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Fluff and Stories / Knights of Kydonia. Little help?
« on: April 16, 2013, 02:38:06 PM »
Not entirely sure if this is the right place to start this, but I figured I plan on posting fluff once I have answers to my questions and it'd be easier to just carry on an existing topic and keep it all in one place.

This is my attempt to recreate a Chapter I made in 4th Edition using the Traits system. The traits I took gave bolt pistol/ccw and 2 special weapons per Tactical squad, but removed heavy weapons from Tacticals as well as limiting Terminator Armour and most vehicles. Originally they were going to be a severely depleted Chapter (hence the lack of high level gear), but I have since decided that there are more fluff opportunities if I set the battle that crippled them a few decades/centuries before the current timeline, allowing me to put in some more of the ideas I've had.

Chapter Name: Knights of Kydonia
Homeworld: Kydonia
Sector: Ithica Sector
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Founded: 754.M39
Geneseed: White Scars
Training: Wolves of Fenris

Codexes used: 1st Company - Codex: Space Marines. All other Companies - Codex: Space Wolves
Changes to Allies matrix: Eldar become Desperate Allies. Dark Eldar become Allies of Convenience. (I don't use allies, except maybe if I was having a big game and needed the points, so this if of little, if any, practical use, just done for the sake of the fluff really)

Reason for First Company being from a different codex: I love the idea of a bike-mounted company, so I set the geneseed as White Scars because for Marine Bikers I personally think you should go White Scars or go home. :P Trouble is, while the Space Wolves codex fits almost every other aspect of my original idea perfectly I can't get the bikers I want. They would either be so expensive as to be completely ineffective (Wolf Guard) or inferior to every other company (Swiftclaws), which makes no sense. As for not using Dark Angels and going Ravenwing. 1) Space Wolves + Dark Angels = Only when desperate. Even GW saw that. 2) I don't particularly like Dark Angels. 3) I don't like the fluff in the new book. 4) I don't like the amount of stupidity in the new book.

Reason for Second Company onwards being Space Wolves: 2 special weapons per squad, bolt pistol and combat weapon provided, Space Vikings are awesome, the Wolves and the White Scars are similar in some respects (ie: considered reckless, especially in their Primarchs, seen as "barabaric" etc)

Reason for Eldar being Desperate Allies: Quite simple really, shortly after their founding the Knights of Kydonia came across the Eldar forces led by Farseer Kialandí and Autarch Menelyavor. Initially they treated them with distrust, as befits such a capricious race. However over the years the two forces eventually became allies, fighting side by side on dozens, if not hundreds of battlefields. Together, they broke the back of a major Chaos incursion and pursued the remnants to an uninhabited world, intending to wipe them out. When they arrived however, the Chaos forces unleashed a horde of Daemons that they could not hope to withstand, even though the entire Chapter was present. Knowing reinforcements weren't far away the Knights of Kydonia adopted their tactics and fell into a holding pattern, determined to survive until help came. However before their preparations were complete the Farseer, seeing that the battle could not be won, ordered the retreat through the Webway. The Knights of Kydonia took over 70% casualties, but they survived and vowed vengeance on the cowards who had hung them out to dry.

Reason for Dark Eldar being Allies of Convenience: Long story short (I will cover the story in full at a later date), the Autarch, Menelyavor, disagreed with the Farseer's decision to retreat, feeling they owed more to the Knights of Kydonia after fighting so many battles side by side. He did not, as many Eldar on his Craftworld do, believe that that Eldar lives are worth far more than any others, even those of their allies. His continued questioning of the Farseer eventually resulted in things becoming increasingly difficult for him and he chose to take the Path of the Exodite, taking those who shared his views with him, as well as many who simply wished to take the Path of the Exodite for themselves. Eventually, circumstances drove Menelyavor to Commoragh, where he earned the respect of several Hellion clans as well as a few others, and developed a love of fighting on Skyboards.

