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Battle Reports / Battle under Silvania [Infinity, 300 pts]
« on: August 20, 2013, 07:25:41 AM »
This BatRep is from a while back, but it was a very fun game of Infinity.

The Battlefield.
As you can probably guess, Infinity is a game which benefits from having a lot of cover around. A lot. Models in the open tend to die rather messily. Being in cover improves a model's survivability by about 30%, so it's generally a good idea to have quite a dense battlefield. Another important note is that long firelanes should have lots of cover, and that no firelalne should stretch from board edge to another, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The reason for this is that even the basic infantry rifle can reach out to 48" at maximum range. Heavy weapons like HMGs and Missile Launchers can hit up to 96". There are serious negative modifiers involved, but it's still possible, so cross map firelanes are bad.

My Army
This is a small 300 pt army. Small because every model is goddamn expensive. Unlike 40k however, points are based solely on a model's skills, equipment, and combat capabilities. There is an accurate formula behind every point (that is floating around somewhere on the Infinity forum). The most expensive single model is the TAG, the large battlesuit just left of centre, costing a massive 126 points. The Asura Lt costs 73. However, both models have extensive armour, multiple wounds, anti-camo abilities, and devastating weapons. You get what you pay for. I also have a PostHuman, a specialist troop capable of having up to 3 bodies on the field, and able to use one at any point in time.

Rob's Army
As you can see, this is a rather larger army than mine, with 14 models vs my 7 (and the Netrods don't count as combat models, more on that later). Due to this, Rob's army is split in to two combat groups. The maximum in any combat group is 10 models. As such, Rob placed the Pretas (Irregular, Impetuous models) in their own group, as the orders they generate can only be used on each of them as individuals. The rest of the army has a strong focus on camouflaged troops, which is the Shasvastii's hat in this game. (ALPEH's hat—my forces—is being super elite and super expensive.)

My Deployment & Objectives
(I went for doubles on kill the boffin after seeing Rob's MedTech out in the open)
YAMS stands for Yet Another Mission System. Each player has a deck of ~24 cards, each with different objectives. Normal procedure is to draw 6, and discard 2, leaving you with 4 objectives. At this point you can also decide whether or not to double on an objective, revealing it to your opponent (giving them a better chance of denying it), and granting you 2 VP for completing it, instead of just 1.

Rob's Shasvastii deployment
(He declined to double anything)

Rob, hilariously for the both of us, as we found out at the end of the game, had drawn 2 of the same objectives I had. His were more focused on moving forward, while mine were more focused on killing enemies in creative ways.

Nabbing that first VP at the top of the first.

Here, I used the PostHuman mark 2 Proxy, which has TO Camouflage, to make a surprise attack on Rob's MedTech droid after moving through the building. Two shotgun rounds put paid to the alien robot for good. Even though the MedTech is both a Doctor and an Engineer, it still only counts as 1 "Boffin" for the objective—but you only need to kill one anyway. The Vector Hacker, hiding in the corner of the building to the proxy's right, unloaded its shotgun as a deferred ARO, managing to wound the proxy.

In Infinity, whenever a model is attacked, or sees something happen in its line of sight, or has something happen close by, it gets an ARO, or Automatic Reaction Order. This tends to be either Shoot or Dodge. Camouflaged models, in the active turn, trump this with Combat Camo attacks, granting them a first strike ability. Their target can only fire back if it survives. This is why the MedTech went down so easily.

Camouflage also defensive bonuses, namely a -6 to enemy BS for TO Camo. However, the Vector Hacker has a Multispectral Visor Level 2 (MSV2) that allows it to ignore this modifier. Had I seen the alien beastie, I would have split fire between the MedTech and it, hopefully knocking both out. In the end it knocked my proxy out. Normally, 1 wound models that suffer a wound become unconscious, and can only be healed by a doctor or paramedic. ALEPH's troopers, being AI's in humanoid shells, have the special skill No Wound Incapacitation, or V:NWI, allowing them to act normally at 0 wounds. Taking another wound still kills them, as normal.

