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Online Roleplaying / Lost in Exploration [RP]
« on: February 20, 2017, 05:13:37 PM »
++++Trans Galactic Library++++
+++Opening anecdotal record of Human FTL mission+++

Earth has passed through a dark age of regression and scientific stagnation brought about by political and corporate war over decades. Various nations and countries have risen and fallen, and its climate wrecked. In this new age brought about by rebelion and the usurption of callous dictators, new world powers have arisen to take control of what is left.

The Blue Union controls a majority of what was once Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Africas, while the Great Republic of the West (GRW) controls all of of the western continent from alaska down to Brazil. Scientific Utopian colonies defend and maintain many regions in the sourthern hemisphere and the luna colonies (SHLC), and owe no alliegence to the Union, or the GRW. Tension caused by differing ideaologies between the Union and the GRW mean earth finds itself in an uneasy peace.

The Blue Union are the ones funding the mission, and hope that in being the first to expand humanity beyond its terrestrial homeworld, it can spark renewal of its peoples, but the GRW have other plans in motion.

--Location: BU secret launch base, geographic location classified--

"Alright Commander, you have your briefing." A stout military officer sat behind an impressive mahogany desk, a synthesised view of what used to be Tahiti could be seen through venetian blinds behind him. "It is about lunchtime, so they will likely be in the mess hall. May be a good time to get the mission team together and get acquainted. Use their pagers to gather them if need be. You are dismissed. I'll page you if there are any developments."

"Sir!" Jonathan Bradford, now Commander of his first mission, stood from his chair and saluted the officer and turned sharply to the office door. He sighed out and relaxed his shoulders after closing the door and began walking the concrete corridors towards the mess hall a two levels below.

Father Micheal Quinlan was seated on the front pew of the interfaith chapel one level up from the mess hall. listening to the interfaith minister at the lectern as she read aloud her semi-inspiring piece about unity and diversity.

Dr Pieter Hale had found himself in the company of the Security officer Jason Terwich, both taking keen interest in ensuring the vessel was suitable stocked with medical supplies and armoury respectively. The vessel's starboard underside could be seen, with it tilted upwards for the launch ramp, special micro-gravity rails and cranes loading the supplies the two men had either requested or had signed off for.

Dr August Murray Had just collected his lunch in the mess hall, and was deciding where best to sit down.

Elicia was sitting with three laptops in front of her, a selection of files being synchronised between them. She idly swilled around a cold cup of tea with one hand, staring at a screen but looking into the blind eternities. Noah Miller was eating his own lunch in solitude, a small collection of technical documents semi-organised in front of him.

Online Roleplaying / Lost in Exploration [RP][OOC Thread][Player Sign-up]
« on: February 06, 2017, 07:25:40 PM »
You are part of a team to use the first intersteller ftl drive with a human crew. You have no idea what to expect in your travels and you'll be far from home. you'll only have your wits, skills, and gear, as well as the resources loaded onto your ship to see you through the dangers and challenges that will face you as you begin humanities first steps into the wider galaxy.

--Initial story--
Earth has passed through a dark age of regression and scientific stagnation brought about by political and corporate war over decades. Various nations and countries have risen and fallen, and its climate wrecked. In this new age brought about by rebelion and the usurption of callous dictators, new world powers have arisen to take control of what is left.

The Blue Union controls a majority of what was once Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Africas, while the Great Republic of the West (GRW) controls all of of the western continent from alaska down to Brazil. Scientific Utopian colonies defend and maintain many regions in the sourthern hemisphere and the luna colonies (SHLC), and owe no alliegence to the Union, or the GRW. Tension caused by differing ideaologies between the Union and the GRW mean earth finds itself in an uneasy peace.

The Blue Union are the ones funding the mission, and hope that in being the first to expand humanity beyond its terrestrial homeworld, it can spark renewal of its peoples, but the GRW have other plans in motion.

The mission is to use the FTL drive to travel to the nearest star system Alpha Centauri A, and deploy a smaller version of the hubble telescope with a stronger transmitter to test and develope intersteller communications technology, while also giving the FTL drive a thorough shake-down.

--International Relations--
The Blue Union are a mostly economically stable union of multiple nations. Each nation maintains traditions, religions, and other individualistic habits. The Union has maintained by use of strict laws alongside sustained education, and resources being shared among the nations where needed. The Blue Union trades peacefully with the SHLC.

The Great Republic of the West imposes a dictatorship rule of law, veering close to becoming a fully militarized nation. The GRW enforces one religion that echos the mentality of superiority over all. The people of the GRW are generally docile and subservient, most working in noxious factories from their mid-teens.
The GRW trades with no other government or colony. If it runs low of resources, it is more likely to attempt to steal from the other factions, regardles of cost or loss of life. The GRw are constantly on lookout for any projects the Union are constructing, and perform attacks and harassment to either destroy halt, or prevent progression.

The Southern Hemisphere and Luna Colonies are a highly scientific driven, semi-autonomous collection of colonies. Each colony is based around the various science centres that scattered the world before the wars, and shares data and information between each colony through the remains of the internet. The SHLC are open to new ideas, but shuns close-mindness especially in the face of provable evidence.