After a series of Dark Eldar raids were conducted in the Ithica Sector by an Archon the Knights set out in pursuit and happened across Menelyavor's meagre fleet. After several narrow escapes Menelyavor sent a message to the Astartes fleet requesting that they accept a verisim link, having scavenged the device from a derelict cruiser. Begrudgingly, and believing that if nothing else it may distract the xenos long enough for them to be caught, the Chapter Master accepted. As the hologram projected the Eldar's image the Chapter Master felt a flash of recognition. Menelyavor introduced himself, explained who he was and what had transpired since that fateful battle which had crippled the Chapter. He offered various tales of battles he had fought in alongside the Knights as proof, some of which the Chapter Master himself could verify. The name had been all he needed to know who he was dealing with. He had personally fought alongside the Autarch before, the two were the closest there was to a friendship between the two factions, and he had heard of Menelyavor's messages of condolence sent to the Chapter.

While he wanted to believe that Menelyavor was not the raider he was chasing the Chapter Master could not help but remember that fateful day when the Eldar had abandoned their sworn allies. Why should they be any more trustworthy now, after decades of silence between them? However, with scans confirming that Menelyavor's fleet was not large enough to match the reports, the Chapter Master was more open to the Autarch's suggestion of a non-aggression pact between them. In exchange for this the Autarch, now called Baron by the Dark Eldar within his ranks, would raid only xenos worlds (of which there were plenty in the sector), would warn the Knights of any significant threat gathering and would provide any word of Kialandí's whereabouts, but would not reveal the location of the Craftworld. He would not condemn his world to death for the hubris of a single Farseer, no matter what the result of said hubris had been. When the Chapter Master hesitated, Menelyavor also pointed out that if he chose to he could simply outrun the Astartes fleet quite easily, and added that the Astartes could not afford to pursue him when there were so many other threats which required their attention.

Knowing that the Autarch spoke the truth, about the last part at least, the Chapter Master acknowledged the offer and agreed that he would not actively pursue the Autarch. However he pointed out that if the Autarch was caught, there would be no wasting time attempting to identify the fleet, they would simply open fire. That Autarch accepted that this was inevitable, if they were caught, and left, pointing the Astartes in the direction of a gathering Ork Waagh! as he did so.

Over the years the Autarch's fleet worked to earn the trust of the Knights of Kydonia. Many of the Astartes still harboured a deep mistrust of the Eldar, especially the few veterans of the Massacre, however over time the feelings became weaker as the Eldar provided useful information for the Astartes time and time again, and eventually the two started to take to the field together. Though the first time that happened it was unplanned and unlooked for, it was most welcome. Especially for the Fourth Company who were the recipients of the Autarch's aid. Though they would never entirely trust each other, the Eldar were still Xenos after all, much of the mistrust and hatred has faded, allowing for much easier cooperation between the two factions.

Any serious problems with my fluff so far? If so, what and why?

Also, further questions:

1) How likely/unlikely is it for an Aspect Warrior, such as a Scorpion or Banshee, to be accepted as an Arena fighter and begin to adapt to some of the Wych practices, such as not wearing any significant armour? (ie: not become a Wych, but be close enough for rule purposes?) If so, how long should such a transformation take, roughly?

2) I don't know anything about Eldar/Dark Eldar ships, but need at least a couple of classifications for the fluff I plan to write. Can anyone provide information or links for me?

3) Is it acceptable to use existing 40k characters into your fluff? Not planning on killing anyone off or anything, just thought it might be cool to have Blackmane or someone as part of the reinforcements that stop my Chapter getting obliterated.

4) What would be a roughly average recruitment rate for a Chapter? So that I can estimate the amount of time needed for the Chapter to recover from its losses and become a reasonable fighting force again.

House Rules / 6th edition Tyranids.
« on: November 05, 2012, 02:39:20 PM »
As some of you will be aware I attempted to make a sensible Tyranid codex for 5th edition and, frankly, I think I did a much better job than Crudface. With that in mind I have decided to tweak these house rules for 6th edition now that I am familiar with 6th edition and I have a 6th edition codex to use as a point of reference.

Some units will almost be a carbon copy of the actual codex, some will be a carbon copy of my 5th edition rules because if it ain't broke don't fix it. :P Let me know what you think.

