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Fluff and Stories / Terrible Recompense [Infinity]
« on: June 29, 2013, 04:38:30 AM »
Vaskar stalked through the city rubble, the night sky illuminated by a few of the streetlights and glowing holoprojectors that still had power. With the natural grace and care of his race, the Shasvastii Aswang stepped over broken glass and through the broken human structures, careful to avoid moving anywhere that might display his presence. His comlog suddenly chirped with information;
“Commander, human heavy infantry spotted approximately 20 esyat towards us.” It was the voice of one of the two Shrouded he had sent ahead to scout out the path of his combat patrol. A vid-link was sent with the message and with the briefest of thoughts Vaskar opened it and watched through the eyes of the Shrouded as the human heavy infantry advanced through the ruins of their city towards them.
With another thought Vaskar opened a general voice-chat with his combat patrol; “Enemy spotted and advancing. Spread out. Naskor, take that rocket launcher up that building to our right and be generous to our guests.”
The Noctifer replied with an affirmative and Vaskar paused to see the elite soldier begin to climb up the tall structure he had indicated. He shifted his attention back to the other troops around him and directed them with swift hand signs before he moved forward and crouched behind the fallen remains of an overpass.
It seemed to be only a few moments later that the familiar ‘fwump’ sound of a Shasvastii missile launcher firing met his ears, followed swiftly by its accompanying explosion and then with the pattering staccato of human gunfire hot on its heels. Vaskar tucked his combi-rifle tight to his chest and ran forwards, ducking around the rubble and moving up the narrow and relatively clear passageway ahead of him. His command comlog kept him up to date on the swiftly forming firefight as it piggybacked on the HUD’s of the two Shrouded observers.
Naskor had waited until the human squad broke cover to begin is attack, firing rockets in a broad intercept pattern. Vaskar smiled vicariously as he saw one of the humans collapse, but the sentiment was short lived as their enemies returned fire and Naskor’s vital signs disappeared. Vaskar grunted in controlled anger as his comlog registered their first casualty and he compelled his legs to move faster over the broken ground.
A Shasvastii combi-rifle opened up near him and to his right and his comlog notified him that one his Shrouded scouts had opened fire on a human that leaped from cover and towards its comrade that had collapsed under the rocket launcher’s barrage. The round’s stitched a path across the enemy soldier’s chest, bursts of blood painting the wall behind him as he fell beside the fallen ally he had moved forward to save. Answering shots flew past the Shrouded and smacked into the hard cover around him and with a yelp that would have been comical had the situation not been so dire he dropped prone against the sheltering cover of blasted masonry.
Vaskar pushed the Shrouded’s vid-link away with an unconscious shake of his head, clearing it from his eyes as he rounded a corner and came face to face with the enemy. The human soldier was encased in thick layers of powered armour, sensor spikes spread along its back and a smooth exoskeleton giving it the aspect of a giant insect. Vaskar grimaced as his mind jumped to comparisons with the disgusting Exhra even as he raised his left hand, the adhesive launcher automatically deploying from his gauntlet.
With a swift gesture of his hand he triggered the exotic weapon, firing green globules at the enemy even as it spun around and leveled its weapon at him. One of the green adhesive shells managed to find its mark before his foe could pull the trigger, the impact causing the round to explode wetly around the soldier as if it had been an overripe fruit, green filaments wrapping around him and then hardening in the space of a nanosecond.
The Aswang lowered his arm and watched dispassionately as the human struggled pathetically, like a fly caught in a web. Vaskar slowly walked forward, reaching up and stowing his combi-rifle onto a magnetic strip located on the back plate of his armour with his right hand even as his left began to materialize a hardlight-sword. The human’s face was completely concealed by his helmet and his skin wrapped in layer upon layer of protective armor but the Shasvastii could still sense his fear. Perhaps it was a gift of their species; to sense the terror of others and taste in it a reflection of their own engrained paranoia. Swiftly and cleanly he cut the Human’s throat and began to eat, losing himself in the euphoria of the Black Arts.