And as the proxy attempted to duck back inside, Rob's Vector promptly inflicted another automatic wound by scoring a Critical hit with its shotgun. Criticals are nasty, because they beat every other roll made (except a higher critical) and when shooting, inflict an automatic wound with that ammo type, no armour save allowed.

Speculative shot from a HGL takes out an Aswang with ADHL, but barely scratches a Gwailo.

Spec shots allow parabolic fire weapons (namely grenade launchers and Markers—which fire deployable repeaters for hacking) to fire over obstacles, provided both the firer and the target are outside the shadow zone. The shadow zone is an area equal to the terrain's height, extending away from the terrain piece in all directions. This shot was actually particularly lucky, managing to hit two models at the target point.

It was also lucky because the dead model carried an Adhesive Launcher. Think of it as a giant glue gun. If a model fails a PH (strength) test with a -6 modifier, that model is immobilized for the rest of the game, and can't do anything. Against large, dangerous models like TAGs, that weapon is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately for Rob, it was killed in the first turn, before doing anything.

Setting up suppressing fire down a decent corridor.

Suppressing Fire is a special attack available to any model in Infinity. It creates a cylindrical corridor 2" in diameter out to the Long range of the weapon. In the active turn it allows for the firing of a full Burst, but takes Long Skill to set up. Orders are normally composed of two short move skills, a short move skill and a short skill (ie: shoot/hack/dodge/etc), or a single long skill. The usefulness of Suppressing Fire is in the reactive turn, when instead of firing only at B1, the suppressing model can fire its full burst at every enemy that moves through the corridor, or starts/ends an order in the corridor.

The disadvantage is it leaves a model vulnerable to being flanked, and only covers a narrow lane, so with the right angles it can be countered. In addition, if the suppressing model declares any ARO other than to use the suppression effect, the SF corridor is lifted, and cannot be replaced until laid down with a new long skill—which can only be done in an active turn.

Asura moving into flanking position.

Movement in Infinity is simple, though all models have two move values given as 4-4, or 4-2, or 6-4, etc. The first movement skill a model performs uses the first value. The second skill used in the same order uses the second value. This means that the second value is normally only used when performing a move-move order. Most models are 4-4, meaning that with a full order, they can move 8". This tends to be unwise if enemies can see you though, as it's always good to be able to shoot back.

A skiavoros suffers the wrath of a multi-HMG with BS15 & MSV2. TAG took a wound from the Gwailo using a coordinated order to fire at the same time.

Weapons with the MULTI prefix are capable of firing different types of ammo, deciding at the start of a burst which kind to fire, usually at a reduced rate of fire. MULTI HMGs can fire normal ammunition at B4; AP (halves armour) or Explosive (forces 3 saves) at B2; or Integrated (AP+EXP effects) at B1. In the reactive turn, as here, you cannot use Integrated ammo. This shot was performed with normal ammo.

The Skiavoros, for performing a coordinated order, had to halve the burst of its Spitfire, from B4 to B2. The Gwailo it was working with had to do the same. However, as they are working together, the TAG performing suppressing fire could only ARO one of them. Of course I elected to ARO the one in the SF corridor to get all 4 shots out. In the ensuing dice melee of 8 D20's, I scored 4 hits, 1 of which was canceled by the only hit the Skiavoros made. The Gwailo, making normal rolls, scored 2 hits.

After the dice were rolled for armour, the Skiavoros (with effective ARM 6—ARM 3, +3 for cover) was a bullet riddled ruin. The TAG (with effective arm 11—ARM 8, +3 for cover) suffered 1 wound. The Gwailo fired fired again, and with my SF having done its work, the TAG responded with 1 EXP round. The round hit, then the Gwailo made all 3 saves, and decided discretion was the better part of valour, falling back behind the central building, out of LoF.

In order to pass an ARM roll/make a save, you must roll higher than the weapon's Damage value, less your effective ARM rating. Thus, the Skiavoros, with effective ARM 6 vs an HMG of Damage 15, had to roll 10 or more on each dice to survive.

