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General 40k and Expansions / Xenos Aegis Defence Lines?
« on: November 18, 2013, 11:41:38 PM »
For those of you who don't play Imperium of Man armies, what do you use for an ADL? I know it's perfectly normal, and even expected, to use the official GW one, but unless you're playing a Space Marine army it looks kinda silly. So what alternatives are available? I've seen some interesting conversions, from a kroot-themed sharpened picket wall, to improvised orcish barricades, to some Eldar-themed force fields. I was close to building one out of medium flyer bases and shield generators, with some improvised tripods and cabling to string them all together, thinking that that would be a lot more Tauish: carry a bunch of tripod-mounted shield generators to the battlefield, set 'em up, plug 'em in, and hide behind them. What I'm doing instead, however, is buying a set of these.

Battle Reports / 1850(ish) Tau versus Chaos Marines
« on: September 19, 2013, 10:16:05 PM »
As usual I didn't take notes at the time, but I had a good game of 40k last Friday. The mission was Big Guns Never Tire on the diagonal deployment. My opponent had a fairly well-rounded list of one Maulerfiend, one ranged version of the Maulerfiend (whatever that's called), one Helldrake, a Land Raider filled with Possessed Space Marines, a champion of some kind with the Black Mace and some truly nasty close combat abilities, and a couple of squads of Noise Marines. His warlord was basically the Chaos version of the Techmarine.

My list included two foot-slogging squads of fire warriors, a third one in a devilfish, my old friend Longstrike in an ionhead, a Skyray, a sniper team of one marksman and 5 drones, Aun'Shi the Ethereal, and a Sunshark bomber. Crisis suits and markerlights consisted of two squads: an HQ with missile pods, and burst cannons, and an Elite squad of plasma rifles and fusion blasters. Both of them had 4 marker drones and 2 shield drones. There were also two suicide solos of twin fusion blasters and a flamer sidearm. Finally, I had a kroot squad, and this is where I was unintentionally cheating. I misread my list and played them as 15 models with sniper ammo rather than 10 models without. My apologies to my opponent!

I won the roll-off and chose to go second since it was an objective-based mission with four objectives. My opponent standard-deployed almost nothing, basically the 2 siege engines and the land raider, since his warlord trait allowed several units to infiltrate. I put the skyray in the back, propped in a building, since its weaponry doesn't allow both effective firing and a jink cover save at the same time. The center was occupied by the two fire warrior squads, Aun'Shi, and the sniper team since they all benefit from the ethereal's Storm of Fire ability only when closely packed. The large crisis squads and Longstrike deployed to either side of the static units, and the kroot infiltrated even farther off-center. After my opponent's infiltration, I decided to try seizing the initiative, and to my amazement, succeeded.

Longstrike's infamous markerlight-assisted, cover-ignoring, Marine-armor-piercing, gets-hot-rerolling, instant-death-causing, large-blast-of-doom pretty much wiped out one squad, while pulse and sniper fire softened up another one. Chaos siege engines advance at an alarming rate, and I started to get nervous, but the only casualty on my side by the bottom of turn one was Longstrike, who died to the first shot that got through his armor.

In the top of 2, concentrated fire immobilized the assault-maulerfiend, giving me a turn of breathing room (or so I thought), and softened up the other one. The kroot snipers (who weren't really supposed to be snipers) used a couple of markerlights to become BS5 against the shooty maulerfiend, getting quite a few hits. Only one of those hits rended, but I rolled a 6 on the second roll for a glancing hit that finished it off. I could almost picture the Shaper holding his shot until the last moment, after the rest of the squad was starting to scatter, and putting the final shot through the fiend's eye, then calmly explaining to the rest of them "that's how it's done, boys."

In the bottom of three or whatever we're up to, things started to go badly for the Tau. The Land Raider rolls forward and drops off Possessed and the warlord-techmarine, who detaches, strides up to the immobilized maulerfiend... and repairs it! The Possessed assault the sniper team, and the suddenly-remobilized maulerfiend charges into one of the fire warrior teams. Thinking that I don't have much chance of scratching the AV12 vehicle I pour all available overwatch into the Possessed. I soften them up some, but enough get through to do unpleasant things to the sniper team. On the other side of the field, the lone champion attempts a 10 or 11 inch charge into my command squad... and makes it! The only thing loopier than that is that one of the melta-flamer suits, who missed his deep strike target, gets to do supporting fire with his flamer because he's less than 6 inches behind the target of the charge. He's probably over 18 inches from the charging model, but rules are rules, and he gets his 1d3 hits with the flamer! The champion challenges my warlord with something like nine S9 AP2 Instant Death attacks, so my warlord responds by "bravely running away" and calling for his bodyguards to earn their title. Since the champion's ridiculous melee abilities only apply when he is in base contact with his target (my warlord), he "only" slaughters about 3 drones.