“Welcome back Operations-Commander Vaskar.”
The annoyingly hyper polite voice of the Medchanoid designated Light greeted the Shasvastii officer as he entered the command bunker of their section, hidden deep within the omnipresent jungles of the planet. The biomechanical creature-creation slithered towards him with all the eagerness and blind loyalty of a domestic pet before falling in step beside and slightly behind him.
“I understand your operation was successful. As your medical advisor I must inquire; did you ingest any living biomass?”
Vaskar sighed and grunted an affirmative.
“Excellent!” the shrill mechanical voice exclaimed in his comlog. “I was beginning to fret ever-so-much. By the way, the EI has instructed me to summon you to its presence when you arrived here.”
Vaskar halted and glared vindictively at the AI. “Why didn’t you tell me that immediately?” he demanded angrily. Light tilted its head as if it where confused; “My social protocols dictated that a certain amount of personal interest be shown to my charges when greeting them and to act as a segway into more important affairs.” The Shasvastii’s eyes squinted before he turned around and began to head in the opposite direction and toward the EI’s local node, the long robe of his office swishing theatrically behind him. He had been forced to don the ceremonial attire of his rank while his field armour was cleaned…

The node chamber was a large and dark room located in the deepest section of the bunker, illuminated only by a hovering hologram of hardlight tinted a gentle blue and displaying raw data code. Vaskar walked into the silent space warily, perfectly aware that the only times one was usually called directly before an avatar of the EI was to suffer censure. He knelt before the display, a glaring white line of light illuminated the section of the floor within which he had come to rest. He quickly shook the feeling of being a displayed specimen.
“Operations-Commander Vaskar…you arrived later than I calculated.” Came an androgynous voice terrible in its gentleness. It seemed to emanate from all around him, but he kept his eyes focused on the floor before him. “I apologize. I was not made immediately aware of the summons.”
“You did not study any sciences that most civilizations would call ‘advanced’, so I will gift you with knowledge. Computers are pure beings; beings of perfect logic. Computers deal only in facts and thus, they draw their conclusions based on absolute objectivity. Using this, computers come to calculated conclusions. If there is anything a created intelligence hates, it is a miscalculation and that is because the data it was working with was flawed. Are you aware of how data becomes flawed Vaskar?”
He was sweating now, even his hyper-aware body control was only just managing to artificially slow his circulatory system. “I do not.” He said measurably, still trying to locate the source of the EI’s voice.
“Data becomes flawed when it is handled by biological organisms because biological organisms lack absolute objectivity. You are the reason my calculations are incorrect.”
He tried and failed to stifle a sudden, sharp intake of breath as an Anethematic materialized from thin air before him, its monofilament tendrils twitching on either side of his head. Plans and scenarios began to flash in Vaskar’s mind, but he knew his odds of fleeing or disabling the Anethematic where beyond remote. The EI’s voice speaking through the construct chuckled.
“Thinking of fighting me? How treasonous…” it said nonchalantly, turning away from him and looking at the hardlight hologram of flowing data before them both. “Relax Vaskar, I only used the word ‘you’ in a general sense to mean biological organisms. You personally have served me very well of late and this is why I have decided to promote you.”
The Shasvastii blinked, taking longer than usually to grasp the meaning of the Anethematic’s words due to the intentional emotional rollercoaster ride it was putting him through.
“Thank you very much!” he said swiftly, “I will not disappoint.”
The EI’s avatar chuckled once again at that and turned to regard him again. “You wont? I suggest you rephrase your promise. Biological organisms always disappoint me, and I take verbal contracts…very seriously.”
Vaskar looked up at the Anethematic, backlit sinisterly by the hardlight hologram. He could only bring himself to nod. That seemed to placate it, at least for the moment.
“Well, I will gift you with one more piece of information so that you will more fully realize the position you are in. Do you know how a perfect intellect such as the EI comes to decisions?”
“No.” Vaskar answered the rhetorical question.
“By consensus of course! While it is true that the various aspects of the EI are all copies of its will and personality, they are also each imbibed with some traits that might be considered individual, or have experienced different events that provide a different perspective to a given situation. All of the EI’s aspects synchronize with the greater intelligence, but our personal decision making process are remain distinct. Thus, we are each granted a label so that we may be known among our peers. This label reflects the purpose for which we where created or the individual character we where imbibed with or have developed. I will now tell you my name, and you would do well to remember it.
I am Terrible Recompense, and you shall be my Herald.”

