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I kind of hate the FAQ.
The change to FNP is minor, but it actually specifically contradicts old RAI. (They bragged on a Warhammer Community page about how Iron Hands vendreads would get two saves.) They're pretending that they "Never intended" for a rules combo that they explicitly intended for.

Adding CPs is great, except that it sucks for armies without codices. I regularly have to fight a massive uphill battle with my Orks or SoB, who go up against armies that can respond to everything I bring thanks to the flexibility offered by strategems, which I don't have.

Inquisition, SoS, and LotD are all inbad shape, and this FAQ makes them much, much worse.

I'm glad they improved balance on Psychic Focus so that it doesn't kill Grey Knights, at least.

All in all, this FAQ reflects everything wrong (in my opinion) with how GW balances: They don't selectively fix problems and carefully balance, they use a sledgehammer to knock down cheese without concern for how their fixes will hurt smaller or weaker factions.

General 40k and Expansions / Re: Matched Play Beta Changes
« on: December 20, 2017, 05:53:19 PM »
I'm guessing that this issue for Grey Knights and Thousand Sons will be addressed once the codices are released for these two armies.
As already pointed out, Grey Knights have a codex. It's already pretty terrible - The weakest codex by far, and one of the weaker factions in general. This would be the final nail in the coffin for anyone wanting to play pure Grey Knights.

General 40k and Expansions / Re: Matched Play Beta Changes
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:54:34 PM »
I really don't care for the change to Smite, because it shows that Games Workshop either doesn't care about, or just forgot about, Grey Knights. (And, to a lesser extent, Thousand Sons.)
Like... We're paying for psychic ability on every unit in our army. Our Smite is already nerfed to make that fair and reasonable. Now, though, we're paying for psychic ability on every unit in our army, but we're not even allowed to use a large chunk of it.
(In a 2k list of pure Grey Knights, I get around 15-16 uses of Psychic Powers, +1 if I use the Strategem to get an extra power. Even assuming I want to use all six Grey Knight powers, that means I'm casting Smite between nine and eleven times.)

General 40k and Expansions / Re: Chapter Approved - Thoughts and Commentary
« on: December 03, 2017, 05:14:08 AM »
I must say that Chapter Approved has caused a lot of drama that almost makes me question if it was all worth it...
Overall, it was just a bigger FAQ that could have been put out as a free PDF, but I'm not sure if it was just billed incorrectly.
If it had just said, "this will be little tweaks, nothing more" then I think people wouldn't have had big hopes.
But, it had been translated into "here's how we're going to balance everything" which was clearly not the intent.

After all, it still seems obvious that all Codex armies are superior to Index armies, and that makes sense as the Codex armies are supposed to be fully-fleshed out works.

So, I was suspicious when the hype that CA was getting was too high.
I still like playing 8th, but you have to bill things correctly otherwise the fanbase will eat you alive.

I mean, I'm not gonna compare CA armies to Codex armies, but even if we go along with the 'little tweaks, nothing more' angle, that poses some serious problems.

Firstly, Forgeworld points got even more imbalanced. Tons of bad units got inexplicable point hikes. Decent units, meanwhile, got point hikes totally out of proportion with their quality. (Unless you actually believe that, say, Sokar Stormbirds deserved to have their cost trippled.)

Secondly, as far as a 'course correction' goes, it really... Doesn't. They're still demonstrating a complete inability to write good Orks rules, by giving a relic that sometimes is worse than the base weapon and by offering a Warlord Trait that is vastly unhelpful for the options we have available.

Also, Forge World promised that oop units who lacked rules would get datasheets in Chapter Approved. This is clearly not true, meaning my Kustom Battle Fortress will be shelved for at least another year. Yaaaaaay.

General 40k and Expansions / Chapter Approved - Thoughts and Commentary
« on: December 02, 2017, 08:02:01 PM »
Having seen all the leaks, I'm gonna just share some thoughts on them here. Mostly about the factions that I play. (But I play a ton of factions, so...)

I'm quite happy with the Sisters of Battle updates. The changes to Celestine are fair, making Gemeni more valuable while keeping Celestine from being an auto-include.
Our Warlord Trait is positively awful (Re-rolls on Leadership is not worth using up a Warlord Trait,) but our Relic is pretty badass - In fact, if we're talking 'Original weapon vs Relic version' it's arguably the best relic weapon in the game, possibly tied with the Teeth of Terra/Blade of the Hydra. Making a Power Sword into a better version of a Relic Blade is great, especially since it gives us our only beatstick HQ outside of Celestine. (For 49pts, a Canonness is now going to be very threatening in Close Combat. I can't think of many CC characters who are gonna be tougher for that cost.)
Oh, and both of our strategems are fantastic - Extra Acts of Faith are beastly, and gives more reason to take cheap characters, since they can give buffs upon death. More importantly, Sisters of Battle now have access to some genuine, fairly good psychic denial that they were previously lacking in.

