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Title: Infiltrate and Assassinate
Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on December 17, 2012, 07:59:37 pm
Ok, inspired by Mabbz rewrite of the Kill Team rules, I came up with a basic 40k based D&D style mission. It's set against Tau because a) I play Tau and b) their use of drones and sentry turrets lend them to this idea well. Plus they plance a great deal of importance on the Ethereal.

Assassination Vs Tau.

Target - Ethereal

Your mission is to infiltrate the Tau base and kill the Ethereal. You will encounter enemy patrols and sentries as you advance and the odds are NOT in your favor. You are the leader of an elite team, handpicked for this mission. You will need all of your skills to complete this task.

Your team is as follows:

4 Troopers

You may take any weapons that you may take in your codex that are permitted for your unit type. All the rules of these weapons still apply. A Space Marine Can take a Heavy Bolter, but not an Assault Cannon for example.

Every man gets a single 1 use Melta Bomb. This can be used to make a path through the walls of the compound. Be warned however, that doing so will alert every unit within 24" to your presense, and will raise the alarm level by 2.

Aslong as the medic is alive, you may take one turn to heal troopers. To do this you must be out of LOS of any and all enemy units. You may heal up to d3 wounds in this turn. You also count as having gone to ground.

Upon loosing your final wound, make a Toughness test. If you pass, you get back up with 1 would left. This cannot be done if you were killed by a weapon that causes Instant Death as the damage is just too great.

You may upgrade a single trooper to a specialist.

The Big Guy - This trooper gains Relentess and + 1 Strength and Toughness
The Whizz - Armed with an Array of ECMs, The Whizz gives your unit +1 to cover saves
The Swordmaster - You gain Shred in Close Combat
The Sniper - You can reroll all to hit rolls of a 1.

The Squad has the following Special Rules:  Feel No Pain, Stealth, Crusader, Eternal Warrior.

Every man in the Squad has 2 wounds. You as the Leader have 3. Every man has Ld10.

The Alarm:

Alarm Levels are rasied by being seen by an Enemy unit while inside their Alert Radius. This is usually 12", although some may have a greater threat detection.Once you have been detected and the alarm raised, all active enemies will go onto High Alert until the Alarm has been dropped. Once Enemies are on High Alert, their threat detection range becomes the same as their weapons range. Enemies on High Alert will move in your direction even if they cannot see you if you are in their High Alert range.

If an enemy spots you, you have 2 options. Destroy the entire enemy unit, or go to ground and take a cover save. Either of these will result in the alarm not being triggered. Failing the save, or not destroying the unit in a single round of shooting and CC will trigger the alarm.

Each unit triggers the Alarm level above it. Firewarriors will call for a Crisis suit, even if you currently have no alarm rating.

You can reduce the alarm by keeping out of sight for more than 2 turns. The level will drop one level every turn after the first.

Example: You are spotted by a Gun Drone Patrol, you fail your cover save and the alarm is raised. A Sniper Drone is dispatched. You manage to kill the Gun Drones and then the Sniper drone. After a turn of no combat, the alarm will be deatcivated and any units that were coming to kill you are now returning to their stations. Drones will deactivate and return to their dispensers.

Should you run into a returning squad, they will immediatly engage you and raise the alarm again, so stealth is important. Attempting to shoot your way through eveything is ill advised.

Alarm Levels: There are 4 Alarm Levels in the facility. Starting with being spotted by a basic patrol, your Alarm Level will rise by one. Your Level will rise and fall equally across the whole facility. Enemies will always raise the Alarm one level above their own, i.e, Firewarriors will raise a level 3 alarm.

Level 1: Heavily armed Sniper Drones will be released from Drone Dispensers within 18" of your position.

Level 2: Squads of Carbine armed Fire Warriors will be deployed from Guard Posts and move to converge on your position.

Level 3: A Crisis suit will be deployed from the Hangar and will head rapidly to your location. It will be armed with whatever weapons are deemed appropriate for the situation and a Shield Generator.

Level 4: A Hazard Suit will be dispatched from the Command room to hunt you down and destroy you.

What you will be facing:

Level 1:
Gun Drone Patrols: Teams of 2.
Armed with TL Pulse Carbines
Alert Range 12"

Sniper Drones: Teams of 2
Armed with single Railrifles
Alert Range 12"

Level 2:
Firewarrior Response Team: Team of 6
Armed with Pulse Carbines
Alert Range/High Alert 12"/18"
Firewarrior Response Teams can always Run 6".

