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Online Roleplaying / Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:38:14 PM »
In a discreet corner of the galaxy, an Inquisitor's Battleship floated in orbit above an airless moon. The ship belonged to one Inquisitor Quercus, and was the home of an academy designed to train would-be Inquisitors. To that end, dozens of teams of agents, recruited from all walks of imperial life, we're also housed aboard the ship. After all, Inquisitors need to know how to lead a team.

Across the ship several individuals received a summons, telling them to meet in a briefing room. There, they would meet their new interrogator and his retinue, and be briefed on the important mission they were to be sent on.

RP thread up. If you want to post about your characters arriving at the room and maybe introduce yourselves to one another (unless your characters already met elsewhere. Decide among yourselves) then do so. Your interrogator will be a little late

I approve of Roran. I need to reread those books.

Also, I probably shouldn't have started this so close to mine and my girlfriends birthdays. The start will be a little more delayed by real life.

Thank you. Those are better words than sanity. I think I'll go with fortitude.

I'm afraid that as someone who has played at most an hour of final fantasy (and didn't enjoy it) I don't know anything about those characters. So... I probably won't use them, sorry.

It'll be a few days before I get this thing started, by the way. Partly to let anyone else join that wants to, and partly because my shifts at work are a bit annoying this week.

Come to think of it, I know you didn't mention them as an option, but I kinda want to see how Shiva and Bang are doing. Especially since you've done an 8th rep for Orks, Eldar and IG, and I want to see what you make of the Tau since I'm actually familiar with them in 8th (they're the only army I've used so far in 8th). Having said that, Orks are good too. I certainly wouldn't turn down some Grumgutz, or Big Louie for that matter.

Fun as ever, and its good to see the dark eldar can still cut it (I've had some games against Craftworlders and Harlies, so I know they're still decent). I feel like this game really showed how important maneuverability can be.

Also, 20" fusion pistols? Really? Or is that meaning the effective range, combining actual weapon range with movement value?

I like these characters. These are nice characters.

Just to clarify with the Skills section, these won't necessarily be tyed to a specific stat. Take Lucius' Knife skill, for example. On the one hand, that could give a bonus to a strength test, if trying to overpower someone with the knife, or alternatively it could give a bonus to a co-ordination test when trying to do a more fancy move. They exist more to give a brief summary of your character's abilities, so everyone can see at a glance who's likely to be best at something, than as a well defined bonus.

I can't help but think Lucius will be in a constant state of eye-rolling when around Titus XD As to my understanding, Hive Gangers wouldn't really get along with Arbites :P
Intra-party conflict is fun!

Also I find it amusing that if you were to play good-cop bad-cop in an interrogation, the law-abiding character would be the bad cop :P

That's about right, but don't get too caught up on combat and actual 40k rules. There will be a mix of combat and non-combat challenges, so a low ranking guardsman that knows how to handle themselves in social situations may be more useful than a highly combat specialised guard sergeant.

Also I'm thinking of letting people have more than one character at a time, but I'm not sure. Opinions?

- Lucius Von Drakoon (Narric) (Hive ganger)
- Titus Wolfe (Cammerz) (Arbite)
- Rigg Sesamekesh (Waaaghpower) (Merchant/Gambler)
- Roran Horst (Mkoll) (Smith)

As promised, I'm starting an RP. This is such a blatant rip off of the All Guardsman Party (read it here), that it's basically fanfiction. If you've never read AGP, then I reccommend it, but here's some basic info stolen from chapter 2:

Our Inquisitor collected teams from across the sector and handed them out to Interrogators who needed to get their feet wet leading a team. This was actually a pretty important role, not every Inquisitor has time or men to spare when an apprentice Interrogator is ready to move on, so they would get sent to our boss. He would set them up with a team and mission and keep an eye on how they did. He had a real name, but we all called him Professor Oak.

Oak had a fair number of recruitment teams that wandered around looking for fresh meat, one of which was hanging around our battle checking for genestealers and drafting guardsmen who wouldn't be missed. We got packed up and sent along to Oak's mobile base of operations and got put through a crash course in being an Inquisition Goon Squad. Then we got split into squads of five or six, partnered up with a some combat-light teams, and handed out to dewy eyed Interrogators like the 40k equivalent of a bulbasaur.

I'm literally stealing this idea wholesale. You are members of one of Professor Oak's (real name Inquisitor Quercus) teams of Inquisitorial Henchmen, you'll be teamed up with some other agents to fill out numbers, and handed to an NPC Interrogator to assist him on his mission. Your Interrogator's competence, loyalty and personability are not guaranteed. At the end of the mission, you'll go back to Quercus for debriefing and get passed on to another Interrogator in what would be a sequel RP, if I feel up to running it (maybe someone else could take over at the point.

The main ways that it differs from AGP is that, firstly, you probably wont meet any characters from there except Quercus, secondly, we're not playing with Dark Heresy rules, and thirdly, you don't all have to be guardsmen (unless you want to be...).

