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Title: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Narric on November 24, 2018, 09:49:24 pm
"I know West Gemos is known for the money that flows, but these prices are ridiculous Brindle!" A Half-orc adventurer moans at the bar, the Halfling owner of the Nightinggale Inn cross-armed and unimpressed by the attitude.

"You know I've been having trouble with supply, so either go sort it out, or stop complaining." The Half-Orc grunts and returns picks up the fresh pint of mead he had paid for. "I thought so..." Brindle carried on serving other less bad tempered customers. A gnome had arrived at the bar, and had overheard the exchange. Brindle smiled as he served the fellow short stack. "Don't mind this bozo."

A Cleric found themselves in the middle of the tavern sitting at a fairly large table. Most found themselves at tables by the windows and back walls, but the cleric found themselves joined by an elvish rogue as they rested their crossbow in front of them. There was a nod of acknowledgement between them, but nothing more felt needed to be said for the moment. The inn doors opened with a crunk as a Mountain Dwarf and Halfing simultaneously shoved past each other to enter, chainmail jangling and rattling across leather.

"Careful buddy. I didn't quite see you there" The Dwarf goaded the Halfing.

"You're barely a rats-paw taller than me, who do you think you..."

"Oi!" Shouted the Halfing barkeep, surprisingly loud for an individual of his stature. "If you're gonna fight take it back outside. If not drink and play nice. Kindle, please see what that table wants to drink?" The Dwarf and Halfing that had entered together grunted, and sat at the large table in the middle, managing to sit at opposite ends, and avoiding disturbing the Cleric and Outlander. A young halfling waitress arives at the table, using a stool to jump on top to see all the patrons sitting.
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Post by: Cammerz on November 24, 2018, 11:19:18 pm
"Oh it's quite alright" replied the gnome with a broad smile, "One of the benefits of being small, half the measures for half the price" which she demonstrated by ordering a thimble of brandy.

The barman looked at her quizically for a second.

"Don't have thimbles? That's okay, I have one here somewhere", and she reached into one of the many pockets of her cloak and withdrew a handful of items; a few coins of various values and places of origin, a battered thimble and a small brown mouse which took one look at the Half-Orc before scampering up the gnome's arm and diving head-first into another pocket.

"Don't mind Wigly, he's just shy", she said whilst passing the thimble over to the barman who gave the thimble a subtle clean before pouring out the measure and returining it to the gnome.

"Oh, I'm Nyx by the way", she said, holding out her tiny hand to the barman and the Half-Orc in turn.

Nyx was small, even by gnome standards, thin almost to the point of malnourishment and if she stood on tiptoe then she might just about exceed three foot. As it was she was balancing on the top of her barstool, feet dangling a long way from the floor. She had a shock of short to medium length red hair which looked a mess from every direction and was wearing a long dark cloak that seemed almost to be made of pockets, outside and in. Beneath this she was wearing what appeared to be light armour, made from wide strips of leather that had been dyed a deep red. Her large eyes seemed to express that the smile was genuine although if either of them looked close enough they might see an brief glint of something otherworldly flash across them.
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Post by: Narric on November 25, 2018, 12:07:34 am
"Bwahaha, see Kadoo!" Brindle hollered. "Getting school by someone half your size! Hahaha!" The Half-orc grumbled, downed his pint while getting up to leave. A couple younger looking men followed suit, following behind. Brindle leans close to Nyx. "You've made my day, so I'll say you can ask for thimbles of booze whenever you're in West Gemos. Just don't go spreading it around, okay?" With that he gives you a wink and returns to his customers.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on November 25, 2018, 09:41:09 pm
The mouse's reaction to the half-orc brought a wry smile to Hlaine's face for half a second. He was fairly average height for a Halfling, though more slight and nimble than you'd expect if you knew the village he came from. His hands were covered in small cuts and a couple of scars and he had a scar on his right cheek which was revealed when his shoulder-length blond hair moved back as he raised his head to address the barmaid.

"Ale, please." Hlaine said, addressing the barmaid. As he reached for his coin purse a set of bone dice fell from a pocket and he reached for them, catching all but one which was intercepted by the gnome before it could hit the floor and roll away.

"Thanks" he said as the gnome passed him the die. "Hlaine" he added with a curt nod before looking away, pointedly looking anywhere other than the Dwarf at the other end of the table.
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Post by: Jacurutu on November 26, 2018, 03:08:09 am
Aela was going to buy a drink. She'd made the decision, but had failed to act on it for the past twelve minutes. How hard could it be? Get up, walk over to the bar. Force those facial muscles of hers into the semblance of a smile, put money on the counter and order a drink. No big deal. She took a deep breath, possibly incurring some reaction from the Cleric, a man whom she had been travelling with only briefly since entering Western Gemos.

"Okay Aela." she said quietly to herself as she got up. "Go to the bar. order a drink, no big deal.." she sighed as a wave of anxiety hit her, and she sat down again.

Although she loved to explore, had always dreamed of a life of adventure, had even achieved her goal and been entrusted a task by her people, it was perhaps a little too obvious that she had never done this before. Never travelled this far out of Merivoon, never been to a bar or even drank alcohol. It all seemed disastrously difficult, but she was not without determination. A mild-to-severe case of agoraphobia was the least of her concerns.

