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I'm going to link the Warhammer Community blog here, it features pictures of pretty much everything;

But let's get started on the really big news;

They're releasing a new Age of Sigmar audio-drama and Gotrek Gurnisson is voiced by Brian Blessed!

Also we have a first look at the forthcoming plastic Sisters of Battle (down towards the bottom of the blog), she is amazing and I want her.
AoS has some new ghostly models that look very fun (but if your little sister accidentally steps on them then there's no saving them) and with them there are two new technical paints to make ghostly green and smokey blue, should be interesting.
There's a new small-scale game called Adeptus Titanicus for if you really want a Warlord Titan but think £1300 is a little steep, basically the return of Epic: Armageddon but so far only containing Imperial Knights and Titans.
Forge World's Dreadnought Drop Pod is back.
And the Necrons have a new construct, which is enormous!

So I've been reading through the latest FAQs that GW have released and I've noticed a couple of changes that can only have been introduced because people were taking the proverbial at tournaments.

1) The rulebook states that you can use any model in your army as your Warlord, if it's a character then you get to make use of Warlord Traits. They have now had to specify that you can't take a Fortification as your Warlord.

2) In the rules for every single mission they've had to re-word the Deployment section, instead of the original 'your units start in your deployment zone' they've had to add in the words "wholly within", evidently people have been using the fact that for a unit to be affected by an aura just one model needs to be within range so they've been doing the same with deployment zones.

Then you get the regulation balancing act that GW has started doing;
Smite is now easier to cast repeatedly if you use units with Brotherhood of X,
You can't use characters as meat shields for other characters,
More command points for Battalion and Brigade detachments,
Iron Hands and Death Guard are now less immortal as you can only use one 'ignore wounds' rule at a time,
Also Guilliman and Dark Reapers are clearly too good so they now cost more.

For more details:

Well it's been over a year since anyone posted an army list to 2S (and over four years since I last did so), might as well show you what I'm planning.

My lists are built around the Dark Imperium Primaris Marines and I've got a progression from 1000 to 1500 to 2000pts, each list containing the same units as the previous ones with a few extras added on.


HQ -
  • Captain in Gravis Armour (as he comes given that he cannot be altered in any way)
  • 2x Primaris Lieutenants (1x Power Sword, 1x Master-Crafted Auto Bolt Rifle)

Elites -
  • Primaris Ancient
  • Contemptor Dreadnought (with Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon)

Troops -
  • 5x Intercessors (Bolt Rifles)
  • 5x Intercessors (Bolt Rifles)

Fast Attack -
  • 3x Inceptors (Assault Bolters)

Heavy Support -
  • 5x Hellblasters (Plasma Incinerators)

The 1500pt list adds;

HQ -
  • Primaris Librarian

Troops -
  • 5x Space Marine Scouts (Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks)

Heavy Support -
  • Predator Annihilator (the one with all the Lascannons)

Then for 2000 we add:

Elites -
  • Contemptor Dreadnought (this time it's Multi-Melta)

Heavy Support -
  • Relic Leviathan Dreadnought (Leviathan Siege Claw and Grav-flux Bombard)

For the 1500 and 2000pt lists I have points left over, 123 and 110 respectively so I'm looking at adding an extra unit. Currently my thoughts are either: Additional 5-man Scout Sniper squad, 5x Intercessors with Stalker Bolt Rifles or 5x Reivers with combat knives, grapnel guns and grav-chutes.

The Contemptors are mostly in the list because Forge World make a seriously nice Alpha Legion Contemptor model. I have a smattering of FW parts throughout the army as it exists so far (Dark Imperium + Scouts), mostly the Horus Heresy Alpha Legion heads. Should I acquire additional Intercessors or Reivers with my spare points I'd likely convert them with parts from FW's Alpha Legion Headhunters kit. The Scouts are kitbashed using the official Scout Snipers and Militarum Tempestus Scions (for a full explanation, read up on the 55th Alphic Hydras).

When it comes to Chapter tactics, it turns out that the loyalist Raven Guard share both a trait and a stratagem with the Chaos Alpha Legion so I'll use the Raven Guard rules. In friendly games I'll be asking my opponent whether they'd be alright with me using the Alpha Legion warlord trait 'I am Alpharius' edited to use the loyalist Space Marine warlord trait table instead of the Chaos one.

And for those of you questioning how the Alpha Legion have access to Primaris Marines, I would suggest researching Corvus Corax's Raptor programme which appeared in the Horus Heresy book Deliverance Lost.

News, Rumours and Trading / Reset the Clock
« on: February 03, 2018, 12:08:05 PM »
You guys know that old rumour amongst the GW fanbase that any time someone mentionned a certain race GW would reset the clock on when they'd be released.

The rumour has been confirmed;

This is a seriously good show from GW's marketing department. Looking at one of the other clocks might also herald a future GW release, fingers-crossed.

News, Rumours and Trading / Eisenhorn - the Miniature
« on: January 29, 2018, 11:36:21 AM »
I've been made aware of this image today, there are rumours suggesting that he'll be Limited Edition which I hope isn't true as GW charge enough for single plastic miniatures as it is and I really want this model.

Very much like his old Inquisitor scale model only with more hair.

EDIT: And now the official announcement containing a good quality picture;

Battle Reports / A foray into 8th edition
« on: November 14, 2017, 12:13:03 PM »
8th edition WHFB that is, 1000pts Empire vs Daemons of Chaos.

My army is entirely mounted, the warriors of light against the approaching darkness:
  • Luthor Huss, Prophet of Sigmar
  • Battle Wizard (Lore of Light - Shem's Burning Gaze) w. Barded Warhorse and Shrieking Sword
  • 9x Empire Knights w. Full Command (joined by Luthor)
  • 10x Empire Knights w. Full Command
  • 5x Pistoliers w. Musician
  • 3x Demigryph Knights w. Halberds

My opponent opted for Daemons of Khorne:
  • Skulltaker
  • 20x Bloodletters w. Full Command (joined by Skulltaker)
  • 20x Bloodletters w. Full Command
  • 8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne
(Looking over the army lists he was actually 60pts over the limit, that's probably an automatic driving ban).

We rolled for a pitched battle and randomly generated terrain which granted us lots of buildings (five if I recall correctly) plus a few mystical monuments that didn't come into play and a river that bisected the table from the centre of one deployment zone to the centre of the other.

Alternating deployment saw him place one unit of Bloodletters on the eastern side of the river with the rest of his army (including Skulltaker) on the western side. I set up entirely on the eastern side with my Demigryphs closest to the river. Vanguard deployment saw my pistoliers move forwards but a building ensured that the Bloodletters were out of sight.

The Daemons went first, the Reign of Chaos ebbing his ward saves down to 6+. All of his models marched forwards but he could do nothing else.
I positioned my Knights in order to attempt multiple charges against his 'letters on turn two. In the magic phase Luthor successfully cast Hammer of Sigmar on his Knights and the Battle Wizard cast Shem's Burning Gaze at the higher casting value which killed the entire back row of the Bloodletter unit (down to 15). Sadly the hard cover between the Daemons and Pistoliers meant that none of my shooting attacks hit anything.

On turn two the eastern Bloodletters successfully charged the Pistoliers who again failed to hit anything with their stand and shoot. The Daemons wiped them out in a single phase and then used their free reform to face the nearest Knight unit (who fortunately passed their panic test). In that magic phase the Reign of Chaos fell to Nurgle who killed my wizard (the swine).

On my turn the two Knight units attempted to charge the Bloodletters but sadly only the closest managed to get in, (leaving Luthor out of action for another round at least). Charging with lances is fun and 1+ armour saves are even more fun so I won combat and four further Daemons perished due to instability.

Turn three saw his Flesh Hounds get bored and charge the Demigryph Knights across the river (which sadly turned out to be just an ordinary river). Tzeentch took over the Reign of Chaos and killed one of Luthor's Knights. The Bloodletter-Knight combat saw me win again andf a combination of swords, horses hooves and instability brought the servants of Khorne down to two. The Flesh Hounds brought down a single Demigryph Knight whilst the other two killed three Hounds in return, this would be a drawn combat but for the fact that he charged. I failed the break test and the Hounds destroyed my elite Inner Circle.