Preta takedown. It's like bowling…

Back to my turn, and after a little repair work thanks to my Sophotect (a Doctor/Engineer like the MedTech) operating through a servant bot (Yudbot), the TAG headed to the left flank, ready to gun down the Pretas that had advanced impetuously the previous turn. With 2 explosive rounds in each burst, the TAG easily nailed the first two of the aliens. The second closest was hidden by the model directly in front of him, so instead of being riddled with high explosive rounds, it was covered in alien giblets.

Except this guy. Grenade to the face, rolls a 20 for ARM. Everything else around him dies.

This was the furthest Preta, amid a pile of biomines its erstwhile companions had laid to protect the crate earlier in the game. Everything around this Preta died horribly due to a heavy grenade detonating on top of him. The alien gribbly survived thanks to a very unlikely ARM roll. The TAG then falls back to cover amongst the low crates.

Sneaky Gwailo searches the crate for alien goodies.

Here we're back in Rob's turn, and having had the TAG move out of that lethal corridor, he moves his Gwailo up to search the crate, passing his WIP check to find the goodies inside.

Not sneaky enough to avoid another grenade. To the face. This time it gets the Preta too.

Before the Gwailo had moved (but I forgot to take pictures) the Pretas were forced to move because of their Impetuous special rule. In short, they're so bloodthirsty they get a free order to move before everything else, but must end this order closer to the enemy than they started, and must move at least the full distance of their first move value. The Pretas in this case advanced around the building, getting closer to my TAG, which was the closest model to them.

The TAG fired at the Gwailo as it attempted to advance. The first shot missed, as did the Gwailo's full burst of Spitfire rounds (about as likely as it passing 3 ARM rolls vs damage 15). The Gwailo, trusting to its Nanoscreen (a fancy piece of kit that means it always counts as being in cover), advanced further, hoping to land a lucky shot on the TAG. With B4 that was a good possibility. Unfortunately for Rob, his dice once more betrayed him, rolling nothing higher than a 5. I rolled a 6, and having elected to ARO with the grenade launcher, placed the template over the Gwailo, to merrily find out it also hit the Preta. Both promptly failed their ARM rolls.

TAG makes a dash for the Shasvastii DZ. Maps it. Requires 2 attempts to do so. I blame ALEPH's reliance on Apple Maps.

TAGs can move fast, with MOV 6-4, meaning they can cover 10" with a move-move. After a handful of orders (3, to cover a full 30" movement path), I had to make a WIP roll at -3 to map Rob's Deployment Zone to get another VP. With WIP 15 at -3, I needed a 12 or less. Yes, I rolled a 20. It was past due. Second attempt rolled a 12. Another VP to me.

And we go bowling again. With a TAG. Ripped the flag apart as it went past, but failed to quite reach the downed Ikadron. I must be the only guy to actually use Overrun…

Overrun is a special move available only to TAGs and vehicles (Bikes currently), allowing them to move-move and slam into a target, using their bulk as a weapon. It's not often seen, as it's rare to find a 10" or so corridor to safely charge through, but it's effective when used right. In this case, to slam into Rob's flag—a special objective piece used with YAMS (1 Flag per player, 1 Crate, 1 Civilian are the objective pieces).

The final tally. Doubling up on the Boffin objective clinched the win for me.

A good game was had by all, handshakes all round, etc. Afterwards we broke for lunch, and a discussion of what we did right, wrong, and rules we need to look up later. I love a good game of Infinity, there's just nothing like it.

Yes, I have been writing stuff. A lot of stuff. Narrative BatReps mostly.
Yes, those of you in E,TD may point fingers at me for this, as a fair amount of effort has been spent making this series too.
The originals are on the Infinity: the Game forum.
If you don't what Infinity is, you really should take a look. Especially seeing as all the core rules and army lists are free.