Space Wolves aren't quite as good in terms of new abilities, but our points cuts are fantastic, bringing everything into line with generic Marines, making TWolves and Wulfen viable (and even good!) again, and making many of our characters cheaper. (Except Arjac, who inexplicably got a 5pt bump for some reason?!)
Our relic weapon is better than nothing, and can make for a fairly good infantry-killer. It's better than the Burning Blade, at least. Our Warlord Trait is badass, which is also really great. The 'True Grit' strategem is a little lackluster, but better than nothing, and the outflank strategem is actually pretty fantastic.

Deathwatch are... Okay. The Warlord Trait is fine, but not amazing. The anti-vehicle Strategem is nice, if you have a Watch Master who likes getting into close combat with vehicles for some reason, but it's too specific and conditional for my taste. The Relic letting units teleport is really great, and the bonus hits on 6s strategem is garbage.

Imperial Knights are kind of a weird one. Everything available is basically just a flat upgrade, kind of a "What's that? You wanted to take Imperial Knights as your main faction? Uh... Okay!"
The Warlord Trait just gives a bonus attack, the relic Sword just gives +1 to Wound against S7 (Okay, it's two higher strength, but semantics aside the effect is the same,) and the Strategem gives +1 to invulns. It's nice for players who want to make a really beefy Knight to lead their army.

I'm very disappointed with Orks. Every other faction I play either got some kind of valuable tool that they previously didn't have access to, very noticeable damage increases, or new mobility options to allow for interesting play.
Orks get some decent price cuts on a few weapons and a couple units, but it's nowhere near the kind of overhaul we really need. (Power Klaws being cheaper is nice, a few other random things are nice, but... Well, making a Shokk Attack Gun 20pts cheaper doesn't make it good, and that's the theme of the whole update.)
Our Relic is better than nothing, but paradoxically makes the Big Choppa worse in at least one regard - Changing a flat 2 damage to d3 damage is a handicap that will make the Warboss using it worse.  It's probably still a better weapon thanks to the better AP (AP-2 as opposed to -1,) and the chance for Mortal Wounds on a 6+ to wound, but honestly it's a huge disappointment.
Our Warlord Trait is worse. +1 Strength is absolute garbage. On a Big Choppa Warboss, it only helps against S8, on a Power Klaw Warboss, it only helps against T7, and on anyone else it doesn't matter in the slightest, because you don't want your Weirdboys or Big Meks to get into Close Combat.
Our Strategems? One is extremely situational, the other is complete crap. Bonus attacks on 6+ to hit in shooting is crap, because we don't get enough shots with enough accuracy for that to matter, and unlike a lot of other factions, we don't even have any way to get +1 To Hit to help with that.
Mob Up is better, combining squads, but it requires pretty specific circumstances and is generally kind of crummy.

All in all, the Imperial updates are great, the Xenos one... Not so much.

Online Roleplaying / Re: Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« on: October 25, 2017, 06:23:59 AM »
Rigg knew that it wouldn't do to completely dominate the conversation all of the time, and so let the others finish their introductions while taking a long draw on his Lho stick before flicking it straight into the trash receptacle from across the room, beaming his most charming smile directly at Ms Robertson, and saying, "Rigg Sesamekesh, pleasure to meet you all. I'm a merchandise man! You want it, I can either get it for you or I know someone who can - Well, at least, that was the case a couple years and, eh," he waved his hand, "A proper arm ago. I think they recruited me for my skills at arm wrestling foremost, but should it come down to it I can handle any financial negotiations we need to."

Online Roleplaying / Re: Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« on: October 21, 2017, 06:10:02 AM »
"Secrets? Lies? You all should have just said so!" Rigg beamed, lighting the Lho-stick and taking a brief draw and then blowing out a ring of smoke into the air. "In all seriousness, though, I'll do my best to keep cards on the table, unless we're actually playing at a hand of cards."

Online Roleplaying / Re: Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« on: October 19, 2017, 08:12:55 PM »
Rigg's grin widened as he smoothly slid out a Lho stick, then shook his wrist and made the pack disappear back to where it had come from. "Roran, why, how'd you ever acquire a nickname like that? I'd not think call you 'Worse' unless it's your preferred title." He winked, then wheeled back to Titus.

"Aha, no, you mistake my meaning. I was curious if you'd heard what exact mission we're preparing for. Espionage? Action? Derring-do? You two certainly seem like the type for heroics, at least, and I'd be glad to help as your liaison or what-have-you."