The only outright 'evil' faction is the Combined Army of the EI.
Honestly I feel like the only 'evil' part of the EI would be the Morat. The EI itself I wouldn't call good by any stretch of the word, merely pragmatic. It doesnt go out of its way to demolish or annihilate races out of hand or for no reason, its just hyper-expansionist and has the capacity to throw its weight around and really we could expect the same behavior from any of the other factions if they had that kind of power (Pan'O and Yu Jing where quick to try and exploit Ariadna...).

The Exhra and Shasvastii are just alien, though considering the Morat have an entire regiment essentially dedicated to slaughtering civilians (Yaogats) I'd say they are pretty bad :P
I play a Shasvastii Expeditionary Force Sectorial btw.

Enemies of the Imperium / Re: Return of Tzeentch Screamers
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:33:17 PM »
They can thanx to turbo boost get a +4 cover save and with invisibility they can get a + 2 cover save in the open.

Ooooh, I C...

Enemies of the Imperium / Re: Return of Tzeentch Screamers
« on: June 17, 2013, 03:36:40 PM »
Taking a character with the Grimoire and Kairos to let you re roll it. This will give your Screamers a 3+ Invun and you re roll 1's so you essentially have a 2+ Invun save, couple that with 2 wounds each and being jetbikes should mean you get 2 rounds shooting at them max.

Do screamers really have a 4+ invln? I dont have my book with me ATM but I am about 80% sure they just have a 5+ invln and Kairos is the only thing with a 4+ invln. I wont be complaining if they do wind up having such a good save though >_>
+Edit+ I just checked my Daemons Codex and the FAQ and Screamers do indeed just have a 5+ invln save just like all the other daemons (save kairos) +Edit+

I love Screamers for 3 reasons; Cost Efficiency, Flexibility and Speed.
*Screamers are a two wound model with an invln save, decent states, great rules and you can get four of them for just 100 points. 
*Screamers are one of the few options in the game that can be used against virtually any target. Their fly-by attacks can mess with light infantry while their lamprey bite can demolish vehicles and even heavy infantry if they manage to get the charge (and being jetbikes that is easy to do). This means that no matter what list you are facing, screamers will always be a good option.
*What was once the providence of only Eldar (Emo or otherwise), being a Jetbike gives Screamers, and the armies they can ally with, some incredible speed that isnt really matched by anything else in the game. This means you can apply your swiss-army-scalpel exactly where you need it when you need it.
When I take Daemon allies with my Thousand Sons this is what I usually wind up taking;
LVL 1 Herald of Tzeentch with Exalted Locus
70 points
20 Horrors of Tzeentch
180 points
6 Screamers of Tzeentch
150 points
= 400 points
Everything in this little detachment can plug a hole in my list and all for a nice, low 400 points;
*The Herald functions as a divination battery providing me with re-rolls. These usually go with the Horror unit, but with them pumping out so much Str 6 shots a turn I feel this is justified.
*The horrors provide a cheap troop unit that can hold an objective and still provide ranged support. Since I play a Thousand Sons list, one of my favorite things to do is deploy an objective in the middle of a large open space and away from terrain. My chaos marines and the Horrors have invulnerable saves so cover is only an ally to my opponent, and by forcing them to approach out in the open towards the horrors, I can get a Rhino full of Rubric marines to pull up alongside and catch them in a crossfire.
*The screamers give my list much needed Close Combat punch and also anti-tank capacity that would be lacking otherwise. (I tend to load up on plasma) and can function as a stop-gap tar pit with their inland save and 2 wounds.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Re: Dark Elf Pendant of Khaeleth
« on: May 08, 2013, 11:27:25 AM »
Statistically speaking strength 4 is your best bet for trying to directly kill him if he has just a 2+ armour (So Ogres are the ideal unit for anti-Pendant duty due to the sheer number of attacks they can throw at him) but if he has a 1+ save then just throw as many attacks as you can at it. Something is bound to stick.