By now there isn't a whole lot left on either side. The champion is steadily slaughtering my command squad, my bomber and its drones are trying to finish off the maulerfiend, and most of the troops on both sides are gone. The skyray has downed the helldrake, the landraider is firing lascannons at the skyray, and the melta-gun crisis suits are trying to safely get into attack range of the land raider. My kroot shaper, knowing that the Chaos champion must offer and accept a challenge whenever possible, tries to charge him in the small amount of base contact that is available (courtesy of the fact that he's clobbered most of the squad now), but they don't get there.

My skyray holds one objective (because of Big Guns Never Tire making heavy support choices scoring), and my kroot and fire warriors have another. His land raider holds one, and two surviving noise marines models hold the last one. I have First Blood, but Linebreaker is up for grabs and both warlords are down. It looks like a narrow Tau victory, but we played it out until the dice determined the game should actually end. The land raider finally scores a direct hit on the skyray, destroying it at the end of turn 6, and had the game ended then the score would have been something like Tau 5, Chaos 7. Fortunately, the game continued for one more round, and after missing 7 of the last 8 shots, my melta crisis suits finally destroy the land raider and seal the victory!

Post Mortem:

  • It's too early to make a definitive call on whether Aun Shi is worth it, but he's definitely not worth it for the reasons I've been taking him. An EMP grenade and shield generator are not worth the 60 points or whatever he costs over a standard ethereal, and if I always have him attached to a fire warrior team with squad leader I don't need to worry so much about his ability in challenges. It's more effective to just equip the fire warriors with their own EMP grenades even if I don't want them that close to a vehicle. My opponent won't always give me the choice!
  • Daemon engines from the Chaos Marine codex are just all-around nasty. They're not quite indestructible, but they're very tough, very fast, and very dangerous. I miss broadside railguns!
  • The more I play them, the more I like sniper drone teams. With an ethereal nearby, 3 BS 5 sniper shots per model  at 24 inches is dangerous to everything but a heavy vehicle. I haven't tried it yet, but attaching a commander with a puretide engram for Monster Hunter would make them truly disgusting against Monstrous Creatures.
  • The skyray is basically an immobile turret without the option of a vehicle multi-tracker, but it's still one of our best anti-flyer platforms, followed closely by the Sunshark and its drones. It's also a good source of seeker missiles.
  • I've tried the command squad and marker drone combo a couple of times now, and I just don't like it as well as the commander joined to a Fast Attack drone squad. The stealth team with 3 markerlight launchers works well as a secondary source, but I think packing marker drones into a crisis team doesn't.

Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Two Tau questions
« on: August 11, 2013, 08:09:16 AM »
1. Can a Skyray with Point Defence Targeting Relay fire its markerlights in overwatch? Assuming it can (which I believe should be the case), could it then still use any hits as normal, like to fire a seeker at BS5 with Ignores Cover? I believe it could use the markerlight hits, but not to fire a seeker as that is a weapon of greater than strength 5. Longstrike, however, could use that markerlight hit to fire a seeker, although I'm not convinced that would be the best choice. Here's the problem with my argument that the markerlight can be fired. Mathematically, a markerlight does not have a strength less than 5. It has no strength value at all. That's not the same as a strength of zero; it is an undefined strength value. Had the description been written as "with weapons that do not have a strength above 5" then it would be clear, but that's not how its written. Do you think anyone will actually make the mathematical argument in a tournament?

2. Can Shadowsun fire her second fusion blaster shot at a different unit when firing in overwatch? I was all set to argue that she could because her ability to fire a second weapon is granted by her battlesuit and the advanced wargear in it, not by a standard multi-tracker. However, while writing this I found on pg 59 the description of the XV22 Battlesuit, and it does in fact have a multi-tracker. So nevermind on this one, but I'm still interested in discussion of the first one.


crisis commander with plasma rifle, missile pod, drone controller, stim injector, iridium battlesuit, and 2 shield drones.          187 points



3x squads of 10 fire warriors with shas'ui.         100 points per squad

1x 20 kroot with sniper rounds and 4 hounds.   160 points


crisis shas'vre with drone controller, Command & Control node, burst cannon, and 2 marker drones.
2x crisis shas'ui with 2 single-linked plasma rifles, target lock, and 2 marker drones.  Total cost 251.

crisis shas'vre with fusion blaster, plasma rifle, puretide engram, and 1 shield drone.
2x crisis shas'ui with fusion blaster, plasma rifle, advanced targeting system, and 1 shield drone.  Total cost 223.