Popping the stick into his mouth, he snapped the fingers on his mechanical hand, making a small promethium flame appear. Before lighting, though, he glanced around the room. "Does anyone mind if I smoke?"

Online Roleplaying / Re: Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« on: October 18, 2017, 01:53:14 PM »
Rigg was only moments behind Roran, catching the door with his foot as it swung shut, pulling it back open with a movement of his leg and strolling inside, hands in his pockets and a friendly grin plastered on his face. Like Titus, he was clean shaven and wearing his uniform, but his seemed to fit as though it was tailored perfectly to his wiry frame.

Withdrawing his cybernetic right hand from a pocket, he stuck it out towards the closest figure in the room - Titus, as it happened. "Rigg Sesamekesh, pleasure to meet you, what's your name?" he said, glancing over to Roran. "Nice to meet you as well, big guy, what do they call you? Emperor's mercy, between the two of you I feel like I ought to go hit the gym, you're making me feel like I'm starting to lose muscle tone." He waved his cybernetic arm, emphasizing that it was a joke. "Anyone know what we're here for?"

Flicking out his biological right hand, a pack of Lho sticks seemed to appear as though from air, though it had probably been tucked up his sleeve. Opening the lid and sliding out one so it could be easily grabbed, he offered, "Care for a smoke?"

If Rigg was aware that he'd just asked four questions in the space of ten seconds, he showed no sign of it, still grinning broadly at both of his new friends.

Official Announcements / Re: 2S Improvement Survey
« on: October 09, 2017, 04:54:20 PM »
I don't actually care for the mobile site, because it drops two very useful features: The main page doesn't list the black/grey/white icons that let you know if there's a new post, and it doesn't have the subheader showing the most recently active thread. Rather than being able to tell what's up at a glance, I have to check each subforum individually... Or set my phone to load the desktop view.

So we have a Slum-born Inquisitor hopeful, Judge Dread, and Marvel's Loki?
No, no, Loki is a charming scumbag, and also isn't totally worthless in a fight. I'm mostly a nice guy!

(My character ended up a little min-maxed. That wasn't exactly my intent when I started out, but I DID want to nearly bottom out my Sanity and Willpower, so... Sort of worked out.)

Name: Rigg Sesamekesh
Age/Gender: 36, Male
Background: Born into a family of midling merchants, Rigg demonstrated himself to be the golden child almost, developing a silver tongue almost in unison with learning to speak. Quick with a joke and quicker with a smile, he charmed his way through childhood and, once old enough to start handling business on his own, charmed his way into a not-so modest fortune.
With things coming this easily, though, he developed a taste for risk-taking alongside his perfectly legitimate business enterprises. Sweet-talking his way into higher and higher risk gambling which continued to pay off, right up until they discovered that he'd been cheating. He managed to tearfully beg things away from having his head cut off, but wasn't so lucky to keep one of his hands or any of his winnings.
Of course, that didn't teach him to stop cheating, it just taught him to find a good cybernetics supplier and get better at cheating. (While justifying it that, of course, everyone he was taking money from was some form of criminal or another.)
A coward and pushover in real combat, Rigg will gladly take risks and show off outside of it. His looks and words can carry him through most social situations, a fact he happily takes advantage of, making friends as easily as a fish swims in water. He could sell green to an Ork and mutation to a heretic, but prefers his business associates to be more human and faithful... So long as they've money.


  • Sleight of Hand (For card tricks, palming and lifting items, pickpocketing,
  • Silver-Tongued (Charming/Negotiating)
  • Cybernetic Arm - Designed with less emphasis on strength or durability and more placed on fine motor control. (Additionally, there is a small hidden compartment, in which he keeps a folded pocket knife and any valuable papers or documents that he can cram in.

Sure, what the hey, I'll join in. Why not, amirite?

General 40k and Expansions / Re: Fall of Konor - Who's in?
« on: August 03, 2017, 07:41:57 PM »
My LGS is playing through. I won a victory for the Imperials last Tuesday, and next week I'm playing a massive 3,000 point game next week to finish off the last of the stragglers trying to stay they executions on Konor.

Playing mostly Marines/Sisters, since I want the Imperials to win. I'm fine with Grimdark, but I don't want the setting to be too excessively bleak - Since GW would have to pull some kind of writing asspull in order to explain why the entire universe doesn't just fall apart if the Imperium loses, and that'd annoy me to no end.

This is... Not gonna go well for the Guard player, unless they can tank it out and hold objectives. I predict tha only one Knight will die - Barely - On the bottom of turn 2 or top of 3. Without knowing mission type I can't predict a victor.

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