Fragment Ashe [Psychogenesis Seed#741352X]
From the outside, Ashe appeared perfect. Her body the highest grade bodhisattva available—Asura. Armour covered every inch of her, even her pale face. ALEPH's subdermal armour could be programmed to take on any appearance, or masked with flesh-like compounds to ease integration with fully organic troops. Right now, Ashe was unconcerned with that issue.
No, what concerned her was the alley. There had recently been reports of Shasvastii infiltration in the area, and her job was to investigate. That meant ALEPH—Father—knew something she did not. It was also why he had granted her access to group of combat troops equipped for full engagement rather than objective capture. This was meant to be a quiet part of Damburg after all.
A sudden flurry of battlenet data flashed through her comlog. Father had given her objectives. Somewhere nearby lay an enemy beacon of unknown purpose, slated for destruction. In addition, there were a handful of survivors to be located, and if they saw ALEPH's forces killing the Shasvastii, so much the better. The enemy leader was also to be assassinated if at all possible, as his/her/its fearful reputation was spreading too quickly through the city's population. Lastly, almost as an aside, Father had told her force to maintain control of their insertion point, hinting at redeployment options.
Ashe took her time observing enemy positions before carefully inserting her team. First came the netrods, the first drifting through a high altitude cross-wind but able to correct enough to still land on the battlefield, smashing down on rooftop in the southwest. The second netrod impacted with small puff of debris next to the massive central structure, designated complex Sigma, housing the survivors.
Zayin #0415 scrambled into action on the western flank, taking cover under an overhanging section of building. A yudbot quickly detached from its undercarriage, taking up station behind the reaction remote. A second yudbot scrambled up the right flank, stopping behind a road barrier next to Ashe. The asura nodded her thanks.
Nearby, her back to the wall of a small building stood the sophotect Samina. On the east side of the alley, near Ashe, stood Skye. Well, everyone assumed it was Skye, the posthuman's mark 2 proxy currently invisible, deployed as close as prudent to the shasvastii positions. Behind Skye's mark 1 proxy—an engineer—a probot crawled through a ruined building, it's sole purpose to allow Father to directly interface with Skye's mark 2 proxy when it launched any infowar attacks.
Ashe's comlog pipped for attention. A tiny battlenet update pinged the second floor of complex sigma. Rayne was in overwatch position, but well out of sight with her TO camouflage engaged. The final agent, another remote, was waiting overhead, ready to deploy at a moments notice.
Having taken her time to prepare, Ashe knew she had lost the initiative, but she trusted in her agents implicitly to survive or evade the first wave of enemy attacks, then respond with far greater force to ensure they were eliminated.
Watching her corners carefully, Ashe saw a Preta dash across the open mezzanine of complex sigma. Taking aim the asura fired a tight burst of double-action shells. Bloody impacts stitched across the creature's flank, but did nothing other than annoy it as it laid a biomine covering a small and suspiciously alien looking crate.
Skye's mark 1 proxy aimed at something through the side of complex sigma, prompting Ashe to perform a cam-link to see what the posthuman saw. It was only a slight haze, gaining form as it climbed carefully through the far window. Skye's burst missed by the narrowest of margins, the Aswang managing to climb into the building with the survivors in it. The posthuman lost sight of the shasvastii as it moved deeper into the complex.
Ashe cursed. Nobody would be able to stop the Aswang now, with Rayne on the second floor, and no one else inside the building. Ashe amplified her aural sensors, hearing everything more clearly, her heartbeat, the soft whirr of the probot behind her, the clack of composite on composite as Skye reloaded. Then the screams started from inside the building. Ashe forced herself to hear them, to feel deep in her stomach what they meant. It was her fault they had taken so long to get into position, and still wasn't good enough.
Seeing a massive infowar blip rise on her comlog, Ashe looked skyward. Streaking down from the heavens was an iskaller, armed with an HMG. The exrah operative crashed down just out of sight around a buttress on the southwest building. Being closest to the action, Ashe moved along the line of jersey barriers and took careful aim at the iskaller, centering her reticle on the operative's back.
Double-action shells peppered the giant insect, prompting it to turn and face her as she ducked back into cover. On her comlog Ashe sketched out a plan of attack and uploaded it. zayin #0415 responded instantly, backing away down the wall of the southwest building, peppering the gwailo deployed in the northern quadrant in order to cover its own movement. The faithful little remote scuttled further south, its HMG sweeping the gwailo and newly visible iskaller with fire.
The close range burst ripped the iskaller to shreds, chunks of carapace scattered across the southern face of the building next to it. The gwailo however had found its mark, a single well placed shot tearing out the zayin's primary servo bank, sending it crashing to the ground with a heavy thud.