Luthor finally charged into combat and the two units of Knights made very short work of the Bloodletters before reforming to face the river.

The Flesh Hounds retreated into the river where Slaanesh took control of the Reigns and drowned them all.
Skulltaker and his unit have slowly been winding their way towards the river over the last few turns.

Everyone approaches the river on turn five and Khorne finally takes his turn at the Reigns, killing a Knight from Luthor's unit (so each God has now had a turn, Nurgle and Slaanesh having the most impact), on turn six Skulltaker charges Luthor Huss (it was hit-or-miss whether he was in range but we thought it'd be more fun if he succeeded). Luthor Huss harnessed the power of Sigmar, boosting his Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness and Attacks by two for the phase, although sadly my unit failed the fear check and was striking at WS1. Skulltaker challenged and Luthor Huss accepted. Luthor's 4+ ward save protected him from Skulltaker's attacks and he dealt one wound in return with an almighty blow from his hammer. The Knights and Bloodletters dealt some damage to each other and the combat was drawn.

On the final turn of the game my other unit of Knights entered the river to face the Bloodletters (a rather pointless endeavour as they would be unable to engage the Daemons before the end of the game). Skulltaker challenged again and Luthor accepted but sadly he was felled by a Killing Blow and the Knights lost the combat, breaking and being caught by the pursuing Bloodletters.

Game Over

Empire - 550 (Bloodletters + Flesh Hounds + 1 Seized Standard)
Daemons - 875 (Luthor + Knights + Wizard + Demigryphs + Pistoliers + Slain General + 1 Seized Standard)

"In order to win you must wipe the opposing army out completely, or score at least twice as many victory points as your opponent - any other result is a draw." - Core rulebook p.143

Comments, Suggestions and Troubleshooting / The world's longest bicycle race
« on: September 23, 2017, 03:16:02 PM »
Hardly a major issue, but I do notice that the 2S banner has been set to commemorate the tour de France and I cannot remember how long it has been like this but we must be looking at several years now. Is the standard banner still around at all?

LoTR and other GW Games / Necromunda Returns!
« on: August 13, 2017, 10:11:38 AM »
Games Workshop are bringing back Necromunda, with a series of new plastic gangers to boot.
The pictures so far show Houses Escher and Goliath.
No word yet on a release date.


LoTR and other GW Games / Wrath & Glory - New 40k RPG
« on: August 13, 2017, 10:06:29 AM »
So just a few months or so from Fantasy Flight Games losing the license, Games Workshop have sold it to Ulisses North America who are already hard at work creating Wrath & Glory.

What we know so far:
  • The Dark Imperium events of 40k 8th edition will form the central backdrop of this game
  • This system will use d6 dice pools instead of FFG's d100 rolls
  • They have hired Ross watson, lead developer of FFG's Rogue Trader and Deathwatch
  • The core rulebook will be released next year with future expansions planned


Battle Reports / Cometh the Red Angel
« on: February 05, 2017, 12:00:34 AM »
Praetor Alaric Jarrus of the 12th Legion surveyed the landscape of Isstvan III from the parapet of Zaddion’s Shield, the bastion was now the tallest man-made structure between here and the horizon, everything else had been blasted away by the firestorm that confirmed the betrayal of the Warmaster. Most of Jarrus’ marines had fallen in that initial bombardment, the virus bombs sparing only those encased in tactical dreadnought armour or within the hardiest vehicles. And now the traitors were coming, and Zaddion’s Shield is where they would make their stand.

He connected his armour to the bastion’s external comms unit and his amplified voice echoed out to the Astartes below as they methodically assembled tank traps and barricades.

<My brothers, death is coming for us and it wears a familiar face. We know those who come and we know what they have become, maddened by treacherous whispers and butcher’s nails. I remember as you all do what this legion once was, before our Terran martial traditions were thrown down, replaced by feral barbarism. Those are not our brothers coming to face us, they are those who killed them, and we shall avenge their deaths. We are not Angron’s Eaters of Worlds, we are the Emperor’s War Hounds, the Pride of the Legion!>

Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal. Phase I Legendary Battle – Cometh the Red Angel.

It is the 31st Millennium. Horus’ plan to purge the traitor legions of those still loyal to the Imperium did not go quite as planned with many Astartes surviving the virus bombing of Isstvan III. Angron then made planetfall, his aim to destroy the loyalists once and for all. This scenario recreates part of that first battle of the Horus Heresy with one player (myself) taking control of a loyalist faction of the World Eaters as the opposing forces, led by none other than the Primarch Angron, make planetfall to wipe them out.

The loyalist forces set up the battlefield in any way they see fit and then deploy 2000pts of Loyalist World Eaters anywhere on the board greater than 6” from a board edge. The only restrictions and requirements are that: there must be at least one fortification, they may not have any drop pods or flyers, nothing may start in reserve.
The traitor forces then select any table edge, their 3000pt army may enter from that edge at the start of turn 1 (or remain in ongoing reserves). The traitor forces must contain Angron and may not contain fortifications. The traitors will always go first, the loyalists cannot seize the initiative.

In addition to these rules, due to the deadly atmosphere, all armour save rolls of ‘6’ must be re-rolled as must all armour penetration rolls of ‘1’.

Loyalists (2000pts)
Legion Praetor – Terminator Armour, Master-crafted Chainfist, Iron Halo
Legion Terminator squad – Power Axes, Plasma Blaster, Sgt Chainfist
Legion Terminator squad – Power Axes, Plasma Blaster, Sgt Chainfist
Legion Terminator squad – Power Axes, Plasma Blaster, Sgt Chainfist
Legion Terminator squad – Power Axes, Plasma Blaster, Sgt Chainfist
Legion Predator – Magna-melta Cannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Dozer Blade
Legion Predator – Magna-melta Cannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Dozer Blade
Legion Stormblade Super-heavy Tank – Space Marine Legion Crew, Armoured Ceramite, Pintle-mounted Multi-melta, 1 set of Sponsons
Imperial Bastion – Icarus Lascannon

Neither of us had any idea what our opponent would be fielding but I correctly assumed that he would predict a lot of 3+ armour saves. I however found the Rites of War, one of which is Pride of the Legion. It let me take Veteran and Terminator squads as troops whilst forbidding me from taking an allied detachment. It would also grant my opponent an extra secondary objective if I had no veteran or terminator squads left on the table at the end of the game.
For those unfamiliar with the Horus Heresy parts of my list; Plasma Blasters are 18” assault 2 plasma weapons, Magna-melta Cannons are 18” large blast melta weapons and the Stormblade is a super-heavy tank carrying a Plasma Blastgun which has two firing modes: Rapid (2x Strength 8, AP 2 blasts using a 7” template) or Overload (1x Strength 10 AP 2 blast with a 10” template).
My only anti-air was in the form of the Icarus Lascannon on the bastion however there was also a Quad Gun down on the field to be used by anyone who happened to be in base contact with it.