There will be aliens, but not on the crew, unless someone dies and needs to re-roll a character :P

I have a few details to iron out myself, but throwing this out there to see if people are still interested in RP here :3

Mkoll - Commander Jonathan Bradford - Mission Commander

Born in Leeds in the UK, Bradford had a love of flying from an early age. He enrolled in the military, then later in various space programs to fulfil his dream of going further, and faster, than anyone before. He has been second in command on dozens of missions, but this would be his first actual command. As the nerves set in before take-off he found himself wondering if he'd been chosen because he was the best man for the job, or because they didn't want to lose someone experienced on what amounted to a test run.

Narric (DM) - Elicia von Drakoon - Linguist and Cartographer
Before being selected for the FTL Mission, Elicia had been a linguist ensuring that all nations of the BU stayed in good terms, ensuring as much communication as possible wouldn't not break apart the Union. Her skill of knowing multiple languages and track record of results made her a safe pick for the mission, as any alien races encountered would need to be communicated with peacefully.
From a young age she had also had a great deal of interest in old maps, and how borders rose and fell, as well as how the world was ultimately explored. When offered the position for the mission,she requested to receive training in astronomy to ensure there would even be a return trip home.

WP - Noah Miller - Chief Engineer
Noah Miller was born in a small town in Europe. He grew up always wanting to be an engineer. He has spent many years learning how to be an engineer, and has few aspirations beyond working with machines and contributing to a scientific project to help the Blue Union. He is extremely loyal to the Blue Union, and would never even consider acting against its best interest.

Wargamer - Dr Pieter Hale - Medical Doctor
Dr Pieter Hale is a skilled medical officer from the lunar colonies, trained in various medical practices and a lecturer on the effects of extra-planetary environments on the human form. Though not from the BU, he was requested to join due to his expertise, and relished the chance to study the impact of FTL travel on the human form.

Mabbz - Jason Terwich - Security and Demolitions
Jason Terwich (pronounced Tur-wick) grew up in a coastal village in Iceland. Due to the location, the village was often raided by pirates affiliated with the GRW (the GRW denies this). After sleeping through a raid, Jason awoke to find that his brother David had been killed by the pirates.
Following this, Jason developed an obsession with security that bordered on paranoia. He devised dozens of traps, tripwires and alarm systems to defend the village. The defences were successful; the next three raids were fought off with no casualties, and future attacks became less frequent. Despite this, Jason didn't exactly endear himself to the other villagers. His traps were regularly triggered accidentally, sometimes resulting in injury.
Eventually, Jason joined the military and rose through the ranks of homeland security. After moving to one of the Blue Union's capital cities Jason's paranoia lessened, allowing him to sleep comfortably without trying to fortify the whole neighbourhood (although would-be thieves were in for a shock).
When the interstellar project came into being, there were concerns about possible sabotage and security. Jason was picked out as head of security for the mission, with orders to ensure the safety of the ship and it's crew. Jason accepted, decidingthat being a few million miles away from most other humans would be the safest place to be. At least once any onboard insurgents were dealt with, anyway.

Cammerz - Fr Michael Quinlan - Pilot
Mike Quinlan was born in Ireland and as a young man he discovered a great love of flying. He signed up as a combat pilot in the BU military, primarily escorting goods transports between Earth and the Luna Colonies. About a decade into his career Mike's mother died and he decided that his true calling was to be a priest, he immediately left the military and joined a remote seminary.

Several years later, upon deciding to fund this mission to Alpha Centauri, the BU called upon Father Quinlan to return to the pilot-seat and take once more to the stars.

Humanatee - Dr. August 'Gus' Murray - FTL Engine specialist
Born into a wealthy family in Atlanta, young August's intellect and passion for learning quickly defined him amongst a culture of increasing religious fundamentalism. After spending several years completing his mandatory military service as an officer, he used his family's influence and money to defect to the Colonies, where he quickly became one of the most influential scientific minds of our time in the fields of biology and climatology.

His expertise made him the perfect candidate to join the crew as chief science officer, offering his service as another representative from the Colonies.

--Character Creation--
I've been a dumbass with this part of RPs, so I'll be using a less me set of rules. I'll be using elements from Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader to resolve things in this RP, and that will mean a few extra random pieces of gear for each character, with re-rolls if I need to.

You're all human, no exceptions, so you'll have a basic human statline with only a couple changes:
For people who don't have the rogue Trader rulebook to hand, the Personal characteristics are as follows: Leadership, Intelligence, Cool, and Willpower.

You have 3pts to assign to stats of your choice. No removing pts from stats. think of this as the baseline requirements to be an Astronaut in this setting.
Whomever becomes the Mission commander gets a buff to their Leadership stat to 9 by default, and no non-commander character can be higher than Ld9.

PM me character ideas and we'll talk. :3

You're not gonna get access to big guns from the get go. These are fresh from earth Humans, so Lascannons aren't going to be cheap from the corner store.

Non-GW Games / UK Games Expo 2016 - Thoughts on Games
« on: June 03, 2016, 09:34:15 PM »
Had a good day at the 2016 Uk Games Expo today, and feel I can offer my thoughts on some of the games I played and were introduced to. Some weren't wargames, so I'll not mention them unless asked. IN no particular order...