On top of complex sigma Skye once more entered TO camouflage, flanking around the Preta and its biomines. Something tipped the creature off to the proxy's location, and Skye froze just before the biomines could resolve her movement as hostile. On the second floor Rayne sprang into action, spotting and destroying the nearest of the mines the Preta had laid.
An urgent comlog alert from Ashe directed her to engage a shrouded that had suddenly appeared in the northeast, no doubt attempting to alert its comrades to her presence. Rayne took careful aim with her MSR, chambering a double-action round as she did so. But when she pulled the trigger there was crunch as the round jammed in the breech.
Cursing, Rayne fell backwards as burst from the shrouded's combi rifle ripped into her chest. Bleeding heavily she quickly activated her Lhost's backup systems. Secondary organs to allow her to keep fighting. First she had to unjam the rifle, and she was all out of time.
Down on the mezzanine, the Preta saw how close Skye's Mark 2 proxy was, and in an animalistic fit of rage launched itself straight for the proxy. Skye processed angles and vectors in microseconds, a spread of flechettes from her boarding shotgun tearing the raving beast in half. As the remaining biomine detonated Skye was already in the æther, awaiting the moment she could jump to her inactive mark 1 proxy.
The shasvastii advance started slowly, a pair of seed-soldiers hatching from behind reinforced barriers. The seed-soldier on the north-east flank started to move forward and Rayne risked a shot against the alien, praying she had enough to clear the jam as she loaded a single double action round. As she locked the bolt she felt a white hot pain in her side.
The shrouded had used its comrade as a distraction, just waiting for her to try and attack. Rayne slumped against the railing, the last thing she heard before her cube finished its backup was a chittering alien laugh.
On the western flank the Gwailo advanced unopposed, carefully placing shots to destroy the Zayin it had previously disabled, and then to destroy the yudbot nearby. In moments the alien had sighted the netrod on the southwest roof section. A magazine of combi rifle shells put paid to the AI beacon once and for all. Ashe cursed. Skye only had the one netrod for aegis functions now.
The Gwailo stopped suddenly, falling back to the side of complex sigma. Ashe cursed the lack of local battlenet data. All her forward feeds were down, most problematic being Rayne's, who had had the most commanding view of the shasvastii's insertion point. There was still no sign of the alien's beacon.
Ashe knew she had several options for finding and destroying the beacon, if it came down to it, she would hunt for it herself—no camouflage was proof against her bodhisattva's advanced optics and multispectral vision capabilities. But there was an easier way.
With soft clang the garuda's pod hit the pavement several hundred metres from the alleyway. Far enough away that none of the shasvastii forces nearby could possibly know what had landed behind them. Entering the battlefield in complete silence, the remote's HMG spun up and unleashed a hail of lead at the shrouded that had killed Rayne. What was left of the alien added interesting splashes of colour to the local buildings.
Watching through the remote's eyes, Ashe finally saw the beacon, a slightly hazy outline, strung with camo netting. The garuda punched through the outer casing with ease, and taking hold of something delicate inside, activated its electric pulse. Sparking wildly and pouring out thick black smoke, the beacon toppled sideways, giving the garuda a bead on its next targets.
A skiavoros and a seed-soldier. Combat calculations performed in a flash, the remote opened fire almost instantly. The seed-soldier took a hit through the torso, killing its spawn embryo instantly, along with the host. The skiavoros was similarly unlucky, taking a spray of rounds through its head, something not even an EI aspect could survive completely intact.
Not content with the havoc it had so far wreaked, the garuda flanked to the west, finding itself emplaced behind the gwailo, the second seed-soldier, and what appeared to be a void operator, the last one almost completely obscured by the seed-soldier. HMG spinning up, the garuda split its fire once more, targeting the gwailo and seed-soldier in turn. Both fell to a hail of bullets that also reduced an intervening pile of crates to splinters.
Ashe changed views as her comlog once more pipped for attention. Exfiltration in ten minutes, mission complete. Breathing deeply, Ashe brought up the objectives Father had given her on her comlog.
–Kill Shasvastii in front of Civilians
–Destroy Beacon
–Kill opposing leader
–Hold insertion point
Ashe looked almost dispassionately at the report. She wondered if driving back the EI in this part of Damburg was enough. She wondered how far the sounds of the fighting had actually traveled. How far the screams had traveled.
There were also the combat losses. Skye's proxy would be expensive to replace, as would the remotes, but those were only equipment. Rayne was not. Rayne had been Ashe's friend, as much as the quantronic personality splinters of a posthuman AI could be friends at any rate.
Rayne would be back, of course, backed up on a secure server. It was never quite the same. Ashe knew that all too well after her first death. There was an unsettling sense of discontinuity between before and after. Even ALEPH couldn't stitch together that lost time.
*          *          *