Tyranid psychic powers

Primaris- Dominion. Blessing. Used at the beginning of the turn. If successful the synapse creature has a Synapse range of 18"
1 - Psychic Scream. Nova. Automatically hits all non-vehicle enemy units within 2D6" of the caster. All units hit must take a Leadership test. If they fail they take 1 automatic wound for each point they failed by with no armour of cover saves allowed.
2 - Leech Essence (See Biomancy powers)
3 - Warp Blast. Witchfire. Unchanged from codex: Tyranids.
4 - Catalyst. Blessing. Cast in the movement phase. A single unit, within 12" of the caster has the Feel No Pain and It Will Not Die special rules.
5 - Paroxysm. Maledicton. Unchanged from codex: Tyranids.
6: Warp Lance. Focussed witchfire. Unchanged from codex: Tyranids.

All powers are Warp Charge 1 except Warp Lance which is Warp Charge 2. Tyranid psykers may also take powers from Biomanccy or Telepathy.

Synapse - Unchanged from codex: Tyranids

Instinctive Behaviour - Unchanged from codex: Tyranids.

Shadow in the Warp - An enemy psyker wishing to take a psychic test within 12" of a creature with this rule rolls an additional D6 and will suffer Perils of the Warp on any roll of double 1 or double 6. Furthermore, if an enemy psyker is within range of 2 or more units with this ability then any double will result in Perils of the Warp.

Without Number - Units with this rule gain the Preferred Enemy special rule if they outnumber their opponents.

The Horror - Units with this rule case Fear. In addition, enemy units within 6" of a model with this rule may not fire Overwatch.

Psyker mastery levels:
Zoanthrope - level 1
Zoanthrope Prime - level 2.
Hive Tyrant - level 1.
Swarmlord - Level 2.


Hive Tyrant         150pts

WS  BS  S   T  W  I   A   Ld   Sv
 7     4   6   6   4  5   4  10   3+

Unit composition: 1 Hive Tyrant
Unit type: Monstrous Creature.
Weapons and biomorphs: Scything talons, lash whip & bonesword, bonded exoskeleton
Special Rules: Synapse Creature, The Horror, Shadow in the Warp, Psyker (level 1)

As codex with the following exceptions:
Reduce Indescribable Horror to 20pts
Armoured Shell: 40pts. Grants the Hive Tyrant a 2+ armour save and a 6+ invulnerable save.
May take an additional Psyker mastery level at +25pts.

Tyranid Prime      90pts

WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A   Ld  Sv
 6     4   5  5   3  5  4  10  3+

Unit composition: 1 Tyranid Prime
Unit type: Infantry
Weapons and biomorphs: Scything talons, devourer, bonded exoskeleton

As codex with the following exceptions:
May take a retinue of Tyranid Warriors at +30pts/ model (all usual options for this brood apply), the entire brood may take Leaping at +5pts/model. If this option is taken the brood become Beasts rather than infantry.

Swarmlord: As Codex
Tyrant Guard: As Codex
Parasite of Mortrex: As Codex

Tervigon: As Codex. Add: Level 1 Psyker.

More to come. :)

Enemies of the Imperium / 2k Baron List for 6th Edition
« on: July 07, 2012, 12:21:34 PM »
Baron Sathonyx   105

10 Bloodbrides

Enemies of the Imperium / Well, the FAQ is here
« on: June 30, 2012, 12:34:03 PM »
Dark Eldar FAQ is downloadable from this page

Now admittedly I haven't seen much of the 6th ed rules so far so I don't know how much these changes work in conjunction with them. It seems Incubi with Demi-klaives will be more common as they seem to be the only AP2 combat weapon, though I notice Agonisers aren't mentioned in the FAQ.

The biggest change for me really is not being able to assault when arriving from a Webway portal. Though I believe some units got faster anyway so it may not actually affect me that much.

Thoughts and opinions? Is anyone fortunate enough to have the main rulebook already and give us more information on some of the main changes for Dark Eldar?

Had to modify your link to point to the downloading page, rather than directly to the pdf, as per the forum rules.

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