Another option is to use things that simply dont have a strength value. My terrorghiests make short work of Pegasus-Pendant builds by ignoring both the armour and the ward save, and you can always take a Death wizard and snipe his ass with Spirit Leach, The Caress of Laniph and especially The Fate of Bjuna. If you know your going to face one then it shouldn't be too much problem to get rid of him.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Re: Ogre Kingdoms 2500 points
« on: April 22, 2013, 04:16:51 AM »
I'm not enough of a whore to just cookie-cutter everything from internet lists. I'm happy with what I have here.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Re: Ogre Kingdoms 2500 points
« on: April 19, 2013, 03:55:52 AM »
I'm planning on deploying the Ogre Bull units 4 wide with a spare so they have to cause 6 wounds before I lose a rank.
The only reason I'm deploying the Ironguts 3 wide is that with a Bruiser, Slaughtermaster and Unit Champion in the first rank, they cant attack the actual unit itself and must divide their attacks. This will limit a lot of the damage output they can do while not really affecting my own.

My reasoning for all the gear is that my meta is dominated by Vampires, Chaos and Lizardmen (I.E. shit that can actually take on an Ogre Lord Character)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Re: Ogre Kingdoms 2500 points
« on: April 18, 2013, 08:54:07 PM »
Yeah, we play 2500 here. Hows this look?

Lvl 4 Slaughtermaster w/ Greedy Fist, Fencers Blades, Glittering Scales
385 points

Bruiser BSB w/ Great Weapon, Armour of Silver Steel, Luckstone
191 points

9 Ogres w/ Ironfists, Full Command
318 points

9 Ogres w/ Ironfists, Full Command
318 points

6 Ironguts w/ Full Command, Standard of Discipline

21 points

21 points

4 Leadbelchers
172 points

4 Mournfang w/ Musician, Dragonhide Banner, Heavy Armour, Ironfists

250 points

170 points

2499 points

Both characters go in Ironguts unit deployed 3 wide with champion filling out the other front rank.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Ogre Kingdoms 2500 points
« on: April 15, 2013, 11:12:28 PM »
Heya, I'm seriously thinking about starting Ogre Kingdoms as a second Fantasy army to my Vampire Counts, but I think I need some help working out the army because it works so differently from anything else I've ever played with. So, here is a list I've worked out, please tell me what you think.  :)

Lvl 4 Slaughtermaster w/ Duelists Blades, Greedy Fist, Glittering Scales
385 points

Bruiser BSB w/ Great Weapon, Luckstone, Armour of Silvered Steel, Lookout Gnoblar
196 points

12 Ogres w/ Ironfists, Full Command
414 points

8 Ironguts w/ Full Command, Standard of Discipline
289 points

21 Points
21 Points
21 Points
21 points

4 Leadbelchers w/ Bellower
182 points

4 Mournfang w/ Heavy Armour, Ironfists, Bellower, Standard Bearer w/ Dragonhide Banner
350 points

250 points
250 points

2500 points

Online Roleplaying / Re: The Scales of Power: Chapter 0 - Prelude
« on: April 05, 2013, 09:00:01 PM »
Once again the air shook with a deep rumbling that could almost be physically seen from the smoke around the Astartes and only seemed to form words and travel across the room reluctantly.
"That is well Inquisitor; for if I find you have wasted the lives of my men, I will kill you." Thrasius rumbled, in a tone lacking emotion, a fact simply stated. The Astartes standing near him, his chief aid named Hadrios spoke up then, his voice contrasting with his masters entirely; being energetic and full of emotion. It almost sounded human.
"Why have you ask us to come here? What is it you are intending?"