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Card Game)
SotM is a 3-5 player Co-operate card game that puts you into the comicbook world of heroes and villains.
Closest comparisson I can make quickly are the challenge decks from the MtG theros block. The Villian plays cards automatically, with players working together to "Kill" him, all the while weathering the Environmental backlash of Dinosaurs, citylife, and the Red Planet. The decks we played are hard to describe. A support character that improved damage, Batman, the Hulk, and a religious fanatic walk into a bar. As a one shot game, it was a little difficult to pick up how to play. Its perhaps not best played for pickup games, as players probably would be best sticking to a preferred character archetype and improving their understanding of the game that way.

From a fluff perspective, every card includes flavour text that make you feel like the characters, settings, and plays are all part of a story. No actual comics exist, so its almost like a choose your own advanture game, without any way of knowing what will come next.

If you have a good number friends who enjoy comics, this would probably be a good card game to pick up and learn together. Iirc, the base game comes with 3/4 Villains, and 7/8 Unique Heroes.

Website link:

Doomstar (Cheese-like game)
Doomstar game is an in developement Fleet game. The developers describe it as a mix between Cheese and Stratego. I'd add there are elements of memory needed, as you will often not know what ships each game piece, that your opponent controls, actually is. The game mainly revolves around destroying the enemy fleet or their command ship, whilst protecting your own command ship. The game also features a literally Deathstar unit. Its more of a glass cannon. It deals a high amount of damage but cannot sustain any against itself, and does no damage if it is on the defense.
As I said, memory is a useful factor. I may be considerted to have cheated, as I won the game by remembering where my opponent placed his command ship, and quickly through a disposable fighter craft around to flank it. This forced my opponent to try a one turn dash to pot-shot my own command ship.

With the use of Blacholes to help slingshot your faster ships, and provide additional movement for larger ships, as well as possible future ships that will add additional elements to the game. IT does seem like it will provide a good outlet for tactical minded players, and/or players who enjoy space combat.

They are also planning on releasing a PC-based version of the game as well, which will likely have all the same components as the physical game.

Website Link:

Afterlife (Wargame)
I've mentioned Afterlife before on separate occaisions, but today I managed to finally have a proper play of the game against its developers.

The game uses the increasingly common alternating turn strucker based on unit activation as opposed to the familiar Warhammer style of Player turns. These means that you can potentially get the drop on an enemy unit, and obliterate them before they have a chance to reactively fire back at you. Or if your opponent rolls poorly you can activate your previously targeted unit to open fire on their aggressors to wipe the floor with them. Snipers are useful at picking off human/squishy targets, and can make it so they can't react at all for the rest of the turn. Mechs and Exo-suits provide greater mobility and durability, and can surprisingly be hard to hit in the first place.

The two current factions essentially have units which epitomise the aspect that army utilises best. For the council, their Spectre troops are increadibly versatile and work best when hidden, whereas Pulse Mechs and Goliath Mechs represent the Republics hardy, in your face with big guns nature. New factions are in development as well, two being a Corporation trying to become independent of the Council, and Rebels who see all Corporate forces as the enemy (Council and Republic are both Corporate entities in a way). The game is light on vehicles, but those will also be added later on.

The game is at V1.3 right now, with further improvements likely coming over the comings months/years, depending on how regularly Anvil will print the Rulebook.

I also snagged myself a unit of Pulse MEchs, so will be assembling and painting them over the coming weeks :3

Website Link:

The King is Dead (Board game)
KiD takes place after the great King Arthur dies, with what now is Great Briton divided by the Scots, the Welsh and the English. your objective is to either be supported by the majority rules of the land, or have enough sway across all three factions to unit the land against Saxon invaders.

You're limited to only 8/9 cards in your hand from the start of the game with no replenishment between regions becoming conquered or thrown into conflict, meaning playing fast in one region in the early game can severely reduce your chances of victory in the late game. The games can be quick between two players, or see fapid changes of the political landscape when more players are involved.

Probably best for more historically preferring gamers, but a good game to play if you're wanting something different.

Website Link:

Dropzone Commander (Wargame)
Another Unit Activation based game at 10mm scale. Dropping in anti-aircraft and Anti-armour tanks into the battlefield whilst stil dealing damage in the sky allows for some close calls and rapidly changing tactics. Landing your dropship to act as a literal meatshield for your tanks may seem wise, until your opponent spots the gap they can shoot through.

I played as the Scourge against the UCM, and thanks to good and bad rolls for myself and my opponent, nearly won by boardwipe. Destroying buildings occupied and surrounded by enemy forces is a viable tactic to prevent the enemy from capturing objectives, and keeping your units mobile to avoid destruction is advise, and is effective depending of which faction you choose.

I will say one thing, and that is that the models are pretty gorgeous for near enough all the actions, each in the own way which also helps emphasis the different tactics each faction favours. UCM is all about using Jack of all trades units that are survivable, Scourge are specialised and fast, PHR using powerful laser weapons, Shaltari are excellent at redeployment (and their models looks sexy AF, in my opinion), and the Resistance have a fantastic rugged look to them that is in a way endearing. In terms of painting, for most the advice is paint a block colour then Drybrush. Some factions have a good mix of flat armour and fidly innerds that works well to highlight the different designs of pretty much every unit from eachother.