After sufficiently psyching herself up. She suddenly stood up, perhaps a little too dramatically than she intended, ignoring the fact that her bow had been knocked over in the process and arrows loudly clattered about the floor. With an air of confidence she didn't really feel, she approached the broad wooden counter surface, drawing back her green woollen hood and shaking free her tousled, messy auburn hair and with a pained look of sheer determination etched across her Elvish features decreed,"Barkeep. One alcohol please." and slapped one of her precious few gold coins on it's seemingly expansive surface.  Relief and pride washed over her for but a moment. She'd done it. She had ordered an alcohol.

Doubt arrived as she realised mid response that perhaps something with her plan was awry.
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Post by: Narric on November 27, 2018, 08:30:36 pm
Kindle stepped aside as the Elf stood and made their way to the bar, returning her attention to Hlaine as they made their order. "Very good sir, and what may I get for you as well?" the last part directed at the Cleric and the Dwarf.

Bwindle watched as the seemingly nervous Elf walked up, drummed up courage and... asked for "one alcohols?" This threw him for a moment, regaining his composure. He gave the Elf a quick look over, noting the clenliness, well-kept armour and gear, and the manners. Still he had to be sure.

"One Alcohol, you say?" with an eyebrow raised, sending a shiver of regret through Aela. "My dear, I know Elves have been known to abstained from the drink, but they at least know what is on offer...." Aela fidgeted a little.

"I'm sorry if I've offended you. This is the first time I've been so far away from Merivoon...."

"Merivoon?! You managed to get all the way to West Gemos from Merivoon without once sampling a drink more robust than Elven Wine?" Brindle tried not to cause much of a ruckus for his customer. He knew less savoury folk still managed to wander the streets and into the inns, and didn't want them to target such an innocent woman. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers, and remembered she had arrived with the Cleric so figured if she managed to stay near them she'd have a chance to stay out of trouble. He subtly waved her closer. "Tell you what, I'll pour you a half of Mead for free, but after that you gotta pay like everybody else if you like the taste. I just overheard the other Halfing order a drink, so I'm gonna be fair and make sure your whole table gets a free round." With that he quickly got Kindle's attention and waved his hands in what seemed an obscene fashion, but she soon nodded and smiled in acknowledgement.
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Post by: Mabbz on November 28, 2018, 10:37:54 am
Benjamin was too focused on his own thoughts to notice the elf's situation, but roused at Kindle's question. "Oh, I'll have red wine, if I may. Any interesting news in these parts? I haven't had a chance to catch up."
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Post by: Jacurutu on November 29, 2018, 10:46:53 am
"Ah.. I didn't travel all the way alone. A strange, travelling fortune teller man was kind enough to let me ride on his cart. I got off at the border, as he was merely passing through."

As the barkeep offers her the free drink, her eyes widen. "Oh. Thank you!" She said, a little taken aback at his kindness. Still feeling a little awkward, she waited in silence for him to pour out a half measure of mead for each of those at the table before timidly picking them all up and giving him a nod, carrying them carefully over and setting them down. She stared at her own half mug quietly as she reseated herself. She lifted it and cautiously sniffed, smelling the sweetness of the honey and the acidity of the fermentation. She'd never even tried alcohol before and the prospect of swallowing what was effectively poison still didn't feel right. But since she was an adventurer now, she'd have to learn to drink like one. Mustering up a bit of courage she held her breath and shut her eyes tight as she put the mug to her lips and drained its contents in a few gulps, nearly choking at the unexpected strength of the liquid.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on November 29, 2018, 09:46:47 pm
Hlaine acknowledged the free drink with a nod and a half smile. "You might want to check if you damaged any arrows when they fell."  he said. "Should be alright, but worth a look."
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Post by: Cammerz on December 01, 2018, 02:09:56 am
Nyx could hardly believe what she'd just witnessed, that an elf could cross the entire island and be as amazingly naive as this one and yet the barman had just been kind, generous even. In East Gemos, or at least the parts Nyx had grown up in, this elf would have been chewed up and spat out the moment she opened her mouth.

As Nyx's gaze followed the elf back to her table she caught a look at the assortment of people around the room and almost did a double-take. These people were adventurers, proper adventurers. People who went out into the world seeking glory and riches beyond the wildest dreams of a little street rat like her.

Maybe this is what that little voice had meant when it told her to go out and do something different with her life, not just to cross the bay to scratch a bare minimum off a different city, to actually go out and do something.

Nyx gulped down the rest of her drink, climbed down from her barstool and wandered over to the elf's table, smiling at the current occupants.
 "Hi there, my name's Nyx. Mind if I join you?"
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Post by: Narric on December 01, 2018, 09:55:30 pm
Aela coughed a little as she gingerly slammed the half-pint tankard down on the table. The taste lingered and the alcohol burned her mouth and throat, but otherwise she was unaffected. She barely caught half the Halfings comment about her arrows. Obsidian nodded approval of the naive Elf, and quickly downed her own half of Mead.

"Oh... *cough* Thank you for reminding me." She half-whispered, shaking a little, but managing to lean down and pick up the few arrows that had scattered across the floor. Kindle the barmaid stepped around her as she returned to the table with the wine for Benjamin. Nyx walking just behind her, and taking a seat between the Cleric and the Dwarf.