Online Roleplaying / Re: The Scales of Power: Chapter 0 - Prelude
« on: April 05, 2013, 06:09:12 AM »
A sound penetrated the massive doors of the Inquisitors dinning room where the two Adeptus Sororitas waited. It was distant, and at first unidentifiable. Then they heard it again and recognized it as the sound of a far off horn. Then the doors to the chamber where violently opened; and a cataclysm seemed to cascade inside.
It began with two cyber-cherubs flitting through the air; gilded horns in their tiny hands which they blew for all their worth while streaming banners trailed from stapled skin. As the pair flew high towards the ceiling, they where quickly followed by a host of black robed acolytes or servitors; too heavily augmented to tell. Some clutched parchment printing from internal augmetics while still others shouted doom and damnation from grill-mouths; waving skulls and relics before them. As the dozen or so creatures swept into the room, the passageway beyond was revealed; covered in a strange smoke. Tall, hooded and cloaked figures could barely be made out standing on the edges of the hallway, thuribles gently swinging from their hands. The figures moved forward in slow lockstep, a dull, chanted murmur emanating from them along with the intense incense smoke that began to coil outwards.
A boot of black powered armour stepped forward from the smoke just as the shadow of its owner became perceptible through the smoke. The figure swept forward, the grey mist coiling around him as if it where the hands of an intimate lover, or chains pulled tight against the great weight he pulled. He was an Astartes; that much was obvious. What power armour that could be seen from under the grey shroud he wore was a featureless black. His head was concealed by the large hood of the grey vestments, but the severed and preserved heads of three Tyranid Hive Tyrants hung from a chain at his side, their multi-hued chitin standing out against the Space Marine’s dreary attire. In his right hand was a power scythe of ancient providence, the smoke still clinging to its blade as if afraid to reveal the brilliant shine of its blade.
As the figure walked into the room, a second, equally large figure followed him. As he emerged from the cloying incense, it could be seen that he was another Astartes in power armour, though lacking the attire of his Chapter Master. His arms, legs and helmet where black as well, but his body and backpack where a mustard yellow as well as the crossed-scythe symbol emblazoned on his left shoulder.
The presence of the two marines dominated the enclosed room as their train pulled in tight around them, preventing the Astartes from nearing the table. The same servitor that had served the Sisters approached the group and endured the skull-shoving and doom-saying of the human entourage with a grace born of lobotomy and stubbornly ploughed between them to stand before the two and ask for their drink of choice. The Astartes both held out an open palm; abstaining for the moment.
As the Servitor shuffled away, the two Sisters of Battle could feel the gaze of the partially obscured space marines upon them. A deep rumble passed through the air, the smoke seeming to coil in on itself as it passed towards them. It took them both a moment to realize it was one of the two speaking.
“Sister Aouregan…” it said in a tone of some difference. Whether it was a greeting, or simply a statement could not be determined.

Online Roleplaying / Re: Army-Base RPG [Feeler Thread]
« on: April 03, 2013, 04:39:14 PM »
The current participating Space Marine also hamstring himself coz he's playing an almost dead Space Marine Chapter. I wouldn't worry too much about Space Marines right now.

Famous last words.

Online Roleplaying / Re: Army-Base RPG [Feeler Thread]
« on: April 01, 2013, 07:52:44 PM »
Scythes of the Emperor

Chapter History
The Scythes of the Emperor (sometimes referred to as the Emperor's Scythes) was designated Space Marine Chapter 874, and was Founded approximately in the years 500 - 600.M41, making them one of the Imperium's relatively newest brotherhoods of Space Marines. Their gene-seed is speculated to have been drawn from the the Ultramarines. The Scythes established a Fortress-Monastery upon their homeworld of Sotha. From this base of operations, near the region of space known as the Damocles Gulf in the Segmentum Ultima, the Chapter took upon themselves the duty of policing and safeguarding many of the nearby mining and manufactorum settlements.