Website link:

I also was introduced to Bushido and Mafia.
Bushido Is about Ninjas infiltrating a location to fulfill their hidden objectives, while the Defending player must move guards to deter infiltration attempts.
Mafia seems to be a good game for larger groups of friends. Perhaps more fun when you have good bullshiters in the group.

News, Rumours and Trading / PLANE SHIFT: ZENDIKAR [MtG][D&D]
« on: April 27, 2016, 08:42:50 PM »

I will be upfront and say I'm a novice at physical pen & paper & dice RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, but I know Magic the Gathering. This certainly peeks my interest, and I'm curious what everyone else thinks?

It seems they've more tried to bridge the gap of differences in terms of mechanics. There is no colour aligned Mana, but you could argue "fluffy" spells will have the feel of colour specific spells in MtG.

I'll certainly consider picking up a copy as well its released :3

Comments, Suggestions and Troubleshooting / Mobile Forum Browsing
« on: April 27, 2016, 11:51:46 AM »
Currently writing this on a smallish smartphone.

Browsing the forum os dificult due to t
not resizing for my screen. Any advice from other mobile browsing members?

I vaguely remember Tapatalk being discussed for this, but then I'd need help with getting apps :-P

Non-GW Games / Afterlife - Sci-Fi Tabletop Wargame
« on: April 06, 2016, 10:08:42 PM »
Made a post about this ages ago when it was first unveiled by Anvil Industries:

Looking through the rulebook, (available here:, the best way I can describe this game is sort of like if Warhammer 40k and XCOM: Enemy Unknown got jiggy with it on a pile of D10s.

Its different from both in that you and your opponent alternate turns to "activate" your units. This idea has seemingly floated around in wargames for a while as Void and Leviathan (originally by I-Kore, now owned by Scotia Grendal) had the mechanic as well.

Your flavour from XCOM is the ability to put your models into Overwatch when you don't have a good shot, and the bonus of firing at someone at point blank range.
It also makes use of detecting enemy units, rather then you just dictating to your plastic men when and at who to fire. Depending on your luck, I can see this leading to enemy troops managing to slip by your forces.

It also puts a lot of emphasis on players agreeing on details beforehand, or in the moment using sensible logic. Such as whether of not a model would conceivably be able to move in certain ways. I foresee this leading to no two games ever truly being the same, unless you play three games back to back on the same board against the same opponent :P

The rules are presented mostly all together, but more advanced rules are highlighted, allowing you to ease yourself into the experience, rather than trying to understand everything at once.

More advanced rules include elements like Fog of War, remaining and regaining your hidden status, "Ghost deployment" (Think Genestealers in Space Hulk), and actions based on real life tactics such as a "Breach and Clear" of an enemy position.

Their are also named characters for each side, and the two opposing factions have specific special rules that can greatly benefit them.

I'll follow this post up with an Army list of the two Starter set available from Anvil Industries.

Non-GW Games / Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena [F2P][MOBA][Indie]
« on: February 04, 2016, 12:45:08 PM »
Due to its Indie status on Steam, I'm putting this in the Non-GW Board.

Stumbled upon this the other day and tried to play it. Currently doesn't work on my computer annoyingly :(

Its a MOBA that seems to allow you to play as a number of core unit types from multiple factions, and you fight for survival in a Camorragh arena.
Aside from the obvious fact that these captives all still have their powerful wargear and haven't chosen to break themselves out, it seems like a pretty decent concept. There seems to be Melee Specialists, Support characters and Range Specialists, and probably other character archetypes aswell. Its not clear however if its plays as a point and click like League of Legends, of if its a Top-down shooter like Hatred and similar.

Curious to hear other peoples opinions on this.

Fluff and Stories / Narric's "Creative" Writing
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:37:37 PM »
Joined a small creative writing class at college, and wanting to share the small things I've written for it, as well as maybe the odd story I actually get written down. Likely what will be posted here will have little to no contuity with eachother.

Not sure how often I'll pdate this. possible once or twice a month, depending on coursework and creativity.

Baby Gloves - Flash Fiction
It was five minutes of motionless silence after she was born.
Five delicate digits, sitting like dainty statues that surrounded a silk soft and open palm. She flexed her arms, now free in the open air. Pulling back in towards herself, the backs of her hands resting on her belly, just above her narrow hips, where the small new born’s arms began.
I stepped away, eyes transfixed onto the newborn. As I turned my heel, the faintest apology left my lips. “I have to go!” and through the double doors I disappeared.
I lost track of time. A day or two of hiding from work later, reading the classifieds I find: “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”

Jam & Thunder - Poetry
Couple Simile/Metaphor poems I made in creative writing class.

Sweet, juicy & preserved
Golden and red like an autumn sunrise
Nectar thickened and set
A treat for breaking fast, like a drink when life is slow
I must go check the cupboards.