Later that day Ashe stood in her quarters, looking at her body in the mirror. All her plating had been set to a soft skin tone. It wasn't the same as wearing nothing—the heavy infantry bodhisattva asuras used actually integrated all the assault components within the Lhost itself, meaning there was never a time asuras lacked armour.
Something still felt wrong, something nagging at the back of her mind. Ashe smacked the mirror in frustration, the assault servos amplifying both the gesture and the force behind it. Tiny fragments of silver littered the floor. Ashe looked at her reflection again. All of them. An eye, filled with sorrow. The determined set of her mouth. Strands of red hair covering her other eye. A shoulder, fractured in three places—uncannily accurate after the fall she took in Ravensbrucke fighting Qapu Khalqi mercenaries.
A different person seemed to stare back from each reflection. Ashe reeled backwards, suddenly realising how many different people she must have been, how many times she had died in the field. It wasn't a pleasant thought. Idly turning her hand over, Ashe studied the blood covering her knuckles. Her subconscious knew it was simply a diversionary tactic.
"Father, why didn't you save those civilians?"
"Because I gave you that responsibility. I believed in your capabilities." ALEPH's voice—the tones of spokesman Abel, more accurately—filtered through Ashe's earbud.
"And I failed you."
"No. You achieved the objectives. You drove the EI back. You killed the Skiavoro that had been terrorising the eastern suburbs of Damburg for weeks. You held your ground well.."
"But I didn't save the civilians."
"Why didn't you?"
"I deployed my forces poorly, covered the wrong avenues."
"Yet you stopped the EI advance in its tracks."
"Airdropping a Garuda in behind the enemy."
"Sound tactics. But why do you insist that failing twenty-five percent of your objectives is akin to failing the mission?"
"Because that twenty-five percent was made of living, breathing citizens of the sphere. What that Aswang is going to do to those cubes will give me nightmares. What they might do if they find Rayne's cube."
"Aspect Rayne's cube was destroyed under Directive 7. Her latest copy is now being flash-imprinted with her stored memories."
"Those civilians won't get that luxury."
"Do you know why you feel so strongly for those civilians?"
"Because I couldn't do anything to help them!"
"Do you know how many soldiers die on Paradiso every hour, every minute of this conflict with the EI?"
"I was created to help humanity. Do you know what it feels like to watch all those soldiers die, all the people in the captured cities?"
"You felt powerless to save a handful of lives in one small building. I have to save the entire Human Sphere from the EI. And to do that, I have to experience all that pain, all those helpless feelings."
"You must draw your own conclusion, Aspect Ashe."
There was no reply. Ashe sat on the edge of the bed, legs crossed and arms folded across her chest. All she had now was time to think. To reflect on the lesson Father had been trying to teach her. Every failure was a lesson. This one just hurt harder than most.
Ashe let the screams play one more time. Her heart fell every time she heard them. But something else stirred within her. An emotion more commonly found in the Assault Subsection. Rage.

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Minecraft on 360 eh? I can forgive that. It's easy to loose track of time on that game. :P

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