "Main" contests.

This is just some very quick explanation, and I'm sure someone is going to poke a hole in it :P