The everpresent brother to lightning
Booming, reverberating & unique
a roar of the weather
Like an ethereal monster inconvenienced and awakened
I feel its discordant rhythm buffet my ears
To me, its just a growl.

Non-GW Games / Planeswalker Discussion [MtG]
« on: October 21, 2015, 04:50:47 PM »
What are the Pros and Cons of Planeswalkers? Some people don't bother with them, others near always use them and/or build decks around them. But when examined in a vacuum, is a planeswalker really that good?

I'm starting this with my own Ideas and conceptions, and I'd love to hear what others think on the subject, or on a particular Planeswalker.

First up, lets cover the basic pros and cons of near all Planeswalkers:
 - All Planeswalkers provide repeatable effects.  If they are not dealt with in a timely manner then there is a good chance (depending on the individual Planeswalker) that they will tip the game in their controller's favour, especially if they can activate their ultimate ability;

 - All Planeswalkers automatically get to use an ability before an opponent can do something about them.  When a player successfully casts a Planeswalker and it enters the battlefield, that player retains priority as the active player.  No opponent can do anything until that player takes an action and if the first action taken is to activate a Planeswalker Loyalty ability then they'll get to do that before an opponent can respond.  It is possible to kill a Planeswalker before that ability resolves, but most Planeswalkers' abilities affect things other than just the Planeswalker (so removing the Planeswalker won't cancel the ability's effect); and,

 - Planeswalkers provide an alternative target for the opponent.  Instead of simply trying to reduce your life total to 0, they now have to reduce the Planeswalker's Loyalty to 0 (or destroy it), lest it take over the game as described in my first point.  In the case of attacks with creatures then they have to actually decide to attack the Planeswalker instead of yourself and in the case of burn they have to redirect it as the spell resolves.  Either way, their focus is split and that's a good thing.

 - If you cast a Planeswalker and don't have any way to protect them (and they don't have any way to protect themselves) then they can be killed very easily in a single combat step; and,

 - Not all Planeswalkers are created equal.  Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded are two very different cards and it would be foolish to assume that since they're both Planeswalkers that they're both equal in power level.

Spoiler: My Pros and Cons (click to show/hide)

Now lets look at the most recent Planeswalkers from the Battle for Zendikar expansion.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
Spoiler: Abilities (click to show/hide)
First Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Second Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Third Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Gideon Pros:
 - Can be a reliable source of Ally creatures to trigger Rally.
 - Can confer a permanent buff to your army, which also rewards players who go wide (lots of "weak" creatures) rather than tall (selection of "strong" creatures).

Gideon Cons
 - Can be slow to get going if you focus on his first two abilities.
 - Can be removed through spells that evade Indestructible when in Creature form.

Kiora, Master of the Depths
Spoiler: Abilities (click to show/hide)
First Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Second Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Third Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Kiora Pros
 - Excellent in a Green/Blue Ramp deck.
 - Situationally good Fight emblem.

Kiora Cons
 - Can force you to lose good cards.
 - Fight emblem depowered by Counter Spells.

Ob Nixilis Reignited
Spoiler: Abilities (click to show/hide)
First Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Second Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Third Ability:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Ob Nixilis Pros:
 - Card Advantage
 - Reliable Removal
 - Life draining Emblem

Ob Nixilis Cons:
 - Requires investment in Life gaining cards to offset first ability.
 - Not so good against wide focused decks.
 - Emblem doesn't work well against opponents who favour life gain.

Out of the three, if I had to chose one to take and build a deck around, I'd likely go for Gideon first, and Kiora second. Ob Nixilis seems to have too much of a drawback on his abilities, and this can really hamper your own victory potential.

What do you think? Are some of the Pros really cons? Who would you choose given the choice?

Fluff and Stories / Tales of Elsinqart
« on: September 17, 2015, 03:16:02 PM »
Something I've been slowly working on. Currently writing the backstory for a whole world :P Decided to chop it up into somewhat faction related short stories. Gives me a bit more leeway when it comes to ordering them :P

Completely open to critique. I will be adding to this chapter for a little bit but don't let that disuade you from laying down your thoughts.

All questions about the setting may be answered in later chapters. What isn't I will answer.

Chapter 1 – Frosmery
The Shaman strode forth onto the balcony, feeling the icy winds whip past his muzzle and through his fur. The cold didn’t bite into his flesh, for he was a Frosmery, a towering race of bear-like people. They lived in the frozen north of Elsinqart, cutting into the mountains to form their citadel cities. The Shaman looked out onto the region controlled and protected by Ginta Citadel. The Ginta mountain range was among the tallest of the Frosmery controlled mountains, second to Kiracus Citadel on the Laughing Isle.

It was two moons until the Frosmery New Year, Apex Day, a day set by the sun reaching its highest point in the sky, and the year was 1349. The continent of Elsinqart, as the Frosmery had called it, had enjoyed centuries of peace, as the only known cultured peoples were the Frosmery and the fearsome Ceratok to the sun scorched south.

South is where the Shaman looked, but not for any impish threat, but to the blackened scar that dominated the southern skyline. The Dragons Cradle. The wisp of smoke that constantly escaped from the top had been growing thicker in the last decade, and Frosmery tales foretold of a great upheaval that would befall the land should the mountain stir into life. Shuffling noises came from the archway behind the Shaman.