Traitors (3000pts)
Angron – The Red Angel, Primarch of the World Eaters
Khârn the Bloody (not yet ‘the Betrayer’)
Legion Terminator squad – 4x single Lightning Claws, 1x Reaper Autocannon, Sgt Chainfist and Grenade Harness
10x Rampagers – 5x Meteor Hammers, 4x Excoriator Chainaxes, Sgt Lightning Claw and Artificer Armour
Rhino - Auxiliary Drive, Pintle-mounted Heavy Bolter
10x Rampagers – Jump Packs, 5x Meteor Hammers, 4x Excoriator Chainaxes, Sgt Lightning Claw and Artificer Armour
Legion Tactical Squad – Additional Chainswords, Sgt Power Fist and Artificer Armour
Rhino - Auxiliary Drive, Pintle-mounted Heavy Bolter
Legion Tactical Squad – Additional Chainswords, Sgt Power Fist and Artificer Armour
Rhino - Auxiliary Drive, Pintle-mounted Heavy Bolter
Legion Outrider squad – 1x Power Sword
Legion Land Raider Phobos (Regular Land Raider) – Armoured Ceramite, Frag Assault Launchers, Pintle-mounted Heavy Bolter, Auxiliary Drive, Command Tank
Legion Vindicator – Armoured Ceramite, Auxiliary Drive, Extra Armour, Pintle-mounted Heavy Bolter
Legion Fire Raptor Gunship – Reaper Autocannon Battery

For those who haven’t seen the stats for Primarchs, they are utter beasts (as you’d expect). The Rampagers are basically the precursors to the Khorne Berzerkers (but fortunately not yet fearless) and they get some interesting weapon choices. The Excoriator Chainaxes (to excoriate means to flay the skin off something, I had to look that one up) are AP3 whilst the Meteor Hammers make the marines wielding them Strength 6.
As for the vehicles, the auxiliary drives allow vehicles to roll every turn to stop being immobilised, the armoured ceramite ignores the ‘melta’ special rule and yes, you are reading that correctly, pintle-mounted Heavy Bolters.
Rolling for Warlord Traits, my Praetor became Fearless whilst Angron gave the Vindicator’s Demolisher Cannon the Shred special rule (as if it needed it).

I set up the terrain with the Bastion equidistant from the long table edges and a short edge (my line of thought being, I know he has Angron, he’ll want to get him in melee combat asap). Walls and battlements surrounded the Bastion on all sides to provide heavy cover to everyone near it and some difficult terrain for assaulters to navigate. Around the centre of the board I placed several walls and barricades to protect my Stormblade. Most of the board around the fortifications was covered in craters to impede movement without sacrificing fields of fire and much of the rest had scattered barricades to force tanks over the craters and to seriously endanger any potential deep strikers.
Manning the walls around the three sides of the Bastion closest to table edges I deployed three of my Terminator squads, the fourth squad went next to the Stormblade to head off any potential assaults and man the Quad Gun. One Predator sat in the gap between the Bastion and the Stormblade whilst the other went on the opposite side of the Bastion (to cover the area that I couldn’t target with the Plasma Blastgun). All vehicles had their rear armour pointing towards the Bastion because I didn’t know where my foes would be emerging from. Finally my Praetor took up position atop the Bastion, manning the Icarus.

The overall objective was Victory Points. One for each enemy unit destroyed or fleeing at the end of the game, I’d get an extra one if I had more units on the table at the end of the game, he’d get one extra for killing my warlord, I’d get one extra if Angron finished the game below his starting wound count and that would increase to +4 if I killed him.

Now we have all of that out of the way, the traitors went first.

The first things they heard were the engines, the guttural roar that announced the arrival of the Master of the World Eaters, the Red Angel, Slaughterer of Nations, the Undefeated. The rubble of the ruined town around Zaddion’s Shield obscured all but the plumes of dust and smoke until at last the white hulls burst into view and Jarrus immediately opened fire on the largest target. The beam of searing light from the Icarus narrowly missing the hull of the Land Raider as it hove itself through what had once been an Imperial church. The Quad Gun’s rapid retort brought a pair of assault marines down hard and in response the approaching Rhinos immediately slowed as thick smoke erupted from their chimneys to shroud them from view. An explosion and torrent of earth declared that battle had well and truly been joined and Jarrus gritted his teeth. His men needed no orders from him, they were veterans of the Great Crusade, they knew what they were doing.
To prove his point, his tanks immediately turned on the spot and unleashed sudden devastation upon their treacherous counterparts. Combined firepower sent one of the Rhinos erupting into the sky, marines leaping to safety from the collapsing transport only to find themselves caught in a barrage of mass-reactive bolt shells and searing plasma from the Terminators positioned above them.

Turn 1 saw most of the Traitors emerge from one of the long board edges (as I predicted). Left to right (from my opponent’s perspective) saw: the Vindicator, the Rhino containing Khârn and a squad of Rampagers, a Rhino containing a Tactical squad, the last Rhino with the other Tactical squad, the Land Raider containing the Terminators and (somehow) Angron and finally the Jump-pack Rampagers (or Jampagers as I have them written in my notes). Because they were all technically coming in from reserves I activated both interceptor weapons, the Icarus rolling a 1 and missing the Land Raider (great start) and the Quad Gun swatting a couple of Jampagers into the dust. His Rhinos all popped smoke, his Vindicator fired at but missed one of my Predators and the Land Raider missed my Stormblade with its lascannons. The Jampagers then ran 3” to try and close with my Quad-gunning Terminator squad.

On my turn I started by moving the one squad of Terminators who had deployed on what turned out to be the wrong side of the Bastion, they moved to the inside edge, staying within the protective courtyard so they could counter-attack anything that might stray too close. The Stormblade (firing on Overload) took a lascannon off the Land Raider and shook the closest Rhino which was then obliterated by the nearby Predator, the explosion killing three occupants. The other Predator sadly missed the Vindicator. Two of my Plasma Blasters made an early showing, one glancing a Rhino and the other killing a now-disembarked Tactical Marine.

The Quad Gunner shifted his aim to a trio of Outriders as they boosted from the ruins, bullets tore into the lead biker and sheared the front wheel from the second, causing it to rear up and smash into the third igniting the promethium tank and the traitors vanished in a fireball. But Jarrus only caught a glimpse of that as the World Eaters nearest to him were starting to get a bit too close. This wasn’t the Great Crusade anymore, these weren’t untrained humans or clueless xenos, he was fighting a well-trained and well equipped Astartes force and it was showing. The Tactical squad ejected from their transport had immediately pulled themselves together and were unloading their bolters with swift precision into his veterans and, as he watched, he saw several of the near-invulnerable Terminators fall to a hail of explosive rounds.

The next shot from the Stormblade took even Jarrus by surprise, the ball of burning plasma engulfing everything in its path came so suddenly that for a split-second everyone stopped firing. Only the explosion an instant later brought the Astartes back to their senses and the loyalists seemed to redouble their efforts as more explosions rocked the battlefield.

Turn 2 began with the Outriders (Space Marine bikers) ride onto the board and immediately get ripped to pieces by the intercepting Quad Gun. The Terminators manning the Quad Gun (or Quadminators as my notes call them) found themselves getting slowly surrounded by various traitor units; the Jampagers from one side, Tactical Marines from the other and the Land Raider was driving closer. Away from them, the other Tactical squad disembarked from their Rhino and the third Rhino (with Khârn and his buddies) pulled up in front of the far Predator. In order to protect this Rhino, my opponent shifts the Vindicator’s aim from the Predator to my Terminators manning the walls around the Bastion, killing 2 from one squad and 1 from another. Combined firepower from Tactical Marines and the Vindicator’s Heavy Bolter pintle-mount finish off the smaller squad.

Back over with the Quadminators, the Tactical Marines nearest them used an ability called Fury of the Legion which allows them to forgo their next round of shooting (including overwatch and everything else) to double their firepower output this turn. They manage to break through the armour of one Tactical Dreadnought, the rest turning to engage the Jampagers who charge at them. 3 Jampagers fall along with 2 Quadminators and they all stay locked in combat.
My turn 2 saw my predators pull back slightly to get better firing positions (and in one case also moving a bit further away from the Land Raider and it’s infamous occupant). The Plasma Blastgun fired on Overload again hitting the Land Raider, a Rhino and all surviving Tactical Marines. The Land Raider lost a hull point, ten Tactical Marines were instantly vaporised and the Rhino exploded (which killed two more of the Tactical Marines).

On the other side of the battlefield, the Predator crew realigned their targeting matrix and triggered the Vindicator’s ammunition to detonate with a couple of well-aimed lascannon shots. Praetor Jarrus spun the Icarus around to mark Khârn’s Rhino but his shot only glanced it. The nearest Terminator with a Plasma Blaster let off a couple of shots, one hitting and immobilising the Rhino, the other overheating and melting the Terminator.

In the Quadminator-Jampager melee, the loyalists killed two more traitors and the combat remained locked.