The Scythes' first Chapter Master was Thorcyra, an excellent strategic leader. He led the Scythes for several centuries until his death during the desperate flight of his Chapter from the jaws of Hive Fleet Kraken on their homeworld of Sotha. As the Chapter grew in strength, they expanded their policing actions around their homeworld of Sotha in the Eastern Fringes of the galaxy. After eradicating human and alien pirates from the nearby Imperial mining colonies, the Scythes moved on to counter several Ork migrations in the lower Segmentums of the Imperium. The Scythes served during the Damocles Gulf Crusade, and played a vital role in the capture of the world of Sy'l'kell from the Tau Empire.

Chapter Organisation
The few surviving Space Marines of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter now navigate through space on board their last starship and mobile fortress-monastery, the battle barge called The Heart of Sotha. The Chapter is but a shadow of its former glory, but they are a hard and elite fighting force, and can be found fighting anywhere against the Tyranids within the Ultima Segmentum. The Chapter was forced to break with its past tradition and now operates with only 2 full companies. The survivors of Sotha were amalgamated to form one company referred to only as the "Battle Company," while all new recruits to the Chapter which the Scythes actively seek from any suitable worlds they pass (often in fact those worlds that they have saved from destruction by Tyranid splinter Hive Fleets), are now inducted into the Chapter's other company, the Scout Company.

Chapter Combat Doctrine
The Scythes have been forced to change their tactics due to the limited resources and manpower the Chapter now possesses. The Chapter generally organises small, mobile strike forces, which are capable of carrying out hit-and-run missions and are used to relying on only themselves during a fight. It is also not uncommon to see Chapter Master Thrasius take to the field of battle, due partly to the limited resources of his Chapter, but also because he is deeply driven to prove himself worthy of a command he does not feel he earned and to bring honor and glory to the Chapter once more. Due to devastating losses suffered at the hands of Hive Fleet Kraken during the withdrawal from Sotha, the Scythes of the Emperor have almost no suits of Terminator Armour left, nor any armoured vehicles larger than Rhinos or their variants. The Chapter tends to fight exclusively against the Tyranids (though they will of course engage any enemy of the Imperium of Man as any Space Marine Chapter would) and hate them more than any other force in the galaxy. Fully two-thirds of the Chapter are Second Tyrannic War veterans (the rest having been recruited following the destruction of Sotha), and the Chapter is also known to have killed more Tyranids per man than any other fighting force in the galaxy, including the Ultramarines. The Scythes of the Emperor are often the first Space Marines to respond to any distress call regarding an attack by Tyranids made within the Ultima Segmentum.

Campaign Battleforce
Chapter Master Thrasius - Current Chapter Master of the Scythes of the Emperor.
Chief Librarian Tormal - The Scythes only remaining senior officer and Librarian that has been with the Chapter for almost a standard century.
Captain Romonos - Commander of the "Battle Company", the Chapter’s sole remaining Veteran combat formation following the battles with Hive Fleet Kraken.
Lieutenant Hadrios - Seconded to Chapter Master Thrasius as his chief aide.
3 Tactical Squads
3 Scout Squads
2 Sternguard Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
Several Rhino transports and Rhino-chassis combat vehicles


Online Roleplaying / Re: Army-Base RPG [Feeler Thread]
« on: April 01, 2013, 07:00:21 AM »
I will play as Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines, Scythes of the Emperor Imperial Space Marines or an all-Kroot mercenary band depending on what everyone else chooses. 

If Novae does go with Tau I'll probably do Scythes of the Emperor since it would be neat and thematic. They have such a history together;

Enemies of the Imperium Army Lists / Re: Tzeentch Ascendant ~ 1850
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:11:10 AM »
Frankly the reason I went with a Daemon Prince is simply because I already have a model for him :P.

The heralds have the Exalted Locus (+1 psychic power strength), not Exalted Rewards.

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