“Master Canoros?” A young Frosmery in messenger attire stood in the archway. “The Council is waiting for you.” The messenger fidgeted where he stood, his fur not as thick as Canoros’ own. The balcony was part of an open plan waiting area that lead to the council audience room. It was largely unused, as most believed a council of war was unnecessary, and the Frosmery were intelligent enough to sort out their own disputes before pestering their elders. Canoros turned to the messenger.

“In your own words, how willing to listen do you think they are?” Canoros meant the Council, for the ranks and titles had fallen into formality only, and so most of the current Councils in all the Citadels were inexperienced.

“It is not my place sir” The messenger responded averting his eyes from the gaze of the aged shaman. It did not help him, as Canoros’ gaze was burning the messenger’s skin, or so it felt. “They grumble for a missed meal, and complain that in a time of piece they're not needed beyond formality or if Councillor Omenorus is needed.” Canoros thumped his stave into the carved stone floor, and an array of archaic runes blossomed from its top.

“They would do well not to forget the position they hold, ceremoniously or otherwise.” Canoros grumbled as he began to walk towards the audience chamber, as the blossom of arcane magic transfixed the messenger’s gaze so that he stood there in awe. The great door opened from the inside where ceremonial guards stood a ceremonial vigil, and Canoros met the eye of each council member in turn, noting who he’d be speaking to and their station.

Fenuros, Councilor of the Army. Peace had dulled his senses, and his will, and the sluggishness of peace showed on his sunken or sagging features. An ornamental and finely crafted helmet sat on the desk before him. An heirloom passed down through the generations of Army Councilors. On a battlefield it would have been no better than a leather cap, but in the Citadels it was a badge of office to be carried, or worn, and admired with honour.

Next was Gibaloi, Councilor of Trade. While Fenuros had lost his spirit and body to peace, Gibaloi was large from an overabundance of food. His face brimmed with almost absentminded glee, making Canoros wonder if the Councilor even knew why he was here, let alone on the Council. Around Gibaloi’s neck with his badge of office, a Gold and Leather pendant styled in the shape of a merchant's trade ledger, held by a chain bound again in leather and gold. The weight cut the chain into the fat that rolled down Gibaloi’s neck.

In the middle was Omenorus, Councilor of Law and Order. He could be described as unhealthily thin, emphasised further by wirey and sparce fur, as his face showed the lines of his skull, most prominently around his eyes, which seemed to have fallen into their sockets. Yet despite this he also carried a strange air of vitality, as if he was fuelled by some other worldly force. Many would say that his hunger for the enforcement of Frosmery Law was what kept him going, as all severe transgressions went through his office. Omenorus’ badge of office rested across his shoulders. Balanced perfectly by weight and Omenorus’ pasture, was two books on each end of a shaped beam. One contained the laws that ensure the Frosmery Order, whilst the second was rumoured to contain every crime ever committed in the Frosmery hall. This theory was readily accepted, though as both books seemed equally used, most excepted that law & order among the Citadels held strong.

Fourth was Aermius, Councilor of Health & Herblore. The official title was “Compassion” though many felt Health & Herblore worked better, for Aermius was in charge of keeping the Herbariums stocked, and all ailments researched and treated. Her features were softer, and better kept than her male counterparts. Her fur was brushed, and her robes clean. Aermius was renowned for her kindness within the Citadel, and her understanding was what many sought out for aide in the worst of conflicts, less they become violent and Councilor Omenorus brought into the mess. Aermius’ badge of office was a necklace, in the shape of an Elsinqart flower. Each petal was a different colour and made of a unique mineral rock.

The fifth seat lay empty, for this was where Canoros would sit. As the Councilor of Shamans, it was his duty to foresee the trails of his Citadel, to walk into the realms beyond and either return those on the edge of death back to the living world, or give them their last blessing for the next life. His Stave was his symbol of office, and through it his most potent spells could be channeled. As he had entered the room, the four councilors fell silent, coming to realize this was not the summons of a fever dreaming unskilled shaman, but a potential call to action by the Master Shaman himself. Canoros let the moment sink in before he spoke.

“Councilors.” He began, eyeing Gibaloi who had returned to a face of oblivious delight. “I hope you are willing to listen to what must said. For I do not call a council without proper reason.” Gibaloi fidgeted in his seat, knowing that he was the one that complained about the meeting. “Many of my Apprentices have been plagued by a shared recurring dream. As Aermius will tell you, we have been treating it as some sort of infection, or desease. But last night I was visited by the dream, and not only did it carry a real message, but one of dire repercussions.”

Canoros’ words echoed slightly around the chamber. Fenuros seemed unmoved, but his eyes moved with life. Gibaloi continued to feel uneasy, while Omenorus had leaned forward and steeple his clawed hands, and Aermius who had known all Canoros had to stayed silent to listen.