"For you sir. Aside from fathers' ale and mead supply troubles, I don't know of many other issues for adventurers to go on...." She stood up straight with her hands held in front, turning to Aela. "You may want to be careful of those that wonder the isle, Ms. The less worn routes, and a few of the main roads are easy targets for bandits, and some of the clever ones have started using decoys to lull unsuspecting travelers into traps. I'd say you were lucky this time, as the only known benevolent traveler is the pugilist preacher, Gulk."

"What kind of trouble is your Father having exactly?" Obsidian asked, handing the empty tankard to Kindle, who took it to be refilled.

"Jois is our supplier. He manages a combined Meadery and Brewery over in Lakenvale. He seems to have cut what he supplies us in half, and Father hasn't had the chance to bargain with new suppliers yet." She paused as she went to the bar and got a full pint tankard of Ale, dark red in colour, for Obsidian who took readily and paid the gold for.
"It is strange behaviour from Jois, as he is not the kind of man to underdeliver on a deal or sell out to others. He is clearly still brewing considering the quality of what we do recieve hasn't reduced, but I can't think of why he would half our supply like that so suddenly...." Kindle shuffled a bit, realising she had been simply standing around talking instead of serving other customers, a few of which she could were clearly becoming a little disgruntled with the service.
"I have to go. Speak to father as he knows more than I, or maybe the town hall would be better?" With that she pattered off to the other tables, apologising profusely to the patrons and rushing professionally to fill the orders.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on December 02, 2018, 06:57:58 pm
"No problem" Hlaine replied to Aela.  He was fairly sure the arrows would be fine anyway, but he'd seen more than one shot go wild thanks to damaged fletching.

"Supply problems?" he asked. "Could just be an issue with staff. Shame though, 's good ale."
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Post by: Jacurutu on December 02, 2018, 07:19:14 pm

Aela furrowed her brow slightly and averted her eyes at the warning from the barmaid, her cheeks flushing a little red. "Got it.." she knew better than to argue, though the man she had travelled with had seemed nice enough. She crouched down to scoop up her arrows, checking over them individually to make sure the fletching hadn't distorted, or the shafts warped. They were decent quality arrows, and she prided herself on that. She carefully slid them back into her leather quiver,  flint tip first and set them against the table leg with her bow.

As the Barmaid left, Aela's eyes turned on another figure approaching. "Oh.. Hello." Aela replied, suppressing a cough as the Gnomish woman made her introduction. "Uh, yeah! Sure. Pull up a sea-- stool or *cough* you get what I mean. We were talking about supply problems this place is having... I think."
She shrugged and scratched the back of her ginger hair awkwardly. "Oh I'm Aela." she added, giving the Gnome a sheepish smile.
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"Good ale it is indeed," said the dwarf to the halfling, "and ah'd hate to see such a brewery go down. Maybe we should..."

Obsidian got up and headed over to the bar, making sure her Vantadurn Captain's badge was conspicuous. "G'day, sir. Apologies for the altercation at the door earlier, but ah hear yer' having supply issues as of late. Would ye like us to check it out for ye?"
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on December 08, 2018, 04:36:06 pm
Hlaine sighed as the Dwarf approached the bar. "Oh good, just dive right in, why not?" he muttered with a shame of his head. "Don't worry about asking round first or anything."
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Post by: Narric on December 08, 2018, 11:22:09 pm
A new Halfling was standing behind the bar as Obsidian approached, female with long dark red hair obscuring half her face and clearly younger than the grey haired Brindle.
"Daaad, someone finally has the smarts to ask about our supply problem." She called out directing it downwards behind the counter. Thumping resonated through the counter, until Brindle popped back up with a keg as large as himself loaded on his back.

"Aaah, I figured you lot would. Findle, cover the bar while I talk to them? And don't forget our temporary prices this time?" He hoisted a keg onto an empty bracket behind the counter, checked the spigot was securely fastened, and leaned over the counter to speak to Obsidian, sighing breifly to start with.
"Look, Jois is a good man, and I would never think him at fault without evidence. But I haven't the time to trump around for new suppliers, so I need him back up to his best." Rubbing his hands with a cloth he paused, clearly feeling a little disheartened. "The increased prices mean I can offer a decent reward if you can travel to his Brew and Meadery, find out what trouble he may or may not be in, and come back to tell me whats up.... "

"And what reward are you offering?" The Dwarf asked, with a pang of underwhelm-ment as she had hoped something more substantial would mark her start as an adventurer outside Vantadurn. "I'm not just anybody's messenger, you get me?"

"Well, I'll do you and the group free-room and board tonight if you travel tomorrow, or for a night on your return. I can also do 20gold for each member of the party when you return."

"Hmmm, I'm not saying yes straight away. I think I heard one of them complain about not discussing it with them first." Obsidian waved as she returned to the table, and relayed what Brindle was wanting and what he offered as payment.
"What do you lot think?"
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Nyx's eyes went wide. This was it, this was the start of her new life. So long gutter trash, hello free room and board with 20 gold on top to seal the deal. 20 gold! For one job!