The roar of jet engines drew Jarrus’ attention to the skies as a gunship pulled up from its steep dive, cannons roaring and mass reactive rounds tore a trail of destruction through the ground in his direction. As fast as his augmented arms could travel he swung the anti-air weapon around to face this new threat and blasted a hole straight through it with a beam of energy.

But the bullets kept coming.

Fist-sized bolt rounds exploded at his feet and then more smashed into his armour, forcing his back from the lascannon. Warning icons flashed inside his helmet and pain unlike any he’d felt before tore through him until he found himself lying on the floor unable to move, his body drenched in his own blood.

And then the sky disappeared.

Even the sophisticated auto-senses in his state-of-the-art helmet couldn’t protect his eyes from the sheer blinding light that accompanied an explosion that rocked the very foundations of Zaddion’s Shield. And when the light finally faded, all that was left was darkness.

The Fire Raptor comes in, my Icarus intercepting it and hitting it with a vector lock (stuck moving 18” a turn). The surviving Tactical Marines move forwards and the Land Raider opens up its gaping maw to spew forth the Red Angel and his coterie.

The Terminators split from Angron and make their way towards the courtyard behind the walls where the one intact loyalist Terminator squad currently resides. The Land Raider manages to glance the Stormblade bringing it down to 8 hull points whilst the Fire Raptor opens up with its Avenger Boltcannon. Most of the 7 shots hit my Praetor and he manages to roll three 1s, one for each of his wounds, and goes down in a pool of blood.

The traitor Terminators charge my loyalists but due to their lack of AP2 weaponry they lose two and don’t kill any in return.

Then Angron charged the Stormblade.

Angron is really quite powerful, and has Armourbane, and 7 Str 9 AP 2 attacks on the charge, and hit automatically because my Stormblade hadn’t moved on the previous turn.

Do you know what happens when a super-heavy vehicle is reduced to zero hull points?

The first roll of a 6 meant that the catastrophic damage was in fact a Titanic Explosion! (GW put the exclamation mark there themselves), the second roll of a 6 meant that the Strength D hit that Angron took was a Deathblow. (D6+6 wounds, no saves of any kind allowed). He only had 5.

The explosion also exploded my nearby Predator, and killed two Jampagers leaving only their sergeant left alive. In the continuing combat the Quadminators killed that sergeant, ending the combat.

Given the fact that nothing that happens now will top that last turn, and my protagonist has taken an unhealthy amount of bolt-shell, I’m just going to stick to describing the battle for now.

In my turn 3 my remaining Predator wrecked Khârn’s Rhino causing him and his Rampagers to all pile out. My Quadminators charged the Land Raider, the Chainfist somehow reaching up and removing the pintle-mounted heavy Bolter. Finally the Loyalist Terminators with their AP 2 close-combat weapons wipe out the remaining Traitor terminators with their AP 3 close-combat weapons.

Turn 4 sees Khârn and co. approach, charge and wreck my last Predator. The Land Raider reverses away from the two remaining Quadminators and both it and the Tactical Marines fail to do any damage to them. The Fire Raptor showed them how it was done.

At this point I have one complete 5-man Terminator squad and an incomplete 3-man squad, the 5-man squad moves around to get closer to Khârn whilst the 3-man squad enter the Bastion to take over the Icarus from poor old Praetor Jarrus.

Turn 5 sees the Tactical Marines take out two of the 5-man squad. The Land Raider moves around a bit. The Icarus explodes the Raptor. The Terminators on the ground charge Khârn and lose one of their own but kill two traitors.

We roll for turn 6 and the dice gods, they say no.

So game ends; and surprising everyone I managed to pull it out of the bag. The kill point total;

Traitors (7): Two for the Praetor and one each for the Stormblade, Terminator Squad A, Quadminator Squad and one for each Predator.

Loyalists (13): Five! for Angron and one each for 3x Rhinos, a Vindicator, Outriders, Jampagers, Tactical Marines A and the Fire Raptor

But really I have Angron to thank for me actually winning this one, if he hadn’t killed himself tearing through the Stormblade to find the plasma reactor then it may well have ended very differently. It really helped that we could each have a Lord of War but his had to be Angron. I’m not sure I would have coped if he’d had a Super-heavy too.

The Terminators really paid for themselves in this game, once a squad got stuck in combat it was there for the long-run and they made all of that fancy AP3 weaponry a real waste of points for the traitors.

Then to top it all off, Scotland beat Ireland 27-22 in the Six Nations so I’m extra happy with the results here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. There’ll be another one coming up as we had enough time to create a couple of other lists and run the second Legendary Battle in Betrayal.

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So clearly changing it to a weekly release didn't work out for them. I myself was very disappointed with the change, I'd been subscribing to WD for about a decade and whilst the weekly WDs looked alright, they changed the subscription to the abysmal Warhammer: Visions. This change was probably one of the main reasons I stopped getting GW things, I cancelled my subscription and didn't advance from 6th ed 40k to 7th.

I'm glad it's back as a monthly subscription, but sadly for me I think it's a bit too little, too late. I play 6th ed 40k and if I were to pick up my fantasy models I would be playing Fantasy 8th, not AoS, so WD doesn't really have that much to offer me anymore.

I think this is a good move by GW, one of the (hopefully many) ways they're starting to correct the mistakes of the past.

“Aun’La, given the situation I cannot advise going forth with this plan. The forces of chaos are not negotiators; they are sadistic killers and cannot be trusted under any circumstances”.

“Nonsense Shas’O, your scouts have already established that Aun’Vre’Ukos is still alive and we have captured one of their own, they will have no reason not to participate in an exchange of hostages. Besides, I have already sent out a communications drone establishing our intent. Anyway, with Vre’Ukos currently indisposed I have overall command of this coalition”.

It was clear to Shas’O’Elsy’eir’Cam’r that there would be getting through to the young ethereal despite the fact that the ‘communications drone’ had been designed purely as a diversion to distract the invaders from the stealth reconnaissance mission, not to mention the fact that it had been shot down. Aun’La’D was new to all of this, like too many others of his caste he insisted on dressing in bright robes with no armour or force field and assumed that he knew everything there was to know about warfare having read a few books. He had arrived with the latest reinforcements and immediately began issuing orders to all and sundry, orders which of course were obeyed in a heartbeat regardless of how trivial or outright stupid they were.

Vre’Mal’caor and his stealth team had at least managed to track down the chaos stronghold, an abandoned Imperial fortress near the empty starport. There was still no sign of the indigenous gue’la population, which disquieted O’Cam’r more than he would freely admit. At least the Earth caste had successfully managed to immobilise their own hostage’s armour, as far as his Pathfinder Shas’Ui’s report led him to believe, the monster had single-handedly torn its way through dozens of Fire warriors and multiple direct rail rifle impacts had only just brought it down, and then only superficially.

There was definitely something to this alien. Bonecleaver wasn’t sure what, but it displayed a remarkable resilience despite its slender frame. Not physical resilience, it’s bones had snapped about as easy as a pathetic mortal human, and not even a soldier, like an elderly scholar, the sort Bonecleaver had shown disdain for all those millennia ago before he had even joined the ranks of the Astartes, much less ascended to the pinnacle of existence as he had now. This alien, this tau, it hadn’t said as much as a word the whole time. Not a grunt of pain, not even a flinch. It was currently splayed below him, chained to the stone altar that had been hewn from the rockrete floor, a mighty 8-pointed star decorated with skulls, blood and devotional symbols of almighty Khorne. The tau had being lying there for over a day now but still hadn’t become possessed, or even descended into madness, at least as far as Bonecleaver could tell. Maybe they were soulless, that was always a possibility, although it didn’t seem to have the disturbing aura that tended to accompany untouchables.

Bonecleaver would have continued to ponder this train of thought when he noticed his minions running around hurriedly. Typical mortal behaviour, when you have eternity to play with you don’t need to rush. Not that they’d ever get to experience something like eternity.

Happy New Year everyone! I proudly present to you all the first battle report of 2016. I’ve brought the Tau back out to answer the question which I was asked last year, “What’s happened to Vre’Ukos?”