“Elsinqart is on the brink of change on an epic scale. The land itself is preparing for it, as you have likely noticed the increase of twins and triples among pregnancies in the Citadels. Even our livestock seem to have been affected by this, and our sources of other foods are increasing in their yields. And I fear the Dragons Cradle itself is awakening with the world.” This last statement sent a shiver down the spine of all present. Dragons Cradle, though nearing an old story to keep children in line, was still a present concern for the elders of the Frosmery. Fenuros Straightened himself slightly.

“And what does this mean for our army” Fenuros asked, in almost a whisper. “We have not needed to mobilize in decades, not since the last time the Ceratok encroached on our lands. Our soldiers are inexperienced.” The Ceratok had been corralled by a large specimen of their race, one never seen before, with a drive seemingly  to claim the entire Elsinqart continent as their own, forcing them to travel far north of their desert homelands. The land to the south of the Frosmery regions still bared the scars of this incursion. As the great swathes of forest and had been cut down and taken in huge volumes back to the south when the Ceratok were pushed back. Few of the remaining Watch Captains had been a part of the defences during this time, and so their soldiers only knew of it through lectures about formations and tactics.

"I don't mean this flippantly, but if my visions come to pass, they will either become experienced, or perish..." Canoros' words hung in the air, all present understanding the graveness the future was preparing for them. Gibaloi raised a paw, and coughed abruptly for the attention of the council.

"I'll have the Traders begin to prioritize  stockpiling over freely trading..." Fenurous' jaw almost hit the floor in surprise at Gibaloi's change of character. Most new him as a large and stupid trader who barely got his work finished, but here is was proactively suggesting the correct response to the situation. Canoros turned to Omenorus, meeting his gaze. After a breif moment of eye contact, the Councilor noded his head in agreement.

"Then we shall prepare for the worst." and with that, the meeting was adjourned. Each Councilor raising from their seat, and meeting at the door which opened before them. A somber silence punctuated only by Canoros' staff hitting the stone floor, surrounded the council as they began mental preparations for their respective feilds. A quiet that was abruptly cased with a thunderous boom, multicoloured lightning and a distinct shifting of the ground beneath their feet. Each member of the council turned in unison to the south-west, where the strange storm seemed to be focused from.

"I'll get a party ready to venture out to investigate that imediately." Piped up Fenuros. "I admit I was expectng more time Canoros." Canoros stood unblinking, not sure if this was truly the beginning of what he had seen....

Online Roleplaying / Vector Sigma's Masterplan [RP Thread]
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:34:28 AM »
Background Music

Cybertron is at War!

For five million years Megatron has persued
a campaign of total domination over the
technological marvel that is the planet cybertron.

Belaying the decepticons' efforts,
the Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime has tirelessly fought
the seemingly neverending tide of decepticon drones
and agents of destruction.

But as the war rages on, energy has began to become scarce,
putting brakes of the Decepticons' unending saughter,
and stifling the Autobots defences. Both sides have begun
calculating their plans to even greater feats of destruction in
an attempt to end the war in their favour before
Cybertron goes completely dark.

Deep within Cybertrons labyrinthian inner world,
the Mega Computer, Vector Sigma, devises a plan
of his own to ensure the survival of the Cybertronian race.
But he cannot trust either side of the conflict to do what is right,
and so broadcastes a subliminal signal across the planet that only
those who's sparks resonates true will answer.

Vector Sigma sits quietly, awaiting the warriors who will
do what is right, to bring the war to a conclusion,
and secure the peace of the great planet Cybertron........

The Triple Changer, Draliant sits in the audience room of Vector Sigma, his legs crossed in meditation. He stares into the crystaline sphere held in place above the ground, as its surfice ripples, ebbs and flows with changes of colour, information, texture and luminosity. The room is luminated by Vector Sigma, and an array of lights positioned into the domed ceiling. Archeways around the room stretch into a dark abyse, leading into the twisting and disorientation corridors that lead both to Cybertrons' core, and its surface.

Draliant had made sure that the Drones Sentinals, that patroled this small section of cybertron, had all been disposed of, though he knew more would be built or redirected to fill the void of "Security" Vector Sigma "so dearly" needed. He quietly chuckled at the idea that unbody in the war would even bother the Mega Computer with anything, let alone come down solely to cause it damage. IN truth, the Sentinals were a byproduct of Cybertrons' long forgoten past.

Draliant was shacken from his reverie at the sound of metal being scraped along metal. Considering the size of the tunnels he had come down, he wondered what kind of transformer would even be big enough to cuase the noise, yet small enough to traverse the tunnels at all. From two other doors, there came the sound of footsteps, with one sounding heavier than the other.

"I guess Vector Sigma attracted some bigger transformers somehow." He thought to himself, remaining stationary, as the others entered the room.

Online Roleplaying / Vector Sigma's Masterplan [OOC] Transformers RP
« on: July 23, 2015, 10:01:32 AM »
Been mulling over a Transformers RP for a while now. Got a good chunk of story down, that hopefully isn't riddled with too many glaring plot holes :P

Mainly basing it on the G1 Continuity, but also including elements from more recent adaptations.

The group would be a GMPC and hopefully three to five Player Characters. The PCs are going to be newly created characters, so not knowing much about Transformers isn't a bad thing.