Fast Attack:

6x marker drones.   84 points.

1x piranha with fusion blaster, disruption pod, sensor spines, 2 seeker missiles.    86 points

sunshark bomber. twin-linked missile pod, decoy launchers.     168

Heavy Support:

skyray with smart missile system, disruption pod, blacksun filter.    131 points

Hammerhead with ion cannon, Longstrike, disruption pod, sensor spines, 2 seeker missiles.  207 points

Total cost 1847.

Basically, instead of pathfinders I have two squads of 6 marker drones. One will have the commander attached for BS5 markerlights (although he has two shield drones to give them a chance against cover-ignoring ionhead blasts). The other one is 6 marker drones on the Elite squad, which can be twin-linked BS3 if the squad leader doesn't fire. The other two suits in that squad have target locks so they can fire their plasma rifles (four of them total!) at something else.

I put Longstrike in an ionhead rather than the usual railhead because I have 3 crisis suits and a piranha with fusion blasters for the heavy armor, and the ionhead's blast is better than the railhead's. Skyfire is handled by the skyray, bomber drones, and massed markerlights if necessary. General antipersonnel and horde killing is handled mostly by the troops and bomber.

Now this is definitely a candidate for the first FAQ update: When a suit has both counterfire defence system and a drone controller what ballistic skill do drones in its unit use for overwatch? CDS states
A model with counterfire defence system fires Overwatch at Ballistic Skill 2, rather than Ballistic Skill 1.

Drone controller states
All Gun Drones, Marker Drones and Sniper Drones in the same unit as a model with a drone controller use the bearer's Ballistic Skill instead of their own. ...

One argument is that you, in effect, replace the BS stat of the drones with the BS stat of the model with the drone controller, which would mean that the drones are BS 3 (or occasionally 5) models snapfiring, which would make them effectively BS1. However, their drone-controlling model is firing at BS2 for overwatch so there is an argument that they get that ballistic skill.

What do you think?

Somehow I missed this when I was bashing the sniper choice for kroot weaponry, but I was working on a false assumption. When I read that you can add sniper rounds to a kroot squad, I thought they replaced the regular pulse round, but looking at it more closely, it's an additional firing mode. That makes a huge difference, having the ability to rapid-fire on the move and such.

I'll stand by my assertion that kroot with 24 inch sniper rifles ONLY suck, but fortunately that's not what you're getting with your 1-point upgrade.

One of my first attempts at a Tau list from the new codex, this one centers on heavy vehicles.

crisis commander with Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, drone controller, Command & Control Node, and 2 marker drones. 162 points

ethereal with honor blade 55 points.

3 squads of 10 fire warriors each with one shas'ui squad leader. 100 each.

2 suits with fusion blaster, missile pod, advanced targeting system (precision shot), and a shield drone. 3rd suit is a shas'vre with the same equipment but a Puretide Engram instead of the adv targeting system. Puretide Engram lets him pick Counter Attack, Furious Charge, Monster Hunter, Stubborn, or Tank Hunter at the start of his movement phase. 223 points.

1 solo shas'vre crisis suit with airbursting fragmentation projector, burst cannon, neuroweb system jammer, and 2 gun drones. NWS makes an enemy unit's weapons have Gets Hot. 83 points.

Fast Attack:
Sunshark bomber with twinlinked missile pod, decoy launchers, & disruption pod. decoy launchers are now a 4++ save against weapons with Interceptor. 183 points.

A drone squad of 6 marker drones. They are BS 2, but as long as the commander is attached they use his BS 5. 84 points.

8 pathfinders. One is a squadleader with blacksun filter (nightfighting), and 3 have rail rifles. 144 points.

Heavy Support:
Longstrike in a railhead with smart missile system. Also gets submunition shot, disruption pod, and 2 seeker missiles. Longstrike makes the hammerhead BS 5 with Tank Hunter, Preferred Enemy (Imperial Guard), supporting fire, and overwatch with the SMS. 206 points.

skyray with smart missile system, disruption pod, precision shot, and blacksun filter. 141 points.

ionhead with smart missile system, disruption pod, precision shot, blacksun filter, and 2 seeker missiles. 167 points.

total cost: 1748.