Level 3:
Crisis Response Unit: Single XV8
Armed with: Various
Alert Range/High Alert 18"/Unlimited
The Crisis Battlesuit has a direct link to the central computer and can track you at all times once it is on high alert. This link is deactivate once the threat is deemed to have passed and the suit will return to the Hangar.

Level 4:
Seek and Destroy Hazard Unit: Single XV9
Armed with Fusion Cascade and Phased Ion Gun and Shield Generator
Alert Range: Unlimited

Ethereal: Single Ethereal with Honour Blade and Shield Generator. 2 Shield Drones.

Elite Bodyguards: 2 Units of 6.
Armed with Pulse Rifles and Targetting Arrays.
These are the Ethereals personal bodyguards, they will give their life to protect him. They get to make their Look Out Sir! rolls on a 2+.

Sentry Drone Turrets: Single unit.
Armed with: Various TL weapons.
Alert Range 12"

Important Areas:

Guard Outposts: Destroying a Guard Outpost will prevent the deployment of Firewarriors from that location. Instead, an extra Gun Drone team will be deployed from near by dispensers.

Armoury: A Lootable store of Weapons and Wargear. Pulse Rifles, Carbines, Photon Grenades and EMP grenades can be picked up here, replacing your own weapons.

Hangar: The Crisis Suit storage. Heavily armoured and guarded, destroying this facility will prevent the deployment of Crisis suits.

Destroying ANY of these facilities will permanently increase the base Alarm level, and raise your alarm rating to 3 for 2 turns.

Command Room: The core of the facility, housing the Ethereal, his Elite Bodyguard and the best security in the facility. Level 4 Security is located here. All Tau units in the Command Room have Relentless, Stubborn and Fearless.

Upon entering the Command Room, you will immediatly raise the full alarm, ALL Enemy units will begin to converge on your position. Killing the Ethereal is the only way to escape.

The chances are you are going to die in your mission, but killing the Ethereal will ensure that your commanders can drive the Tau back and win the war.

So, thought, ideas, suggestions?

It's not finished at all, and I am happy to add or remove bits, or simplify others.

The Infiltrators can be anyone really, and the Medic is a given. The 5 men are of your choosing from your codex that are not vehicle or bikes.

Im thinking a points limit on the 5 men of 150 points. The Melta Bombs are free as is the Medic and his med kit.

You WILL be outnumbered and mostly outgunned and the odds are never going to favour you, although hopefully the toughness and medical abilities will help keep your men alive long enough to reach the Ethereal.

Terrain should ideally be set up to mimic corridors and the mentioned rooms. There won't be much room to manuver, and there should be multiple routes to the goal. No straight longer than 12" would be beneficial to stop your men just getting gunned down by longer ranged weapons.
Title: Re: Infiltrate and Assassinate
Post by: Mabbz on December 18, 2012, 11:59:32 pm
Yay, I'm inspiring!

Anyway, my thoughts:

It looks fun. One thing I would say is that having the alarm fall if everything is quiet for a couple of turns seems a bit silly. I get that the game would be almost unwinnable without out that though, so it's an acceptable break from reality.

The chances are you are going to die in your mission.
Clearly. Killing the ethereal, maybe. If I'm reading this right, escape would involve fighting through a hazard suit, crisis suits, fire warriors and near endless drones. Even with the survivability you've given them, they're pretty much doomed. I am fine with this.

All in all, looks good. I doubt I'll ever play it - none of the people I play use house rules - but I imagine I'd enjoy it if I did.
Title: Re: Infiltrate and Assassinate
Post by: InsaneTD on January 02, 2013, 05:46:33 am
If I had the rules for the Hazard suit I could probably get a mate or two to play this with me.
Title: Re: Infiltrate and Assassinate
Post by: The Man They Call Jayne on January 02, 2013, 06:19:46 am
You can do it without the Hazard suit easily enough. Just use more Crisis suits.
Title: Re: Infiltrate and Assassinate
Post by: InsaneTD on January 02, 2013, 06:39:04 am
That is true. Mate gets back from holidays this weekend. Give a try when I next.see him.