I'll post up character creation rules once people have shown interest :3

Each character has four stats:
 > Body - Indicating the transformers size, strength and resilience.
 > Mind - Intelligence, training, and specialisation.
 > Spark - Roughly the psychological aspect, such as independant thought and mental resistance.
 > Cog - The characters Agility, and transformation speed.
Each Characters' health is the total of their stats.

Each character starts with three points in each. Players can then share two points into the stats (whole numbers only)
Lastly, the character then needs a base identity:
 > Medic (+2 Mind)
 > Warrior/Soldier (+2 Body, +1 Cog)
 > Dinobot (-1 Mind, +3 Body)
 > Triple Changer (+2 Mind, +2 Body, +1 Spark)
 > Mechanic/Engineer (+1 Mind, +1 Cog)
 > Racer/Flyer (+1 Mind, +1 Spark, +3 Cog)

Each character is assumed to have two hands. Each character can have up to two weapons e.g. Two Pistols, Two "blades", or Pistol and Blade.

The GMPC is Draliant: Triple Changer (Tumbler/HK-VTOL)
Body: 6 (3+2+1)
Mind: 5 (3+2)
Spark: 4 (3+1)
Cog: 4 (3+1)
Spoiler: Bio to be added later (click to show/hide)

There isn't any Transformer Character makers, so if you want to find a piece of artwork to represent your character thats alright. Make sure to link back to the artist if you can :P Or just link what the alt/vehicle mode looks like and we can all imagine it ourselves :3

House Rules / Warpath - The Kadesh Warhost
« on: July 16, 2015, 07:22:59 PM »
This is what I was asking for help with on the FB group.

This is my first draft, with mostly Fluff missing and perhaps other elements that still need to be distilled through the Warpath filter.

Any input on this would be appreciated.

Warpath and is official forces can be downloaded for free from Mantic Games.

The Kadesh Warhost

The Kadesh are a self-sufficient empire, and have been for the centuries since they began expanding their borders into the stars themselves.
They have befriended many civilizations within their spheres of influence, and have successfully uplifted many of the races they come into contact with. This has led to a vibrant and diverse interstellar community, which can be harnessed to protect and enforce its borders.
The Kadesh are technologically advanced, mastering faster than light travel and warp technology, allowing them to rapidly cross vast swathes of void-like space, and respond instantly to threats on their colonies.

Army Special Rules
Twin-weapon System
A model with the Twin-weapoon System rule can fire two weapons in the same turn. The must be at the same target. If a unit is comprised entirely with models with the Two-weapon System rule, then each model may fire at a different target or altogether.

Forge Fathers, Rebs, Z'zor

Weapons and Wargear
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Kadesh Standard Infantry
As their name implies, these are the core of any Kadesh force, whether defending a civilian planet, or making up the cutting edge of a Warhost, they will always be found.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Kadesh Stalkers
Stalkers are the unseen eyes and ears of the Kadesh. They will deploy far forward of the Kadesh advance, picking out key objectives or dangerous enemy assets to be avoided or given priority destruction.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Kadesh Mechatroop
The Mechatroop are single pilot Battlesuits armed with an array of deadly and powerful weaponry, on a highly mobile platform to allow fast tactical redeployment.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Z’zor Swarm
The Z’zor are proven allies of the Kadesh, and supply their troops to aide in battle, especially in defence of the Z’zor homeworld. They’re insectoid, tall and lean.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Note: "Armour" is not wargear for Warpath. It often means the more heavily armoured choices, such as Tanks.
Kadesh Enforcement Mech - 145pts[/b]
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Kadesh APC "Chariot" - 110pts[/b]
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Kadesh MBT "Lancer" - 170pts[/b]
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Kadesh MBT "Twister" - 170pts[/b]
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Heroes and Monsters
Warleader - 75pts[/b]
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Non-GW Games / Maelstrom's Edge - Dakka Dakka Original Wargame
« on: May 10, 2015, 12:31:51 AM »
This has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and only now have I thought to post up aout it.

Maelstrom's Edge

Dakka Dakka has been secretly working on this game, including the accompanying miniatures.

Not much to comment on for me, as all I have is pudy pictures of the models:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Factions
The destructive power of the Maelstrom is threatening worlds across the spiral arm of the galaxy, forcing those in its path into conflict over the resources to escape and survive. In our first box set, we focus on the Epirian Foundation world of Zycanthus, a few light years away from the Maelstrom's Edge, which the Karist Enclave has determined is ripe for conversion to their cause.

The Epirian Foundation have spent centuries using their robotic technologies to terraform and colonise new worlds. Now, as the Maelstrom threatens everything they've worked so hard to build, they are determined to save as many resources as they can before their worlds are destroyed forever.

The Karist Enclave are a secretive religious group that views the Maelstrom very differently. They believe that when the energy of the Maelstrom washes over followers of the Karist way, they will ascend to a higher plane of being. The Karists have come to Zycanthus to convert the planet's citizens to their way of life - through any means necessary.

Everything looks pretty cool. It will be interestingto see the artwork become miniatures, and those miniatures gain rules. The rules themselves seem to be hidden for the moment, so can't speculate much on them right now.

What is everyone elses thoughts?

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