Basically, the army will be anchored by the pathfinder squad, ethereal, and 3 fire warrior teams. The ethereal will keep them together and buff as needed (each turn he can choose to give nearby units Stubborn, Feel No Pain 6+, fire snap shots after running, or an extra pulse shot at 1/2 range). The commander and drone squad will be the primary markerlight source while the vehicles mill around and shoot at things. Vehicle killing will have to be handled by Longstrike and the fusion blaster crisis team, although pathfinders, seeker missiles, and the drones from the bomber would be effective with side shots. The only skyfire in there is the skyray, and nothing has interceptor, but seeker missiles now hit at BS5 against flyers once you get a markerlight hit, and they ignore cover. The lone shas'vre is basically designed to deal with lasgun spam IG lists, but he would be decent against anything with a weak armor save.

Forces and Allies of the Imperium / and one more New Tau Question
« on: April 29, 2013, 03:34:41 AM »
Do signature systems take "slots" on the crisis suits? The Elite Shas'vre's rules say "A Crisis Shas'vre may take up to three items from the Ranged Weapons, Signature Systems, and/or Support Systems lists", suggesting that Signature Systems count against his allotment. However the entries for both Commander and Xv8 Crisis Bodyguard Team say "may take items from the Signature Systems list" as a separate bullet point, suggesting that he can take as many signatures as they want and still have their 3 or 4 Ranged and Support items. Which is right???

Here's another one. If a unit within 6 inches of a crisis suit squad gets charged, the crisis suits fire overwatch (we're ignoring, for the moment, the question of whether they get to use their multitrackers as that's discussed elsewhere). If those suits have flamers, do they get to use Wall Of Flame and do automatic 1d3 hits? As far as I can tell, yes. It just seems a little silly if, for example, the crisis suits were standing directly behind the target of the charge!

"I'll save you guys. By the way, DUCK!"

When they're detached from the sunshark it's obvious that they use their own profile, but what about while attached? The rules for other drones are clear that they are basically passengers and fire as such, but it's not quite so clear-cut with the sunshark. The fluff section states "Interceptor Drones can either stay attached to the Sun Shark where they act as turret-mounted weapons" (emphasis mine), which suggests that they should use the sun shark's ballistic skill and count against the 4 weapons that a flyer is allowed to fire. However, I don't see anything in the rules section to support this.

Non-GW Games / Why I'd rather play Firestorm: Armada
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:38:53 PM »
For those unfamiliar with it, Firestorm Armada is a tabletop strategy game of space combat made by another UK model company called Spartan Games. It's the same theory as Warhammer 40k, Warmahordes, and many others, but I think it has several advantages over the rest.

  • Low model cost: A starter set, roughly equivalent to a 500-750 point 40k match, can be purchased for $60 US, and the book is $30. That's all you need to get started, and you can actually play with any existing models, or even print out PDF cut-outs, without fear of legal complications. My force includes almost every model in the range for my civilization, at an investment of about $300. $300 barely gets you started in 40k!
  • Exploding Dice: The dice system is about half way between 40k and Warmahordes in the sheer number of dice used, but it has a neat twist I haven't seen elsewhere. Most of the time you need a 4+ to hit, but a 6 counts as 2 hits, and you get another die. If that one is a 6 it's 2 more hits and yet another die! So you never have a situation where you want to shoot at a model but have no possibility of hurting it.
  • Premeasuring: About the only thing I like better about 40k now over Warmahordes is that you can premeasure anything at any time. Firestorm allows it as well.
  • Turns by units: I activate a unit, then you do. There is no waiting for my opponent to move his entire force before I need to do anything, so the game keeps flowing a lot better.
  • Resin models: Well, mostly. A few of them have some white metal bits, but the vast majority of the models are resin. And I've seen almost zero miscasts, voids, and similar problems. Spartan has proved to me that it IS possible to reliably cast resin. And they're very nice-looking models in my opinion.
  • Detailed universe: It's not nearly as extensive as the fluff in 40k, but it's detailed, sensible, full of interesting alien races, and not nearly as depressing as GW's Grim Dark Future.
  • Options for multi-scale campaign: This is very new and somewhat experimental, but Spartan is working on a companion game called Firestorm Invasion. Invasion will happen at three different scales and handle the fighting on the surface of a planet after the battle for the airspace (vacuumspace?) above it has been resolved. Planetfall, the massive initial landings, is handled at 10mm scale because of the sheer size of the battle. Conquest, the fights for cities and strategic areas, will be done at 15mm. And Special Ops house to house fighting is at 28mm. I'm not usually into campaigns with my toy soldiers, but it's such a creative concept that I want to see them pull it off.
I've been trying to get some people playing it in my local area, with limited success. There was a bubble of interest about 2 years ago after Adepticon, but the interest from most other players died out as they defected to Warmahordes or went back to 40k. Once I get a second fleet painted up nicely, I will be applying to be a "Spartan Vanguard", which is the program of semi-official hobbyists who like to push the games. I think Privateer Press's Press Gang is similar.

Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Stupid Tau Tricks, 6th Edition
« on: December 03, 2012, 04:09:10 AM »
I posted on this a couple of crashes ago, but I'm not sure what happened to the data so I'll start over.

6th Edition made some major changes to the way Universal Special Rules work, and the Tau can benefit from quite a few of them. The following tricks take advantage of the fact that most USRs are granted to an entire unit even if only one model in the unit has it. Most of the tricks below take advantage of the fact that HQ crisis suits are Independent Characters and can bring USRs with them to another deserving unit.

Trick #1, the SAP'O: Take a Shas'O or Shas'El and give him Advanced Stabilization System. This is a strange thing at first glance: adding Slow and Purposeful to a crisis suit when it already has the better rule, Relentless, but the important difference is that S&P is transferred to the rest of a unit, where Relentless is not. The most obvious application of the SAP'O is by attaching one to a squad of pathfinders with their heavy weapons, but this trick combines well with the Shield'O (although the shield'O was weakened a bit by the new closest-first wound allocation). Give a Shas'O a couple of long-range weapons like plasma rifle and missile pod, fill the third hardpoint with advanced stabilization system, and round it out with some defensive upgrades like a pair of shield drones, iridium armor, and stim injectors. While a borderline absurd amount of points, you have 3 very tough wounds attached to a squad of markerlight launchers that are fully mobile. Another possibility is to attach the crisis commander, probably with different weaponry, to a large squad of Kroot. Slow and Purposeful no longer forces a unit to swing last if you charge in melee, and it allows them to charge after firing rapid-fire weapons like kroot rifles. So Kroot could conceivably walk up to something, rapid-fire the rifles, then charge.

Trick #1.5, the stealth SAP'O. An interesting variant is to attach the SAP'O to a squad of sniper drones. The crisis suit still gives the sniper team Slow and Purposeful, but in return they give him Stealth and Shrouding. 4+ cover save in the open, and 2+ in any decent terrain.

Trick #2, Hit & Run squad: Instead of Advanced Stabilization, give the crisis suit Vectored Retro Thrusters for the Hit And Run rule. The most useful application of this one would be a squad of broadsides. A squad of power-weapon-wielding models (or even just a couple of them) will no longer automatically win combat against a broadside squad, but they will likely tie it up for the rest of the game. A single HAR'O suit, without any drones because the codex says you can't have any, will at least give you a roll to disengage from combat and shoot again. The other possibility I have been playing with is to attach the crisis suit to a squad of Eldar Wraithguard. While this trick makes no physical or logistical sense, the rules clearly allow it, and it would give the Eldar unit an option to get out of melee just like the broadsides.

Trick #2.5, the SAPHiRe'O: While I'm not sure it's cost-effective to put this many points into a unit with so little firepower, you could do a crisis suit with one weapon, advanced stabilization system, and vectored retro thrusters. This would allow a unit of broadsides (or anything else appropriate) to hit and run away from combat, then turn and fire their rail and plasma guns at full ballistic skill!

Trick #3, the one that doesn't quite work: The one I really want to do, but can't, is to take a full Eldar Wraithguard squad with a Conceal warlock and attach Commander Shadowsun to that. Shadowsun's twin fusion blasters would very nicely complement the Eldar wraithcannons, but the important part is the interaction between Conceal, Stealth, and Shrouding. Conceal gives a 5+ cover save, Shrouding makes it a 3+, and Stealth makes it a 2+. A 2+ cover save in the open! Unfortunately, Shadowsun does not become an Independent Character until all three of her drones have fallen. There is no option to leave them at home, and it's fairly difficult to get them killed on purpose.

Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Another seeker missile question
« on: September 11, 2012, 05:57:55 PM »
Supporting argument for option 1:
Of course not. A vehicle can not even snap-fire if it moves in the shooting phase, so no seeker missiles. The codex clearly says "allow a vehicle to fire a seeker."