She glanced around, a figure of nervous excitement. "Can I join?" she asked the room, perhaps a little too loud and a little too quickly but she didn't care. "I can help, always happy to".
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on December 10, 2018, 01:17:17 pm
Hlaine lowered his tankard. "Alright, seeing as we're apparently doing this anyway, I'm going to need more to work with." he sighed. He noted the barman's worried expression. "No, no, not as in rewards or free ale, don't worry. What I need is information. Any other issues in the area that might connect? Any rumours hat might tie in at all, or anything in the area that might have caused some issues?"

Hlaine noted the curious expressions from the others at the table. "What? At this stage it could be anything from wild beasts making gathering ingredients difficult to half the staff being wiped out by illness. Just trying to narrow it down."
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Post by: Jacurutu on December 11, 2018, 06:06:47 pm
Aela's demeanor sobered as the spontaneous group seriously considered the job. After a short pause, she gave Nyx a glance. "The more we have the quicker it will get done." She commented, nodding.

"Maybe there was a robbery at this brewery?" She added as Hlaine went through the possibilities.
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Post by: Narric on December 16, 2018, 10:24:49 pm
Brindle appeared at the table, a small meat sandwich in hand, he pulled up a chair.
"I don't mind how many of you want to take this job." He replied to the urchin gnome. "There does seem to have been an increase in bandits on the small countryside roads, a few even finding spots on the more established roads. You'd best be careful on your way to Lakenvale...." he took a pause to eat, his features showing he was in thought on what Hlaine and Aela had asked.
"Its unlikely they had a break in. Jois would have sent a message explaining as such... Something has affected his supply, I'm sure of that.... One thing that has been a notable change has been I haven't seen the delivery crew in as long. Before they would normally wake me in the night and we'd work together to load the barrels downstairs, and I'd pay for them and Jois in hand. Recently though they have been doing it all themselves and just taking the gold. I've tried staying up and waiting at the hatch outside, but I always somehow close my eyes for too long, and they've been and gone with no comment nor hello...."

"Nothing else is taken?" Benjamin enquired once Brindle had finished.

"That was one of my first concerns. My daughters and I at first searched the whole inn and our living area, but found nothing out of place beside the exact gold for payment..."

"How long ago did this start?" Obsidian chimed in.

"Ooh, it started a couple months ago, would you believe... I tried asking the town guards if they'd help, nothing. Posted a couple job listings in the Adventurers guild and nobody had any interest except complaining about my prices! Honestly this whole thing is mainly giving me stress because I'm losing business here, which is starting to hurt my profits... I'm sorry...." He stops and rubs his eyes, sighing softly.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on December 20, 2018, 08:49:26 pm
"When's your next delivery due?" Hlaine asked. "Might be that we can get some more information from the crew before we go to the brewery."
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"Assuming we can see the delivery crew, at least," added Ben. "Whereabouts is this brewery anyway? It might be worth a half of us staying here to try speaking to the delivery crew while the rest go check out the brewery."
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on December 28, 2018, 10:19:35 am
"I don't see why we wouldn't be able to see them. They might be quiet but invisibility spells generally  cost too much to be worthwhile got this kind of thing." Hlaine replied.
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Post by: Narric on January 06, 2019, 01:29:09 am
Brindle collected himself, and looked over to Hlaine.
"Uhm.. I think... the next delivery is, meant to be tonight in fact..." He pauses to rub his face as he mentally pictures map of roadways to get to Lakenvale.
"Lets see, to get to Lakenvale, you follow the main road out the city, and take the first major road left, taking you towards Gemoscross. You then take the country road off to the right, which should take you straight to Lakenvale. Hopefully you can catch the deliverymen and they can load you onto their cart and save you wearing your boots down." Brindle pauses again in thought.
"It is strange how I've not seen them in so long despite the deliveries arriving and payment being taken..." He sighs.
"considering the delivery is tonight, I'll say I'll do your room and board tonight, and we'll see how things go once you return. You'll have to exucse me, it seems old Tyorbex is trying to propose to Findle again." With that, Brindle excuses himself from the table heading towards the bar where a grizzled warrior looking Dwarf was boasting his past exploits and promising a good life to Findle who was doing her best not to clobber the old man.
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 "Well then", Nyx addressed the group, "I guess we'd better get ready for them to show up, maybe we could hide near where they collect their payment just to make sure, or down by the empty casks. I can be pretty stealthy if I need to be and it helps that I can see in the dark".

She gazed around at the group, searching their eyes for the suggestion that it was a good idea. If you want to make it in an adventuring group then you have to make them see the advantage of having you around.
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Post by: Jacurutu on January 08, 2019, 12:28:00 pm
Aela, who had been half paying attention squeezed her eyes shut and reopened them, pinching the bridge of her nose and rubbing her eyes. She wasn't yet sure she liked alcohol. "Yeah." She added weakly as she tried not to feel nauseous. "I'll go with you." She replied to Nyx's suggestion before glancing over at the rest of the table. "Maybe we should split up?" She agreed, turning to Ben , Hlaine and offering more timid glance toward Obsidian. "Doesn't look like all of us would be suited for sneaking around. Er.. no offense intended."
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"None taken," smiled Ben. "But given we don't know exactly when they'll be coming, we'd better take turns keeping watch. With that in mind, I think I'll go get some rest. Wake me when it's my turn."
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"Hiding works, we can get the drop on them if there's anything suspicious going on and hopefully hitch a ride to the brewery and figure out what's gone on there." Hlaine said.  "I'm gonna take a look around, see where would be best to hide and watch the approach as well as the delivery site."
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"I'll join you," Nyx said to Hlaine, better than struggling to find somewhere at the last minute.