In order to continue the narrative my friend and I once more selected the mission and scenery to best represent the situation our characters had found themselves in, once more the non-narrative will be kept in spoiler tags for those only interested in the story;

Mission: The Emperor’s Will (one objective in each deployment zone, the one in his was Aun’Vre’Ukos, the one in mine was Khârn the Betrayer)
Battlefield: Hammer and Anvil (Short table edges)

Army lists;

Tau –
Shas’O’Cam’r – Commander w. Plasma Rifle, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Shield Generator, Drone Controller, Neuroweb System Jammer, Iridium Armour, 2x Marker Drones
2x Bodyguards w. 2 Missile Pods and a Marker Drone each
Aun’La’D – Ethereal w. 2 Equalisers
3x XV8 Crisis Battlesuits w. Fusion Blaster and Missile Pod each
6x Stealth Battlesuits w. Counterfire Defence System, Bonding Knife Ritual and Shas’Vre’Mal’caor
8x Fire Warriors w. Pulse Rifles, EMP Grenades, Bonding Knife Ritual and Shas’Ui
8x Fire Warriors w. Pulse Rifles, EMP Grenades, Bonding Knife Ritual and Shas’Ui
8x Fire Warriors w. Pulse Rifles, EMP Grenades, Bonding Knife Ritual and Shas’Ui
11x Fire Warriors w. Pulse Carbines and Bonding Knife Ritual (accompany Aun’La’D)
Piranha w. Fusion Blaster, Disruption Pod, Sensor Spines, 1 Seeker Missile ad Blacksun Filter
10x Pathfinders w. 3 Rail Rifles, Bonding Knife Ritual and Shas’Ui’Tan
3x XV88 Broadside Battlesuits w. Heavy Rail Rifles, Target Locks and Bonding Knife Ritual
Hammerhead Gunship w. Railgun, Submunition Rounds, Smart Missile System, 1 Seeker Missile, Sensor Spines, Disruption Pod and Blacksun Filter
Hammerhead Gunship w. Ion Cannon, Smart Missile System, 1 Seeker Missile, Sensor Spines, Disruption Pod and Blacksun Filter

Chaos Space Marines;
Bonecleaver – Daemon Prince w. Daemon of Khorne, Wings, Power Armour, Gift of Mutation (Multiple Boons – Shield of Force [Shrouded], Mechanoid [+1 armour save (2+)])
Invillius Karrow – Chaos Lord w. Terminator Armour, Pair of Lightning Claws, Sigil of Corruption, Mark of Khorne, Gift of Mutation (Crystalline Body [+1 Toughness (5)])
4x Terminators w. Pairs of Lightning Claws, Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, Gift of Mutation (Temporal Distortion [Fleet]) – (with Karrow)
5x Terminators w. Chain Fists, 1 Reaper Autocannon, Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, Gift of Mutation (Voice of Horus [Stubborn])
10x Khorne Berzerkers w. Chain Axes, Power Fist, Icon of Wrath, Gift of Mutation (Temporal Distortion [Fleet])
Chaos Rhino w. Daemonic Possession, Destroyer Blades, Additional Combi-Bolter, Dirge Caster
10x Khorne Berzerkers w. Chain Axes, Power Fist, Icon of Wrath, Gift of Mutation (Masochism [Feel No Pain])
Chaos Rhino w. Daemonic Possession, Destroyer Blades, Additional Combi-Bolter, Dirge Caster
5x Havocs w. 4 Lascannons
Land Raider w. Dirge Caster

Warlord Traits:
O’Cam’r – Predator of the Skies (one use only, O’Cam’r and his unit get Skyfire for one shooting phase)
Invillius Karrow – Black Crusader (dislikes Space Marines, which is good to know but not that relevant in this particular situation)

The battlefield setup had the chaos-inhabited fortifications at one end, the tau-occupied city at the other end and a large open area containing a large number of craters but not very much else. I made sure there was a large mesa (or hardback book) on one flank so it would at least be possible to advance behind cover if required.

My opponent won the roll-off and set up first, deploying his Terminator Lord and retinue in the Land Raider front and centre. This was flanked on each side by a Rhino brimming with Berzerkers. The low bastion on his left flank housed the lascannon-wielding Havocs while Bonecleaver perched high on the tall bastion to his right. Clearly planning to go all-out and table me, he puts nothing near his own objective. His other Terminator team (the 5-man team) stays in reserve, ready to deep strike.

Making the most of the large gap between our forces, I deploy further back, predominantly castling in my back-right corner (bottom-left on the maps). There’s a ruin there with a Hammerhead on either side (ion to the left, rail to the right), I put one fire team on the roof, one out in front of the railhead and keep the other two behind the ruin to keep an eye on Khârn (one of these two is the 11-man team accompanying La’D). My Pathfinders find a perch at the centre of my board-edge and my Battlesuits sit over to my left with the piranha (XV8s and piranha further forward, O’Cam’r sitting back with the ‘88s). My Stealthsuits outflank.

I successfully steal the initiative.

O’Cam’r had at least managed to convince La’D to bring along an honour guard, at the time he hadn’t felt the need to elaborate on the size he had in mind and by the time the ethereal had arrived at the meeting point, the rest of the hunter cadre was already in position. The invaders would attack at the first opportunity but this gave the tau a distinct advantage, a simple Kauyon manoeuvre using the hostage as the bait. The invaders would abandon their defensible location in a wild rush straight across the open ground between the city and the fortress, no cover save for a few craters and ruined walls left over from the initial chaos incursion.

Vre’Mal’caor had already vanished to outflank the soon-to-be oncoming chaos forces, Ui’Tan’s pathfinders had picked a raised position and her commentary on the enemy’s disposition was already flooding the comms network. Meanwhile over on the far flank, the fire teams were under strict instructions to keep as many people in combat armour between the ethereal and the oncoming storm as possible. Now all they needed to do was draw the enemy out before the young Aun’La could start giving orders.

“To your vehicles! Move! The enemy are at our gates, let us kill them!” At Lord Karrow’s command the World Eaters poured out of the bunkers, their blood already up and screamed blessings to the Blood God on their lips. His ancient comrades in Terminator armour had seen battle for centuries and moved with quiet purpose, but Karrow could tell that their grinning masks matched the expressions on the faces concealed beneath. The aliens were doing all the hard work for them. The Terminators split, half stepping through a portal into the warp to take the xenos from behind whilst Karrow’s chosen four joined him in their mighty Land Raider. Before the driver could even throw the vehicle into gear, a shadow appeared before them, silent, its figure distorted by some magic or technology and flash of blue light sent warning lights and klaxons sounding around the dark interior. This was immediately drowned out by an almighty explosion and some angry roaring to their right.

With a heavy growl, the Land Raider lumbered forwards, lascannons blazing and the figure before it exploded in blue light as whatever had been there was vaporised. To the left, a rhino belched out smoke as it lurched forwards and a heavy thump to the right signalled that the daemon had finally stopped toying with its new pet and had left its perch.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

“All hostiles inbound Shas’O, just as you predicted”, Shas’Ui’Tan had been on active service for several tau’cyr now but she felt that she’d never be able to accurately forecast a foe as erratic and volatile as these. They must really want their warrior back.

The enemy were still out of effective markerlight range so Ui’Tan could only sit back and observe the heroic Battlesuit pilots as they jumped back and forth, firing missiles and blasts of fusion energy at the huge winged monster in front of them which seemed to shrug off all attempts to damage it. The Broadsides were pouring smart missiles and heavy rail rifle shots into the marines beyond, shredding them like paper whilst the massive tank-mounted railgun adjusted its aim and pulverised the massive tracked warmachine creating a new crater in the already heavily-damaged landscape.

The roar of an unhealthy engine dragged her attention back to where it should have been and she inwardly admonished herself for becoming distracted. The commander was relying on her vantage point and running commentary.

“Shas’O, they’ve nearly engaged the ethereal! And that creature is…”

“I can see it Shas’Ui!”

