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Title: I think we should probably talk about Warhammer Fest
Post by: Cammerz on May 14, 2018, 11:10:49 PM
I'm going to link the Warhammer Community blog here, it features pictures of pretty much everything;

But let's get started on the really big news;

They're releasing a new Age of Sigmar audio-drama and Gotrek Gurnisson is voiced by Brian Blessed!

Also we have a first look at the forthcoming plastic Sisters of Battle (down towards the bottom of the blog), she is amazing and I want her.
AoS has some new ghostly models that look very fun (but if your little sister accidentally steps on them then there's no saving them) and with them there are two new technical paints to make ghostly green and smokey blue, should be interesting.
There's a new small-scale game called Adeptus Titanicus for if you really want a Warlord Titan but think £1300 is a little steep, basically the return of Epic: Armageddon but so far only containing Imperial Knights and Titans.
Forge World's Dreadnought Drop Pod is back.
And the Necrons have a new construct, which is enormous!
Title: Re: I think we should probably talk about Warhammer Fest
Post by: BigToof on May 15, 2018, 01:00:32 AM
I actually missed the audio-drama.  That's great news.
Have you listened to any of GW's audio works?  I've not tried them yet, but if it's decent, I'm enthused to have a listen.
The Sister also looks good.  I hope the rules will be solid as well, and GW will have a real hit.
Heavens knows I'll buy them.

Title: Re: I think we should probably talk about Warhammer Fest
Post by: Deraj on May 15, 2018, 04:22:58 AM
The audiodramas are a step above the audiobooks. Not only do they have sound effects, but they're acted out by multiple voice actors. At about 75 minutes they're perfect for driving or just that hour and a half sit down to paint.

The AoS stuff looks fantastic, but that's the game I play, so I'm biased. The one thing I do want to point out is that of the new stormcast, it looks like near 50% are female, which is cool, especially for people who like blending while painting rather than just line highlights ;)

The new sister model looks fantastic, I may buy it just to paint and add to my inquisitor warband if it comes out as something promotional.

The forgeworld stuff looked fantastic, but... it's forgeworld, does anyone expect anything less?

And last but not least: huh, I noticed there wasn't much 40k stuff shown. I wonder if that's because it looks like the big releases for the next month and a half are AoS and specialist games, or because they have something big coming, or a combination between the 2.