And with that the two climbed down from their chairs and made off towards the back of the inn.
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The group made Brindle aware of their plans, and he told them which direction the cart would likely arrive. True to his word, three two person rooms were made up for the group, adding the advantage of the windows overlooking the alleyway. Hlaine and Nyx made use of the remaining afternoon light to scope out the alleyway for good hiding spots. Despite Hlaine's training in being covert, hiding like a child seemed to flummox him, Nyx on the other hand scrambled all over the alley, finding the perfect spot for the two of them to await the delivery cart from. Obsidian chose to wait in the doorway, while Aela took the elevated window position. A three pronged trap to ensure they got answers.

As the others prepared their gear for the evening and night, Ben took the middle of the three rooms and set his gear aside for a nap, but made sure he could pick it up quickly in a moments notice.

The group settled into their places, while the spring weather brought warmth despite the night.

The Nightinggale Inn is a timber structure with wattle and daub exterior and a shallow thatched roof. The front of the building stretches roughly twenty five yards, with two simple diamond patterned stained glass windows, either side of the entrance way. The building stretches roughly sixty yards back, with an alley on the right of the building as you would enter. The alley serves as an access way for the rear of other local businesses and is wide enough for a cart and a human to pass each other. There is a door that leads to the side of the bar, and two foot to the side of it is a large hatch that would open into the cellar of the Inn. All the doors and frames are made of wood. On the opposite side of the hatch there is a small stack of empty barrels from the Inn. There is a small one and a half foot overhang from the upper floor over the alley.
Across the alley and towards the front of the Inn is a smaller alley with a few barrels stacked three high. It is roughly wide enough for two humans to stand side by side.

[Time Skip]

The hustle and bustle of the city had died down to a murmur in distant streets. A steadily growing sound of hooves and wheels on cobblestone streets can be heard. As the horse and laden cart turn down the alley, Nyx, Hlaine, Aela and Obsidian ready themselves. A light breeze caresses down the alley from the cart, fine sand and petals drifting languidly towards the Inn doorway. Aela and Nyx heard the faint chirping of a cricket, the sound coming from nowhere and everywhere but distant. Their vision blurred and they slumped slowly into sleep. Another breeze drifted carrying nothing but the smell of some sort of perfume to Hlaine and Obsidian.

From his position, Hlaine could see two humanoids in robes on the cart, with a horse pulling it at a leisurely pace. The smell of perfume seeming to become stronger as they approached.

[Dice Rolls]
Hlaine Stakeout ( 7
Nyx Stakeout ( Nat20
Weather ( 8
Sleep Spell ( 29

Nyx: Unconcious (Time Remaining: 60seconds) HP 10/10
Benjamin: Sleeping HP 10/10
Aela: Unconcious (Time Remaining: 60seconds) HP 10/10
Obsidian: Alert HP 14/14
Hlaine: Alert HP 12/12
Goon 1: Alert HP 8/8
Goon 2: Alert HP 8/8
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Ben continued snoring, content in the knowledge that he'd be woken if needed. Whether by his new comrades or by an explosion, he did not know.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on February 10, 2019, 10:26:29 pm
Hlaine looked round in amazement as his new-found colleagues slumped beside him. He had hoped things wouldn't get messy, or at least not so quickly. Ah well, so much for hope he sighed, and took aim.
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Post by: Narric on February 18, 2019, 11:12:14 pm
As Nyx slumps to the ground, a myoclonic jerk snaps her back to focus. Nyx blinked awake and immediately took in the scene, two targets, at least one of them just enchanted her. She whipped her wand out of an inner pocket, the wood looked blackened as if it had been rescued from a fire and was warm to the touch. She couldn't speak Infernal beyond a few words and even then she didn't know what they meant, but one of the words was at her lips at that moment. The utterance broke her cover immediately, seeming unnaturally loud and somehow wrong, but matched with the practiced flourish of the wand it conjured a bolt of black, roiling energy which shot towards the nearest foe. To Nyx, the world stood still as an impotent puff of purple sparkly smoke erupted from the wand's tip.

The Cart Driver glimpsed at their associate in surprise that their normal tactic had not work, regaining composure and grabbing a small simply scepter from their belt, swinging forward with a glob of archanic acidic. As the Driver finished the swing of his spell, the glob popped like a bubble harmlessly. The other had readied their own focus, but met with similar failure.

Hlaine rounded the cover of barrels, notched an arrow against the drawstring, and loosed. The arrow whistled swiftly, missing all but the timber frame of the inn at the entrance to the alley.