Character selection

In terms of roles, you can be pretty much any kind of human (or abhuman) in the Imperium. The only real rule there is that you can't be anything too powerful. No Space Marines, no high ranking Tech Magi, no alpha level psykers and so on. For a guideline, here's a list of ideas, and remember that not everything the Inquisition handles involves combat:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The rules

Your stats are as follows:

  • Strength - straighforward, how strong are you?
  • Co-ordination - used for precision tasks, as well as shooting
  • Intelligence - if you can't figure this stat out, give yourself a low number :P
  • Endurance - resistance to damage and tiredness
  • Fortitude - I forgot the word I wanted to use for this stat. It's more meant for determining how calmly you react to a stressful or surprising situation than anything else. Take this to avoid panic-shooting allies that make you jump
  • Willpower - mostly for Psykers and anti-warp purposed, but could be useful in other situations...
  • Charisma - good for if you actually want to resolve anything without bloodshed, which is probably a good idea

You have 40 points to spend as you will, minimum of 2 per stat, max of 10. Most moderately difficult tasks will have a difficulty between 10-15.

Also, choose three specialisations/skills. These can be anything you want, but more specific ones will earn more of a bonus. For example, Weapon Use as a skill will give you a +1 to all weapon related rolls. Guard Infantry Weapon Use would probably give a +2. Lasgun Use would give you +3.

When performing an action roll 2d6 + the relevant stat, and see if you beat the difficulty for the roll. When trying to do something in a non-stressful situation, you can choose not to bother rolling and just Take Seven. This basically means you automatically rolled a 7, and we see how you would do on average. Higher scores mean greater levels of success.

Finally, each player will have three Fate Points, which can be spent to let you automatically roll a 12 on any given roll. You have to choose to do this before a roll, though, and it doesn't guarantee success.

I made these rules up on on the fly over the last hour or so. Please point out any stupidity.

Online Roleplaying / Forum Roleplaying Advice for GMs and Players
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:51:39 PM »
So I've been looking back over previous RP threads, and the main thing I've noticed is that none of them ever reached any kind of conclusion. Most die within the first few pages, while others go on for hundreds of pages (nine out of ten of the biggest threads on the forum are RP threads). But none have ever truly ended. Most just trail off as people stop posting, while the rest have the GM be unable to continue for personal reasons.

Another thing I noticed is that I've been a part of nearly every RP on the forum, both as player and GM. So I figure I have a bit of experience with forum RPing (I've never actually roleplayed IRL) and I wanted to lay down some guidelines and advice for future roleplayers of this forum, in the hopes that one day, a story will actually reach some kind of ending.

Anyway, overly long intro written, lets get started.

RULE 1: Inactivity kills roleplays

Pretty straight forward, really. If people don't post, then the roleplay will die. Don't sign up for an RP unless you're confident you can post regularly. It doesn't have to involve constantly hitting refresh waiting for the next post (although I know I've done that before :P), but I'd say you should be able to get online at least twice a week, preferably more. And by "get online", I mean for long enough to make a post, not just thirty seconds to read other people's posts.

For obvious reasons, GMs need to be able to commit even more time, probably being able to get on every day or two, although remember that not every post needs to be an essay. Sometimes two sentences can be enough to get everyone else posting.

RULE 2: Inactivity breeds inactivity

Another straightforward one. As an example, if someone posts asking a player a question, and that player doesn't respond, no one else will want to post and risk interrupting. This is especially bad if it's the GM that goes a week without checking in. Even worse, if an RP goes long enough without a post, people will stop checking in. A GM that takes a week off could return to find half his players gone. Fortunately, paying attention to the next two rules can prevent this kind of problem...

RULE 3: Communication is key

Let's say you're a GM, and you need to take a break from the RP for a few days. You tell your players you'll post something in a week, and they say sure, and everything works out fine. If you don't say anything, a player could assume you're gone for good and stop checking in. One player down, long gaps are caused by people waiting for them, and the game dies.

Or let's say you're a player that can't continue. You tell people, and the GM can take over the character or find a way to write them out. Honestly, it's common curtesy as far as I'm concerned. Just tell people when you have problems, and they can work around it.

RULE 4: There's no such thing as a worthless post

But Mabbz, what if I have nothing to say? Surely I shouldn't post then?

Wrong! All too often I've seen Person A think they have nothing to say, while other people sit there waiting because they think Person A does have something to say. Not to mention the times when the GM makes a post, and no one thinks there character should react, meaning no one does anything until the GM prompts them. Consider the following post:

Galithir frowns uneasily, but makes no move to intervene.

Seems pointless? Maybe. But by posting that, not only have we shown that Galithir isn't going to react (which other people might otherwise be waiting for), but we even gained a small insight into Galithir's opinion on the situation. A tiny post like that can be enough to make other players take the opening.

As a secondary point, I am personally of the opinion that the normal forum rules against double-posting don't truly apply to RPs. If you post and a week goes by without any response, assume no one reacted and post again. They had ample opportunity, and they should have said if they were going to be unavailable.

Anyways, that's enough for now. There's some other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I'll post that at some other time. For now, thoughts?

Woohoo, batrep! Always nice to see some Thielbane fluff. As always, my money is on you.

Official Announcements / Re: 2S Improvement Survey
« on: September 12, 2017, 10:53:54 PM »
Already done, and apparently my response already got read (Spoiler tags being back)

Comments, Suggestions and Troubleshooting / Re: Spoiler tags are broken
« on: September 12, 2017, 10:52:23 PM »
Spoiler: Wooooh! (click to show/hide)

LoTR and other GW Games / Re: Necromunda Returns!
« on: August 13, 2017, 10:56:12 AM »
Huh. I thought I heard someone say Shadow War: Armageddon was basically their Necromunda reboot. I might pick this up when it comes out, but I never played the original Necromunda so I don't really know whether it's worth getting in to.

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