Supporting argument for option 2:
Of course it can. The vehicle only carries the missile to the battlefield, it doesn't launch it. The seeker missile is fired by the unit declaring use of the markerlight counter, so the vehicle's position and movement is irrelevant. The codex clearly states that a seeker can be fired regardless of how fast the vehicle moves.

I prefer option 2, as I always have, because it's an interpretation consistent with the way markerlights work for their other purposes. Essentially, when a Tau unit claims use of a markerlight counter, the effects of it happen immediately for that unit. The effect when using the counter for a seeker missile is that the unit or model firing at the marked unit gets a one-shot assault weapon that can be fired in addition to any other weapons. That interpretation is not strictly supported by RAW because the text says "allow a vehicle to fire" a missile rather "cause a seeker missile to detach from a vehicle", but it's consistent and not cheezy. I do not like the interpretation that the seeker missile fires itself whenever you have a spare markerlight counter, as that one removes the planning and resource-management aspect of the seeker missile strike.

Let the discussion begin!

Has anybody else thought of and/or tried this? Take a crisis suit commander or two, and give him the Advanced Stabilization System for the Slow and Purposeful rule. At first glance this is pointless since crisis suits are already Relentless, but if you attach him to a heavy weapons team, he will give that S and P to the entire unit, which doesn't happen with Relentless. There are three possibilities that come to mind here: broadsides, sniper drone teams, and (likely my favorite) pathfinders.

Attaching the crisis suit (stabiliz'O, SnP'O, SAP'O?) to a broadside squad without S&P means you would save 20 points (buying A.S.S. on one suit rather than three) and allow all three suits to take a support system like a targeting array. The sniper drone team is an intriguing possibility since the commander will give them Slow and Purposeful, and the drone team will give him Stealth and Shrouding. Pathfinders are the most obvious possibility, as you now have markerlights that can move and shoot at normal ballistic skill without paying the absurd points for marker drones.

Whatcha think?

EDIT: Yet another possibility, although probably not a good idea. Attach him to a kroot squad, and they could assault after rapid-firing, couldn't they?

... and other changes to the Tau's vehicular options.

Sensor spines: I think they are largely unchanged. They might be a slightly better investment than before since our vehicles can more easily benefit from hiding in cover. I rarely used them in either 4th or 5th edition, and I doubt that will change much.

Targeting array: again, unchanged. Mandatory on warfish, pointless on pintofish, and optional on the in-between configurations. Almost mandatory on piranhas and heavy support vehicles also, unless you plan to just use piranhas to get in the way of things.

Multitracker: see targeting array. Since a Fast vehicle can fire 2 weapons at cruising speed, I think the warfish might be making a comeback. Without it, a gun drone equipped vehicle could actually fire the gun drones at their regular ballistic skill while taking snapshots with the burst cannon at cruising speed. For the heavy support vehicles it will be basically mandatory, as you don't want a skyray or hammerhead to be holding still (and being autohit in melee) so it can fire more than one weapon at regular BS.

Blacksun filter: good if you have spare points. Night Fighting is slightly more common in 6th than it was in 5th, so it might be a little more popular, but it's not a huge change. I still think it's a good investment on a skyray, since the markerlight hits can still be used for a bigger unit like a broadside team to autopass the night fighting.

Target lock: as before. Decent investment on hammerheads, and possibly useful on a fusion blaster piranha.

Flechette discharger: I think these are going to be all-but-mandatory now. With even a moving vehicle being hit on the rear armor on a 3+, any Strength 3 Rending or Strength 4+ melee units are going to be extremely dangerous to our vehicles. The only argument against flechettes, I think, is that vehicles are so weak to melee that if the enemy gets to grips with them at all they will die whether they're equipped with flechettes or not! I'll need more games of 6th before I can decide how I feel on that point.

Disruption pod: What was once mandatory is now USELESS! It will grant a 5+ cover save at range, but a moving skimmer gets that or better anyway. As long as there is some terrain to hide behind until the vehicle gets moving, I see no benefit at all to the disruption pod. Also, vehicles only need 25% coverage to claim that save, which should be pretty easy to guarantee even in the first turn.

Decoy launchers: Well, they now work on penetrating hits, fortunately, as that's the only way to produce an immobilized result. And they work against melee attacks as well. I think it's going to depend on the vehicle. A piranha or devilfish whose main job is to move around the battlefield and get in the way of things could benefit from this. For a hammerhead or skyray, it's probably not worth the investment as their purpose is shooting things more than moving, and an immobilized hammerhead is still fairly dangerous.

Let the discussion begin!

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