The winged monstrosity had leapt up to the crisis team and snatched one from the air as it attempted to evade. The others did their best to jump-kick the creature but could do nothing to prevent the Battlesuit from being impaled by a massive claw and slammed into the ground, broken.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Battle Reports / 6th Edition Kill Team - 2 Battles - More Narrative
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Shas’Vre’Elsy’eir’Mal’caor led his team almost silently across the rooftops of the Imperial city. This place had been thriving when the Tau arrived and began their diplomatic talks with the populace of this frontier world, then the Chaos Space Marines made planetfall and everything went wrong. The Fire caste were only supposed to be there to show off their might in front of the gue’la and now Vre’Mal’caor’s team were chasing the trail of destruction left by the forces of chaos in search of their missing ethereal.

In all likelihood Aun’Vre’Ukos was dead, the forces of chaos didn’t tend to leave survivors and these bloodthirsty maniacs least of all, but the order had been given and so here they were. Vre’Mal’caor wasn’t opposed to sneaking around behind enemy lines with only the other members of his team supporting him, that was the role the Stealth Battlesuits excelled in and throughout numerous campaigns over many Tau’cyr, this team had yet to fail him.

The mission group was being commanded from the very top, coalition command. The Aun had lost one of their own and the stealth team had been equipped accordingly, a few of the team even receiving prototype wargear for the duration of the mission; Ui’Rmy’s XV25 had been fitted with a new variant Stimulant Injector, Ui’Kas had his old XV15 fitted with an equally old fusion blaster that had been developed for the suit before the ’25 began production and Vre’Mal’caor’s second-in-command, Ui’Tu had even acquired an experimental high-velocity burst cannon which she claimed could tear even the heaviest armour in half.

Tornvayr the Eviscerator could not see the prey, some undetectable sorcery must be at work, but he could still taste their souls. Silly little prey, out on their own, strolling into his hunting ground. Soon he would feed. And his kin would feed. He reached out a once-mortal claw and ripped a hole through realities, a scream echoing from his vox grilles and those of his kin. Time to feed.

Time for another battle report, two in fact because Kill Team games don’t take that long and we were able to come up with a vague narrative which I will now attempt to convert to paper (or pixels, whatever).

Yet again I’ll be introducing my narrative style to the reports so this may take you some time to read. Again I’ll be keeping the non-narrative play-by-play in spoiler tags to break up the wall of text a bit and so anyone who cares more for the fluff can stick to that aspect if they so desire.

As requested last time, there will be more little maps (it’s much easier when you play with so few models).
The first game is a direct sequel to the previous report whilst the second will start with the word ‘meanwhile’. So, let’s get started.

Mission – Infiltrate the camp

Tau (Attackers)
6 Stealth Battlesuits – Shas’vre, Markerlight and Target Lock, Fusion Blaster
- Shas’Vre’Mal’caor (Leader), Unshakeable Dedication to Duty (Zealot)
- Shas’Ui’Tu (Specialist 1), Rending (Ranged only)
- Shas’Ui’Kas (Specialist 2), Preferred Enemy
- Shas’Ui’Rmy (Specialist 3), Feel No Pain

Chaos (Defenders)
5 Warp Talons – 2x Gifts of Chaos (Eternal Warrior, Poisoned 4+), Mark of Khorne
- Tornvayr the Eviscerator (Leader), A Cunning Ruse (optional 3 outflankers)
- (Specialist 1), Hammer of Wrath
- (Specialist 2), Flesh Bane
- (Specialist 3), Scout

We looked through the rules and decided that this mission suited the current narrative. For those who haven’t looked through the Kill Team rules, this mission involves the attacker trying to get as many of his units as possible to leave the battlefield across the defender’s board edge. The attacker gets 1VP for each model across, the defender scores 1VP for each full three attacking models killed. Secondary objectives are each worth 1VP and they are; Slay the Leader (speaks for itself), First Blood (first to kill an opposing model) and Break the Enemy (destroy at least half of your opponent’s force). Night Fighting was in effect but given my in-built Blacksun Filters and his lack of ranged weapons, it really didn’t do anything.

As the attacker I set up first, deploying my Stealthsuits at the edge of my deployment zone so they could make their mad dash through the enemy lines. The Warp Talons set up opposite, their scout zooming forwards to near the halfway line. My opponent rolls a 4 and fails to steal the initiative.

A contact icon pinged on Vre’Mal’caor’s sensor suite drawing his attention to an area of sky just beyond the Imperial church ahead of him. A deep rend had appeared from the inky blackness enveloping the area in an eerie red glow and a figure erupted from nowhere, leading a trail of warp fire and howling with unnatural pitch and volume. It swooped low over a gue’la statue and rocketed straight towards the team, numerous additional pings announcing the arrival of four more who added their mechanically-enhanced voices to the chorus.

“Contact front, initiate Kles’tak protocol”, Vre’Mal’caor spoke calmly but with purpose, his team responding almost instinctively and kicking their jet packs into high gear. It didn’t matter if they were audible now, the daemons could sense them anyway.

As the foe blazed closer their nature was made apparent, clad in power armour like Astartes but with a strange aura surrounding them. They seemed to be on fire but the flames flickered between every conceivable colour, and some inconceivable ones which made it hard even to look at them. Gunfire echoed from the roof of the church and Vre’Mal’caor picked out the distinct hiss of a fusion blaster amongst the high calibre plasma bursts but his attention was immediately on the two figures hurtling towards him, enormous metallic claws flickering menacingly with sorcerous energies. Ui’Rmy dropped down next to him and they both opened up on full-auto, their shots ricocheting harmlessly from the daemonic armour before the creatures made contact.

Ui’Rmy gasped as a claw passed through his chestplate like it was smoke and Vre’Mal’caor watched in horror as his burst cannon-wielding left arm was torn off entirely, the claw proceeding into the jetpack and detonating the power cell. Muzzle flashes and warpfire atop the church were all he could see as the Shas’Vre tumbled down to the streets below, his vision blurring to darkness.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Shas’Ui’Tu silently despaired as she saw three blue icons wink out of existence on her HUD and a new squad command textbox appeared in the lower-right corner of her vision. She took a deep breath and activated command comms override.

“Stick to the plan, engage at will but we need to break through this. The Aun’vre is top priority, all else is inconsequential.”

She noted Ui’Kas igniting his fusion blaster and gaining instant revenge for their fallen comrade and, running across the roof she kicked her jet pack into hear one more, her two remaining teammates hot on her hooves.

Tornvayr the Eviscerator felt the destruction of his kin and performed a harsh aerial manoeuvre, his heightened sense picking up the near-invisible prey easily. His other kin jinked simultaneously and all four roared towards the prey, two already screaming of victories, Blood for the Blood God and Skulls for the Skull Throne.

As he neared the prey they turned, leaping backwards from the false church and unleashing a torrent of blue lights. One impacted Tornvayr’s helmet and he swiftly rolled away, his attack blunted by pathetic prey. Kin fared better. Kin killed the kinslayer and two halves of prey decorate the false church with an offering to Khorne.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

They were nearly there; Ui’Tu could see the entrance to a large only-partially-ruined building. If they could get inside then pursuit would be much easier to avoid as the daemonic Astartes would be forced to land or break off the chase. A cry, quickly cut short and the loss of another on-screen icon dumped an ice-cold bucket of reality over her. They weren’t going to make it. The Aun had chosen them for this mission and they were going to fail.

She remembered her words, only seconds ago but it seemed much longer. And she knew what she had to do.

Turning from her headlong flight she levelled her burst cannon at the nearest monster. This is the one that had killed Ui’Kas.

“Don’t stop Shas’Ui!” the specially modified weapon began to spin inside its casing and the experimental  plasma burst rounds shredded her friend’s killer, “Keep going, find the Aun’Vre!”, stepping backwards she saw three more descending upon her from all different directions. Her shots unable to catch them before they made contact. “For the Tau’v…”

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Ow. Vre’Mal’caor pulled the non-functioning helmet from his head and glanced around. The noise had stopped a while ago but it had taken a little while for his head to clear enough for him to realise that he’d been trying to remove the helmet with his left hand, the hand which now lay who knows where, probably still holding his burst cannon. It was probably a good thing that the original arm had been lost a long time ago and all that hung from his shoulder was a sparking conglomeration of metal and wires. The serious damage had been done to his power supply so he’d certainly be walking back.