Aela's eyes had barely closed before she had shaken off the pathetic enchantment. She cursed in elvish under her breath that the alcohol had had any affect on her. The window was already open, she grabbed the side of the frame and jumped down into the alley, gracefully unsheathing her rapier mid-fall. The horse was right in front of her as she hit the cobblestone, landing half-kneeling and sword to her side. She yelped as pain quickly shot up her leg she had landed flat-footed on, her free hand flinching briefly to hold her shin. She quickly composed herself and stood up weapon ready before her.

Obsidian had already had her weapon ready, but chose instead of violence to try and scare the goons into submission. She dwarvishly leaped forward into the alley from the in door, ending up to the side of the horse. In the heat of the moment, all she could think to try was to let out a chilling war cry. She had taken a mighty breathe beforehand and her voice carried force as it swept up the alley to the road. The goons scrambled for a moment, a glance passing between their hooded faces. It looked as if they were about to surrender.

They dismounted the cart, and ran the opposite direction from the group. Hlaine shoot with arrows and Nyx with magic. The Cart Driver is struck in the back by Nyx's first volley, crumpling to the floor, his associate unscathed.

Obsidian's mighty roar had caused a racket, rousing Ben from his slumber. He grabbed what he needed and had raced through the Inn, arriving to the alleyway door just as the goon left the alley. Aela and Obsidian had ran to catch up with the escaping goons, and were now level with the wounded one, Obsidian spotted a dagger in their hands, and swiftly kicked it away.

"You don't look like any deliverymen I've met" Obsidian growls to the goon on the ground.

The smell of death begins to fill the alley.

Nyx: HP 10/10
Benjamin: HP 10/10
Aela: HP 9/10 (Don't jump out windows XD)
Obsidian: HP 14/14
Hlaine: HP 12/12
Goon 1: HP 1/8 knocked to the ground prone.
Goon 2: HP 8/8 escaped, still in the city.
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Cammerz on February 25, 2019, 09:09:09 pm
Nyx knew she couldn't catch the fleeing goon and pragmatically wandered over to the one lying on his back in the courtyard. She sat cross-legged on his chest and placed her wand so the tip was directly under his chin and she smiled at him, then in a cheerful voice she said,

 "Hello there, we'd like to have a little chat. Sound good to you?"
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Mabbz on February 26, 2019, 07:48:18 am
Ben carefully moved to stand near the goon, ready to step in if he tried anything.
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Narric on March 13, 2019, 08:14:44 pm
The goon groans with the noticeable weight of Nyx sitting upon him. His hood obscuring his face more as the night drew in on the city. Even so his pain riddled face still betrayed the malicious scowl he was giving the scraggly cloaked gnome. Obsidian walked up, axe in hand in case the escaped goon found reason to return.

The cloaked man had answers to questions, but how loose his lips were couldn't be measured at a glance.

The warm evening air of the ally, though still, was slowly being corrupted by the smell of necrotic flesh.
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Mabbz on March 15, 2019, 07:33:52 pm
"What is that stink?" Ben wondered aloud, before moving to check the carts. "Hey, deliveryman, why the need to be sneaky about this? Believe it or not, we're reasonable people that just want an explanation."
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Cammerz on March 18, 2019, 10:25:52 am
Nyx put on her best 'reasonable person' smile and cocked her head to the side slightly, indicating that she was willing to listen to the scowly man's answer.

The tip of her wand never left it's station, just below his chin.
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Narric on March 18, 2019, 07:14:08 pm
Ben worked from the rear of the cart, examining the casks. Each sloshed with the distinct sound of alcohol, but the smell was washing over everything at this point, and had gotten stronger as he had moved closer. The only other place to check was the riders' bench at the front. His eyes began to water, blurring his vision breifly as he came to the front of the cart. He wiped his eyes, and combined with the smell, the sight found before him was too much.
Ben's last meal made a gran spectacle across the flagstones on the alleyway, Ben staggering backwards to rest a hand on the wall.

It was the horse. Or at least what remained of it. Its flesh and meat, though originally covered in an auburn coat of fur before, was now blackened, putrid, and falling to pieces. Clumps of rotten flesh had sloughed off the side of the horse and lay beneath it. Much of its face had come away, revealing the equine skull. Its organs lay mixed with the vile mess on the ground, save for what had been caught by its rib cage.
It improbably still stood. Something was keeping it together and standing dead still as if trapped in a painting.

Nyx was doing her best to wordlessly persuade the goon into talking. Sadly it seemed to threat of magically face lift seemed to be doing. The Goon simply tried turning away, maybe a little embarrassed by the Gnomes' tough girl routine.

[Dice Rolls]
Ben Constitution check ( 4
Nyx Intimidation/Persuasion ( 3
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Post by: Mabbz on March 20, 2019, 11:01:53 am
Ben coughed and retched a bit more, trying to compose himself. Once his head cleared a bit, he decided that an undead horse probably wasn't a good thing to have nearby, even if it was currently docile. Forcing himself to look at the creature again, he raised a hand, preparing to cast Sacred Flame.
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Post by: Scout Sergeant Mkoll on March 31, 2019, 06:55:59 pm
"Alright, enough games" Hlaine growled, grabbing his maces and approaching the delivery man. "Unlike my associates, I am not a reasonable person. So here's the deal. Tell us what we want to know or I start using various body parts to beat a tune out of you. Might break a few bones, but there's softer targets to aim for as well."
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Post by: Narric on April 01, 2019, 12:12:52 am
"To death you were sent, and forcefully claimed, I return you from whence you came" The syllables caught a little in his throat as Ben spoke, his hands pulling into a flat palmed prayer, to directing the divine energy of Karuma's rebalance towards the cadaverous equine. Bone and rotten flesh at once became engulfed by magical flame, scarcely touching the wood of the cart and surrounding buildings, but each shred of what the creature quickly turning to ash and was carried off by an unfelt wind. No more of the house feel to the ground, not even as the flames removed the legs from under it. The Acolyte of Karuma may have seen some semblance of the animals eyes from when it was alive had he not been holding his nose and turned away from the smell of burning rot.

The goon flinched as the Halfling made his threat. Had he not already been near death from the magical blast to his back, the threat of broken bones and injury may have worked. He felt confident, despite his position. Maybe that was what made his lips loose.
"Hah! You all know nothing of what my Master wishes to achieve." He snared, snapping his teeth at the wand pointed to his face. "Lakenvale is only a lesser part of what Master wishes to achieve!! He!.." The goon cut himself short, a flash of panic through his mind and he realised he had gotten carried away. These adventurers knew nothing, and would be no consequence. But He should not have jeopardised the Master so callously.

"I've heard sweeter melodies from canaries." Aela commented. "Shouldn't we tie him up and take him to the guards, or something?"

Hlaine Intimidation ( 4
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Post by: Narric on May 07, 2019, 07:41:59 pm
The goon was less than helpful when the group began tying his hands. Obsidian drew the short straw of staying outside with the cart, checking the kegs and casks that had been brought, and generally keeping guard outside. The smell of rotten flesh had dispersed, with only a small pile of burnt debris left on the ground.

The remaining party kept the goon secure in the inn. Nothing of note occurred, as the goon was clearly outnumbered and outmatched. The warm night passed by slow and boringly.

Brindle awoke with first light, feeling refreshed from finally being able to sleep through without worry of his delivery. His family rooms were in a third level above the guest quarters, behind a locked door for privacy and security. The fact a couple the guest rooms of the previous day's adventurer's seemed to have been left open didn't even cross his mind, nor the strange smell that was filling the day. Down one final flight of stairs, and suddenly he was awake when he realised people were already in the bar.

"What the heck is going on here?" He demanded in his calmest tone available.

"Well somehow this guy is a small cog in some master plan" Hlaine casually replied. "Somehow that involves only sending you half a shipment of Ale and Mead?"

"Thats.... a strange turn of events...." Brindle stood dumbfounded. He jumped a little when he heard Findle sigh behind him.

"I guess I'll go get a guard or something?" She grumbled, walking past her father past the adventurers and goon, and out the door without a glance or pause.

The Guards came and took the goon away, the group giving what details they had learned from the man and Brindle.

"You have all showed you're at least able to get some things done, so I'l going to pay you all five gold up front" Brindle pulled out his pouch and handed each of the group their appropriate pay. "I'd still like you all to visit Jois at his Lakenvale Meadery. I fear he is some sort of trouble...."

"Don't worry, we'll help him" Aela reassured in her softess voice. She turned to the party. "Is there anything we need before we leave town?"

[Player Notes]
Each member of the party has gained 50exp, and +5gp.
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Post by: Cammerz on May 08, 2019, 10:17:59 am
Nyx's eyes bulged when she saw the gold, Actual gold! Five of them! The coins quickly disappeared into various pockets around her person and she shook her head in response to Aela's question.

Wiggly's eyes bulged when he saw the coin drop into the pocket beside him, but a quick sniff and a testing bite proved that it wasn't food and the mouse quickly ignored it and went back to sleep.
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Mabbz on May 11, 2019, 10:39:36 pm
"I think I have everything I need for now," Ben said, with a thoughtful look on his face. "Although thinking about spell components just made me wonder; are there any special items needed for that sleep spell they used? Or the zombie horse, for that matter? Maybe we could find more information if they've had to make unusual purchases"
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Narric on May 12, 2019, 07:54:50 pm
Nyx thought for a moment about what Ben was wondering. It wasn't a spell they knew who to cast themselves, but components were usually easy to figure out.
"Sleep spells don't need much, especially for just small groups or small creatures." She stated while perched on a bar stool. "Fine sand, rose petals, crickets. A reanimated horse is beyond what I know..."

Ben considered the information for a moment.
"Carandia is an island, so even a small beach can be a source of sand. Rose Petals can be found in the wild or bought from florists. Crickets to my knowledge would be out in the wild as well, though likely difficult to catch."

"Considering they've been putting Brindle to sleep for each delivery, possibly other Inn keepers as well, they'd need a large or at least steady supply." Hlaine added into the conversation. "Could those volumes be bought without someone noticing a pattern?"
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Post by: Narric on July 14, 2019, 04:06:28 pm
As group you had tried to find a seller of spell components in West Gemos. Sadly, no one of the group was from this part of Carandia, and so your efforts lead to nought. However, Nyx remembered she had cross the Gemos bay, and vaguely remember a trader who had crickets in various stages of being dead/alive.