“Back with us Shas’Vre?”, although his eyes were still acclimatising themselves to the moonless night Vre’Mal’caor recognised the voice of Ui’Rmy and he was soon able to pick out the form of his comrade sitting on a pile of rubble nearby, a heavy bandage around his torso scavenged from who knows where and no sign of his Battlesuit short of the comms unit which had been removed from the helmet.

“Sounds like Ui’Mot’R got through, he’s located the primary objective and we’re to meet up with the cadre there. We lost the others though. You don’t want to see what they did to Ui’Tu.”

Ui’Rmy helped his Shas’Vre to his feet and the two gingerly helped each other through the now quiet city night. Despite all else the mission had been successful, but it certainly didn’t feel like it. <Sigh> “For the Tau’Va”.

Well that could have gone worse I suppose, but it could have gone a lot better too.

The mission type was probably my downfall really, Tau shouldn’t be getting close to power weapon wielding Space Marines with Jump Packs in normal circumstances but I had to run straight through them.

The final result was; Chaos – 3 (1VP for Slay the Leader, one for Break the Enemy, and the final one for killing at least three of my stealthsuits), Tau – 1 (1VP for the one Shas’Ui who made it across the board).

Kill Team is fun, creating lists for it is also fun. I’ve run this particular kill team before in a mini-campaign and I won that, sadly it’s built more for slow-moving enemies with not much in the way of armour (I’ve annihilated an entire Imperial Guard platoon with this setup). As for my specialists, Preferred Enemy is great for putting on those guns with a low number of shots but high damage like the fusion blaster and of course I’ve already mentioned that I love rending burst cannons.

Anyway, onto game two...

Shas’O’Elsy’eir’Cam’r advanced softly along the abandoned Imperial street, or at least as softly as one can in a two and a half tonne Battlesuit. A few rotaa ago these streets had been occupied with locals however the red swirling skies and occasional outbreaks of unearthly howling and blood rain pointed very clearly to the gue’la forces of chaos currently being at work in this city. The ethereals had pointed out the obvious, the people of this world would be unable to advance the cause of the Greater Good and join the Empire if they were all to be killed or corrupted by these forces and so O’Cam’r’s cadre was being dispatched to seek and destroy the threat before it could exacerbate the situation any further.

The ethereals had established three locations of interest in close proximity to each other and had attached their representative Vre’Ukos to oversee the mission. O’Cam’r was unsure how these locations had been discovered or what the ethereal planned to do there but it was not his place to question.

Passing through a cloud of ash and smoke from a nearby Arbites precinct, O’Cam’r switched his view-screen between the feeds of the quartet of marker drones hovering at intervals around him and his bodyguard, taking in the bulky shape of the Sky Ray effortlessly manoeuvring around the buildings to his left and the team of Fire Warriors picking their way through the street beyond, advancing as a protective screen around the all-too visible form of Vre’Ukos who had declined the offer of urban-camouflaged combat armour in favour of his usual white and purple robes.

O’Cam’r tried but failed to raise the advance stealth team on comms, which wasn’t unusual, but whether due to the warp-altered atmospheric conditions or the Shas’Vre purposefully maintaining radio silence, O’Cam’r couldn’t tell, however he had no problems reaching the Shas’Ui of the cadre’s pathfinder team. A recent promotion, O’Cam’r could hear the pride and excitement in the young Shas’Ui’s voice as she was able to report that one of her snipers had obtained visual confirmation of large, red and gold armoured humanoids in the vicinity of one of the objectives.

Just what they needed, Chaos Space Marines.

The perfect location, the recent bloodshed from the civilians and their pitiful PDF protectors had successfully weakened the veil between the materium and the immaterium and the rituals were already proceeding beyond Khârn’s expectations. The World Eaters had already achieved the favour of the Daemon Prince Bonecleaver who bade the Astartes to retrace their steps, returning to the sites of each massacre since their planetfall where the warp was closest to breaking through so they could quickly amass a great daemon host to cleanse this world and unleash a torrent of Blood for the Blood God!

Khârn stood in the centre of the ring. Around him, chained to each other and kneeling in a wide circle, were eight of the false Emperor’s astropaths. Bonecleaver looked on as the Betrayer, screaming glories to the skull throne, swept the mighty axe Gorechild in a swift arc, taking all eight of the psyker’s heads from their shoulders in one long strike. Blood erupted from eight necks and spurted violently towards Khârn, but before it reached him it began to swirl around him as though caught in a hurricane, rising into the air and taking the form of an enormous winged monster. The Bloodthirster of Khorne bellowed with rage as it left the warp, adding to the bloodcurdling cries of the Astartes and Khârn, impatient as always, leapt into his Rhino transport and bade it drive forth to the next location.

So a friend of mine has moved back into the area and after more than a year without a game, we’ve had a couple in relatively quick succession. I think we’ve finally remembered most of the rules at this stage, in the first game I’d completely forgotten the Supporting Fire special rule and for most of that game I’d somehow been stuck with the misapprehension that Pulse Carbines were only Assault 1. As such, I didn’t bother recording the details of that one, this game however I decided to get back into the swing of things properly by making notes and writing a battle report.

A couple of notes before I kick it into gear, firstly I’m still playing 6th edition. I never got around to acquiring a 7th ed. rulebook and we’re both happy enough sticking with that for the foreseeable future (we might also manage a bit of 8th ed. fantasy while we’re at it). Secondly, I’m going to be doing this battle report predominantly in a narrative style. The play-by-play will also be included but I’m going to stick most of that in spoiler tags on the off-chance that there are people who’d rather just read the narrative without interruption.

Now onto the army lists:


O’Cam’r – Commander w. Plasma Rifle, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Shield Generator, Drone Controller, 2x Marker Drones, Neuroweb System Jammer (which I have forgotten in literally every game I’ve ever taken it), Iridium Armour
2x XV8 Bodyguards – Each has; 2x Missile Pods and 1x Marker Drone (with Commander)
Vre’Ukos – Ethereal w. Honour Blade, Homing Beacon
3x XV8 Crisis Suits – Each has; Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster, Bonding Knife Ritual
6x Stealth Battlesuits – Shas’Vre'Mal'caor, Bonding Knife Ritual, Counterfire Defence System
12x Fire Warriors – Shas’Ui, EMP Grenades, Bonding Knife Ritual
12x Fire Warriors – Shas’Ui, EMP Grenades, Bonding Knife Ritual
11x Fire Warriors – Pulse Carbines (with Ethereal)
10x Pathfinders – Shas’Ui'Tan, 3 Rail Rifles, Bonding Knife Ritual
6x Vespid Stingwings – Strain Leader
Hammerhead Gunship – Railgun, Submunition Rounds, SMS, 1x Seeker Missile, Sensor Spines, Blacksun Filter, Disruption Pod
Sky Ray – SMS, Disruption Pod, Sensor Spines, Blacksun Filter
3x XV88 Broadside Battlesuits – Bonding Knife Ritual, Target Locks

Chaos Daemons (with Chaos Space Marine allies)

Bloodthirster – Greater reward (Hellfire Gaze), Exalted Reward (Riftbringer)
10x Bloodletters – Bloodreaper, Greater Reward (Unbreakable Hide), Banner of Blood, Instrument of Chaos (with Skulltaker)
10x Bloodletters – Bloodreaper, Greater Reward (Hellfire Gaze), Banner of Blood, Instrument of Chaos
10x Bloodletters – Bloodreaper, Greater Reward (Corpulescense), Banner of Blood, Instrument of Chaos
10x Bloodletters – Bloodreaper, Greater Reward (Daemonic Resilience), Banner of Blood, Instrument of Chaos
6x Flesh Hounds
Bonecleaver – Daemon Prince of Khorne, Warp-forged Armour, Daemonic Flight, Greater Reward (Hellfire Gaze), Exalted Reward (Doubly Blessed; Soul Eater, Cleaving Strike)
Soul Grinder – Warp Gaze

Khârn the Betrayer
10x Khorne Berzerkers – Chainaxes, Power Fist, Gift of Chaos (Arcane Occulum) (with Khârn in Rhino)
Rhino – Daemonic Possession, Destroyer Blades
5x Chaos Space Marines

Mission – Big Guns Never Tire (3 objectives)
Battlefield – Dawn of War

In order to save a bit of time, I set up the terrain before my opponent arrived. Given my lack of actual scenery it’s predominantly composed of cardboard boxes, CD cases and books. The setup design was urban with most of the scenery representing buildings, a number of the boxes have ladders drawn on so units can move up and down easily. I wanted an impressive centrepiece so I included a large overpass 8.5” above the battlefield which could be accessed from both deployment zones. When it came to placing objectives I went first and decided to put one right in the centre of the overpass because I thought it’d be fun to fight up there. The other two went in opposite corners.