For a silver each, you all cross using one of the many pedestrian ferries that crossed between the two cities, guided be chains below the water. The ferryman eyed the gnome suspiciously, but said nothing during the trip.

You all admired the view as the ferry drifted across the water, light splashing of the chains lifting out the water, and clunking of the ferry framework creating a soft beat to the world around you.
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Post by: Cammerz on July 14, 2019, 06:38:08 pm
As the ferry tossed the mercifully calm bay, Nyx withdrew and unfolded a crude handmade map of East Gemos. Anyone gazing at it over her shoulder would likely fail to decipher it but as they reached the other side and disembarked, she immediately set off purposefully, leading the party in her wake.

The journey was unusual, avoiding a number of main roads in favour of a route through back alleys, along a few side roads which at first glance would appear to be dead-ends and even over the roof of a low building. The rest of the group quickly lost all sense of direction but in a surprisingly short time they found themselves besides an unusual looking shop (which I'm sure the GM will describe).

 "Here it is, looks like he's still in business so this could well be it", Nyx paused in thought for a moment, "it might be better if someone else went in and talked to him, I wasn't exactly in his best books when I was last here and we don't want to antagonise him right now".
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Post by: Mabbz on July 15, 2019, 09:24:23 am
Ben shrugged. "I'm happy to go in, but if someone wants to try subtlety first then speak up now. I'm just going to ask him outright if someone's been buying lots of crickets"

Ben waited a few days moments in case anyone spoke up.
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Post by: Mabbz on July 22, 2019, 02:14:55 pm
Ben walked into the shop, and carefully navigated the piles of crates until he reached the trader.

"Hello sir," he began brightly. "Allow me to be upfront. I'm not here to purchase your wares; I'm actually here for information. Some individuals were recently apprehended by the guards for repeatedly casting sleeping spells to break into inns. My friends have been retained to find out who was funding the operation. Since they'd require a steady supply of crickets for the spell, I was hoping you may have noticed any large purchases recently?"
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Post by: Narric on August 01, 2019, 03:48:05 pm
The wizened storekeeper behind the counter glanced up from her knitting to examine the Cleric.

"Sadly youngin', I'm not a seller of crickets, be they living or dead." She croaked loudly.
"The little bastards are hard to keep while alive, and its best to have them pretty fresh for any kind of spell they're a component for." She seemed to look to the ceiling of the shop, stroking her wrinkly chin.
"Honestly, be easier to keep traps about to catch them, and take just the few you'd need." The elderly woman looks Ben in the eye.
"I haven't heard of anyone using such a spell on a regular basis though, so why do you really want to know?"

Storekeeper ( 11
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Post by: Mabbz on August 04, 2019, 05:25:16 pm
Ben didn't feel the need to try and hide his puzzlement. "I already said, someone's been cuaght breaking into inns. It's a bit of a strange case really; the people involved weren't stealing anything, as far as I can tell. They were just delivering ale, and yet they felt the need to cast a sleeping spell while doing it. Also, why use an undead horse to deliver ale?" He shook his head. "Well, if your sure you haven't heard anything, I'd better get going. Oh, and have this for your time," Ben added, tossing a silver coin on the counter. "If you do hear anything and can get the news to me, I'd be grateful."
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Narric on August 05, 2019, 06:52:42 pm
The aged storekeep picked up the coin and examined it in what light she had. With a twirl of fingers it seemingly disappeared.

"You're unlikely to find answers in the city." She raised her voice slightly to make sure Ben heard her.
"Most of the common criminals are simple minded, so magic is often well beyond their ability. You're likely dealing with someone a little more intelligent, and possibly with a plan in mind...." She locks eyes with the Cleric.
"Now good day to you, and keep that urchin away from my store!" A flick of the wrist and a savage point to the door, accompanied by wide yet threatening eyes was the last thing Ben saw as he exited the establishment. He signaled for the others to follow, not wanting to crowd the street more than the group likely had.
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Post by: Cammerz on August 06, 2019, 09:11:08 pm
Nyx left her cover behind some boxes and scampered after Ben, rapid-firing questions as they went;
 "Anything to share? What did she say? Someone buying all the crickets? Where to next?"
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Mabbz on August 07, 2019, 12:24:58 pm
"Apparently even if you're using them a lot, its easier to just set your own traps to catch crickets than to try buying them," Ben explained, shrugging. "So this was a dead end. I'd say the only way we're going to get answers is to go to the source and investigate the brewery. Anyway, that's what we're being paid for, so I suppose we should probably actually honour our agreement."
Title: Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
Post by: Cammerz on August 07, 2019, 07:51:33 pm
Nyx's face fell, but only for a second and then the energy came back, along with the almost infectious smile,

 "Well, we'd better set off then, supplies should be much cheaper here than they would be out West anyway."

Nyx's hand ventured into a pocket and out came the map of East Gemos once more and she started pointing to locations where they might find anything and everything they might want. It quickly became very clear to those with adventuring experience that Nyx had no idea precisely what supplies they'd all need but she gave so many suggestions that it covered most of the important ones just through chance.

When prompted to a specific option, she set off once more in a seemingly random and unusual path dragging the hapless party along behind her. Nobody knows a city like an urchin and in no time at all they were where they needed to be.