Warlord Traits
Commander – Through Unity, Devastation (Quickly forgotten, never used)
Skulltaker – Destroyer of Mortals (Hatred)

I set my army up first so I could generate an opening salvo and move my tanks around to benefit from jink+disruption before he got a chance to shoot anything. Two Fire warrior teams (including the one with the ethereal) set up on my left flank to make use of the building behind the wall in the early turns. My Sky Ray set up behind them with LoS to most of the battlefield. The Vespids deployed even further back to counter-attack anything that came to threaten my left flank. The commander and his team deployed behind a large piece of impassable terrain to perform some early J-S-J manoeuvres. My pathfinders and XV88s deployed on the buildings leading up to the overpass with clear lines of fire to pretty much everywhere. The XV8s, third Fire warrior team and Hammerhead deployed on my right flank, near the third objective. The stealthsuits went in reserve to outflank.

From my left-to-right, the forces of chaos deployed their Flesh Hounds, Chaos Space Marines (on objective 1), Soul Grinder, Bloodthirster, Rhino (carrying Khârn and the Berzerkers) and Bloodletters unit 2 deployed behind the rhino. Everything else was set to deep strike except the Daemon Prince who would be swooping on.

My opponent failed to seize the initiative.

The warp storm was getting considerably worse. O’Cam’r had rushed to establish the rest of his forces in defensive positions at the slightly panicked urgings of his pathfinders and communication was now all but impossible without electronic means as little could be heard over the ferocious roaring emanating from seemingly nowhere. Vre’Ukos and a couple of Fire teams had positioned themselves in the remains of a walled Imperial compound and the ethereal seemed to be calming the shas around him with a speech of some kind. A pity the rest of the cadre couldn’t hear it as the pathfinders were getting even more jumpy and there was still no word from the stealth team. O’Cam’r was just about to attempt some sort of calming speech when one of his linked drones located the source of their discomfort. An enormous creature, standing slightly taller than his own advanced Battlesuit but made almost doubly large by the huge bat-like wings emerging from its armoured torso. The roar of an unhealthy engine announced the arrival of a corrupted Chaos transport tank and several notifications in his sensor suite announced that his team’s marker drones had pinged the arrival of a vast daemon-machine walker hybrid.

“Shas’Ui, light up that monster, we need to focus fire on that greater daemon.”

The pathfinder Shas’Ui, clearly made aware that her commander was directing her team’s fire, refused to show that she was anything less than capable and deserving of her recent promotion and O’Cam’r’s sensors detected a flurry of additional markerlight designations and he could faintly see the clear trail of rail rifle shots through the dust, closely followed by larger trails erupting from the Broadside team’s heavy rail rifles and the final even larger Hammerhead railgun shot. These were quickly followed by a series of small plasma explosions from a number of smart missile systems and finally the crew of the Sky Ray decided to make use of a number of marker designations and a trio of seeker missiles flew across the battlefield, the smoke clearing just enough to see that the beast had vanished, back to the hellscape from whence it came.

“Shas’O, team two has secured objective three, crisis team advancing on enemy armour”, the Pathfinder Sha’Ui had fully recovered given the destruction of the greater daemon and she began fully embracing her role by updating her commander with a running commentary of the cadre’s right flank. O’Cam’r’s twin bodyguards unleashed a hail of missile fire against the enemy walker but to no obvious effect.

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The lack of a mortal driver in his Rhino meant that the first moment when Khârn was made aware of the alien attack involved numerous explosions and a roar of unbridled rage as the mighty Bloodthirster was expelled backwards into the warp from whence it came. Leaping up to the firing step in the crew compartment, Khârn was the first to see the approaching Battlesuits. Whilst a mere mortal might quiver at the sight of the 3m tall mechanical walkers, Khârn was no coward and at his merest thought the daemonic presence in his transport growled and lunged towards the approaching constructs. The howl erupting from all around told him that the summoned daemons were also on the warpath.

The sky above the field of battle, as if sensing the carnage about to ensue, lit up like a blazing inferno and huge multi-coloured fireballs rained down upon the battlefield, one landing not far in front of Khârn and instantly immolated two of the small xeno soldiers. Khârn let out a harsh laugh which turned to an angry howl as the pathetic Bloodletters cowering behind his transport suddenly rushed forwards and stole his kill, the Battlesuits falling under a hail of blows from the hellblades.

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Ui’Tan was grateful that she couldn’t hear the Battlesuit pilots, watching them die was bad enough. The pathfinder Shas’Ui didn’t need orders; she didn’t need to give her team orders. Without a word they targeted the daemons and the nearby Fire team wasted no time unleashing a storm of pulse fire that utterly annihilated the creatures of chaos. Flashes of blue from the far left of the battlefield told her that the commander and the other half of the cadre were working just as hard as her team was. The implacable walker closing in on the Tau lines was struck by a number of seeker missiles and an icon appearing on her heads-up-display announced that the last of the Sky Ray’s arsenal had been unleashed. It certainly looked as if the daemon was now lacking its massive claw.
But just when it looked like things were getting better, the warp storm calming down, the full onslaught began.

Khorne was not pleased, it wasn’t as if Skulltaker had ever actually seen him in a good mood but the reappearance of one of his Bloodthirsters had increased he rage to even more palpable levels. Peering through the weakened veil into the material realm, Skulltaker saw the mortal Khârn. He had done a decent enough job against the defenceless humans who fled and died in his wake, but now Khorne’s army needed a proper general. The mortal could never think to command the daemonic legions, and the Daemon Prince Bonecleaver had barely made an appearance, although to Skulltaker he was little more than a mortal himself, having acquired minor favour with the Blood God. No, this would take a true daemon.
Skulltaker marshalled his forces to him, resplendent in their ordered ranks, they marched out of the immaterium.

The first Ui’Tan noticed was the flying monster. Smaller than the first but looking no less terrifying, it swooped down towards the compound where she knew the ethereal was sheltering. She just managed to alert the commander before the air in front of her seemed to stretch and distend, and creatures of nightmare strode forth.

Khârn was enraged; first the pathetic little daemons had stolen his kill, and now another one had appeared and was trying to take command from him. Khârn booted the Rhino door open and leaped out towards the nearest foes, his baying comrades close at his heels. The daemon-infused tank, now relieved of its cargo, kicked into high gear, activated its destroyer blades and drove relentlessly forwards towards the biggest opponent it could see.

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News, Rumours and Trading / Orks incoming
« on: May 25, 2014, 01:06:31 AM »
BoLS is suggesting Orks next with;
- A new Ork Boys box triple-combo kit covering: Tank-Bustas, Kommandos, Flashgitz
- Buggie Combo kit (making the existing buggy and a new unknown kit)
- Mega-nobz Combo kit (making the existing Mega-nobz and a new unknown kit)
- Kopta Combo kit (making the existing Kopta and a new unknown kit)

I agree that Meganobz are in dire need of an update (they need to be bigger) and all the metal kits are becoming plastic anyway so these rumours look legit to me. I would personally love to see Ork Wartraks designed to be similar to those in the original Dawn of War games.
We'll see what happens, should be good.

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